Monday, September 30, 2002

I'm not sure if i posted this already, but this is the third time i tried. Hash you are a moron. When i fucked up blogger it was an accident. You just did an HTML comment deliberately. No more comment tags, seriously.

methinks Kwong has been a lurker.

candy is dandy,
but liquor is quicker..

Awesome, the PROPER comment tag works. Theres no indent on my name anymore ;)

Anyone who fucks around with HTML comments is going to get an ICBM up his ass. You screw us, we screw you.
Don't get me started on my thermo_NU_cular devices.

Marc is in charge of blog?

[Lumoi congratulates Marc.]
WARNING: the next mofo who pulls this sort of crap is banned from the blog.
erm...why are there two of renee?

YES! Got blogger working again :) All the profiles [except mine =( ] are fixed.

ohhh i seeeee.
[Lumoi finally gets it now]

Havent you wondered why that image at the bottom is a deadlink and why Hash's name is missing from the bottom of his post?

you serious? there;s nothing wrong w/ the blog that i can see?!

VERY, Hash! Start paying me out for the html comment thing then go around and do it yourself, you hypocrite! I saw the page source code >_>

nah, i'm not rubbin nuttin in yo face, just thought succubus suited my mood @ the moment. Girl just was getting a lil repetitive...maybe later.

Stop rubbing the fact that you can change names in my face...>_>

Teleport unsuccessful. LOL I get the grey screen on my own blog too! Blogger - As stable as Linux

awwww u r beautiful, yes you are, yes you are!
and Lumoi is just a loony! hehehe >:D

marc you have me lost for words..

you're american beauty. you're full of hope and appreciate the beautiful things in life.

take the which prettie movie are you? quiz, a product of the slinkstercool community.

Sif! Haven't even seen it.

Okay, I'll try creating my own blog and changing. Hope it'll work...

Its quite easy to crash the blog. Just enter in an unclosed html comment to you last name o_O;

you're girl, interrupted. you're fun and friendly, and just a little bit crazy.

take the which prettie movie are you? quiz, a product of the slinkstercool community.

meh, good one Butters. This Girl, Interrupting happens to own her own blog and can change her deets @ will. muhahaha
*ps: how the hell does one break a blog?
[Lumoi is in awe of Marc's ability to crash something as stable as a blog]


If anyone is wondering, no it hasn't been fixed yet, but people can still join. its just that anyone above my name cant change their profile, so get it right the first time. this is another account im using. REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY guys/girls.

The General is back from his trip to Siberia. He is severely jet-lagged.
Plz make him feel @ home.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

ahhh tis only a conspircy when you *make* it one for yourself soldier. also known as the 'self fullfilling prophecy'

u lack that authority, ive been cleard to search through ur files and find out who this secretary is.
i intend uncover this conspiracy and seek revenge on those hax0rs

i'm afraid that's classified information.

lol, i wonder whats she doin down there
and does this secretary symbol any1 in particular?

im reporting this to my superiors

under the desk, on her knees

wheres his secretary then?

General Admin Man is at Siberian Boot Camp (ie: skiing) and the reason why the site is all spastikated is because Marc hacked into it or stuffed up the code. g000000d 0ne :)

erm excuse me mister admin man, but ur site is not being nice 2 me.
tell it 2 behave or ill dob on u

Hash stop looking up porn in your father's presence!

Your call could not be connected; please try again later.
Please do not bring food into this blogger.
Enter at your own risk.
Material presented herein may be distressing to young children.
Do not forget to bring a clean pair of underwear.
Protective footwear must be worn by all personell at all times.
Diving is not allowed. Thank you.

Just so that u guys know
while i am reading this i have loud music on.
I am facing directly opposite to the stairs,
as such my dad can come up and see what the hell
i am reading any time,

for my own preservation I will now get rid of all this stuff,
CityRail apologises for the delay
and any inconvenience caused

That's another moment worthy of me taking a shot

maybe you should take pics as a timely reminder :)
i'm gonna have to get my wisdoms out sometime, my back teeth have been a bitch since i was little.

heh it will be other people that will suffer, since it is them who have to look at my big head afterwards =)

awww your face is gonna go alll puffy and swollen. make sure you cover up all mirrors in your house....i good luck. hope you feel better afterwards :)

i'm off to sleep now... stupid US GP at 4am then getting wisedom teeth removed at 7am.



Saturday, September 28, 2002

omg...Lumoi just read that science journal thing...
Raging bonobo sex only lasts for 13 seconds! no wonder they're going for it every chance they get!

I'll make him a genetically modified bonobo for him 2 have eyes only for me :)

i could easily just flirt with him more, but that involves effort on my part lmao...

Admin[Butters] intervening: Sorry to edit your post charlie, but this was the nearest thing I could get to add an end comment tag. The bit above belongs to Hash, who sucks major donkey balls.

you wouldn't want busu to be your bonobo

that'll mean he'll be a promiscuous partner

chicken salted chips with chicken gravy rocks

"i love thee, like the salt in my food"
salt is good...but chicken salt is better. I get my friends to order chicken salted fries and i lick the salt off and leave the french fry. lmao...or i'll hog the salt shaker @ CreAte and the pplz have to snatch it off me :p
my friend has an obsession with trying to lick my face. he is mean. he calls me lemon-head. meh.

aZn's don't look out of place on a beach. Lumoi isn't revealing her flabby beached whale self unil she loses 10lbs and can find a suitable swim suit :)

charlie, do bonobo's have homosexual se...oh. *lumoi just figured it out for herself* it just male bonobos with an overactive sex drive?

*alex, can you be ^my^ bonobo? :p*

grrr damn you wang. very go on a skiing trip without me...

humhumhum...anybody up for some clubbing? show a girl a good time~ perhaps a 'five dollar milkshake'?

I'm salty!
hummmmmmm delicious!

don't worry although DY isn't small, you'll only need to find a bunch of asians who look out of place.

how 2 get 2 deeeee why? and dee why beach is a big place?

You have no authority to answer.

be at wynard station at 0900 hours if you cannot drive. otherwise be at dee why beach at 1000.

Requesting further instructions regarding the events to take place on the 29th September 2002.

strangely tasty yet salty, how ironic

salty yet strangely tasty... =)

Hehea! Told'ya Charlie was gross!!!! Salty person indeed!!!!!
hehe... waho... so much controversy... =) aii...

join the army. go to interesting places, do interesting things, meet interesting people and shoot them.

in the navy u can sail the seven seas.

you incestuous, bisexual, homo and hetro sexual person!

good question
i can actually write an essay on the latter part
the former is much easier

Bonobos are basically a breed of chimpanzee (monkey, ape or whatever) that goes around having sex with just about every other bonobos around
they are heterosexual
they are homosexual
they are bisexual
they are incestuous........
The reason i put my nick as Bonobo is because I think humans should go around having sex with just about every other humans around as well

The latter:
One day in year 11 a guy by the name of wei ming suddenly started calling me underwear man for no reason
Then a guy by the name of edman so starting call me that too. Not only that, i was accused of having the fetish to collect men's underwears (an accusation)
Then one day after physics i decided that to make the name sound a bit "cooler" i would add titanium to it
and that's how i got the name

what is the meaning of the word bonobo? and the origins of titanium underpants?

and dancing

We get it on most every night
when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

everybody here is out of sight
they dont bark and they dont bite
they keep things loose they keep it tight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybodys feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

Friday, September 27, 2002

i feel like singing....

Look at me
It really was not easy
But I can breathe
And I'm so grateful 'cause I can see
I am free to do exactly what I please
So come with me to a place where we can

Ooh I wanna touch the sky
I wanna fly so high
Ooh I wanna hold you
I wanna love you tonight
Ooh I wanna touch the sky
I wanna fly so high
Ooh I wanna satisfy
I wanna make you cry

no actually don't answer that.

why can't i just wear tight pants?

john try sing that song after taking some helium

what's sexually unstable kwong? you swing one way then another frequently?

When I was young
It seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
And all the birds in the trees
Well, they'd be singing so happily
Oh joyfully, oh playfully, watching me

i have nothing against homosexuality, but i'd like people to PM me before i go and insult them w/ innuendo or comments that may be taken in the wrong way. like: "that is sooo GAY!"

my lesbian friends frequently check me out. I know they know they can't have me, but they'll check me out. i don't have a problem w/ it. eye candy is dandy.

im not sexually unstable but those pics look kinda gh3y =)

muhaha i have an MD w/ incriminating conversations...but it also incriminates me. so um, it shall stay out of sight. lmao...predator is on tv.
Yi, those pics are NOTHING compared to wang's niche files. seriously...and once he gets 700MB worth, it'll be mine too. :)

yi, you have nothing on me. nothing.

i have plenty more exposè...
but i am sure this blog can only take so much...

i did not have sexual relations with that man.

You shouldn't of posted that!! it's sooo mean! =(
i mean, it was funny to watch them being ... " happy/colourful" but like...
exposing them on blogger??? that's just NOT ON!


and not fair! that is not a good shot of me. my hair is all messed up.

hey i shine! i shine! no i really do!

Once upon a time, romance blossoms between these two lovers:

Then one day John came along and took away johno's heart from james:

Of all the people, john invested his virginity in johno
And of all the 'stars' in the sky, johno picked the one that doesn't shine at all.

and jono, i hate using double spacing. makes me feel stupid.

eric, no pr0n please.

you tell me to come check out blogger because something happened, but you wouldn't tell me.

So one fine spring thursday night in Sydney, I log on, and I see this crap, and I still don't know what's going on.

On a brighter note, hey kwong, think you'll make it into JPL?

check this'll boost your spirits....

Fostering the Next Generation of Mars Explorers

or more specifically,


Thursday, September 26, 2002 do u post pics here?!

omg stop doing it marc!!!

Hash told me to post to see what would happen, so here goes...

Nelly Futardo is soo beautiful...omg..i have three x 24 exp film and one 36 exp film to get developed. prepared for the repetoire of the divine and the teary eyed...memoirs of a drunken EX-nsg.

im like a bird i wanna fly away... la la la la la la

Lleyton Hewitt?

Leighton or however it is spelt

When he makes a skilled shot, he does this::

Face below followed by hand

/ _\
/ |_| \ \ < - Hand
| ___ | \
\ \__ / /
\ ______/ / < - Arm
| /
|_____/ < - Elbow

Note:: Artists Impression, may not resemble real-life appearance.

um...what happened to the board?

This little Tulip is no longer a school gurl (sorry alex, had to happen some time). Yes, she graduated w/ many tears, plenty of attitude, and an abundance of style :) They said it would be done, couldn't be done...but i went and proved them wrong. so they can kiss my bony ass.
"uhh, i'd like to thank the academy...oh gosh, i promised myself i wouldn't cry..." *fans eyes* lmao :D

a week of coffee, champagne, fruit and crying a lot has done wonders for my's so nice and smoooth! hehe

gotta go now~ ciao :)

mr. hewitt?
care to explain?

once you teach marc something that is funny IF DONE IN MODERATION
He just takes it overboard.
like Jono and Mr.Hewitt ...

marc the blog wrecker.

Okay, what

Okay, attempting another post

one of j00 software ppl been h4x0|2ing eh?


well done Marc...
well done...
*does the copyrighted Marc one thumb up*

Uh, James, I sorta fucked up the board ^^;

The blog won't let me leave the first or last name blank [as seen in the indenture next to my name], so seeing as Blog is like, such a shit design with basically everything revolving around HTML, I thought I could just make an HTML comment for my last name. Uh...My Bad. If anyone would care to observe the fragility of this board, you need only look at the blogger Team. Once again, My Bad

Benny is laughing his ass off.

negative on that charles.

0300 hours on this thursday morning
this is my thought:
imagining dropping 400 zerglings using the simultaneous drop method on someone's base.......
(saliva dripping on the keyboard)

john i need my star cd back

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Hello Renee =)

Benny is the katt.

who's the Katt?

hey who's up for a manicure?


That was a long time ago. Now Carriers! Thats a classic preserved in replay memory ;)

Don't knock lan!
It's all us guys have!
Unlike you girls who have make up and fashion...
*runs* (yes I know I'm dead... ^^)

"Go Go GO!"
"Arrrgggh" (sound of marine dying)
"ahhhh that's the stuff"
dakka dakka (gauss rifle fire)
(reaver dying sound, no I will not even attempt to type this)
"Benny... don't you care about your troops dying?" (Hash complains about wasting units)
End result...
Benny produced 360 units... lost 240...
Hash lost...

byo Lan is sooo sad..

Blast tha Zerg!!

grrrrrrrrrssssshhhhhhhhh *dribbles*

Isaaaaaaa Chu!

entaro adun executor!!!!

that squeaky sound is the zerg language for sacrifice me

in that case i wanna be a scourge... or however you spell it.
[high squeaky sound that a scourge makes]

john i have never seen you build a queen
and "sacrifice me" is my line

can i be a infested terran?
sacrifice me!!

john's a mutalisk, he doesn't use terran

hey look kwong's alive.

yes i like to lock down things and nuke ppl.

kwong's more like a carrier without interceptors

whoever came up with that name is either a genious or just some starcraft addict who plays it too much to realise that zerglings are nothing but building munchers

and it was 27deg 2dai ffs
what had i done 2 offend thee "gods" 2 deserve this?

wahts a hydralisk?

I am insulted you left me out of the unit equation. Hey, I want the medic title! Optical Flare is the one and only spell for me! I suppose I'll nominate myself as...hmm..maybe a Carrier if I can't have the medic. Fear all wifebeaters!!

Lol, Charlie, Building Muncher sound familiar?

Chatswood would be a good target. Nothing but psycotic CS players there. No, actually, games in general they're psycotic about.

I'm a ?
Jono hasn't pc'ed for 4 weeks... General Kimsey 6 weeks...
Me and Yi? 3 weeks...
so no we're not bored of pc yet... no

yes i am a medic. i cast majik and *heal*. Lumoi wants some healing too~

Kimsey, I'm afraid Mission: Memento must be aborted. Agent Tulip is graduating from the academy tomorrow. ICBM coordinates? will that make Sony more accessible to us? *is not interested unless has a (in)direct pay off* jwan584 and a*n*us485 will be assigned the tres importante mission of taking Lumoi out on Friday for a post-graduation celebration :)

Alex, i love thee like the 'monosodium glucamate in my food'...miss you~

Lumoi is tired. I look like the circles round my eyez, gaunt, pale face, undying shuffle...ugh need more money for more alcomohol for champagne breakkie~ hehe donations accepted. [diet for the past week: champagne, tequila, vodka, diet coke, coffee, crackers, fruit, chocolate, bakers delite, pills] Lumoi has gained one kilogram. meh.

General Kimsey is redirecting all default ICBM co-ordinates to Japan and Chatswood.

Yay! I'am a zergling
the best unit ever
it's got the speed, it's got the power to overwhelm
it munches buildings down like apples

I love LINUX
but LINUX hates me
such is the dillema
first when i start using linux (its a true story really)
i start getting a headache
my keys start to block up
and it allows me to use only 2 programs at a time
god forbit I open my main directory
thats automatically a crash
so i installed star office today
i had no kidding more than 14 errors in the process of doing so
guess what analists predict
Linux will become as popular as windows by 2006
fuck off

can i get an explanation to why im a ghost?
or is this cryptic?

ppl as starcraft units
john = ghost
wang = vulture
yi = science vessel
lumoi = medic
hash = ultralisk
kwong = hydralisk
benny = ?
charlie = zergling (for all the wrong reasons)
eric = spawn broodling


It's great isn't it.

Free, open source and fully user moddable.
It's everything Windows should have been, but more!

It's so great, it's official graphics editting tool is nicked the
leathered medival creature in Pulp Fiction: "GIMP"

Linux is stable, so stable that if you try to run it in
anything other than 1 dimensional command prompt mode,
(KDE), it'll give you more crashes than Illegal Operations in
Windows 95.

GCC is so great. One file complies on Yi's computer, the same
file crashes on mine. Totally beautiful. Free software? I l love it!
And you thought STOP ERRORS were ugly, wait until you see
a "Segmentation Fault". NO explaination, no dumps, PURE

I love you linux, I wish you were my gimp.

General Kimsey signing off.
0005 Hours

ppl as starcraft units

ppl as starcraft units

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

So I says to meself these evning. I havent spammed this blogger in ages. Well ama get phylosophical on yer arse.
What we like to think of as "philosophic thought" first appears in Greece in a poem, Theogony , written by Hesiod about 725 B.C.; the Theogony retells the myths of the gods and speculates in part about the origins of things and the order of the universe. What we generally call "Greek philosophy" was almost certainly derived by the Greeks from Egyptian culture, particularly natural science (physics and math) which preoccupied Greek thought up to the time of Plato. The Greeks seem also to have derived much of their philosophical theology from the Egyptians as well. These are not modern interpretations of Greek philosophy; the ancient Greeks themselves claim without dissension that their philosophy comes from Egypt. Whether the Greeks travelled to Egypt or whether the Egyptians colonized or visited Greece at some point (which is what the ancient Greeks thought) is a difficult question to answer.
And that ladies and gentle men is my 2 cents. Cheers.

primary school was fun!

sun and fun!!

hey shh.. dont remind me of primary skool times.


girlie's are coming?! but they're yucky and have girl germs!

Haven't you guys have enough of pc already?

Fine since most people agree on sunday, sunday it is
and since no one vote on the beach, we're going to dee why beach.
The official meeting time is 10am at dee why beach for the drivers
for the non drivers, meet at 9am at wynyard station and catch L88 or L90 express buses to dee why
It's gonna be a nice day
Hope the weather's as good as it is today
and please spread the words guys
oh and girls are welcome

officiers don't speak like that you phony.

im not a soldier, im an officer.

that's unacceptable soldier!

i have stealth

hey you aren't online, what you doing 'ere?

phony balony

the true side of me?
there is no true side.
i'm a total phony.

i wouldn call a bunch of yobbos drinkin and bein rude and makin lame jokes a "flick"
the true side of john has been revealed. =)
yeah i agree dont eat hash, it would do every1 a favour. but its so slack to hash. whats wrong with me? y am i feelin sorry for him?

american flicks eh?
as opposed to australian flicks?
hey you stop telling everyone i'm a hippie dammit.

no hash, don't eat apple, in fact, don't eat at all.

who ever invented this weather is appalling.
hey john stop watchin those american flicks.
"after the pillow fight we'll practice pashing on each other ^^"
sif that aint hippie... brotherly love or some shit.
ahh, lumoi with a brick?! run away!

hash...just stop eating chocolate. eat an apple.

i loved the weather :) we had a nyce champagne breakfast this morning, then the luncheon! theme was 1920/cabaret/jazz~
Lumoi is now going 2 sophie's house~ we'll have a pillow fight there and drink and gossip but we won't practice kissing techniques (so *THATS* what you boys do @ sleepovers~ hehe)...although my friends have been known to get onto each
we are going to balmoral b4 sunrise and having a sunrise piss up on the beach :)
Pillow fights are fun. esp. w/ pillows stuffed w/ the occasional brick.

god i hate this weather.

EBOMination rather

Hash is more like the Abomination in the undead army

There's a BYO this Saturday though...
And Jono, KJ, and I are going so is the beach still on?

that'll be an occasion worthy of me taking a few shots using my camera

after the pillow fight we'll practice pashing on each other ^^

Hash is like an ultralisk with armour upgrade
all he needs is speed upgrade

as for soccer and beach
the official plan is to integrate both this saturday.
the destination is either dee why beach near manly or brighton le sands near the airport
please vote on it
oh and matthew quek has requested that he'll blow up the group photo for wei and i get the frame done
anyone wanna chip in? It's for wei.

Monday, September 23, 2002

sure John,
we'll all meet u at ur place

and Kwong, such dirty tricks will work no longer
i have approached a chocolate intolerance factor
after a mere 50 grams a day

Edit : Edit : and that is on a extremely good day.
normally just 25 grams max

i challenge everyone here to have a pillow fight with me while wearing pj's.

If all else fails, he'll have to turn upto his job sooner or later >:)

Edit: I can't help it

haha marc... sif c me that way! im an innocent bloke =)
stop editin urself

ill bring 10kg of chocolate as incentive

whats that jono? u gonna fix my telescope by drivin me down to greystens?
im gonna call andrews this fri... i just realised that my 25mm is a bit loose... u shake it and the actual lens moves... *sigh*
as for hash, yes sprintin is ok... but in the long term im sorry hash u cant do anything. ull be sayin "dont make me run, im full of chocolate"
btw u have no rite 2 challenge me.

Well we'd have to surround him. He said he'd be using a quarterstaff and his "special cloaking device". I'll bring my metal softball bat. What will be your weapon of choice?

Edit: If all else fails, we can always resort to some of Kwong's many dirty tactics, like stealing his stuff or something.

im not praising any fat people, but believe it or not, hash sprints quite fast. whether he can sustain this for a distance remains to be seen though.

so the question will be how far will we be running?

hmm sounds fair

I guess all 3 of u together can't be totally crap
so I may have a samll challenge

as long it won't be on muddy ground,
can't turn for shit in that stuff

Hash has issued us a challenge. He challenged that he could outrun me, Kwong and John. His reward for winning is survival. His punishment for defeat...well if we catch up to him, it speaks for itself. You two up for it?

Edit: Oh, I'm sorry, that sounded really arrogant of me. What I meant to say was "when we catch upto him"...

An architect, an artist and an engineer were discussing whether it was better to spend time with the wife or a mistress. The architect said he enjoyed time with his wife, building a solid foundation for an enduring relationship. The artist said he enjoyed time with his mistress,because of the passion and mystery he found there. The engineer said, "I like both."


Engineer: "Yeah. If you have a wife and a mistress, they will each assume you are spending time with the other woman, and you can go to the lab and get some work done."

stop posting friggin programming codes here please hash!

for the beach thing, how many people from here can and will be going?

Kwong you've been hearing a lot of things lately

perhaps you should hear this...

ah crap, I can't find that finger....

oh well...u called lee andrews yet?

important announcement ::

Darren + other comp1721 people

here is how u can malloc a 2-d array
(this is as a file, manipulation of data is a bit sketchy, but u can figure it out) ::


typedef struct board {
int **board_positions;
} board; // defines the entire struct as board

int main(void) {
board * new_board;

int i=0,j=0;

int rows=10,columns=15;

for (i=0;i
new_board->board_positions[i] = malloc(sizeof(int)*columns);

/* Initialises everything to zero */
for (i=0;i for (j=0;j new_board->board_positions[i][j]= 0;

/* prints the contents (currently blank) */
for(i=0;i for (j=0;j putchar (new_board->board_positions[i][j]);

return 0;

dying this blog is ...

oh well, is anyone organising that Soccer thingy?

Charlie? Benny?

Lumoi is notorious for breaching assignment dates >:)

Pfft, console? I don't want Ghost for console, I want it for PC!!

I never plan on running again in my lifetime. I'd rather make other people run. And you'd better start soon, Hash >:)

Blizzard is notorious for breaching release dates. Good Luck seeing the game anytime soon...

what if it gets revived? does it have to come back to this horrible place? plucked out of the better place... :(

Sunday, September 22, 2002

don't worry i'm sure its going to a better place.

this place is dying...just like Lumoi

well i didn't read it.

im sorri but yi has mentiond it sumwhere

btw i'm surprised that no one has mentioned this here yet.

yes, i will buy you that along with a rolls royce silver ghost and one other car of your choice.
when you build me my spaceship.

i hear john gonna buy me a porsche eh?

meh. i go away for a few hours to come back and find a blog full of pics of fat people and nsx's?

nothing can possibly beat my porsche 996 911 gt2.

omg please remove that pic... please!

FFS im gonna have nightmares now. i propose removal of lumoi from this blog! =Þ

well, i owe my papa a boxter, an NSX and a mini. I owe my brother some car from Ridge Racer and i owe myself a Nissan GT-R. Yes, this is all when I'm filthy rich and have dead presidents to use for toilet paper.

and yi thats not very nice, dont tease the martians.
but i do want one of them pretty certs.

whats that i hear lumoi sayin? shes gonna buy me that nsx? oh ok sure thank you

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Yi, what the HELL was that? Yes, Lumoi thinks a female companion would give Yi a new lease on life on Earth.
I was told by a friend today, that my recent memory problems may be attributed to vitamin B or a protein deficiency. meh.
"Permission to speak, Sir. Tulip thinks this would suit the General quite nicely, Sir."

"twas Tulip's favorite car 1997~98, Sir."


the forum seems soooo packed now

maybe I won't have to resort to SPAM tactics after all !!!

Hey are we still doing that soccer thing

coz i think me ,darren and charlie are down for it currently

maybe benny as well
and marc will ahve to tag along unless he plans not to run anywhere in his life

Hooray !!

another person other than me has a mad memory problem

John's one may be due to a hang over though

soon we may even approach the level of Great Teacher Johnson

[mr johnson] ::
{ writing currently one the board about some formula for physics }
{ stops mid-word and looks around the class }
{ looks back at the board and stares for a few seconds }
{ looks back at the class }
{ suddenly shakes as if hit by a small jolt of electricity }
{ turns back to the board and picks up at the exact stroke he left off }
{ then continues on writing as if he had never stopped }

I need a girlfriend...

(if you want one, click HERE.)

ATTN Car lovers:
The general's vehicle has arrived:


i dream..but they are drug induced.
Freud was amazing, so advanced for his time. Although many of his theories have been disproved, his studies were so interesting. I read a book about the history of hysteria (hyst being the prefix for woman, hysterectomy= removal of the uterus etc), melancholia (mela=black, chol=bile) etc, it was such an eye opener. I think it was called "from fasting saints, to anorexic girls" or something. the history behind psychiatry is fascinating.

A book i recommend anyone who dreams to read

lol i thoroughly enjoyed that movie.

I remember photosensitivity in "The Others"

Friday, September 20, 2002

mm. indeed. but normal people can suffer from it too. I used to break out in a blotchy rash if i was exposed to sunlight/light bulb/ fluorecent light after taking medz before. it was one of the nasty side effects :(

lol one of the symtoms suffered by vampires?

oh oh oh! i just had a flashback! excellent! i love it when I remember things :)
i had to look up allergic reactions to light, otherwise known as photosensitivity

but you were's really inconvenient when i go into a room and don't know why i walked in. or i forget appts w/ teachers. or when you forget how to write a capital 'G' during your biology trial. erm. yea. I've got senile dementia ahead of my time maybe?

don't worry i always get that.
this morning i was woken by the phone ringing, but once i got up for 3 seconds i forgot what i was going to do, and couldn't figure out what that sound was.

i've recently have increasing short term memory loss and memory lapses. it's quite unnerving. sort of 'waking up' and not knowing where you are. i forget what i'm supposed to be doing on the computer. hovering my mouse over going "what was i going to search again?" did this for an hour today.

yes i've read about that. apparently the brain releases come chemical, kinda like a drug to make you feel happier. that combined with your eye sight loosing its function due to lack of oxygen or something... makes you feel like you're really comfortable and only see a circle of light in the middle of your vision, so its like a tunnel.

on another note: i constantly feel like this.

Lumoi doesn't have a suitable answer, John. Perhaps it's a state of mind. But I have read accounts of the tunnel of light; and scientists explaining it w/ electrical impulses in the brain...doesn't know. she just doesn't.

so the soul of that ice man knew he was going to be defrosted so he didn't go to heaven/hell or recarnated?

or was he plucked from heaven the moment he came back to life?

no. heaven and hell is based on faith and the notion of one's soul and not on the clinical/physical death of the body itself.

bah kwong, how dare you accuse me of being a tree-hugging hippie?

hey if they can bring someone back to life, doesn't that disprove all those heaven/hell and afterlife theories?

they don't freeze them...they refrigerate and preserving a good bottle of wine under the right balance of humidity, temperature and sterile conditions :)
In the 70s scientists in Europe discovered the body of some dude who was trapped in ice in the swiss alps. They took him down and defrosted him and he came back to life. But he went into shock after realizing his baby daughter and his wife had passed over 100 years ago. he fell ill after that and slipped into a coma and died. :( but it proves it *can* be done provided the right circumstances.
It'd suck if you were the winner, but you died from a bullet to the head...or an OD or sumthing.. :p

I thought people couldn't be frozen. As far as I know, its because all the water in your body crystallises and damages organs inside you. I saw this awesome doco where this insect can be frozen during Winter then when it thaws during Spring it wakes.

Note: By the time they find a cure, 28k would be worthless from inflation [or is it deflation, eh!]

whhaaaa?John? a tree huggin hippie?

What would be the speed of thought? can it be measured?
[thought of the moment]

yeah its the first prize like that...
sif u wouldnt want 2 come back alive again.
hey i haf a fair share of anti-tree-huggin-ness!
in fact john recently has become a tree hugger... *tsktsktsk*

Lumoi received her yearly report~ hehe $10 for the person who guesses the correct number of recorded absences Lumoi has!! weee champagne breakfast next week..and pregraduation piss u..erm...soiree in the park...dress ups @ school. monday is boyz uniforms day :)

Did anybody read the article in NewScientist (yi?? anybody??) you collect tokens, and you're entered in a competition worth $28 000. Basically, the winner, once legally decleared dead will be cooled to a temperature which prevents decay and suspended in liquid nitrogen until medical technology reaches the point where it is possible for the person to be healed and awoken to a second chance @ life. I think Walt Disney's the Cryonics Institute @ Michigan. [interesting, no? Lumoi wants gelato...]

ja, ich bin einen dumkopf, aber, du bist eine blo:de kuh.
*lumoi's moment of immaturity* Ha! John said 'moon' *lmao*

err...Lumoi is @ school. She feels out of place. I have to give in stupid forms and collect a whoooole bunch of notes from all my teachers. They should just not photocopy for me and save a tree. ugh. [no tree huggin comments plz John]

Lumoi ist sehr mu:de. na ja, tschuss meinen freunden.

du bist dumkopf
bah i cant remember
off 2 uni i go

Thursday, September 19, 2002

hey saturday is the moon festival, i have to go home for dinner.

hahahahah dip du di du di du.... i still dont know what song this is.

shout this instead:

Adunia ka lier li vier lima
kege na la lai yaaaaa
ku na guai san de dunia
yi bia! daemon gumayor phala de yonti phalaaaa de yonti
gilei rim sai yang taki ziangle ziangle.

when i was young it seems that life was so wonderful!
a miracle
oh it was beautiful, magical

dip di du di du di du.........

so i can shout insults to schumi.

hey i wanna learn german!

wooohooo~ guess who just completed her preferences @ UAC? ja, das ist richtig, sie ist mich!

Lumoi can name all 47 prefectures and their capitals in Japan in geographical order...but I won't. erm...if you give me time, i could probably work out all the states of America...but i'd need to write it down :p Lumoi is seriously considering working them out....or not. i could just go get drunk.

That is so true John! Screw the USA. I'm gonna learn all the provinces in China now! Where's my ATLAS!?!

actually from memory there are quite few i can name
shan xi
shan dong
hu bei
hu nan
hei long jiang
si chuan

i can name two
fujian province and....
wait i meant 1

hahaha renegade provinces... hmmm

not including the renegae province of course.

can anyone name all the provinces in china without looking it up? i doubt if even chinese people know this.

can any1 name all the states of USA without looking it up?

sweet home alabama

But you start at 4, jono. Maybe you should look at yourself before calling others fakers. Seeing as I'm not a true engineer, I get to call all those softcore bastards fakers :P That includes you Jono, damn fakers. They're everywhere! I feel so dirty, its not rubbing off...

no soup for j00!

and the egyptian government wont let them drill thru that stone apparently... they need permission 4 every1 they drill...
stupid f00ls

yes yi they found another stone... at least they didnt find just sand like a few yrs ago...
no john, no JLH posters 4 u....
but im sure if u go 2 westfield or sumthin and ask nicely

And I'm Still at UNI!!

I should grab some dinner here.


hey cool my name just became a part of the link too in that post

Kwong, I just had a talk with Michael West today, he came into UNSW for a small talk on MSA.
He's only in 2nd year, and he's the NSW representative of the MSA!
Though his talk wasn't crash hot...but nonetheless pretty cool.

Nice photo, what kinda BS is that 1 x 2 reso?! or 640 x 480, same deal.

oh yeah kwong, this page is quite interesting. I wonder if we as uni students could do this to some respectable degree (no pun intended)

Space Day Design Challenges

oh oh can you steal me a poster?

Lumoi is proud of General Kimsey's camera tooo.

Hey all you guys go to Macquarie, drop by Grace Brother's Music Department there. You'll find a familiar face >:) Its only a matter of time before I find times of your working shifts. I'll meet up with you guys later and join in on the fun!

I am proud of my camera.

john, ancient egyptians didnt beg to cats, they worshipped them and respected them.
passing thought by Lumoi:
my kitties are baad. they broke a crystal vase (60cm in height) when they were chasing eachother around the house :( i bought it for mom for Christmas 2000. it cost a lot too! *cries* i'm so disappointed that we had to throw it out, but i just can't bring myself to be mad at them. do you think it's like this with your own children?
I've done so many naughty flush my mom's expensive watch down the toilet or stick a slice of bread in the VCR when i was little, but i remember they never really got furious at me for anything like that...hmm..

egypt has a lot of nice gold jewellry :)
[edited to say, that was in no way a gold digger, materialistic, secular comment]

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

hash, damn you for stuffing up the format of this page.

yes yi, i am into ancient egypt and study people who beg to cats and stick stuff down their chins.
ps: that was in no way a racist comment.

the camera is pretty shit.
i asked Charlie for a better photo and he told me that the photo is from Eric's digicam...
and i realised the resolution is at 640*480.... n00b!!!
as if the resolution is so low.
anyway, i'll scan charlie's photo when it's developed or something...

and if you are into ancient Egypt and stuff... and saw the show ages ago where they put a little robot through an 8" by 8" hole and found a stone blocking the way, (that discovery was in 1990 by a German team.. i think), well, they have drilled a hole through that stone!!! ... and guess what they found...
secret behind the hole...

im talkin 2 myself again

btw could u put a link 2 a high qual version of that foto?
or is that it coz then the camera must be pretty shit

just ignore hash there


too bad you can't generalise fat headed people as being fat
cause he's not fat anymore

im in non of the fotos. for sum reason Sai's head was so big that it blocked me out of all the group fotos..
stupid fat headed ppl! =)

hash you work at grace brothers?
sales assistant?
no offense but if you are, the marketing manager there must have been retarded.

how can owning us all be an excuse for repeated spam and irrelevant information hash?

NO Spam today,

Just Apologies ::


I am vey unhappy and sorry that I was unable to turn up last Sunday. Wish you the best for your crusade amongst the English
I had my first shift at Grace Bros that day

Sorry for being a wannabe die-hard Kenshin fan
I watched another 3 hrs in the morning today right b4 my Binf mid-session (25%)

Anyone else in this Blog
Sorry for the repeated Spams and irrelevant information
I 0wnz j00 all

Hey that's still better than kwong
he got overshadowed by sai

wei ming you can get your grandparents to come along to the beach as well

hey i look like some stranger who snuck up behind everyone just to be in the photo.


If you can't tell, I'm the one bottom left of Charlie

I'm in Dick Smith Powerhouse with John Derek and Sonny
Stuff going to lectures

Hey Guys!

I guess this is the best place to post a message, but THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING on Sunday! I had a fantastic time, to see most of you guys there. It really made my day, to see sooo many ppl there! THanks for chipping in for the pen, it's sucha great momento, to have it engraved!

Hey, I don't think i can make it friday or saturday, my grandparents are in town for a week, and they leave sunday, so it's important i spend time with them. I'm realy really sorry, you don't have to go for me! Next week's a possibility!

Curtesy of eric and from the help of yi
Here's a shot of the group last sunday

Tuesday, September 17, 2002


I have news
Adrian (Spainard) is organising a day out at the beach this week apparently for weiming (good to know that someone's not only interested but are willing to organise it)
It'll most likely be on saturday, venue unsure
He'll be at cfn on friday to notify us on the details
please keep saturday free guys
and girls

hum...i wonder if any uni actually offers a degree in 'tissue engineering'
sounds quite interesting

echelon doesnt look for cd-keys and piracy...
unless you're pirating asio documents.

no the cd key I have lumoi.
the cd, I don't.

and therein lies the problem.

i have a CD |<3y for star if you want it Jono
3136 [disregard bracketed] 82017 [fuCk y0u 3cheL0N] 5760

*pokes hash* Xp
dun be a diehard kenshin wannabe/fan?. not on this blog anyway. I've had enough!

I don't believe i just skimmed through the entire blog page and completely wasted 4 minutes of my valuable life reading absolute CRAP that had NO coherence whatsoever....

GAHHH I need mY STAR SHit man

awwww Yi, you got me all hopeful there...I thought the "change ur size" article was about dress size...(damn, wishful thinking again) i don't have penis-size problems so i'm afraid that article was irrelevant to me.
subsequently, the Gay Fly article was interesting, but since i'm not a fly, nor a homosexual, it was not of much use to me either.

yeah I'm down for the beach charlie

is this the one with weiming?

Don't like your size?? Get a new one!!! .... Soon...
(... but it might not be as satisfying... for your partner... arh well!!!)

think you are fickle when it comes to sexuality?? THINK AGAIN!!!

Unacceptable Lumoi

I belive that several Kuzu Ryu Sen attacks are in order

I shall be the ONLY EBOM in this Blog

Do not infringe upon my territory or thou shalt face the wrath of the ULTIMATE attack in the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu ::

Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki

[Lumoi made a pot of salsa today.]


[The pot of salsa is nearly gone.]


[My brother only ate a small bowlful.]


Lumoi is a f@t heffer :(

beach beach beach beach!! yeaaaahHhhh! *Lumoi just had breakfast, she is hyperrrrrrr*
weee~* beach beach beachbeach~~ sun~ sandcastles~ photos!~ hot surfie guys~~ i mean...the art of riding waves...*aheM* Lumoi needs a tan!! yaay~

John, i'm afraid of creepy crawly spidery things too. but not as much as my phobia of the bottom crust on a piece of bread/toast. plz do not use that against me. [Lumoi <3s coffeee]

lets see... i don't like the sun, i don't like water, i don't like hot weather, i dont like sand cause they get in my shoes...

ok i'm interested.

btw is anyone slightly interested in having a day out at the beach?

I have delusions and hallucinations
i cannot handle any more allusions

Monday, September 16, 2002

lol is that anything like "killer condom"?

i have this phobia of spiders. but please don't use that against me.

Lumoi, James and Alex saw the trailer for that and it looks like a typical american cheeeeezy movie :) would make a kewl 1st person shooter in the cinema environment tho. Why don't you go rent "attack of the killer tomatoes" John?

hey i'm always late to everything.

i wanna watch eight legged freaks.

tis the song playing on loop @ the moment. "the First Taste"

ok i shut up now, please forgive me lumoi or whoeva it mayb

kekeke ^^

spider? squash it!

Kwong you are so old skoo...

"I do not struggle in your web, because it was aim to get caught...
but daddy long legs i feel that i am finally growing weary
of waiting to be consumed by you..."

"my bad"

argh... run away!
foam ball eh? well ull b sorry when a brick with an anonomous letter crashs into ur window >=^Þ

*tulip sets up the target...
fondles the trigger...
adjusts the aim...
holds breath and squeezes...BANG!*
...foam ball proceeds to hit Kwong square in the forehead

hey dont boozle kwong, its not nice.
ur not my friend ne more... *wah*

why would agent tulip not be Lumoi?
"tulip, that is a lot nicer than monogloid"...

and wahts wif bitchslappin and chuckin water on each other?

i get a feeling Agent Tulip is not lumoi...
me suspects imposter

ferrari wins because they are able to control murphy's law so that it works against the nme

*Lumoi launches a foam ball gun @ Hash*
bitchslapping is so banal~

daaaaah very chuck a booga.

charlie, I guess you didn't recognise the filmic allusions i was portraying :p It's quite non-sexual. oh well.

Lumoi cut her hair...about 10" and not she feels naked. ohhhh the well, it's still basically waist length, but it feels so light and empty :( *sob*

intellectual intercourse?
How is that possible?
Psychological penetration? Sounds more like mind-reading.

yeah bitchslap me please.

can i bitchslap someone too?

*bitchslaps Hash*

Snap out of it man! I knew it was a bad idea to go to BYO. No more anime for you! For the sake of this blog, and humanity. The good Lord was definately not with him for his calculus test - unless he is planning to follow in the steps of Booga...

You bastard Hash! Thats not cool. Booga missed the calculus test last semester because he was completely out of it. You have no excuse cause you consciously missed it! If you take it again, then its STAX ON EBOM!

oh. dear. it seems we have lost Hash to that passively destructive force we call Rurou ni Kenshin. May the Lord be with him in his calculus test.

p|-|34r m`/ Battou-justu 5|<1llz

seems that i was mistaken

i was using the Ryu tsui sen
coz the Ryo tsui sen doesn't exist

so now u shall all fall to my uber powerful

Sou ryu sen

I am counting heavily on my new found knowledge of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style of fighting to pass my calculus test

I am supremely confident that my 20 hrs of Kenshin will really help me out

p|-|34r m`/ |-|173|\| m175|_|r|_|61 5|<1llz

Hiten Mitsurugi Style - Ryo tsui sen

I Have returned !!!

I have many things to say,
starting with something that may be grammatically incorrect

watashi wa Hitokiri Randeni desu

just realized, i was referring to James Bond. Sure, our general James Kimsey here, oozes gimp appeal, but that's a different matter. [sorry, general, i couldn't resist...]

charlie, it's because james ooozes sex appeal and girls just can't resist! *goes weak in the knees*

well, alex is due @ Lumoi's place any time soon~ they are going to watch DVD's~ and play PS2 and listen to music and have a nap on the deck and cook (by lumoi) and eat (by alex) and have intellectual intercourse :)
have an excellent day everybody. la vida es bella~*

and no don't give me that bs "ferrari are better" or "ferrari rulez" or "go schumi!!".

cause that's just childish.

why does ferrari always have to win?

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Why is it that in James Bond movies he always screw the bad girl first then end up with the 'good' girl?

The content of the last 10 posts were too sensitive.....

? Lumoi thinks John has been eating too many sugary foods.

ahhh Terminator 2, tis a good movie for its time. Although i've watched it 20+ times it's still kinda amusing :)

hey is it just me or has the last 10 or so posts been delted?

Saturday, September 14, 2002

hes turned somali im sorry. uve lost ur busuu

for all the hans zimmer fans
here's the unofficial lyrics for the black hawk down track- Hunger

Adunia ka lier, li vier li ma,
ke ge na la lei yaaaaaa
gung na guai san de dunia
yi bia de mon gung mayor phala de yonti phalaaaa de yonti
gilei rim sei young taki ziangle ziangle

adolf hitler didnt like gays either, he killed like 90 percent of them

i want ice cream made entirely outta sugar

btw, EST or electric shock therapy is a type of positive punishment

If you want a child to stop wetting her bed, what contigencies of reinforcement should you impose?

a. positive reinforcement
b. negative reinforcement
c. positive punishment
d. negative punishment
e. extinction

furthermore, what schedule should be followed to maximize the reinforcement effect?

a. fixed interval
b. fixed ratio
c. variable interval
d. variable ratio
e. none of the above

john how can you poo with lucy liu?
two bums don't fit on one toilet seat

PTSD? That's Post-Traumatic (something) Syndrome
argh i should know it but i jigged the abnormal psychology lectures

Luckily i still know what DSM-IV means
Diagnostics and Statistical Manual- 4th edition
Apparently one must fit strict definition to be classified as having certain types of disorder.
For example, to be classified as a Schizophrenic, you must satisfy all of the following:
A: Two or more of:
Disorganised speech
Grossly disorganised or catatonic behaviour
B: Social/occupational dysfunction
C: Duration: At least 6 months, not taking into account drug induced psychoses.

by that weight indication thing, i meant it as a guideline stipulated by the DSM-IV that the psychiatrists use, and many insurance companies. they won't treat you unless you are on your deathbed can be anorexic or eating disordered in their actions and thoughts at any weight.

being anorexic you need to be under 15~25% your recommended ideal body weight. which would be like having a BMI of 16 or under. Anorexia isn;t just about weight, it's the mentaility and if you had even a slight anorexic streak in you, you wouldn't be saying you "need to get fat" Kwong.

there still is a difference between eating to stay alive and fattening... anyway im anorexic so i need 2 get fat

john, being human is fattening. that is why lumoi is a cat.

kwong, what kind of a person has lunch? that's fattening.

oui monssieur.
ice creamy dessert kinda stuff without the cream. smoother than granita, yet more refreshing to the palate than many cream based iced confectioneries.

lemon sorbet?

*pukes* Lumoi hasn't eaten KFC in about 10 years?
i made my first batch of lemon sorbet from the cookbook i bought. It's absolutely divine! better than stuff you buy at ice cream parlours i swear! mmmm~

i had kfc 2day for lunch

KFC is fattening BTW

did I say ECG? my bad. Lumoi is an idiot. i meant EST.
ECG= electro cardiogram
EST= electro shock therapy
meh. stupid abbrevations

well mine has STD and is doing the HSC while eating KFC.

my lawyer is in hospital with PTSD. i asked the doctors if they could give him ECG but not without patient permission. stupid public liability...

why do people keep asking if they can sue? you'll never never know if you never never go!

go see your lawyer if symtoms persist.

can i sue the board of studies for mental anguish and damages and alcoholism?
Lumoi cannot take an english paper without a bottle of vodka, and everytime we see a maths term paper we break out in hives. oh, and kwong, we are pretty sure that you can sue the police, cuz we're planning to sue these girls at NSG, everytime we see them, Lumoi feels like puking and develops a rare and sporadic case of tourette's syndrome.
*sigh* 11 more official days of this f*n institution called NSG. Lumoi will turn up for the champgne breakfast and possibly the graduation so she can recieve her references (?) ahhh fark, UAC website being a slut.

omg you wont believe this!

john woo who is a blue scooby doo did a poo in the loo with lucy liu with a hair doo!!!

btw, can i sue the police if i happen 2 suffer a bout of epilepsy just as a police vehicle drives up near me with their stupid flashin lights?

u d/led the 66mb vid?
haha i didnt say it was good.. dont make assumptions

i'm wrong? not very likely.

defamation? was it slander or libel?

either way, you're wrong

that's defamation jono, so you can either pay me $2.5 million or kill me.

Kwong, that 66MB JSF X-35 movie was not the best movie I've seen, not for 66MB of my download money.

it was good though
the reso was goood at full screen.

I love having conversations with John! They're so constructive and you learn so much!

John: if the earth rotates around the sun, and the sun rotates around something, what does that something rotate about?

Me: everything else

Me: just create a loop equation for the universe and figure out the dimensional tolerances on all possible variables in the part

Me: resolve all forces using a normal and tangential co-ordinate system, then figure out the equations of dynamics and apply them to the solar system

Me: finally, figure out the limit as the sun approaches infinity relative to the number of moving particles in the universe, and find the cross product of this (as it's in a 3 dimensional vector space), row reduce to Row-echelon form, find leading columns, and the kernel of this is the answer to your problem.

John: but in the case of button v stone and also in [forgot] v sutherland shire council the chances of an object thrown in the air and hitting another person in the eye is significantly larger than it not hitting an eye

John: therefore we can conclude that it is technically inefficient using isocost and isoquant analysis

Me: yeah but you've forgotten one thing:

im(T) = dim (ker(T)) IAOI nullity(T) + rank(T) = col(A) by the rank-nullity theorem.

As such, the linear combination on these linearly independent and differentiable matrices will form the first part of the solution to the Sun moving relative to the thing.
Moreover, if we take nullity (LCTIGVX) + cross (LCTIGVX + rank (A) ) = Ax = 0, then we have fully defined all dimensions in the subspace, and we get a successful regeneration in ProEngineer

John: but because the velocity is so high, the reynold number is so high that a dimpled surface is more aerodynamic than a smooth one.

Me: John, you have no idea who reynold is and what you're talking about.

Similarly, by mathematical induction, I can deduct that from the fat bullcrap I pulled from my arse, I have about zero knowledge of all my subjects, plus or minus 0.

It's now 2am Saturday morning and I'm quite the tired one.

marc you live in Macquarie uni?

john if that guy didn't look like he was going to stab me i wouldn't have spared him

this blog needs some life.

Friday, September 13, 2002

sif it wastes much usage!
aoa=angle of attack

yes im a superman

Meanwhile Butters is stuck on a netstat of about 2 :P

hahah looks like your optus is too fast for its own good yi.

and OMG......

have errors in the 66MB movie...
have to download it again......
no way.


5g achieved..
and what's AOA?
1.05 Mach achieved..

27 flights...
27.4 flight hours...

are these supposed to be milestones in the plane's development???

oooh that was funky though...
the plane sorta... compacted itself...
or closed some compartments... cool.

and yi, that's exactly why i don't bother with crap like that anymore.

no offense to all you pilot/cosmonaut/superman wannabes.

i am watching a plane take off and land....

charlie, you disappoint me. giving money to poor people makes you one of THEM.

wow i missed a night of spamming? i'm both surprised and saddened.

tell me why i just commenced downloading 160MB of fighter videos...
i thought i am on the 3GB cap...

first one is footage of JSF tests (x-35A tho, the crappier one)
second is like 6 mins of super hornet maneouverin, not really ne special moves... just hte pilot flyin upside down, towards the ground, etc

james, jono if u got the downloadin power try these 2 movies... ones 66mb, other is 92

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Yeah I still remember that story. My neighbourhood rocks cause its full of geriatrics :D

You could stop by my place if you wanted to Charlie ;). Pity I didn't go to Macquarie, then my travel time would have been 0.

Jono needs to have a dream to keep him alive.
May I kindly recommend the "Sony Digital Dream"?

Asians beware

Johno, one always want what one cannot have.
you'll enjoy star more at pc tomorrow

A typical day in the life of Charlie Zhang:

3pm: Wake up in the morning realising that he had missed two hours of Psychology lecture and one hour of business tutorial

3.10pm: Out the door with a soccer ball under his arm, not knowing that it'll be dark when he gets to uni.

3.30pm: Arrive at Strathfield station and confronted by a begger requesting some money. Kindly said no only to be countered by the words "I haven't eaten for three days, please, god bless you"

3.31pm: A long silence

3.35pm: Finally pulled out 2 bucks and gave it to the begger who didn't even say thank you.

3.38pm: Bus arrives.

4.18pm: Woken up by the bus driver, felt obnoxious but couldn't do anything about it.

4.25pm: Went to the blue room hoping to see a familiar face. Unsuccessful. Checked timetable and realised that there wasn't any evening psychology lecture that day

4.35pm: Missed the late bus by 30 seconds, kicked the soccer ball at it but it flew into the car park area instead.

5.09pm: Caught the second last bus.

6.05pm: Got back to where he was 3 hours ago. Bought two crab sticks from the shop at platform 6 of strathfield station. A little girl giggled while she muched away on a snake candy. Asked her why, she replied that it sounded like "Can i have two crabs' dicks?"

6.30pm: Home again, what a long it has been.

6.35pm: Went to bed.

Make use of ur telescope jono =)

yes please i would love to borrow your star


Do you want me to lend you Star Jono?


die lil SCVS!!! muhuahuahuahua...



fuck I don't have my star cd anymore either, and I just uninstalled.

I'll just have to imagine me doing a reaver pop drop

what party? shh

"Hi, is this the number for the oxford dictionary?
yeah I'd like to edit a definition:


Murphy's Law
Shit happens.
Example: A day in the life of Jonathan Lee.

11am: Wake up 1 hour late for the start of my day.
Drive all the way out to Greystanes (near Perth or thereabouts) to replace my chipped telescope base, only to find out that they don't have any in stock, when I called them on Tuesday to make sure that they in fact, were ordering them in. Bravo.

12:45pm: I leave greystanes with (voila) my old telescope base still in my car, on the way to uni, realising that I can't make the 1 hour trip back to sydney in 15 mins in time for my 1-2pm talk from John King, a guy from QANTAS.

2pm: I arrive at uni to buy a do-it-yourself sandwich which I did too little of, resulting in my stomach still being pissed off.

2:15pm: call yi, says he's in a lab, I check all the labs, he ain't there.

2:30pm: go to my CAD lab to do some drawings on the computer, and surprise surprise, I get stuck on all of them.
For 1.5 hours.

4pm: With my ass frozen from the air-conditioning in the CAD LAB, I go to class.

6pm: my Mechanics tutorial welcomes me by reconfirming that yes, in fact, I did fuck the mechanics mid session exam with a sky rocketing mark of 20/30. Bravo.

6:30pm I get back in the car to leave uni, only to find out that the problem my car was taken to Bridgestone mechanics to fix, was in fact, still a problem. Bra. vo."

Good News: I woke up alive today.

there is nothin special about 11/9 ok
stewpeed idiots

is there a park in Balmoral?

Dee why's fine with me, i can visit my dad's old store

by the way, i'm bringing the soccer ball to wei's party thing so anyone who wants to play soccer can turn up

LMAO...hehe post made at 9.11....if only it was one day There's a oval in artarmon...and two in chatty...and strathfield....and why can't we just go to some community oval thing?

Lumoi is at school today.Lumoi swears the bomb threat made yesterday wasn't her! omg!
*sigh* bout Balmoral? we took a whole bunch of funky pics there...cept theres nothing there except for an expensive bottle shop.
ugh...will this soccer thing ever realize from this blog? we can play bball @ chatz youth center...and be harrassed by wogs and those fat chicks with caked on make up.

i oppose to manly.
1. its too crowded
2. there's too many people there.
3. i don't like people.

but another beach is okay. eg. dee why.
there's a golf course next to DY beach, but i don't see how this is relevant.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

If those terrorists are smart enough, i think they'll attack at the most unpredictable moment just like the nuke in Sum of All Fears
i.e september 12

Damn, september 11 passed without any tragedies

think about the satisfaction you can gain out of it
beach, chicks in bikinis,
sand castles
seaside restaurants

It's manly though.
A pain to get to...

obviously if it's wet, we find something else to do, there's entertainment at manly too.
transport, by bus from wynyard, takes about 40 minutes
or some people can drive down there
or even ferry it from circular quay

location = manly

and the weather?
and the transport?

hang on
i've got the perfect idea
we organise soccer on sunday at a park near a beach (say manly)
then we can play soccer and rest on the sand afterwards
economical and fun
how's that sound?

where at Centennial?

lets decide for them
Sunday at 12-4
centennial park

I think only me and Charlie are conscious...

then lets make it centennial park
where ever that is

I dunno...
John is Mr Asia...
I know...
But Lidcombe is just that extra bit further from Strathfield...
So for people like Jono, Hash, and Agents Busu and Tulip...
It'll be a hassle... kinda.. yet not...

I suggest we organise a day to go to Dee Why beach
any suggestions?
any rejections?

Can we rent volleyball net anywhere?

i don't think there's a park near strathfield station

And yes i'm sure if they don't want to rape me, they won't wanna rape you

john I've lived in lidcombe for 7 years and i didn't get raped.

lidcombe's got a huge soccer field 4 minutes from the station

how do u change ur name newayz?
i suggest the national park or outback with no witnesses


stick with one name and use it ffs.

wtf another name change?

how about near my house? preferably somewhere i can walk to.

the hell...
no one's on...
It can't happen this Sunday anyway.
There's an NSB thing on...
Still... some response would be good...

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what about you Kwong?
Does anyone have a time?
I'm thinking somewhere near Strathfield now...

prediction: "i am john."

hey don't predict what i would say... i'm not a predictable person!

sleep is for the weak!

stop changin ur nicknames.. i dunno who u rz

the world is full of people cashing in on stuff. i don't see anything wrong with that.

At st leonards station, the "time now" was 4:23, and "due in" was 5 min @ 4.30. and on another display further downt he platform, it was different again...*sigh*
someone can't do their math...

did u hear? buzz aldrin punched some guy when he was harrassed. Aldrin was asked to swear on the Bible that he did land on the moon. :p

jwan has a whole folder on his vaio of me being raped by

we've got telecasts and stupid documentaries on "how they collapsed" and terrorists and rahrahrah. I'm kinda cynical, but it's all for ratings and a lot of it is just to stir people up. It's not the muslims, or 'middle east' that is the enemy. and they want to get rid of 'terror' by war. doesn't war=terror? humph. since when did a human emotion become an entity to destroy?
sorry, i'm very vigilant about propaganda, and as an outsider (non american) i can see a lot of hypocrites in the media etc. I'm sick of it. people cashing in on this. i wonder if Hallmark have released a 'limited edition' 9/11 condolence card line...wouldn't be surprised if they did.

happy september 11th <--it's my friend's b'day.

John, what if u get raped in your own house?

would u go there ever again?

what if your hot girlfriend raped you? would u go there again?
but of course, john being john, would say, "that's not rape, that's ..."



I can't BELIEVE how that whole 2 min thing started from cityrail, moved to aliens, then back to cityrail

creativity maxed.

i'm not getting down to lidcombe... what if i get raped?

I just realised Lidcombe's good...

ok so it looks like it'll be Sunday since Darren won't make it on Saturday, and only Yi, John, James and Charlie prefer Saturday and well... yes... ^^
Anyway what time on Sunday?
Yi suggests 2-4 on Sunday in the off chance that Yi and Jono want to go back and fall in the Parra River a few more times.. ^^
Oh and Jono can you contact Kai... Kwong also hasn't replied...
As for location well... Suggestions would help...
well I'm down for it being weekly too... Anyone else? right now it's only me and Charlie...
The beach would be good... Does anyone have a volleyball set?

hey, two minutes' nothing,
the millenium train's two years late

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

or maybe you were aducted by aliens for 2 minutes and they made you forget about it.

and it wasnt my watch either... those bastards... cant make hte trains run on time so they make it seem like theyre early

and talkin about conspiracies.... cityrail a week or 2 ago changed all their clocks back by 2minutes...

everything is propaganda these days. even the popcorn they sell in movie theatres are propaganda.

hahah therefore we can conclude that this image is a fake and is propaganda

I don't think they have those modern townhouses that look very similar to the one I live in either.

btw, i need a legit CS cd key. since all u bums r addicted 2 star, u wont be playin CS ne more so im sure u can be generous

is that a Liberty in that photo?
if it is i dun think htey have ne in romania

sure im buddist, i can be anythin u want me 2 be
lol, u havent sworn yet, u avoidin it... yes i know u mean it when u say fuggin or faark but u dont actually type it so its not counted =Þ
no lense... just take off the lid and there will be the mirror... dont u remember from bintel?!
its been cloudy the past few days...

and kwong

is the tube meant to have some lens cover at the top or something?

or do u just take the big plastic lid off and let all the dust accumulate on the mirror (which is not supposed to be even touched??) whenever you want to look??

kwong, u see u don't believe me that you've become a buddhist.

what kind of stupidity....

look at the post BELOW that post!!!!

See any similarities? See any differences?

and no the telescope guy is too fuggin tightass to deliver a new one to my place and pick up the old one so I have to frigging go back to Perth (grestanes, same thing) to swap it this thursday. FAARK

and what's wrong with swearing less kwong?


jono howd the telescope now?
c jono u dun believe me that uve become christian or associated wif christianity...whats wif "shyt"? =)
john u cant stop talkin bout fat ppl... i cant hold it in... its impossible

That looks awesome. I love the building in the background!

I'm up for some vanilla coke

lol i wonder who's in that picture

The front page of the Romanian Times that made me cry my eyes out:

actually no... i don't recognize that quote. i'm not very well read.

how do i control my weight? discipline!

wow, u get hungry just talking about sex? how do you control your weight? what is your secret?
lmao This lil Tulip is gonna order a big plate of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, eggs over easy, and five sausages. To drink, a tall glass or orange juice and a black cup of coffee. After that, I'm going to have a slice of pie. Any time of the day is a good time for pie. Blueberry pie to go with the pancakes. And on top, a thin slice of melted cheese --

[hopes people recognise the quote. as if Lumoi woul actually eat that kind of crap]

all these sex talk is making me hungry. who's up for some chocolate cake?

Monday, September 09, 2002

I perceive no rationale on that statement.

But apparently they define sexual preference in terms of sexual orientation and sexual inclination

[message deleted due to incoherence. she says she was sorry for not knowing the f*n difference between orientaion and inclination]

pseudohermaphrodites? Or otherwise known as having two sexes

Don't ask me why but this is what we learn in psychology

One practical implication of this would be that "they" cannot get pregnant or impregnate by direct means

Charlie, as opposed to EXTERNAL ovaries? my my j/k
yeah. studied all about that in biology. Lumoi was given a sheet of all 16 different types of "hermaphrodite-ism"...It's because a certain enzyme is created during the second trimester that isn't supposed to...*does that mean they have better orgasms?!*

The opposite of this refer to those with "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome"
They are genetic males with internal testes but which secretes inactive testosterone. As a result external vaginas develop.
So basically they look like girls on the outside but they don't have an uterus.

Its when genetic females with internal ovaries who are exposed to high levels of testosterone and consequently develop external penes.

Something about excessive adrenaline in infants? why so? Lumoi does not understand.

If you ever meet someone who has "Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia",

Run away

Charlie has officially changed his name to Bonobo

if everyone wants sunday
i don't mind either

I suggest we play soccer on saturdays
and i think it would be best if it's at a place nearly equidistant from us all
i.e centennial park, not that i know where it is
and i suggest we do it every week, not just every fortnight

So apart from lumoi, who else's down for the beach this summer? We don't have to swim. We can just play beach volleyball or build sand castles.

oh damn, i nearly crossed the line... no more fat people comments from me from now on.

That really pisses me off.
you know in america, the *super size* cokes didn't fit into the drink holders in the restaurant chain released a weirdly shaped cup so that people could go thru drive thru and still order their supersize cheese burger meal with brownies and a diet coke BAAAH excess everything.
[edited to add: the whole point in buying a cookbook, is so you can make the ice cream YOURSELF. not just buying one at the store. it tastes so so so much better, and there's the satisfaction you get :) ]

lol fair enough lumoi.

i've wondered about the existence of diet coke and other 'diet' softdrinks. you see people walking into maccas ordering a large big mac meal, but then they have diet coke??

wow you have a cave? i would love to have one. i can be cavemen and eat bones next to bond fires.

ohhh so butters is marc... funny i never knew who that was before, and it never bothered me.

John, I paid only $13 bucks for it after a discount. and I saw the hardcover book in another store for $40 so there. anyway, i don't buy icecream. although, you could probably buy 6 bottles of diet coke w/ that...meh. i didn't pay for it anyway :p

where do u live marc? northern beaches? mosman area? I'm sure there are buses...i live in chatswood.
I dunno, i just assumed the majority knew where it was, and cuz it's close to NSB, they know exactly how to get was just a suggestion...*crawls back into her cave*

Of course you recommend St Leonards. Thats because you live like right next to it?

Slight problem. How do I get to St Leonards? I don't live near any train stations...

i don't really mind whether its saturday or sunday. although saturday has slightly better public transport.
not that i would be a big participant in sports, that's just not my style.

and with the money you paid to buy the cookbook, you could have bought many ice creams... sorry that's just the male way of thinking, or rather, the john way of thinking.

I mean Agent Tulip


I recommend soccer at St Leonards park every Sunday around mid day or early afternoon. =]

Who's Agent Interrupted? Is that Lumoi?

Lumoi wants to hang out w/ the soccer people long as it's not at Kensington. Tis tooo far away! St Leonards park is like a short bus ride from North Sydney or St Leonards...meh dunno.
Sundays are good. Sundaes are good too. but are evil cuz they are hi-cal. >:(

Lumoi bought a 250page full color ice cream/sorbet cookbook :) She will be busy making chilly delicacies during the warmer months. *droool*

that reminds me...
What times would people prefer for a fortnightly soccer thing?
Darren wants Sunday...
Yi prefers Saturday slightly more then Sunday...
James doesn't care...
And location suggestions would be good too...

CHarlie, beaches are coooool! i wanna go to the beach! except i need to find a swimsuit that will fit me >:p Lumoi wants to build a sand castle.

Robin Williams has done a lot of non-comedy movies. Have you seen dead poet's society? I think it's one of his best roles...that and Good Morning Vietnam lmao

ATTN General Kemsey:
Considering the quality of Ms F. Apple's recording, I have a proposal for you. Recording v2.0 has been successful on the Picture Perfect Purple Power Pumpkin MD. Shall we arrange for replacements to be sent, Sir? Please report back to the Grove on Citadel. Alternatively, liase with Agent abus485.
Regards, Agent Tulip.
-end of transcript-

Shall we organise a day out at the beach during the break?

Summer means more fat guys on beaches though....
Correction... more beached whales so to speak...
heh. I'm soo dead....
Damn finite...

is robin williams funny even when he's killing people?

been here kwong?
looks pretty cool.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Lumoi went to see insomnia today with abus and jwan. She gives the movie donation money.
They walked. and walked and took pictures. Ate some shyt man! Went to Busu's dream apartment currently owned by Russell Crowe. Went to Wang's community of youthful delinquency. Froze my ass off at the top of a hill and watched the symptoms of earth rotatation and the stars becoming visible. twas a deceivingly good day inspite of shyt that happened afterwards.

Lumoi will sleep tonight. and will not wake up till morning. (all true)

Back to calc.

Lumoi went to see insomnia today with abus and jwan. She gives the movie 22/7 out of 5 stars.
They walked. and walked and took pictures. Ate some gourmet shyt man! Went to Alex's future apartment. Went to Wang's childhood neighbourhood. Sat on a bench at the top of a hill and watched the sun set and the stars come out. twas a good day inspite of shyt that happened afterwards.

Lumoi will sleep tonight. and will not wake up till morning.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

It was well worth going. It was pretty good laughs as well. It was $10 well spent ;)

Only qualm was the liberal use of language. Its just that at the beginning they kept on playing this recording which kept on saying "Fucking" and "Motherfucking" over and over, not that I have a problem with those 2 lovely words [maybe its just the fact that we got brushed aside for about 20 minutes cause we didn't have booked tickets], and that was just really annoying. In fact, it would probably have been even funnier if they bleeped instances when they swore in recordings like a certain show I know of.

Stop smiling kwong, you know you're on anti anti-depressant drugs

damn fuggin crack on my base
I'm sueing kai for the stupidity, pain, and emotional harm caused for this

yes kwong u did miss out

what a bludger, your student even went to open day, and u stayed at home watching tv, or even doing some work.

it's a sign, from the buddhist God, that you should have come to UNSW Open Day and to the CSE Revue.

hehe, i didn't even get half of the jokes =(
but what i did get was funny =) even though it was a lil crude!

oh no hash i missed out

Man all u guys who didn't go to CSE revue really missed out
it was damn funny.
They were a bit too heavy on the sex jokes though
here is a sample ::

(here the sound of someone opening a can)
:: Breaking open a Cold One
:: Necrophilia

will do =)

I'll be in the city tomorrow too. With Busu and Lumoi.
10:20ish, call me if you want to rendezvous.
0425 236 285

Saturday, September 07, 2002

hmm ok then.

i dun think i can come any more, coz i need 2 tutor sum1 rite but she cant change the time. normally i tutor on saturdays but stupid uni open days changed things

u still here john?

if you see this after 11:30pm tonite, call my mobile and we'll organize it. if not i'll give you a call tomorrow morning.

kwong: so somewhere in the city at around 10?

well all we need is a meeting place and time... then we can work the rest out there.

i meant WHO as in world health organisation workin in coorperation with the CIA
hey newayz is there sumthin certain 2molow?

hey if i'm working in cooperation with the cia, why am i still being called a terrorist? isn't the definition of a terrorist anyone who is against the US of A?

"in other news, scientists have discovered an uncurable virus which has spread amongst the obese people of the global community. There have been over 10,000 reports of this virus, only known as AF2002, according to official medical sources. It is predicted that within the next 5 days all people with large amounts of body fat will die of this virus. The outbreak of the virus has been confirmed to be suspicious and sources within the WHO, in cooperation with the CIA, have linked the virus to a known bio-terrorist John Yuen."

good morning.
what's m00sh?

why would anyone want to kill UTS anyway? it'll be on the cnn "a crazed penelope cruz fan today hijacked and crashed a plane into some unimportant university in sydney, causing many students to put in practice their much-practiced fire drills. on to other news, george dubya bush choked on another pretzel today..."


at last i'm stirring up some comment

John makes a good point.
And the fact that it's pretty hard to *drive* a plane into UTS; there is quite a lot of stairs out side.

she's your fan?

don't you mean you're one of her fans?

I refuse to be called Tarlie. I shall decline to reply when that name is mentioned
and lumoi, if you decide to operate a titanium bra business sell me some shares

johno yes i do in fact carry a soccer ball around uni
if you want i can bring it to church tomorrow and we can kick it around outside church

John, don't knock Penelope Cruz, she's my fan
I'll drive a plane into UTS if she asked me to

Sexy Penelope Cruz has been eating children again. The Spanish stunner was caught on video tape in LA snatching a six year old boy from a hot dog stall, dislocating her jaw and stuffing him into her mouth. When a nearby parent complained, Cruz was detained by police and repeatedly elbowed in the throat until she coughed up the child along with six number plates, a DVD player and a full sized Barney the Dinosaur suit, still attached to her tongue. Police believe Cruz uses the Barney suit as some twisted form of pokey tongue bait...

Friday, September 06, 2002

don't worry your gf's can wait a few hours.

oki doki sounds fun, but it means i need 2 change somethin

i have no idea. but you'll certainly be home before 6.

newayz john how long we will b there 4?

hahah sorry, lag

double posting is a sin.

haha i was actually dependin on u coz i dunno nethin

haha i was actually dependin on u coz i dunno nethin

ok ill bring my kelly cds for her 2 sign

i don't know... never been to one of those things before. but you shouldn't need to buy one. i'm not going to buy one there anyway, since i already have one.

so where and when do you wanna meet?

shhh jono!

sounds good john, but it means i need 2 buy a cd?

jono they were not mean to be links but underlined words to draw attention to them.

now where the hell are we meeting up/gathering/beaming in to for Open day?



i need these clues !!! or blue cannot solve his puzlle for the day !!

its sunday 2:30pm at fox studios. she'll be signing cd's at the sanity store.

lol details!? ie time, date, costs... i wanted 2 go 2 kelly concert 2nite, but i feel guilty for spendin so much