Friday, June 30, 2006

Marc - y didn't u tell him about ur enchantress expertise. It would have shut him right up if phrased in the right mannder.

"I am trained in the use of 72 organic combat weapons from the DOTA War Academy, a subsidiary of Blizzard Systems."

"I clocked over 700 hours of combat and registered over 7000 combat related kills"


" ... sir"

i am not 'emo'!
have a happy and safe trip blue bear.

To Tony, I didn't see you much but you were a great guy, funny and considerate, and damn we had fun paying the girls out aye? Goodluck!

Lynn, ur so emo.

Jade has a high thermal conductivity?

I know this might be a bit late, but no need to buy supplies for 'my group' because of lack of communications. Assume that the others have gone off and bought their own stuff. Also, could somebody tell me where exactly the coach departs from (which bay).

On Wednesday I sent a family friend's son to the airport, from there he shall go to Atlanta, US for a in Business. Here's a little background info on our relationship: I have known him since he was just 5 and now he is 18. We have been neighbours for many years.

I remember vividly how he used to bug me to pretend to be a bat and chase him around the house before bed time. This was only a few years ago, how fast kids grow... Now he is embarking on the solo journey into adulthood. I am writing this with a heart so nearly breaking-letting go of him was hard because he has always been my little brother-that I am almost losing my trademark sour composure (for anyone who isn't familiar with this concept, go and check out the portrait of John Stuart Mill on the cover of On Liberty).

The few seconds before he turned into the waiting area and disappear from my sight, I tried to wave him goodbye but my arm was frozen in mid air. Human beings have invented a plethora of gestures and subtle body languages to simplify the process of communication. However, it was at that moment that I realised how inadequate this system is. The simplication of ways of expression in no way lessened the emotions that I felt.

The night before his trip, I was brooding over what to give him. At 9:12pm, I decided to make biscuits. It was the one thing that I knew he appreciates being a good amateur baker himself. The kind of biscuits he likes is very comlicated, so my tribute to a fellow baker was finished four hours later! He was both appalled and delighted as well as amused by the fact that I produced over 1kg of biscuits supposedly for him to eat on the plane:) It was probably enought to feed him for a trip to the outerspace!

The motivation for crazy baking was complex: I felt like a mother sending her child to the battle field. The bridge between youth and maturity is long and too many bad things can occur without warning. Now he has to walk down this path by himself, in a foreign environment. The day he left, he took away a shard of my heart. Will this little piece of relic be a goodluck charm, a source of comfort and a beacon for him? I don't know. What I do know is that my heart shall not be complete till we meet again... When two human beings have the wonderous good fortune of crossing paths in life, they soak up so many shared memories as to leave a permanent mark in each other's heart.

I worried about him getting bullied, how I won't be able to give him a hug when he has his heart broken and the high crime rate in Atlanta! (yes I was that neurotic) But I am also comforted by the fact that he is choosing a life for himself, he is growing up and that one day I will see his sweet smile again. I am waiting for the day that I shall be amazed and teary beause of the sudden realisation that I sent away a boy and welcomed back a man...

To Tony, may your life be a tough winding road filled with happiness...

why does the word "jaded" has the meaning that it does? i thought jade was a valuable gemstone.

Ok, it looks like i will be buying a bunch of stuff before I even get to uni.. 2 more packs of chips, some more starburst or equivalent, as i've only recently realised ridiculously high sugar content of them.. (54%)

I will bring cards.... in case somebody suggests poker or something similar

Jono: that ad was posted by John a long time ago.. and in better quality.. but it still remains a good ad

Its almost 6am, and I am still doing this assignment.. due tonight, so much coherence and flow this sentence does.. do.

Back to perl..

Yi did you still want me to bring that jacket? It takes up a lot of space and I'm not sure you can hire pants separately. Let me know

Alexis I'll be bringing my spare pair of gloves but not sure if the size fits you

Also, I'm going to get another drink besides the 700ml Johnny. I'm thinking either bicardi or baileys. Johnny's on me, but we'll split the cost of bicardi/baileys. Let me know if you have any objections

Finally all the best to Alexis, Benny and Yi on your final exams later today. Liberty awaits you!

Yi - all the best for your exam. We'll see you in the afternoon.

Otherwise, a very cool ad

Turn up the volume a bit, though I'm sure you'll realise when you watch.

Any volunteers to bring the kettle?

How about I make it easy and delegate right now. The stuff crossed has been bought already:

Darren: Starburst enough for all + more instant noodle + some chips + more chips
Jono: excused.
Yi & Benny: excused. If you have time each bring a 2L drink (cola)
Charlie: alcohol + kettle
Spain: Bring a 2L drink (lemonade/squash)
Alexis: Bring a 2L drink (orange - fanta or sunkist etc) + cups and utensils
Me: instant noodle + stereo

Charlie and I may see if we can get some plastic bowls or something while we wait for the rest of you.

Keep in mind Kwong is following us on the same tour but I still dunno how his group is gonna do things so try to include their share too. Because alcohol is involved, I suggest saving receipts and accounting later.

Everyone meet at 4:30pm @ Hungry Jacks at interstate platform Central. Latest by 5:30.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

contrary to what you may think, i don't enjoy watching or hearing about people getting hurt.

Yo, that was mesmerising.

Sometimes I wonder about the intarweb. But i always love it!

He just came back, again and chatted to me for a long time over what his proposal is. At least this time he was more placated - only slightly. This guy studied nuclear physics in the UK (with nobel prize winners as he puts it) which explains a lot of his eccentric behaviour like the teeth gritting and eyeballing. He's now practising Tax with what he claims as mathematical force of his science degrees and claims that no accountant in Australia can understand simple mathetics.

He's talking about synthetic and physical debt and equity in future derivatives and talking about some legal case with a ratio of economic substance taking precedence over legal form and how his proposal plans to exploit this.

He is quite egotistical and made claims several times about how he was the only qualified tax lawyer to understand anything about maths.

Anyway I just listened to him to over half an hour talking about his "wtf is going on" proposal with all the eyeballing and teeth gritting. Turns out it probably wasn't intentionally directed at me, just rather due to his eccentricity.

I figured something good may come from my patience.

You go Marc!


James, did you manage to read that MBTI and movie characters piece? I had a good chuckle at many a time for such a short article.

This is not for the light-hearted. Actually it may be for those too light hearted. My colleague found this and was ROFL. I need a gauge of laughter on it because my primitive side was laughing but my "humanity" and "compassion" couldn't bring myself to do.

john, you must be laughing your ass off right now.

Edit: omg, I just got chewed out by a dude who looked like he had enough of university admin beaurocracy. He seriously went rant and went wide-eyed/gritted his teeth at me...several times. I just told him I was here to help and not take abuse from him, but that didn't stop him. The only way I could get rid of him was to absorb as much as I could, smile and tell him "that's nice, take care".

He was talking about having 6 degrees, throwing his business card on the table and how shit he thought the university was. I felt like replying: I once scored 10-1 using the enchantress in DOTA.

But I didn't want to drag it on any further at my own expense. Turns out he only needed a new unipass and was looking at someone to vent. His number is going straight to telemarketers and on toilet walls. Anyone have any suggestions for his email address?

Edit: haha! He came back. He had a problem with something called pharos which I have never heard of before let alone required to deal with. Its probably a library problem, but due to office politics we were instructed not to refer people to them. The gist of our conversation:

"The sign says if I have a problem I should come see the IT service desk!"

"The sign says you should come see us if you have a problem with unipass."

"Thats just brilliant! You are brilliant at speaking in riddles! You should become a lawyer!"

"I am studying law."

"Thats great! I have a PhD in tax law. I could run circles around you all day! I have 6 degrees, and a PhD from someplace called the University of Sydney (which he was previously dissing in our last encounter)."

"I'm not trying to argue with you."

"I go to the IT service desk and you don't even know a damn thing about computers!"

"My other degree is computer science."

just a tip, you can leave whatever you want on the coach so you can use it on the trip there or back to your cabin(but presumably not valuables, for obvious reasons).
so you can bring some sunscreen, and i found it useful to have a bottle of water and socks ready for the end of the day.

also jonno i don't think we need sleeping bags. I could be wrong and we'll be very cold. but they should supply them!

Naw Jonno, you _can_ carry a wallet/phone with you around, just put it highish up on your person so it isn't the first thing to get wet. You shouldnt need a spare jumper, you will be warm enough, water bottle also you shouldnt need, and if you do get thirsty (you will NEED to eat at lunchtime i promise) buy a bottle then.

I have seen people ski with backpacks, and there are lockers around also (at least at perisher). Bottom line you put on all your gear at the lodge, and ride down in the bus with it all on, wallet/phone/keys at the ready, that shouldbe all you need.

A question - what's the go with bringing gear from the lodge (whatever) to the slopes? Do we bring a backpack with like a spare jumper, water bottle, wallet, phone etc on the coach? I'm guessing evidently you don't ski with a back pack on...are there lockers we hire at the top or something, to put this stuff in?

Oh also we all get beds right? Not going dodgy, so I don't need to bring a sleeping mat etc do I?

Man, the relief of finally being done. (Sorry Yi, ignore this post maybe)
3 months of Industrial Training. Done. 30 page IT report, which doesn't even count to my WAM. Done. Exams. Done. Thesis progress report. Done.

So time for this holiday.

I'm working 11am-5pm on Friday so I will walk down to Eddy Ave and meet you guys there around 5:30.

soz john, will translate some dota terms

soul == pretense of feeling used to beguile others
devil == partner of the firm offering you 'partner' position

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Friday we can either meet up at uni a bit earlier at 4pm for example or just meet up at 5:30pm at Eddy Ave. The buses check-in or leave at 6pm. I've just bought 10 packs of "premium" instant noodle so if you think thats not enough bring some more.

Bring other consummables if you want. If you make any contributions then keep the receipts and we'll do accounting at the end.

How can laws be applied more equally to one than another?

If that's the case the law hasn't been applied equally at all.

i do believe in the rule of law. but unlike some, i don't think rules should apply more equally to one over another simply because one is more soft and cuddly than the other.

Eric, that quote is often used in the context of rivalry among Machiavellians where rules and laws do not apply, and speaking of which, John you are beginning to sound like one.

what good is a soul if you only see it as a bargaining chip? i don't believe in the devil anyway.

i didn't get one word of hash's dota analogy. i don't even know what dota is.

case in point: "i deserved that job promotion!" is what you say when the other guy's the one that got promoted. a whinge.

2 lawyers with that opinion. Wheres the other lawyer?

The dissent (against john) in my post was implicit. Thats a very dangerous position to take because it affords no sympathy lest you be classified as a hypocrite.

"I deserved that job promotion!"
"You don't deserve anything..."

Hash :: that analogy was wicked sick!

To be honest, I agree with John. One of the few times lolz. =P There's no such thing as "they deserved the win" situation. There is always one side, who will argue the other side didn't deserve it, and vice versa. It's only a matter of taking different points of view. There is a saying in Chinese, "Winner's the King, Loser's the begger" (direct translation).

Again, Australia just didn't have the skills to break through the Italian defence. They, however, have played well and should be praised for their efforts. It's just disappointing to see them lose because of a stupid ref.

Hash, Schu does have the skills and Ferrari is definitely one of the fastest cars out there. However, he was just unfortunate to get stuck behind a VERY SLOW car (Trulli and Toyota...) and was unable to push his car to its maximum. I can't say they were the fastest, but Ferrari does have the car to keep up with Alonso and Kimi with a much heavier fuel load as well. I am sure he would have given the two front runners a run for their money during the first round of pitstops.

Old description of John :: Mr. Asia
New description of John :: Jaded

You haven't even started practicing and u have lost ur soul John. What in the world are u gonna trade when u need the devil's help for a case???

let me rephrase that. the team that won is the only team that deserved it. sentimentalities may be what makes us human, but what good is being human if it leads to the congratulation of mediocracy?

soccer, like life, is harsh. and it should be.

there's no justice system. it's a legal system.

Lol you're doing a fine job Hash. Here's my 2 cent and as always, no offence intended.

Sentimentalities are far from frivolous. It's what makes us human. Alexis's ardent support for the Italians is guided by sentimentalities too. I would imagine it's partly nationalistic pride (whatever proportion of Italian blood running through him seems to have a greater effect over and above the effect of the country he current resides) and partly the prospect of winning my money =). Furthermore, are you not responding to these rants out of sentimentality? While we aspire to separate reason and passion, we cannot excercise reason unencumbered by passion.

NO ONE EVER DESERVES ANYTHING!!!??? This is preposterous! Even more so coming from two prospective lawyers! I would've imagined you have some faith in the justice system such that those who have wronged 'deserves' to be punished.

But schumacher doesn't win coz he has skill or technical supremacy. It's all guts (hint hint - ippo supporters help me here).

There is that ineffable convict quality, that raging angst against those in loftier stations. These feelings can be analysed and quantified. They can be proven to give the team that extre 'edge'. Just ask Charlie, he'll tell you (help me Char, plz!).

An individual is not merely a sum of his experiences, a team is not merely a sum of its individuals. The chaos inherent to the universe manifests itself as that which we percieve as 'spirit'. The 'will' and the 'thought' that "we are not as skilled, but we must stive to win" increases the player and team performance. These effects can not be denied. It is true in all sports.

To take a dota analogy -
Anyone could see that the Italians had higher levels and better 'items'. They were like a bunch of agi heros. They only needed few attackers and they can backdoor a tower. It was like they all had a thorn aura, so any attempt to attack em lead to self injury.
However, they also had lvl 4 suicide capabilities of techies, so they could take emselves out at will.
Now the aussies were like a whole bundle of low level strength and intel chars. They had good blocking and denying capabilities, but once an agi got away from em, it was GG.

Thanks Benny for hosting last nite. It was great fun, and to see Australia lose like that is really disappointing. However, honestly, Australia seems to lack the confidence and/or skills to take the ball all the way in a few of the counter attack moments/chances and opted to wait for the whole team to get across. They just didn't attack with the aggression to win. That said, Australia did play an entertaining game and performed well in the tournament.

I also agree Italy did NOT deserve a straight red, and Australia did not deserve the penalty at the end. The ref can't bloody ref. In fact, a lot of refs can't ref. Aus vs Cro, Aus vs Ita, then other examples from the last one include Ita vs Kor (the whoops i missed the offside incident during the quarter finals). They should have video referees which has the rights AND obligations to have a say in the judging. The amount of "whoops" is just plain ridiculous. I mean, htf can you give the same player 3 yellows before you realize he should've been off?! 3

Shall we get together for group viewings for all the 1/4 finals? If so, perhaps we can do a rotation of venues?

Thats a rather harsh philosophy - no one ever deserves anything. Things are only just the way they are...

Thanks for the ferreros ^^

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the team that played the "game" and outscored the opposition won.

no team deserves to win anything. all this "deserved to win" and "spirit" business is just frivolous sentimentalities. being the underdog or having high "australian spirit" don't score goals, and that's the only thing that matters in soccer.

all this disappointment-and-frustration driven pointless rants would be better served as reminders of australia's inexperience and technical inferiority. the socceroos gave it their best shot and were defeated; work hard for next time and don't make the same mistakes as yesterday.

i can't believe i'm agreeing with alexis.

Man, I wish Australia had the ref that was on now for the Swiss Game.

The two teams are commiting every foul short of a blatant kick to the nads
Ref Doesn't even call a penalty until a dood tries to grab and trip a guy 4 times in a row. And still no card at all...

Totally unrelated to Italy.

we always win on defense
we are a brick wall
yeah we are really good at defense
Alexis: we? LOL
James: oh yeah I forgot, you're not italian. I mean I.

All I'll say on that is that Viduka is a paper weight. Granted he is a tall paper weight so his head might bobble in the direction of the ball once in a while but has the same primary function: Heavy, nearly useless except holding down defenders.

Hey I won 50 dollars...
And pretty soon Charlie will be giving me 100...

Australia has no one to blame but THEMSELVES for this loss...
You want to win the match, score a goal. It's that simple.
The Aussies didn't...congrats for a nice game but Italy moves on and that's that.

The penalty kick call was definately a soft call for the time of game. However, why would a defender slide into the box and try to "defend" an attacking player while lying on the ground? There were 20 seconds left in the game and you slide into the box trying to take the ball away? That was a bad decision on the Australian's part. Had Grosso rolled around, looking for sympathy, then maybe I would have rolled my eyes about it. As it was, that's not what happened. Neil, out of desparation, went down as the last player, AND MADE CONTACT. No phantom dive here.

Questionable calls are ALWAYS going to be part of football and players will be going down in the box long after you and I are a mere memory on these boards Benny - all is fair within the touchlines on the pitch when it comes to competition and players doing everything they can to try to bring victory to their side. Whether Grosso dove or not is not for you or I or anyone but the ref to judge... Italy benefited in this instance and that's the way that life goes in this funny ole game of football.

"hey nicky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my ..."

Baby, I'll give you hand signals all night long when I see you next.

'edit: ^ To charlie's post above, DONT MAKE ME BACK MY TRUCK UP YO!


How could you!

You can't quote from "Bring it On!" without the hand signals! You'll ruin it!


It's totally Aussie to rage about spilt milk, and TOTALLY italian to be all proud, so in the interests of general hilarity, I give you the words of some ditzy cheer leader:

"And when we get to nationals, we expect you to bring it!"
"Oh, don't worry about that girl. We will!"

What you fail to understand Alexis is the Australian Spirit.
Sure the Italians have better players
Sure the that is fkn expected from a country that has played soccer longer than Australia has played cricket.

The thing is this ::
Population of Italy ~ 58 million
Population of Australia ~ 20 million
Italy have won 4 world cups
Australia have just entered Rnd 2 for the first time
Italian players are part of EU leagues that give them mad exp
Australia players have no where near the same exp

So from the above information we can infer that
1. Italians have much more experience in Soccer
2. Statistically Italians SHOULD turn out better Soccer players.

Now some more general info
Australia are world champs in at least 2 sports
1.Rugby League
Italians are world champs in no sports

Now some match related info
Australia had more ball possession
- Australian team had more control of the ball than the far more experiences Italians.
- So we can see were 'guts' is overriding skill here (bak me up ippo fans)
Italy had more shots at goal
- yet they needed a penalty shot from their star attacker Totti.
- In the end, they could not defeat the Australian defence and had to 'improvise' a solution.

So Alexis, summation of argument - yes, Italy have better players. But Australia has more spirit and that is why they deserved to win. It is a pity that they did not stoop to standard dog tactics used by most international teams, but they are still young to the competitive international scene. Maybe Hiddink should have taught them how to fake falling down and how to howl like a little girl when the ball grazes you. Maybe the should have tripped over someone they could have stepped around to get a penalty. Maybe they should have played in a dishonourable manner. Maybe ...

But instead they fought like men for the thrill of the game.
Unfortunately they were picked on as the new kid on the block. The Italians merely realised that the Australians were of the same calibre as a team, so they dug into their bad of dirty tricks to win.

Shameful. If you were Japanese, you'd commit sepukku rite now.

As for not knowing about Soccer - I can garauntee that I know more about Soccer than you do about cricket. Remember soccer is the peasants game, Cricket is for the upper class who can't afford horses to play polo.

End of Argument

In any case, Australia went into the match knowing the odds are against us. But false hope is much much worse than despair from the onset.

The refs are simply unaustralian.

Fuck off.

Italy didn't deserve that penalty just like they didn't deserve the red card.
That penalty was the referee going, shit I'm sorry I should haven't sent Materazzi.
If he was going to call a foul on Breciano's tackle then fine. But the penalty was outrageous.

Neil didn't slide tackle either he tackled didn't get the ball so he stayed down trying to keep out of the way of Grosso.

But there is no way Italy deserved to win JUST for defending with 10 men. They had their chances in the first half with some dangerous forays in, but Schwarzer made great saves and the Italians didn't capitalise on them.

So no Italy didn't deserve shit, Red Card or penalty. You'd think after so many refereeing debacles against Australia the referees would be a little more careful or lenient but no, it's almost like they wanted Australia out.

That referee was in charge of the 2nd leg Uruguay match against Australia as well so there's no reason for such fucking biasm. He was 3 metres away.

Australia didn't score against 10 men.
But fucken how easy is it to score against 10 when the Italians didn't score a goal against 10 Czechs until the 87th minute. Yes they scored earlier.

Filippo Inzaghi... took 42 minutes to score. Against 10 men.

And that opportunity was because the Czechs were desperately pressing to score and dead tired from running forward to attack and back to counter.

Italy may not have deserved the red card but fucked if they deserved an auto win. Grosso took the easy option which is understandable but still unsportmanlike.

The Italy defense was good. but how fucken hard is it to defend when you have 8-9 out of 10 players left sitting back to defend?!

Australia's 2 defenders Neil and Moore were defending at the halfway line.

After the send off Italy had no teeth practically.
Totti's substution made an effect though definitely, but before than all Italy was doing was defending in their half with practically everyone and half heartedly attacking with 2 men.

I hope Italy lose to Ukraine from a penalty and Grosso being sent off. That or I hope Italy is cursed for 32 years without winning the World Cup.

But then maybe Karma has already come.

One more thing, referees this World Cup seem to be siding their decisions with the bigger named soccer nations, teams like the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Trinidad, Australia get the a lot of referee decisions going against them.

Like I said Hash, Australia were bereft of ideas and mundane against 10 men. Teams with little to no creativity simply deserve to lose. You're acting like the Aussies even deserved to be in the Quarter-Finals. When they had they had the chance to kill off the game they didn't, and payed in the end. Also the fact that you speak of a penalty as a goal kick says a lot about your lack of knowledge of the beatiful game.

Perhaps the penalty should have never been given. Materazzi should've never been sent off. That changed the complexion and forced Italy on the backfoot, and unfortunately for Australia, they couldn't capitalise. Shit happens.

Italy deserved that penalty kick simply because the Australian defender made a bad move by slide tackling inside the box, allowing Grosso to make the seemingly inevitable fall over him. Grosso had already juked out all the Aussie defenders anyways and even had the last one beat, but the fact that the Aussie defender could not even make contact with the ball as Grosso cut back past him meant that the dive/fall was necessary.

fucken Azuori pieces of shit
fucken refs

Gods damn Totti and his unstoppable penalty.


i.e. almost no right whatsoever.

Italy's master game plan - Lets fall over to see how the ref (with whom our coach conveniently sux cox) gives us a BS biased ruling.
Oh, we got a penalty - here give it to Totti instead of bening a man and taking it urself.

"Viduka needs to be shot."
-Spain 6:27PM, 27th of July, 2006 A.D.

That penalty was shooting fish in a barrel. They didn't deserve to win on that basis alone.

Cruel it was James.

Italy deserved to win this match. Australia were bereft of ideas and mundane against 10 men. They deserved to lose.

Materazzi is a liability but on this occasion should only have received a yellow card. Cannavaro was by far the best player on the pitch, and has been one of the players of the tournament so far.

Australia have far too many hard working, solid players who do not have the flair or vision to unlock a defence as good as Italy's. They didn't attack Italy as much as they should.

As for the penalty, Grosso saw the opportunity and took it. I don't condone it but I do understand it.

Thanks to benny for hosting us just hours prior to his OMG IDL exam.

I enjoyed the game. But what a 'cruel' end it was.

Ahhhh the anger! So wrong. Bloody refs. You've got to hand it to them, they barely ever get appreciation and get shot to pieces if they do the wrong thing. And boy are they doing some wrong things, according to the TV commentators too.

Can't help but feel a penalty shoot out should have ended the game hey. Even Totti didn't look impressed after he scored his winning goal.

I reckon it was 3/4 games truly cinematic Marc. Croatia match was bloody awesome to watch, as was Japan's of course.

Oooohhhhh I feel like playing some competitive soccer. Except it all starts to get a bit gay when people fake injuries to score fouls.

I agree with Alexis that italy defended well. Italy had many chances to score as well.

But a penalty at the end of injury time like that is just wrong.

I hope that referee dies in a bath of acid.

That alone does not convey how pissed I am.

I'd list something more painful but right now I'm not thinking very creatively

That was deserving of an oscar nomination. Brilliant how they all gathered over their fallen comrade when it happened to be the last 5 seconds. And how the guy is wrenching in pain but manages to shoot a goal without effect not but a minute later. But hey, thats Soccer :)

It was over as soon as the penalty was called. Schwartzer had no chance at that distance. No one would.

Congratulations are in order for the commentator. His complete lack of skill and flow meant that he could only make comments on Australia's chances on progressing further rather than commentating about the game at hand.

Well, those are 2/4 games we were part of that truly were cinematic. I'm proud they got that far and only regret not being able to taunt Alexis. I was so hoping to see him lose $100 :)


5 seconds to go and the guy falls over for a penalty

Monday, June 26, 2006

Good luck to the Socceroos in 1 and a half hours time and to Yi for his Distributed exam tomorrow!

Viduka will score tonight when his country needs him

Jonothan Schwartz (CEO of Sun Microsystems for those who don't know him) has been named by CNN as one of the "10 people who don't matter". :D

If it's any consolation, Steve Ballmer, Ken Kuturagi and Linus is also up there. LOL.

Haha, I think KJ already beat you to it though James.

KJ...hmm, that name sounds familiar.

Lolz James. Great tips for the next gen of green platers. But seriously, the HPT is not a practical test. I mean, there were so many occasions where you would go for the turn, even though it's not "safe" in the test...

And James, 2 years till you get your fulls. 2 years of green ps goodness. Lolz

Good stuff James. You've made my day!

I took the Hazard Perception Test today to get my green Ps.

There is a very simple algorithm to pass it:

  • If the question asks you to press the screen when it's safe to turn/cross/go, do not press the screen until the video ends.

  • If the question asks you when you wish to slow down, touch the screen immediately.

And with that, you will pass.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Scratch Benny's forwarding of my brother's Ipod plz :) I would love to bring it but its 1month old, a birthday present and I would squash it before we even got to the snow. <3

Yes it has FM, it was the top of the line back in it's day.

Sounds like a great idea Darren, Spain can borrow his brother's nano and play Michael Jackson.

Anyone watch the soccer this morning?

Great games, although the Germany vs Sweden game was one sided, the Mexico vs Argentina game was exceptional and went into extra time. The goal for Rodriguez was brilliant

Anyone with an ipod or mini can bring that along, and i'll bring my itrip, allowing you to broadcast your music on any FM frequency. Saves the hassle of burning to cds, if you find that hassling. Marc, your stereo has FM, doesn't it?

More youtube-ness.. awesome Rude Goldberg machine videos (and another one) from Jap kids program Pythagoras Switch (its what they are saying.. see an ep of it here..)

This is what the engineers must have been watching as kids to think and make up that Honda ad..

To add to that, the stereo is really old (National before it was renamed Panasonic), so no thief would want to take it. It has line-in so if you want to bring CDs bring a discman. Anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack out is appropriate.

Fantastic, thanks Charlie.
I was just thinking about that, and what else I'll needa buy.

For those who need gear - all the stores along Kent St (between Bathurst and Druitt St in Town Hall) including the store I work at (Snowgum) are on sale right now. Snowgum is only on sale until end of tomorrow (Sunday). There you can get 2 polypro thermals for $40. A lot of other stuff like beanies and gloves etc should be minimum 20% off. Anyway all the stores are fun to browse around in, leave at least maybe an hour or two to browse if you like. Snowgum closes at 5pm, some other stores close between 4 and 5:30 on Sundays I think.

I'm working from 11-5 if y'all wanna say hi, though quite unfortunately I can't guarantee mates rates :( depends on what gear

Alright guys, Ski trip is one week away, most of you are still doing exams and will be occupied till right before we leave on Friday, leaving little time to pack.
Here are some suggestions of what to pack. You may like to consider during those procrastination time. The list is by no means exhaustive.


Thermals: you'll be wearing these under ski jackets/pants to keep you warm but not too warm. If you wear too much, you'll sweat and once you're on the slopes your sweat will freeze and you'll end up colder than if you wear less. Cotton will do, but polypropylene is ideal.
Jacket/Jumper: to cover your ass at night
Socks: an extra pair in case one gets wet on day one (very likely)
Beanie: to cover your head
Toiletries: toothpaste, brush, shampoo, towel(s).
Cash: $165 for 2 day lift pass, $49 for ski hire ($59 for snowboard), $29 for parka/pants hire (optional), $12 for gloves to keep. Also some lunch money.
Alcohol: I’m bringing a bottle of Johnny Walker – Black Label (700ml), we’ll need roughly another 10.


Stereo: Marc has kindly agreed to bring his stereo, if there's a piece of music you absolutely must share with us, let me know and I'll burn them. If it's some obscure anime music, burn them yourself. Laptop is too risky an option.
Camera: a hassle to carry around and a risk of damage, but nothing compares to the view at 7000 feet and god knows you’ll look stunning in ski wear.
Sunscreen: high altitude, more photon damage.
Sunnies: reduce glare from the snow.
Scarf: those with large neck surface area may be more susceptible to the chills
Food/snacks: for supper on friday and saturday night. Dinner will not satisfy those with large appetites. Bread, noodles, confectionary, soft drinks, tea
Kettle: we borrowed one from reception last time, can’t guarantee we’ll get one this time.
Plastic cups/forks: tea, noodles
Make Up: to cover up those black eyes due to lack of sleep and/or getting elbowed by fellow skiers.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

60 MGLT? Thats insane, it can almost catchup to a freakin Tie Bomber. I almost feel like playing Tie Fighter again. Have they released a recent flight sim of Star Wars?

And I just saw the price which is infinitely more insane. I've still got my lego pirate ship back when it was popular in the 80s

I finally got it

Post-exam project!

tried 35/50

mainly stayed away from the obscure sea food and exotic national emblems

We have some vanilla beans from Tahiti at home; my mum stores some in coffee to give it a slight vanilla taste.. I dont drink coffee so I wouldnt know if it works or not.

26/50 foods tried from that list.. and only about a quarter of my life has been lived.

James: your last meal could be the execution itself.. or was that what you meant..

Lets do the same thing on the ski trip :)

Hey john, if you're not using the videocard anymore I may need it back soon because I'm planning on building a BT box with old parts. I don't want to leave my laptop running all night. Cheers.

Re: foods, I haven't tried a bit less than 10 of those listed. That includes (authentic) Mexican, Reindeer, Venison, Alligator, American Diner, Moreton Bay Bug (plenty of opportunity, just not a crustacean lover), Haggis, Jerk Chicken/Pork (?). Wow, that surprises me a fair bit for someone who hasn't been out of the country more than 3 times. It scares me how little I remember about how they tasted.

Then again, what constitutes authentic is purely subjective.

Benny, you forgot the 0th food: Tetsuya

/we bought some Durian in Thailand.
/we walked back to our guesthouse with said Durian.
/we opened up the glad wrap.
/we each took a small piece of it.
/we held our noses.
/we placed said Durian on the balcony.
/we checked out of the guesthouse.
/we left the country.

Durian Fruit: Repulsive aroma, tantalising taste.
I hear bear paws is worth sampling too.

1:4 for a draw
2:9 for Australia to win

Good time to bet XD

For James, a list compiled by the BBC of things people voted to try at least once in their lifetime. Enjoy

1. Fresh fish
2. Lobster
3. Steak
4. Thai food
5. Chinese food
6. Ice cream
7. Pizza
8. Crab
9. Curry
10. Prawns
11. Moreton Bay Bugs
12. Clam chowder
13. Barbecues
14. Pancakes
15. Pasta
16. Mussels
17. Cheesecake
18. Lamb
19. Cream tea
20. Alligator
21. Oysters
22. Kangaroo
23. Chocolate
24. Sandwiches
25. Greek food
26. Burgers
27. Mexican food
28. Squid
29. American diner breakfast
30. Salmon
31. Venison
32. Guinea pig
33. Shark
34. Sushi
35. Paella
36. Barramundi
37. Reindeer
38. Kebab
39. Scallops
40. Australian meat pie
41. Mango
42. Durian fruit
43. Octopus
44. Ribs
45. Roast beef
46. Tapas
47. Jerk chicken/pork
48. Haggis
49. Caviar
50. Cornish pastry

What are the odds of Australia winning or even scoring a goal in the next game?

For food lovers, this two part article is just fantastic. It covers the most exotic foods from around the world. I have tried only one of the foods they listed, Kobe-beef, and it was a simple ZOMG.

If I ever get a last meal before an execution, I will choose fugu liver. :D

I love the internet.

Rugby league

Triple Play

Turns out this hasn't been the first time...

"That would be a devastating prospect for Poll, who was sent home from the 2002 World Cup finals after officiating in only one game. On that occasion, his error was to disallow two “goals” for Italy against Croatia, both of which were shown to be valid by television replays. Poll tried to make light of that incident, saying that in any case he would not have stayed beyond the last 16 because England had progressed to the quarter-finals. Privately, though, he is said to have been disappointed by the decision."

For the actual article.

After seeing all the quality soccer clips lately, this only gets better and better.

Very funny.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Porco Rosso you philistine,

just a question how much and what can we hire again off the coach?

Gloves were $12 and to keep?

Gimme the blueprints

Way of the Future

Oh baby! I would back your truck up all night long Yi :)

It comes from Porko Rosso, the girl in the movie Fio said "I'll back your truck up Marco", and I said softly to James, "oh man she's hot, I'd back her truck up all night long!".

The birth of a climate of sexual innuendo revolving around trucks and anime girls!!!!

Sorry Charlie.
But I vote for bashing politicians over toddler masturbation techniques.

And James, where might this new language come from??
Back her truck up!?!

Effortless Charlie because it turned you on? ;)
"Sabina". I could back her truck up any day..

While we were on the topic of wooorrrd

Will there be a rep of the game?


GUUS += AU$850,000;

SIMUNIC += 3 yellow cards; # and stays on the field after them..

awesome handballs by the Croatians..

Aus vs Italy? I'd like to see that..

I wouldn't be surprised if some Aussies didn't die of a heart attack...


After a fricking nerve wrecking 90 minutes

Nice work by Kewell and Viduka, shame Viduka still hasn't scored but still a good effort overall.

Josh Kennedy did crap though.

Now Australia won't have Brett Emerton against Italy either...

Bloody Kalic...

Not only that we have to deal with Great Refs too....

we are thruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

On the Psyche of Masochists:

Context: Jung was treating a Russian psychotic named Sabina at the Burgholzli in Zurich, circa 1904. A description of Sabina:

When Sabina was about three, she had been beaten by her father on her bare bottom. She became excited, as she did when she saw her brother being smacked, but afterwards felt as if she had excreted on her father's hand, and for years, sitting on the floor, she tried to aim a turd at her feet, though she tried at the same time to hold it back, pressing her heel into her anus. This gave her 'blissfully shuddersome' feelings, which led to masturbation.

It enraged her to see punishment being inflicted, but the anger turned into sexual excitement. Once, when Jung casually said: "Well, you have to obey," he found he had aroused her sexually. Still more disconcerting was the realisation that he could no longer deny the existence of childhood sexuality.

From: A Life of Jung - Ronald Hayman

Now that's effortless reading.

I am no more human than you are a finite state machine (Translation for the social science graduate: COMPUTER!)

By 'realistic' I mean one who is more concerned with the immediate details of his or her life than more abstract and intellectual pursuits.

He starts every essay with..."Have you ever noticed how...?"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

marc: moral rights, unlike copyright, is not personal property, and cannot be transfered or traded. but you can give consent to acts that would otherwise amount to an infringement of a moral right, which is what the contract is asking you to do.

from james's extracts, the book seems like little more than one of jerry seinfeld's acts - except elaborated in extended essay form, without the comical anecdotes. far from criticising mr russell, maybe i'm just praising seinfeld.

what are the possible stances of outlook other than realistic?

Pownage by Lynn. Should have a sound emoticon attached to it - slap.wav

LOL - That is the best Microsoft Product I have seen in my Lifetime.


The man cheated on his wife and wrote a book to justify it? What a legend!

Whilst he may be leaning on the eccentric side, James is a human nonetheless.

On James W's Book Review of In Praise of Idleness

The only reason James read that book and adored Russell was because the guy had multiple marriages and mistresses. In fact my understanding is that he died a VERY happy man.

I had the good fortune of reading his other work: Marriage and Morality. It was a disappointing work of self-justification. Perhaps written as an response to peer-pressure after the X time he cheated on his wife and mistress? In fact, the chanpers were filled with his reply to the intellectual and social trend of moral asceticism promoted enthusiaLet's filter out this aspect of his work and focus exclusively on his comments on sex and the family. These were actually witty and scathing. In fact, if people had noticed, I was suppressing the urge to laugh while reading Marriage and Morality on Kwong's graduation dinner. Annie and Andrew attempted to investigate the source of my delight and walked away shocked and dare I say appalled? What appalls me is the fact that a man with a computer engineering degree from UNSW can claim to have 'a greater than avarage curiosity in the history of human affairs'. James, dont we need to classify as a human first to do that?

Damn, that Palmer guys the CEO of microsoft? He looks like he's about to say: sexual chocolate! SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!

Joyce, you just made an enemy of Hash.

Contrast your reading material and my reading material...

For sheer funny density, you can't beat this one:


Thought you probably interested in this

Its pretty funny

Book Review: In Praise of Idleness and Other Essays
By Bertrand Russell

First published in 1935, this is a collection of fifteen short essays written by Bertrand Russell: Nobel Laureate, philosopher, logician, mathematician and peace advocate.

I discovered the book by accident while cruising through the USYD library. With a title "In Praise of Idleness", how could I resist?

And boy, is it fun. Reading it, my expression alternated between amusement, deep thought and spasticated laughter.

In his own words, the essay covers "social questions as tend to be ignored in the clash of politics." He talks about the usefulness of "useless knowledge", the questionable virtue of vigorous action, the absurdity of gold reserves, the ancestry of fascism and modern homogeneity.

No topic is out of place, however. And no essay fails to provoke and entertain. Discussing the nature of work, Russell wrote:

First of all: what is work? Work is of two kinds: first, altering the position of matter at or near the earth's surface relatively to other such matter; second, telling other people to do so. The first kind is unpleasant and ill paid; the second is pleasant and highly paid. The second kind is capable of indefinite extension: there are not only those who give orders, but those who give advice as to what orders should be given. Usually two opposite kinds of advice are given simultaneously by two organized bodies of men; this is called politics. The skill required for this kind of work is not knowledge of the subjects as to which advice is given, but knowledge of the art of persuasive speaking and writing, i.e. of advertising.

Such entertaining paragraphs are littered throughout this essays, and in many ways is his defining style.

You’ll be surprised how much learning can be done through such effortless reading. He will convince you the evils of suburban homes. He will make you lose faith in your country’s gold reserves. He will even help you let lose your fear of death.

Some essays, however, require more background knowledge than the typical engineering or commerce degree may provide. At just over two hundred pages, this little volume will brush pass all the major figures of western civilisation. You will be bombarded with the names of Homeric Gods and Roman Emperors, medieval kings and modern philosophers. My suggestion? Read with Wikipedia in short reach.

This book will go down well with one who has a greater than average curiosity in the history of human affairs. For those with a more realistic outlook, perhaps their time is best spent elsewhere.

Charlie :: Indeed, he must have uber-micro

I'm reading urbandictionary definitions of wingman and grenade and all the associated terms you can find on the top...

and I'm laughing my ass off...

so notes have different colours now?

One could only imagine the myriad possible uses for such nimble fingers =)

Charlie, that Asian is playing the real songs, at probably 3x the normal speed. If he learnt the piano, he can probably play the "The Flight of the Bumblebee" with one hand. In the video notice his hand and fingers...and the dissonance, or the the sound of clashing notes/chromatic feel is to imitate the sound of the flight of the bumblebee. Or this Jazzed version...

Lolz Kwong, rabbits just run around, screwing everything in sight...ahahahah

And Marc, yes i like carrots...what's you point?! =þ And sif Ronaldinho didn't do that in the game, woulda scared Schwatzer (can't spell his name) with a O_o face!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lesson of these discussions :: Work only for urself

Thats mainly a contractual issue rather than IP or employment law. As john hinted before, that will be your problem for signing away your rights. Technically Enterprise Bargaining and individual employment contracts specifically allow each party to negotiate the contract. So technically you can ask them to make modifications to it. Whether they will comply is another issue. The problem is no one wants to piss off a prospective employer by asking for more rights, or in fact asking for any rights back. It may often come down to the position of "take it or leave it".

My previous advice dealt with situations where your contracts were silent on the issue of IP/inventions (but nowadays in IT sector I doubt very much any contract would be silent on the matter)

As I said I haven't done IP law yet, so I wouldn't know if they can make you waive your moral rights but I was under the assumption that "moral rights" could not be waived by contract - a residual right to fall back on. Thats the way I feel on the issue anyway.

Lol waiving your "moral rights" sounds wrong doesn't it? Perhaps if the word "moral" wasn't put in there I may think differently.

Eric: didn't you say you like carrots a lot...

Charlie: you know what the funniest thing would be? If that guy actually couldn't play the piano.

Aww its so cute...Theres so many cats around my neighbourhood that I need to lookout for my rabbits. Its unfortunate that they can't just rape them. I don't find it that funny because I'm desensitised to it after watching the son rabbit hump his dad everyday. He just sits there and takes it, but when the dad tries to hump the son he runs like a lil biyatch. Hmmm man lovin...meh they seem happier together than apart so I keep it that way.

Ronaldhino zomg...can't be for real....

Your rabbit needs to take a lesson from this one.

Crazy Asian

A real life example of "ninja"ing.

"All inventions, ideas, concepts, discoveries, techniques and improvements, including computer software ("Inventions") which you may conceive or develop (whether alone or not) during the period of your employment (whether or not during business hours), relating to or connected with any of the matters which have been, are or may become the subject of XXX's affairs or business, or of any of its clients, or in which XXX or its clients have been, are or may become interested, shall be the exclusive property of XXX and form part of XXX's confidential information.

You agree to immediately disclose all Inventions to XXX and you assign all your present and future right, title and interest in the Inventions to XXX.

You will take (at XXX's expense) any action that may be necessary to give full effect to the provisions of this Agreement, including without limitation any steps necessary or desirable to: (a) assign to XXX or its nominee any rights in respect of any Invention; and/or (b) assist XXX or its nominee to make a patent application in respect of any Invention.

You consent to all acts or omissions of (or for the benefit of) XXX or any Affiliate which would otherwise constitute a breach of any moral rights which you may have in relation to any works or other copyright subject matter which is connected with your employment."

Lolz. Pizza night next Tuesday!...and sif they are selling NFS MW as well!...and the Sims...and the rabbits Marc, what exactly do you feed them? Going around like that?...must be the carrots, it's keeping them going alllll day/night long...

Aiite, excuse the comments, it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and i m doing does strange things to you

Perfect time to buy that MacBook Pro you always wanted.

If I had a box that can run BF2, I'd snap up that Pizza Hut deal right away...

Did you let them watch the discovery channel? They are behaving like bonobos =)

Brutes and barbarians, aren't we a fine match?

It better bloody well not be a therapy session....

My rabbits are...behaving like rabbits it would be pleasing for you to know. The son is humping the father. Translate whichever way you wish ;)


Best thing is that you don't need expansion packs because everyone else just plays ordinary BF2


I think I have a very developed Thinking function thank you very much.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Come over to my place after the exams. I am going to host a cake and ice cream night, but of course I am open to suggestions. I would like to invite a few of my female friends as well, so hopefully I will end up hosting a more civilised social event rather than therapy session for a bunch of under-developed brutes!

Butters, be quiet! How are your rabbits?

I can see that there is no mention of money alongside "naming rights" (which is one of the moral rights accorded by law as mentioned before)

Lolz, when I first saw the name, the question "hmmm..what would a philo barbie look like?" and a pic of a blonde barbie with darker skin colour came up and the next image was that barbie in one of those CG cartoons...and then how much they'll cost...

Anyway, we up for movie/poker/pc/fifa this friday?

Why don't you just use, "Philosophical Barbarian" then? I do reckon it sounds better, and I do reckon I agree with Benny on the filipino barbie. :)

This is coming from the man with the ultimate nickname...

I thought it was filipino barbie XD

Welcome to Degenerate City

Clarification: Philo Barbie stands for Philosophical Barbarian, not suppose to sound cute.

Welcome on board.

Hello, minions! this is LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily as a software engineer soon to graduate from the prestigious UNSW ;), we are all too aware of employers "ninja"ing what you believe is yours.

It's even dangerous to work on your own project in your own time whilst employed. I remember reading an article where the employer claimed that the employee thought up of the ideas in his project during work hours and hence the project belonged to the employer!

And from an APESMA talk, if you invent something while at work, you get "naming rights", unless you've signed that away in your contract. :P

well the issue here is more about employment law than intellectual property.

from briefly reading through the case, it seems that
the determining factor for the court is that the improvements made to hinkley's software amounted to a new literary work. and as s35 of the copyright act states, if you create a work in the course of employment, then work is owned by your employer.

the only ip related issue here is whether the development of the software during the course of his employment amounted to a new literary work. and from paragraph 29, i don't think the court's reasoning is flawed at all.

it should also be noted that hinkley had demonstrated the software during the interview, and implied that the use of the said software will be used in the course of employment.

another important point is that the use of the "library" is necessary for programs written from the library. (paragraph 34).

hinkley didn't just want to claim the work as his, he wanted to take it with him to another firm. if the court had ruled the other way, then it means redrock wouldn't have ownership over the software written by hinkley for redrock.

from all these factors, i wouldn't quite characterise the case as marc did. hinkley didn't get screwed by redrock, he screwed himself by not protecting his works adequately.

if you want to protect your outside works, then it's better to have everything down in writing, with an agreement about the ownership and licencing conditions between you and your employer.

lol, don't you understand?

thats not enough to say it was created before employment. if it was i wouldn't bother posting that :p

you need to refrain from making changes to it in the course of employment (both physically and in content). that guy in that case made all these changes to the software during employment to such an extent that the court classified it as a completely new work so the company could lay claim to it.

if you really want to work on it during work hours then make sure it has as little or nothing to do with what you're actually employed for.

for example if you're employed to install linux boxes for Sun, don't invent and implement stuff that facilitates or aids that process during your work time and don't use it during your work time either (that is if you want to keep it as your own).

if you show them or they discover it and they cite that it is in the course of your employment, they can ninja it from you.

i think thats what the speaker said when we all went to the IT explanation seminar one time in K17. quite ironic though because i recall him saying that someone worked as a volunteer for IT and the company ninja'ed his software and there was crapall he could do about it. but this case seems to say the complete opposite.

anyway from what I've heard, most employers are *nice* and pay royalties for use/distribution but technically they don't have to because thats what your wage/salary is for. at most you get residual "moral" rights which means you get recognition without the green.

i probably haven't got something 100% right but if you keep your work and your inventions separate then you shouldn't have a problem. john's done IP already so he may know more.

lol, don't you understand?

thats not enough to say it was created before employment. if it was i wouldn't bother posting that :p

you need to refrain from making changes to it in the course of employment (both physically and in content). that guy in that case made all these changes to the software during employment to such an extent that the court classified it as a completely new work so the company could lay claim to it.

if you really want to work on it during work hours then make sure it has as little or nothing to do with what you're actually employed for.

for example if you're employed to install linux boxes for Sun, don't invent and implement stuff that facilitates or aids that process during your work time and don't use it during your work time either (that is if you want to keep it as your own).

if you show them or they discover it and they cite that it is in the course of your employment, they can ninja it from you.

i think thats what the speaker said when we all went to the IT explanation seminar one time in K17. quite ironic though because i recall him saying that someone worked as a volunteer for IT and the company ninja'ed his software and there was crapall he could do about it. but this case seems to say the complete opposite.

anyway from what I've heard, most employers are *nice* and pay royalties for use/distribution but technically they don't have to because thats what your wage/salary is for. at most you get residual "moral" rights which means you get recognition without the green.

i probably haven't got something 100% right but if you keep your work and your inventions separate then you shouldn't have a problem. john's done IP already so he may know more.

Marc, unfortunately I can't make use of your legal advice yet... Once I do come up with a brilliant idea though, I'll make sure to claim it was invented before my employment ;).

If 5am is on the tables for Australia vs. Croatia, then I am all in!

/me pushes in his pile of possible future ideas.

"In a nutshell, I can say that he is innocent as a baby."

As innocent as a baby who downloads manuals and pricing on toxic poisons and explosive devices while opening fake mobile account to converse with a known terror suspect.

I find it incongruous how they terrorists commit "acts of terrorism" in the name of God and Islam as a public display of their faith yet deny everything when they are caught and "put to justice".

No comment on terror laws.

Damn, sorry boys, overslept. Only woke up at 1:30 and thought it was going to start then. If i knew the actual kickoff starts at 2, woulda been different. DAMN! Missed Benny's de-Ronaldonisation comments, though I would've defended him for sure! Let's meet up again this Friday for the Aus vs Croatia match. Catch is, it's 5am in the morning, lolz

Thanks for the great night everyone. My parents didn't notice at all, so kudos for keeping it together (not completely orthogonal to Australia's goaless performance of course!).

Marc: Your popping by at the last minute, in the middle of the night, is always appreciated.
Spain: Love you man.
Benny: Thanks for all the tactful soccer commentary (De-Ronaldoisation)
Char: Your selfless sacrifice in cleaning up is truely Zerg in spirit.
John: Nice to see you operating autonomously. ;)
Alexis: Try to enforce the soda quota at your own home.
Jono: Good luck with everything at Boeing

Would love to repeat it for the finals, with more elaborate meals.

Hopefully I will be financially more liquid then. Right now I'm "flat out broke" like TWA.

Good luck with exams everyone. And remember, it's the way of the future.

Monday, June 19, 2006

yeap definitely a big thanks to james for cooking some uber good chorizo/hot dogs it was very very much appreciated.

And to all who came for a great night in watching sport as benny said! ahhh good times.

More Chicken!

Benny: thanks man.. and good luck to those still doing exams.

Friday, 5am: Australia vs Croatia..
Friday, 2pm: another exam..

Are we watching the Australia/Croatia match or future Australia matches as a group?

Hmm, I ended up watching the match this morning, as I slept around 11, woke up, watched game, slept, woke up, went to exam. I managed to correctly guess the score beforehand.. should have put money on it.

I'm actually aching from football yesterday.. so unfit. Back, legs, feet, and arms for some reason..

hahah Hash no one read the blog so it's not been taped Hash.

There should be a replay at 5pm though.

Anyway thanks to James for the great time we all had! A good simple meal shared with friends over a beer with sport to swear and discuss. Hopefully James didn't take too much flak for the noise we all made, be it cursing at Tubby or at the half chances the socceroos missed.

Thanks to Spain for the temporary accomodation, hope waluigi does good for his exam.

Thanks to Charlie for being the PC Crew Overlord again, much appreciated Char.

Finally thanks to all who went to soccer, hopefully we'll do it more regularly, on a better field for more practice, and fitness

It sux that Australia didn't win but hopefully they'll go into the Croatia game with confidence, but no ego thanks to Guus. We'll also have a full squad with all yellow cards being irrelevant.

Good luck on your exams Alexis, Darren and Hash

James - can u please record the Australia vs. Brazil match

Everyone else - can u please remind James to record the Australia vs. Brazil match

Thanx, gnite

Sunday, June 18, 2006

And you're employer will be saying: "Your ass is mine Wang. Thats right, I think words I would never say"

I wrote that up thinking of Yi in mind mostly coz I know he'd appreciate it :p

Its so true what john said though. As a lawyer you do need a certain degree of BWV. Its so obvious that it goes without saying. Its good that you chose IB instead of law :D

Homer: [thinking] I know you can read my thoughts, marc. [singing the meowmix theme] Yumyum yumyum yumyum yumyum yumyum yumyum ~~
Marc: [thinking] I know you can read my thoughts, homer. Bleakbleak bleakbleak bleakbleak bleakbleak bleakbleak bleakbleak bleakbleak ~~

Something of a little interest while I'm studying employment law

Redrock Holdings v Hinkley: a programmer was hired on an undocumented and informal basis. After successfully arguing he was an employee rather than a contractor, the employer laid claim of copyright to his “class library” code he had created. Although he had created it before commencing work, the Court found that modifications made during employment were so great as to classify it as a new work altogether. Work which the employee had developed, the bulk of which was done at home, was his own initiative outside of Redrock’s request and was held to belong to him.

Practice Note: keep your inventions and ideas separate from your work. If you want to work on them, do it in your spare time outside. If not, then make sure it has nothing to do with the scope of your employment.

Rock on John, you champion! See you in the early hours!

unfortunately i can't make it to soccer at central, but count me in for the match at 1am.

Tomorrow's soccer viewing session is locked in.

Members confirmed (7):
- Me
- Jono
- Char
- Alexis
- Spain
- Benny
- Eric

I'm buying chorizo and beer for eight. Cost is ~$10.

16 Boulton St. Putney
Come at 1:00-1:30 AM. Match starts at 1:30.
No earlier please (you'll wake me up).

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fuckin, MC's and Binomial method? Please, I thought they were teaching you FINANCE!!!!

Had a good exam today. It's so good, I almost fell out of my chair when I first started the exam. Fin310, or commonly known as Issues in Applied Finance is a course when there is a lecturer-in-charge, who doesn't lecture, but gets guest lecturers from all over the place to lecture. Most are very entertaining...but today, you know they have NO IDEA on how to set an exam. The first few m/c were very easy. I read through all the available options and one of those answers stood out with "(correct answer)" after the answer. To top that off, they were EXACTLY the same as the assignment questions. Needless to say, I re-read the question to make sure, and chose the "(correct answer)". Then the short answers. Part B2 contained a question that involves calculating the prices of options using a binomial method. Funny thing was, it was exactly the same question from the assignment...

Ok fellas soccer is confirmed. We'll see you at 3pm at Central tomorrow. Give me a call if you think you might be late. See you then!

Yi, I love you, and thats why i feel I owe you my honest opinion.

PANSY!!!!! Get off your sorry azz and play some soccer, even if you sit and cheer us on! We misses you!

Sorry for being the spoil sport.. but I am pretty sore after a good workout on the squash courts furbished by the Canterbury Bulldogs and the West Sydney Razorbacks at Belmore today. Unfortunately I won't be available to give the shiny new balls a good work out!

Next time. :)

Wow such a great turn out during exam time. It may be a miracle.

News that may be of interest to James: LTTE just found a new hobby, hanging camo'd claymore mines to trees on public bus routes - claimed a total of 62 lives.

currently listening to Clint Black - Good Run of Bad Luck
currently watching Las Vegas Season 2

Great, thanks Alexis.

Charlie also mentioned he'd be interested. So we have 6! With benny's friend, that'll be 7 which'll be lots of fun.

We'll meet each other at 3pm at the Central Park grass fields, where we've played the last few times? We'll be around the area.

So currently it's Benny, Spain, Charlie, Alexis, Darren and Me confirmed, and if James and Benny's friend comes, that's a possible 8, and maybe Yi too whom I haven't contacted. John or Linda have any interest?

Count me in.

Exams are no excuse not to attend.

Think I got another friend to come making it what 5?
Darren, Jono, Me, Spain, 5 if my friend anymore takers?
No guarantee he'll come though

how does say 3pm sound? We would need to be on time (hint hint benny) if the group is quite small (like 6 or less)

Sunday footall sounds great.. a good chance to test out this new ball on grass, instead of shopping centre floors.. Although a monday morning exam makes for a tough decision.. What time are you guys planning on being there and playing until?

Totally unrelated to the above: George Bush sings a U2 song..

3 is a good start. Another 3 would be great.

I just bought a new soccer ball today for $30, a really nice adidas one so if we don't want to abuse darren's matchball just yet I am more than happy to bring along this shiny new ball. :)

Spain and me would be down, don't see anyone else's interest though

I'm not at liberty to take half the day off but I will probably go to uni tomorrow study arse off and attend service then go home.

Fellas how about a soccer game on Sunday arvo? Maybe we could get together for dinner after that and head over to James' in a lazy manner. Or dinner at James's. Or whatever

It's only half a day off, should be fun. We can play soccer at central park say. Then watch the uber pros play at night.

Marc if you want to go to service we can do that between soccer and say a late dinner.

it's only sinful if you think it's a sin.

opposite over hypotenuse?

Hegelian Dialectics:

Thesis: Idolising Apple is sinful
Antithesis: All forms of idolatries are sinful
Synthesis: No idolatries are sinful =)

Response to Answer 1: Practically everything not focused on God is idolatry, Hash. My lust for computer games can be considered idolatry. Your lust for dota can be considered one. Essential activities like eating can be justified, not just by arguing sustenance, but by prayer...which I have no done in a while erf.

Thirst for money is considered idolatry. Not just bowing to a carved wooden figurine...or a half-bitten apple.

All sin is equally bad and there really is no degree of one sin being less bad or "less unacceptable". Which is why many Christians including myself think that Dante is full of crap - divine comedy = joke.

Bowing down to a half-bitten apple is just as bad as bowing down to a colourful window or a penguin.

Bottom line: worshipping a half-bitten apple does not make you any worse than the next person.

Response to Question 2: It depends on what kind of righteousness, but good Christians generally do not adopt the holier than thou attitude. While trying, they accept that they are sinners and no better than the wo/man sitting next to them - a trademark of humility.

Question 3: Call it "Christianity. It just works."

Gates is Sinhalese and Jobs is Tamil.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Question :: Why is the Apple symbol so inherently evil?
It represents the fall of (hu)man to temptation, thus inviting the devil into our souls. Hence, by accepting the bitten apple into your life, you are inviting the devil itself. By identifying with this symbol, have you not become idolators?

Question :: How long will it take an evangelical to latch onto this concept and to begin thinking himself full of righteous indignation or bursting with zeal to complete the will of God (in this case to destroy anything with the symbol)?

Question :: By what name shall this new church be identified?

These questions I leave in your capable hands.

James :: I will most likely be studying for Dota, I mean Immunology at that time. The thought of spending this time watching the 'Roos getting creamed does not appeal to me very much. Hence I will be at my home sleeping and may join you guys for some morning games of Poker

Its okay, theres no sugar.

Very cool - water animation

Also very cool - 101 two-litre diet coke bottles and mentos.

Ahh so it's Monday morning, not Tuesday morning. My bad.

Well, count me in. I'll drive up to work after the game finishes at 4:30am.;

how early shall we get there?

I'm in

Can I get an expression of interest for a group soccer viewing session on Sunday night / Monday morning (1:30AM) for Australia vs. Brazil?

Venue is my house.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

As I was downloading that, I thought to myself: why bother? Its gonna be like numa numa dance or that badger shockwave. I was all too right...again.

Yi, as you managed to negate in your own post, I had to wake up at 9am in the morning on the first day of enrolment appointment to get into the subjects I wanted to, not to mention I needed to write a small essay on why I want to enrol in a specific course the law faculty ran. Unenrolling these to save $250 in my last semester of 5 years would be the smartest move I'd ever make :)

or this one.

The only cat with such ferocity we know begins with a K and ends in double T.

That ladies and gentlemen is also the sound that comes out of both TVs at home... and yes, walking into an electronics store yields the same results, ie. a pierced eardrum..
Wouldn't you kill anyone who uses that "ringtone"!?!

And for those of us still in uni, not sure if you got this e-mail but it's interesting nevertheless.

As you may know, UNSW is planning to charge Student Activity Fees for
Session 2, 2006. They are allowed to do this only if they issue the
invoice before July 1st. Some details of that are here: http://

There is a loophole in that, if you discontinue your program before
the June 19th and then resume it after July 1st, you might avoid
having to pay Student Activity Fees.

There is a second, friendlier loophole in that, if you reduce your S2
load to 0 units before June 19th then you might also avoid having to
pay Student Activity Fees. This is mainly to save UNSW the admin time
of having to deal with hundreds/thousands of students queuing up on
July 1st. (This is not yet confirmed, since UNSW are yet to reply to
my email. But since June 19th is so close, I thought it best to get
this information out quickly).

Of course on myUNSW, it doesn't allow you to drop ALL courses.. so I fail to see how it's possible to do it. Plus it's definitely not worth it if you drop Richard Buckland's crypto and someone else grabs the vacancy from underneath you. :D

What an intense sound.. it makes my head spin after hearing it for a few seconds.. Its likely to cause a car crash if you get a call while driving..

Isnt that high pitched sound in the dead stillness of night the sound of the electricity in your brain?

I'd like to see a phone which gives you an electric shock to notify you of incoming calls or texts..

And for something totally unrelated: cat chases bear up tree

That tone sounds like the dead stillness of the night when I lie in bed.

why not just use vibrate?

Man, that Mosquito tone is annoying. It's still ringing in my ears AFTER it's finished. Anyone having that ringtone in class should be shot, but at least their stupid annoying ringtones wouldn't interrupt the lecture. I mean, for some, they might have geniunely forgotten, but wouldn't you remember or check you phone after the first phone has gone off???

The most number of phones going off in lecture, is 5 in a 2 hour lecture for finance.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Its not annoying, it hurts.

I'm gonna try and play it to my parents.

Wouldn't that just piss everyone else off in the class? I'd hate to hear that every minute.

Simple but effective

Down the bottom you can listen to a sample. I thought nah no way I'll hear it. Anyway I can hear it, and it's bloody annoying, even at low volume.

Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills.

What a merciless rejection of free will!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jono: Hopefully no more broken windows this time.

Hash: like I was saying to Yi the other day, a viable abode is anything above of "cardboard box - wireless internet ready".

lol Yi, Don't bet with your sister for free ice creams, that's cruel...

Do it for lunch money instead XD

Good luck all on their exams

le sigh

Lol @ Jono. I like ur measures of civilization.
What qualifies something as a viable abode? "It has internet"

Haha Kwong. Yeah lazy day at work today but was also so tired, gosh. So glad the day is over, I've had 4 hours sleep over 2 nights and 3 days.

Also, turns out I'm not staying at a campsite, but a work colleague (Gordon, if you remember Kwong) invited me to stay in an empty room in his place, just $50 a week for the two weeks. So have my own room, internet and everything, quite nifty.

No no Hash.
We cancelled the get together to watch the game last night.

Free ice cream for me from a bet... go the Socceroos! :D

lol Darren - is that you or Alexis?

Jono - comment directed at Yi, i thought he meant he was goin for Japan

The second goal scored by Cahill bounced off BOTH posts.. A centimetre to the left and it would not have gone in. Truly a contendor for 'goal of the tournament'..

Take the screen home as a salary sacrifice minus the sacrifice.

Awesomeness, Apple crashed 3 times already today. What a load of garbage about it being more stable.

The only thing working to its favour is the speedy recovery after crashing.

Get back to work.

haha Hash - it's from the song, "c'mon aussie come on, come on"

Man, now at work again in Newcastle.
My new computer here boasts a 24 inch wide screen LCD...this thing is a bloody monstrosity, and I'm loving it!

Your cheers to the contrary are in vain.

Go Aussie Go!





Monday, June 12, 2006

Change of venue.

Lyn's place:
Unit 2201
9 Railway Rd

Change of heart too.
The Socceroos won't hear our cheering in unison any more.

Howdy folks,
Tomorrow (Monday) is Australia vs. Japan. Yi and I figured it'll be fun to have a group viewing. Heck I agree: pizza, beer, soccer. MMmm. If you like the sound of it, pop over to my place.

Match starts at 10:30PM.

16 Boulton St. Putney

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Very true Hash. As Russell Peters and South Park note, in 300 years time, everyone will be beige. Unfortunately for the likes of James and me, caucasians seem to be visually the superior race.

Wow Marc, looks like all u Mac users are just carrying around large chunks of Bling and nothing else.

Spain, genetic studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between level of melanin in the epidermus and various beneficial factors to survival, including (but not limited to) ::

1. greater skill and dexterity
2. higher learning capabilities
3. greater use of the opposable thumb
4. general allround 1337n355

In all scientific circles it is well known that , eventually, the characteristics inherent to the skin pigmentation of caucasians will be bred out of the human population. So your statement is indeed correct Marc, the human race is going Black, and it won't (and can't) go back.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

If the Eagles wrote a song about OS X, it should be titled: "Life in the slow lane"

Sorry to stab mac in the back, James, but man, I'm word processing here on Office::mac and its laggy as! I wasn't getting this from Windows before I ported everything except games over to mac. I may actually need to do my word processing on Windows...

Its a complete joke when a 2GHz dual-core is incapable of putting down the power to do simple tabled word processing.

Last Minute Plan change for today!
  • 4:15-6:15pm - Cars at George st cinemas (my shout!)
  • 6:30 til its done - Dinner at somewhere to be decided.
  • 9 til late - World Cup watching at Star City on their huge screens..

Sorry for late notice, and for no football for Jono. When the ground is nice and dry we'll play..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Beta coefficients ey? How did you regress that? You running a cross sectional or a time series regression? What data did you use and how did you obtain that data? Lolz, damn finance/stats.

That's some truly deep philosophy Marc.

Looking deeper, I deduce Hash is just... well, stuffed for life.

Although maybe the Beta coefficient on the star variable is a stronger indicator for (non)success however, as it seems to play a more prominent role in starplayers across the globe, ceteris paribus.

Once you go black, you can't go back.
Once you've had Star, you won't go far.

Re Skiing

The skiing trip does not include:

2 day Lift Pass $165
2 day Ski Hire $49
2 day Waterproof Gear Hire $29

If you wish to purchase, needs to be done on the bus.

Hmm the weather doesn't look too good for Saturday. Ooh wait you've already taken that into consideration I guess...

Down for Saturday then.

Also, James is proposing a get together for Queen's Birthday Monday. Though again the weather looks crap..

Whilst reading a paper, I came across this quote:

"The emotions are what makes life interesting, and what makes us feel important … But when, as in philosophy, we are trying to understand the world, they appear rather as a hindrance. They generate irrational opinions, since emotional associations seldom correspond with collocations in the external world … With the sole exception of curiosity, the emotions are on the whole a hindrance to the intellectual life" … (Bertrand Russell, 1927, p. 228).

Russell, B. (1927). An outline of philosophy. London: George Allen & Unwin.

Hello again all..

Well, after much deliberation and various opinions of people, this is my plan for saturday..


  • 4-5:30pm - foobtall at the park at central. If its raining, cfn til 5:30.
  • 6-8pm - Cars at George st cinemas (my shout!)
  • 8 til before 10:30 - Dinner at a restaurant to be decided after i get numbers and food tastes. atm looks like asian or star city food or pancakes.
  • 11-late - World Cup watching at Star City on their huge screens.. England vs Paraguay is the first match
Notice the theme?


Please let me know if you and/or your significant other can or can not make any part of this arrangement as soon as you can.
You can let me know by my calling or sms'ing my mobile or home number, or by a well aimed paper airplane with the appropriate message attatched. Carrier pidgeon is not recommended due to the nature of my cat..

I'll be in Newcastle until early evening.. so may not be reachable in the day.

See you Saturday!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

MJ, thats what I was thinking: Shamona! Heeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee

Expressions in that photo from left to right ::

1. Aduniya !
2. I dun wanna be here
3. tentative MJ
4. kiddie kissing MJ
5. Haha, u missed me n00b

Lolz. 110kw with a bullbar vs a 80kw plastic bumper. It's more like who's the first one of us gets write off first!

Talk about a good photo.
Check out the expression of these guys

also another one

Ok Eric, no soccer thats cool, how about this, I'm getting a Nissan Navara, diesel Ute with bull bar how about the old Joust style? 3 charges, first to dismount the opponent wins. Well instead of dismount we'll say first to write the others' car off :)?

Were you referring to the first match or the second one I just posted about recently. Because the second one is way worse :)

Marc, I WILL RE-ITERATE ALSO that we are NOT going to try to play soccer with my echo. It will not participate in any sorts of sport (which includes racing). Did you see how many flying pits and pieces in that clip?! I don't want a 6th rear bumper, or 2nd front pumper for that matter =þ.

Happy b'day Darren. Do you have any solid plans for Saturday? Dinner is possible, but everything else is not, since I am getting tight on time for prep for finals. Damn accounting and finance. Damn those two subjects to hell!

The voucher just came through:

Hi Mark,

Here is your voucher for your snow weekend. It includes 2 nights at the snowy valley resort, 2 hot brekkies, return transport from Sydney, shuttle up/down mountain each day, National Park Fees, 3 course dinner on Saturday night at Lakeside Bistro.

Have a geat time! Samantha.

john would know this already but on the topic of Cars, they just did a rematch of the Aygo football contest except it was Toyota Aygo vs Volkswagon Fox this time. Top Gear is just awesome! Try and find it on google video.

I reiterate, lets try it with Eric's car.

I don't think I'd want a last name of Jolie-Pitt. That would sound absurd. The kid is probably gonna be really beautiful or ugly. Theres no middle ground with such good-looking parents.

Sounds fantastic! And happy birthday Darren! The big doubles hey? won't have another one of those for 11 years, or when sunspots hit their 11-year cycle again.

Sat sounds good, soccer sounds *awesome*.
I am working from 10-4pm in the city on Sunday so if you play in central park (next to train stn) I can hopefully be there by 4:20 and still have about an hour of sunlight left.
Dinner etc also sounds good.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


How interesting that the most hellish day for me was the one after the supposed hellish day.. Spent all yesterday evening and night and this morning working on the game workshop project, with a reasonably satisfying result at the presentation today. There was an incentive of a PSP to the 'best' group at today's presentation, an incentive which we missed out on.

Further to this, I have recently discovered I have to do my thesis A presentation again, for the second time since my assessor was not present at my previous 2 attempts. The first one 2 weeks ago he was just absent, so it was postponed til last week. Last week he was also absent, but I went ahead anyway, thinking that the mark I would get would be based on supervisor's thoughts and explanations of it to the assessor.

But, that was not the case, so I now have to do the 'same' presentation again (which it wont be, because i dont remember what i did, but will be including feedback from supervisor) for his consideration.

Ski trip: is looking awesome, I am really looking forward to it. I found out that we actually have some old snow gear, which I shall be making use of.. parka, gloves, beanie, and maybe pants.

Well, as some of you may know, today is the day that I officially increment in age.. my birthday. And UNSW was kind enough to give me 2 assignments due today, another thesis presentation and Machine learning due later than it should be.

So yeah, I'm wanting to do something saturday..

A tentative plan: Movie in arvo, Cars (my shout) at george st cinemas, followed by Dinner somewhere in city, followed possibly by World Cup at someone's house.

If its not raining... some awesome cool soccer during the day on saturday at central, then the rest of the plans.

Any expressions of interest or availability or better ideas will be welcomed.

Bye for now..

lol, no i don't need reminding. having been to the nsw snow fields numerous times, i think my next ski trip would be overseas. in any case, i think 7 is a rather lucky number too.

jono: i count 7 for the list charlie has given, including benny. it does not include me.

on a different note, yi's favourite aspirational figure anonymous lawyer has written a book.

It's not really my 'op' anymore because I can't be stuffed trying to please everyone and because I've been down in Adelaide for the past few days. As far as I know, we are booked for 4 people with the STA: *exactly* the same package. So I don't know what the heck the difference is, since I was suggesting to the others to just team up to make things easier.

haha thanks john, and hash. And butters, since I forgot I am apparently an ENTJ, but I was guessing that?

Who's the 6th person? John?

John: we currently have 7 excluding Kwong's independent op: Yi, Spain, Marc, Jono, Darren and Me are locked and loaded. Benny is checking his ammunition. We'll need another to make it a nice round lucky number, and you know what that means =)

Need I remind you of the fun we've had?

And can you forget the intoxicating joy of sexually abusing our gender-confused snowform?

Take plenty of photos!...oh...any of you guys who are going down to the snows, get 3, and see if we can get video chat! Enjoy the trip boys

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

from experiene, they don't even ask you for id when you get on the coach; you say your name and they tick it off.
the organisers will ask you to confirm everything (any ski hire, which snow field, etc) on the 5 hour journey down.

don't forget to bring the alcohol too!

As a HASH, I would like to congratulate Jono for congratulating Marc and hope that u all have a non-satanic, injury-free and thoroughly enjoyable trip.

As an ENTJ I realise how hard it is for you to trust other people in delegation so your vote of confidence (especially as former leader of outdoors club) means a lot :)

Charlie is the man with the details, I just booked it in. As I said before, we got off cheaper with $230pp which includes everything mentioned on the site. The whole booking system STA uses is very flimsy (I don't even receive a written invoice!) so I will do my best to iron out the kinks later if there are any.

Extras we have to pay are as Charlie stated.

haha also one more thing - who's going? From the previous-previous post, it was Yi, Spain, Marc, Charlie, Me and who's the last? Also hopefully Kwong and Co. can tee up with us.

So we each owe you $230 so far. That pays for the original $245 as listed below? Just confirming the mostly obvious :)

"Cost: $245 (Student price for accommodation, 2 breakfast, dinner saturday night, coach to and from Sydney to Jindabyne and to and from the mountain each day) + $165 (2 day lift pass to Thredbo; 215 for perisher) + $49 (Ski, pole, boot hire; $59 for snowboard hire) + $29 (parka/pants hire) + $12 (glove purchase to keep)

So all up $500 not including lessons, lunches, and dinner on Friday and Sunday

Gee Thredbo's a lot cheaper for 2-day option, but Perisher (from the other post) is a lot less of an increase for 3-day option ($235 Thredbo $249 Perisher)

Decided which ski field to go on?

I just posted this as a quick summary for everyone, since I was a bit clueless as well. I just agreed with everything you guys organised along the way since I was/am pretty flat out (yes, I'm trusting you guys. :) )

Thanks for organising all this fellas, very much appreciated.