Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yeah MOSFETS, JFETS... alot of shit like that.
James pick up some dynamics, fluids and join us aerospace bois =)

HAHAH, BJTs!!! Want some MOSFETS with that?
How about some hybrid-Pi sauce!

Sounds like we're doing the same course.
Hope you are boding well!

Monday, March 29, 2004

i work for the shhhh... see tee you!
do do duuuuuu doo =)

Yeah just assembly of the structure I guess. But they did bring in the engines and attach them! =)
The way the parts are moved about in the warehouse is so funny... must be the fast forwardness.

John is working for zee ef bee eye?!

Can anyone explain to me what all this frequency response and BJTs have got to do with my degree?

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Kwong Hah interesting they don't seem to show the installment of avionics.
Maybe 777's are fly by linkage!
And I didn't see them installing engines either, though landing gears are neat.

They certainly seem to like transporting by air in the warehouse with some funky equipment

hey I didn't see them put in the engines/nacelles either
'twas all good. :)

LOL benny u idiot

random quote:


erm what??
i don't have a job!!
still the same reluctant driver i once was. =)

your informant has been doubled.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

as I sit here, and notice an old friend I realise that I've lost a good friend and a great drinking buddy.

That is John Yuen.

He has now joined the Australian workforce.
This means he will be gone from our us for a long time.
He was good man, a creative mixer, an enthusiastic and mostly skilled gambler, and the reluctant driver.

With that I toast to John's new feature with this unopened Lasagna Bottle.

Cheers John and may your working experience be enjoable as well as interesting...

i hate cheesy music.

I use trillian

That wasn't quick at all. That took ages...

Boeing 777 - Put together quickly!!!

haha, that is very considerate of you.

by the way, does anyone here use trillian?

ADSL Charlie! w00t! Now I can post my blog pictures of higher quality and feel less guilty that I'm straining one more person's connection. :)

Friday, March 26, 2004

All ADSL and Cable did for star was connection trouble.

My ACM voting page is up - vote with your heart!

LOL pity no one plays star anymore

Yay, finally got adsl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

this was definitely amusing so yi gets my vote.
heh and no my mazda 929 luxury edition doesn't come with nos
it comes with turbo though

ACM at first looks suspiciously like the toilet paper AGM emails.

The sheer lack of quality in your opponents makes you first position Yi. I voted for the other chic as well because she was the only other person who didn't provide a dud link.

Many of the people running for technical officer didn't even bother to make a page to link up and some even forgot to chmod their page. I wouldn't want someone that incomptent to maintain a technical positon...:x

As for you James, you come first. Its not like there was any other option lol.

James...you don't even need luck to win.

Good luck to you Yi, hope you get it, but it shouldn't be a problem so long as they keep those 404 and 403 errors.

Make us proud :)

You only get out what you put in - NutriGrain

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

all CSE people, i encourgage you to vote in the ACM elections.

you are insane john!

the insanity test is no longer there!!

My cousin's got a Mazda3. Where is his NOS?

Or could it be 1984 Mazda 929 Hardtop model which has it?

Marc... it's obviously 2...
Don'tcha know?
All Mazda 323's run nos in Australia dude...
heh that's why the blog is more lively then every John...

i ate a bit too much cheese.

isn't the process of considering the possibilities so much more amusing and interesting than the actual truth?

I'm looking through urbandictionary and I'm still going through which definition of "squeeze" you used.

1. Your current boyfriend or girlfriend.
2. nitrous oxide injection into an automotive engine manifold for the purpose of increased horsepower.
3. To hit on someone, often someone who's a few years younger than you are.
4. What happens when you eat too much cheese.
5. A girl, or guy, who is not one's girlfriend, but often has sexual relations with that person anyway.

Which one is it? ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

does it matter if its real or not?
all entertainment to you guys. =)

this actually real?
c'mon charlie. give it up.

We already know who it is now. Haha, it was so obvious.

Anyways, all the best.

Monday, March 22, 2004

curiosity killed the cat.

Is she in Aiesec?

so who's your new squeeze?

john has a new squeeze.

Friday, March 19, 2004

A stroke. Hmm I don't know any details regarding his funeral.


Wouldn't even be able to attend his funeral. He was an awesome physics teacher, I remember, for year 11.

What did he die of? OD?

Thursday, March 18, 2004

that's a shame.
ashes to ashes; dust to dust. etc etc.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Apparently he didn't turn up to school on Monday, so one of the teachers went over to his place on Tuesday. He was found unconscious and died soon afterwards.

what happened to johnson?

Farewell Mr. Johnson, oh great physics teacher.

because they cover manholes?

why are manhole covers called manhole covers?

An interesting thread James..

it was similar to an article on the same topic that i read in a Readers Digest a while ago. they gave some sample questions, but by now alot of people would have heard of them. The two (may have been 3, but 2 is all i can remember) that were in the article are as follows..

Why are manhole cover's round?
How are M&M's made?

For SENG/COMP/SCI engineers - a fascinating account of being interviewed by Microsoft

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Thank you Yi

By the way, UNSW is a wonderful Uni, except the fact that they didn't have visitor parking available today and I drove around for half an hour in the High Street/Botany Street vicinity to find:

a) a ticket inspector plotting chalk marks on tyres of roadside vehicles

b) a 15 minute limit customer parking at 7/11 which I unwillingly rejected

c) a 30 minute limit tight parking spot opposite 7/11 which diligently accepted and which I spent two minutes manoeuvring into. I hastily left after 25 minutes in fear of the prospect of a parking ticket.

charlie's sentence needs to be taken into context. the preceding sentence said he does not have time thus did not investigate other religions further. the second sentence then means if i have time i will investigate religion further, and not christianity specifically.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Didn't want to say anything but Charlie's first point intrigued me.

Charlie: "But If I were to choose to 'believe', then I will investigate further."

Doesn't investigation come before belief, not the other way around?

So does that mean you will check other religions or just investigate Christianity further?

Sunday, March 14, 2004

all this religion talk makes me want to say something off-topic and more related to me..
so i now present to you some mildly interesting numbers..

5: the number of times i went to (suburb name removed for some arbitrary reason) RTA

4: the number of times i payed to book a driving test (total cost of $156)

3: the number of times i was able to actually take a booked driving test

2: the number of times i failed said driving tests

1: the number of provisional licenses owned by your's truly.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program....

Saturday, March 13, 2004

John, perhaps it's not resolving the issue the issue here, but rather finding what's right for you.

lol well first of all, I'm not religious, so I'm not biased towards Christianity, and I try to keep an open mind so as to allow me to investigate further. The reason why I chose to investigate Christianity is not because of a pamphlet, but because my family's from that background. Given a busy lifestyle and lack of a sense of 'immediacy', I have not investigated other religions. But If I were to choose to 'believe', then I will investigate further.

Secondly, based on what I know, Christianity don't suppose you have free choice. You have choice, but not free will. We had this discussion a while back when Jono, Marc and John were all there.

Finally, it's not death that bothers me, it's life after death, or more precisely, lack thereof. Of course, I'm working under another assumption, so was your assumption of life after death. I suppose if there are life after death, then there's nothing for us to worry about. But what if it's the opposite? Christians believe they'll end up with eternal life in heaven. I once questioned the value of eternal life in heaven. How can eternal anything be valuable? I'd rather live a limited life and enjoy everything rather than eternal life in heaven living one way. But as I later realised, I was working with the wrong comparison. It's not a matter of heaven or life on earth, but heaven or hell. Christianity or not, I sure don't want to spend the rest of my afterlife in hell.

be bop bop bop be bop bop bop (seinfield tune).

Haha looks so typical

Sweet, thanks James
Shall try not to destroy the blog.

Friday, March 12, 2004

i don't see how this issue can be 'resolved' by two participants on an online blog, none of whom are even religious. people have been fighting wars for thousands of years over this.
agree to disagree.

The 'predictions' of other world religions spelling doom for non-believers don't seem to bother you Char. The other 'big two', Islam and Judaism is also based on the old testement. The chances that you actually picked the right one, or that anyone can, is disturbingly slim.

Ask the members of your Church what they know about Islam and Judaism. Why do they not take Christ as the messiah? Are they just cold hearted? Unintelligent? Want eternal demnation? Did these people and the people your church pick your respecitve believes based on good deduction after learning thoroughly about all that the world has to offer, or simply stuck to the first one which arrived in their hands via a pamphlet?

The reason I don't buy any of the Westurn religions is because they suppose humans have free choice. Free choice philosophyically simply doesn't work and any belief system based on it can not resolve itself consistently. The only religion that I am aware which doesn't support free choice is Buddism.

PS. BTW Char, if it's the issue of death that bothers you, I empathise. I was half-Christian for a while too. But I realised something about 'death' in my shower - "I've been dead for eternity before I was born, as far as I can recall, that wasn't so bad at all." There are only two states: life and death. And each state leads to the other. So the worst thing that can happen after you're dead is also the best thing, life. ;)


"It ain't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you know for certain that ain't so".

John, because the issue was never resolved. Will it ever be?

That's very much the reason I'm still not a Christian. But if their 'prediction' is correct, then the consequence would be a catastrophe for non-believers.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

why do we keep revisiting this religion issue?

Jono, you are now an admin.

Char, no religion would be competative against science if you weight them by their 'predictions'.

Yi : Some of those pictures truly are breath-taking. I go around with galaxies in my head all day?
So am I "spaced out" all the time? [ha-ha-ha]

And Butters: Can you check my last post? (in case you missed it) Thanks,

There's a difference between what you can be and what you are.

Assumptions are too often viewed as negative. As Economists have argued, criticize a theory/model not by its assumptions, but by what it can predict.

A good article on why Jews don't accept Jesus

One can assume the qualities of forgiveness and humility without being Christian, much like one can assume the qualities of enlightenment without being a Buddist or one can attain the quality of suicide bombing without being a radicalist mulism. (or the quality of 'forbearance' without being a FalonGong memeber!)

A fundemental and common problem in the dialogue between a Christian and a Aetheist/Agnostic is that one chose to address the issue having assumed a set of principles to be true while the other is arguing over the nature of knowledge. I agree with Nicoletti: we do not have knowledge.

Alexis, the way to Heaven through Jesus Christ is not the only way. One may think of this as the salvation tactic. This was actually the second method. The first method was what 'god' offered upon 'creation of man', which is that we live in god's way. It 'was' the breach of this first method that ignited god's fury and out of love, he gave us another path.

It is the fact that we don't believe there is a all powerful 'god' out there that the events portrayed in the bible seemed absurd, quaint, intriguing, and downright ludicrous. If you believe, then these come as a side product of your belief.

As Yi have said long time ago, Christians are great people. I mean wouldn't the world be better off with more people assuming the qualities of forgiveness and humility?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

'Gods' are cultures' attempts to explain the unexplainable, and since all cultures are different, why should their explanations be the same?

Hubble's new images are ... breathtaking.
now i can actually pictures things in my head when i think "millions and millions of galaxies"... not that i think about galaxies all day.. i don't deserve that title. jono does.

The question of whether God created man or vice-versa is a pointless one. No one on this planet can give a truly factual answer to that.

God’s existence or non-existence is not the issue. Dogmatic, organized religions that say their way is the ONLY way to salvation, they are the true enemy.

For example with those who preach organized Christianity and make blanket statements such as "The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ", does that mean that every law-abiding, good-hearted and decent Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu and atheist are ALL going to Hell? Is there that much room down there?

If you need to believe in God, find him in your heart, not on a piece of paper.

Now for all of you, who are firm believers, think about this for a moment

Adam and Eve and a snake and an apple?
The most powerful being in the universe sends down a son to pay for our sins?
Noah's Ark?

Don't these sound just a *little* arcane/quaint? There may be a "god" of some kind (I never rule out things I can't prove otherwise) but you have to admit the traditional sense of how he has been represented is a stretch.

I think that if there is a god it (and I mean it) is some form of higher energy, something akin to what the Dalai Lama talks about. No, I'm not a Buddhist, but I will admit it feels more credible than creating the world in 6 days, making women from a rib of a man, etc.

The wisest person is the one who ADMITS that he/she knows nothing. Believe that.....

James : Congrats on passing ELEC2031 I imagine. Credit?

Darren : German lecturers are cool, but when it comes to engineering dynamics, it always sux, UNSW/Sydney or Purdue, fullstop.
My Turkish lecturer for Control Systems Analysis is pretty awesome though.

Marc/James : While I have no idea how often people click on my blog link just to check, just one request :
If I had admin access to this blog I could throw in the latest date of each blog update in the link on the left here, so you'll know when it's updated without needing to click on it. What do you think?

AI is cool, and the lecturer has this great German accent! It really keeps you interested in what he has to say.. or is it how he says what he has to say..

I'm not going to finish this year or even next year.. I'm doing my third year over 2 years because I have to catch up on all that I've failed.. that means 3 subjects a session for this year and next.. i should be graduating at end of 2006.. the additional year is for honours, which should prove extremely interesting..

Ants that big arent uncommon you know.. while mowing the lawn one day, one found its way onto my ankle, and started to take a bite or 2 or 5 out of it.. stung like hell.. so the lesson that i learned from that was "dont mow the lawn in shorts"..

If it was a cockroach it would be dead. Micromist biyatch!

Man just had a bit of a fright. Nothing happened so that was good. Some pretty scary/aggressive drivers. I was driving home just then after dropping sis off for work and went down a small street. When there is one (or two) parked cars on the side then it can only allow one car to pass at a time so you can imagine what happened.

There was a car parked on the other side where oncoming traffic was and common/general rule is that if the parked car is on your side you have to slow down or come to a stop if necessary. There were no parked cars on my side so I proceeded but the crazy bitch decided it would be a good idea to accelerate past the parked car and weave past me only she most likely judged wrongly and I had to slam on the brake to let her through otherwise we certainly would have crashed.

When she drove tightly past at like 40km/h she didn't even give a thank you/sorry gesture, didn't even look at me or anything. She was totally neutral like nothing happened. Granted there was a small incline so we didn't see each other but she still accerated when she should have braked. Meh

Even if you are a good driver, sometimes it don't mean jack if there people like this. They are rife in peak hour when everyone gets desperate so be extra careful during that time and play it safe.

haha well not really there for sight-seeing, though a twilight coupled with soft moonlit shot of that boulevarde would be nice

am going there for Aiesec errands.

Butters you sure it's not a cockroach?

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This ant was freakin huge. It was hero size seriously. It was creeping outside my window last night...

Scale it to the venetian blind which is about 2cm in diameter. It was actually about 2.5-3cm long. It was friggin huge man!

I am going to finish next year. I am real.

Char, there is nothing to see at UNSW, come to CFN.

urbandictionary.com defines...

Great for looking up words on the street


no one is gonna finish is gonna finish next year either, cept for fake soft.eng ppl
i think everyone else has 1) either failed too many subjects or 2) is doing a double degree

Monday, March 08, 2004

I'll be coming to UNSW on the 16th of March, anyone care to show me around?

Well I guess no one on the blog is finishing this year.

People who do comp sci also finish this year. I have friends who do comp sci.

On unrelated news:
Liquid water found on mars

Tis unfortunate.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

None of us will be graduating this year...none. The only people I can think of are people doing commerce ie Gavin :P

my final burn will last for the next three years.

Everyone, welcome to Session 1, 2004.
Many of you will graduate this year, all the power to you!
I wish you need not any luck, that your internal spirit will suffice your final burn.
And remember, for any task/exam/assignment: If you need one more day, you need
more than one day!

Have the most of fun, and shoot for nothing less than MaxQ!


Friday, March 05, 2004

The future of games... console and PC

i spent more time at usyd..

you're food has made me sick more than once.. but its so cheap!

Very relaxing. I only had 2 days of uni. One 7 hour, the other 4.

how was everyone's first week of uni (with the exception of Sydney people)?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Monday, March 01, 2004

still travelling to Oz.
Have a 5 hr stay in Singapore Airport
will be in Sydney by 6-30 am tomorrow
just enough time to go to uni after 1 hra sleep