Saturday, July 31, 2004

what i meant was for you to edit your post on Der Wasserfall and actually take off the content (and havoc causing pictures), leaving just a link to your blog. :)

Kwong: Latest I'll be here in the U.S. is January 4th, 2005. I plan on staying here for New Years', so I'll leave probably early Jan.

Yi: What do you mean? Doesn't the link on the left work?
I've had some trouble with FTP pathing and haven't quite had the time to fix that yet (on my Purdue server), so I have two copies of my blog - one that stores the updates, and the other that everyone can see.
So right now I need to intermittently copy and paste the updated one to replace the www/ one that everyone can see, so you can see updates.

In other news, Aerodynamics is (roughly) over! Had the most horrible 1 hour time-limitless exam which lasted 3.5 hours, but all is good. :)

Indianapolis Air Show this weekend! woooheeeee hopefully we can get a car and a group of people down there

Friday, July 30, 2004

well, after you have copy and pasted your wonderful pictures into your blog, you might consider just putting a link to it on this one.

Hey Jono I may have asked you before, but I've forgotten: When will you be in the US until?

yay finally got my blog workin again for cryin out loud

I needed to host it on a different server so instead of iiNet it's now hosted at:

I've relinked so that should work too, and I've changed the link on the left frame here.

Will go ahead and copy and paste my big post for DC travel into there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

marc, you have visited this blog so frequently that the jono pictures are constantly cached in the CSE proxy.. so what is happening is you can't press the esc key fast enough for it to respond.. so the pictures get downloaded every visit.

i am reduced to reading it via's edit view now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jarnu, we drove ourselves from Page to the South Rim. The rim is about 28 miles long and full of good shots along the whole road. That was a two shot stitch but with uber overlap and crop. End result was 6.1MP. Hey, I bought a new printer (Epson R800). Absolutely gorgeousness and gorgosity...

goddamn! i want to be able to do work at uni and be able to look at the blog too, james! how about that one, eh?

Edit: awesome, i forgot it counts as cse traffic :)

Marc: Whoops, my bad. Screwed over by some guy on the other side of the world? Place is certainly getting smaller. :)

Yeah okay I won't do that again, didn't realise how small the quota might be? Maybe I've become an American; everything is so plentiful.
Plus my blog's screwed over somehow, something's over quota with my blog.html file and I can't seem to fix it yet. Although I can access archives, just not the up to date one. Think I may just move it over from my iiNet account to Purdue as that may be the problem but will have to figure out what to do at the end of the year.

Benny: A grand birthday indeed. :)

James: Gorgeous. Literally. You must have been to a different location than us. Did you go to the canyon with a tour group or alone with family etc?

and 6.1 MPs? Have you bought a new camera already?

Ignore these complaining no gooders. I want bigger, better photos!

Here's a 6.1MP Grand Canyon to get people's quotas tamed: [edited for sanity]

Oops, there goes 2.1MB - 'sorry'!

Happy Birthday Bennie!

How young are you now?

Monday, July 26, 2004

It was benny's birthday last week...

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 16:40:46 +1000
From: System Support
To: Wing Yee Pak
Cc:, Marc Ho Pang , hd-staff@cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Subject: Re: ip quota

Cindy, Marc,

Okay. I've tracked down the usage - it seems to be fairly heavy web
browsing. I've put a summary in ~mhpa462/mhpa462.log, but the bulk
of the bandwidth seems to come from

If you require detailed logs with timestamps, they will be available
tomorrow, when the logs are collated.

If you feel that this usage was not caused by you, I recommend that
you change your password immediately, and advise SS.


Jean (for SS)

> From: Wing Yee Pak
> Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 14:26:43 +1000 (EST)
> Hi SS,
> Sorry but had Marc's email address wrong.. it should've been mhpa462
> - Cindy
> On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Wing Yee Pak wrote:
> >
> > Hi SS,
> >
> > Marc (3060146) found he could not access any of the external website today.
> >
> > running ipq mhpa462...
> >
> > "mhpa462" (User name) OverQuota=Yes
> >
> > Interval Usage Quota
> > ========== ========== ==========
> > Daily 26.87Mb 26.00Mb
> > Session 26.87Mb 130.00Mb
> >
> >> From ipq we can see he is over his daily ipq quota, but he said that he
> > did not / could not access any external sites since this morning and did not
> > use any yesterday night.
> >
> > Can you please check where Marc's 26.87Mb has gone to?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > - Cindy
> >
> >
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Apparently I didn't press ESC fast enough. I don't remember going there, but I do remember checking your timetable to update...

Firefox@uni is screwed up, I can't type in the blogger textbox. Everytime I do, it does the realtime text search. I had this problem before at home but doesn't happen anymore....

I will also be finishing uni this semester too...if everything goes smoothly this semester...and...if I didn't do a combined degree

Hello all..

I thought I might make a post for a change..

Is anyone graduating at the end of this session? Probably not if you do comp.. I should be, but then I would have had to pass everything to do that.

More things for you marc. I finally get days off!

For all useful purposes Marc, here you go :)

Timetable updated. Screen cap it and turn it into png like yi. Too lazy to put up html anymore

Why the hell am i doing db anyway? Is it easy? I need unit filler

Sunday, July 25, 2004

bad yi... i don't have a numpad.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

more flash fun here.
(exercise the under-utilised num pad!!)

omg, u have a 4 day weekend -.-

here marc. for your year 3 session 2 collection.

Friday, July 23, 2004

people of UNSW.
you might want to drop by the careers office in the quad to pick up a 2005 graduate hand book.

Plaice is a dick. Everyone knows it and everyone hates him. Yeah he couldn't give a turd what happens to the subject he's lecturing or the students taking the subject for that matter, seriously.

Ah yes, soft cons, I'm sure Darren and Hash will remember that lovely assignment he gave us which left us guessing most of the detailed specification and over half of the autotest cases tested our program on aspects he never even mentioned in the spec...then said "boo-hoo".

One question is...why is he still in our faculty after all the bitching? (Presumably u guys have been bitching, eh?) Oh yes, let us forget that this is a cse site and that he could be looking at this...right I type/speak.

As for the holidays been doing some work xp. w00t! End exams on the very last day of exams, have 1 week off, then off to work for 1.5 weeks then back to uni again. I feel revived! Its like I'm living a whole year semester and next week will be week 18/30-something and my holidays was a mid-session break haha

apollo 11 pictures unfrozen

gosh. that moon lander module seriously looks like something you cobble together in the backyard. :D


What'd I say, Americans are awesome (mmm descriptive); I can't wait to hear about your experiences.
Would have been infinitely cooler to have met up.

and Joel? Professional? Exactly which photo/storyline are you referring to?

haha filters are fun. They take too long to achieve the right look.

Yi: Hah 95 MB? It's 4MB ("only") gosh darn it :)
Mmm still the same good quality teaching from SENG I see...

Welcome back comrade Jam.

Had some star games with Spain, Darren and Hash at Strathfield the other day, funny how I hadn't forgotten the keys. Star is still as enticing as before, 'luckily' I couldn't find the CD anymore.

Wonderful foresight Johno, yet even I'm not sure where I'm going.....

I'll help you Yi, with this pointless and verbose posting:


Is the Friday, ie today's trip to Blue Mountain still on?

Holiday's almost over for many of you, care to share some of your experiences?

Also, this may not be urgent, but what do you want to do after you graduate?


Thursday, July 22, 2004

I am back.

I love Americans. I love Australia. I love the food in China.

Jono, two things.

1. You stay strictly professional with that "Joe" of yours or I'm ordering some wet ops.
2. What the hell did I just see?! Photoshop filters? Blasphemey!

i am trying to push off jono's huge pictures for the sake of mankind... i keep on pressing escape everytime i visit this page now in fear of downloading 95MB of cityscape... :D

upright monkey

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

too bad the high schools are down...
[edit] erh rather high scores[/edit]

Haha time to get back into star charlie!!

the CSE course survey went around.
I am sure you all have received an e-mail by now.

anyway, for the entertainment of benny and hsin-chu, here's what i filled out under the SE3010 section.

a joke.
i am sure you have seen the survey results and i am also sure most, if not all (literally) students would have filled it out like me.

the LIC (Mr. Plaice) was horrible at attending lectures (gave about 1-2 lectures in TOTAL.. half lectures at that) and oh... he was very very motivating... with his "that's what 2 years of Soft Eng at UNSW taught you???" attitude.

Mr. Whobrey was clueless at first but tried very hard to make it work in the end when there was a general revolt by the students...

oh, would you believe Mr. Plaice took down a message on the se3010 message board because it contained unfavourable material?
if he hasn't taken the message board down yet, take a look.
an overall sense of neglect and incompetence as a lecturer was felt.

he is the kind of software engineer that gives our profession the arrogant, anti-social stereotype.

if the rumours are true, that he might be appointed Soft Eng co-ordinator, oh god help us SENG students!!

independently discovered.
however, from historical precedence, i won't go through the debacle of claiming discoverer, but rather, hand that title over to scott.

Hahah w00t Charlie, rockin thru your psychology I see?
Well I can certainly see where you're going now. :)

Marc: Good stuff, do you like the shirt? Got your email, have yet to sleep, let alone respond :)

James is comin back soooooon

ACCG200     Fundamentals of Management Accounting     D      78
ACCG253     Financial Management                                     CR     68

BBA 204       Industry Policy & Business Management         D      77

PSY 307        Organisational Psychology                                D      81

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

oh yi already said it. musta talked to scott just then :)

Got my shirt finally Jono :D

Its more like a skivvy...


[07:38] chillih: hey yi, this is irene. how u been? ok i'm organising an overnight stay at blue mountains fri/sat. u interested?
[07:39] chillih: so far, kwong, me, scott and john. please forward the message to others =)

Hahah Bravo Yi, good call. x2.

John: You did 1% too much work, enough said ^^ Otherwise, congrats on Money and Finance, and Management of Finances. :)

gg no re on acct eh?

lol @ hash

here's 2 confessions that i liked.
number 1
number 2

See this is why our justice system blows

No-one can ever get better than a credit in Law

2004    First Half Year    ACCG253    Financial Management    72    CR    Credit            3
2004    First Half Year    ECON350    Money and Finance          78    D       Distinction    3
2004    First Half Year    LAW 311      Public Law I                       51    P       Pass              3

Monday, July 19, 2004

That reflection pool looks so dirty...

Also, Enola Gay? How inappropriately funny. Hehehe :)

talk about space saturation

oromse trip by the looks of it Jono !

gonna get my lap top tomorrow
not gonna be restricted to anime@home nemore !!

Okay sorry my blog's majorly screwy and can't figure out why just yet (tells me error 552 disk quota exceeded on file: blog.html, but my pictures are on a Purdue server with 500 MB space which still has plenty of room, so dunno), so I'm spamming this one to test.

Edit (07/31/04) : They're on my blog now. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Been pretty busy lately so I haven't had time to pick it up yet. He hasn't given me a call since I first contacted him either, but I'll get around to it soon, maybe this week

Marc: do you have your shirt yet?

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hah John John John...
Illegal is bad delete all your MP3's

Friday, July 16, 2004

Many useable cd keys to be downloaded :)

$10 for games you can download for free?
too good to be true indeed...

Does this seem kind too good to be true?
2 hours and counting.

Yeah baby, I am pending!
UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 1 2004
Issued at Thu Jul 15 17:33:58 2004
Session Course    Title                           Result
S1    EXCH9491  Exch Prog Purdue U, USA.............LE
Term WAM:   0.000 
UndergraduateProvisional Academic Standing : Pending (Results Unresolved)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

More people in this world to get rid of.

Results are out. Most of mine are still pending or withheld

Thats like a completely unmoderated The big brother version if you will.

Those people are sick. All they ever confess is either about sex or taking a dump

want to confess?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I rrrip and I rhyme,
I rrrhyme and I rip,
Coz dis is de way
dat Dylan spitz.

You tryin' to get some o' dis hot fire, man?


john now has a full drivers' licence. he can officially go above 100 km/h, can drink 0.05 bac of alcohol and has more demerit points to deduct.

the bad side is i look like a kid in the photo.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004



Sunday, July 11, 2004

soz, but i got extended till 5
just got home now
will have to wallow in self pity as i watch Stargate sg-1 8x01+02

boo hoo

Saturday, July 10, 2004


DATE: 11/07/2004

TIME: 12:00pm latest if j00 have a car
otherwise meet at strathfield station (GIVE AMPLE WARNING OF EMMINENT ARRIVAL TIME)

PLACE: Bicentennial Park (exact location === first bbqs u see)

WHAT TO BRING: Just yourself (and extra food at ur discretion)
Maybe a ball or something


Not much of final details and once again thanks KJ for getting things organised:

KJ beat me to it =)
11:30 at Strathfield station would be good if you can't get directly to Bicentennial Park.

Should not rain in the afternoon but the ground might still be damp. Possibly dinner out, decide tomorrow. So you can make that Hash?

Hope to see Benny there too? And Jono, James! =)

Hahahaha Sorry Marc, but phone spamming isn't really widespread yet, so I felt more comfortable posting those details rather than say, my bank account number. :D

And Thanks heaps for the e-card; as abused as they are, that was indeed quite the funny one. Much appreciated.

yeah thats right, post my contact details to the whole wide world...thaaaanks

I think i'll make it a little better....

"Yeah probably dealing drugs" - Joel

I'm giving Joel -> Miklos your numbers as I post:

9878 4480
0433 116 279


Email's sent, he should call you soon


Hahah Thanks Hash; I didn't realise you'd be the youngest, still teen. Wow, impressed.
Adult sites? hah I'm glad that's what's important to you.
For me, it's the ability to go to clubs and drink in the year too late.


i am now the only teenager in the Blog

time to rebel against u old folks . . .

Happy birthday Kwong + Jono
and rejoice, for u have only one year b4 u r legally allowed to access all the adult sites

btw - when is the sunday thing finishing?
can i drop in late? - say 5pm?

Jono: Miklos' number seems to be off the hook. I can't get thru

Hah Joel got me a 5-button Intellimouse for me 20th
w00t optical

eheheh no probs jono (too bad you can't join us in this puny bbq...
even tho ur adventures ==> much much better)

hmmm the weather seems very ominous today ppl
but i guess we should be ok cos bicentennial has some shade...
(remember the last time ... with benny chasing the bird that took our lunch)

ill keep the updates coming...
hope to see ppl there

happy belated b'day to youse both. was drivin my fully sic car today bro so didn't gets to post 'ere man.

down for anything on sunday bro.

hahah Thanks KJ! Still doing your good job on organizing the events eh?

Marc: Miklos received the package just today - try giving him another call when you're ready

Benny, come home.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Big 2-0 my foot. =)

I say a BIG HAPPY BDAY (Not as big as jono's) to the both of u (u know who u are ...ahah)

and marc what do u mean by "Noooo do it on the weekend"
i thought sunday WAS a weekend


the only reason roseville == gay is that we gotta pay the damn parking fee of like 7 per car

but otherwise its a great spot

pretty central too

how bout it...

more ideas ....

an as for shoppin i will allocate tonite (most likely on icq )
and i need a list of ppl who are confirmed...

ill try an contact the southerners....

Nup, Miklos hasn't called back yet. Has he confirmed receipt of the package?

Darrens in and around CTO so if you want to drop him a line then install topaz

Hah Thanks Marc

Got your shirt yet?

Noooo do it on the weekend...or go to roseville again haha

Happy birthday u 2

Happpppppy Birthdayyyy Kwongggg

You are now officially no longer a teeny-bop

The big two-zero

From now on life just goes down and the years fly by

Naturally, it's 9pm here so I still have 3 hours of boppiness left. :)

Just came out of my Aerodynamics finals, w00t.
Well, finals for halfway through the course; the 2nd month we'll be doing a big project on wings of sorts and no exams

Hey KJ, long time no blog.
And where's Darren etc?

Webber BBQ! mmmm yummmmmm

Anyway on my side of things, hopefully will get to fly a Cessna tomorrow :)

Lol thanks KJ. You have been promoted to squad leader! =)
Yes I would prefer Narabeen, but there will always be transportation issues. So I guess just stick with Bicentennial park. I could bring my Webber just in case. When did you have in mind for shopping? I think I've messaged most people, except I haven't been able to get to Benny. And also the don't know if the southerners know.

Heh Yi do you know if Annie's bbq is still on? I wouldn't want to ruin her plans.

anyone who is down should msg me or kwong or just a post on the blog should be good enough ...
we need numbers

Fine i guess ill have to post for details....
rite kwong..?

i suggest...

1) narabeen
2) bicentennial

bicentennial seems like a better option for most ... but on sunday it == MANY PPL so finding a bbq spot will be damn hard

personally i'd like narabeen (SOMEPLACE NORTH FOR ONCE...)

but up to u guys
on time issue

i suggest get to either location 1 or 2 (not both) by 12:00 pm on sunday an no later (cos latecomers == bad ASS)

as for food consumables most likely i can bring some "Plutonium" meat (quote from Spain)
an the rest of it we can go shoppin b4hand (most likely i'll allocate foodstuffs etc for various ppl an grand split at the end)

also any drivers msg me or kwong asap (eheh sorry kwong it seems like im takin the spotlight)

(Man it's been a while since i posted)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

well, since you haven't made up your mind kwong, i'll hijack with annie's info. :P
annie's thursday bbq + bike at centennial park. details are as follows:

it'll be meet at 11am Clovelly Road, Alison Road Intersection @ Centennial Park, Bus stop there, also bike renting place on that street, cant miss it, Bring BBQ stuff to cook or picnic nibbles/junk/etc. You can catch a bus from central station 37X , if anyone can drive please contact me asap?

Oh wow its Alexi! Of course, its FFA.
I guess I will need to post details here soon. But even I don't really know.

Does this invatation extend to me Kwong?

mmm I see
Yeah apparently the work visa can be a pos, now that I remember. And yeah closes at some stupidly early time like that.

Has the employer basically employed you already? I ask only because it depends how much they "want" you.
Because work visa = paperwork for the employer = "hassle"
So if they don't want the paperwork they'll just hire a local (US) guy.

I.e. how willing is the employer to fill out paperwork? Will they fill it out if you apply for the work visa?
Secondly, will the employer still employ you if you are only on a non-immigrant visa? (i.e. do they actually know anything about all this visa crap?)
Third, strongly recommend you contact US Consulate in Australia.
It will almost very likely cost money to call them, I paid $11 to call them for an unlimited time once, but I really needed to contact them so had no choice and it was "worth it" to do so.

As for them not helping, they helped me quite a lot, so give them another try; maybe the operator happened to be bitchy. Or perhaps my $11 line was CIA-secure and uber-polite.

Sorry I can't help more than that, but the above is what I'd do, from what I know.

Yeah sorry spelt San Jose both places, but when I think San Jose I think Calif.

Erm to apply for a work visa, you simply apply for the non-immigrant visa. However, you must also get INS approval and according to the employee, that is a major hassle. Have not tried to phone consulate about this yet. Last time I inquired about my passport and they didn't help. And their office closes at 11:45am, wtf?
Aren't both places spelt San Jose anyway? Unless there is a another city called San Hose?!

Charlie - go to sleep.

Lol the one in Costa Rica is San Jose, which is pronounced 'San Hose'.

John I wouldn't lie, I never lie. I just don't tell the truth.

Who would want to become an US citizen anyway? You might get beheaded.

Kwong: Hahah John's right I think. Especially in Aero, a work visa would be preferred, definitely. It's difficult enough not being a US citizen. It depends on the company as well, I think; if you had secured it the internship already (taitech?) then presumably they'd tell you what they required, if they didn't help you out on that already. Apparently if you go on a standard non-immigrant visa you may needs loads of personal interviews, with the IRS and so on and so forth.

Does that help at all?
I'd say get in contact with
1) Your company
2) The U.S. Consulate in Sydney

So what flight game are you up to now? ^^

what time kwong?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

i don't mind charlie, on the condition that you didn't lie in the application form.
if you did, and got found out, i am going to deny any knowledge of you and the alleged internship program.

you are allowed to do a certain amount of work in your tourist/non-permanent visa while in the states. it is, however, doubtful that the amount allowed would fulfill the prescribed requirements for your work experience program.

bbq on sunday sounds good =)
(if i can catch a ride from any one of you guys.)
and you know how i feel about double bay ice cream =P just don't let eric or jono there and we shall be fine (no offence to any of youse).

The usual: sleep, eat, clocking a few hours in Su-33 in between. Landing on the Admiral K is fun.

As for BBQ, I guess the usual at Bicentennial Park + ball games, etc.. no magic tho. =P
I don't know, any suggestions welcome. Somehow chuck in Double Bay icecream (hehe John)?

Most of you have been on holidays for more than a week now, what do u guys do during the day?

This weekend sounds good :)

Hey Jono do you think I would be able to do work experience in the US without a work visa, but with a standard nonimmigrant visa?

There is a San Jose in California and there is one further down.

BBQ sounds good, any preference on location?

Yes happy birthday Jono! =)

hah w00t James, rock on

Charlie - San Hose & Santa Clara are in Calif.? Just a lil south of San Francisco but not very far away.

As for me, just came back from the long weekend in DC; DC's da bomb for July 4, but it's so damn hot and humid hahah.

Great to see American tourists too, for once, in their own country.

James, have a great time in DC tomorrow and for the rest of your time; give us a call if you can whenever (not guaranteed to be home though)

Happy Birthday Kwonggggggggggggg

Go Ski! :D
Don't plan - just drive

I'am alive, not back to star, but not any better.

James what the heck are you doing in Costa Rica? There's no direct flights to the US? Or are you on some 'business' trip? =)

I'am free this weekend. Come to think of it, we haven't had a BBQ in a while.

By the way John, I put your name and contact number down as a referee for the Internship position I mentioned (Along with organisation: Aiesec; and position: Incoming Exchange Director). I hope you don't don't mind.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

i'm free on sunday =)

where's charlie nowadays? back into star?

i'm free on sunday =)

where's charlie nowadays? back into star?

Monday, July 05, 2004

Nothing planned yet, maybe a day out, dinner, something along those lines. =)
If you want a bbq, thats fine too! Hows everybody's availability for next weekend (10th/11th)?

Hey James just like the US Visa application eh?
"Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose? Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State? Have you ever participated in persecutions directed by the Nazi government of Germany; or have you ever participated in genocide? - Yes or No"

LOL as soon as you click 'yes', some people in black suits 'visit' you

Greetings from San Hose!
Taken hundreds of photos aleady but only one worth a damn so far.
This one, taken at NVIDIA's "guest login" reception, Santa Clara.

They thought I was a fan and gave me t-shirts and posters. W00t!!

Are you doing anything for your birthday, Kwong?


Saturday, July 03, 2004

On Sony's ipod:
"We couldn't come up with something using the Walkman brand until it survived the 1 metre (3 ft 3.37 in) drop test," said Ashcroft. Shares in Sony were up 1.95 percent at 4,190 yen in afternoon trade in Tokyo, outperforming the benchmark Nikkei average, which rose 0.55 percent."

Friday, July 02, 2004

oh and i am sure james will drool at the thought of this

Thursday, July 01, 2004

benny was just here slapping a n00b Protoss silly.

Old habits die hard...6am: Protoss Scouts vs Terran Valkyries?

Wow that ski trip sounds awesome. Downnnnn

We managed the roadtrip last year with 2 speeding tickets and a car at 80km/h falling into a pothole the length of two cars.

Thought I may just also mention a road trip up to the Gold coast, maybe even further north to Rockhampton for mid Feb next year. Along those lines. Something to keep at the back of your minds. 'less of course everyone's busy at the time


On a completely different note, happened to drop by a local EB games (elec boutique) shop today, and they sell lots of used games.
Bought Colin McRae Rally 2 ($10) and Ghost Recon + Desert Siege ($20).
Used to have both CMR2 and GR, both pirated, lost both, then found them again here :)
Was also looking at getting Mech 3/4 as well as a whole series of BF1942 (Secret Weapons over Normandy, Secret Weapons of WWII, Vietnam and so forth) but money is a concern ha.

Finished desert siege. It's now coming on 5am.
class in 5 hours plus work then heading to DC for the July 4 weekend. :D

Mmm sealions...lets go clubbing

Guys, I've added a doodleboard to my page. Allows everyone to post messages on my site, so you can add comments directly.