Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I think, Eric, you missed my ever-so subtle joke.

Hash got his non-turbo'd rex.

No just me, I don't recall anyone else on the blog who has got a new car lately.

Wow, everyone's getting new cars these days.

So with Vista, the only "new and innovative" thing is the new UI that looks sorta like OS X? *sigh* Just like Bandai for Gundams...releasing the exact same kit, with different weapons. Though there are 2 differences between the two. I can afford Gundams, but not vista, and I can do stuff with my Gundams, while my comp can't run Vista.

Yeah I wouldn't take that, Marc. If people don't like a certain product, or anything else for that matter, then they should quit complaining and just don't buy it. It's that simple.

Oh I wouldn't take that if I were Hash. Why isn't he defending himself?!

As bias and non-newsworthy the Enquirer may be, its certainly true that MS is by no means "innovative". They just wait till the market produces something worthy which they imitate and include in their "all-new" products.

Vista is a 'shinning turd' says Enquirer.

In related news, Hash jumps off a boat after failed attack on Colombo.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Charlie, Santa has arrived. I just got the package today and tomorrow we'll be picking up the Mazda 6, yay! Bye-bye Benz!

Well Alexis, you better be spitting ryhmes like that soon if you want to impress asian chicks. That is the toll of yellow fever.

If you hadn't had enough, here's more XD

That is horrible...


LoL, did he get tired of the Ruff Riders?

His opening line was bold for a banana, but for an ABC (and speaking as a fellow ABC) his Canto was really good...I bet he really did get tutoring.

Yea I'm fine now Charlie thanks for asking XD

I think I remember reading that part. Well if they consider entering politics, we'll come back to that quote.

Marc are you ok?

In reference to Google's motto, here's a relevant quote:

"...he should not deviate from what is good, if that is possible, but he should know how to do evil, if that is necessary."

-Niccolo Machiavelli - The Prince

Yea the contributors were a dirty mixed brown before. They have now returned to a lovely shade of yellow.

I remember what it was.. 'anti-post do-ryuu-sen!'

Hey, somethings is different about the contributers.. weren't there 8 of us until..... oh.

Benny will make you join the Black Parade..

In other news, Materazzi headbutted again..

i told you hash has become a maniacal aggressor.

All I gotto say is that you shot yourself in the foot with that iPod-Zune post.

I remember back in first year you pissed me off endlessly doing something. I can't remember what it was, but I remember what I did...

To use your terminology: the mac user has failed the argument.
S/he realises words will not win in the battle against a retard so s/he just bitchslaps his/her opponent.

Bye, Hash. Seeing as you are so unrelenting, you get to go on the naughty stool. Come back when you behave properly XD

Oh come on, no need to be so emo.

I am afraid I shall not be able to stop until
1) I get quota
2) Some1 gives me at least 24 hrs of viewing material

even then, there are no guarantees

btw Marc, you were the one that used the "I know you are, but what am I?" 'blather' as u say ...

so to end it, Ya Mac, i mean, Ya Mum

lol Eric you suck,

What kind of person sleeps perfectly still on their own arm for 4 hours...

It's not like you were thrown into a car boot or anything...

And Hash I'd be careful if I were you... I'm no normal emo...

I'm a Bankstown Emo who knows where you live ... PUNK

Yes, it's 5am. My left arm is VERY numb after sleeping on it for almost 4 hours. I think that's why I woke up.

Damn boys, play nice. Comps are comps. As long as they are good enough for Supreme Commander, then it's good enough. Marc, I think Hash meant no harm. Just a joke. Hash, let's drop the PC vs Mac debate for a while...

Finally finished my China blog. For those with time to burn, check it out!

Malaysia-China 2006-7

A joke it may be, but one that was a) not funny to begin with by any objective measure (unlike Flinky/Kirill's terrible mother jokes) and b) is wearing thin. You're right though. If it actually had comic merit, I wouldn't mind so much - but it doesn't, its just plain annoying. I'm just getting sick of hearing this incessent retarded primary-school "I know you are, but what am I?" blather.

Get over it and grow up. I'll let you finish wanking over the victory for PC first.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Shh, be quiet I hear something ... its an EMOOOOOOO KID!

Marc, be happy, I am not abusing just you, I am abusing all Apple users world wide.

Now some more abuse :: Emo comps made for emo kids XD.

seef play Dota for that long and not be man enuf to play at nite.

To those I have offended this week - I apologise, I have run out a quota and am suffering from a severe case of withdrawal so I have to look for kicks elsewhere.

P.S 'cept u Marc XD

Poor Marc, can't hack Hash's jokes any longer.

I'm sure you realise it's a joke about the Apple thing Marc...

Too bad some bad habits have rubbed off Flinky, Spain and Bejin onto you Hash...

Dota all night coming again soon to a gnome near you...

Der Wasserfall's UNSW run was a good one, and it shall be missed by me, especially now that reading the blog will consume valuable uni internet quota.

6pm to 1am is nothing.. you've played dota longer than that..

Hash, you're a retard. Grow up.

I tolerate jest with good humour but you're persistent non-sensical attempts to abuse me at every opportunity because I own an Apple computer tire me. I have explained my choice many times in the past. An explanation is not, nor is it supposed to be, a defence. Why the hell would I defend a choice over a personal computer? In fact, who the hell would give such a shit, to the extent you have, about other people's computer choices?

A computer is a computer. It does the job. Some are set apart by different standards or features. Would a person who owns an Abit motherboard rip into a person with an Asus motherboard? Probably not, unless the aggressor has absolutely no life. This is where you come in, Hash. Alas I cannot kill you, Hash.

If you really hate Apple computers to such an extent then don't post here anymore because these bytes you read were written using a disgusting, vile Apple computer.

On another note: As sexual as the iPhone is, I still wouldn't get one. Apple's track record for reliability of their portable devices isn't very good. You can't pad the void in reliability with features. That is why if offered a choice, I will steer towards Nokia. The 5110 is the pinnacle of device finish.

Wow, how orsome ....

iPhone Shuffle, I choose you!

cast Random Call

*ring* *ring*

"You have been connected to your Angry Boss"

Answer: Hello?

Shuffler: Hi Boss what's up?

Boss: Can I help u?

Shuffler: Just trying out my reinvented phone by Apple, the iPhone Shuffle!

Boss: At 1am in the morning?

Shuffler: Since 6pm in the evening!

Boss: We are so obviously taking up too much of ur time at work, so u can just keep on shuffling till you find another Job

Shuffler: But I have a


"Angry Boss has hung up, ... Shuffling .... calling Apple Tech Support"

thanks for the reminder about top gear marc, but i will wait for the vuk rip next week.


Okay, my CSE has now reached its limit. The Google system of blogger somehow requires three times the amount of space now which I can't afford. Blogspot here we come!

New address:

jwan584 and mhpa462 were good while it lasted

Apple's next innovation..

James - ???

Darren -1337 h4><><0rz

Marc - I'm saying that MS at its worst is still better than Apple at it's supposedly most sexual

"The shit" or just "shit"? Or would you be saying "Oh shit"

Friggin changeover screwed up the BlogThis! function. I have to go fix it again goddamn

I like pressing many button combination shortcut keys on my keyboard to open things.. It makes me feel like a hacker..

Tamil tigers...Sinhalese tigers... all MADE IN TAIWAN !!!

Well, since I am Sinhalese rip on Tamils all u want James XD.

Front Row .. pfft Windows BSOD is the shit.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

As opposed to Tamil Motto' Hash? "Here's a claymore, give me a bus".

Say what you like about Apple, but damn Front Row is sexual

They should give everyone playing Federer a 2-set handicap just to make it fair ...

Gonzales was exceptional, started off at 100 kpm 'till he ran into the brick wall that was Federer.

Alexis. It seems that Federer would be a good starting point for a Super Soldier program, he is better at Tennis than Big Boss is at killing.

Apple's Motto is "Here is your iPod, that will be 1 Soul please".

But Microsoft's motto is "Your Potential, Our Passion."


It should be "Don't be emo"

I feel like a 14 year old again.

Awesome tennis, old school punk rock.

Go Federer!
Edit: Man, Gonzalez is playing so solidly, easily deserved to be in the final with the Left hand of God

Edit2: Federer is definitely the Left hand of God, (reference to Hellsing not meant to offend Christians or any other faithful)

if microsoft's motto is "make good software", would you automatically like windows vista?

yes, google never does evil, just ask them.

You are just generally paranoid so it doesn't suprise me you think Google's going to have j00 for breakfast either. =P

I'm aware of their motto, but that comforts me little. How much do we know about checks and balances in the company which "reinforce" that motto?

Top Gear will premiere again tomorrow, john

Google's motto is "don't be evil."

Google won't be happy until they claim all of the internet. After that, they will probably work vertically and target hardware and retail. It is an insatiable monster.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hahaha, Marc, i thought Sharapova Shout would stun instead! Anyone interested in Tennis tomorrow morning at West Ryde? After so much Aus Open, I am also itching to can follow afta! (I will be bringing sunscreen..thas for sure!)

Sharapova Shout
Required level: 30
Prerequisite: Sharapova Grunt [1]
Ignore Target's Defense
Hit causes monster to flee 25%

Friday, January 26, 2007

What? Kristen Kreuk is ugly now? That is an outrage! Unless she's being compared to Scarlett Johansson. And there's nothing wrong with Milfs. "Ike" Spain...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yes, yes and yes.

Isn't single mum lover a euphemism for milfer?

Well I must admit, I am part of one of the rogue operations, I have prior commitments Friday night and Sunday, so I probably won't be turning up to Medina. Single mum lovers REPRESENT!

john: the chick from smallville is ugly.

These plans for Aus Day are being torn apart at their seams. Several rogue operations competing for our time with the ever-present suprise pez event hovering in the background.

Prison break is back benny - as is Heroes.

The MacGuyver toolset should help solve this problem

yay let's get personal talking about tv shows.

Bankstown boys - elevator central

You speak as if you have years of experience in elevators, Benny.

Jack Bauer and family - a bunch of mentally unstable individuals

just read the new character abilities ... Blood Elves are crasy broken ... +5 to all resistences, built in silence and mana/energy regen =O

Dranei .. born to be the team bitch

You never mentinoned shit about the writing for Prison Break being addictive. You watched one or two eps of Prison Break and emphasised how shit MIller was which was fair enough.

So my impression was that you it was ok/meh but Miller made it unviewable.

Office is just another series that I'd have to watch from the start to get into, that isn't quite enough for me.

A fart in an elevator is only uncomfortable if you make.

Swear under your breath even if you didn't and give the other guy a dirty if there's only you and another guy in it

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The way I feel about Prison Break: there is nothing wrong with the show. The plot was quite addictive actually. But Wentworth Miller is a terrible and unconvincing actor. When I say terrible and unconvincing, I'm talking about the actors you see on Australian soapies like Home and Away and Neighbours. He seems completely wrong for the role and seems as awkward as a fart in an elevator.

Is this the way you feel about Steve Carrell? Similar to Borat the awkwardness, unlike Prison Break, is actually intended.

Got a concert tonight as well too =P

No one's interested in seeing the Whitlams are they?

Solo LANE!

What a dog ....

I am willing to attend on the friday and the afternoon on sat/sun

The Office is for me, the way you feel about Prison Break Marc...

Oh did I leave my soccer ball in your car Alexis from Dorrigo's thing?

Or is it at your place Marc? I still gotta get my racquet back...

Off to work!

Bros before hoes

Monday, January 22, 2007

Got a concert 27th night so not sure what my availability is

Australia Day Weekend Thing!

(another) Medina at West Ryde, over the long weekend! (Thats from Friday to Sunday)

There will be BBQ Food (that you will suggest)!
There will be Drinks (that you will bring)!
There will be Snacks (that you will suggest/bring)!
There will be Alcohol (that you can bring)!
There will be POKER (I will not lose.. much)!
There will be (insert favourite thing that you can bring, incl. magic/lappies)!

There will also be.. expressions of interest.

And lastly,
There will be more info to come.

I've no plans. I'm a nigel.

You know you're in trouble when you don't even remember what De Morgan's rule does...

People all busy on Australia Day Weekend huh.

Lolz, the weather was so nice I thought I went back to HK today! Nice and sticky. Mmmm...more sticky weather. God I love it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

You know what I missed most about Jono...

Now that Jono's gone we don't go to the beach no more...

So it was awesome to go to Coogee...

Even though it's a southern beach with shitty seaweed...

But yeah the water was LICH-COLD compared to the sand and out of the water...

Today was so cold that I have trouble believing I left China at all

Friday, January 19, 2007


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Hash spoke the english with blackness nigger

Eric: I beat your battlecruiser with instructions and a colour version of it.. which i will post later. was indeed where the probe in my avatar pic came from.

i have a link to the gundam paper model site at home.. it also contains a model of eva unit 1.

i just realised i have on my person all the starcraft paper models i downloaded. i'll show them to you at your place Eric.

What a dog Benny. WHAT A DOG!! Lolz. Hash, I have no idea on how to play magic. The only thing I know about magic is tap and untap those mountain thingies cos it takes energy to summon. So do you think it's worth 35 bucks for me to go there and check out the hype? I mean you'll have to play my flight for me (embarrassing to lose with a perfect). So I really guess it's a waste of money for YOU to sponsor me...well, you do get 90 cards, while I do get to spend 3 hours of bumming around for free.

Marc: Tonight my place, ~6.

EDIT: Darren, I beat your siege tank with my Battlecruiser

KJ: Can you find me the link to the Gundams and Starcraft units within this site?

lol marc, engrish my good yeah?

roflmao factor? Do not try to hide your shame behind roflmao factor! At least the rest proud geeks!

Post details of poker tonight for marc?

I might dog it for after work drinks XD

each flight is like a seperate tournament.
Each flight contains 4 rounds
each round contains best of 3 matches
each round lasts about 55 mins - 1 hr
each flight has a deckbuilding time allocated of about 40 mins.

The cost is $35 per flight. If u want to join us on Saturday (i.e in CT) then I can sponsor u (I pay, u play and give me cards at end of day)

What are flights? And how much per flight. If it's cheap, I might come and check out expensive pieces of coloured cardboards. XD!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

ok, just to make sure before i max out my card, attendances for sat are ::

1. Benny (2 flights) - paying
2. Chris (2 flights) - paying
3. Me (2 flights) - paying
4. KJ (2 flights) - paying/roflmao factor
5. Scott (2 flights) - roflmao factor
6. Alex (arvo flight) - roflmao factor
7. Kirill (arvo flight) - roflmao factor

Easiest way to get there
1. Get off at Town Hall station,
2. walk all the way to the end of QVB
3. York St. will be on ur left,
4. Go down York St (towards Wynyard) for about 100m on the left hand side

Damn Google Earth is huge now. They have streets all labelled now...

Dooleys? Thas just down the road from my place!

Thanks Darren. I'll have to make do with the paper mechs while my plastic gundams are in transit from across the Pacific.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Benny here are the details ::

Day 1-CITY

Where: The Bowlers Club of NSW
95 York St
Sydney(Opposite Tin Soldier)
When: Saturday 20th January. Morning Flights(including 16 & under
flights)9am rego 9.30am start. Afternoon flights(including 2 headed
giant)3.30pm rego 4pm start
Format: Timespiral Block sealed(you get a Timespiral tournament pack
and 3 boosters to make a 40 card minimum deck with)
Entry: $35($30 for junior flight)


Where: Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club
When: Sunday 21st January. Morning Flights 9am rego 9.30am start.
Afternoon flights(including 2 headed giant)3.30pm rego 4pm start
Format: Timespiral Block sealed(you get a Timespiral tournament pack
and 3 boosters to make a 40 card minimum deck with)
Entry: $35

If anyone wishes to drop in, feel free. 'Ware the overpowering stench of geekiness!

eric: Yes, yes, no, yes and yes (i'll make them later).. and marc: no.

Yes, he did, he also has Korean Win XP on his desktop :p

Lolz, a bit of Johness in the saugages...

Darren, do you still have the site for the pulse rifle in the Alien series? I still gotta build those paper mechs. And did you build that siege tank? Any carriers or dragoons?

You're right john, they just won't taste the same without sausage jokes.

If you liked the DSLR thing when you were in the lounge you should have been on the trip. It was practically one big euphemism.

charlie did 98% of the work, i just stood by and made sausage jokes. which of course makes up the other 2%; you can't have a sausage on the barbie without sausage joke.

I forgot to thank Charlie (and john) for the BBQing. He looked after the cooking. You did a pretty damn good job, the chicken was cooked yet the wasn't burnt!

John is adding extra tenderiser.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

real star-craft..

Marcs Place - Charlie John(a)

Marcs Place - Charlie John(a), originally uploaded by kwon5633.

As per James's request: Excellent BBQing technique by John. Sorry I didn't get any better photos of the food, I was hungry.

Benny, can u confirm who is coming on Saturday?

so far, I have the following ppl as coming/interested
1) You (2 flights?)
2) Chris (2 flights?)
3) Tim (1 flight?) >
4) Kirill (1-2 flights?)
5) Flinky (unknown)
6) Kj (1-2 flights?)
7) me (2 flights?)

can u contact Chris, Alex and Kirill (and Tim I guess) and see how many flights they would like to play in? I can sponsor up to 6 entries if need be, so I need to know numbers before friday (pref. thurs)

I'm a nigger compared to Kwong (except for the T-shirt tanmark)

Yee yeeee! Meh gum gnarm geh?!. The phrase that Yi was trying so hard to master on the trip. Don't give up dude.

Lolz, I used to be really white. But afta coming to Australia and somehow got forced into cricket and swimming, I gradually got fried into this. And yes Benny, thanks for lending us ur place at night. I really need to start winning in poker.

Just to reiterate what has already been said, thanks Marc for your place during the day, and thanks Benny for your place during the evening.

I'm a bit itchy on my arms, and the back of my neck is darker than it was, but otherwise I'm fine. Multi-class asian/polynesian ftw

Eric, you know what's funny?

You're like the darkest out of all the asians in the group, and yet you got fried the most? (besides Kwong)

Think of pasty Scottie and whiteboy Spain, not too mention Marc, Charlie, John, Me.

Yet no sunburn? XD
What's the address for magic Hash? (Bowler's club)

Edit: Haha, btw Darren I only forgot you because of your multiclassness and the fact that you weren't on my team. Dorrigo is too dark to get sunburnt

Please post BBQ pictures. I am hungry.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Damn Kwong, us Chinese ppls have it neck and arms are seriously killing me. It's itchy and it hurts! Damn you hash...DAMN YOU!!!!

Good to hear Jono's having fun over there. Beach is not good. I don't wanna get burnt again! But then again, I can't get any more burnt that this...

Nice Jono! If you build up enough good karma in the hospital, maybe you will be born as a Buddhist in your next life!

Many thanks to Marc for a well organised day of fun (esp. with the xtra attendances).

Eric: Strangely, I did not seem to be sunburnt ...

Spain :: I am also down for the beach, but I think Dota will have to be Live Action since the beach p0wns laptops

To those going to Magic pre-release - make sure u have bring the registration moneys, if you do not wish to pay registration, then I will comp you as long as u give me ur rares,foils and power uncommons at the end(even if u get 7 foil damnations).

Jono is alive! And wishes to express the following:

In Livingstone, Zambia now. All is well and safe! Even my stomach had no issues wheeeee. This place is awesome, its such a small town (though it used to be the capital before Lusaka), but still a bit touristy, because everyone who goes to Victoria Falls (one of the seven natural wonders of the world) would go through here. It's now 8am, and in an hours' time we are driving about 110km to our small village Sichili (se-shi-li), where the hospital is, and that's where we'll be spending most of our time. This town is already so small (with just one main road and lots of dirt and dusty roads), can barely wait to see what the village will be like! Apparently there is an awesome church up that area though, called the United Church of Zambia, so that will be cool to check out next sunday. Also, there will be no internet apart from emergencies, so I'll be out of email contact for 3 weeks or so, until Feb 5 ish.

Looks like everyone back in Syd is doing well! Haven't had much of a chance to catch up on the blog, but looks like you boys had a farewell for Dorrigo? If anyone sees him, tell him hi from me, and apologies I couldn't be there. I really hope everyone is doing well. It's good to see photos of yi/char/marc in tibet!

I'm sorry I can't write a longer email/post, I really want to. My breakfast has been sitting on the table for half an hour and we need to get some money exchanged at the post office (1 USD = 4250 Kwacha) and stock up on some supplies including water. But I'm keeping a written journal here, and it's being filled up fairly nicely. :) I'll try to send updates when I can!

Okay gotta run!


I'm in for the beach. More dota this time!

Thanks to everyone for coming. Sorry it had to be cut short, would have liked to have a whole day thing. We should organise a beach day soon on a weekend.

poor guys. The UV rays from the Esky must've really cooked you! Shouldn't spend so much time there next time XD

Pasty whites! Go get a tan!

Hmm... I also got fried quite badly. My face is a nice uniform crimson colour and everyone at work thinks I'm drunk. :(

Lolz, stfu benny! Now it's itchy as well.

Thanks Marc for a superb bbq with so many unexpected but nonetheless welcome visitors. Thanks to everyone who went making it another blissfully carefree sunday.

On a side note, Marc can you pass my tennis racquet to Hash, otherwise I'll get it off you another time.

I didn't get sunburnt and I had no sunscreen, anyone else able to brag to Eric about their lack of sunburn?

I was backing up my photos (as I said I would, James) and I looked through my Eurotrip photos.

Finally found the song that made me go to Barcelona

Europe Summer 2009 (2008 if I'm lucky) here I come!

I am getting sensate overload. Too many memories both visual and non-visual. GaAAAaarRRRGGgghHH

Thanks Marc for letting us trash ur place. And definitely for cleaning up afta us. Hope u weren't late to dinner, and consequently get owned by parents...

Wow, standing under a nice, hot, sunny day for least 4 hours (2 hours of tennis, then prolly 2 hours of soccer) is real fun, especially when i've forgotten to apply sunscreen. Now i can feel the burn...and the pain! Goddam, I need some blikness!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I just scored a tennis racket in my backyard. Bonus!

That looks a little scant to me. It averages of 1.3 x (wing | drumstick | steak | sausage) + 1 sausage each. And a breast fillet that Benny will devour single mouthedly.

Also, are you using the BBQ that I used last time at your house? I think that will have some trouble serving 15 people. A full sized weber can hardly manage that. I suggest lighting up real early and cook the sausages before people all arrive. When they arrive, they should help themsevles to a roll with some ketchup and mustard.

Have fun guys. WIll miss it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I've got half a carton on Sprite cans and 6L of soft drink. If you think thats insufficient for the amount of people coming then bring more.

Well the point of the BBQ is not to get full up on chips and starburst, but if thats your thing, then more food for me.

That amount of meat will be fine. Taking in to account the non-bbq meat items that will be bought, such as chips, starburst and drink (of which 2 items will be bought and brought by me), that should be enough for the 18 or so people that will be there.

Paintball was fun.. I got shot in the back 7 times while leaving the field after getting a graze hit on my trigger finger. And, I got shot on the thumbnail.

Anyway, soccer tomorrow!! ball bringers, bring your ball please.

Marc, what would u like us to bring?

1. Food?
2. Drink?
3. Soccer ball?

Did the numbers just increase? I budgetted meat for 15 people: 5 wings, 5 drumsticks, 1 large breast fillet, 5 beef steak, 5 pork chop, 16 sausages.

Friday, January 12, 2007

This is KJ's Confirmation...

1) I'm not going to Dinner on Friday... (can't go home)

2) I AM going to BBQ on Sunday Marc.... I'm gunna try and
drag Chu along too.... So make food for 2 ppl (but if
he don't come, then thats extra food for spain)

3) That is all... Have fun at dinner tonight mangs....

double post, meh

Is there enough parking around that area?

Also could I get a reconfirmation on the numbers of people attending the BBQ on Sunday so I get an approximate measurement of how much food I need to buy?

10-4 on fat and chives. Will add Chili and backdooring peppercorns.

I thought it was implied by what I said that it means that I'd be going to Sultans with you guys. To think otherwise is an unintentional interpretation of my words.

So, to make it clear:

I'll meet up with you guys at HMV, pitt st mall at 6 to go to Sultan's together. See you there.

before you head off?
Not coming with us Darren?

I'll meet up with you guys in the city before you head off to Sultans. HMV at pitt st mall at 6. See you there.

Just wondering who is meeting up with me in the city before we go to Sultan's Table

Always use twice as much coal as you think you'll need. ;)

I'd like some fat and chives please.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

BBQ at my place Sunday 11AM. BBQ will be fired up at 10AM. Post any eating/food preferences.

MSN me for my address or look it up on whitepages.

After going to China, I cannot bring myself nor justify paying those prices.

It's still at 7pm tomorrow, Friday (7pm at the restaurant leave at 6 from home please, Eric this means 4pm for you)

I've made the booking in Edmund Lee (I don't know dorrigo's last name)

I'll be meeting with Spain in the city at 6pm at HMV at pitt street mall, if you're worried about getting there.

Spain's been to Sultan's Table before as well. So contact him for more detailed instructions, its essentially train to newtown then walk he says.

Ok change of plans

Since Zenobia's a money whoring house, charging only banquet ($40) on friday's and saturdays.

We're going to Sultan's Table
179 Enmore Rd, Enmore
9557 0229
Price Guide
Medium mixed dip $12, bread $2.50, cabbage roll $7, stuffed eggplant $6.50, guvec $12, Sultan's Kebab $14.50, Turkish coffee $3.


If it has 76% of the marketshare then you have every bloody right to expect it to last longer than 3 months.

It died from no abuse. Just died. Look at the condition I've kept it in. I was just shuffling thru my songs (like last time) and it crashed. Then got progressively worse until it became a hardware issue.

Black Liquid Fights Cancer

If you do it yourself it'd be even cheaper...

So what did yours die from Marc?
It's still under warranty right?


"Apple will replace your iPod (battery) for a service fee of $89.10 inc GST, plus $19.95 postage and handling."


So about $110 AUD.

That is less than one third the cost of a new HDD based iPod.

To put it in perspective, I paid $700 for my first iPod.

Everything is made in Taiwan. The difference between a bling bling 256MB SuperMP3 player and iPod is that when the former breaks, no one is going to scream foul. However, if an Apple product breaks, it is all the evidence that's required to prove that iPods are fragile, frivolous and are nothing more than fashion accessories.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

aren't the ipod/imac parts manufactured in taiwan and assembled in china?

Machete in bag ok for Cultural Reasons

For some, I suppose it is better to devices uglier and coarser, as to prevent the formation of scratches. As is the the doctorine of purchasing Taiwanese/Korean OEM products, in that when they do fail, the resulting embarasement and heartache will not be so great.

Tibet Photos

Thats right, my 4th generation iPod did die, from what appeared to be a hard drive problem, but more likely it was a battery problem.

More than half a year after it stopped working, I decided to plug it into my comp to see if I could put anything on.. and to my surprise it started working again! But this resurrection lasted only a few weeks, and it is now dead again.

Replacing the ipod battery is almost as expensive as the ipod itself, so not worth the trouble.

The iphone looks fragile.. and looks like it would get marks on it from holding it against your face to talk.

That translates to 2 hours talk time and 8 hours playback. Music player dying is okay, but not the mobile. Your mobile is an essential mode of comms.

5 hours talk time, 16 hours music playback.

Yi told me at the beginning of the trip that Robin's iPod died along with all his photos. I was thinking: whats the likelihood that will happen to me?

Very high. I think Darren's iPod died too didn't it?

Hash, I'll grant your statement that macs still sucks. It come with the recognition of something more profund though -- VISTA totally sucks.

Alas the sith lord sucumbs to the will of Apple Vader. Mmm. Apple Vader. Menecing.

so there will be both a dinner and a bbq luncheon for dorrigo's farewell?

how long does the battery last for in the iphone?

Lolz, it looks good. And yes, the zune is a write off. So much for the new ipod killer. The only good thing about the Zune is the fact that it's not an ipod. It's the biggest dud ever.

There were some fake "leaked" photos of ipod 6-gen which look remarkable similar to this iphone.

Since my iPod died with all my trip photos, I wouldn't get the iphone anymore than I would get a Motorola RZR. They would both be terribly unreliable and purely a fashion accessory. Though carrying around a dead Motorola RZR and pretending to make calls still makes you look cool.

Ok, there are now 3 series of good apple products, the Mac's still suck but the iPod, nano and iPhone are just too much temptation to resist ...

The Zune is now simply a non-event. I doubt that anyone outside MS will own one (even you eric).

Yi if you can read this, there was only 1 thing that Benny needed to become responsible ... $$$

Brothers kebab is nowhere near as good as Adams.

I'm on the verge of tears

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It may well be worth it just to see spain's face as they dance

Zenobia is opposite the shopping centre on Norton St and slightly up the hill (note the shopping centre NOT the forum). cost will be roughly $40 per head for banquet (friggin nice and i couldn't finish it completely) or $20 ish for a plate. add in drinks and entree's it isn't the "brother's kebab" but its damn good food, and maybe belly dancing night XD.

102 Norton St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone (02) 9560 4131

looks like the place we're going
Spain's been there before.
Dorrigo would you mind booking?
if not I'll get around to it
laters all

Likely plans for dorrigo:

Bbq lunch on sunday,
dinner out on friday night.

Dorrigo's asking for suggestions,
(no pancakes)


DSC_1046, originally uploaded by kwon5633.

Greetings, Italian style!

Switzerland trip summary, Kwong's perspective:

- Swiss people are the most friendly people on Earth!
- Being pulled over by the polizei for driving down a tramway one hour after obtaining our hire car, thanks to non-intuitive roadsigns with no english. Sprechen sie deutsche nicht!
- Being uncultured swines and pronouncing everything as direct as possible, e.g., Chur as 'chur' instead of supposed 'cool'.
- Skiing in Davos and Gridalwald, where long black runs would make Charlie go nuts, I'm sure. Jono got up close and personal with the snow in a humourous stack. I also failed to escape the effects of gravity.
- Deciding that snow chains were not necesary, only to struggle half way up the mountain. Short term solution: having Jono and Wei sitting on the bonnet in order to redistribute weight to the front, while edging upwards, and with essentially cliffs to the side.
- Learning Italian 'greeting', thanks to Russell Peters, and utilising such gesture in Lugano, the Italian side of Switzerland.
- Visiting Germany for 1.5hrs total, a few hours before our flight out of Switzerland on the other side of the country (Basel), in an attempt to make Basel airport via German autobahns. Jono's personal best: 222km/h in our 1.8L Opel Astra. Even more memorable was being overtaken by Audis and BMWs while we were cruising at 190km/h. We opted out from that option due to the fact that we didn't know where we were going. Plus, we would have burnt through probably four 40L tanks of fuel for that journey alone, and at approximately A$1.62 per litre, not exactly feasible.

Not to mention, the picture perfect scenery literally everywhere you looked, especially in Luzern, Geneva, and Stein am Rhine. And by 'scenery' I also mean the gorgeous Swiss girls. :P

Umm, so what are really doing? If we are going to have a bbq luncheon, then we'll prolly have to do it on a weekend. If we are going to have a dinner, and none of our houses are available, we might as well have dinner somewhere. All activities require organising so can we decide please?

Awesome, so Alexis is now a janitor.

Marc, what's up with your cell?

I tried calling your home phone but no answer.

I'm at work so no msn call my mobile when you read this unless you have everything prepped already

Let's do an Italian Luncheon for Ed's getaway. I'll write the menu. Benny can do the shopping. The girls (if at all alive) can serve and entertain like in good'o antiquity.

Alexis is helping out to clean up the Ganges.

What about Domino and Pizza Haven?! And who can forget Brother's down at Auburn for their insanely big pizzas! Sif they are mid-tier! So where are we doing the farewell thing? If bbq is out of the question, how 'bout just having dinner out in the ct?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oportos is on par with KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut finally

I'm still at uni.. working at the same place

Benny is in one of the Big 4..

Alexis is at USYD working on secret military devices, or so he says

Ooo everyone's working! Must tell me where!

No, my place is not open this time. We can have it at Benny's place!

Alexis works? Where?

Benny - wrong spelling and it was John/Linda/Kwong that wanted to see Whitecastle.

I suggest we hold it durind daytime at Benny's workplace


Alexis, Darren and me All have work till 5pm?
Me and Darren will be working all week so friday would be preferable.

Thursday night Alexis has a 21st.

Friday Hash has Friday night Magic

Saturday dorrigo isn't free.

Not sure my house is the best place on friday so suggestions are welcome.

Erics place? XD
I'm sure his sister wants to see more choice film Siddarth recommends XD

Forgot to mention, Dorrigo has people moving his stuff at 2-4pm on friday too so if its lunch it'll have to be on another day

My place is only available during day time. No dinners.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Marc's place friday bbq 6pm.

He'll be back on tuesday i think to organise.

PLease keep to people who actually know dorrigo.

New 24!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

OMG, no wonder why Benny kept asking me to call Ed! OK, i don't mind organising the thing. (yes I have NOW accepted the organising part). HOwever, I need to know who's going, and what you guys want. Food, alcohol, drinks, activities, I need a list. Benny, since you've called Ed, when's a good time for him?

Please, reply to this blog or call me on my mobile if you are interested. I understand that some of you are working and attendance will be dependant on time, but express your interest!

Thanks, Eric.

I'll take that inane comment as a volunteer to organise an appropriate time with Ed and the others. Remember, I get back on Tuesday and need Wednesday to prepare at least.

The success of this BBQ rests in your hands! Go!

Wooo, bbq to see Edman off. That's a great idea!

Oh on another note, while I was browsing through IGN sites for news on GT5 and Tekken 6, I came across something interesting...a planned Tekken movie. Just google it.

BBQ at my place sometime next week after I return (no earlier than Wednesday) to see off Dorrigo who will be going to Perth to work for BP. Preferably on Thursday 11th or after. I'm at Kunming right now so obviously I can't contact Ed.

Can someone phone him and see what times he will be available when he comes back to Sydney for a brief time? If he can only make it on 10th Wed then I'll adjust accordingly.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

mmmMMMM b0000tiful!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

From Marc:

Man, NYE at Tibet was awesome! It was fully goin' off! These Tibetans are insane!

I think my stableblog has been hacked. My password no longer works. If this is so, it will make this the second blogger account I've lost. What a wanker s/he must be?

Indeed Darren, I agree: as with everything else, even Humour originated from the Black man

Haha, I get it, its because they're black..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hash: learn to use chopsticks.

James: The Wii is fun to use, especially with the party games that Renee had. The games had the option to switch to a left handed mode when playing certain games. The difference was not apparant in tennis, golf or baseball as quick movement in any direction was enough to register as a swing or pitch in each game. In boxing however, the movements are mirrored if the controllers are held in the opposite hands. So when i tried blocking by moving my hands together, My boxing gloves went the opposite way, leaving me wide open.

There is audio feedback from controllers themselves, which is quite nifty..

How is Wii you guys? Good?

Chinese Style? How to I wash this taint off me?

Happy NY everyone! To me, NY celebrations is getting boring. Maybe because I was either working, or overseas and never get to spend my NYE with friends. (except for last year, when we (Marc) got banned from boating and poor Joyce taking the hit for our stupidity.)

It was a good one! This year, we spent the night Wii'ing, moneyless pokering, Pizza'ing with Brothers at Auburn and various other random stuff at my place. Hash and Alexis was living the year in Chinese Style. So instead of having an all-guy's party, we had a all-couples party except for me, Darren and Wan(?). I think having 3 single guys at a party is just boring...lolz...

I still have 4 Crownies, half a bottle of Vodka, and 1/3 Midori. If we are having a party next, I suggest apple juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, Malibu, and various other sweet alcohol. I wanna mix drinks again. :)

To those of you currently overseas, Greetings from 2007! Have a Merry New Year when your time comes..

In this retrospective time over 2006, I suddenly realised why people never turned up to events when they said they would.. it was (and still is until Chinese New Year) the year of the Dog.. Oooo ho ho ho ho ho

But enough about last year, may your 2007 be as good or better than your 2006!

Aaand back to WoW..

2007 yay!
The year of the platypus has arrived!

Happy New Year!

Yay for the shiny fireworks