Sunday, August 31, 2003

can i ask the audience please?

Like in Who Wants To Be A Millionare?

My life is getting squashed by family, work and other. I need a lifeline

sometimes i hate being right all the time.

hope other universities would be as open minded as MIT.

Future of education - do it at the comfort of your own home.

I saw an ad that 1.5 years ago, just before starting uni, I browsed it and realised it doesn't offer psychology or business administration, bah!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Link of the decade:


You've probably heard of it, but haven't gone to it.
Hundreds of MIT courses with full lectures, tuts and labs online.
I'm currently reading their SENG course - amazing. Sorry Ken, but
your B doesn't hold a candle to their teaching. They have one for
algorithms too, looks just as good. I'm going to get a unofficial
education in philosophy, political science and cognative science
while at it.


Those clouds make it look like a diarama or at least a really fake 'sim city'

haha Charlie

haha John

Yeah! That was devastating.
Freak...that's an horrendously large black area...assuming I'm looking correctly.

and it barely made the news too.

If it happened to the American space agency on the other hand. . .

But man the layout of that launch site looks like a futuristic space port.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Brazilian rocket blast aftermath

what i read of jono's post from a sideways glance:
"i wish i were clown in berra now..."

worry not, tomorrow will worry about itself.
Anyone want to star?

I wish I were down at Canberra now...

instead of cramming like crap even though I don't have any real big exams and getting J4D3D like Richard said in 1711



8'' scope is nothing special, but sif its only a moon or jupiter scope! It also depends on the quality of your lens. I doubt u can get anything spectacular locally.



gotta love butters.

i am very disappointed that i didn't look at Mars when it was just 55,760,220 kilometres from Earth.
and i am even more disappointed that jono's telescope (and i guess Kwong and Kai's as well) is basically a Moon-or-Jupiter-scope and wasn't able to see Mars well at all. it was only 145 times the distance between Earth and the Moon!!! geez... :P

oh and kwong, remote linking... you stealer!!

Look what i can see through my telescope!!! wh00ooaaa!!
n00b overhyping media =P

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Quote of the day:
About Starcraft, about real game.
-Korean TV Channel

february 27th.

Since when did you care?

john doesn't care anymore.

I can see dignity. It looks like a potato and its very overrated.

Is nothing sacred anymore in the age of IT? While you're all posting up private conversations, you might as well dig out the Billy Bob letter, James ;)

Don't worry, I'll be there Jono. I'll stop you from being 'happy'

Conversation with James on Irene's birthday dinner next friday (week 6), noting the timing of conversation:

3dfx CEO (7:45 PM) :
when is it again?
IONize (7:45 PM) :
next friday.
no specific details yet.
3dfx CEO (7:45 PM) :
IONize (7:46 PM) :
comin then?
3dfx CEO (7:46 PM) :
yeah, just to keep you alive
IONize (7:48 PM) :
haha k.
"sounds good."

And Benny...

IONize (7:44 PM) :
btw irene wants you to come to her birthday party dinner thing next friday
Benson (7:45 PM) :
next friday?
IONize (7:45 PM) :
you, yi, james etc she wanted me to ask
Benson (7:48 PM) :
are you going?
IONize (7:48 PM) :
yeah, just to keep james alive.
Benson (7:49 PM) :
what do you mean by that?
IONize (7:49 PM) :
nothing in particular...

Ok I'm just real tired right now.

BTW she asked me to ask the rest of you guys to come as well.
And she says she does not want a present.
She simply wants to see us all again.

Ok back to electrical.

we can't see stupidity, but we can see stupid people everywhere.

We see only the motion caused by magnetism, not magnetism itself. It's like saying I can see dignity.

actually charlie we can sort of see magnetism
you know movement of electrons and all

More accurate would be we can not see energy - only the results of it being unleashed

Ben, the two of us will look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you my friend will see
you've got a friend in me
(You've got a friend in me)

Ben, you're always running here and there
You feel youre not wanted anywere
If you ever look behind
And dont like what you find
Theres something you should know
You've got a place to go

I used to say i am near
Now it us now its real
(I used to say i am near)
(Now it us now its real)

Ben, most people would turn you away
I dont listen to a word they say
They dont see you as i do
I wish they would try to
I'm sure that they'd think again
If they had a friend like Ben
(Like Ben)
Like Ben
(Like Ben)
Like Ben

Yi, to see the moon, you should make sure that you are near a window, or can see outside.. Not everything can be seen from your comp screen... unless you go to a live feed of the moon..

hmm, maybe you CAN do everything from a comp..

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

do a little dance;
make a little noise;
get down tonight;
get down tonight.

talking till the cows come home?

That would be violation of contract

lol "talking" home

What if there is a God but doesn't offer life after death?
Wouldn't that be popular...

i can't find the bloody moon at my place!!!
was talking home just 15 minutes ago but i couldn't see the moon!!!!

They blow up pretty young girls coz they're told that when they reach the afterlife they'll get plenty share of pretty young girls.

Yeah, I looked upto the sky today. Mars was really bright. it looked way bigger than a 5c piece 500m away, even when I was squinting

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

why is that important?
won't happen in my lifetime anyway.

Because if there is God, it concerns life after death.

because we can.

Does it matter if there is a god or not? Why the fk are you people wasting your time arguing this?

Mars is closest to Earth in 60000 years on Wednesday, ie, tomorrow night at 7.30.
So go bush and whip out your telescope and indulge at the red planet like you've never before.
Alternatively, get yourself to an obervatory.

is there an objective definition for the word or anything else for that matter?

no book has ever 'proved' anything yi. the existence of the bible is not to show the world that god exists, but to tell a story. how you interpret it and whether you believe it or not is up to you.

James, personally, I would like to think that love or lust is not a sin, but the fact is, I don't know. I don't even know what love is, and I would imagine the definition of that word has been debated extensively in the past, mostly reaching subjective conclusions.

Haha Yi, I'm not fully converted yet. Just posing some questions of interest.
But apparently they argue that the Bible is not a science book, but a historical record. Testing the validity of the Jesus's resurrection require a legal-historical method such as using testimonial evidence in the same way we would test the validity of the existence of say Genghis Khan. Science can test repeatable experiements, but it can't test whether someone had lunch yesterday.

Typical way a Christian would pose the question is:
'Did Genghis Khan(or any other historical figures for that sake) existed?'
'how do you know?'

Basically one knows through historical testmonial evidence proving something a fact beyond resonable doubt. Jesus's resurrection (which I think is pivotal in determining that he is a 'god') has been proven in the same way. Exactly how? Read Josh McDowell's 'More than a Carpenter'.

Haha, Islamic fundamentalists. What you believe in dictates how you behave. I would laugh if there's more than one god.

Darren said:Even if God doesnt exist, if people believe in Him and abide by His laws of how we should supposedly live and that makes them better people, and gives them peace of mind, does it really matter if He exists or not?

There are things called "ISLAMIC FUNDEMENTALISTS."
They blow up pretty young girls (*nudge Jono*) in crowded buses.

Computer simulations have been run the show evolution in action, (there was an article on it in the SMH a few months ago, I think)albeit with artificial organisms, yet the principals remain the same. Also, take mosquitos as an example. Because of their high gestation rate, they can quickly adapt to almost any kind of conditions, ie evolve to survive. Therefore we CAN observe evolution.

We cant 'see' magnetism, becuase we werent designed to be able to do so. However, we have designed machines whose sole purpose is to detect the effects of magnetism, and convert the amount of detection into a form which is tangible/understandable/useful to us. Therefore we CAN observe magnetism.

Hmm, not sure how to tackle this one.. uhh, perhaps God exists in a form/place which is undetectable/unprobvable by our current technologies/logic (hmm, lotsa slashed words..) or maybe due to social construction, we believe that something doesnt exist if we cant SEE it, since sight is our primary sense and we rely most on it in our day to day lives.

Hmm.. I dont know where this post is really heading, its more of a lame rebuttal/rant..

Even if God doesnt exist, if people believe in Him and abide by His laws of how we should supposedly live and that makes them better people, and gives them peace of mind, does it really matter if He exists or not?

And heres a thought.. If we're created in the image of God, is it really wrong for us to also 'play God'? eg genetic engineering, cloning, etc

hm, interesting what a little alcohol can do to you..

so charlie's "explanation" comes down to

We can't see evolution in progress, does that mean it's not happening?
we can't see magnetism, does that mean it's not there?
we can't see God, does that mean he's not there?

he summed this up himself.

well, we can see from the pieces of fossil, of DNA testing, of the different types of species that there is EVIDENCE to SUGGEST that evolution does happen.
well, we can see the compass moving when a magnet is around it.
well, we can... ... erh... uhmmm... read the Bible and say that God exists?

so Charlie is saying the Bible is enough EVIDENCE to SUGGEST that God exists.

well, if you believe so, then good on you Charlie.

oooh bummer... please don't get into a religious backwards and forth "explanation" here...
this is where i have just learned to spam!!!

and btw, i posted that up so people can see the flaw in the argument and/or critique my refutal.
NOT have a discussion about religion. cause i of all people should know that this topic just never ends...

I lust for love - is that a sin?

haha i concur with that too

Monday, August 25, 2003

logics are overrated.

Haha I must say that Charlie's explanation seems very good to me.

and this is why i oppose religion.

We have sinned because our actions directly opposes those proposed by the bible, apparently the words of God. Lust apparently is a sin, while love is not.

why are we sinned?

The whole notion of Christianity is that we must be humble and accept the simple 'fact' that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
We must acknowledge our human fallibility and that we cannot by our actions, achieve, but to look to God for salvation.

Hard to accept, I know.

If we can sense God, then that cast doubts on his power. Us being his creations mean that we must somehow be subordinate to him, and that our 5 senses are somewhat restricted in comparison to his 'senses'.

I've asked a similar question once, and got a relatively satisfying answer.
The question was based on the 'fact' that if we've sinned, we must be punished by god because he is just. Another 'fact' is a it is through god's grace (undeserved favour) that we are saved, not by actions of our own, meaning that we do not have to pay for our sins. Hence god is gracious and kind.
My question was: 'How can God be gracious (letting us go so to speak) and just (punishing those who have sinned) at the same time?'
The answer was along the lines of: God is just by punishing us for our sins, but is kind in allowing his son Jesus to accept the punishment.

We can't see evolution in progress, does that mean it's not happening?
we can't see magnetism, does that mean it's not there?
we can't see God, does that mean he's not there?

kimi = second!!
m schumi = 8th.

LOL so just ignore the point behind sending the email and concentrate literally on the email. Kinda like noticing and critiquing speech impediments of a person giving an important talk :P

Very nice annotation tho yi.

so the student's argument that if we can't see something, then we can't prove it
is wrong.

I don't think that was in dispute. He knew it was wrong, but was merely proving so by contradiction/absurdity. All the points you made (about the apple/tissue, magnet/compass) are similar arguments of the student. As I understand it, somehow the professor's argument was reduced to "if you can't see it, u can't prove it" sort of thing and now the student is trying to rebut it using negatives.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

yi, you have too much time on your hands.

that place basically pipes your integral into Mathematica and then pulls the answer from that.
so if Mathematica can do your integration, then you should be able to do it.
just that it requires the input to be formatted a certain way i guess.

and here's what i wrote and replied when i dug up Renee's old e-mail...
gosh. i must be bored...

(did anyone else get this e-mail from renee? if yes, did you reply?)

Hello renee!!!
i am not sure if i have ever replied to this e-mail..
i just dug it up at the bottom of my inbox and i thought i might take some time out to see this thing replied. :)

btw, the point of this exercise for me is not to debunk anything.
i haven't tried to "convert" people for a long long long time. and i don't really care about religion now. mainly because i have lots of work to do and lots of Starcraft to play. >:)
what's my official take on christianity?
it's good.
christians are meant to be good people.
but if you ask me to be one, probably not. i just can't see myself conforming to the christian way.

so this is merely an exercise to point out the weaknesses in this guy's argument.

> > =====
> > "Believing in Jesus doesn't make sense in science."
> > a philosophy professor
> > says during lecture.
> > He then pauses awhile, then calls a freshman to
> > stand, and says, "student
> > so-and-so, are you a Christian?"
> >
> > "Yes sir, I am."
> > "So you must believe in God?"
> > "Of course."
> > "Then is God kind?"
> > "Of course. God is kind."
> > "Is God all powerful? There's nothing that he can't
> > do, right?"
> > "Yes."
> > "How about you? Are you kind or evil?"
> > "The Bible says I have sin."
> >
> > The professor smiles with a grin, "Haha, Bible."
> > Pausing awhile, he says,
> > "If a fellow student in the class is sick, and you
> > have the power to heal
> > him, will you heal him? At least a try?"
> > "Yes."
> > "Then you are kind......"
> > "I can't say that for sure."
> >
> > "Why can't you? You see others having trouble, and
> > help...... the majority
> > of us will do likewise, except that God doesn't
> > help."
> > Then there's silence.
> >
> > "God doesn't help, isn't that right? My brother was
> > a Christian, he got
> > cancer, asked Jesus to heal him, but he died. Is
> > God kind? How could you
> > explain this?"
> > There is no answer.
> > The old professor has pity on him, and says, "You
> > can't explain, right?"
> >
> > He takes the cup on his desk and has a sip, so that
> > the student can take a
> > breath.
> > It's his plan to give him some room so that he'll
> > fall into the deeper net.
> >
> > "Let's start our discussion from afresh. Is God
> > kind?"
> > "errr...... yes."
> > "Is the devil kind or evil?"
> > "Evil."
> > "Now, why does the devil exist?" The student
> > doesn't know how to respond.
> > "It'''s because God made him."
> > "Oh yes, the devil was created by God, right?"
> > The old professor combs his thin scalp with his
> > boney fingers, then says
> > with a smile to the whole class, "Everyone, I'm sure
> > you'd find this
> > semester's philosophy unit interesting."
> >
> > Then he turns back to the student and says,
> > "Does the world have evil?"
> > "Yes."
> >
> > "The world is full with evil, right? Isn't
> > everything in the world created
> > by God?"
> > "Yes."
> > "The who created evil?"
> > There is no answer.
> >
> > "Doesn't the world have many immoralities? There's
> > hatred, ugliness... all
> > sorts of evil, isn't there?"
> > The student starts to fidget, then manages to
> > answer, "There is."
> > "And where do these evils come from?"
> > There is no answer.
> >
> > Suddenly the old professor raises his voice, says,
> > "Come on, who made them?
> > Say it, who made them?"
> >
> > He then has his face close to the student's and says
> > with a light but firm
> > voice, "God made these evils, right?"
> >
> > There is no answer.
> > That student tries to turn his glance at the
> > professor, but in the end
> > lowers his gaze.
> >
> > The old professor suddenly turns around, walk back
> > and forth in front of
> > the class, like an old black panther.
> > The students enter into a hypnotised trance.
> >
> > Now the old professor starts again, "God created all
> > these evils, and these
> > evils continue endlessly. This begs the question:
> > How can God be kind?"
> >
> > The professor keeps waving his arms and hands, and
> > says, "The world is full
> > of hatred, violence, pain, death, conflicts,
> > ugliness... all these are made
> > by this kind God, right?"
> > There is no answer.
> > "Isn't the world then full of disasters?"
> >
> > He then stops, then has his face close to the
> > student's again, and says
> > softly, "Is God kind?"
> > There is no answer.
> > "Do you believe in Jesus?" He asks again.
> > That student answers with a trembling voice, "Yes
> > sir, I believe."

Someone told me Jesus and God was the same thing. and they said it was a complicated
thing. hmm... ooh yes. it was James and Alexis. can't remember why it was so.
anyway... that was just something i thought i would mention.

> > The professor shakes his head in disappointment, and
> > says, "According to
> > science, we observe and understand all things around
> > us, using the 5
> > senses.
> > May I ask this student here, Have you seen Jesus?"
> > "No sir. I haven't seen."
> > "Then, have you heard His voice?"
> > "I haven't heard His voice."

We observe things using our 5 senses. However, we don't literally take our 5 senses
and then leave it at that.
if you take an apple, look at it, turn it around, look at it, so now, you have seen the whole
apple. now you take a piece of paper and cover half of the apple.
what do you see? you see half an apple.
however, the mind perceives that there is another half of the apple behind that paper.
this plays on the idea of what do we "see"??
seeing is superficially associated with only the senses. however, it doesn't have to be.
in fact, it rarely is only just the senses.
do we see a black hole? no we don't. we derive the position of a black hole from the
affect it has around the other objects.

(btw, this is another rant on about nothing)

> > "Have you touched Jesus? Or tasted? Smelled Him?
> > Have you ever used your 5 senses to feel God?"
> >
> > There is no answer.
> > "Please answer my question."
> > "Sir, I think I haven't."
> > "You think you haven't? Or you really haven't?"
> > "I haven't used my 5 senses to be in touch with
> > God."
> > "But you still believe in God?"
> > "er......yes......"
> >
> > The old professor smiles wickedly, "That really
> > requires faith! But what
> > science emphasises are hypotheses, experiments, and
> > demonstration proofs
> > types of methods,
> >
> > and according to these methods, your God doesn't
> > exist. Right? What have
> > you to say? Where is your God?"
> > The student can't respond.
> > "Please sit down."
> > That student sits down, and feels really defeated
> > inside.
> >
> > At this time, another student holds his hand up, and
> > asks, "Sir, may I say
> > something?"
> > The old professor responds with a smile, "Of
> > course."
> > This student asks, "Sir, does this world have heat?"
> > The professor answers, "Of course there is."
> > "What about coldness?"
> > "There is also."
> > "Sir, you are wrong. Coldness doesn't exist."
> > The old professor's face is frozen still. The air
> > in the classroom also
> > freezes.
> > This bold student continues, "Heat is an energy, and
> > can be measured.
> >
> > We have 'very hot', 'extra hot', 'extremely hot',
> > 'melting hot', 'steaming
> > hot', 'little bit hot', 'not hot',
> > but no coldness---
> > Of course, temperature can be lowered to -458
> > degrees, or no heat
> > whatsoever,
> >
> > but this is the very limit, and can be lowered no
> > further. Coldness isn't
> > an energy.
> >
> > If it is, then we should be able to keep lowering
> > the temperature, even
> > beyond -458 degrees.
> >
> > But we can't. "Coldness" is a word used only to
> > describe a state of no
> > heat.
> > We cannot measure the level of "coldness", we use a
> > "thermo"meter.
> > Coldness isn't a type of energy that exists in
> > opposite to heat, but is
> > only a state of no heat."
> > The classroom becomes so quiet that even a dropped
> > penny can be heard.

yes. right.
the question was:

"Sir, does this world have heat?"
and then
"What about coldness?"
to which both of them the professor answered Yes.

the student is playing with words trying to deface his professor.
the question begs for further clarification.

the way and order in which the student asked the question is such that
it implied:
"does the word heat and coldness have any meaning".
The definition of cold is
cold: (adj) lacking heat or having a low temperature.
(Heinemann Australian Dictionary 1995).
so the student is right in saying the answer to his question was wrong.
however, it's a trick. not based on anything but putting the professor on the
spot and asking a very counter-intuitive question. and please remember this
professor is a philosophy professor who's most likely only researched into his
own arguments before presenting them to the class.

anyway, so the student successfully defaces his professor.
but in a tricked way.

> > "Sir", that student again asks, "Does the world have
> > darkness?"
> > "That's rubbish! If there isn't darkness, how can
> > there be night? What
> > are you trying to ask...?"
> >
> > "Sir, are you saying that there's darkness?"
> > "Yes......"
> >
> > "Sir, you're wrong again! Darkness doesn't exist,
> > it's only a state of
> > lacking light.
> > (Dear fellow leaders, this is good material for
> > talks)
> >
> > Light can be categorised as "dim light", "bright
> > light", "glaring light",
> > "flashing light", and darkness itself doesn't
> > exist. This word is only
> > used to describe a state of no light.
> > If there is darkness, then you can increase the
> > level of darkness, or give
> > me a bottle of darkness.
> > Sir, could you give me a bottle of darkness?"

again, it's the same idea.
that there are 2 words to define the one thing.
and he puts the professor on the spot to try and deface him.
which he does again.
basically the same argument as above.

> > The professor looks at this bold student, full of
> > his own arguments, and
> > smiles. This semester's going to be a lot of fun,
> > he thinks.
> >
> > "My student, what are you trying to say?
> > The student responds, "Sir, I'm trying to say, the
> > assumptions of your
> > philosophy was wrong from the beginning,
> > that's why even the conclusion is wrong."
> > "Wrong......? How dare you!" The professor becomes
> > angry.
> > "Sir, please allow me to explain." All the students
> > are now whispering
> > among themselves.
> >
> > "Explain......mmm......explain......" The professor
> > finally manages to
> > compose himself.
> >
> > When at long last he has calmed himself down, he
> > made a sign, to get the
> > class to quiet down also, so as to allow this
> > student to continue.
> > The student says, "Sir, what you said earlier, is an
> > argument of two
> > extremes. That is to say,
> > if there's life, there's death.
> > if there's a good god, then there's also a bad god.
> > When you debated about God earlier, what you used
> > was a view limited by
> > extremities.
> > You saw God as a thing which can be subject to
> > measures, but science can't
> > even explain on "human thinking".
> > Science uses electricity, and also magnetism, yet
> > electricity can't be
> > seen, nor is magnetism.
> > Of course, science still can't explain everything
> > about them.
> >
> > Seeing death as the opposite of life, is ignorance
> > of what death is.
> > Death cannot exist independently.
> > Death isn't the counter side of life, but is the
> > loss of life."
> > (again, dear fellow leaders, this is another good
> > talk material)
> > Saying thus, he takes a gazette from the fellow
> > student sitting next to
> > him,
> >
> > saying, "This is morally the cheapest publication in
> > our nation, but does
> > it mean that there is such thing as indecency?"
> > "Of course there's such thing as indecency......"
> > "Sir, you're wrong again. Indecency is in fact lack
> > of morality. And, is
> > there such thing as "unfairness"?
> > No, "unfairness" is only a loss of fairness.
> > Is there such thing as "evil"?
> >
> > The student pauses a bit, then continues, "Evil
> > isn't just a state of
> > losing kindness?"
> > The old professor is now red with infuriation, and
> > nothing could come out
> > of him.
> > That student continues, "Sir, it's the very reason
> > why we can both be kind,
> > and unkind, that we are said to have the freedom of
> > choice."

the counter-argument presented by this student is bogus.
let me restate the professors line of argument.

This is the argument that God is not kind.
if God is kind, then he shouldn't have created all these bad things.
if God is kind, then he should help the weak. (in this case, the dying).

The student's counter-argument is trying to debunk the professor's usage fo the words.
he is saying bad and good are not two things. rather one.
i grant you that.
but it doesn't prove that God is kind.

If the professor's use of words was put in this way:
if God is kind, then he should have created more good things.
if God is kind, then he shouldn't have created these not-good things.

now the student's argument doesn't work any more because the professor
doesn't use the "bad/evil" words any more.

the student's argument doesn't address the issue.
it's like in a court case, the student is trying to find the technical error in the
prosecution. not really trying to prove the innocence of his defendant.

> > The professor replies in contempt, "As a professor,
> > I only see facts. God
> > isn't something that can be observed."
> >
> > "Sir, do you believe in evolution?"
> > "Of course."
> > "Then have you ever seen evolution in progress?"
> > The professor just blankly stares at the student.
> >
> > "Sir, since no one has ever seen the process of
> > evolution, and at the same
> > time nor can anyone prove that all animals are in
> > the process of evolution,
> > then the evolution theory that you scientists are
> > teaching, isn't it just a
> > bare statement of your presumptions?"
> > "Are you finished yet?" The old professor is
> > getting impatient.
> > "Sir, do you believe in God's laws on morality?"
> > "I only believe in science."
> > "Oh. Science!"

so this student is debunking evolution?
he is saying merely because we can't "see" evolution that it doesn't exist.
you can't see that half of the apple behind the piece of paper.
so your conclusion is that the apple doesn't exist?
he is playing on the notion that if we can't use our senses to detect something,
then that something doesn't exist. which is clearly wrong.

if i place a magnet besides a compass, are you telling me that NOTHING is making
the compass needle move? of course we know from the effects of magnetism
that it's the compass's magnetic field causing the compass needle to move. there
is evidence to suggest that there is something making it move. that something,
we humans have called magnetism. same thing with electricity.

so the student's argument that if we can't see something, then we can't prove it
is wrong.
the evolution process is a slow one. it's not like evolution happens in a second or two.
or even 10 years. it happens very slowly. taking something that closely resembles
evolution, the melting of the pola ice caps. if you just take a picture of it at say time T.
then it's not melting. however, if you take more pictures and compare them, then it
can be reasonably concluded that the ice caps ARE melting.
another example. if you look at the sun (with protective glasses) with your bare eyes,
you'll not see it move. the speed of that movement is JUST below the eye's movement
perception capabilities. so in this case, the student's conclusion is that the sun doesn't
move? of course not!!! evolution is similar. if you take a picture of any animal, then obviously
it's not going to tell you it's evolving. but the many skeletons and fossils are like previous
pictures that you have taken. if you piece them together, you can reasonably conclude
that evolution is indeed happening.

> > The student says, "Sir, what you've said is right:
> > science requires
> > observation, otherwise, it can't be accepted or
> > believed.
> >
> > But haven't you realised this assumption is wrong by
> > right of itself?"
> > "How can science be wrong?"
> > All students are in an uproar.
> >
> > When everyone quiets down, the student says, "Sir,
> > may I use an example.
> > Who in this class has seen your brain?"
> > The whole class bursts into laughter.
> >
> > The student continues, "Which one of us have heard
> > our professor's brain,
> > touched it, tasted it, or heard your brain before?"
> > No one has this
> > experience.
> > The student says, "Then can we say that the
> > professor has no brains?"
> > The whole class can't stop laughing.

Again, it's the idea that the senses are everything. in fact,
it's narrowing this down to SEEING is everything. obviously
we all know that seeing is NOT everything. indeed, by the
Schroedinger's Cat experiment, we don't know if the professor
has a brain or not. but again, from experiments, and from actually
looking at the brains of dead people, we can reasonably conclude
that people DO have brains inside.
if the student wants proof, i invite him to kill the professor, knock
his skull open, and see for himself that the professor does have a

throughout this argument, i have said REASONABLY CONCLUDE.
science is not fact.
it's right until proven wrong.
science is NEVER 100% correct/sure.
it can only ever be 99.999999999999......999% sure.

finally done.

On closer inspection (of the integrator), its either too hard to use (ie requires effort to learn to use it) or it sux.

I'm holding 1A notes here and it can't do them.

LOL perceptive john. I wrote down the card names on my second go XD

Man look at those babes goin at it!

That integrator is so cool. How is it that it can integrate functions while Maple can't? Maple can only calculate the area under the curve, or so Brown said...

Da integrator - Hasta la Vista, derivative...

that's because none of the original cards show up again.

during kissing
after kissing

Hey charlie is here. BTW i know the answer.

The weird thing is, even if i didn't have a card in mind, they still eliminate one

Omg, and here iam thinking it's not possible to read people's minds


Saturday, August 23, 2003

ralph firman's crash following a rear wing failure. no he's not dead.

ice ice baby!

Google has a calculator built in!!!
(just go to and place your query in the search field)

here's the official help link
google's calculator

here are some examples you can use:

one billion one hundred and forty one million two hundred and twenty one thousand two hundred and twenty one plus ninety three million three hundred and forty six thousand six hundred and sixty nine

25 degrees celsius in fahrenheit

c/(1/(Rydberg constant(1/1-1/4))))
(this is the frequency of light emitted when a hydrogen atom goes from energy level 2 to energy level 1 (might be true. or might not) )

123456 in hex

gravitational constant * mass of sun * mass of earth / 1AU^2
(note: Gravitational force between earth and sun is approximately this)

1 gauss/1 tesla

sin(30 radians)

56kbps in megabytes per day: 56 kbps = 590.62500 megabytes per day

e^(i*pi/3) * i^(3/2)
(note: that even works, albeit a numerical solution. Still can't integrate and differentiate, however.)

(4/3) * pi * (radius of earth)^3 in teaspoons
(note: volume of the Earth in teaspoons)

(and here's one James might find useful soon...)
791080ms in minutes

and... the question you have all been waiting for...
answer to life, the universe and everything

(btw, this place can integrate things... )

i didn't know we had chinooks.

go shiny laser beams!

aussie soldiers in Iraq
more propaganda material... erh.. i mean soldiers in Iraq

Coz everyone knows its butters!

Thats me!

If you have the power to alter one's thought, or read people's minds, would it still be a desired power?

Alexis is honest only to himself

Marc to harder to type than butters, for some weird reason. Much like our tendency to negate positives, rather just say the opposite

ie. 'how are you?'
'not too bad'

'this is important'
'i guess i shouldn't ignore it then'

'would you marry her?'
'she's not that good looking'

'did you know.....'
'no fucking idea'

funny how both kwong and i are known by our first names, but marc is butters.
okay that's not really funny.


Friday, August 22, 2003

haha john

haha kwong

haha butters

Hey grammar correction!

john is, in no particular order, bored, and lonely.

everybody's free to wear sunscreen.

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? - Charlie McCarthy

would you answer if i asked you a question?

Would you dance if I asked you to dance

Thursday, August 21, 2003

would you rather have the ability to read people's minds or the ability to alter one's thoughts?

Quote of the day: Alexis Nicoletti
"Look, I apologize, but I am a honest man..."

MAN that site has some good stuff
very creative



Positioning oneself in other's perspectives is the next best thing to reading people's minds. (Charlie Zhang, 2003)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

lol literally.

hot chick with a nice pussy.

(btw, that place is gold. surf around if you have time.)

oooh that's right.
i have background music turned off.
hmm. let me see what this commotion is all about.

She not gonna appeal or anything?

She has nothing to lose except the $500,000 in legal fees

Siju te filalabud.

Pauline Hanson jailed for 3 years

LOL sif john. Whoops, sorry. Maybe I should change it back to the Christina Aguilera one

Yeah play an MP3 instead.

That way I can stream music from blog rather than using 1/32 of my download cap like last month.

that midi just stuffed up my sound card.

something something, sweet surrender what a night.

Erm...not sixty nine. Sixty three

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

productivity also increases as you approach due date.

oh what a night,
something something sixty nine...

Perhaps this is more to your liking. Note if you hate all this midi shit, press escape when its being played


I mean music

do not confuse desperation-induced bs with clarity.

Jono: Listen to Charlie

Clarity of what you have to do in an assignment increases as you approach due date.

Due date for your tute problems being during the exam

too right butters...

except the fact that it brought ME down

and Ion... sif G-G isn't a covalent bond

it's such a G2 molecule just waiting to be abused..
(almost as much as how HCl is being abused nowadays)


I'm sure u'll eventually be able to do ur tute problems.. grooooo

an char if u get an electric bed to "wake" u up, then the theory of char = insomniac cannot work..
i.e itz a waste of money/time gyahaha

only one cure for waking up: ALL NITE STAR!!!!
too bad i've bitten the rusty nail....

- Mtype8
10:45am 19/08/2003
Library Level 1 Comp 184

Isn't it gg go re?

Star is beautiful, no matter what I fail. Uni can't bring me down...

Monday, August 18, 2003

Yeah it was Marc, but it also came around in an email and I posted it for those who may not have seen it before.

haha electric bed Charlie, good idea. Did you sleep in for class again, dear?

Too right Yi.

Meanwhile, wtf is going on this semester, I can't do almost all my tute problems...FOR ALL SEVEN SUBJECTS.

G-G no frigg'n re.

And no G-G does not represent a single covalent bond.
. . .

just for Hash,
channel TV1 (pay tv) is having a Stargate SG-1 Marathon.
starting at 6am, it goes for 19 hours.
all 23 episodes.

i can picture charlie's chain of thought now: draft assignments... draft exam timetables... tooheys extra draft. mmmm.... *drool*
oh wait, that's homer simpson. do'h!

Hey, I paid good money for my copy of AA from the guy on the corner of the street. No free-loaders!

Truer words have not been spoken Charlie. All the more reason to leave it to the last minute. You don't waste any time on "UMMM ARRRR"s

Sunday, August 17, 2003

too bad, i had perfect idea and clarity of what was needed of that assignment.
except it was marked as a DRAFT assignment.
now the final specs are out and it changed everything and basically says if you did any previous work, too bad. everything's new.

i can't be bothered tonight.
i am going to sleep.

Clarity of what you have to do in an assignment increases as you approach due date.

I want an electronic bed to electrocute me out of oblivion in the morning.

weekend spent working on assignment.

just found out i wasted that 2 days.

will have to do everything all over again.


eleboration is recommended here.

i am never going to work on a draft assignment anymore.

Quote of the day:
Where can I find the FREE version of America's Army??
- Anonymous Whirlpool Poster

kwong has already seen this, but this is JEFF K"S"S GUIDE TO TEH USEING TEH INTARNET!!!.

that is true. however the definition of consent in these medical situations is murky at best.

Ah cool. They taught it in the last part of the introductory course and I was off with the fairies. But my crim teacher said if a doctor treated a patient against their will (maybe for religious purposes for eg) then the doctor can be charged with 'battery'

the old common law distinction between battery and assault is no longer used.
but in the old days battery is any unlawful touching of someone, save for instances of social intercourse. assault is putting a person in apprehension or fear of an unlawful force.
but as i said, its all under one category of 'assault' now.

I should know this, but whats the diff between battery and assault?

Weren't those in the blitz magazine jono?

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Very gosu post that was, "hahaha John"

hahaha John

i've posted this before, but still one of my favourites...
if the energizer bunny punches someone, is he charged with battery?

ah k I see Charlie.
4 is the maximum....which means whether you get 100WAM or 75WAM you still get a 4?
haha okay then....

Anywho, for those who haven't already read these:

"Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft"
"Ban On Soliciting Dead in Trotwood"
"Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures"
"Enraged Cow Injures Farmer With Ax"
"Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors"
"If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last a While"
"Include Your Children when Baking Cookies"
"Iraqi Head Seeks Arms"
"Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant"
"Miners Refuse to Work after Death"
"New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group"
"Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over"
"Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe Told"
"Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges"
"Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years at Checkout Counter"
"Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead"

cults are bad... mmmkay?

Well i sure didn't get distinction average
our system is such that a D or HD = 4 points
CR = 3
Pass = 2
PC = 1
Fail = 0
my grades have been 3 CRs and 1 D = 3.25
CR typically = a mark of 65
hence 3.25 = 67.5 WAM, unless the word 'weighted' implies something more.

Kwong you joining?

"Any scrap of compassion that still existed
in my soul was permanently snuffed out
when they cast me out into the flames."
-Mairsil, called the Pretender

Just a random quote I found around relating to another certain pretender.


Friday, August 15, 2003

haha you gotta join Kwong! and Charlie!

are you sure 3.25 GPA = 67.5 WAM?

Because UNSW seems to believe that 2.9GPA = 75 WAM = Distinction average (or something insane like that)


Of course they're referring to the GPA which is on a 4 point scale...

Which still doesn't make sense! wheet

Not that it matters, UNSW isn't even a partner of GK and even if it was, I bet I still wouldn't be invited!

Hey many professional organisation, "communitites"

And James, the free membership is probably in the "bla bla bla" section that Charlie believes was unimportant and left out.

What benefits? I see no "Free access to Star lounge" or "Life time CFN Membership".

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Its a ripoff... might help u get a scholarship tho.
and u get 2 go 2 a fancy ceremony at Town Hall.

By the way, my GPA is 3.25, which is equivalent to a WAM of 67.5. You can tell we don't perform very well.

Should I join?

The benefits are clearly obvious. But it'll cost me 93.5% of my savings.

Dear Charlie:

On behalf of Macquaire University I would like to congratulate you on your academic results and inform you that your achievements have placed you in the top 15 percent of undergraduate students at the University!

In recognition of this accomplishment, we are pleased to extend to you an invitation to join the Macquarie University Chapter of Golden Key International Honour Society. Golden Key International Honour Society is a not-for-profit academic organisation that offers membership exclusively to those who have achieved this level of excellence.

Golden Key partners with 335 universities throughout Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States and its mission is to build global communitites of academic achievers by providing opportunities for individual growth through leadership, career development, networking and service.

Bla bla bla.....

Membership benefits include:

-possibility to access member only undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships and awards.
-career assistance and mentoring programs.
-International Networking.
-opportunities to develop leadership, communication, networking and organisational skills.
-subscription to the Society's award winning international journal 'CONCEPTS' (by request), and the opportunity to submit articles for publication.

Member ship fee:

Bla bla bla.......

Yours Sincerely.

Brian J. Spencer

Ah, I still remember back in year 10 holidays, before Scott got access to the internet, we did telephone dialup and played UMS until 3am XD

Oh yeah, and I first met Spain during the winter holidays in year 11 - coincidentally we were playing Star too. He had darker hair back then.

die pie sky dead kill me you I fuck all this to horrendous rain fly tight sin due dual duration flight gain tube thin rat span scan tan shot shit free lost cost slight hemorrhage diarrhoea fin lock sent still causality feed frost soul skin sat quaint style sex hell glean ghost grey gab great gone goat lilly leopard sight lung heart arms vision consciousness line arrow direction saturation hue ptch deaf ear spread skip drain car wheels tooheys new.

haha well done hash, now describe them for me.

That's weird. If I remember correctly, Yi Huang burnt me Starcraft and Broodwar 5 months after my request in June 2000 - ie I got it in November.
This lead to my demise in the HSC all the way through year 12, of which I had no regrets about.
But my point is, if Yi burnt me a copy, shouldn't he have it also?

Neuroanatomy - anatomy of the brain,CNS and limbic system
Neurochemistry - chemistry involved with neuroanatomy
Neurophysiology - physiology involved with the thinking and reacting stuff

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Quote of the day: Tucoti - December 2000
p r y d e 12/4/200 6:42 AM hey you have starcraft?
I had a few mad games with hash today

TUCOTI 12/4/200 6:42 AM nope.

Tucoti's response in August 2003 after reading the above

TUCOTI: how the fuck i don't have starcraft is beyond me...

MSBlaster worm roaming about the cyberspace. If you haven't already, go to to patch things up.

ideas nightmares parents earrings bearing swearing blaring child out about out out out whacked back black rap pants cap back nose home control go
changing gangsters killers sanctum unholy homie only relate great great hate make us platinum happen rappin you you you have mad cannon guns me quickly religiously me me pete political literal criminal girl couldn't to you
you too dude sued do pistols cool ourselves sales ignormous self it mail it wanted thing magazine long songs lives die vibe eyes it it golden gone on songs

Tooheys new
Any old how.

7am and i'm out and about.
won't be back tonight till around 8pm.
and i only have uni for 3 hours.
wouldn't have it any other way.

Haha thanks john, screw ethics and copyright.

Hey Hash, you know bio right? Can you teach me the Neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and neurophysiology with one post?

Charlie's Law: Nothing is absolute. Life's a bitch, but it goes on.
Bonobo's Law: Sex, mate and reproduction.
Johno's Law: Battlefield, NASA, and premarital sex.
John's Law: I'm always right.
Bennie's Law: Doomed.........Starrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

don't worry charlie, mp3's are on their way.

After formatting and installing XP, with 2 floppy disks worth of backup file, my comp feels so naked.
Gone are the wonderful MP3s, HSC plus First year uni stuff, digital photos and image files, midget porn, and most importantly, STARCRAFT REPLAYS!

RE: Bio lesson - Topic :: Mosquitoes + Milaria

** Hypothesis: Assume true --> I want BYO too

* Fact - Benny lives in South Australia
* Fact - Lots of mossies there
* Fact - I'm doing seven subjects@uni
* Problem - I don't want to fail even though stats is very interesting
* Problem - I don't want to die from mossies
* Solution - Star it to stop BF1942
* Outcome - Fail subjects, THEN die of malaria.
* Conclusion - Need to pass uni + Need to survive mossie factor > Need for BYO S.A. BYO Benny

* Action - Charlie's Law: So when's everyone free?

mass post histeria

what to do -

Bio lesson - Topic :: Mosquitoes + Milaria

* Fact - so far milaria has not been contained
* Fact - It has overcome many of the treatments used to kill/contain it
* Solution - kill the Mossies
* Problem - due to large populations and short breeding cycle too many mutants appear
* Problem - insecticides have prooved too short lived, Natural selection working with a large population = quick adaptation
* PROBLEM - even with new ways to rid the disease and its carrier, the geographical area of disease carrying hosts has increased
* Conclcusion - be prepared to die from mass milaria outbreaks in the future

That ends todays ramble - please direct all questions to your local Mosquito preservation guild

"its like im paranoid, looking over my back"

-- random quote from a song

is anyone bored of uni yet?
wanna do another BYO benny?
i talked to benny's parent's and they said no worries

we just need to bring all the food this time

plz everyone, unilife is getting stale, anime collection is ruinning out and manga series are all unfinished,
SO Lets have another BYO !!!!

Monday, August 11, 2003

No, thats a pop tart. I haven't had one in ages...

"Exploring the new human frontier – can we survive in deep space?

Saturday 23 August, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Meet NASA Astronaut Dr Franklin R Chang-Dìaz, a veteran of seven space flights over the past 20 years including the Discovery mission to Mir and the Atlantis mission that successfully deployed the Galileo spacecraft on its journey to explore Jupiter. Dr Chang-Dìaz will talk about the many daunting challenges facing our future deep space explorers as well as bring first-hand insight into new space technologies and where they might lead us. This absorbing talk will be FREE with entry to the Mars open night – $12 adults, $8 child/concession, $32 family. Bookings are essential for talk only – phone (02) 9217 0485. "

Any interest? Kwong and I are confirmed so far.

P.S. This is mainly for James who wasn't online when i sent this around.

Deadline for RSVP = When there are no more tickets.

don't you just pop it in the toaster?

From the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work

How to Make an Impromptu toast

Follow the "Past, Present, Future" (PPF) Rule

Acknowledge past successes, present situations and future objectives. For example, "We've been through a difficult year together, but in the end, we made it a successful one. I can think of no better team to be moving forward with - I love working with all of you. Here's to a bright and successful future together."

Avoid problems

If the last year has been truly horrible, then refer to it in a neutral, ambiguous way: "It's been quite a year...". If problems are continuing, and you don't want to lie, then say something emphatic but meaningless: "What a group of people to work with!". The future is the easiest portion of the toast, since you can hope and wish without regard to reality. Nonetheless moderation is best: "This coming year promises to be astonishing" or "The sky's the limit in the year ahead."

i believe we were talking about the iPod or the Apple range of products there erh?

The heart is just a blood pump, nothing more than something to keep you physically alive. The brain controls you. The brain is you. Nothing more than something to keep you mentally alive.

w00tlol many get random quotes like that.

what butters said is totally wrong. I say, the older our physical beings get, the younger our mental state becomes. As if we weren't more mature when we were 10 years old than we are now. e.g When an adult asks you a question when u were 10, I'm sure most people responded with manner, but now when some1 asks ya a question itz like, yeh it is... so???

By the time we're 50, we'll be acting like a "real" 10- year old

(Yummy i just can't WAIT for that time to come onto us)

---- Mtype8 10:15 am 11/08/2003
location: Quad Lab 4: Comp: Q4-17

Random Quote: tucoti - Feb 23 21:50:00 2002
Trilian History Log:

TUCOTI: hehe
i know.
white is beautiful mate!

so clean... pure... and innocent... just how i like girls...

Where theres a will theres a way..
especially if you happen to be a benefactor.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

My brain thought it earnt a victory by uninstalling BG2. But my heart has found ways to circumvent the obstacles to the path of failing.

Well Kwong, that just means that your age is undefined.

the eternal struggle between the brain and the heart.

We're sorry. We won't do UNSWCG anymore

... my name's Lumoi... can you like me too?

J00 are back!
Post! =)

It is John! It is! It's....HASH!

can it be true?
a blast from the past.
no it couldn't be.
or could it?


i want that merc.
i want my eye balls to really popout of their sockets at -4.5Gs...

LOL @ Kwong.
yeah... a lot of things there would equal 0. :)

I get a divide by zero error there.

Butters, I too agree with points that you raised. My mental age differs significantly from my physical age. (or chronological age?) It can be best expressed as follows:

Age(Mental) = (Age(Physical) * (MAX( ShoeSize(), Education.NoOfYears())) / ((Height() / Weight() * MIN(Career.YearsOfWork(), NoOfFriends()) + MAX((JourneyTimeToUniInMins() / ModesOfTransportToUni())),(JourneyTimeToWorkInMins() / ModesOfTransportToWork())) / 2

Which, in my case, comes out to be roughly 16.1 years, which happens to be fairly accurate. Man, that took me ages to figure out, but its right..

One cant fully appreciate good times without having been through bad ones.

John, you never cease to amaze me with the multitude and quality of your posting. kudos to you . Dunno why I typed that, maybe its just that the point that you made seems very relevent for me, at least.

I am not looking forward to either of detatchment and oncoming responsibility, both of which I fear may be looming in the near future, if I do not adjust my 'life vector' accordingly. At the moment I seem to be heading at a great speed towards the direction of 'Failure' in every sense of the word. Hmm, what course of action should be taken...

I've got a Benadryl(TM) Teddy Bear named Benny. He's yellow.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

ooh, reflection time!
mememememe....we are so young now, we are so young, so young now....and when tomorrow comes we'll just sing it all again....
- The Corrs
Yeap, time can be scary.

haha john, " While jet pilots have been known to black out at 4.5-5 Gs, this baby will go from 4.5 Gs to a negative 4 Gs (after the chute deploys)—all within six seconds!"
many this thing weighs 28pounds, w-t-f, and has 2500bhp.
" Zero to 100-mph in less than one second! " ???
okkkkkkkkkay then

a mercedes time machine?

may or may not be relevant here.
by hanging onto something we had but no longer have, we may be in fact pushing away something that we have right now.

My friend, why have youdrifted so far away? All motion is relative, maybe it is you who have moved away by standing still.

Butters, I fully concur.
But without such misery, one cannot appreciate a true 'friend' who stood beside them through the entire journey of life.

I see a lot of other people who have "cousins" but don't actually know them really but he and I are pretty close when it comes to cousins. You could say he was the closest thing I had to a brother.

Anyway I just came back from his 21st and I got this thorn in my side. Something doesn't quite feel right and I'm not sure what it is. Could be a combination of things, but I can tell you I feel really uncomfortable and uneasy.

Does it disturb anyone else that we are growing too old? I spoke to several people at the party, including my other cousins (we are quite a tight-knit group of eight) and its the same response from everyone. We all see ourselves at the age when we were in High School, permanently trapped there in a time-warp.

It's quite scary because I'm the baby of the family - the youngest - and it really didn't seem like such a long time ago when we were all together every week. Now most of us have finished uni except me and my "brother". The other six have finished uni and are looking for jobs or are already employed. The oldest left for London last year and inevitably we are drifting away from each other.

21 is just an arbitrary age where some guy decided "Now you're a man, a manly manly man", but nevertheless its scary. I'm more afraid of detachment as we grow older rather than responsibility that other people may feel burdened with.

No real point to this post. Just venting.

Friday, August 08, 2003

wonderful link Kwong.

John... not every likes Your Base Belongs To Us!!!
that piece of junk's in the same category. :P

Caught my attention just because Benny's name was in here:

On the first day of school, the teacher asked her class, "Who here is a Redskins fan?"

Every student knew that she loved the Redskins, so they all raised their hands, except for one little boy, Benny.

The teacher asked, "Who do you like, little boy?"

Benny replied, "I'm a Cowboy's fan and I hate the Redskins."

The teacher asked why and Benny told her that her parents were Cowboys fans, so he was too.

The teacher said to the class, "So if Benny's parents were idiots, what would that make him?"

Benny chimed in, "A Redskins fan!"

Key factor in shuttle design!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Thats exactly what I was thinking, Yi.

yi, just because you don't understand the ingenuity of that magnificent quicktime movie doesn't mean its gh3y.

that's the non-official leaked 1.9 you're playing kwong.
you rebel!

That's a fantastic monitor butters, very useful!

My bro has swapped monitors with me (temporarily) because he doesn't use his comp as much as me.

AA 1.9 is out!!!

stupid john.
very make it waste 1.28MB of my quota!!!!

Are you a good kid - or a bad kid?

OMG, Springer was a pollie?

SMH Article


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I found a pretty good monitor for you Jono. Hows this?

Hewlett Packard

looks like life's not so good for you johno. Sorry can't help out, only have one monitor.

stupid fobs.

sorry i can't help you much, but if you give me $900 for an lcd monitor then i'll happily give you this lovely hitachi cm621f =)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Does anyone have a spare 17" monitor (larger, smaller doesn't matter) that I could borrow/buy?

My 17" LG beauty just collapsed on me. It doesn't want to turn on, and I"m using my 15" from 5 years ago right now that's all blurry on the left and right hand sides.

Monday, August 04, 2003

its not naturally occuring - therfore it is not of any interest at the moment yi

i knew i've heard bits of joni mitchell's 'big yellow taxi' before somewhere.
after 9 months of investigation, i now know why.
janet jackson - got 'till its gone.

hash, click here for an article on TNA.

you can also google "tna rna dna" and find quite a few sites on it. :)

Random Quote:
"I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but before it starts,
Channel Ten shows the warning - "The Jerry Springer Show is classified M
for mature audiences. It contains..."

The paradox is this: if you were mature, you probably wouldn't want to
watch the Jerry Springer Show."

charlie, in response to all that...
i'll chuck a Benny.


In regards to Bonobo's unfortunate choice of subjects

I believe that Biological Psychology is "dirty as man".

--- Quote from Mtype8 (12:40 am 4th August 2003)

Sunday, August 03, 2003

One certainly cannot john. But the point I stress is not to be overly reliant on constantly evaluating the past and forget about goal setting and directing endeavours to what you do value.

Butters, to many to name, not because of laziness, but because of memory fallibility. The functional consequence of this is that if I can't remember, I'll do the same next time round.

One I could remember is going to uni, studying a 4 year combined degree of which i initially had no knowledge of whether I liked it or not. Luck seems to treat me well in this case, that I actually like psychology.
My choice of Business Administration is a direct result of my previous studies in commerce and business studies, of which again I initially did not know whether I should do it or not. A choice based on Asian mindset and family influence. The cost of that choice in year 8 is the possibility to pursue music, arts (got my first ever 100% in the end year exam because I like it so much), and even engineering.

one cannot identify one's values without past experiences or hindsight.

i was told this about economic policies, but i think it applies here equally as much.
making policy (or decisions) is like driving a car but only looking at the rear view mirrors.


The fabricated extrinsic value you gain from the act of placing a card there may be perceptually satisfying to you, but as you said, meaning is perception driven and percetion varies with invdividuals. I find no value in such an act. I think purpose is void if any of it's constituents are omitted. In this case, I think purpose is formed by both the process of placing it there, and the item in which we place it. The latter has no value.

As with your second point, Most of me agrees, most of which I wish to change. Sometimes the most 'meaningful' reward is of a serendipitous nature while engaging in 'purposeless' action.
However, this is dependent on an element of luck, and luck isn't always on your side. Even if it is, it is not always certain that the 'wonder' we get is the 'wonder' we seek. Hence my statement about the opportunity cost of such 'purposeless' pursuit - more 'fuitful' pursuit.

My third statement is a direct derivation from this perception of the need to change my attitude to life. Yes we cannot start life all over again (I never said we can), hence the need to direct our available and limited resources to more 'purposeful' pursuit. "I want to star over" is simply a change of mindset.
Foresight in this sense is critically analysing what is intrinsically important to you and guide your pursuits around that, not foresight dependent on experience of the past and correcting what you have done wrong. Sometimes (certainly most of the times for me) we correct and change ourselves only to later realise that what we corrected were of little importance. Actions sqauandered at the cost of more fruitful pursuits.
Regret is a state of mind not waiting to be cured, but to be prevented. It isn't easy, but not impossible either.

What I'm asking for is to identify what is of value to me and guide my life pursuits to it. It is certainly given, I just need to see it.


LOL A heart-warming romantic parable.

girls are evil.

As a matter of fact, I've wasted most of my life not knowing the purpose of life

It sounds like you already know. Care to share, Charlie?

squeeze it

Someone has been listening to too much Eminem...


lol James, may I ask, what is the point? The old falconian union card has no sentimental value to me. I would dare assume that it has no value to you. What is the purpose of trying to retrieve an item of no value?
Of course it has no physical value, or otherwise we wouldn't have left it there for more
than a year! The value is not intrinsic, but rather created. Our deliberate act of placing it
there, giving it a postion that is more than coincidence, injects value. The whereabouts of
the card is of little inportance, the undertaking is where the meaning lies.

Sometimes we do things without having a purpose. As a matter of fact, I've wasted most of my life not knowing the purpose of life. Actions directed towards purposeless wonder is action squandered at the cost of more fruitful behaviour.
I disagree. Meaning is perception driven. One can also argue that all reality is perception driven.
Sometimes, the most 'purposeless' action is the creation of wonder. It is the very enrichment of
this 'meaning' into our lives which you seek. Sometimes it can not be put into words. More often
than not, this is much stonger and deeper than that which can.

I want to start over. Let not unfortunate vicissitudes hinder my pursuit of life goals. Rely not on hindsight but foresight directed to personal values and vision. As one once said, live life without regrets.
Impossible on all levels. We can not start over again. Foresight can not be gained without hindsight. Life can not be lived without regrets. But at the same time, we are starting over again; everyday is a new day. We have all the hindsight to guide us. And regret is a state of mind waiting
to be cured. What you are asking for, you are already given - day after day, after day. It's up to
you to see it, then squeeze it.

BF1942: Secret weapons of WWII

"One of the wildest new items is the Wasserfall guided rocket, which is controlled from an installation similar to the anti-destroyer cannons in Battlefield 1942. Walk into the control room and hit the use key, and suddenly you're peeking out from the nose of the rocket, which you can then fire off at dizzying speeds, whirling through the air. It's like Unreal Tournament's Redeemer at 50 times the speed. It takes some practice to get the hang of guiding the missile, but it should prove to be a lot of fun."

Saturday, August 02, 2003


live long and prosper... if you are a medical, engineering or science student... otherwise die young and suffer!!!

Friday, August 01, 2003

who ever said political can't be naive?

Don't be political on me young man, just answer the bloody question with a naive mind.

lol James, may I ask, what is the point? The old falconian union card has no sentimental value to me. I would dare assume that it has no value to you. What is the purpose of trying to retrieve an item of no value? May it be attached to something of value? Sometimes we do things without having a purpose. As a matter of fact, I've wasted most of my life not knowing the purpose of life. Actions directed towards purposeless wonder is action squandered at the cost of more fruitful behaviour. I want to start over. Let not unfortunate vicissitudes hinder my pursuit of life goals. Rely not on hindsight but foresight directed to personal values and vision. As one once said, live life without regrets.

NOTE: The above passage is not a rendition of cheesy emails, is not plagiarised, and is not restricted to plagiarism.

LOL yeah john. Life isn't textbook rehearsed :)

Why would it be pointless to start over if you don't know what happened? Do or don't. Either way would work.

If I knew what was gonna happen then yes

If I didn't...probably no.

you were alive at the stone age?
i didn't know you were that old.
although that could explain the tallness.

If you were to start your life over again, would you still have the hindsight knowledge of your previous attempt of life? because if you don't, then its pointless to start over again, because you would just do the same things anyway. otherwise, somebody knock me back to the stone age.. I have a few scores to settle...