Tuesday, August 31, 2004

man people.. why did we even bother starting off with all this knockin stuff.... if u wanna know ... the 3 worst who got dunked on in school was.

1) Bock

2) Eric

3) me...

but that was school where most ppl tried to be hardass ....

and alexis ... quite a faggy bit of script there.. but if the dood was chinese i DOUBT he'd be able to write that much in ENGLISH eheh

If only fucking australia was feasible. In any case, it's probably a fraud. Where did you get it alexis?

Yeah butters, lets knock each other more often to make it proportional. You're a tool! =)

A Racist Chinese Father
Obyuang Yu, 1985

Fuck you, Australia

from a penntless gambler

when I was boarding the CAAF plane for home which is
of course China
i said through the arsehole of a window:
fuck you Australia!
you thought i'd made myself a millionaire didn't you
digging for gold in your cheap sunshine
you thought i'd wanted to get a kangaroo certificate
in order to live on the dole like a cheap unemployed fat man
you thought i'd wanted to learn your english that
called me names
that fucked, whenever it could, anybody, especially us
you thought i'd liked your women because we were
essentially an immoral people, that's right we came to you
to look for fun in sex in the first place because
yours was supposed to be a country
flowing with gold and fuck-holes
you thought i was every bit unlike you
funny, inscrutable wily, cunning, miserly, full of dark designs
you thought in your heart of hearts that we were bad
not fit to share your continent

fuck you australia
i said to myself as if i was australia
i'd go back to china, tell everybody
how vastly cheap you are, and mean
i said i'd forget you this very second when i am fastening
my seat belt, my shit belt
i said though remembering that i'd never fucked anybody yet
that i'd come back one day to pick up an australian woman
as my tenth concubine

fuck you australia

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hey guys,

Thanx Marc. I think i was over-reacting a little. Anyways, no hard feelings. It's in the past, and it doesn't matter now. As long as we don't do all that stuff again...i m sure it'll be fine :).

Now come on boys, hug and make up.

Apologies Eric. Respect for arriving to Annie's party before me.

As I recall, I was the one who got screwed over when the 4 other cars jetted ahead and left me behind to get to Double Bay from North Sydney. I got pretty damned pissed off that night due to complete wastage of time now that I remember. We spent about 20 minutes (and several phone calls) parked in Double Bay waiting for someone to show us where Ice Cream was (which was on a street parrallel to us in the end). I do remember clearly that even Renee got annoyed enough that she switched to her "stern" voice when calling you Eric.

But yes, its unfair to blame you wholly for the traffic incident. I should be blaming more the person in front of me who didn't check the convoy.

Also, a certain someone happened to mention to me once that you were rarely late for your dating commitments, only were you late when it came to more "trivial" commitments with friends, so that doesn't help a lot either.

Good to hear that you are taking some initiative to show that you actually care about your punctuality.

We knock each other (although somewhat disproportionately), we're all friends, no hard feelings :)

I don't think you should just 'take it'. If it's a gesture of good
will, it sure isn't being taken as such - people just see it as a
sign that you're a free kill.

And people, is it that 'fun' to bag out Eric?

And another thing, I was told it was 7:30 for Annie's party. With traffic and actually gotta go to a meeting till 6pm doesn't help.

And unless you have been going to things with me, I haven't been late for a while now. So do not generalise unless you know me now.

Gees guys, I haven't been on the blog for ages, and the when i chek, i become the subject of discussion. To answer Hash's question...it was because i never dis anyone. I take it all in and thas it.

To Kwong's statement, I actually didn't run a yellow. It was green but because there were 5 (FIVE!!) cars, the lights turned yellow by the 3rd car. I actually stopped and waited down the road, but never saw u guys again. So NO, i did not run a yellow when leading a 5 car convoy.

Now, Marc. I didn't know there were "a pair of scissors" (was a mini screw driver) in the bag. I wasn't even in HK then. Someone must've put them into the bag of models I had and my aunt just chuk'd it into the bag along with it. On top of that, I didn't even expect my aunt to dump all that stuff into the bag. SO Scott...I'd like to apologize once again for that incident.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

I'm sure its been more than once dude

Friday, August 27, 2004

One time, Eric, leading a 5 car convoy, ran through a yellow light when he could have stopped.

Well, I can think of an incident earlier this year when Scott went back to HK

Eric asked him to pick up his bag he left there but what Eric forgot to mention was that there was a pair of scissors in the bag, and because of this, the flight was delayed and his pez was plenty pissed off lol

Just one of the many incidents under his belt

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Question to the group ::

Why is eric so prone to be knocked?

I have yet to find a qualitative reason (except of lateness)
Does he just emit an aura of "Plz Knock me"?

Mac ppl - Please forward this question to eric


7:30 translates to 8:00 for the group, translates to 9:00 for eric

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

- B i J o u - says:
its 7:30pm at Seoul-ria Restaurant SHARP! (food starts) and can someone be a photo person? cos i dont have a digital camera
- B i J o u - says:
not 7pm...when i stated on invitation

You can do that, then use Microsoft Word to auto-summarise then fill in the parts that don't make sense.

A friend taught me that when he was ripping essays off other people XD

just copy and paste all the essays you've written in your degree and make it all fit together in one unifying thesis.

mmm this is funky

Authors for my machine design textbook:
Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
Third Edition
John J. Uicker, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin,
Gordon R. Pennock, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Purdue University, and the late
Joseph E. Shigley, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Michigan (Emeritus)

So Gordon Pennock happens to be my professor/lecturer; he's a stern man with some international experience; got his Bachelor's in Edinburgh and his PhD in California. Oh, and his M. Eng Sc from the University of New South Wales.


"Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology.....
The PhD is the highest degree obtainable through a course of study at University, and requires completion of a thesis of approximately 75000 words for a quantitative study, and 100000 words for a qualitative study." - (Postgraduate Programs in Psychology, 2005, Macquarie University)

Now that is horrendous. The most I did was a 3000 word essay.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Anyone want to chip in for Panasonic G70 for Annie? What do you think guys?

Tennis on Tuesday morning@unsw. Bring your Rackets

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I'm an official 18 unit bludger...meaning I won't be finishing comp sci this year.

I dropped DB XD ... Dammit shoulda gone HCI!

yes it does.

that doesn't mean for you all to shut up...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

me doing a favour:

- B i J o u - says:
hey john
- B i J o u - says:
can u do me a favour?
- B i J o u - says:
can u go on the blog
- B i J o u - says:
and post a msg to get ppl to call me
- B i J o u - says:
0404 681 975 to RSVP my invitation ASAP
- B i J o u - says:
i need no. to book for restaurant

note: - b i j o u- is annie

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

electrical bubblefish!

Monday, August 16, 2004


"Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who prefer their own football codes to soccer
New Zealand can't possibly be industrialised."

Sunday, August 15, 2004

hmm it seems a Blogger upgrade is somehow preventing Firefox from logining or posting. o.O

no matter what, didn't Putin agree to ratify the protocal? of course, it was in exchange for something else.. but it's gone through. or am i dreaming?

[edit] arh! so they have fixed it. [/edit]

no, the thought of us partnering with one of our strongest allies in the world is unbearable,
because our own interests aren't more important than being as cool as anti-usa.

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations with passive conservative governments who sent troops to Iraq

How is the US government passive?

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who opposed the Kyoto protocol
That wouldn't have anything to do with 'our best interest' would it? Perhaps it's not a good idea to lose key industries for reducing some measly amount of polution while under the same protocol developing countries can churn many fold more back into the atmosphere.

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who prefer their own football codes to soccer
New Zealand can't possibly be industrialised.

Maybe we should be designated the 51st state...
Canada's already there.

John, power to you!

Naruto? Take a look for yourself here.

yi: according to you, i have 0 reasons to switch to firefox.
i just wasted the best part of an hour proving something i already know - my computer is sterile and i do practice "safe computing".

who's naruto?

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who are governed by passive conservative parties

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations with passive conservative governments who sent troops to Iraq

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who opposed the Kyoto protocol

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who voted at the UN security council in favour of Israel's right to defend itself from Palestine by building a wall across the Gaza strip

Australia and the USA are the only industrialized nations who prefer their own football codes to soccer

Maybe we should be designated the 51st state, that way we will have US security support, and no nation from the South East will think on messing with us...

Naruto is going to air on Chinese TV!!
So... it's licenced. But only licenced in China.
So I am ok!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

I'm about to do the unbelievable.

Tomorrow, I will give my wholehearted recommendation to the grand council (my family) for the purchase of a major asset produced by Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co.

May Morita have mercy on my soul!

Once again, this proves that nothing is free.

Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm an air particle!

Hmm I signed up for that a month ago but closed my account 5mins later after reading fine print. =(

ever had sms.ac invites?

oh yes of course.
please insert 6 COMP3311 assignments in there.

and guys, this sounds just like what we need... a good dose of "a short strand of DNA".

Thursday, August 12, 2004

you also have unknown COMP3311 assignments

COMP3511 ass 1 17/08 week 4
COMP3511 ass 2.1 24/08 week 5
INFS3611 del 1 30/08 week 6
COMP3511 ass 2.2 07/09 week 7
COMP3511 ass 2.3 21/09 week 8
SENG3020 del 1 23/09 week 8
INFS3611 del 2 27/09 week 9
GENL2031 case study 04/10 week 10
COMP3511 ass 3.1 05/10 week 10
INFS3611 del 3 18/10 week 12
COMP3511 ass 3.2 19/10 week 12
INFS3611 del 4 25/10 week 13
GENL2031 research essay 01/11 week 14
SENG3020 del 2 04/11 week 14

well said yi.

i liken going thru BT/mp3/crack sites to walking thru a virtual swamp. all these leeches and mosquitos attach onto you and give you all sorts of nasty diseases.

haha "practice safe computing". sounds like your giving a lecture on STDs.

jono, ironically, you have to use IE to run those tests. they all require ActiveX (microsoft proprietary thingy of course) so yeah.

if you want to fix them, either search google and find a manual fix, or just delete the file and check for registry entries to them. the best bet is to search google.

trendmicro's website has a something fixing system? TDS. i think that's the name of it. anyway, it's a little troublesome getting it to work (took me 3-5 attempts) but i got it going and it cleaned out a few backdoors on my mother's computer.

the difference between my computer and my mother's computer is that i use firefox and she uses IE. apart from that, we both practice safe computing. after scanning both computers with all 4 online scanners, my computer came up empty while my mother's came up with 5-10 backdoors and trojans and free loaders. they weren't nasty viruses but they were all unpleasant.

using firefox will reduce the chances, not eliminate it.

yeah Symantec (online) seems to have some trouble running
just ran RAV and that found 5 or 6 infected files after a complete scan.
3 from Outlook Express, 2 from IE roughly

Too bad it doesn't fix them

and you say Firefox would prevent these?

Darren: Which pic are you referring to? I haven't but a clue

(All my pics and my blog are down for the rest of this week as Purdue performs maintenance)

heh, i look like some sort of rodent in that pic of me..

i thought that we (read: benny) would break the competition('s legs) if we were to enter again

you can borrow my steel-capped school shoes!

you can divorce someone you arent married to if you are a priest (or whoever it is that has the power to divorce people)

JONOOOO!!! A pity you couldn't make the picnic.. you are missed by all. Some of your more recent photos really highlight the tone of your forearms.. have you been working out? or is that just the result of furious typing/writing to get work done? bet your handshake has improved..

whats with your font, john? is it that way because you only use ie? i wonder..

hmm, i just realised i'm using the classic default theme for winxp... well, i guess its better..

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

lol @ james.
it's such a pain in the arse to side with me...

anyway, john and jono, i challenge you to go to
1. symantec (click "Check for security risks")
2. ravantivirus (at the bottom of the box, click "To continue without subscribing click here")
3. trendmicro HouseCall
4. panda antivirus
and use all the virus scanners.

each virus/trojan/backdoor/worm they find is a reason for you to switch away to Firefox.

and jono, Firefox is the updated Firebird. :)

Okay this is going to be a record, I'm in favour of Yi's side *again* (after Firebird).
Using the default theme reduces maintainence. Less worries of saving themes. Computer
behaves the same after reformatting. Less self-admiring narcicism. No elitist sillyness
with propritary and memory hogging graphics mumbojumbo. Less headache overall. Just to
get my minimal theme happening after my reformat took about two days. Sometimes it's just
not worth it.

"Convert or die!"
-from The Chronicles of Riddick.
best movie ever!

bloody james and his camera, man....honky? im not a honky =/

firefox supports tabbing by pressing the scroll wheel. I'm seeing nested frames in yi's pic, whoa

indoor soccer 2004, lets do it

2002 team: benny, hash, me, darren, jono...did i miss anyone?

very change font john

i don't know what i find more amazing - that i was called a developmental honkie or the fact that yi uses the standard win xp theme.

jono: that's one of the little annoying things that turned me to myie2. ctrl+backspace works again!

not surprised there are so many fans of firefox who are so eagre to convert you though, reminds me of some religions.
the motion when i use my scroll wheel is less smooth when i use firefox, and like jono said, i don't want to change my browsing habits when i don't have to.

Hahah John nice pic.
Honkie developments = a progression of the personality towards Hong Kong culture.
or at least it seems. :)

Hash: Jamaican me crazy

Good to hear from you KJ. Life is never boring; it's only what you make it and more importantly, how you perceive it - for nothing is absolute (and so on).

haha didn't know Firefox sparked so many opinions.
Actually, I'm mistaken for taking the older Firebird. I had that rousing suspicion.

Main reason I was turned off Firebird was I couldn't get the tabbing system to work like Crazy Browser - punch in an address, enter and get it to open in a new tab automatically. Sounds simple ey? Had to press some shift or ctrl combination or something.
Also the convenience of CB using the IE engine means all the favourites/links and settings are the same as when I was using IE.

One bug I don't like: Ctrl + Bckspc = auto-scroll through browser tabs, instead of backspacking one word at a time like IE and firebird. Can't seem to change that one. Interestingly irritating at times.

All these have smart pop up filters etc so that's no worry.


In recent developments, moving house tomorrow (Wed; gonna miss this apartment and the roomies); classes don't start until Aug 23rd (1.5 wks) and we're roadtripping from Indiana -> Kentucky -> Tennessee -> Alabama with a friend from Austria (Thu - Sat). All those states are directly south of Indiana, and below Alabama is Florida, fyi.

Also going camping next week Mon - Thu in Wisconsin, northwest of Indiana.
Should be good.
That'll end the holidays and back into some all class action. Literally.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

and here's the difference between my setup.
on top of what james said, it's got ad blocking, flash blocking (.. a new compatible version is coming out!), select text and right click -> google or dictionary.com search or go to the url... and the most important for me? i won't get hit by a worm just by surfing websites.


I don't mind Firefox because honestly, there's almost no difference between it and IE. Other than the tabs. And the lack of silly security forms. The lack of pop ups. Appearance wise, well, this is how it looks on my desktop. My minimal config:

john - I would like to think i am jamaican

i fill all criteria bar one

[Y] is Black?
[Y] has a nick?
[N] can breakdance?

ahahah James
it was nice to know that i wasnt there...



man if i did SE i'd join one of those sporting things cos it would be fine


an jono ur presence is indeed missed (a GREAT amount by a few)
another 5 months (or is it 4..) till your life returns to a boring level ...



what's honkie development?

c'mon guys (read: benny) ... we know we'll squash beat anyone in soccer!


Dear all,

SESoc (Software Engineering Society) is organizing a brand new
event for CSE this year: The SESoc Olympics.

This year we will include the following activities:
SOCCER, TENNIS & BASKETBALL. Details as follows:

* Round 1
Wednesday, 18 August 14:00 . 16:00

* Round 2(Final Round)
Thursday, 26 of August 15:00 . 16:00

* Rules
A team needs at least 5 members, Maximum allowed in a team is 8,
we will play 5 on 5.

*** Prize ***
Trophy as well as other prizes

* Condition of playing
We need minimum 5 teams to register in order to keep the event
alive; otherwise we.ll have to cancel the soccer portion of the

* Round 1
Tuesday, 17 August 15:00 - 17:00

* Round 2
Tuesday, 24th August 15:00 - 17:00

* Rules
A team needs at least 3 players. Maximum allowed is 6. We
play 3 on 3. N.B. Each team may be required to referee.

*** Prize ***
Trophy as well as other prizes

* Condition of playing
We need minimum 5 teams to register in order to keep the event
alive; otherwise we.ll have to cancel the basketball portion of
the Olympics.

Thursday, 19 August (15:00 - 17:00)

* Rules
We will play for single and double games, the best of 3 games...

*** Prize ***
Trophy and prizes

* Condition of playing
We need at least 6 players to register with us for the event,
otherwise we will have to cancel the tennis portion of the

To register your team. Send an email to

with team members. name, ID, CSE Login and the event you intend
to join.

Thanks for your attention. We are eager to bring out as many fun
events as possible. We need your support to make it happen.

Yours sincerely,
Bohan Chen

< - SESOC CSE ->
< - Webmaster ->

from the rally of finland:

another proof that finns just fly when they get into cars of any sort.

hash: i don't frequent anime/warez/porn sites as some others do =P
i've averaged about 3.5 pop ups per day, and those are probably from dictionary.com or something similar.

my secret? if you can answer this question then you're half way there.
are you from jamaica?

Thanks James, but "Sorry!"

Classy perspectives in your shots. I like it. Ahh Sydney blue skies.

I see some serious honkie developments here - *ahem* John, Marc??

Possibly perspective.

I must agree with John; Firefox just doesn't click it for me, as much as I wish it did.

I miss you guys and girls more than you might imagine too.
Will have to fire Annie an email as well.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Yes Jono:

We especially missed the opportunity for overnight crashovers at your house, the only one free from parental fury.

How can you divorce someone who is not married to you?

Saturday Picnic!

You are greatly missed. Especially by me and Renee.
Joe isn't worth it - come home soon!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

only 5032 blocked pop-ups John?

in 4 yrs???

have u ever deviated from ur free-mail of choice + uni-sites???

u should have gotten more pop-ups from following the links on this blog !

plz, tell us your secret John - it is quite simply amazing

Hello Der Wasserfall residents,
I was instructed by Annie to cordially invite the participants of this blog to her 21st birthday party.
If you wish to participate or require additional info, please icq her direct.

after more than four years of service, surviving 3 formats and 5032 blocked pop ups, i am retiring the trusty old crazybrowser and replacing it with the slightly more advanced and feature packed myie2.

yes i have tried mozilla firefox, no i'm not using it. because its just ugly.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Jono you bastage.

Divorce her.

Sweet, plenty of time
Thanks for that guys
Totally didn't consider lookin it up online

In other short news, went to the Indy air show last Sunday and caught the Thunderbirds, among the F-15 and other warbirds such as the P-51 Mustang.
Too many videos of that, including the ones taken using the miniDV hired from one of our libraries. mmm 40x zoom

Details of that later

Also went flying today in a Piper Warrior II-

Purdue's Airport on the left, campus in the distance. Most of Indiana looks like the foreground. :)
All photos and movies courtesy of Joel sitting in the back for a free ride

Kim (4th year Aero/Astro) on left and me. Hands off boys she's married

It wasnt HECS fees that were due at UNSW last friday, it was the student fees (union membership, etc) that were due; a sum of about $245. HECS payment is meant to be settled by the end of August, ie what Yi said.

Speaking of things Yi said, (or was it James who said it first) if you like korean coffee but just dont know where to get it from, then a cheap imitation is to put a few (1/2 dozen or so) granules of your favourite coffee into a glass/cup, then add hot water, and enjoy.. I think I have found a new favourite drink..

If anyone going to the picnic happens to read this beforehand, could you bring some lemonade? I'm bringing some LLB minus the L(emon) . Or maybe I should just buy it..

Thursday, August 05, 2004

i pay part of my hecs up front, and its due by 31st of august.

Saturday Picnic
The holidays ended far too quickly. The beginning of session has proved a non-event. Before work start crashing down, what more suitable than a picnic in our world famous Botanic Gardens? All who read this are invited. A dozen people are already comming, but by all means, spread the word!

Temporal-Spatial cordinates: This Saturday, 10:30 AM, Circular Quay Wharf #2"

It is a picinic and everyone is dieing to contribute. This is what's a suggested package of what to bring:

- Yourself
- your partner (if applicable, if not, grab any)
- 1 x 1.25L Soft (or hard) Drink
- 1 x Specialty dish (ie. Scott may want to bring his famous Sorbet) If you have more to offer,
bring it on! If you have nothing special, bring something edible - I hear fresh carrots are good!

Other things to consider:
- Camera
- Balls for games

Cutlery, utencils and blankets will be provided.

Weather is looking fine as of Today. In the unlikely event of being blessed with falling heavenly bodies, we shall retreat to Hoyts, followed by being dragged around by the girls to shopping, and heaven forbid, K.

See you there!

Hey Guys,

For those of you who pay HECS upfront, have you already paid for your fees for S2?

I would suppose they were due in end of Week 1, but I have no reminder emails about paying my HECS for S2.
Conversely, my.unsw.edu.au lists me owing some fees but with no due date.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Lol, nah, just want to annoy people especially during peak hour times when comps are really hard to find.

The idea just spawned from something my cousin told me about making a fake login screen so people could log in and it sent the details to that person.

I'm just trying to make a screensaver using an image of the login screen XD

you might not want to do that.
could be considered a hacking attempt.

[edit] but if you really want to, you can replicate that can photoshop it quite easily if you take a picture of it with your digicam and use it as a rough template.[/edit]

Does anyone know how to capture a picture of the blue cse machine login screen?

I want to use this on xscreensaver, put it in activate mode and watch people try to login until they see the user authentication :)

Monday, August 02, 2004

I only find that acrobat is slow when it is being used as a plugin for browsers etc. especially firefox

Sunday, August 01, 2004

To all of you poor souls using Adobe Acrobat 6, try this:

Yes, Acrobat 4.05. The fastest version ever.
It takes about 3 seconds to load vs. half an hour for version 6.
Reads every PDF every made, minus those with embedded video for version 6.

Now where can I find a version of photoshop 8 that can open in less than an hour..

Aww but they're so pwetty

Ok, done.

and Marc : "Sorry!"