Monday, October 31, 2005

Hey ppls,

My F601 camera has failed completely in capturing those glow worms. They were OVER exposed so it was completely white. That should be impossible because there was no light whatsoever!!! Various other shots taken at glow worms that shouldn't be over exposed (cos the shutter was open for 3 seconds..??) turned out white also. Camera gurus here know what happened? Btw, Charlie, the quality of the roll of film was ok, but the first 14 pics were either blurry, or didn't come out at all. So expired film does play a major role...lolz

Regardless, thanks for the film charlie. We should go on another road trip in the hols.

Hey James,
I know ur all busy (sweating) an all but can u update details on ur bday coming this Sunday (unless I'm mistaken), just so most of us can start plannng...


haha James

Boring but important

Nice work darren, funky goons...I like the supply depot

I hear people are wondering what to get James. Here are some suggestions:

Phil/Political Economy Books (Hume, Mills, Smith, Plato etc.)
Pizza Peel
Set of wine glasses
Stanley Rogors cutlery
B-2 Spirit

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ok link to the progess page is fixeded, permission was wrong..

Far out this is taking longer than it should.. I've done everything at least twice.. and I keep making mistakes.

Darren - just a note, all the permissions for your aeon progress appear to block me...and possibly the public

mmm tired

also the tumbleweed picture is just that...a tumbleweed picture.
When things go a bit quiet.
Nothing more..

Fourth Year is Awesome

at least of 4 assesssments a week since wk9.

No time for study, no time for extraciricular

This can only get better in Thesis year

Saturday, October 29, 2005

As always, there is a Chinese proverb that ties in with your point marc..

Every third generation is poor.

A bit of explanation may be required for this, and it is as follows:

First a poor person has a family. Since he is poor, he teaches his children to work hard, earn money and live a richer life than he can give.

The first generation grow up learning this, and study and work and become rich. They then spoil their kids, giving them all the things they never had when they were young.

The second generation then grow up taking their opulent childhood for granted, and dont realize the hard work that their parents went through. Thus, they raise their children with no respect for money or hard work.

And so the third generation winds up poor.

In other news.. Chu and I's Progress

How's everyone going? Week 14 imminent. I got a 50 page report due Tuesday. Sweatin'.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm watching ACA (don't ask me why, it was just on) and they've got this piece on parent's inheritence and how the baby boomer generation is spending all the inheritence money on themselves and leaving little or none for the children.

Its kind of funny how the report fitted in here and there words suggesting selfish and guilt. It just surprised me how different Chinese and Western cultures are. I was what? They've earnt it, they can spend it - its their entitlement. Why should they live their lives from the child's birth to the coffin raising money for them to spend so they don't have to work as hard. Will the benefactors (children of the baby boomers) do the same for their children?

Hmm, then again, if the generation before the Boomers left a big fat wallop of cash for them then whos to say they are entitled to spend the money they've earnt? That is to say, they've spent their parents' inheritence (assuming it is inheritence deliberately saved for them) and they've spent all their life savings without passing on proportionately what was given to them.

cool, those things do exist..

what is it doing, hitchhiking? or do those tire tracks in front belong to it?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Courtesy of Purdue outdoor club members

Perhaps a little summer project, I hear you all scream in wild, uncontrollable excitement?

Yi - just fyi, can't move bushwalk to Fri/Sat, Dave works 5 days a week as well.
Also can't make it a one day trip; it's a straight through walk with no backtracking, all new stuff.

He'll go even if I don't go, but he'll try to get some other people along.
Though I do hope we'll go another time, it's a very attractive walk, with waterfalls and rivers etc.

That would be very insulting if any of you chose that Laser over the Pintara (which is better in every aspect including price...was rather) ^^

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

yeah Dan Osman's a pretty crazy guy, though he died sort of recently, but not in a solo climbing incident. Mmmm....danger

Jono in 6 months time

Sorry was James' birthday thing Nov. 6? Must be mistaken, for some silly reason thought it was Friday Nov 4...don't know what I'm thinking.

James is it a full day thing on the Sunday?

The only thing is I didn't organise the hike

Thought it probably sounds pretty selfish, it's not possible to push the birthday festivities to Monday is it?

This could be very appealing to some of you

Ford Laser $1500.

Jono mate, you seemed to have forgotten that Nov 6 is the date for Jam's birthday function! Bush walk sounds awesome, but could you by any chance do it on another day? As a suggestion, perhaps starting on the Sunday evening (Nov 6) and ending on the Monday night, which should be your STUVAC and Yi you can utilise one of your sickies =).

Anyone else for tennis? Currently: Jono, Bennie, and myself.
Court wise, I was initially looking at somewhere closer to home such as Lidcombe, Strathfield or Homebush. But if you're interested Jono, then we can find somewhere central. The current priority seems to be Marrickville, as there are free courts. Any other suggestions?

Yi - bushwalk in a couple of weekends out to the Grose Valley in the blue mountains
Join up if you can! :D

A brief teaser:
"The walk takes in several waterfalls and an awesome bluegum forest as well as several rivers/creeks. It is a straight through walk so there is no backtracking:)"

Whoever's up for tennis, I'd be up for that.

Also, quite ... reminiscent of movies:

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wiki Entry of the Week:
Iron Chef

Friday, October 21, 2005

Oktoberfest was good. I would have liked to stay back if I didn't have 9am the following day.

One odd thing I noticed: everyone had their mobile phones out (presumably SMSing). Why is it that when they go to a dance party, they need to be SMSing friends all the time? Also some drunk guy thought it would be a good idea to write "Brad Sucks" on the arms of everybody he meets. I asked him if it would wash off and what do you know? You can't reason with drunkards.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

For those who grew up playing Super Mario

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

true dat! working for the government would be awesome.

Marc should work as a sub editor. Not only can he spot spelling errors, he has the passion to correct them!

Monday, October 17, 2005

You can so use 1 CC to mine minerals and gas for 5:00 natural...

Pfft, so what. Millionaire is a piece of crap now. "Congratulations, you've finally won the $1m! Just need to adjust for CPI first..."

Temptation has given away the $500K bullion twice (possible 3rd time I think - can't remember). It had only been on air for a few months and has given away 1+ million already as opposed to Millionaire. Come to think of it, Price is Right and The Deal probably give away more than millionaire on avg too.

The producers didn't want to dumb down the questions (or choose really smartass contestants) after 6 years on air and pitting against more financially rewarding competing gameshows so now people don't care about it, and right so! :p

By immediate gas supply I mean for efficient mining of both minerals and gas, you need only one command centre.
In C5, you need two, as with any other natural expansions on the map.

In the news, the million dollars has FINALLY been won on Millionaire tonight, by some guy who's got the guts to gamble.

not true. C5 natural has readily available gas.

The Terrans and Protoss sure have a poor spelling standard for their government documents ^^

Get Crunk - YEAAH!

Alpha 1 can be choked with a single barrack, making it the most critical strategic location to secure for a terran pursuing a metallic rush tactic. Once secured, it provides the only natural expansion with an immediate gas supply on the map.

The following image is being released under the Terran-Protoss Freedom of Information Act 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005

oh i think im gonna be sick...

you know what that burger reminds me of? Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag: we serve home-style cooking...and deep-fry it. Did they batter and deep-fry the already deep-fried chips? Mmm the goodness of deep-fried potato reconsitute with deep-fried egg/flour.

What I love about the end product was the use of a paper-towel underneath, coz it'll make all the difference for healthier eating.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

On Sunday you shall be served a hearty Italian luncheon. Do look forward to it. =] (yes John)

a couple of suggestions for the gathering on the 6th james?

Yeah, the SIS building is pretty bloomin spectacular hey

ahh nice photo james

Who can guess what this is:
(Without checking the image name!)

40 Year Old Virgin: excellent movie. Lots of American Pie style crude sexual humour except a little more subtle. Appeals to a larger range of age audience. Did not leave the cinema feeling that the sexual humour was abused, unnecessary and stupid like all those american teen movies (not that they didn't have their moments).

For me, the best comedy of the year (so far anyway).

Friday, October 14, 2005

i think those are cranes or something similar, they'd be a bit more discrete than that.

Testing post.

What the hell? Are those AA guns?

Looks like a 21st century Tower of London

So wrong on so many levels. I would just be shaking my head if I worked as a bookstore cashier and served someone buying this...

Probably of interest

Key points, Cross City Tunnel:

- Tunnel free for three weeks from October 24.

- No toll increase until July 1 next year.

- Removal of $1.60 penalty for not having an e-tag.

- No one-off $3.30 registration fee for motorists without an e-tag.

If you're tired of it all, why not join the MI6 for a career change. Enticed?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

McBain: Die commie-nazi's, you won't stop me from delivering these unicef pennies.

Many things appearing in SMH today. If my rabbits could talk, what would they say?

Free X city tunnel from 24/10 - 13/11, get ready to abuse it. Unfortunately this is right before any of my exams. (It'll probably take longer than going thru the city itself during this month anyway)

pwnd God I hope they don't plan to ram the ATM with it, the cash they'd receive would probably be less than the value of the car! This goes to prove all those cars from Top Gear are only eye-candy...

Speaking of which, whos down for Motor Show?

James: Somethings busted. The posts are coming up with error. I think you may have disabled file permissions for the archives.

Yi - important again

The other idea I just thought of (reminded of, from a recent talk I went to) follows these lines:

Wind powered land transport vehicle to cross Antarctica (say to lead the way to cheaper tourism, or something like that)
Antarctica is not purely flat, but has these random areas with lots of bumps, which would require good suspension and steering systems.
(eg bumps here , which upset motorised ski-doos)

Pete is even more interested in this idea than the landspeed record vehicle.

Using sails you can actually go upwind, so we might be able to automate control somehow of the parachute (this is actually a thesis project in aero as well - autonomous control of a parachute for military airdrops), so the user doesn't need to continuously control it, which is where you may come in.

The first time I saw this concept is here:

I actually sort of know Ben Deacon (also went to his presentation on this IceBird), well I know his good friend who came into my store a few times and knows me, and they're working on it together.

We'd sort of further develop, design and build a more advanced version of the thing.

Anyway, this could work well, I just love the thought of operating in entirely adverse conditions (like Mars, the Moon, Antarctica) because fundamental assumptions we make on a daily basis (such as a decent temperature) go out the window with this stuff.

This is a very feasible project and a prototype would be no problem, since it's a raw guts type of project, no need for a shiny body/frame and all that fancy stuff cars, boats and planes normally have.

Think about it

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yi - important

We might have a proposal for say, a 1/3 scale model vehicle to break land speed records.

One of our supervisors likes this idea and and sounds pretty excited.
Pete pulled it out of the air.

We'd have to design it, and Pete reckons (he's thought a bit more about it now) that we could build a model as well, in a year. It'd most likely be rocket powered, so we might not be able to install a rocket if we can't afford one. maybe put an engine in instead for testing, or whatever. Windtunnel model, whatever.

Anyway, think about it. Might be some software roles in the guidance and navigation of this thing, if it goes fast enough then radio control may not be effective/viable. So maybe put a bunch of lasers on it so it stays pointing in the right direction.

We would be talking testing something like this at Lake Eyre or something remote.

Just FYI

Also - did I tell you about the Antarctic instrument station for astronomy research they want to develop at Mech Eng combined with Physics department? Essentially build a house/habitat for the extreme conditions of Antarctica.
I love Antarctica. I'd love to do any project related to that too (eg efficient land travel across the continent, say using a parachute guided on a kart, or something)

what is your thesis hypothesis james?

You gotto admit, though, your exam period is sweet! 1 exam then bye bye

I've worked on my thesis for more than 10 weeks.

Today, I'm going to start from scratch.

Oktoberfest has open vacancies. All you do is wrist tagging, clicking counters and thats about it. So if anyone is interested in some casual work for a night email s.valentine[at]

(it pays about $15/hr last I checked)

Its on a thursday by the way

Q3 CTF!!!

bag of what?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Game on boys!
Papa's got a brand new bag!

I'd be pleased to plunder ya's all!

James: May I suggest an additional poker element to your party? That is, of course, if your parents condones it.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for Nov 6th for a proper party, but I'll make it worthwhile for you guys. Promise. :D

The chilli study is correct. But they don't tell you how it works. I'll tell you how it works from first hand experience.

The ability to sleep faster is simply the result of having eaten more for dinner, since chilli just makes food so darn tasty, and a full stomach makes one sleepy.

As for how it helps you get up, that's simple -- if you don't get up fast in the morning having had yummy chilli meals the previouis day, you'll bound to diarrhea in bed.

Does anyone want to go skydiving this Saturday, early morning?

We are jumping from the highest altitude of 14000 ft, which provides over a minute of pure free fall!

It's currently costing $275 per person, but if we get one more person, it'll be down to $250 each. (We have 14 at the moment)

Anyway, we need to know real soon, and this really is a good deal since it'll be rare to get it this cheap, and it's something you do at least once.

Yi and I are going, along with Robin and some guys/girls from the club.

So let me know asap if you can afford it and are interested. It'll be $250, includes a BBQ, and you'll be back in Sydney by 11:30am Saturday

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yeah, he won. That kid will be forever infamous for that. I bet you when he turns 21, his family or friends are gonna playback that video footage of him answering that question incorrectly.

Marc: didn't that asian kid with a chinese family name win? The irony was, he didn't know which country had the Ming dynasty.

I can see your point. Its not like knowing where Togo on the map will bring you great riches (actually it might if they had gold mines and stuff).

But if many other people can identify where Iran and Korea are, then that just makes them the butt of the joke doesn't it? If they don't care about that, then good for them - power to the ignoramus!

Like I said, they're not stupid, just ignorant. It projects the image of a self-absorbed people who either don't care or don't know about affairs outside of their own life. If they really wanted to know where a country was they could probably find out rather quickly if they wanted to, but the thing is that they would probably rather spend what time they have doing something else self-serving. Is that such a bad thing?

Whenever something major happens in the international scene, the first question you would ask is...where is that country located? Fortunately for most of us here, we bypass that question because we already know. People like those in the video (assuming it isn't scripted) obviously don't even ask this question and it is best explained by the fact that they don't care.

If I spoke to all of you on a regular and cordial basis (not that I don't :) and half of you died today and I carried with my life not even knowing, then that would be seen as kind of insulting to you dead and callous to the other half alive.

Maybe that example wasn't the best, but if we put one of those people in front of the launch map and they said they had enough of Kim Jong Il or Ayatollah, I sure as hell don't want to be living in Australia at the time. Pray that the system Grandpa Simpson was talking about works.

Edit: I got owned by the brainy kids this week. Man that Callipso-whatever his name was. I thought he was gonna die but man this kid could churn out answers and stay composed as even when he lost he didn't cry like a baby. Why is it that those who deserve to win don't and those that don't do?

how does knowing where a country is on a map help you achieve anything in everyday life?

not justifying the responses in the experiment, just a thought.

Indeed, happy birthday James.

Darren: I agree that not everyone has an IQ over 100. Like Yi, I just find it frightening that these people watch the news (assuming they do or at least hear about it) yet do not where the world events occur. Do the US soldiers fighting abroad even know their approximate geographical location?

Its pretty amazing that these people can name all 50+ US states but not know where Korea is. They aren't stupid, merely a self-absorbed population.

Hey James,

Just to say Happy b'day mate. And yeh, Marc, i'll add those https next time...

You know, I suppose it'd be neat if I got this internship at Boeing, Williamtown, near Newcastle.

What'd be even neater is that since Newcastle is only a 2 hour drive from Hornsby, you guys/girls can come visit me on the weekends in the summertime, while I slave away during the week.

mmm wouldn't those be fun times
And, really, Queensland is just that much closer...

think i'm gettin ahead of myslef here

Charlie - caught the end of the game, seemed fairly dry though.
I watched Arsenal vs. Ajax (?) too today, that was pretty dry as well, then again.
I love sports photography though, man they produce some good photos.

Watched the whole Bathurst 1000, including Saturday's top 10 shootout.
Lots of action there. :) Gosh Ambrose and Murphy...the heat...
Pretty awesome stuff though. Skaife pulls into the wrong pitlane. Smashes galore.

Darren - if this is true, I am going on a chilli diet immediately.
Actually, i sleep fairly well since i'm normally pretty exhausted.
But I don't often get up with a spark (< 8 hrs), so maybe chilli will help jump start that.
Reading that article made my mouth water. I can't wait for those results to develop further.

James, is this true?

Not sure how good a team Jamaica is, but to see the Socceroos thrash them 5-0 is certainly a buzz.

We might just have a chance to qualify for World Cup 2006.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Marc: consider this..

Think of a person of about average intelligence. He knows some things, and doesnt know alot more.

Now think of the 3 billion people who are of lower intelligence than him..

Also, to have an IQ of 130+ means we are in about the top 5% of people, which means that there are 5.7 billion people who are not as intelligent as you.

Yi: No one could be that stupid. Some of them had to have been scripted. Human faith, don't fail me now.

Which way do you swing?

Warning: sexual content =)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oh God, I even as an infidel I find that disgusting.

bible translated in to another 'language', if you can really call it that.

I just hope it doesnt go as far as 't3h ub3r-1337 b!b13'..

That video was a segment from CNNNN, which is a satirical news show on the abc, and is done by the same guys who did The Chaser

its funny.. really

That video was produced for a specific audience -- those who (want to) believe that Americans are nothing but a bunch of rednecks.

Of course it's obvious that it could be reproduced and done on any other country. Just go to France and ask their citzens how they ought to best send more troops to Sierra Leone, which is labeled where Australia use to be.

But I suppose bashing the French ain't no fun.

I know.. shame on me!

I am sure it's not representative of the American population and heavily edited but this experiment is frightening. Do notice the labels on those countries, however maybe we should try and see if the Australian population is as ignorant.

How dare you propose such a straight forward and sensible theory?
Theories which incriminate our friends will not be tolerated!!

Unfortunately Jono is still ill and Boree Log will have to wait for another time.

The softdrink? We all had tons of that stuff, like at least 12 litres worth altogether.
.. How about we cut to the chase and indict the fish prepared cold? Some people's stomachs might have been slightly less immune to the effects of Vibrio parahaemolyticus? Alexis, you should have served it in cranberry and oregano. ;)

Why does Spain look like Ricky Martin in his new black and white video clip? I think it was titled "don't care" or something. You could substitute Spain for Ricky with minimal interruption. Serious.

Have fun at Boree boys.

Renee suggested it could be something in the peruvian softdrink.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Food poisoning can come from the fact that the bacteria has already left the toxin within. No matter how hard you fry that dead salmonella, it may have already produced and left its toxin that will make you sick.

Benny: you are watching too much House.

I only lost 2kg. I'm jealous. Pretty much back on my feet, but I'm still gonna be eating home-made congee and non-fat foods for the next few days.

John: Word to my nokia.

I started to notice the trend that iPods have now become the new mobile phone ie fashion accessory. I was just wondering if it would be taken a step further and people would buy newer models of iPods if they had functional versions already like how many people do with mobiles. Its the latest thing and you gotto get one!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yeah, I wish.

Definitely not feeling anywhere near 100%.
Lost about 3.5 kg over 1 day.
Hopefully most of it is body water.
Still have virtually no appetite even though I have not eaten at all basically since Tuesday/Monday (crazy I know, esp for me)
Saw the doc, said it was probably a virus in the stomach.

Hopefully should be go-able for boree log camp this weekend.

Reminds me: Yi, would you be happy if we left around 10pm Friday night?
We = you Bosco me

I think I got carried away from my original point, that we should *consider* the possibility of Alexis's lunch having played a part. That's it.

But everyone's fine now right? Perfect. Just wait for lunch at my house... *muahhaha*. Yeah.

haha quite hilarious john

haha I love all this analysis

Benny has some pretty solid points too
Don't think it was the meat pie, it was solidly cooked and only came out a short period before everyone elses.

But I can't help but think James' simplistic approach might be...well, inaccurate
(Sorry! =))

Charlie - yeah I'm pretty sure, since I slept all of monday without a bite, had some fried rice my bro cooked for dinner at 10pm monday night.
Had no brekky tuesday morn, had lunch at uni from Coffee on Kampus, but I was feeling a bit queezy before I ate lunch anyway.

the hard drive is the new bling.

Benny strikes!

Okay, it's odd Jono got sick later. But meat pie is not a better theory than lunch -- they were only half a day apart.

In the original formulation of Occam's Razar, it states in latin: Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate. That is, do not introduce more factors when less suffices.

To me, when three people have the same symptoms, the minimal explaination is that they ate something bad in common. Alexis's lunch fits the bill.

I agree totally with Char.

The similarities between Reneé and Marc's symptoms, time frame of illness clearly points to KFC.

Other evidence that points away from Peruvian cuisine is the fact that no one else other than Jono became sick. Yi is well known to have diahorrhea and other stomach problems with many incidents occuring after barbeques and picnics and of course black liquid.

One possibility is the meat pie jono had since he stated he preferred his meat pies soft and took his out of the oven earlier then others...

Finally Occam's Razor refer's to the simplest solution but the likelihood of food poisoning only striking Reneé, Marc and Jono is much less likely then there being no direct relation between Jono and Marc and Reneé's illness.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lol, first vomit, then diarrhoea, what next? Hemorrhoid?
Jono you got your symptoms first at 3.30 pm Tuesday, a full two-days after we dine at Alexis and drank that tap water.
Are you sure it's not something you consumed more immediately?

I considered it but signs pointed to KFC until jono posted up that he got sick.

Symptoms between you three are pretty much the same. Heck both of you describe 'rib breaking' pain. What is more credible: that both of you got it from the same lunch or that somehow, KFC has the same effect as primary school tap water?

The only thing that you three ate in common was lunch at Alexis. Any other theory introduces too many variables and should be culled immediately by Occam.

I'm only finding this funny because no one wants to even consider it. As if it's some unspeakable fact, or something.

Glad you like the shirt. :D

haha Marc, well put. Breaking ribs is a pretty good description of intense vomiting which I thoroughly agree with.

Hope you enjoy the shirt. :)

Yeah it's very possible it's the food, but also no one else got sick from the food.
Sure, we all have different immune systems too.
But I've also had food poisoning before and this time it was a little different, I've never lost so much water from my body in one hit.

Oh this is also why I didn't come to the photoclub AGM dude. Started feeling pretty crook right after I bumped into you at 3:30pm ish. How did the AGM go?

Anyway, on a separate note, James do you think I could borrow your tent again for Boree Log?

I suppose Yi would join me in this accommodation.

it could have been the pizza (with whatever sauce was poured on top) or drink served at medina?

for once i finish my exams later than a unsw dude.

I think you should be addressing that to Jono solo because Renee and I were exclusively sick at the time of writing which meant all signs pointing to KFC.

I'm so glad you can laugh out of the fact that we're all vomitting out our organs and feeling as though we're breaking ribs when we do it and also pooing out green diarrhoea.

Of no relation, thanks for shirt by the way.

You guys are friggen hilarious!
First Renee, then Marc, and now Jono is sick too, yet all of you will not even consider the possibility of getting the food poisoning from lunch at Alexis's.

Jono did not go to KFC and Marc & Renee did not drink the 'contaminated' water.

It came from the lunch.

Food poisoning happens. Alexis had BBQ at my house in Five Dock once. He was so sick afterwards that his doctor detected posioning in his blood. He's still alive and you guys will make it just fine too.

on the sickness note, I have been pretty crazy sick as of about 3:30pm Tuesday until now.

Felt it in the stomach at first, didn't feel like diarhhea or throwing up, ended up throwing up more than I ever have (I must have lost an organ too), and of course 7 times to the bathroom.
Sounds like food poisoning you say. I'm a bit better but pretty fatigued even after sleeping so much, and now I just have lower back pain/aching, not sure why.

I suspect it could have been residual bacteria in the water supply we drank from behind the school during soccer?

Did anyone else experience any of this?

You forgot to add the http:// to the hyperlink. When you're hyperlinking on the blog, it has to be the full address.

Its a bit dangerously close to the exam date for my liking ^^

Exam spread is okay. Could be better:

  • 3 Exams
  • Each split by a 3 day gap
  • Start on 15th end on 21st

Hope Marc and Renee feels better soon. Anyways, A1 GP is coming up and so i am here to ask if anyone is interested. For those who don't follow motorsport, A1 GP is basically the World Cup of racing. I've heard from a friend that it's not as good as F1, but then again after all those rule changes, i don't see that much passing anyway! (John should know what I am talking about)

Anyway, it's on the 6th Nov (yes it clashes with James's party). We'll need to work something out...

I personally don't think a weekend pass is worth it. So Sunday the race day is good. It costs 55 for GA, and 150 for GS (but includes both Saturday and Sunday).


More info for A1 GP

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is anyone interested in a Trivial Pursuit night perhaps at uni, or another place where everybody knows your name

Damn! $40m from one suit. 90% at fault?

Thanks guys and girls!
A great party. Very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

James, you have a high standard to compete with! ;)


Thanks to everyone for an awesome day -> night-> day, especially to marc and alexis for the organisation and peruvian cuisine.

That was the best night of open source charades that I have ever had, and it was the open sourcedness that made it so great, and I cant wait til James' party, which I can make it to with no problem..

I think that I have developed some sort of fungal infection in my throat again.. making my voice sound luke a pack-a-day smoker.. I sound like boots walking on an untarred road in the middle of summer. But it was worth it for such a great night..

Rest assured alexis, the food poisoning didn't come from you as no one else is exhibiting tell-tale signs. Most likely candidate is KFC Roselands as Renee and I ate there before going to Alexis' thing and we seem to be exclusively sick. When I get a bit better I'll call the health department and pay the joint a visit. Would you fancy the odds - last time I was so sick to vomit was in year 8. Does not include the time I chunked due to disgusting aeroplane coffee smell.

In the meantime, I perform some stunningly graphic charades for the words: "vomit", "diahorrea", "fever" and "groaning". Well not so much fever and groaning now.

PS Thanks for coming everyone. You are what makes Medina so great.

Monday, October 03, 2005

haha awesome indeed...horrible week for me to mess up a full long-weekend but all good


James house for a luncheon sounds pretty nifty

Stuvac should be fine, which reminds me, the exam timetable is out.

Phooooooooooooooo Hunter~!!1`~!!

A seriously great afternoon and night (maybe I should just say day...)

from the wannabe singers... (I will never sing on a mic again.) to the stupid numbers of photos, numerous chess games, and stupid charades laughter...

A special thanks to Alexis, Marc, And Scott for organising it, but of course it was another great team effort from all... another spectacular night... (more alchol drinkers please...)

Signing off...
the always professional
Agent Apple aka Killer Samurai Turtle

Hey Guys,
Medina was a blast. I had a exhaustively good time. Much thanks to Marc and Scott for hosting it!

Ever since I got home, new charade words have been coming into mind. The best one I've thought up so far is 'Al-Qaeda'! LOL I can benny impersonating Osama already.

Thanks to last night, I now have better ideas on what to do for my birthday (Oct 10th). I missed my 21st last year doing 'VHDL' and it seems I will inevitably miss this year doing 'Objective-C'. Thus I've decided to host it at a delayed date.

The most desirable date seems to be the first Sunday of Stuvac (6th of November). I'd like to host it at my house as a Luncheon. I'll have my webber and oven churn out the gourmet stuff. And of course, plenty of insane, laugh until you hit the ground charades!

Let me know how November 6th suits you guys.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

they're stupid?

Hey guys,

Check out this photo! Someone please explain to me how this works? How can you not see the other person?!

if you want to buy last minute stuff, macquarie woolies is open til 8pm

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I never said he wasn't, I was just saying that this guy has a death wish. Kinda like John Brogden and Frank Sartor

he's right though, isn't he?

Okay the person on the phone was very vocal about not having parties. That means we all approach by foot now. argh, i seriously hope we don't get caught

aborting black babies. Would he just like to paint a red bullseye on his back? it'll be easier that way.

I've got drinks. All i need u guys to get for medina are some munchies. Chips, starburst, whatever, just bring something small for everyone to share. much appreciated.

Jono looks like you got a whole band of UNSWers going on that camp. Sure I won't get ostracised if I rock up? I'll give it a miss this time. Thanks for inviting though.