Saturday, November 30, 2002

Damn no star tonight

You guys were at CFN at 2am? Those owners must really like you guys now.

0200 hours
At Central Fast Net.
Battles are fought and won.

Friday, November 29, 2002

wang...we have our commitments in real life.
but please come over one day for me to give you your shirt(s) back to you.
they've been washed and pressed, but probably have lost the crispness after 2 months of hanging in my wardrobe :p

we gotta go to the beach and take some more pics yea? and me and alex are gonna get mad tans~ so yeah, you better come keep us company :p

she was away for an abnormally long period due to
1) her working hours
2) cafe hoppin
3) partying
4) the worstest hangover i've EVER had
5) meeting alex
but mostly
6) disconnecting from our ISP and gettin cable :p

guess who's back...
back again...
Lumoi's back...
tell a friend.

For once in my life john,

I bow down to your greater understanding of the Truth

"faggy honky sounding songs"
i thought the word faggy was not necessary, since all honky sounding songs are faggy.

I'll try and put it in words that u'll understand Kwong -

faggy - honky songs = sounds like Donny singing

What are you guys doing up?
"faggy honky sounding songs"... please define.

6 hours before freedom or 4 hours till death...
And what are me and James doing?
posting on the Blog... ^^

that was an imitation of Yi of course...

Busu and Lumo, how come you two aren't around anymore?
Your presence is dearly missed..


Thursday, November 28, 2002

This may be a bit late,
but anyone here do slacker implemetations for strings?

g-luck for the test tomorrow everyone
Remember, U need to be able to do slacker to get full marks

Best music for Mosh Mosh Revolution would be the Limp Bizkit song,
the 'Keep on Rolling'.

Most of DDR sux anyways, go these faggy honky sounding songs
only heard one decent song, and that was a theme for Kenshin



if you prefer Uni DDR

d-d-d-d-ance dance revoooolut-t-t-tion

Boo hoo
the blog is screwing up again,

and for once its neither marc's fault nor mine

It was u benny wasn't it

It was j00 411 410 |\| 6

and stop pretending u don't know exactly where Mosh-Mosh Revolution is Darren.

why ddr when you can 'dance in the moonlight'

john, 'thunk' is not a word, therefore that tongue twister is invalid...

very 'mosh mosh' revolution... if anyone finds it, i will personally 'meet u there'...

Stop pretending you playa!
That's mine and Irene's job!

Eek the Katt - 7:00 PM

Idiot DDR terms...
"Para Para"..."Mosh Mosh revolution"

Eric's probably played Para Para at George St too...
The Initial D music sucked him in... ^^

If ur into the Hand thingy,
try to find a place that has Mosh Mosh revolution

Much beter than just dancing,
It puts you in a mad get-up where you simulate a mosh pit
not just a dance floor

I thought the main arguement here is that anyone who 'plays' DDR is a complete loser

seems like I may be wrong again

haha how the table has turned

It's all lies!
And don't trust Marco!
Him and Kwong are just trying to set me up...
This Pretender jigged Social Scene 1011...
Irene of course went to that class... ^^
And I think John's already tried the hand thing already...
After all it does play techno... kinda...
And he's probably asking about it to find partners... ^^

Benny is gosu at ddr.

a skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.

imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.

try later?
that sounds shockingly similar to what i usually say

Somethings wrong with the ftp. it wont work. i'll try later

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

the DDR at uni doesnt have the hand thingies... just the feet... you should ask Benny, hes tried it along with Marco =)

hahahahah were you doing the lame hand thing while on ddr kwong?

You missed it Hash.
Benny its your word against several... we all know who was the one playin DDR =)

What mad site Marc
so full of life with the 'Yes' Optus symbol

and the amazing contrast of white backround and dark-teal message ::
"Error 404 - Not Found"
And so nicely worded as well

and that banenr for optus free-time,
simply extraordinary

and as long as we do have the site,
make it like james said, view only,
hence no invites to the blog
That way it can stay safe for capitalist progaganda
as well as 'Democratic' Censorship

What are you talking about Kwong?
I maybe a so-called Pretender..
But everyone knows you're Sydney Uni's Premier Aerospace Playa!
Very go DDRing with Mario and allan all the time!

are the pretenders here like that tv show they had on before?

haha benny accusin others of being pretender-ish =)

Nooo I'm talking about Irene's earlier comment...

Yes and have the bottle not break and make a fool of yourself.
yes some hakkinen stuff.... i saw too much red.
Sarcasm=pretender? lol


it also had mika hakkinen stuff too.

do we get to smash the champagne bottle on the side of the ship too?

no pun intended indeed

I don't mind chewing on some Hash Blacks - no pun intended


sad sad ppl

And no Hash involved.

We need an inauguration ceremony with lots of famous Starcraft people and champagne.

Okay...I have nfi how to edit this template. You can do it James: Our Starcraft Replays

Okay, the new site is up now. I'm transferring replays. Unfortunately this is only an admin blog which means either James or myself will be posting to update the replay section. I'm adding a link to it...

Stupid john, 51mb of schumacher propaganda crap. highlights myass


I'm down
I shall play to get replays

i think it should be "flattened".

Hey I'm flattered that Hash trusts me even after those CS low gravity server controls I used to...implement... ^^





We are considering maybe a -view only- blog to post up starcraft replays.
All our chat will still be here, at the waterfall. In other words, we want to
do a dedicated replay DB for our replays and selected pro replays.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

heya'll about da beach party,
exactly how many Chicks r stayin overnite? cuz i aint gonna be de
onli one there....

LOL You idiot John!

if you're the one hosting, then you cannot be admin, since there'll be conflicts of interest. there's got to be a separation of powers doctrine and check and balances.

Bennie here's eric's icq number 18624483

Wow a praise from Hash, will you marry me hash?

Not possible that I would not be admin seeing as I will be hosting it on my own new website. Account name. So far I have thought of opticflare. Yi said neutron flare.

j00 h4x0|2z

I miss seeing my scrolling or flashing name...

Thanks for that 'special mention' Hash.. I wonder what I could possibly do that could in some way be annoying...

Yeah Benny is trustworthy.


Why not me?!
I'm trustworthy!!!

Why was my name mentioned twice by unknown persons?

Soz about that

A new blog is good

as long Marc or Benny or Yi or Kwong or myself is not the admin

Maybe not Darren as well

good choices are Jono or Charlie
reasons - they won't screw around with the blog too much and they will use it

James + Busu are hardly on at all (compared to Kwong et al.)


You lil mofo Hash. What did you do?

Edit: Okay he did the comment tag thing again. Hey, you guys up for making a new blog? This one will be more starcraft orientated but general posts are still welcome of course.

Eek the Katt - 8:55 PM
Tai'shar Sri Lanka - 10:51 PM

You am good clock ya.

what Star?

I shall knave,
I most certainly shall

Do your worst.

I think you've played too much Star and need to go talk to someone about your issues.

And Marc since u seem to take offence at everything (paranoid?),
that whole 'sucks to be you' is directed at KWONG


Those phrases,
like 'Sif'
and that compliment at the end, what the hell is with that
- knocking yourself to get somone else's hopes up is WRONG

I think I'm going to court with this

I too will hand in my "medals of hour"

Haha u see Hash I dont need to do anything. Everybody is against you.
Yeah they had that idea before Jono, as well as the Japs sending a satellite to orbit and take photos of the moon for Apollo craft!

It seems that only marc and james are admins
so which one of you did it

If it was u marc, then I pity u for your lameness
If it was u James, I am shocked and outraged,
You will hand in your badges of rank and medals of hour
and report to UED headquaters by 0645 tomorrow
for a court-martial


That last paragraph was not me.
If u r doing this just to show ur a dickhead marc,
then don't bother, its common knowledge

I would never spout that kind of filth
there isn't a single non-subtle abusive statement there

It sounds a lot like a friend that i seem to know nothing about ...

hehe... Oh well Charlie...
At least you're not facing imminent 3 subject failure ^^;;
It's all good... kinda ^^;;
When's the after exam party thing Eric?
And explain the payment system o' Great Accountant... ^^
Meanwhile.. I'll just add more havoc...
There's going to be a byo lan at my place sometime soon...
If you've got any preferences for dates please tell...
And tell me if you're interested but can't be bothered or am unable to bring a comp...
It's in Bankstown if you're wondering... ^^

LOL @ Charlie.


that's gotta hurt dude.

... don't worry. i'll be kicking your tiny zerg butt so bad tonight that you won't feel the other pains...

some info about the CG characters in LoTR:TT

Bennie, we weren't on TV because the crew from channel 7 spent most of their time inside the no-go cannon zone. I want my head where it is

Eric what exactly do you mean by staying? what about those who stay until say 4am and then jet to do stuff we don't wanna know. Do they still need to pay

And speaking of exams, I just had the best day in my life

Waking up to the reality that my final exam starts in 1.5 hours, i was greeted with 42.7 degree weather, absolutely fabulous

Crawking (combination of walking and crawling) to the exam room at 1350 hours i realised that my exam started at 0920 hours the same day, magnificent

Staggering into the E7B courtyard of Mac Uni where exam timetables are listed, i verified that my exam did in fact commence at 0920 hours, a revelation

After consultation with the Academic Program personnel, it occured to me that i cannot sit for the exam i strenuously prepared for on the same day, 14.30

In despair, i was convinced to fill out the Special Consideration Form for supplementary exams with no forms of evidence or support of the mishap, what a relief

they say that planning is good, but whether the plans will come true depends on god's will

i was screwd beyond recognition, repair, and my worst expectation (a fail in the exam)

with a bit of luck, i might get to sit for the supplementary exam before christmas

then, at the end of all of this, there's star

life's a bitch, but it goes on

Something to help you with electrical kwong, I"m sure this will help quite much

Monday, November 25, 2002

No Doubt you should have read this, you stupid conspiracy theorists.

Wait, why am i even retaliating? I can just change your post. *slaps forehead*

Does this scare you jono/yi?

just to spite you, i will now pass discrete.

I wasn't under the impression that you were paying for anything Kwong

and since you have been so kind and compassionate to me before here is my response ::



Don't worry, Marc. You'll do fine. Sif you're gonna have to do it next semester. If anyone will, it'll probably be me!

That was a gh3y ending to 24.
I demand a refund.

Wow that image scares me.

Earth's magnetic field

John where the hell do u get these sites with wacko ppl?!

have some sympathy for a person with 3 more exams to go! =)

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Discrete next semester, Hash.

welcome to the club Hash.

Finished all the real test's

Twiddle dee dum,
Twiddle dee dee,
no more tests,
Hash is free

Man that guy is over the top

Very Hammer those little kids

If Mr. Lowe every read that he's track him down and beat the living crap out of him

hahaha i love that fire engine one, LOL it needs a shave.

Many of u should no 'bout the post exam party thing rite? here the final details....we'll be going to the beach(prolly bondi) in the morning and in the arvo....we'll go bak to an apartment and do watever.....then at nite, ppls wanna go clubbing (we'll decide where that nite....)for those who rn't 2 keen 'bout the beach thing, u can come shopping with me....(shopping for food, NOT clothes!...) I will also be cheking in at the apartment at ppls who wanna come and shower at the place can meet me there...
TIME: Athough me, john and charlie has agreed to have the thing on the 1st...but having it on the 5th is MUCH please...can we have it on the 5th guys?
COST: For those who wans to stay over for the nite...u'll have to pay extra for the apartment (it's kinda slack if we make the guys who rn't staying over to pay)
****NOW.....i need a list of ppls who r coming...and a list of ppls who r staying at the apartment...i need that to work out the costs!!!****

That is one angry man.


The Dark One Take u Pae Sedai

blah blah blah blah

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Its not deja vu

It's more than that.

It is a rememberance

As the Wheel turns, as it always has, as it always will, it weaves the Pattern. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, but there are those of us whom drag the weaves of time and fortune and who bend the threads around them. Then there are places that seem to create knots in the pattern. Places that once a thread has entered, they may never escape. These places are known as si' effen . In this Age, known by many as the Age of Reason, as Age long past and an Age yet to come, Prophecy stirs, as it once did and as it once shall.

The Pee-Shean Cycle speaks of a group bourne of the same schooling, fermented in the heat of Virtual Batlles who will come to Face the might of these sites. The Prohecy states that all shall be marked ::

  • Once the Member to Pave there Paths,

  • Twice the Member to Pave their Falls.

Only when there Blood is wept on the Stones of Central Station shall the world be free of these Places of Evil.

deja vu?

I'm feeling a wee bit nostalgic here...

First Semester

Library. Maths. Reading.

10AM Calculus. Yi, Jono and Hash.

No Library. No Maths. No Reading. Richard Buckland - Haskell. Time was now measured in hours of PC. iStarzone George St. 1AM catching last 506 from the city. Super Bowl. A brief montage of images, mostly starcraft. Intensity. Sieging across isles. Late Friday/Saturdays. Social calls to Aus-1. UMS. It ended before it even began. How did I meet you?

Second Semester.

3AM Aus-1. They did meet me there. 9AM starts. Induced hallucinations. Who's in charge here?! Where's the air support?! My body was having trouble keeping up. Discrete Maths - Macrosleep. Home. Cycle repeats itself. The BNet drought kicked in. CFN Fridays - $10 unlimited. Brief moment of War3 - faded. Operation BYO/Beach. I lied - I went. Medina. Spring - something's in the air. Battlefield 1942 - its not in the air anymore. Stuvac - 6UOC Star. Studied my ass off.

How was Garden Island Charlie?
We didn't see you on TV though....

76cm of mercury.

Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge
and i'm thinking
maybe six feet, is _ far down

Creed - one last breath



yet you can still type?

Pre..t..en... ARH!!!!.. /me was flattened by an Arclite Shock Cannon shell.

101.325 KPa

In higher phys 1B, there is a unit for pressure that goes by "atm"
supposedly, 1.00 atm = 76.0cm
does anyone know/heard how to change "atm" units into Pa (pascal)?

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Of all the men..

Things that are good to know ::

  • complete linkage method for organising clusters deals with outliers and noise better than min linkage

  • dynaimc programming algorithms provide a distinct advantage over recrsion by using tables and a simple time/space trade-off

  • If u had a problem that belonged to NP and a solution for NP was found, then it would be better that the given probrem was NP-complete instead of merely NP-hard

  • genetic programming is hueristic algorithm

  • James
    Thoses weren't dreams
    I think these are hallucinations while ur waiting in the CTO lobby

    and Marc, u can susatin allignment by using the preformat tag:
    pre ... /pre

    bewarned , when using it here it screws up the fontsize , so add another tag in there to increase the font size

    so what are the plans for tomorrow?

    I wrote that post in MS Word. Then copied it over.

    Kokoro ni, chiisana, hana ga, saiteru, Kimi kara, moratta, karenai hana ga.

    I'm doomed.
    No Star for me till Monday night.
    And I can't make it to Tomorrow's thing Charlie.
    I've got 13 weeks to cram into 24 hours. -_-

    I reckon! As soon as I read "Pacific" I knew it had to have been Guadacanal or Midway or Wake Island or something lol!

    Hey, how did you align that post like that? That looks fantastic. Is there an HTML tag for it?

    Lol jim boy!

    Seldom does my dreams appear so vivid, let alone attempting to describe it

    Another Dream post.
    My dream - Approx 3:30 - 3:50 PM Saturday, the 23rd of November.

    General Info:
    Nancy is my cousin and Su is also my cousin. However, Su is a guy and he is about 3 years older than me.
    We get along very well. He's a hansome fella and was the 'hardcore' type back in school. He is currently
    attending college in China.

    It started as Nancy and I entered Su’s house. It was warm and festive, with the smell of dumplings in the air, almost like Chinese New Year. Su’s father greeted me with enthusiasm, as did I. He was smiling and beckoned me to follow: “I gotta ask you something,” he said.

    He took me to the hallway outside of Su’s bedroom and asked: “What kind of cigarettes does Su smoke?” I hesitated, remembering Su’s words about not telling his father about his habits. Stuttering, I replied: “assorted, all kinds, he seems to have a collection.” Su’s father’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed: “Exactly! Once I was looking through his stuff and I found all kinds of cigs, some exotic and others I an’t seen them before, but he likes collecting these things.” I smiled and relaxed, noticing at the same time that I was pinching a ‘555’ in my left hand. He saw it and asked: ‘what do ya smoke? You want one?’ I smiled and declined. Su’s father’s enthusiasm didn’t fade, he carried on bright and energetic. He carried on opening a book. It was like a photo album, except instead of photos between the semi-transparent waxed leaflets, there was food. The food was mainly chopped up vegetables, pre-made dumplings and all sorts of ready to cook, semi-prepared dishes, glued to the pages. He flicked through the pages and said: “when I was looking at this stuff, I noticed his obsession with cooking. He has allll these things waxed into this book he’s working on. It’s all great but when I finished, I realised I couldn’t eat any of it! They all would be off by the time it’s done. So I picked one of his cigarettes to try instead.” He took out a green mint Camel and lit it.

    The dream at this stage, starts to fade and lose focus. But soon enough, we were all in the middle of a Pacific Island. Su’s sitting on the chair behind me, not uttering a word and looking into the distant ocean. His friends from college were bunched up around him, some carrying weapons. People were after him- after us. I sat there for a while, looking through the door which revealed rolling terrain and tropical beaches. The crashing of the waves can be heard and a warm breeze swept our hut. Some kind of search is underway down there; they are trying to capture Su. A soldier, possibly from the U.N. stumbled on the door way. I took the baseball bat which lay conveniently next to me, and summarily whacked him into oblivion. I sat down again, laid the bat next to me. Su was unmoved. The troops were converging on our little shelter and Su seemed determined to stay till the end. There was an opening at the back, so I told Cecil (Epping Boys friend) to keep a watch for it. The dream lost focus again, and suddenly we are on a van, driving on a bumpy road out of the place. On the car, I knew Su’s life was numbered. He was either going to be killed or kill himself. His face was expressionless, those glittering eyes, unfocused, covered everything but registering nothing. My Cyber-shot digital camera was in my pocket. I finally spoke to him: “I have to take a picture which represents you, before you die.” I spoke as if I’ve been with him through the severe hardship which brought him here. He turned to face me: “What? There is no point to anything anymore. I have nothing to look forward to. You can go back to Australia and your friends will be cheering for your return: “hail Jim Boy!!!”(he said this part in English after a tiny hesitation, in my accent) but I have nothing!” He continued on to rave, perhaps about the uselessness of his cooking and the inedible state of his food album but he was on the road to self destruction. At this moment, I looked at his face, it was golden brown and glowed in a thin film of sweat. We were driving toward the sunset. There it was, a picture that would depict his character, ideas and the desperate final hour. The van shook, his eyes were focused now, looking into the sunset.
    Analysis: I think this dream has been heavily influcened by Alex. Su's words at the end almost came straight out of his mouth. Su's character in this dream is a mix between his real self, Alex and I. The hopelessness and outlook on life is from me. The contempt at the rest of humanity is from Alex. In the end, when we are going down the road, it was most certainly influenced by BattleFiled1942 and the image was probably derived from Guanacanel. In fact, the rolling terrain had too few polygons to be a real world place. The huts were we stayed were reminiscent of paintball. Overall, Su's character is the central theme in this dream, a mixture of three key personalities, all sharing a similar interests and the view on life.

    LOL @ Butters.
    how people kid themselves.

    and now! for the obligatory link...
    More strange matter information


    Could the rest of ya'll inform Mr. Wang on my prev msg
    if ya see/play/meet him?

    thnx ^^

    To: John
    Subject: RE: G-string
    the G in G-string doenst stand for anything. =P
    the string is just in a G shape

    lol G-shocks...

    Ah...hey James, rememb how u took my 1231 Higher Phys 1B Lab book?
    Could ya somehow scan the section on "Heat Capacity & specific heat"
    n post it or send it to me? =) just the printed information n prelim work,
    not my actual Lab work.
    Thanks man! i just realised I had no info on heat capacity of liquids/solids..

    John what i mean is you learn not to do certain things from observation
    like not trying to put a bullet through your head

    It won't take up the whole day bennie, we'll only be there for about two hours (10 - 12)
    and for the record, i have my final exam on monday as well

    Butters if only i could, i would be the one telling you to get your ass in CTO

    Hash your name gets weirder everytime you change it

    The mysterious today fm secret sound which woke me up every morning for the last four days turns out to be the sound of locking the handle on a scooter
    the $100000 goes to a cleaner

    Friday, November 22, 2002

    00ps 10cent fuse...
    i would never do anythin 2 hurt ur dignity and pride

    and don't you edit that post to make me look stupid.

    what's a 10 fuse?

    a $300 CRT will break first in order to protect a 10 fuse.

    is that any relation to g shocks?

    guitar strings

    where does the g in g-strings come from?

    Name changers go away.

    Yes jono not bad eh?
    yes john htye have a better name...
    boeing calls it "Active Aeroelastic Wing"
    hey enterprise takin off in the next few days i think

    Well seems like everyone from fake Uni's have finished their exams
    Damn j00 fakers - almost as bad as soft eng people

    Charlie, get ur ass in CTO

    can't they make up a more techical name or something?

    bendy wings

    dude that's pretty smart


    its all good, they're all hot.

    that was 3 days ago... and arnt u disappointed that josh harnett isnt?

    Wahey cool bendy wings

    I'll take some please

    'Shuttle Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Centre today with bendy wings at 1:13pm EST"

    w00t ben affleck is voted as sexiest man alive!

    Dont mean to spam but can anyone find images of this modified F/A-18?

    "Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's on behalf of New York children who have suffered health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity." -CNN

    Yes Charlie, as I said before, nothing is for free.
    Its frikkin malk not milk. Stupid american boy with a strange southern accent.

    hUh? I wasnt trying to be cute! =P

    Anyone ELSE do higher phys 1B here?
    the tute solutions r all wrong! wrong I telll ya!!


    It's not that cute...
    And shouldn't you be studying for Physics
    Oh and Charlie...
    I won't be able to join you for the investigation of Australia's Defense...
    I have an exam on Monday.. -_-

    extract : 4rm oreos commercial, primetime:-

    Mmmm!....*squint* ...*munch munch*
    Mom said...oooo....chocolate isnt good for doawgs...
    but...*smiles* ..u can have the rest of my milk ! :)

    wats with the cow jokes?

    I see my counterpart is doing well in fitting in...

    what kind of society dictates what i can and cannot do?

    and how do you derive something from observation?

    I was talking about throwing a 10 second fuse at the labrador.

    That actually sounds good, but that would also take up the entire day. I have an exam on Monday :(

    The tide is high
    but i'm holding on
    i'm gonna be your number one
    i'm not the kinda boy
    who gives up just like that
    oh no wo ho wu wo

    Atomic Kitten - The Tide is High

    it's not a rule
    rules are formal
    this is just a way of doing things derived from observation of common occurances in the way the society works

    like one thing that's not against the rule but shouldn't be done is that you do not throw a dynamite with a 10 second fuse in the presence of a labrador.

    i can't argue with girls verbally?
    damn who wrote the rule book?

    Bennie it's on sunday, are you interested coming?

    Kwong, it's not free, just that we don't have to pay for it other than transport to and from circular quay

    anyone else interested in going to Garden Island this sunday? (a futile attempt)

    john you cannot argue with girls verbally
    and hiding behind bushes won't work
    maybe climbing up the tree will

    tip you're in.
    /me runs away and hides behind the bushes.

    too bad im returning >=p. did not did not. hehe. u did =)

    PAHAHAHAHAHA No returns

    man that's been a long time coming


    did not, you did. times infinity no returns =P

    did not =p u did

    I am so rock solid bored my socks are no longer in existence


    Amy had no arms.
    laff laff

    hey don't look at me, you started it. =P

    so whats up with all this talk about cows?

    hahah this reminds me of another one of those stupid jokes.
    2 cows are in a field eating grass, as they do.
    one cow says to the other "moo".
    the other one says "damn, i was going to say that!".

    did i say...gao? i really did mean Gao =)

    what other types of COWS are there that DON"T go moo?

    hmmm could very well b

    Oh hello chillih
    fancy meeting you here


    Icey oreos

    I see the light

    cow as in moo?

    Diva is lucy gao ^^



    I'll just find out who that is....right now.

    oreos are nice.

    meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh

    no its not lumoi... but its someone with the email of


    Hmm, doesn't sound like anyone I know.


    Hash, are you Diva?

    Ok it seems I am the slow one here but who on Lord's Green Earth (James^TM) is Diva?

    that sure don't sound like Lumoi

    i wanna play this.

    Thursday, November 21, 2002

    even the buy one get one free deals you get at stores?

    Nothing is for free.


    So far only Yi and I are down for it
    anyone else wanna go? Take a break from exams?

    Garden Island-

    The following was published in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

    "It used to be an island, but it vanished under the might of the Navy. The RAN
    will open the original Garden Island from 10am to 4pm on Sunday as part of
    Naval Heritage Day. The island, says the Navy, is home to Australia's first
    graffiti, a system of World War II tunnels, the first grass tennis courts in
    Australia, and some great gardens and views of the harbour. Entry is free, a
    ferry service will operate from the Quay, and buses will run from the main
    gate, Cowper Wharf Road, Garden Island."

    Free ferry service from Circular Quay Terminals and entry to Garden Island is free!

    lol morons

    well said butters

    hum...i think i still have my Sega Master System hidden somewhere in the garage with one game - duck shooting

    And, Benny, what can I say? Pretender.

    We're not sullying his name - you are.

    j00 |2 4ll l057

    Can't you even pretend to respect black poeple?

    very sully the name of the Hurricane

    Hehe Lucy...
    Warp to World 4 Level 1 from World 1 Level 2.
    In 4-2 when you get just after a big hole you have to jump past and you can barely see a green pipe...
    The 2nd brick from the front is the one with the vine to the warpzone...
    There are invisible blocks...
    But don't jump just below the block with the vine otherwise you won't be able to whack your head into it to create the vine.
    This has been brought to you by a person who owns Super Mario Bros but has never played it...

    Haha w00t nintendo!!

    I manage to get to level 5 through world warp..
    wat about the 3 tunnels that say 6, 7, 8? :) easily we r entertained pre-finals season ^^

    After whipping out my primitive Nintendo "Entertainment System",
    MATTEL version from de forgotten cupboard, I managed to locate
    one of the adaptors underneath a mass of wires in the garage.

    :D for the first time..I played the ORIGNIAL marioBros on my Panasonic
    Widescreen! hehehe ^^

    forget the fact that the flying turtles were the size of a ping pong ball..can
    anyone remember how to get to level 8 using the world warp tunnels?


    :D My debut post!
    Hey ... *jumps on the couch*..this place aint bad ^^~*

    Found on website 4 days before finals:
    Supposedly research investigators found the heavist element known to science.
    Administranium (Ad) comprises of 312 forms of neutrons all held together by the exchange of virtual particals called morons.
    it has been known to slow down reactions which take less than a second to something like 4 days...

    go figure..

    Hash - Rubin "Ultralisk" Carter


    After four months of hard work...

    I am proud to announce that I have converted all the crappy VHS Kenshin rips to pure DVDrips!

    The result: 103 DivXs in 27 CDs over 17.6GB

    Singaporeans can now chew sugar-less gum with a doctor's prescription!

    omfg KKK.

    Feel like shouting?

    ......Truly believeeeeeeeeeeee
    That I was born to try!
    I'll learn to love!
    be understanding!
    and believe in life!
    that you gotta make choices!
    be wrong or right!
    sometimes you gotta sacrifice the things you like!
    that i was born to try!

    Delta Goodrem - Born to Try

    Post-exam toast is a reference to the house party eric's organising

    Hash I think Rubin "Ultralisk" Carter would be more appropriate

    Damn, and i was thinking of taking some shots of Leonid.

    Wednesday, November 20, 2002

    On June 21, 1994, Jose Martin of Spain was driving with his wife near Madrid when a 3-pound (1.4-kilogram) meteor crashed through his windshield, bent the steering wheel and ended up in the back seat. Martin suffered a broken finger while his wife was uninjured.

    northern hemisphere tho.... b000

    Very Hurricane, EBOM.


    WOAH Hurricane is HASH?
    LOL I thought that was LUMOI


    sorry hash.
    Yay exams w00t

    soy sauce.

    Well maybe not...
    wha'ts the post-exam toast?


    im hungry.

    oh, and during the pre-exam cram period
    reward your self by sparing some thought about the post-exam toast (30th)

    The recommended food intake after 10 hours of cramming from Charlie:

    1 bottle of Coke
    1 bar of Snickers
    1 litre of highly concentrated tea

    Just rememebr everyone
    when all is lost
    look the sky and think
    out the probability would state there would have to be
    a dumber form of life than us

    Tuesday, November 19, 2002

    I'm going to pretend to go to sleep and cram in my bedroom since I'm suppose to get a good night's sleep.
    Nite all and Good Luck.

    you forgot the fullstop General...
    Not that it matters.
    Not that anything matters.


    Situation: At 2240 at Danang...
    Intelligence was gone.
    Supplies provided by the Red Army are almost gone...
    And soon the enemy would attack at 0400 when our efficiency and morale would be lowest.

    Morale: Our only Hope is "The examiners meetings sometimes offer supplementary assessment to students with borderline results, e.g. with a final mark of 48 and passes in all other subjects."

    that or hope I go to byo...

    d/l while you cram...

    they're whole volumes though...

    volume 1 - 29 MEGS !!! (takes me around 2.5 hrs to d/l)

    the only thing that stopped me were the file sizes

    hehe no sweat mate.
    some light reading...

    just trying to help


    For Hexdecimal, decimal and Octal
    Bitwise just seems to be incrementation and decrementation

    (UNSAFE INFO - BASED on 1 example - slide 309 in comp1721 slides)

    here's what to do with shifts (in Binary) ::

    left shift << n

    delete 'n' numbers from front and add 'n' zeros to back

    10001001 << 1
    0001001 (del 1 from front)
    00010010 (add 1 zero to back)

    10010011 << 3
    10011 (del 3 from front)
    10011000 (add 3 zeroes to back)

    right shift >> n

    delete 'n' numbers from the back and add 'n' zeros to the front

    10001001 >> 1
    1000100 (del 1 from end)
    01000100 (add 1 zero to front)

    10010011 >> 3
    10010 (del 3 from end)
    00010010 (add 3 zeroes to front)

    It gets a bit tricker for Hexadecimal and stuff

    Note to all Comp1721

    We need to know the following :

    Decimal {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}
    Binary {0,1}
    Octal {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7}
    Hexadecimal {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f}

    Decimal -> Octal
    10 (base 10) = 12 (base 8)

    Decimal -> HexaDecimal
    10 (base 10) = 0x00000a (base 16)

    Decimal -> Binary
    10 (base 10) = 00001010
    -10 (base 10) = invert base 2 of 10 + 1 (called two's complement)
    = invert 00001010 + 00000001
    = 11110101 + 00000001
    = 11111010

    Binary -> Octal
    01010011 = split into 3's from end = 01 , 010 , 011 = 1, 2, 3 = 123
    Binary -> Hexadecimal
    01010011 = split into 4's from end = 0101 , 0011 = 5, 3 = 53
    11010101 = 1101 , 0101 = 13 , 5 = c5
    Binary -> Decimal
    11101110 = 238

    we need to know bitwise operations

    AND a b
    1 1 = 1
    1 0 = 0
    0 1 = 0
    0 0 = 0

    OR a b
    1 1 = 1
    1 0 = 1
    0 1 = 1
    0 0 = 0

    NOT a
    1 = 0
    0 = 1

    XOR a b
    1 1 = 0
    1 0 = 1
    0 1 = 1
    0 0 = 0

    There's also some bit shifting and crap
    check the comp 1021 notes
    post up more b4 the nite finishes

    or make drugs and guns.

    why make war when we can make love?

    What happened to our ban of Hash?

    Damn Timel Tigers

    Ken Kutaragi is our leader.

    That said,

    Its been nice knowing you all

    Well Wang,
    its ok

    After living in Australia for 13 years, I hate all you
    damn pointy-eyed yellow (or mauve + olive for Darren) skinned
    bastards (of China - related backround) anyway.

    There is just something wrong with the way you look,
    the way you use those 'chopsticks' of yours
    the way you just blabber on in your "Ding Dong Dang"
    language of yours, even when you know its impolite
    to speak in a different language when there are those about
    you that cannot understand it.

    Damn pointy-eyed freaks

    can i stop now Mr. DanceMan?
    "i am getting dizzzzy"...
    as a certain Simpsons character said.

    Monday, November 18, 2002

    God I hate Harry Potter. US 87.7 million bucks....

    now everyone bob your head up and down with me... one two three doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof-doof doof doof doof


    no more uni for 3 months!!!!!11

    there's no asian leader either.

    play what?

    come out to play

    I have my soul back...
    after 12 hours of constant play...
    I have my soul back.


    What you need to understand Wang is that the black population of the US
    is one without a soul. Ever since Luther and Malcom X have died the black population has
    been leaderless. The US government isnt exactly doing anything about it either because they dont care.
    Thats why as yet they still live in slums. In a way the black population is also protesting against
    what has been done to them for centuries. In the north after the war of North and South
    some rights were established for the black population. However in the south only in the 60s did any rights come about.
    Canada didnt have this problem and if you look at the balck population of Canda or the UK, they are much more refined.
    In the 60s and 70s there was a cultural awakening for the black ppl. Reason for this was because of the war and their integration into
    the workforce due to shrateges. Rubin Carter, Ali, Malcom, Luther. All big names that came from the Vietnam era. Soon as the war was
    over things started to mollify once again. And now especially for the mid 90s onwards its only been going down for them.

    wow its been a while.
    and wang I have nothing against jews (you ass dont get me in trouble man)
    seeing lumoi so dedicated and into work
    I have decided myself to be also
    it helps when someone else also works hard around you (unlike wang)



    The time is now 6.50am on a wonderful monday morning
    birds singing, chickens gugu-ging (if that's a word)
    on the verge of breaking the unbreakable record of falling asleep on the walk
    the chance of me passing today has increased to 50%, due to 8 hours of non-stop study
    one semester's course, one night to learn
    3 hours of hell begins in 2.5 hours time
    how i wished i'm in bed right now

    During my stroll in the R&B section of a music store, I've developed -extreme- prejudice against black people.

    Maybe even surpassing Busu's love of Jews - if that's saying anything.

    These negros, fat, with chains, are targetting the masses with their 'I'm a looser garbage.'

    -to be continued.

    6 digit print quota...

    I am so becoming a comp tutor... If I do, I'd most likely be tutoring people older (yet shorter) than me...

    Hash... use my print quota... I tried printing out some BDM notes, but even the printers wouldn't print them out.. (they must hate it that much) so I have 247 pages...

    but Wheel of Time... all I can say is 'why'...

    That virtual keyboard is cool... I could finally have room on my table...

    If you know you have a 70% chance of failing an exam, then take it 10 times... you'll pass 3 of them then.. or, do some maths and figure out the minimum number of exams you need to take to guarantee yourself a pass..

    Swimming impaired wouldn't necessarily sink, its floating impaired that would..

    What the... very have ostentatious ads in opera... and in Spanish too... (i think)

    Friggin hey, now German ads...

    i'm sorry, i should have thought about the swimming impaired.
    its not their fault that they sink.

    Sorry Lumoi and John
    but unlike you two I am not currently swimming
    in a sea of money

    so I'll have to be cheap for the next 50 years or so

    its only too late if you don't star now.

    Sunday, November 17, 2002

    If you don't know it now, you won't know it tomorrow.

    its only too late if you don't start now.

    what should one do if he knows that he's got a 70% chance of failing tomorrow's exam?

    hopefully next time i type in bonobo in goodfight i don't get zero results

    And someone collect the replays!

    Yes you go play with bots =)

    Has anyone noticed that single player BF is impossible? They can snipe you with every single weapon except the bazooka

    iz it pronounced like sheeeeshaaa

    hes not here.
    im goin 2 play raven shield demo... this is gh3y

    try throwing it at your brother.


    rooter is pronounced root-ta
    router is pronounced r-out-ta

    very roota

    it's r-out-er



    That doesn't solve my problem tho. However, I am currently screaming at it.

    is it pronounced "root + ta" or is it "r-out+ter"?

    because it's a fucktard. that's why.

    Why is my router disconnecting me every 15mins or so?!

    James I can't believe you're so broke that u can't afford lunch after maths exam yet u go and buy a cd.....


    phone's ringing

    oh quick lets all become tutors so we can all print manga!!
    that's why they all become tutors.

    I hate telstra.

    oh, someone just get this guy to kinkos

    If you become a tutor in CSE next year, you get a 6 digit print quota.

    i'm sorry i was away... no i don't use an mp3 encoder.

    good afternoon

    Good morning.

    pfft *sighs*

    I thought it was a mission to print out translated Manga...

    heh it's 9 1000 page books..
    I only have 5 out of the 9... wait.. my sister has 3 more...

    woah...four seconds apart yeah...i knew it was a book...series...ah fuckit

    ugh...don't tell me, it's a fantasy/sci-fi or something series and you're printing it out cuz you can't be arsed to buy it...

    just buy the book you cheap ass.

    ask Alex what the Wheel of Time series is
    and what 3500 pages (9 books in PDF) has to do with it

    holy!! are you tryin to print a textbook or sumthin???

    I have 3500 pages to print here

    Peoples's lives are at stake here
    if i don't get a hard copy to the head of ASIO
    within 2 weeks, then they might go and whinge
    to the authorities

    PLEASE !!!!!

    Another note to all the people ina CSE subject this semester as UNSW


    i want a phone tooth!

    Looking for something new? How about "Best Inventions 2002".

    john the cross dresser... haha

    stupid department stores and their fake christmas trees already.

    the video clip for that is pretty funkass, except madonna is looking more and more hideous by the day...i think she should just die now while she's ahead.

    I bought my first non-OST CD in years:

    Die Another Day - Madonna

    GB's Chatswood. I'm more based in women's/men's footwear, but i occasionally have the intimate apparel dept. get this: my thursday shift is from 10:30am till 9:15pm...w00pdeed00ooo~

    which grace brothers are you working at? maybe i can say hi when i'm shopping for lingerie.

    Yes, you need a proper cdkey to play on the net. Hmm, CFN lol

    pamela would be a 12DD...

    i didn't know pamela shops at grace bros.

    lumoi is a sadist!! w000haaaa
    google sucks bonobo dick.
    i had fun @ work today~ sorting allllll different lingerie~ :) the largest bra i came across was a 22F(as opposed to my 10-somthing-or-rather) could seriously fit a kid's head in one if those cups...scary

    i searched for a few phrases i've posted here in google and this page came out as the 4 or 5th result...

    I'm so lonely....
    If you can search this blog on Google, then who knows who has accessed our precious blog-memories.
    I'm soooo lonely..

    honor eh?

    i object to your objections

    objection your honour, move to strike.

    admit it john, you're one too

    you're all sadists.

    you're supposed to make it apparent that you hurt yourself, not intentionally

    Marc, do u need an actual cd key for BF1942 online?

    you hurt the ones you love the most.
    Lumoi is still here. She just had a maaaaad busy weekend and going to be having mad busy days from now on. but being paid. Lumoi is a workin girl now!! (uh, not in that way)
    hmmmm damn alex i love you to the nth degree. the book is really good btw. gave some of the chocolates to my bro....if that's okay. um the flowers are tres beautiful and miss gucci hasn't eaten them yet :)

    hmmm I look majorly old in my GB's get up. dang. didn't recognise myself. I prefer my preppy jeans and tank tops thankyaverymuch. okay. i'm gonna be late for my 1st day :p aiiyyyy~ gtg
    love you all! wish meh luck! ciao!! xoxo <---not the sauce, kishugkishug

    Wait, are you supposed to make it apparent to the person that you intentionally hurt yourself? :D

    ok i'll limit that to only males and fat people.

    make sure you don't generalise that response to everyone who trips over
    maybe there's someone among them who have a crush on you john

    well it was said by a well known legal and jurisprudential scholar... some dude named Fuller. it just means the dude on the clapham (a suburb in england) bus... so some average joe blow, or john smith.

    hahah if you deliberately or not trip over, i'll point and laugh.

    This implies that if you want to test whether someone actually loves you
    hurt yourself deliberately in front of that person and observe the response

    is that a legal term 'clapham omnibus' ?

    well they don't have to prove it to convince me
    as long as i perceive it as true i'll accept it as the truth

    in the case for "They say that an act of love between true lovers is 'looking after yourself' "

    assuming that the love between true lovers imply that one value the other more than oneself
    then any damage to one will hurt the other more, though not physically
    hence looking after yourself is an act of preventing emotional harm in the person who love you
    that's one case where people do actually consider from another person's perspective

    people say a lot of things charlie... but do they have proof that will make the reasonable man on the clapham omnibus believe it beyond reasonable doubt?

    They say that an act of love between true lovers is 'looking after yourself'



    don't understand why?

    want to know why?

    the answer is given below

    that is if you are willing to seek it

    seek and you shall find it

    persistence is a virtue

    stupidity is not

    if you're still reading this, i salute to you

    or shall i say your perseverance to dig as deep as that required to get an answer

    keep it up

    keep going

    you're getting closer

    and closer

    almost there

    don't give up now

    i must say

    you don't give up do you?

    of course that's one of the requirements for seeking an answer

    keep scrolling down

    the answer is definitely worth the effort

    you are so dangerously close to it, it's actually quite funny

    you are about to reach it



    You must be quite bored indeed to read all this 'Garbage' (Lee, 2002). I'm proud to announce that you have also been fooled

    because the period of time between monday 0920 and 1230 is perceptually infinite

    why is monday 1230 so far away?

    hey guess what i did to keep myself awake this morning?
    i jumped up and down, as high as i could, on the same spot, for 10 times

    ahhh for some reason during my pre exam cram the john mode has surfaced again.
    doof doof doof hahhahaha LOL.

    very descriptive john

    hahaha i love this new song i downloaded.
    it goes doo doo beep beep beep dop dee dee dop...

    Am i not pretty enough
    is my heart too broken
    do i cry too much
    am i too outspoken
    don't i make you laugh
    should i try it harder
    why do you see, right through me

    why do you see
    why do you see
    why do you see right through me

    why do you see
    why do you seeeeeeeeee
    why do you see right through me

    the rate of pre-exam cram is inversely related to the amount of time left before exam starts.

    I bet they didn't teach you that in maths did they?

    you have direct experience?

    disturbed? cool i like turbulences.

    i didn't just pull that thigh thing out of nowhere you know.

    Saturday, November 16, 2002

    John, the more time u post on this blog blog
    the more i find that ur a quite disturbed

    pez came home
    now they are asleep

    hey during lectures put a pez dispenser on the person next to you's thigh.


    how dare you doubt my ability to pass. Maths.

    Look at manufacturing or materials and then u can doubt.

    Didn't your pez come home?

    what if i'm right handed? would i tend to go to the right more often therefore creating a mirror universe where the john is always wrong, and left handed?

    very I don't have exam

    wth am I bludgin for

    please refrain from posting too many maths things
    until AFTER u pass

    John, shup

    you're always wrong, that's all there is to it

    it's simply that because you're in a perpendicular universe, ie, the dot product of you and me is zero because we are in two normal vector spaces, that you appear to be right in your own vector space.

    i've also noticed that jono is posting more often.
    is jono be a worthy successor to lumoi?

    so you're saying the blog is your life?

    I see John's already making use of his Law skills

    down boy down

    Why would you have to pay for it?
    that's just max factor stupidity.
    I can't even begin to comprehend that

    woah, mirror matter?

    Interesting how though we all go to different universities and study very different courses in engineering, commerce and the sciences we can still maintain the livelihood of this blog...

    Only trash can keep this blog alive, otherwise it would be a very quiet...neighborhood.....

    Garbage = Life.

    I note that Lumoi hasn't posted something in a while.

    Must be losing interest.

    Must be the stupid conversation.


    i don't have a knack of getting things right.
    i just happen to be right all the time, cause i'm me.

    john i hope you demonstrate your knack for "getting things right" in the accounting exam on monday
    if you die before that, lucky you and see you in the next life

    too bored

    last thinng on list

    Make post on Blog ....

    Nothing of interest to say (as usual)

    I'm getting the empty box. If you plan on getting the S2 OST, then are we still gonna do that split cost thing?

    I'm more interested in the eva S2 works OST 7 CD box set.

    i think i'm having heart problems.
    so if i die, good bye.

    Don't worry Jono,
    I didn't get that question either
    it was the only
    WTF? (screw this - skip this)
    on the paper

    Good to see that the blog is working working

    Things of Interest ::

    1) The Evangelion boxed Set is out, 8 DVD's $180.
    2) John would also love maple (->)
    3) John may also like pointer structs in C (->)

    Requests ::

    1) People at UNSW who do any CSE subject, can i have any unsed print quota please !!!

    stupid ferrari and their cheating cars.
    i'm right once again, as usual.

    if its the technician that blew it you shouldn't have to pay... regardless of whether or not he was present or not.

    Interesting physics...

    were they present when it blew up? or it blew up after they left?


    The closest mechanism for encoding external information to that of the human language is the dance of honeybees

    According to David Buss's (1992) cross-cultural study on human mate choice,
    both men and women prefer 'kindness' over other traits such as physical attractiveness, social status and intelligence

    lol that's funny because its true.


    Eric, cause he's too heavy


    i just came with with a sad joke

    what do you call a fish that can't swim?

    I am
    but as you would know it's pretty hard to keep focus on study all the time
    consequently i need to 'release my thoughts'

    get back to work charlie.

    how do you deploy troops if they aren't ployed to start with?

    Friday, November 15, 2002

    how can one retreat without being treated first?

    How can someone be indifferent if that person is not the same as everyone else?

    hum...a feasible method would be to chop it off

    ewww English...
    Get it out!
    Get it out of my head!

    Thomas Malthus formulated the law of population growth:

    Human and animal populations grow by geometrical progression while food supply grows arithmetically

    As a result, scarcity is inevitable

    hence the study of economics

    for those who did John Donne in their HSC
    does this quote sound familiar:

    "no man is an island complete unto himself."

    wouldn't it be better had you fell asleep 15 minutes after your maths 1b exam started?


    I was going to meet u there, but when I got there, you were not... The guy there said to me that one of your friends, the 'dark-skinned one' had gone out and said he was coming back... That guy probably wanted me to stay and waste my time/money...


    If you like making those arrows (-->), then you would love Haskell...

    Its a great feeling waking up 15 mins before your maths 1b exam is about to start...

    lol i started laughing as soon as it said not to laugh for 60 seconds
    i'm beyond insane

    are you insane?

    LOL still gets me every time.

    yes i'm sure john
    nice to know that someone actually take notes in lectures

    are you sure you don't have the sex urges of bonobos?

    i saw a doco on abc once in the middle of the night that said the act of smiling is derived from fear.
    fear --> please don't harm me --> i won't harm you either --> i will be good to you... etc.

    i love making little arrows --> like this. especially in lectures taking notes. makes me feel more sophisticated by writing in shorthand.

    Heuristics are cognitive strategies for processing information quickly and easily
    attitudes, schemas and stereotype are heuristics

    The Halo Effect is the tendency for one to attribute attractive characteristice to people we find attractive

    Bonobos are one of the closest relatives to home sapiens
    too bad i don't have the sex urges that bonobos have
    too bad

    Plutchik (1980) proposed an evolutionary explanation for the development of emotions.

    Fear derived from the need to protect oneself from danger and hence increase survival chance
    Anger derived from the need to fight obstacles, eg the person your lover's in love with
    Disgust derived from the need to reject harmful substances, like indian food (anyone here indian?)
    Curiosity/Interest derived from the need to explore the surroundings in case two DTs gets in your base and wipe out the whole terran race
    Suprise derived from the need to orient oneself to specific emergencies, John's mum would know what that's like
    Sadness derived from the need to receive care from adults when you're young, I've lost my teddy bear, would you sleep with me?
    and not surprisingly
    Love derived from the need to reproduce, multiply like zerglings.

    oops i ignored hash again. sorry hash.

    charlie is the by product of 2 bonobos?

    ahhh the sound of rain on a friday night, with no exams for 2 days. does it get any better than this?

    Poor hash wants attention
    maybe if you speak in a language we understand, you'll get some

    this isn't meant to be derogatory
    it's some attention for hash

    John is the dot product of 2 fun vectors

    I had this question about algebra that I wanted to ask you, which was, How do we build vectors from other linearly independent vectors (in a matrix)
    Obviously we do it in REF but how exactly did we do it...

    and u never came online the whole week before the test....

    and I forgot to ask.

    And it was tested.

    And I didn't get the answer.


    I killed the blog...
    oh well...
    Off to Chapter 4...
    Oh and Math 1B people didn't pc it after the exam?
    hehe Poor Hash...

    To all those people who did math 1b today and



    r these posts appearing

    if they aren't then thats bad

    if they are and everyone is ignoring me then thats better,
    but still BAD

    hehe a by product of 'fun' indeed
    what are we then?
    a by product of?

    johno because it goes on

    lol i'm a side affect of fun...

    Charlie, RE your emails.

    "Life's a bitch, but it goes on."

    If life's a bitch, why do you let it continue? ^^

    hey his parents must have had fun

    that's why John's now John


    and yes benny I"m not stupid I put an empty toilet roll in the pic

    LOLOL Lumoi
    "hahahaha well i guess somebody's papa had some fun :)"


    haha u guys are blind, very think james had the cocky

    Thursday, November 14, 2002


    What type of gun do you have?

    And do you have anything to compare the size of the cockroach to in the picture?

    no, that's a hippie phrase...

    you mean water rights?

    land rights for gay whales!

    would you still call them if it was a "FAT" cockroach?

    i got my phone ready... expect the RSPCA at your door in any second...

    on average it takes 5 minutes to burn a cockroach to death
    10 seconds to drown it

    post the picture

    "fuck my balls I just killed the world's biggest cockraoch

    it flew at me while I was brushing my teeth omg
    I'm shocked

    I killed it with my bb gun after firing 4 shots at this thing from 2 metres away
    fuck I have photos to prove it"

    thanks john

    During sleep i peeped at a sheep keep leaping down a steep hill in a jeep going beep beep with a bunch of weeping creeps


    omg i forgot the beep


    During sleep i peeped at a sheep keep leaping down a steep hill in a jeep going beep beep with a bunch of creeps

    meep meep.


    During sleep i peeped at a sheep keep going down a steep hill in a jeep with a bunch of creeps.

    Now that's original!

    i thought i was the god of sex?

    nah...i know what it is. and i'm not saying unless i have a day to live and want revenge...but neither is happening..i hope.
    I have my last exam on tomorrow. haven't started studying properly...but there isn't much to study so :p

    I'd have to say, Matt the male nurse was quite nice to have around, but i hated him for not letting me out of the ward. he was buff...he rode his bike every morning to the hospital :) another male nurse i had was scary. he was doing checks at night...found me crying and was trying to make me feel better and get back to sleep. he kept on touching my bare skin and my scared me so. i faked going to sleep and went and threw up.

    I prefer my zerglings
    i wonder how they mate?

    John at 1.30 i was checking my emails, at 1.45 i turned up to my exam, at 3.59.30 i lifted my pen up and at 4.59 i was sound asleep on the bus

    How about we start worshipping a bonobo, the god of sex?

    A man living out his dream... ^~

    Hehe... Actually.. for James I think it's the Medic giving him his physical...

    And since earlier on the blog Marc said he'd classify as a medic...


    hahahaha well i guess somebody's papa had some fun :)

    hey shut up! my mom's a nurse!

    yeah you can...a little flannel in the bath tub.

    omg what is it with guys obsessing about nurses and sponge baths? ugh nearly every guy i've talked to about this has a nurse fetish of some sort...

    "oh james~ it's time for your shot sweetie~" lmao

    i like my sponge better, you can have sponge baths with it. you can't have towel baths now can you?

    Good luck all you Math 1B people...

    Why's it so hard to kill Aran Linvail...

    hey... you only knew the answer cos I told you...

    lol john
    very atheism is a non prophet organization.

    it's not an organization.

    it's...cloaked chaos

    it's a towel!

    get out....

    i'm fucking bored. done nothing but work for one week, and still 4 days to go.

    6 days wasted/utilised!
    I now have my strongholds though...
    Planar Sphere and Thieves Guild...

    how about the stereo remote control?

    let's worship raspberry sorbet. and dried pitted dates. *drrooooooll*

    my toe nails are fire engine red at the moment.
    i want a fullbody massage by a guy called sven.

    i prefer toe nails.


    no taxes!! ok what can we worship?

    lol...hey if we have 3 or more people we can set up a new religion and not pay taxes!! the catholic church occupies/owns the most land in New York

    ahh so that's where you were today at 1:30... we were looking for you.

    i'm too lazy to make up/look up riddles, so i'll just post a stupid comment.
    atheism is a non prophet organization.

    Haha good one charlie. Told you you'd get it ;)

    Uh sorry, not you :P

    response to "Feed me food and I grow, however feed me water and I die. What am I?"

    of course the food here would have to be flammable

    response to 'what gets wetter the more it dries"

    washing machine gets wetter the more it dries clothes

    perception is relative, so is truth

    answer to popular guy: the guy holding drinks in each hand and 6 donuts
    popular girl: the girl who can eat the 6th one.

    daah that was in bad taste, but i told you it was along the lines of zipper, penis, hole, donut..

    Marc, is it me? i think i'm allergic to water...and the food coloring in minties. lol i grow fatter when i'm fed too.

    I'd agree with John. Baldur's Gate 2 had some nice riddles in it. Here's a relatively easy one:

    Feed me food and I grow, however feed me water and I die. What am I?

    the sky! the more moisture that evaporates, the denser the clouds!

    hey, i have a riddle. who is the most popular guy on the beach? (think along the lines of charlie's riddles)
    and who is the most popular GIRL on the beach (think along the lines of the last riddle)?

    lol answers shall be posted shortly....


    and thats the only way that I think...

    and for Charlie's previous one... about something that is open to public when closed and closed to public when open.. I disagree with the answer... (very book....)

    I think it should be the Quarantine Centre.. and I'll let you figure out why....

    Heres one for you Charlie, (and anyone else whos interested): what gets wetter the more it dries?

    Johno's point is valid
    emphasis on "whole" not "hole"

    There's no pattern in the riddle, but there seem to be one in the thoughts of UNSW people

    No it's not a donut

    ahh jono, you have to think in a more abstract level, philosophically its correct.

    how can it be a donut? "whole" not "hole"

    unless charlie can't spell

    lol zipper, penis, donut... is there a pattern to your riddles charles?

    In response to "what is something that when you take away the whole, you still have some leftover?"

    Is it a donut?

    Wednesday, November 13, 2002

    greg you missed the stop sign!

    i like msn better.

    does anybody use AIM here?

    guess who's back? back again
    lumoi's back! tell a friend....
    yay. I am so smart, i can work a register and fully operate all tha EFTPOS machiney shizzat~ schwweeet and i got payed for it. hmmm to the somebody who asked, no, I had training at the fuckin warringah mall GB's and yes I had the red haired balding Chris guy who is kind of a flirt but we KNOW he is gay (madonna, kylie CD's playing as BGM; feminine language, feminine gestures and movements) but hey, i dun care, he was sweeet.

    hm. i'm gonna be working from sunday~ and they gave me really good shifts too...Footwear and Intimate Apparel depts~ w00t

    lets make bets on whether or not it will explode on take off.

    "They are not going for a primitive capability, they're basically aiming for a Soyuz or Apollo capability straight off the bat,"


    the resident trivia news poster is allowed to work and look up crap at the same time!!!

    stop looking up crap and get back to work!

    Jono... get excited.

    i see... lots... lots of... dark matter in our universe...

    its not small writing jono, its fine print. how can it be bad if its so fine?

    oh damn!! and i thought i was going to live forever.

    antibiotic resistant bacteria...
    you know what this means?? ... we're all going to die!! ... eventually.

    One Butters, I regret to inform you of the loss of your....rorted integrity, as that small writing wasn't small enough

    Oooh I feel my teeth straightening up already...

    Hey it's so fast I'm ready to get these braces off now! ^^

    Oh, terribly sorry. You hear that Jono? Its free! this time. next consultation $500/hour

    the first consultation is always free marc!!
    its after that you charge them $300 per phone call and $200 for photocopying.

    what is something that when you take away the whole, you still have some leftover?

    If someone goes up to you and say "everything i say is a lie"
    is that statement true?

    Normally the advice would be free, but you're special One Jono, so I'm going to charge you my special introductory rates ;)

    me having something in common with someone? never!

    its coz i didnt kno there was some type of *blogger etiquette*.... i think...

    all my doing?

    Hey cool benny
    I see the headlines.

    Fraternal pretender twins find at each at long last

    nfi. all jono's doing. im ur new sister.

    And why's Irene a pretender? ^^

    Wow I can't believe how many posts were posted up in like...<24 hours...Before finals too! Man... I finally got some study done. Reading maths notes.

    Butters: You played RPG with who? RPG? what? Role Playing Game? Rocket Propelled Grenade? Raunchy Pop Group?
    Holds Breath? Yes yes I'm sure I make your breathless Butters *laff laff*

    Wow I'm glad my Pretender comment sparked such intensive and thought-provoking conversation from the likes of Hash. Manz.

    Wow. Again. Charlie has a good point about the pretender issue. LOL

    HAhAhhAAH Marc and John have more in common to talk about than we first thought....
    That's it, when I sue someone (when, not if) I'm gonna inlist in Marc's free law advice against John's.

    Not that I don't like John. It's just the fact that "we can."

    Benny, the fact that you posted that message twice automatically authenticates your Pretender status. In actual fact, it elevates it now that Pretenderess here has decided to join the ranks of Der Wasserfall. (wth?)

    Back to algebra

    Braces tomorrow! yay can't wait

    Tuesday, November 12, 2002

    HA ONLY CHAPTER 3. MY bard will kick your little thief mages ass.

    big brother 3

    john where's your "It's all about me" spirit!

    Haha alright. You've done it so I'm sure you don't want to talk about it lol

    Well obviously ur a pretender Benny

    lol don't look at me, my lecturer told me to do that.

    What rpg?
    Not that I've played any of these...

    Oh meanwhile... I've killed 3 days playing Baldur's Gate II... But at least I'm up to Chapter 3 now...

    the hell?!
    I'm away for a few days and now I'm a pretender?!

    LOL @ John! You doing Duty of Care? Haha, always go around looking for someone else to blame first. Thats the moral of the lesson/essay.

    *rolls eyes* y thank you James.

    Welcome Jarodine, our newest member and close assosicate to his pretenderness, Jarod the Great.

    well, in my essay i said its my own fault for being so stupid as to rescue someone.

    The trust's in their heart
    but they wouldn't give it to you

    It's the baby's fault
    without her the rest wouldn't occur

    how can one pretender pretend to be the other pretender?
    *she's* a pretender already

    completion of take home exam!!!


    Knock knock
    Who is there
    It's me ur friend Jarod
    uhhhh, who?
    You know, tha person u talked to 4 years ago at that Funeral
    Oh yeah, sure Jarod

    If it was jsut that then it would be a hands down win to Irene

    since the allegations are " Art thouh a Prentender"

    for all we know it could be Benny playing nasty trick on everyone?

    But there is the Pretender factor
    so it could be Irene pretending to be Benny pretending to Irene

    and then ...

    so who knows who it is

    all we know is this
    "That person is our friend,
    we just don't know who they are,
    at all"

    haha, its ur word against jonos