Thursday, June 30, 2005

But the retail guy said only gay ppl use a CRT?

17" Hitachi LCD
*almost* as much screen space as a 19" CRT

Marc: question is easily answered - he asked his midichlorians to engineer himself a new genetic identity

Here's an interesting question:

How does Obi-wan turn from Ewan McGregor to Alec Guiness in the time Luke Skywalker goes from baby to Mark Hamill?

Day 36

You are telling me I am the only one who's got a CRT...
C'mon you slackos, post!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

19in Hitachi CRT

Though the 20in 16*10 Dell LCD on special now for like $825 is tempting me!!
Since mum's already got a 17in Dell, they'll look nice together. ><

Show of hands please for people who still use CRT?

mm first searches that came to mind:

carabiner (no items were found)
belay device (no items were found)
chaco (no items were found)
teva (no items were found)

whoops, gadgets. my bad.

staticice is indeed your friend

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'll be right there with you Marc..

We can do networks properly this time..

Google maps are hard to see when capped.

I have learnt my lesson about cramming and not doing any work during session.

And I am ready to relearn it next session.

Wow, google maps is dangerously addictive.. I have a feeling i will be looking at it during my prac exam

Monday, June 27, 2005

I blew 200MB of bought IP quota on Google Maps.

These tests are so hard

damnable third year bio courses

i think i killed a large portion of my neurons . . .

Enhgrish scills much gooder now.

that cat story was in smh twice a few days ago..

Sunday, June 26, 2005

To make up for the dog post here's a post on a cat...

Courtesy of spain once get again.

Sweet, thanks Benny.

Yup that's what I thought Charlie. Thanks for confirming.

Have fun this week! Don't break a knee.
Man, I'm so jealous.

In so far as I would love to come, we're off to the snow for 3 days tomorrow, and given that I'm pretty much an economic dissaver at this point in time, i doubt i can make it jono. I'm down for hiking though.

ya will try Jono,
Charlie's going skiing tomorrow with John and Co.

Oh yeah Charlie, so do you reckon you wouldn't want to come?

Well then! in my defence, I say, just read the blog.

To me, the details were pretty clear in the posts
So summarising seems as though I would just copy and paste the original posts

Also Benny, if you genuinely are interested in going skiing, you are welcome to stay down there until Monday night with the OC bunch and get transport in the bus they are hiring or with one of the returning cars.
Either way, do you best to confirm a yes or no asap.

I agree.
Constantly editing user posts is an abuse of administrative powers.
If it's not against the board's rules, then don't edit it. Post your own message. :P

Jono don't be lazy mate...
You're a president now, so the general public now (quite rightly) expects an official annoucement
Not this non verifiable edits ^^

Exam status: WoW.
3 left final one being on the 5th of July of 2005.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

exam status : 1 down, 3 to go on 27th, 29th and 4th

Bday plans seem to be set on 16th
check here for details

something just seems suspicious with that test.

I think its biased against any who have seen at least a season of South Park

So what's up with people's birthdays again?

Darren, Hash, Jono and Kwong - care to summarize?

Oh I go to Limbo... not bad for a previously John Saffin style atheist.

[Edit: Kwong, Darren and I are organising go-karting plus BBQ on Sunday July 10.
Hash Sat July 16.
Just go to Wednesday June 22nd for the posts it's not much of a read. Lazy person!]

haha good detective work darren
yeah i suppose that was before someone's wedding but it's not a one-handed hand stand, more Eddy Gordo style

There's a lot of good creative pictures with people on that site

this might be a convenient time to mention i am part european..


exam status: 2 down, 3 to go.. on the 26th, 27th and 30th.

hmm, that one handed handstand is in a subdirectory ../wedding/..

Marc: That test was based on the poet Dante's famous work 'The Divine Comedy', written in the 13th century. Wikipedia will help you find out more..

Exam status: liberated.

1 exam to go on the 28th

"Best photo ever":

or how about this

Charlie - hiking will still happen
but I also want to do a bit of skiing. Never skiied before.

The ski trip is organised by our club secretary/web guy
I'm just joining it

Hash: a lot of things happened but have eluded documentation. Records, like history, are written by the winners.

City of Dis too.
Classic question: Some people just deserve to die - True.

Jono: what of the hiking plan? Does being the president of the OC mean you can organise whatever you want, subsidised with club funds?

I'm with you Hash, 8th layer all the way.

Edit: I bet the National Conservative Weekly wrote that test.

Looks like a pretty good deal Darren, think I might be up for that when I get my next pizza.

I thought they found an explanation for that Yi a long time ago
Based on refraction through the atmosphere when low on the horizon.
Perhaps that just explains the colours though.
Hmmm interesting

Hmm so what I saw from the porch of my house about 4 years ago was an optical illusion.

Pizza plus game!

haha not at all Benny, that's fantastic

I am simply looking for someone flexible enough to come on this trip, especially only for 2 days.

So you are definitely down?

If so I strongly recommend you join the OC ($10), and you can do that through me.

Reason is, it's a club trip, and therefore as a member of the OC you are insured on all club trips.
Includes hospital delivery and everything if something goes wrong and you need a knee reconstruction.

Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis

You approach Satan's wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.

limbs of women and hair of serpents? that's heaven to some!

Wow - seems i am evil as

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!

according to this, i am a gluttonous, wrathful, gloomy, fraudulent and malicious panderer.

go me.

yeah I'm down...
but I think Jono wants someone more like Charlie...
I'm going to the 2nd lvl of hell by the way...
"Cleopatra and Helen of Troy are two that share in your fate."

Okay if anyone's interested I plan to join a beginner's cross-country ski trip with the UNSW Outdoors Club in July.

The trip runs from July 7 - 11, Thursday through Monday.

However, due to birthday plans and whatnot for July 10, and the fact that both my dad *and* my mother are going to be here for a couple of weeks in this period, I am planning on returning to Sydney sometime on the Saturday afternoon of July 9.
We leave Sydney around 4pm on the Thursday.

Trip details are here

If anyone would like to join me for these 2 days that would be awesome.
(Hint hint: charlie or...anyone)

Camping is super cheap for about $10 a night

So let me know if you're at all interested.

Ummm, yes, I think I want to go skiing now.

Which level of hell are you going to?

I'm off to Limbo..

Friday, June 24, 2005

i am the king

Charlie :: that may all be tru - but how many bonobo's have been documented that did stuff outside their own spieces or genus ???

lol John Lee, well done

I' still waiting for the Starship Sidath Harshana Randeni Kadupitige

When you said it was named after you, I thought that the name was going to be Ionize or something (Your name is still cool Jono! especially the Lee part)

Sell out...

Heterosexual and homosexual are subsets of bisexual.

Check it out

The Yale solar car, named after me. Must be.

(Cool looking wheels though, look like landing gears)

Hash: There are much more disturbing things that we are not aware of. Take the bonobo for example, a male bonobo goes around making love to just about every other bonobos there are. They are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, incestuous, the whole lot. Humans, if devoid of a superego, of which is a developmental achievement through socialisation, would do likewise. Fortunately we do have a superego. Unfortunately, some people have not got it fully developed. Hence tragedy prevails. But some may argue that chaos is the very means by which evolution can occur.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm not sure whether to blame Spain or Benny - but that was just about the most messed up piece of news I have heard . . . ever.

freud said a lot of things.

How can they not know if the Lions are male or female? One has a mane, and the other does not.

As Freud would say, such is the consequence of civilised sexual morality. Perversity is part of nature.

incredibly disturbing benny

but very cute darren.


silly benny

The opposite of animal rescue...

Courtesy of spain.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Animal Rescue

Concealable camera? "Hang on while i point my phone at you and check for a certain number.."

btw, No stripper at my place thanks.. if you MUST or are SERIOUS about it, then take her (its a she, right?) to Jono's place.

mmm, Lanky food..

So.. Jono.. Sunday the 10th it is. its now a CBBGKBBBQ. I'll let you figure out what it stands for..

Lol looks like festivities are moving along.

Seems like my birthday party is gonna be on 16th and 17th.

It will be started off with a BBQ + Sports @ Meadowbank Park followed by dinner at my house @ West Ryde.

Everyone can meet the parents. Don't worry, they are extremely nice ppl to everyone (except me).

Dinner will probably consist of Traditional Lankan food or Mum's hybrids thereof.

Any contributions of any form will be greatly appreciated, even if its one Happy Meal.

A note on drinks - I am not planning on serving any alcohol. If you have any major qualms about this, then contact me.

Details are here

you sound experienced marc.

Haha Yi if you don't wanna come just say so!

I am sure we can hold it on the Sunday with no big complications.

[Edit: If you didn't pick it up already, it's because *we* want *you* to *also* ..*come* :)]

I don't think they would allow "happy" snaps.

So you should bring a concealable camera

Hmm I said "don't let me hold you back" with sincerity. So if everyone is good for Friday, then seriously, just go for it. I recognised the price I was going to pay for working at Sun Microsystems the day I started. :P

Charlie, I'll chip in for your... mature... birthday present for these guys. :)

to quote from a certain song..

"American woman
Stay away from me
American woman
Mama let me be"

Hmm, those rabbits are multiplying like... really fast.

Sunday (the 10th, right?) is fine with me, 16th is getting a bit far away from my birthday..

Day 28

hahahah thanks Charlie, Benny
Much appreciated.

Shouldn't it be woman?

What about this?: American Women

haha silly charlie

Well, Butters, since you insist, for those so gift inclined, might I provide a suggestion?

or perhaps this?

Otherwise, a funky coloured one of these will do, combined with a colourful ATC

Or slip into a pair of these or the much cooler Z2's

I'm a simple man aren't I

I say we get 'em a stripper, and run an American Pie style house party. After all, 21st is symbolic of transition into adulthood.

Edit: for the sheilas, ignore this post =)

Lets all chip in to get a car for the four of them. Then they can take turns driving it. It'll be fun to watch the result

[ butters - can u just make it a manual. thanks. ]

No church on Sunday? Shame on you =)

haha idiots!
Sunday is a win win solution
there may just be more crowds on at the kartatak place ( where we are thinking of doing the skid carts for $28 for 20 mins (plus $5 licence fee)
that's the only downfall

16th is possibly good too except i want to go multiday hiking/climbing and it would probably be in the region of that weekend, when my dad's left sydney
I think
well, i'm hoping to organise something to that effect, probably south or west or something.

why not make it on the 16th?
it's a win win solution. =)

So, a contest of value. Is it Yi or is it Joel? =)

haha Charlie, are you directing that at Yi?

Yi, not to pressure [ :) ] but there's no chance to postpone the workload of that friday to say the saturday is there? just shift the days around?
though I don't expect you to do this, just throwing forward the suggestion.

Well, Saturday may not be a good day either
Joel has CSE cast call that day and it would be cool if he made it
So either Friday, Sunday or Monday.

I'll have to call Kartatak to see how busy they are on that Sunday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Seriously, if you value someone, any day's a good day for celebration!
Screw birthdays and exams, let's go go-carting tomorrow?

Announcement regarding the upcoming Brithday festivities:

Due to the fact that there are more people who cant make it on the 2nd of July than I thought due to exams, there has been a change of plan.

I have decided to have the BBBBBQ on the same day and after Jono's go karting, essentially combining our festivities (thats such a cool word). So, its NOT on the 2nd of July anymore. At this stage, (uncofirmed) its the weekend after, ie the 9th July, or maybe the 8th. So, you can use that weekend more productively, if you still have exams to do.

Tentative plan now is gokarting in morning, then my place for rest of day, on whatever day is decided.

Now, back to study..

no no...
I selected friday since it would keep it off the weekends and crowds, for go karting.

Just a bit more relaxed.
Also not sure if my dad wanted to do anything on the "actual" date of Saturday July 9 since he'll be flying over for a few weeks.

But...that's quite easy
we could hold it on Saturday July 9 and do go karting no worries (since the place is in Arncliffe, right near where you live), and then my dad can come along to the BBQ!
That'd be great fun (my dad's awesome too)
We'll see how it goes.

Umm..Hash...Darren...have we sorted out the situation?
Since Darren now wants to combine...did you still want to combine hash? You're no longer bound to the shackles but if you like, we can do 4 birthdays on one day

I just find it funny, because it is particularly evil to those who feel obligated to purchase gifts.

Bennie: Stereophonics to perform their single Dakoda live on Rove next Tuesday.

When you're making a $235 million movie about aliens invading Earth, it's good to have some rules. So in 2003, while Steven Spielberg was shooting "The Terminal" in Montreal, screenwriter David Koepp flew north with a list of cliches that he believed "War of the Worlds" had to avoid. "Here are the things we could not have in this movie," Koepp says. "One: no destruction of famous landmarks. Two: no unnecessary beating up of New York City. Three: no politicians or scientists or generals as main characters. Four: no shots of military leaders pushing ships around on a big map with sticks. And five: no shots of world capitals."

Excerpt from Empire: feature titled "Behind the Scenes: War of the Worlds."
And people thought Episode III was big, this is Spielberg back at what he does best, redefining the blockbuster and taking it to a whole new level (and when he is not doing that, epic World War II films)...


But don't let me hold you back if Friday is the best day.

[silly evil reverse-psychology guilt-trip-running long-necked can't-stop-hyphenating yi. -jono]

Oh Yi just wondering
if we have our go karting + BBQ etc on Friday July 8, does that mean you cannot make it?

you vote for someone else. but no one wants me out muahahahahaha

G&S = GDP, huh?

um hash, that was a rhetorical question. i think anyone can gather that the website and any publication on it is not to be taken at face value.

does that mean you're the government marc?
how do i vote you out? =P

how is money spent on goods and services less desirable to money spent by the government?

Saddam enjoys Doritos in jail

Monday, June 20, 2005

The whole 20+ bytes of data is making a gaping huge dent in my account space

yes, tax fraud is bad for people, and the country

it means less money to be spent on things that we all need, like hospitals, education transport, etc etc. but instead gets spent on goods and services and credit, which adds to our country's multi billion dollar debt

and since the government needs more money, it raises taxes, which usually leads to more tax evasion..

btw, it was me, ME who posted on the wikiBulletin.. as its the best way to wish all you readers good luck in the upcoming/current/past exams

... Der Wasserfall Bulletin Board.
Tax fraud.

oooh ok. Somehow I think the comparison isn't fair.

After a haircut, I now realise tax fraud does hurt people. Them evading tax will cause a lower budget for the government and thus lower social benefits or in Australia's case, less tax deductions. -_-

Well sorrry if I can't be tired and irritable and cause a fuss :'C

An "abuse" of taxpayer money isn't really an "abuse" seeing as no one is really getting hurt :p

No john, not biased at all . . .
The National Conservative weekly. Since 1944
All complete conservative biatches. No wonder they got pissed off
The funniest thing is how they described current america -
"21st Century America: a free, affluent society based on capitalism and representative government that people the world over envy and seek to emulate."

The ads this place has are funny as
1. book - Countdown to Terror 'Will 9/11 be repeated?'
2. What of these records can the FBI legally track?

  • Medical records

  • Tax records

  • Gun Purchases

  • All of the above

hmm - a very unbiased group

The bulletin board is like a wiki.
Anyone can modify it.
So if you see something stupid, then just delete it.
(and if you have forgotten how to update the bulletin board, just click on the "Bulletin" word.)

But I see a blanket good luck to everyone as worthy of keeping. :)

Oh and butters, just don't worry about it being "abused". It's not like anyone is getting hurt.

Eric: I concur. At the moment it's you, Alan, and me. Kj finish on the 24th too so he may come. Others may take a break and join us. Date would be sometimes between 24th and 27th before John and I head for the snow. The only problem is, if we're getting trashed at Cargo bar, there would not be feasible means for us to get home?

Bulletin Board: Guys make love not war =). Thanks for the exam blessings whoever you are.

Wow, so many birthdays. So many 21st birthdays. How come everyone's born around June and July? What is the probability of that?! I'll be down for go-carting! I'll be down for BBBBBQ! And I'll also be down for Hash's BBQ.

Anyways, for those who will FINISH THEIR EXAMS THIS FRIDAY (or before), we should go drinking. For those who are not as fortunate, well just come anyway. Charlie, aren't you organising something? I'd say a piss up is in order after a loooooooooong semester.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Scholars, eh? Considering how right-wing I am, this list made me laugh. Let the book burnings commence...

Of course, this should come as no surprise:

Honorable Mention:
Origin of the Species
by Charles Darwin

Though I am dissapointed it only got a honorable mention. After all, his theory is responsible for all the school shootings in the U.S. At least if you ask AnswersInGenesis, that is.

Say isn't the term 'conservative scholars' some sort of oxymoron.

So, they hate Chinese, Soviet and Marxist communism. They also hate Keynsian big-state economics. They hate Hitler's right-wing economics coupled with a powerful state. They hate the new-liberal emphasis on personal freedom of action and belief. They even hate Mills' classical small-state laissez-faire liberal economics.

What does this leave? A biblical barter-based economy? Which by the way, shouldn't the Bible be up there as well?

But on a more important note:

How exactly can a book be harmful? Besides flinging the book violently in the direction of another person, of course. That would be harmful, and in that case the most harmful book of the 20th century is probably some flavour of dictionary or encyclopedia. Have you ever seen the damage a flung encyclopedia can do to someone's head? I haven't either, but I imagine it would be pretty bad.

Other than that, how are books harmful? How could any book be harmful? Let's imagine a book filled with horrible, sick ideas that undermine everything fun and beautiful about being alive; let's imagine The Bible. Is The Bible harmful just because it promotes ideas that are stupid, inane, unpleasant and based on a poor understanding of reality? No. No book is harmful. No idea is harmful. The actions of people can be harmful, but there's no point blaming the book if people take harmful actions based on what they read in the book. The book is just words printed on paper. You should blame the people, first and foremost, for being so fucking idiotic, and you should blame whoever failed to properly educate the people, for being remiss in their duties as parents and teachers. But don't blame the book.

Jono this is for you: on pre-marital sex.

In reference to sexual morality, particularly to abstinance prior to marriage

"All who wish to be more noble-minded than their constitution allows fall victim to neurosis, they would have been more healthy if it could have been possible for them to have been less good"

Sigmund Freud, in Civilised Sexual Morality and Modern Nervous Illness, 1908.

"the national conservative weekly"... just a tad biased?

The ten most harmful books of the past 200 years

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Its all over people...

GTA: SA is out.

Why? You dogged your 21st already

[Edit: Are you referring to Darren or Hash? -Jono]
Ahem, Benny! - Marc

hmm, ok
should be ok, i think

[Edit: Sweeeet. When can you confirm? -Jono]

Its all happening in July

I was considering holding something after hash's thing too...

september of love!

hahah PEOPLE! This is horrible!
We have ... 4 birthdays over three weekends.

Could we please think about that for a bit
since...the itineraries are almost all the same for all three of them
BBQ + sport

Darren said he prefers to have his own date, so Hash, what do you reckon about combining yours with kwong and mine one week earlier?

The bulletin is being abused. Stop it or I'll take it off >:(

Orsome Darren - a par-tay, right b4 an important exam

unfortunately - i am in the same predicament as Jono, I have an exam on 4th that i need to cram for.
I may come for a short period of time (12-5~), but i am not sure


This is tentative call for my BirthDay party.

Date :: Sat 16 or Sun 17th of July
Where :: Meadowbank Park / 16 Grand Ave, West Ryde
What is doin ::
BBQ + Cake + Sports (and magic for those interested) @ park.
later at night, we will have boardgames and star for those interested.
also if ne1 wants to bring a console - feel free to do so, i only have a SNES.

please contact me regarding any specific food/drinks that you would like to see there, or would like to contribute.

here are the contact details ::
ICQ - 66738923
email -
m/phone - 0424-080-448

Thanks all

PS: everyone is invited

Check it out
Astronauts for the next shuttle mission in training include indoor rock climbing

Darren? Are you aliveeee

1213 didn't work for me but the other two numbers did

Sounds great! Especially the arvo thingy for the girls!!! ^^
(It's Renee here.. dunno how to sign out of marc's account ^^)

Everyone on vodafone can dial 1213 on your mobile to cancel voicemail diversions.

Else everyone else on other networks dial:
##002# to cancel all call diversions
##004# to cancel phone off diversion

I'm not sure if they do work for all other networks but they work for Voda

Needless to say, its not very fun to be charged flagfall and call costs just for someone to tell me that you are not answering your mobile.

psuedo down.
but yeah I have an exam 5th of July too


Friday, June 17, 2005

haha I knew you would be charlie


Oh, as a matter of my subconscious procrastination, I was thinking go-karting might be the order of the day.
What do you reckon Kwong/guys?

I suppose it'd be of male-dominated interest, so it'd be a morning thing.
Perhaps Friday July 8 to keep it off weekends = crowds?

Followed by the BBQ and sports in the afternoon, to attract the ladies.

Something to get the hearts racing

Hey dude, I do have an exam on Monday July 4 and I will already be cramming for that one.
In other words, I very much don't think I can make it that Saturday.
I can try but I don't think it'd happen

Alternatively, I think Kwong wanted to organise something for his (and thus mine) birthday for around July 9, probably also a BBQ unless he can come up with something else. So we could combine if you like.
Depending on your schedule
Just a thought

Hope studies are going well


You have made 'the cut', and have been invited to Darren's BBBBBQ. The extra B's stand for Belated Birthday, and the other B stands for BYOBB. And the other extra B probably stands for Ball.

The essential details: (You'll need to know these)

Who: You (as invited by me) and your better/other half if they arent already invited
What: To attend a BBBBBQ
When: Midday onwards on the 2nd of July (thats a Saturday)
Where: At my humble abode, 5 3 N e w F a r m R d, W P H
How: If by Public transport, take a train to Pennant Hills Station, then wait for a lift from me.. (disclaimer, may not be me, but will be someone who knows you and knows me)
Why: To celebrate me getting older. Saturday is a day when most people should have finished their exams, and for those who havent, you have all of sunday to recover/study. So please attend, if just for a little while..

RVSP: By the 26th if you are not able to come. Otherwise see you there.

BYOB: Bring the alcohol you want to drink. (or share) Soft drinks and juice and coffee shall be provided.

Can someone please bring a SOCCER BALL? for obvious reasons..

My mobile number should you need any questions answered: (i have good general knowledge) oh fore oh nein too ate oh wan nein ate.

Expect an email with similar and more elaborated content to this post to your respective inbox soon.

Cheers, and good luck to all with your exams,


wow, looks like something worth following, (gotta pay for that car somehow) thanks jono

You computer guys looking for a bit of extra cash?

Computer Science Tutor
Personable computer science student required for tutoring/mentoring a 12 yr old (Year seven) budding geek in C++ and games programming. 1-2 hours per week. References essential.
Summer Hill ph 0425 307 760 (Fiona)

Sounds like Darren or Hash to me.

Alternatively, another job:
We can offer:

Part time work & income
Flexible working hours
Employer Reference
Work experience
Potential future employment opportunities

You must:

Be highly computer literate
Have some technical skills eg. Fireworks, HTML, Flash etc.
Be hardworking & reliable with solid work ethic
Be connected to the internet (own computer and connections etc.)


Programming skills
Graphics skills
Any elearning development experience

Or you can follow in Yi's footsteps:
Sun Microsystems Internship Program
Douglas Begg
Northeast Quadrant Consulting

Phone: (02) 9419 6811
June 26 apps close.

Details are on the unsw careers website.

There's plenty more of these sorts of jobs at the unsw careers website.
there's a tutor wanted for OS too.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dumb and dumber

Funny quote I just heard on the radio news about the oil spillage in the city
"A bit of a major catastrophe"

I love heat so I've no complaints. :)
oh man great barrier reef would be awesomeness

CSE cast sounds awesome, where do you sign up Darren?

Despite the likelihood that I can make it, I dissent.

Heading far towards the equator during Summer is not such a great idea. Some people, however, love heat, sweat and melanoma so I won't argue on that point, but I don't disagree with your reasoning in coming up with QLD char.

3-4 weeks is also somewhat of a constraint due to high costs and other commitments. Unless you guys plan to eat canned baked beans and sleep in the car with sleeping bags for 2 of those weeks. Would also be a good to point out fuel costs involved for a period that long.

I think QLD roadtrip would be a better idea during this Winter break.

cse revue is looking for cast members now, could this be... YOU??

btw, how does one spell Ben E's name correctly? ending with a 'y' or 'ie'? or is it whatever matches the regexp /benn(y|ie)/i

going north sounds like a great idea, and by that time i will have my own awesome set of wheels (ie a car)..

however, going around that time (december-february in the break) you do realise that its the middle of summer, and we are heading north, and now after properly reading charlie's post, this is the perfect time to go to the great barrier reef..

theres more things west of us than the dubbo steak (good though it sounds) like.. the northern territory, south australia, and that western state.. i forget its name.. but that stuff isnt suitable for us now (unless wineries are anyone's thing)

So, yeah. I'm all for this '06 road trip.

man i also wanted to maybe do something with CSE revue with cast or tech maybe
ho hum
ahhh crap gotta do aero design stuff over the break too.

what did you have in mind over the break benny?

3-4 weeks sounds like a great break, but for me it depends on where I am working and what time period you are thinking of doing it.

On my side, the extremes would be more preferable (mid-late Feb or early December).
either that or spot on Christmas or New Year's break where I might be able to take a holiday.
But then Yi is still working.

Benny, I'm pretty free these holidays I hope.
All I am thinking of doing is organising another climbing trip down to nowra for maybe 5 days or something, but this will hopefully be a super-laxed out break for me.
With the exception of exec stuff for the OC.
Ho hum the toils and troubles of running a fun loving club

Nooo, ok I'll edit it right away bennie!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

no mention of my name Char and the discussion at my place?
I'm cut.
I'm down as usual.
Just wondering how busy are people going to be in the winter break btw?

given your ambitious plans and desire for flexibility and less driving/outside ratio, i think a feasible duration would be three to four weeks.

Sounds good.
I'm in.
This is dependent on where my industrial training takes me (possibly victoria) and specifically when you plan to do the trip.
If it all fits, I'm in.
QLD outback sounds great.

Ok guys, following our most awesome road trip back in 2003, Bennie, Yi and I was discussing the possibility of another road trip. The tentative date would be sometimes between mid Jan to late feb before uni starts for some of us. Given that:

a) we live in Sydney
b) there's almost jack all west of us (besides Dubbo steak if you'll remember)
c) the south has been conquered in our last voyage
d) ocean to our east

the logical conclusion is that this time around, we are heading north.
the trip may involve stopping by coffs harbour, byron bay, Jupiter casino for those inclined, gold coast, theme parks for those with abundent pockets, brisbane, and head north to Cairns and great barrier reef. I personally think that if possible, we should also head west into queensland outback and explore the part of Australia we've never seen, yet so symbolic.

no concrete plans have been set. Just want to inform those interested to keep that period free. Also, we may need a planning committee to get the details sorted. Although I'm sure we'd all agree, this time around we need more flexibility, more time outside and less time driving.

what are your thoughts?


seems like George St. Cinemas posted up some more times.
Here are the details -

Name :: Batman Begins
Running Time :: 134 mins
Times :: 10.10am, 11.00am, 12.00pm, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 2.50pm.
Where :: George St Cinemas, Town Hall
When :: Thus, 16th Jun 2005

its the beginning of Batman - with the American Pyscho himself !!!

Day 21

well ne1 who is actually interested in coming, just rock up at the appropriate time.
For some weird unknown reason, George St only has 6 Batman Begins screenings for the opening night.

Very very strange.

there is prolly gonna be i-star etc afterwards if u r interested.

If (you need speed) {
if (you can get ADSL2/2+) {
get ADSL2/2+
} else {
get OptusNet Cable
} else {
if (OptusNet Cable fits your wallet) {
get OptusNet Cable
} else {
get cheap ADSL

yi, i believe you have optus cable.
would you recommend it to others? does it provide value for money?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If you'd like a study break (unlike me, who hasn't even started yet), check out some photos of our weekend climbing trip to Nowra.

Change of plan: pre-exam drinks tonight postponed to post exam drinks. date will be announced later. Have fun cramming all =)

Michael Jackson cleared

That's what gives English its power

"In a world of order - Chaos rules"
to quote the LG aircon guy =P.

Unfortunately Marc, that splurge just says 'stick to viruses' - the 'dumb english' way for the plural of virus. So . . . English wins?

Hey if ne1 is interested in seeing Batman Begins this thurs, KJ and me are seeing the 3 o'clock or earlier screening at city.

ne1 else wanna join in?

English is the most widespread stupid, unstructured (and therefore random) language. Compared to English, Latin is a thing of beauty

haha 2 man fighting is hilarious

Alan's been invited, except there was a small typo in his email address.
He should have an invite now.

Monday, June 13, 2005

actually - i cam across virii being used the other day in an IRC chat channel.

the !rules stated that the channel ops and servers were not responsible for any 'virii, trojans or worms that are found in any file obtained via this channel'

so, i guess the word is still being used.

one moose, two meese..

one mouse, two mice, then one house, two hice

isnt English a wonderful language..

kung fu movies are cool, lets make one

i think we all remember from high school maths that the plural for focus is foci.

i just find it weird, having been taught virii from the beginning and now the word doesn't even exist in dictionaries or ms word.

if it's one foot and two feet, then it's one shoop and two sheep.

Latin serves well when looking for the plural

Scarlett Johansson


Kung Fu Fighting

virii, its only used be english elitists, along with radii and Julii? ( more than one Julius)

for those lexically inclined out there more pointless word trivia: there are 3 acceptable plurals for 'hippopotamus':

hipppopotamus, (the word itself is means a plural of them, much like the word sheep) hippopotamuses and hippopotami.

beethoven: 5 down, 4 to go. it comes with introductory commentary

ah well, back to many late assignments i have

what ever happened to "virii" being the plural of virus?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Free Beethoven. Get in quick because:

When are the nine symphonies available to download as mp3 files?

Symphonies 1 & 3 will be broadcast on Monday 6th June, and available to download from Tuesday 7th June to Monday 13th June.

Symphonies 2, 4 & 5 will be broadcast on Tuesday 7th June, and available to download from Wednesday 8th June to Tuesday 14th June.

Symphony 6 will be broadcast on Monday 27th June, and available to download from Tuesday 28th June to Monday 4th July.

Symphony 7 will be broadcast on Tuesday 28th June, and available to download from Wednesday 29th June to Tuesday 5th July.

Symphony 8 will be broadcast on Wednesday 29th June, and available to download from Thursday 30th June to Wednesday 6th July.

Symphony 9 will be broadcast on Thursday 30th June, and available to download from Friday 1st July to Thursday 7th July.


Message from Alan Huynh:

Pre-exam drinks. meet at Imax, Darling Harbour. tuesday, 8:30pm. Options: Cargo Bar, drink by the water.

P.S: Jono, can you invite Alan to blog? he did not receive an invite.


Mikko looks like Milton in that picture.
(Mikko is the white one^^)

Congrads John =D Now you'll have all the chickie-babes worshipping ur toes ^^

Study hard guys! Don't forget to prepare well!

Monday - Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day 15

bad news everyone..
UNSWCG has been postponed...

Till next session

(there may be an online tourney happening after exams... but no formal event at uni )

but seriously darren, if you think you are getting too many emails, let me know.
though i'm not sure just yet what I could do about it

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This is absolutely hilarious
worth the 7MB (plays in browser)

haha you'd hope maybe, Marc

Darren - that must mean you don't get many emails :)
I get roundabout 2-3 emails per day I think

I don't know how you would want to lessen it, what sort of emails are you getting?
I get mainly trip and meeting announcements

shows the clubs is active. :)

I really prefer female presidents, especially for outdoors clubs.
I'm the first male one i've known. Hum

Awesome, it will go down well on any CV heh

ok then mr 'president'..

could your first order of business be to lessen the number of emails sent to members? half of my inbox consists of emails from your club.

so apparently, officially, I'm now the president of the unsw outdoors club. . .

. . .

Hum..just a bit scared


I"m scared out of my bloomin' mind.

micro challenge between the 1v1 tourney and 2v2 tourney!

There will be 2 formats in this tournament: 1v1 mania
and 2v2 showdown...

please tell me if u want to participate in 2v2 as well...
so i can arrange teams etc

UNSWCG is now confirmed...

11am at UNSW Monday 13th June....

Meet at front gate

Need laptops ....

PPL who can contribute msg me asap

we need 5 comps

about time they simulated the brain..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brain anyone?


Submission: 4 days late
Words: 1490
Grade: Credit
Topic: Charisma, Power and Psychoanalysis

Charisma means that one person can have uncanny power over another. How does psychoanalysis explain the nature of that power?

To begin, we must draw a distinction between institutional charisma and

charisma derived from one’s personal qualities. Any charisma that is socially imposed

may be easily removed with the removal of one’s position, and power along with it.

Thus the latter is more pertinent to the discussion, exhibiting power that is

unassimilated with social status. Here charisma is defined (Weber, 1947) as qualities

of an individual’s personality that differentiates them from ordinary people so as to

allow them to be treated as divine and supernatural.

It may be reasonable to begin with the conjecture that the charismatic one

possess qualities that are desired by others, for which they do not possess, and

therefore the charismatic one is perceived as omnipotent. However that is not to say

that the charismatic one, typically leaders, possesses distinct personalities to that of

their followers. In fact if it were the case, then the leaders are less capable of

identifying the needs of their followers and addressing them accordingly, for which is

required for the attribution of power and the resultant influence the leader has over its

followers. There may therefore be similarities in their respective egos, which allows

for the establishment of a charismatic relationship. The question arises then as to how

one can distinguish between the leader and the follower given the similitude of egos,

and the nature of that power?

This essay attempts to discuss the issue in the light of narcissism and

transference. In short it is argued that the combination of both narcissistic tendencies

in the leader and unconscious transference on the part of the follower that establishes

this uncanny influence. An account of how this power impels action is also given.

Contemporary psychoanalysis, with the work of Kohut (Post, 1997), sheds

light on the presence of narcissistic tendencies in a charismatic relationship,

particularly in the leader. Narcissism is defined generally as ‘an exaggerated self love’

that can take many forms (Reber & Reber, 2001). In particular, Freud (1914)

proposed two variants: primary and secondary narcissism; the former of which is a

natural product of development at early age and is essential for development; while

the latter is an overinvestment of libidinal energy in the self and correspondingly

underinvestment in the other or object: A love of the self over, if not precluding the

love of others. Here we see the paradox in that if a leader is to be a narcissist, how can

it be charismatic too, when charisma entails going beyond oneself to the identification

of needs in the other? Post (1997) gives an account that narcissists actually manifest

themselves in differential forms covertly as opposed to overtly. Of particular interest

is the apparent internal worthlessness and inferiority felt by the narcissist of

themselves, yet outwardly, they project a sense of grandiosity and invulnerability,

perhaps to protect their vulnerable core. The outcome we see therefore is a figure

entrenched with apparent omnipotent power and confidence, the signature

characteristics of a charismatic leader. The narcissist appears superficially as a

charismatic figure. Thus half of the picture is painted.

Taking another Freudian perspective, through early courses of socialisation,

the desire for the mother is inhibited through the oedipal complex, as it conflicts with

the fear of castration. This psychical conflict results in the repression of the love for

the mother and the identification with the authority figure, typically the father. At

later life, we see possibly the displacement of identification with the father onto

another authority figure, the charismatic leader. It may perhaps be a special case of

transference whereby one takes on board the ideals of an authority figure (leader) who

is unconsciously reminiscent of another authority figure earlier in life (father). This is

evident in Du Jovne’s (2002) description of the relationship between fictional Whale

and Boone, where Boone attaches himself to the ideals of the authority figure, Whale,

perhaps unconsciously perceiving him as indicative of his own father. From this

transference, and corresponding ideological deluge imposed on Boone, it is not

surprising that Boone repeatedly return to Whale despite constant attack of his already

troubled self-image. Charisma, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Thus another

half of the picture is painted.

It appears therefore that charisma is as much a quality of the leader as it is the

perception of the follower. This interaction is best described by Kohut’s (1971)

‘mirror-hungry’ and ‘ideal-hungry’ personalities. A narcissist to begin with, possesses

an illusory grandiosity as a form of defence against remembering their inferiority and

vulnerability (Post, 1997). However, when the narcissist is criticised, their defence

breaks down and the sense of self is injured (Kohut, 1971). Here, two vicissitudes

develops: namely seeking constant reinforcement admiration to strengthen their egos

(mirror-hungry personality), or seek to attach to another’s ideals to remove self-doubt

(ideal-hungry personality) (Kohut, 1971). The solution is either to perceive oneself as

omnipotent or attach to another person or object that is omnipotent. Here we note the

essential difference between the leader and the follower: the leader adopts the former

approach while the follower adopts the latter. The similitude of egos in the leader and

the follower lies in their inherent instability and vulnerability that must be resolved.

Thus the nature of power or influence in a charismatic relationship is mutually

binding, reciprocating and reinforcing. The leader seeks adulation and in exchange

offers their ideals. The follower seeks ideals to complement their dysfunctional ego

and in return offers their adulation and admiration. One cannot be without the other.

In fact it is this exact mirroring where the leader sees others as extension of itself and

the followers see themselves in the leader (Oakes, 1997) that enables the leader to

address the needs of the followers, unconsciously or otherwise. Thus the full picture is


A further issue of interest is the way in which this charisma transcends mere

adulation to impelling action both of disastrous or heroic magnitude. A possible

explanation may be that developmentally we grew up with not all needs met, and that

unmet needs leave its mark as ‘wishful fantasies’ (La Barre, 1980) in our psyche.

Hence we found ourselves constantly wanting what we cannot have, becoming what

we are not. Unconventional ideologies have its appeal because one would like to be

what one can never be, as described by fictional Whale in Du Jovne (2002):

“I live free of social restrictions”
“I break the laws of convention as I wish”

In fact, religion offers this very appeal, for it claims that the physical life brings not

finality in death, but beginning of eternal life in heaven. The promise of eternal life

may be the appeal which encourages suicide tendencies in both Islamic

Fundamentalism, and in the case of Jim Jones and mass suicide in the People’s

Temple at Guyana (Goldberg, 1983). This lack of adherence to natural law is also the

essence of narcissism, for a narcissist would perceive themselves as invincible.

The charismatic one targets this wishful thinking and articulates it, which the

bearer cannot bring to bear, due to inherent shamefulness in acknowledging oneself as

wanting or as a mere mortal. Thus if the bearer refuse to acknowledge part

contribution in this relationship, the charismatic one who addresses these needs are

seen as omnipotent and all powerful. If however the bearer is to humbly acknowledge

their fallible qualities, then the power the charismatic one has over them is no longer

there, as the only power is perceived power and when that perception dissipates,

power goes along with it. As La Barre (1980) writes:

“The compelling force comes not from the great man as he voices new supernatural truth: he speaks only to the powerful anticommonsensical fantasy already present in the unconscious wish of each communicant”

Therefore the charismatic leader is able to articulate fantasies already present in the

follower’s unconscious, while the follower feels an eerie familiarity in what is

articulated. The follower may attribute omnipotent power on to the leader, and

subsequently be subjected to that power.

Goldberg (1983) suggests that the youth is particularly susceptible to religious

cults and thus charismatic influence. Psychoanalysis may offer an explanation.

Perhaps it is that the youths have yet to fully develop their superego, resulting in the

need to attach to the moral virtues of the charismatic leader. In cults we see in one

part that the leaders dispel the wishes of their followers and manipulate them to act

out their wills; in another, as described above, the wishes are in fact already present in

the unconscious of the followers and thus were not bent. Such is the uncanny nature

of charismatic influence.

In summary, we note that the nature of charismatic influence as explained by

psychoanalysis is not one of uni-dimensional influence from the leader, but one of

mutual exchange of ideal and adulation. It is the interplay of narcissistic tendencies

and transference that results in this uncanny power dyad. Moreover, if used

inappropriately, such influence can be catastrophic.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Grease Mooning (TV screen).

understandable john
going skiing in stuvac is good for me
but stuvac week...
reckon you can organise it by then? :D

Very down

prices almost double after june, which adds to the already expensive costs. so far we have 4 provisionally confirmed, me and charlie included.
unsw guys can come during your stuvac!
if anyone can provide a vehicle then that would make things a lot more flexible.

the tentative plan is to go for one of those package deals, either mid-week or weekend.
it includes travel, accomodation, 3 course dinner and breakfasts, national park entry; circa
additional costs include ski hire, clothing hire, lift passes, and alcohol.


Hey John,

I'm interested in going skiing!!!!
Keep me updated will ya.


How about Thursday night? =) I can go thursday night shopping, and then i can meet up with you guys at uni, when you decide to have dinner? *^-^*

Sunday, June 05, 2005

let me know of date and time so i can inform Josh.

Anytime week 14 cept Fri

Gees Thanks Marc
(Now my secret's out --- Milton's my cousin !!!)

about UNSWCG: about REAL GAME

i need to know who's coming ... and if they can bring laptops...
and preferred date... (majority will win this one...)

any date on the long weekend ... (except friday) is fine...
just give me details asap...

if u can't come.. then thats fine ...

I just found that theres not much you cant make out of Lego, and that some people have ALOT of free time on their hands

Is that what you do during work Yi?

I just walked in on the Missie breast-feeding and she froze as she stared at me with her glassy eyes. It was unnecessarily awkward and embarrasing.

what a great day it was down at Sussex Inlet, thanks for sharing it with us Renee! Theres no way my birthday celebrations (coming soon!) could match it..

regarding the ski trip, it would have been great to go, but i have exams the before and the day after the given dates..

lego is awesome.. i wish my computer was made out of lego

One of Manfred von Richthofen AKA Red Baron's planes:

profile with 50 cent coin
rear end
tail fin
back shot

time: 6-7 hours
man power: me and my sister
pieces: 670

I would love to come, but I finish exams on the 4th of July.


of june.

Sorry KJ, no offence intended, but Milton does look like you there ^^;

Last exam is on 28th

of july or june...

anyone interested in a ski trip at the end of the month? most likely between the dates of 24th and 28th, and is likely to be a 3 day + 2 night affair.
interested parties should either reply here or e-mail me directly.

If KJ were a rabbit:

Day 11

Thanks to Reneé again for holding a great 21st!

Yours was just as good Yi, don't feel bad.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nothing like waking up and stumbling upon the song i've always been looking for!

Hombres - by Fangoria

Friday, June 03, 2005

on the mirrors! =P

that pic is at least two years old.

Care to spot the Sun logo?
This one's for you John!
McLaren's F1 car

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Comic relief to whom?

So getting pricked with a needle on your penis will instigate wet dreams? Coz thats what it felt like

well, at least the ants had good taste in movies..

that is so you darren.

Edit: Just found out the mother abandoned one of them so now I have to handfeed it

Edit again: She [the baby] just passed away this morning :'C

hash: use your available resources to bargain. Say that you have a 95% group assignment that needs to be done with extensive collaboration with group colleagues. Parents don't always need to know everything you do with your life. In fact if they did, they'll probably have a heart attack.

butters: biting your penis may potentially instigate wet dreams.

classic quote i overheard someone today:

"I hope I was gay so I can get along better with girls".

wow, rabbits grow fast
look, it fits right in the palm of my hand..

well, at least the ants had good taste in movies..

Train your rabbits to eat ants

biting you down below when you're asleep would be comic relief

Day 8

I have been barred from further excursions =(

May or may not be a good thing, since I have 95% worth of assessment coming - but i managed to finish the others fairly quickly

I can hopefully manage to negotiate some trade agreements that will grant more free time.

otherwise, time for aggressive negotiations >(

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We now have the option (especially for the drivers) to stay over at Sussex overnight. If you intend to do so, contact Renee. It will be ~$10pp and bring your sleeping bag