Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hilarious from top to bottom, because with an opening defence line like that, you know you are in safe hands.

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's not that we are saying you are a thief, but more that we are re-affirming that general opinion of people in your area through our sample set (which starts and ends with you).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gave him a smirk but thats about it. I should have at least said hi as some measure of respect for his many years of service no matter what I disapproved.

did you say hi?

Friday, March 27, 2009

john, on my way to the trainstation, I bumped into your poster-boy outside my crib taking his early morning walk. I'm moving up in this world...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you sure you should be in organisational psychology? It seems your passion lies elsewhere =P

Marc, the media does it because of one ubiquitous, yet virtually unacknowledged fact - schadenfreude.

Why does the media continue to shove a mingin' naked, now-declared-fake, Pauline Hanson into our faces nightly? It's not like I wanted to see it in the first place. The only reason they do it is because it's perceived that everyone hates her and the media wants to really drive the point by humiliating her further.

If the same thing happened to, say, Jennifer Hawkins, they sure as hell wouldn't give it so much air time because everyone loves her. And the irony is that men would actually want to see the pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Awesome article Marc.

As to your question about moving the hypothetical to New York of course not, I haven't been to those places so I have no idea about the inhabitants nor general populace.

But you're still wrong to imply that people from Bankstown/Auburn are more likely to abscond.

Actually you may not be wrong about them not paying the full price, but you are most likely wrong in saying why they're not paying the full price.

From the bagel experiment/Freaknomics article one of the trends he noticed was "that employees further up the corporate ladder cheat more than those down below."

How does correlate with coming from a less affluent area such as Bankstown and Auburn imply that they won't pay for the meal at all?

I definitely do think that they would likely pay less than the going price at another similar establishment, but that'd be more likely to be due to lack of appreciation of the ingredients, general cost of eating out at fine dining.

Your impression of the inhabitants of Bankstown and Auburn seems have been greatly influenced by the media (as is everyone by practically everything).

According to the 2006 Census, Bankstown had a population of 26,446 and the most common places of birth were:

Vietnam at 11.8 per cent
Lebanon 8.2 per cent,
and China at 5.0 per cent.

So yeah, you're calling me a thief. XD

Seriously though, I don't really care about the perception of Bankstownians but it's always interesting (and fun) to play the devil's advocate.

Kudos for breathing some life into this blog though for me to and Charlie to procastinate (I'm at work still.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

No, sorry, the bagel experiment was from Freakonomics I think. Quite relevant to our current topic.

I know you are busy, so you can thank me later for wasting your time.

No need to apologise Marc, I am certainly not taking this personally, but simply interested in the logic behind spending behaviour. That and the fact that I am working on my thesis and desperately seeking distraction!

Haven't read the Tipping Point, but it sounds like an interesting book from Wiki.

No doubt Charlie, there are always exceptions. Did you read Tipping Point when Gladwell was talking about the dude's bagel basket experiment in the corporate building?

What I said clearly tread on some toes and it wasn't my intention to offend you two (or other silent counter-haters) with some off-handed remark and I'm sorry if I did.

But perhaps look at it from a different perspective. Let's say the article was about a restaurant in NYC about a restaurant in an affluent suburb, say, Westchester and I said "Let's see them try that in Brooklyn!". Would that have elicited the same response?

I would argue that the probability of paying would very much depend on the perceived value of what you are paying for (in this case different types of food), which is different for different demographics.

As for the issue of wealth, it would be less the absolute wealth, but more so the cost of the product as a proportion of your income/wealth that determines how willing you are to pay. One would argue that some people got wealthy by absconding along the way.

The comment was not about diner's palate or their appreciation of food, but about their likelihood to abscond or rather not pay dair market rate. But I can see how my comment could be easily misinterpreted.

I think I've said enough of that now. Time to rain hate. Dig up, stupid, up.

Hell yeah!

Of course, the menu would need some adjustment. The demographic is less attuned to salmon and wagyu beef. If kebabs and pho were offered, hell fucking yeah!

Which reminds me,

People are happy to scoff down kebabs and lamb sandwiches at 3am but mock the inhabitants of Auburn for making the best such delicacies.

Go to hell saying Citizens of Bankstown and Auburn don't appreciate food.

Or are you saying we're cheap arses

So such a concept would work just as well in those areas?

Hey, you both are from those areas and are upstanding and exemplary citizens. Charlie, in the past when we were all still at uni, you often mentioned how you refuse to take government handouts. I have no reason to doubt your integrity. What I said was a mere projection of probability. It was not an intention to slant particular sections of the Sydney community even though it might have come across that way.


I don't think i even need to try defending Auburn. Benny's got it covered.

Fark off.

Auburn and Bankstown.

Of course someone from the North/East would of course provide a fair amount.

pretentious as well as BWV

Paul Keating and Steve/Mark Waugh came from Bankstown.

That idea came from the US. It would most likely work in Bondi which is an affluent area. Let's see them try that in Bankstown or Auburn...

But just for kicks, you should book a large table for various ethnic races and watch their worries faces as you dine.


Friday, March 13, 2009

There'll be no accusations,
Just friendly crustaceans
Under the seeeeeaaaaa

How can you go to GBR and not eat local seafood?

go to see the great barrier reef and eat it too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You can bet on that

I don't mind roughing it up with some 2 minute noodles and some sandwiches for lunch, but I will definitely be sampling some local produce. How can you go to GBR and not eat local seafood?

So for dinners in Cairns, I'm cooking extra packets of two minute noodles for dinner so that I can pack pre-cooked two minute noodles for lunch the next day? Doesn't that mean I will be having two minutes noodles 14 times a week? That is a lot of two minute noodles

I practise most of that already Jono =P

But the part about cooking excess dinner for next day's lunch is very true. Packing your own sandwiches for lunch doesn't save you a lot of money at all versus packing excess dinner.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey Marc, let's do it! The roads look amazing! John and Jono had the chance of driving through Great Ocean road on our Melbourne road trip!

That's where I nearly lost my arm trying to take photos from outside the car...lol

And other great drives include Mt Akina in Japan...and Mt Akagi! XD

10 ways to save money in the kitchen

So how was the House warming Party?

Ok let's do this Clarkson-style!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just started listening to Hack on Triple J on the way home from work (5:30-6:00pm) and I found something that made me LOL on the train carriage in front of people...

HacK: Anthony you've just knocked out everybody at table 3, what's your day job?
Anthony: I'm a lawyer
HacK: Is there any crossover between your work and the monopoly table or visa versa?
A: I think so, I have heard a lot of lawyers enjoy monopoly, so yes, yes.
HacK: So is law helping you play monopoly well or is monopoly teaching you how to play law well?
A: Definitely monopoly teaches me how to be a good lawyer, definitely.
HacK: And it looks like the lawyer, Anthony, has come up with the goods [he won the competition]...We've got controversy, the judges have to go back thru the results. There has been a complaint from someone who believes there has been a point checking error from an earlier round. The crowd's chanting for Anthony but it looks like he's lost the title.
A: This is very unfair, very unfair.
HacK: Anthony, you look pissed off
A: Oh, I'm a bit upset but I'm upset with myself, nevermind. I made my mistakes
HacK: You're a lawyer. Have you ever lost a court case and felt the same way?
A: I feel much worse now than I've ever felt for any of my clients.

None of those objects seem to have any wow-factor. The GFC strikes again.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Images from CeBIT

Image 6: I told you it was coming! Vindicated!! Hopefully they can reduce the size of the wristband in future versions