Monday, February 28, 2005

stupid petals around the rose thing, i figured it out on the second roll...

i like to think that it is because i am left handed, the 'smarter your are, the longer it will take to figure out' rule doesn't apply, but rather its inverse, being 'the smarter you are, the sooner you will figure it out'.

hey eric, sorry i couldnt make it to your party, the flu got me bad... and still has me... *cough* heard it was good.. (the party, not the flu)

I can't make it this weekend since I'll be in looking at some fairy penguins this friday...
Have fun guys...

The smartest people go to Google Answers

haha that's fine marc
i also have class on fridays from 12-4 (with a one hour break) so we can play after 4 if you like
the location is the issue; james is thinking UNSW (duh) physics lawns but that's trouble for the umac and usyd guys
obviously hyde park is probably a no go

so somewhere easy for everyone to get to; north sydney oval is the only other place i can obviously think of, that's not much better than UNSW if at all.
maybe somewhere between unsw and central, there are some fields along anzac parade perhaps

Ironic. After 4 semesters of choosing Friday off, I chose to have classes on Friday because I (or Benny did...) thought that people would go out after class.

Lol, got it on first go, which means i'm an utter dumbass.


Johno and I was thinking of gathering some people for a game of soccer on Friday. Nothing is set in concrete yet, but the idea of this post is to see if enough people's interested to come along if they are free.

It's going to Awesome!

You can:

Meet friends you don't see everyday at uni
Get fit and prepare our bodies for many years of sloth to come
Have lots of FUN!

Our choice of Friday is simply because we thought most people would be free
Location is undecided, but is likely going to be somewhere easy to get to.

So if you're interested, let us know.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Petals around the rose puzzel

Apparently, the smarter you are, the longer it'll take you to figure it out.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Let me correct your wrong Eric =) Lidcombe is a hole, not a desert. I can think of at least 4 restaurants just off the top of my head, a Vietnamese and a Chinese restaurant on your side and a Japanese and Korean restaurant on my side (by the way, by sides I don't mean inside and outside the cemetary =)).

Yum Cha requires some extra effort, there's Da San Yuan (Or Dai Sang Yuen -kinda like that majong combination) in Strathfield and another in Burwood as well, which is pretty central to all I reckon.

Friday, February 25, 2005

lol 8 times...only

ahahahah...sorry for the late answer Darren's question...YES, Hurstville Station is the closest train station to Yum Cha.

To answer Hash's question, Lidcombe has yum cha. As a matter of fact, I DON'T SEE ANY RESTURANT THERE! Correct me if I am wrong Charlie...and in West Ryde...I just dunno that place at all!...kinda hard for me to organise....

And Jono...thanx for telling me about the 15 min parking...but if you think about it, you can just go out...move the car forward/backward/sideways somehow, and you have moved your car, which should reset the 15min parking limit. You just have to move the car 8 times, assuming we spend 2 hours there...

hmm, would the closest train station to this birthday venue be Hurstville train station? because that seems to be the current mode of transport for me

ROFL he's got his own meridian line

Thursday, February 24, 2005

omg eric - u live in lidcombe now
why have something in hurstville?
why not someplace close, like west ryde?

rsvp :: will be rocking up on time

clarification is this gonna be 11:00 EST or 11:00 EricST ??? (+2-4:00)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

butters, i'm glad you feel abnormal, it's a great feeling.

eric, renee says you can't park outside the restaurant because it's 15 min parking.
Moral of the story: park in westfield

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I gotto pimp my ride

Of the two choices to refer to my wieldy handheld communications device, i would rather refer to it as by a third term; my 'mobile', a reflection its portability.

Monday, February 21, 2005

ey ppls! Sorry for the double post. Stupid IE and their time outs. Anyways, I've finally been able to book, but there's a change in plan.


PLACE: Forest Court
127B Forest Rd

HOW TO GET THERE: Um, can't really describe. But, if you know where all the chinese groceries are, it's around there. Ummm... But it's near the intersection between The Avenue and Forest Road.

PARKING: I suggest Westfield Shopping Center. But if you are lucky, then maybe u can park outside the place.

TIME: 11:00 . Yeh, the place is usually full and queues are crap...usually go alllll the way out of the place. And the ppls only let me place a booking if it's before 11:30. Don't be late. Most of yous live around there anyway!

DATE: 26th Feb 2005.

AFTERS: I was thinking of you guys coming over. Don't know what you guys can do, but i guess we can go to Olympic Park and play soccer or something. Then go clubbing at night.

I know most of you ppls have RSVP'd, but because of the change of plan, I know you guys might not be able to make it anymore. So just msg me if thas the case. SEE U THERE!!

crap, a month without comp does weird stuff to you.

Moving the mouse is weird and the 17" Panasonic LCD is friggin huge. wasn't like that before I left.

Mmm shower time. I smell like an unwashed dog

Sunday, February 20, 2005

What Darren -- is saying *mOb* more appealing?
"My mOb is 'so and so'" just conjoures up images
of honkiezacks with fringes and dangly kajaja phones.

I've always preferred 'cell', and I'm glad it's
making some progress !

but i *am* an american

p.s. marc i know you're inbound, ambush time!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Your 'cell' phone? How very 'American' of you to say that..

Hey peeps, fyi my cell works now, again the number is 0402 876 434

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i'm posting on behalf on eric, who is having technical difficulties.


Hey ppls...

I am finally turning 21!! Anyways, I am just posting here to tell you guys about my b'day yum cha thing on the 26th Feb 2005. I haven't booked yet cos i need RSVP. So can you guys please do so by the 18th? Just drop a msg on ICQ or sumthing. It'll prolly be in the CT somewhere. Possibly Kam Fook. Yes...a lil unoriginal..but i have my reasons. It SHOULD minimize the possibility of me getting trashed by certain individuals...Anyways...summary

DATE: 26th Feb
TIME: 1pm


Hey ppls...

I am finally turning 21!! Anyways, I am just posting here to tell you guys about my b'day yum cha thing on the 26th Feb 2005. I haven't booked yet cos i need RSVP. So can you guys please do so by the 18th? Just drop a msg on ICQ or sumthing. It'll prolly be in the CT somewhere. Possibly Kam Fook. Yes...a lil unoriginal..but i have my reasons. It SHOULD minimize the possibility of me getting trashed by certain individuals...Anyways...summary

DATE: 26th Feb
TIME: 1pm

Just a big thankyou to all you guys for comin over; was certainly good seeing all you guys again. Yeah can't say I expected so many to turn up, that was good.
And yeah thanks for the gifts, the Lindt chocolate is incredible and the wine looks really tasty.

Also, of course, a very big thanks to Yi for shouting the very large dinner at Chilli House; definitely can't say I drink that much tea too often.


Marc: that sounds sweet as; Jealousy Rising, sounds like a flop-of-a-movie title.
Yeah so I definitely recommend you shout us all a trip to Europe too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Better save my blog. It took me a whole 2 minutes.

On a strict time limit. gtg. cya

PS: Been to Barcelona, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and was fun!

Sorry couldn't make it to your grand arrival, Jono. Will be back in a week and shall catch up then.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Yi you are too nice

Have we been to chilli house before? is it that black place

I keep thinking fish and chips on the beach, or maybe just a meat pie at the beach.

Something...beachy. :)

also, I will be picking up a bottle of maybe whiskey/scotch from the duty free at Sydney airport on arrival.
If you guys are quick and have suggestions (before 9pm your time Saturday) let me have it

When is this lunch?
We're getting Jono at 9AM and people converge to his house at 7PM.
Do you want to make it a dinner instead? :D

Please define a "plate of mean"

i would like ot know what it is b4 i bring it

Friday, February 11, 2005

Attention all blog readers.
You are cordially invited to join my first-pay-packet-from-Sun-lunch.
It will be held after the reception of OneJonoLee.

Open to SANE suggestions. I am thinking lunch at Chilli House©?

Actually, when I say a 'plate' of meat (marinated) I mean a plate that is made of mean and has also been marinated.

Whats for dinner? Marinated meat plates... mmm, my favourite.

haha Hash! GOod to see ya. Man it'll be awesome.
Jetlag is normally not a problem for shortish flights like Sydney - HK where the time lapse is only 3 hours (during DST).

Congrats on OO darren
By a plate of meat I assume you mean not a plate for each person, but one big plate enough perhaps for all of us?

you forgot

Fat Pizza
Ali G inda House

down for Jono's house on sunday
if jono is not too jetlagged

Films one must see before he/she dies (* you can get original from me):

2001: A Space Odyssey
Alien *
Amadeus *
American Beauty *
Apocalypse Now *
Ben Hur *
Blade Runner
Citizen Kane *
City of God *
The Deer Hunter *
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Exorcist *
Forrest Gump *
The Godfather Part I *
The Godfather Part II *
Jaws *
Lawrence of Arabia *
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring *
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King *
On The Waterfront *
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Patton *
Psycho *
Pulp Fiction *
Raging Bull *
Raiders of the Lost Ark *
Ran *
Saving Private Ryan *
Schindler's List *
Seven Samurai
Silence of the Lambs
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back *
Taxi Driver
Toy Story 2 *
Vertigo *

Honorable mentions:

Aliens *
Amores Perros *
Braveheart *
Bridge on the River Kwai *
Casablanca *
Chicago *
Cinema Paradiso *
The Color Purple
Dr Zhivago *
ET *
Gandhi *
Goodfellas *
The Killing Fields *
The Matrix *
Platoon *
The Rock *
Star Wars *
The Sting
Terminator 2: Judgement Day *
Unforgiven *

Thursday, February 10, 2005

No longer am I bound by the shackles of OO (hey, they do look like handcuffs!) for its reign of terror is now over! (and the people did Rejoice.)

Also, my hot water system decided to rejoice for me the only way it knew how; by breaking. So not only do I no longer have access to water hotter than the pipes that carry them (less than 20 degrees), but I will not have any hot water for the next week or so.. It had a good run, at least 20 years.. and better it breaks now than in the colder months..

Also, a minor adjustment to the no longer surprise birthday party of Jason's:

Jason's BBQ Evening
1 9 1 Ray Road Epping 2121
Bring: A Plate of Meat (marinated) - that can be cooked on a BBQ
Date: 18th FEB Friday
Time: 5pm

Also, if people have any movies that they would like to watch, now is the time to voice your opinion. I'm bringing along Finding Nemo, bring some other movies along so we can have a selection to choose from on the night.

Economist article on how Google works

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lookin at makin some changes to the blog, excuse any interruptions.

Fear not Marc, I've saved your blog. :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Switzerland is overated.

And what's wrong with you Jono, they are no American girls in
that neutral, cow loving, conservative mountain land.

Think Colorado!

Yi: I ain't participatin in no honkie-style no nuttin. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I really need to you see blokes. All I need is a lift from the airport, James' external hard case, Yi's brains and money, lots of love and affection, and I'm good. What do you guys think?

But if you insist, lunch sounds great. I recommend this hamburger place in Darwin.
Otherwise, just take us skiing.
In Switzerland.

Ahh Jason's birthday sounds great

James will pick Yi up.
I'll already be at the airport packed n ready to go, we just need a few airplane tickets to switzerland.

Monday, February 07, 2005


and of course, I come back home, only to remember mum needs the car in the morning. She's dropping sister off at drawing classes in Ashfield at 9:30am, then picking her up again at 11:15am.

so... would anyone be able to stop over at my house on the way there? It's like... right next to each other.

We know you're worth millions Yi. Just excercise your share options!!!

Renee -- what's more important work , God or Jono.
(come on~~~~~~~~~~!)

Annie has kindly asked me to pass this message along..

Jason's Surprise Birthday BBQ
Date: Friday, 18th February, 2005
Venue: His House (1 9 1 R a y R d, E p p i n g 2 1 2 1)
Time: 5pm-Late
Cost: Approximately $10 p.p.
If you are interested, please message me online as soon as possible.


End communication.

*cough* *cough*
$350 pp not including beverages?!?!?!

Even though Sun's making a profit nowadays, my pay's not exuberantly high.. like what some of you might think. :D

Tetsuya's. Overpriced etc. around... $350 pp not including beverages etc.

I've got church+ work on sunday....

Thanx Charlie!

Woah - awesomenia.

Um.. what's the most rediculously priced restraunt in Sydney? :D

I wake up at 6:30am these days anyway. :D

Btw, I have decided to hold a very-Honkie-style-first-pay-check-lunch on the Sunday as well!
It'll serve as both Jono's welcome home as well as my celebration of (partial) financial independence.

Any suggestions?

[edit]Hmm after reading the posts carefully, it seems this'll clash with the BBQ. But.. no plans are set in stone yet right? :D [/edit]

We plan on having a little welcome back greeting at Jonos on Sundey.

Timing is 7PM until late.

BBQ + roast or Emerald Thai take away are food suggestions.

Drinks, poker and looking through Jono's USA photos are entertainment options.

Please post your availability and suggestions.

Hope to see you there!

-Jam & Jarnu

sorry fellas, charlie, whoever else may be inadvertently watching.

Confirmed now to arrive Sunday 9am, Feb 13
Qantas flight QF128

(I touch down at 8:30am)

sorry about all the switches, really... not quite *all* my fault. :)

Johno, where's your actual flight details. you seem to changing times every post.

Renee I gave your directory to Annie. Thought you should see her more often.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

yeah and that'd be what, 5pm?

Renee! Yi! help

Yeah, I'll go to the airport when I wake up. Buy yourself a cup of coffee in the mean time.

hey uh [yi, renee, james], am i picker-upable for this coming sunday at 9:00 in the a.m.? Let me know, thanks!

Excerpt from Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago

Now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

Men, all this stuff you’ve heard about America not wanting to fight, wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of horse dung. Americans traditionally love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle. When you were kids, you all admired the champion marble shooter, the fastest runner, the big league ball player, the toughest boxer. Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost and will never lose a war. Because the very thought of losing is hateful to Americans.

Now, an Army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of crap. The bilious bastards who wrote that stuff about individuality for the Saturday Evening Post don’t know anything more about real battle than they do about fornicating.

We have the finest food and equipment, the best spirit and the best men in the world. You know, by God I actually pity those poor bastards we’re going up against. By God, I do. We’re not just going to shoot the bastards, we’re going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We’re going to murder those lousy Hun bastards by the bushel.

Now, some of you boys, I know, are wondering whether or not you'll chicken out under fire. Don't worry about it. I can assure you that you will all do your duty. The Nazis are the enemy. Wade into them. Spill their blood. Shoot them in the belly. When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment before was your best friend's face, you'll know what to do.

Now there’s another thing I want you to remember. I don’t want to get any messages saying that we are holding our position. We’re not holding anything. Let the Hun do that. We are advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding onto anything except the enemy. We're going to hold onto him by the nose and we're going to kick him in the ass. We're going to kick the hell out of him all the time and we're gonna go through him like crap through a goose.

There’s one thing that you men will be able to say when you get back home. And you may thank God for it. Thirty years from now when you’re sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what did you do in the great World War II, you won’t have to say, "Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana."

Alright now, you sons-of-bitches, you know how I feel. Oh, and I will be proud to lead you wonderful guys into battle – anytime, anywhere.

That’s all.

General George S. Patton Jr.

Friday, February 04, 2005

people are busy hey

now you know you're somewhere
go through until at least picture 30, if you like.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

ah thanks yi. :)

hey i think we'll go ahead and organise a skiing trip for july (during the midyear break) to Thredbo, as recommended by James (versus Perisher).

we hope to finalise most details by the mid-session break at the end of march, so if you wanna come, let us know as soon as you can

reckon it'd be about 3 days of actual skiing/boarding/tobogganing max, maybe less. Might spend a coupla other days doin stuff, so it's short ish trip

yeah i've never skiied or boarded before so never fear, jono stacks here

erh.. i'll be picking up jono again if nothing comes up.. again.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

James says:
I bought a book today
John says:
i had the most wonderful dream this morning
John says:
oh yeah what book
James says:
OMG Ihad the worst dream int he monring
James says:
it was horriffic
John says:
John says:
I took your goodness
James says:
I had an *ABORTION*
James says:
what about j00?

whhaaaatt? Bring your sisterrr! no?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sure thing jono.
arh crap.
i can't. :(
unless i take my sister with me...
i can't pick you up no more dude. :(

whoop, change of plans, i'm flying back a whole *day* earlier now, so I'll be in Sydney at 8pm on Sunday Feb 13 instead of Feb 14.
is that okay with all you pickerupperers, yi, renee, james and whoever you may be?