Thursday, May 31, 2007

I would love to travel Europe again (not just Italy *ahem*!) but I'm not sure if time will permit because I'm drifting a bit here so I dunno what's gonna happen. I would love to go to more western europe like Spain and Portugal as well as mediterranean France and Greece...which is not quite possible in 4 weeks I don't think. If thats the case I may have to skip places that I been before like Paris, Rome etc.

Eric I am down for Pirates. If we don't reach critical mass then I'm gonna watch it on Saturday night with cousins.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've said all I needed about those fines. The NSW gov't probably had a fair idea there would be serious backlash and was testing the boundaries of how far they could go. Much like a kid does to his/her parents.

marc should be delighted.

Arrgh, its dynamic programming again..

I found the hmmm page from that link you posted to be more interesting the the argh one. Also, I would like to see a tabulation or even visualisation for airjgkhl for different values of i,j,k and l. That would truly be awesome.

Coolest page ever

(Click on visualize)

There are only two places in the world that serve real pizza: Naples and Haberfield.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lolz James I wasn't referring to the Star and vinegar. I was referring to Monza's "Autodromo Nazionale di Monza " and Maranello's Fiorano test track. Oh and the pizza and gelato.

I'd be interested in going

Monza has star and Modena has vinegar. Sounds good.

I'm thinking Sep-Oct 2008.

wooo..Euro Trip...sounds fun. Are you referring to their Autumn or our one? Would you be stopping over at Italy (more specifically, two places called Monza and Maranello/Modena)??

Hey Guys,
I know this is early but I just found out Char's planning to go to Europe next year. Well, so am I. We are both very much interested in the history, the food, and yes, the ever sexy Tuscany, or Toscana in my native tongue.

The best season to go is early autum, where the crowd has died down and the weather is still good. I would love to have Yi and Marc on this trip. Anyone else, please express interest.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Lol James, suprising comment coming from you. Would have thought u would have disliked Pirates 3 (at least in comparison to 1 & 2).

Spolier :: Jack is not dead!

Nevertheless, I am down for a second viewing. Perhaps we should watch Pirates 2 like a few hours beforehand so we get an idea of what is going on XD

Lolz James. I wanna watch it!!

HENCE, LET'S WATCH THIS BITCHES!! THIS FRIDAY (or Saturday)! Please express your interests in the wiki. We can pc afterwards.

Pirates 3 is awesome.

I've got it all figured out:

Irene = Kiera Knightly
Me = Johnny Depp
Jonathan (Irene's) = Orlando Bloom


Saturday, May 26, 2007

I would suggest 5pm city session but I'm not sure how full it will be? Will we need to book? I haven't watched a movie in a cinema since...Miami Vice/Fearless nine months gg lol. Didn't even watch Borat or Casino Royale in cinema

Lolz. KJ, honestly Koreans are nuts about Starcraft. Apparently, they have 2 channels dedicated to gaming...and most of the time, it's Star. (I've been watching a few the World Invitiational recently. There are so many fangirls there...I reckon they can prolly kick our arses just from watching them play.) Also, I've seen some ad that about some 16v1 was so ridiculous! Keyboards went on fire...special effects, Saviour standing in the middle and people trying to take him on. It's like our State of was so DRAMATIC.

Another observation...those guys have the best poker faces EVER. Their facial expressions don't change, even when they are getting owned...or owning.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Anyone down for soccer/Pirates/PC tomorrow?

In regards to the post b4 hash, I'm inclined to agree. I mean what country in the world would host a DEMO of a game at their biggest sports stadium, with at least 2 million people (not sure exactly how much the turnout was). There is a whole section in their daily papers that is dedicated on the day's star results and upcoming events.

Pirates and PC of the Caribbean?

lol at new advertising about IR. They don't even mention anything about proposed changes or anything new. Got a problem? Talk to the Ombudsman. Thanks. People aren't dissatisfied with the service of the law. They are dissatisfied with the law itself!

Money well spent. Seriously though, instead of trying to help the situation with a failing "tax-payer funded" advertisement blitz which will inevitably be criticised by any opposition, they should just sit there and do nothing because labour is getting corn-fed.

lol, if I remember correctly, in Australia it is 12 years. So quickly find a spot of abandoned land and camp it.

Lolz James. Just cos I am trying to save you know, a discount is a form of revenue? Tax free revenue baby!!

Anyway, while i was youtubing, I found this...funniest shit ever!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hey, I'm back in Sydney now..

Got here around 6:30 in the morning, then headed straight to work, then a lecture afterwards. I don't think I'll actually get home til after 10pm, unless I skip the lecture.

I watched Hot Fuzz before I left Hawaii. I thoroughly recommend that all of you who have watched Shaun of the Dead and/or like over-the-top action movies (Bad Boys 2, etc) to watch it. It is a bit slow at the beginning and around halfway, but it is well worth the wait for the last half hour..

And.. back to work.

Or South of the River?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You reckon this would have happened if the baby was black or aboriginal?

From a notable webcomic author in reference to the Starcraft 2 announcement:

"I'm excited, but I imagine my excitement level is a drop in the bucket compared to that of nearly any Korean. Our excitement level has nothing on these people. Starcraft is better than sex for Koreans. Starcraft cures cancer, paves roads, delivers babies and then proceeds to raise the babies to be upstanding Starcraft-playing citizens of Korea. Who are then treated like movie stars ust for being good at Starcraft. For Koreans, a Starcraft tournament is like the Super Bowl."

Awaiting our resident Korean for a response.

God damn South of the River people!! Obsessed with saving money with bulk buys, coupons and other frivolous shananigans!@#

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Charlie, you know you'll play know you want to en mass your muta/lings and run over the protoss and terran bases...

Darren, according to the latest exchange's roughly the same as my transact price. Roughly 24 dollars. (I got mine for 24.50). But now i've lost 50 cent here...can't go to the dollar shop and get myself something nice now!

NSB guys, enjoy yourselves on Friday. I am going to be busy so won't be going.

PS: Wanna bulk buy Star2 when they come out? Maybe if we try bulk buy 10 copies at a time, they might give us a

Did all you NSBHS lads get this email just now? This is looking to be awesome

from: Stuart Brunsdon
subject : Friday night at north sydney leagues!

Boys,long time no hear, hope everyone is alive and kickin.

Got a phone call from the Sir Don Northey himself asking if we could turn up to sandra Drapers farewell, this fri, starting at around 3pm but kicking on well into the night at north sydney leagues. Could be a good way to congratualte her or other teachers,maybe question why you have a crap career or simply just enjoy a beer.
any questions call the school.
come one come all.


Stuart Brunsdon
Woolcott Research
40 Gloucester St
The Rocks NSW 2000

Ph: 61 2 9261 5221
Fax: 61 2 9261 5389

Stop being a player hater James. Just coz you can't participate...

Stop kidding yourself Charlie. No matter how pathetic the game is, we'll still swarm to play to it. That's how pathetic we are.

On the upside, the dismay associated with starcraft addiction during our academic life will not be repeated on our professional life.

Friggin zero imagination.

I smell Cantos working at Blizzard.

Its war3ness

The whole thing stinks of a magic game. Stalker unit in Starcraft 2

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good to see you've had a fun trip.

I like the vows you described. I'll try to get my future wife to take it. If I don't come back from my wedding, honour me. *Cues Gladiator finale music*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Aloha all,

I just came back from the main purpose of this Hawaii trip: my family friend's wedding. It was held outdoors at the shore of one of the biggest fish ponds in all of Hawaii. It was also the site where such movies as Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates and You, Me and Dupree were filmed. Oh, Lost was also shot there.. they blew up a submarine there. With Jurassic Park (the first one) they shot only a few seconds worth of movie there, and the pond owners got $3 million for it.

Anyway, back to the wedding.. they couple were really in love with each other, and I am certain that this marriage will last. I noticed that the vows that they exchanged were different from other vows that I have heard exchanged at other weddings (and ones in movies) The couple were devout Christians, and the vows focused on the two of them becoming one before the eyes of God, and also for the wife to submit to the will of the husband, and the husband to cherish and edify the wife.

This was different from other non-christian and different Christian-denominational weddings, whose focus was more treating the other as an equal.

What are vows like at weddings of other religions, if any of you have been privvy to such events?

After the ceremony there was a short boat ride, then a reception/dinner held al fresco, with a range of meats, vegies and rice/mashed potato/pasta. There were also lots of soft drinks too.

If theres one thing that I miss about Sydney right now, it is sugar. The soft drinks, and just about everything else contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, a sugar equivalent that is just as sweet, but derived from corn instead of sugar cane. It gives me headaches, but I cant stop drinking it! Nor do I have a choice besides plain water..

Anyway, I'll be back in Sydney on thursday, where the harsh realities and deadlines of the job and degree that I have temporarily escaped from will come crashing down on me. I can't wait.

Also, quickly:

Yi: Congrats on graduating! Hope dinner was good.. Also, carefree does not mean I'm not doomed..
Marc: Hope dinner was good, apologies for not being able to make it
Jono: That list was on digg over a month ago, many things on it were not true, or too good to be true
James: My uncle I am staying with happens to be a retired restaurant owner of 23 years => good, healthy home-cooked meals. Had some portugese sausages for brekkie, and herb potato mash and pork chops for dinner once. Delicious.
Eric: Original Starcraft Battle Chests: US$19.99
Hash: My feet are so sunburned they are as black as yours..
All: OMG STARCRAFT II! Looks great, but too 'busy' in terms of colours and motion. Will people be able to play it as well as original star?

Go for the ribs.. THE RIBS!!!
You will be excused for heartburn later.

Thanks Marc for organising.
Thanks all for coming!

Who ever said that 25% of the population was cool?

Man does anyone else feel lethargic today? I'm wondering if it was the ribs...

I got that itis!

Lol, I didn't try lick my that means I am in the cool 25% of the population.. :þ

Marc and Yi, congrats again on your graduation. Sorry I couldn't make it to your dinners...from Jono's post, I am guessing that dinner was great and I missed out big time...

Marc, welcome to my world. I need to upgrade my comp to play Sup Com 2 months ago.

haha yeah dinner at hurricanes was pretty neat I have to say, yumm. Thanks for organising it Marc!

Yeah, spot on James. Its comforting to see the ever-familiar interface but is this really more than just Starcraft 1.5? I have to say I'm not that excited about it. I'm more dreading having to upgrade my machine to play the same game...

I have to admit I'm not a fan of the 3D cross-over. I'm talking about RPG and RTS alike. I'm much more comfortable with grassroots 2D which is why I loved games like Baldur's Gate but hated Neverwinter Nights. Same with Westwood and Warcraft franchises. I fell off about the same time they introduced 3D gaming. I am but a philistine.

Few more notes:

- Whats with the rines with riot shields?
- Nuke cola a homage to Fallout's Nuka Cola?

Imho they would have better spent resources developing World of Starcraft.

Thanks for coming to dinner everyone. Pork OD x_x Hopefully next time we can all stick around to do stuff afterwards.

Edit: I tried to lick my elbow -.-

Fun Facts >> >>

In the 1400's a law was set forth that a man was not allowed to beat his wife with a stick thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb". >> >> Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language . >> >>The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone. >> >> Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the US Treasury . >> >>Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. >> >>Coca-Cola was originally green . >> >>It is impossible to lick your elbow. >> >>The average number of people airborne over the US any given hour: 61,000. >> >>Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. >> >> The first novel ever written on a typewriter: Tom Sawyer. >> >>Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king in history: Spades - King David >>Hearts - Charlemagne >>Clubs -Alexander, the Great >>Diamonds - Julius Caesar >> >> 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

>> >>If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in theair, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes. >> >> Q. If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"? A. One thousand >> >>Q. What do bullet-proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser >>printers all have in common? A. All invented by women. >> >> Q. What is the only food that doesn't spoil? A. Honey >> >>In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to >>sleep on. Hence the phrase "goodnight, sleep tight." >> >>

It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon. >> >>In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts... So in old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them "Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down." It's where we get the phrase "mind your P's and Q's" >> >> Many years ago in England , pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim, or handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill, they used the whistle to get some service. "Wet your whistle" is the phrase inspired by this practice. >> >>Don't delete this just because it looks weird. Believe it or not, you can read it... >>I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdgnieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. >> >>~~~~~~~~~~~AND FINALLY~~~~~~~~~~~~ >> >>At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

James, I must say, I agree with you this time! The "enhanced" graphics for Terran is now...too fantasy-like. However, the Protoss looks absolutely "at home". Zerg, well they haven't released anything more than a few artworks and 1 sec promos in the clip for mutas, zerglings and Kerrigan.

For those who don't know about Starcraft 2 Site James, are you going to order that Limited Edition Marine Statue? I am very tempted...

I must say I am not too excited with their art direction. The Terran units have that Warhammer chunky look to them that is more akin to fanatsy than science fiction. IMO, the best art was those depicted in the transition screens of Starcraft missions (ie. Terran Outpost, Orbit above Praxis etc.)

Blizzard has deliberately evolved the game away from realism. It's rather frustrating. Makes me wonder if they are capable of creating something pure, without the cartoonish and fantasy overtunes.

Screenshots Gallery

I'm just waiting in anticipation for the release in 2015.

Manner Pylon.

South Korea explodes, etc...

It's official!! STARCRAFT 2 COMING OUT!!!

PS: Sorry about the caps...lolz

I am following the forums/live feed atm. Stupid Blizzard is taking their time...with all those oaths and presenations...and stupid jokes... STARCRAFT2 DAMMIT!!!

Re tonight: dress smart-casual. Don't need to go over-the-top. A collared (t-)shirt and some long pants will do.

Wow, according to the index site, they haven't released a full independent game since WoW 2004. They've previously done so within at least a 2 year period.

Not that it's really affected our gaming patterns...

Can't wait for tomorrow. Blizzard will announce a new title...check out

Seriously Yi, what is the the friggin' bear? What's next? Hello Kitty keychain for your phone??

Yeap outside K17 at 7pm. If you're late, gg Route 400

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hey for Hurricane's Saturday night, are we meeting up at UNSW before hand to carpool at 7pm for dinner at 7:30pm?

If so, we can meet at the street level carpark right outside mech eng building? Enter via Gate 14 on Barker St, then take a right, then left. There's a dozen or so spaces but we'll wait there?

I told Yi not to get the bear but I couldn't stop him.

I'm 100% N Char. Unless you reached Platonic Heaven, you have no chance. :D

I have, and possibly further than you can imagine =).

I did draw from contemporary sources too Char--I believe I cited you. XD

So Char, have you moved on?

I am lollerskating all over james' comments on marc's flickr

James can we be certain that the chinese people haven't moved on? Drawing conclusion from listening to 'traditional' music doesn't support your argument.

Nice grad photos Yi, I'm surprised Benny was there.

That must be why Rudd is really keen on having an Asian Languages program at the secondary school level.

Go South West and you will reach the Holy Land! ... and probably the only range of mountains Jono hasn't climbed yet XD

Go south enough, and eventually, you hit Hong Kong.

(That's before you venture into coconut milk kingdom)

James: That's right. He learnt Mandarin to converse only with the limited (yet increasing) local Mando population.

I suppose to sum up in my experience, fellow Southerners, even though they are "uncultured beasts" and a race of people who live by simple means, they are warm and generous. Which is more than I can say of one particular area of China that I am thinking of.

onebutters, proud to be barbarian.

Thanks James, we both appreciated this call.

I've been listening to traditional and quasai-traditional Chinese songs today on Baidu.

I have concluded one thing: there is a mind-numbing and nauseating obsession with female virginity in the collective unconscious of the Chinese People.

Okay. To be fair, it is not restricted to the Chinese mentality--it is more or less, universal. However, the West have larged moved on from it from being an obession. Perhaps this is a measure of social progress: one society's obsessesion, or moving away from, the rage inducing desire for their women to be virgins.

And I think I've been far too merciful to call it a "collective unconscious". It is not unconscious. It is unashameably out in the open. Prosecution cites open testimony from Charlie Zhang and John Yuen as examples.


Wow, I never knew Kevin Rudd speak fluent Mandarin. Very noble. Unforuntately, it won't do him any good since most Australian-Chinese speak, well, the lesser tongue.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yi's grad photos on my Flickr

Your family photos I will give on Saturday.

A complete photo viewing (from the past several years) will be held at Jono's place after Hurricane's so even if you aren't going to dinner, it would be great if you could come to the afters and share in with us.

Eric: School zone ends at 9:30am so you're in the clear.

Damn Marc, that sucks. I've driven in the tunnel while it was free, but same thing, 80 all the way. i've done 40 inside the Eastern Distributor too. I have an empty tunnel ahead of me, and I am doing 40...funny thing was, there were no roadworks!

Hopefully, I didn't get booked today. I was doing 62 in the School Zone (60's the normal limit)at around 10:40. Lucky I decided to stay behind a truck and slowly putted along...(very not me to stay behind a slow truck...) It's ok right?

Thank you to the kind souls who took time out of their busy schedule to see me in an overgrown cap and a hilarious hat. :)

For the people who missed out on the fagginess (and who RSVPed..), I'll see you on Saturday!

I have scarcely read 6 pages of Watson's biography on Paul Keating (thanks Marc), and I'm already fully absorbed.

This is very different from reading history 'great' works like Herotodus or Thucydidies. Yes, those were important in outlining the most perilous moments in wesetern civilisation, but Waston's biography deals with the country that I lived in but never understood.

Reading about Keating's upbringing almost brought me to tears!! And the dictinction and conflicts betweeen Australian Catholics and Protestants, I never understood or thought much of. And who knew Bankstown was a frontier once.

Six pages in and it's already very clear, Paul Keating is an NT type.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

True they had plenty of warning with the electronic speed signs overhead I don't disagree with that. But my point is, you've been through the tunnel at 80km/h. Can you imagine driving at half that speed in a completely clear tunnel? It would defeat the purpose of going into the tunnel in the first place!

i've been through the lane cove tunnel during the free period, didn't have road works though; i stuck to 80km/h the whole way.

it's generally a bad idea to speed inside tunnels, you don't get as much warning of speed cameras - only a generic sign at the beginning with "speed cameras in operation inside tunnel", rather than the mandatory 3 signs on surface roads for fixed speed cameras.

Let's go to China again and see the terracotta warriors...again.

How many of you have gone through the Lane Cove Tunnel (especially during the free period)? Coz my dad and my sister just got pwned by the roadworks speed limit (40).

If you haven't been through the Lane Cove Tunnel before, it looks exactly like the harbour tunnel except its like 3x longer and therefore 3x as boring. And at times motorists were expected to drive at 40 through the second half of the tunnel because road works were occurring...literally at the exit the tunnel only.

Imagine driving 51km in the harbour tunnel. That's what my Dad was doing. He was a maniac. Completely mental and out of control! Someone had to stop him!

My sister also got caught. The free toll period was carefully calculated to be offset by the funds provided by the speed camera. Its quite likely that more money was raised from speeding "offences" than money lost from giving free tolls.

Anyone else got nabbed by this revenue raising exercise?

I feel the love.
See you there guys!

Hash, ceremony is 6:30pm. Though photo op will be a little earlier than that due to poor lighting conditions.

Darren, no worries. I'm envious of you and Benny. Going on a holiday in the middle of the year! So carefree. Well, enjoy your trip!

James : I think he is going to Hawaii for the view, not the food XD.

Yi : Graduation is at 6:30 rite. I will try and be there.

I'll be there Yi. This time my manhood got an upgrade. I can now say I am on par with James, the Spartan, Roman or whatever he calls himself now.

omg you nerd Darren. Leave the laptop at home and have some fun -.-

I still have the game, but I've lent it to my friend. I figured that the laggage will just spoil my fun playing the game, might as well wait till I get a new comp. In other news, C&C3 Kane's Edition is going on sale at GAME. It's 49.95 now.

Darren, have a nice trip. Try the taro or pineapple pie (can't remember) at maccas. Apparently Hawaiian maccas are the only place(s) that sell them.


Regrettably the only thing worth eating in this world is in Italia.

-Mang Maximus Meridius

Hey guys..

In a few hours I'm heading off to Hawaii, and will be back in a week. This means that I will be missing out on your graduation Yi, and the dinner that Marc organised.

Congrats on graduating Yi!

James: What sort of American food do you recommend I eat/bring back to Australia? Also, I have uninstalled SupCom, due to its terribly slow performance on my comp.

Due to uni assignment constraints, I will be taking my laptop along, so I'll still be online, if anyone feels the need to contact me..

I'm coming! Call you at 4? Keep your phone on

so is anyone around uni tomorrow? say 4pm?
got time for a few graduation piccies?
or will i have to suffice with mum and sister?

Those of you who got Supreme Commander -- anyone still playing it?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Amazon UK rocks!
They only took 5 days (including a weekend) to slow-post Reaper's Gale. Book 7 in the most epicly orsome Fantasy series of all time!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh, hello, I'm still awake. Because I've spent the last two hours checking out recipes!

See ya'll at soccer in a few!

Eat it James.

Oh wait, you can't, because a mate came over and finished it! I also had fresh tomotoes in it, awesomeness. AL DENTEEEEE

"I've just made a GOOD spaghetti bolognese. The sauce was from a jar..." [Stopped Reading]


Comeeeeo onnnnn *smoochie kisses & hugs*

If any of you have bought stuff off ebay from powersellers you probably had a hard time finding out whether they are reputable and what problems customers have had.

This site runs scripts to search through and find all bad feedback on a single user (a feature that apparently ebay itself doesn't want to give people) making it much easier to determine whether or not you want to deal with them.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've just made a GOOD spaghetti bolognese. The sauce was from a jar but the onions, carrots, beef mince is all fresh. Followed in close pursuit by a good deal of pepper and worcestershire sauce. But one of the best things about it, is the pasta - it is PERFECTLY al dente. If I could freeze this pasta quality in time, I would. All topped off with freshly grated (by moi) parmesan cheese, from a big chunky block. It is so important to have the garnish. It adds so much.

That has made my day. Time to go eat and watch some hired DVDs wheeeee (I hired the pursuit of happiness and fast food nation)

PS if you are bored you are welcome to join me to watch the movies at mine

I doubt we can fit anymore. I called to add one place for an unnamed individual who did not respond to repeated calls for RSVP until AFTER the booking was made *erhm*. The woman said this was the last place I could add.

Even if she was exaggerating, I called before to make the booking and they were fully booked out 6 days in advance.

If you want to add more people then we will probably have to reschedule or go somewhere else.

hi all,

i'd love for you to join me for my graduation on the 17th of may, next thursday. 6:30pm ceremonies so i guess i'll be there in the arvo to take some pictures.

yes, it'll be my graduation dinner on the 19th as well.
since marc has capped the number of people attending, i sadly cannot extend a cordial invitation for all to join. however, if there is enough interest, i'm willing to push marc and see if we can't get more seats, or maybe propose another restaurant. afters might be a little hard if everyone drives there... though we'll see. might organise something tomorrow.

and eric, marc's post was the first public announcement for my graduation.
so you haven't been out of the loop. actually, nothing much has been happening it seems, merely conversation about political banter and world peace. ;)

down for Sunday soccer. 12 might be pushing it. i'll try to get there at 1pm. :)

Warcraft III Theme Song...Chinese Style!.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh my's Yi's graduation as well?! Very late congratulations to you Yi. "ve been VERY out of the loop. Any plans for afters?

Oh yeh, anyone down for some morning tennis action 2morrow?

James, Warren's investment stratgeies are so...SIMPLE! It reminds me of a story about a financial theory. A theory called M&M (Miller & Modigiani). Sorry if the spelling's off. Anyway, the theory basically states that no matter how you adjust debt (borrowing from people) and equity (selling shares of the company to people) levels, the value of the firm should remain constant. Because of that, they won the Nobel Price.

A reporter than asked, so what does your theory mean?

They both said, well for example, you take a dollar out of your left pocket and put it into your right, you'll still have 1 dollar in total right?

The reporter said, that's it? You've won the nobel price with that?

They then simply replied, yes, but we've proven that rigorously.

He rarely says anything intelligible nowadays since the Mad Cow but this is a gem:

"Bill Clinton would never have lied for the deposition. He wouldn't have risked impeachment. So what if the sexual indiscretion came to light? The public would have forgiven him. BUT Hillary! The reason he lied was because he was afraid HILLARY would find out. That's why he was impeached. That's why Al Gore didn't win. And after all that impeachment-scandal crap the public would have elected any fool other than a democrat. [Cross]Cut to...[Dubya]...all because of a woman's scorn" - Denny Crane

Just to finalise:

What: Yi & Marc's Grad Dinner
Venue: Hurricane's Grill
Date: 19th May
Time: Meet at uni at 7:00pm. Booking for 7:30pm

We will most likely meet at uni (UNSW) and carpool to Bondi from there to save us having to park numerous cars for numerous fees. That all depends on if we have enough cars as well but if you are late for the carpool, then gg: Route 400

Warren Buffet's Investment Advice

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm in for Sunday midday soccer

Change of Plans - Soccer
When :: Sunday 13th May 2007 @ MIDDAY AEST
Where :: Centennial Park, usual place

Try and get there on-time ....

Not me.

Saturday morning Soccer?

11am @ Centennial as usual?

Who is down?


Hippy bashing is political!

Whale-riding could be a metaphor for some form of abuse of political power?

Flaming turtles are symbolic of leftist movements that create fake threats and then take power thru the use of giant biomechanical robots in order to initiate a global scale instrumentality project!

How did a political debate turn into hippie-bashing..than to whale riders and flaming turtles?...hmmm

Flaming turtles 0wn whale riders.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Huh! Tree-huggers! More like Tree-breeders! They hug the trees in hopes of some spontaneous genetic transfer which could either a) give the Trees human like sentience or b) allow the humans to draw power straight from the sun!

I know all about those hippies and their paramilitary organisation 'Greenpeace'!

'Save the Whale'?! That is total BS, they want to exploit the whales like every1 else. They got a secret master plan to ride the whales into battle (not unlike how the Fremen rode the Sandworms) and take over the world!

Hey now, don't try and blame the hippies for this. They hug trees and shit.

The argument was based on the premise of a 'hobo' not a 'hippy' =P

re: Hash, homelessness

You are correct if one is to presuppose that hungryness is to be equated with unappyness. However, if the said homeless (another rather broad definition) person is so by choice, having realised the impact that his modern Western lifestyle is having on the surrounding environment and his fellow humans, you would be doing them a great disservice if you were to assume he would become 'happy' were he to recieve a meal and re-integrate into your current, Western style of life.

For those who desperately need a dota server in Australia (where there are actual people unlike Aus-1)

EGN + BA gateways - about 500+ on EGN

IPN gateway - Quite Professional looking Flash job.

To any hungry person in need of a meal - a nice meal and a full belly afterwards is happiness. Knowing that the Australian unemployment rate is at an all time low will not take his hunger away, no matter how patriotic or foresighted they may be ...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Objectivity is overrated.

You would probably have to define "happiness" first.

Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Speech

John: Yes! Feeding the hobo down the street will bring him some happiness. Try it sometime - or better yet, feed him regularly - or even better - establish an education/vocational training system for adults that will get him a job.

It's so ironic that you say all that despite having enjoyed your free education and healthcare. And I say what I say after having had it taken away from me.

And your arugement is ad hominem. Yi will once again rise up to the occasion to explain why that's no good.

james, what is happiness and how do you achieve it? i've realised that nothing is free. not even when the government hands you an omnipotent green card that obliges doctors to see you. your sentiments are atypical of someone who has grown up in a cocoon of propserity. hey, we have all this money flowing around, and all these people are in need, so why not hand it to them? because if we did that, we would never have been in such a well off position in the first place.

history shows that when the national is wealthy and propser, a leftist government wins favour and everyone spouts theories of socialism, community, and human rights. but when there's a downturn, reality sets in and people realise the unsustainability of such policies as free education and full employment.

when you feed a hobo on the street, are you advancing his happiness?

Likewise I'd like to dispel misconceptions about me being a "philanthropist". I realise the importance of fiscal responsibility. Giving a free tertiary education in the current climate is absurd. It's just not sustainable. The Whitlam government proved that by example. Having the benefit of hindsight, I don't approve of what they did but I do admire and respect them for it which is a lot more than I can say about Howard and his lapdog pitbull Heffernan

I wish you could live in the US and appreciate your 'free' liberal, small government ideology.

Despite working in 'affluent' Santa Clara, I have not one, but three Medical providers. One for dental (Guardian), one for vision (VSP) and one for general health (Great-West). If I feel unwell today, I will be hard pressed to find a doctor to see. It's very typical to wait up to 3 weeks to see a GP. Contrast this with everyday-walk in consultation at USYD/UNSW/MAQ. And contrast this with the single, omni-potent Medicare card.

I recently had two fillings. Despite being covered by private 'health insurance', I still paid $200. The full cost was $1800, what one would have to pay if they hadn't health insurance. For context, 46.6 million Americans do not have health insurance--that's the entire population of Australia, times two, and over.

Just for kicks, I asked the dentist what happens to these people if they need a filling. She said: they don't, they wait for their teeth to fall out. She said this with the sternest of expressions. Now picture your 'fiscally responsible' government, with a nation of people missing teeth, times two, and over.

In American, Medicare (only for the elder) was a bill introduced by Lyndon Johnson (high five with Benny). In Australia, of course, it was the work of the Whitlam government. Both of these governments had to fight tooth and nail to get it through. Both opposition "liberal" governments at the time called such a move communist. The American Medical Association called the Medicare bill "socialized medicine." In Australia it took a double dissolution (high five with Benny & Yi) to get it through. Even today, john The Great of Marsfield still tries to paint such systems in the light of communism and marxism.

If you want to relate the ALP as the bitch of union workers, then you must also realise the flipside: that the Liberal Party is the obsequious satrap of big business. Contast the two: which has done more to advance the happiness of the common man?

Australia is truely a priviledged place to live in. My honest assessment is that the tick-tock changing of Liberal and Labor governments has done their respective good. Labor has taken care of the common man. Liberal has kept the economy going.

But out of the two, I think the most precious enablers of human happiness, that of Universal Healthcare and free higher education, was achieved by the communists.

to dispel some misconceptions about my values - i don't think the economy is the be all and end all of everything, nor is money. i am just a limited government, free market liberalist.

marc, you discussed how we should elect the person who we think is a good representitive of the people. does that description include being responsible? beyond leaving a fiscal disaster, the mess that the past labor governments have left us demonstrated its failure in grasping the gravity of the consequences of its decisions.

not getting paid? it's the fault of 'big evil corporations', so let's take disruptive industrial action and erect protectionist policies, nevermind that entrepreneurs, businesses and investment are the drivers of the nation's development. provide free tertiary education to all will get me votes? sure, let's throw more money at it and see what happens. to me, labor has the tendency to adopt policies that quell whatever happens to be the hot topic at the time; it is illustrative of their optimist pipedream of retarded short-sightedness.

everyone is crying about global warming? let's set massive emissions targets, nevermind how we're going to reach it, whether it will make a difference at all, or its impact on our comparative advantages - the same advantages fueling our impressive growth right now that is allowing higher living standards for all.

as a side note, i am all for carbon emissions trading, but not the way kyoto does it. but like any good tool, it needs to be used properly and responsibly - which i simply do not trust labor to do.

in the end, i guess i'm just not in favour of a government driven by inherent unionist sentiments, entrenched in the rhetoric of marxist 'class struggle'.

Monday, May 07, 2007

They can make milk more expensive for all I care ... 'coz they are gonna lay out a 1 Gigabit endpoint Broadband framework!

Go Labour!

In terms of fiscal responsibility and economic growth, Liberal part policies sorta do much better. However, I would like to see changes to policies regarding developing a stronger professional base. We can't rely on Primary and Service industries forever ... esp. since Australia is becoming China's one-stop-shop for all things energy related

The deficits of the 60s and 70s when labour was in control must have left a bad taste in your mouth, john. As fiscally irresponsible as it was, I don't think I could ever fault the Whitlam gov't seeing as how my dad reaped the benefits allowing him a ¡¡FREE!! tertiary education upon which he built himself and our family up on. (Invitation for retaliation) Free tertiary education for all? What a malignant bastard, he may as well exterminate the jews.

What do Kirby/Heffernan/Tampa have to do with the price of milk? Nothing. It goes more to the character of Howard & Co. Whether your vote is affected by these is another matter. If you were american and George Bush was fiscally responsible, yet still the retard he is, would you continually vote him back in? It may be hard to swallow (yes James, I am waiting for your MB analysis on this sentence), but for some the voting decision can AND should go beyond just budgets and money.

If you wanted to use an analogy of a financial planner - you don't care what kind of person s/he is just so long as they get the job done. So does character count? Of course it should! They aren't just a bunch of bloody financial planners and budgetary robots. They are also representatives of "the people" (sorry I had to go socialist and sentimental). Tampa: yes he is protecting our borders, Children Overboard: too far. He cashed in on a lie to rally people against these perceived "barbarians" for throwing their children overboard. A claim we all found out to be false. There's nothing more I hate than being manipulated (a statement of irony in politics...not that I was anyway. Didn't care that much at the time). Kirby/Heffernan? Is it all just noise? I guess the lack of character, consistency and balls maybe soothed by the fact that, at the end of the day, our glass of milk is still cheap. Got [cheap] milk?


Also his handling of global warming was masterful. In fact, probably adopted by the Bush administration.

1. It doesn't exist
2. It doesn't exist, even if it did, I'm not going to jeopardise our economy
3. I'm not jeopardising our economy! Global warming doesn't exist! But...errr, maybe we should do something about climate change (afterall "Global warming" is such an ugly word. It implies that we are actually making an adverse impact on the planet and as humans we have no record of doing such)

how long did you think i was going to wait before defending the liberals? =P

do we want a party leader who has 'imagination' and wants to have a lasting legacy, or do we want someone who has the policies that will steer australia in the right direction? hitler and mao had imagination and wanted to be remembered more than anything.

what do kirby, tampa, heffernan, etc have to do with the price of milk? these are all just noise. nothing substantive can be learnt from paying attention to these stories. balls? having balls means having policies that will mean a thing to australia (allowing us to reap the rewards of being blessed with minerals, steel,uranium, in defiance to everyone). we may see whether labor have any balls, if they get into power, although i do sincerely hope we won't get to find out.

some label john howard as reactionary, adopting policies as they become beneficial to adopt them, but are labor's industrial reforms which are 'still having affect today' not borne out of economic necessity?

pay no attention to the poll figures, they're just for newspapers to create headlines. beazley was ahead in the polls the last two times john howard won.

the little girl not receiving treatment in spiderman 3 might be a failing of medicare, but is it a failing of government?

Take home message from SPiderman 3: He was more powerful when he was lack!

In case neone wants to draft some magic, I have about 16 packs of each of the current block (Time Spiral, Future Sight, Planar Chaos) spare. I guess sometime after soccer would be most ideal.

After reading Eric's post, I decided to watch Spider-Man 3.

The central theme of the movie is the failings of America's Medicare system. A little girl is sick, and her daddy, having no way to pay for her treatment decides to embark on a heist. Of course, the heist goes terribly wrong, he kills Spider-Man's uncle and is thrown behind bars. When he eventually escapes, a series of serendipitous encounters turns him into "sandman" and hence he movie's excuse for action is estabslished.

So in conclusion, vote "YES" for Medicare.

Hurricane's has been booked on 19th Saturday 7:30pm

Oh yeh, if you haven't seen Spiderman3, I recommend...don't bother. It's so shit! The only good part was at the end when they was so boring....

Marc, don't think i can make it to your dinner. I've been stuck at home on weekends babysitting my sister afta 5pm...

I don't want to be an American citizen.

James : On notes about elections. How long 'till you can apply for American citizenship? Get Bush out of office asap ...

Labor never managed to leave its 'frivolous' legacy. Australia had a referendum on Republicanism and it was voted down abymsally. Howard sabataged everything anyway. Friggin Ho Chi Minh.

Labor did, however, initiate industrial reforms in the 80s which are still having affect today. That was not frivolous.

I think its more consistent to call Howard 'frivolous'. He has no policy. He has no vision. His policy is purely based on political expediency. In the end, he's just a dried up coconunt emobodying that age old white Anglo-Saxon British Colonial mentality.

And Rudd is flacid and lifeless. We need a Leonidas or a Stardestroyer.

But I do hope Howard loses this election. It would be the greatest display of cosmic justice if there exists such a concept: finally he dies out of his own sluggishness, inability to let go of his seat and his flip-flopping reactionist nature.

There's nothing landslide-like about Rudd. I think the election can be held as early as December so anything can happen can happen (actually everything will happen. We have short memories when someone dangles golden carrots in our face). John Howard can pull another Tampa. If you really want a prediction look at the polls in the coming months yourself. I love wikipedia and I am therefore dangerous to society!!!

These backflips are just a poor reflection on the party about consistency and balls. I don't know if Australian people have "consistency and balls" written in the criteria for candidates.

Actually James, I was about to sum up the past 2 political eras in such words. The Liberals have been prudent and responsible with the economy. While Labour left a frivolous but visionary legacy. I'll have a look around for the book.

Eric, Hurricane's on 19th. Need reply by lunch time.

"[Paul Keating] who was too big and wild and imaginative for the mundane party politics of a late 20th century parliamentary democracy to accommodate."

- Robert Manne on "Recollections of a Bleeding Heart", Don Watson's biography of Paul Keating.


Marc, as you can see, your one little post has taken me on quite a journey. I am all the more smitten to read about Australian politics of the 1990s in this far away land. Would you be a darling and send me a copy of Don Watson's book. It's $65 USD on Amazon, utterly daylight robbery.

"It’s a tremendous victory for all those with imagination and faith."

- Paul Keating, True Believers Speech, after 1993 Election Victory

Good post Marc.

Howard is a snotty little reactionist with no imagination.

Paul Keating summed him up best: "Boring Boring Boring."

So Mark, can i get your opinion on what the chances are for Labour at the next Federal election?

- Kirill

Wow...that dude used to be the president/founder of the Chinese Society back when we were first years. *tsk tsk*.

Sorry benny, my phone was on silent so I didn't hear your call.

Marc, so what are the plans for your dinner?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey guys, Hurricane's won't be available for booking until the 19th. Are you all still cool for that? Reply me by MSN or SMS please.

And no Benny, unfortunately not. My parents drew some unwanted attention regarding that matter.

VSU = remedy. Don't put up with that shit anymore, just get out and don't come back until they shape up which won't be anytime soon.

Howard's backflip on workplace relations was a bit unexpected and shows his panick mode now. He was so keen on attributing recent low unemployment figures on workplace relations changes he made last year.

WorkChoices replaced the old system which previously required all people who signed onto AWAs to pass a "no disadvantage test" - that is, employees would not be at a general disadvantage if they went on a AWA as opposed to the relevant industry award (set by the Industrial Relations Commission I think. This is separate to the other major part of the WorkChoices changes which deals with unfair dismissals)

WorkChoices removed this test and the Howard gov't stayed silent upon repeated calls to keep the test by lobby groups and the labour party. Now come Rudd-pwnage time he is tempering those laws again to include it back. Grow some balls. It's that simple. Just like climate change and the Iraq war, he is seeing tides of people turn against his stance and he collapses like a ragdoll...(eventually anyway)

But even then reports say that small businesses are pretty unhappy about the changes in the first place (paperwork? I don't remember why they were pissed off). He's already pissed off all the working class out there so I doubt this move will remedy that. These people will still see labour as the better of two evils whereas the small business will probably be pissed off about more changes. So I don't know what he expects to achieve by doing this.

so vsu forced the guy to mismanage the budget?

Three lettered acronym: VSU

omg it is so hard just to talk to someone over the phone at Hurricane's. I think I've spent a total of 20 minutes on hold over 3 failed phone calls.

This is an abomination, what a prick!

Hey fellas about soccer for me - I have tennis at 1-3pm (near my place/lane cove), I can get there at 2pm say, but means I'd have to leave Centennial park at 1:40pm. And seeing that people are often half an hour late....

Well, I'll try to drop by. I'll bring a ball and kick it about. I might be there from 12:30pm. Anyway call me if you think you'll be around then

Saturday, May 05, 2007

where is soccer?

Let me know before tomorrow

Spiderman 3 in 4 frames

Sorry guys, dun think I can make soccer tomorrow. It's Vesak day, so I will probably be at the temple for most of the day. If it runs into the *late* afternoon, then maybe I will drop by

GZ Marc, Did Spiegelman give you a celebratory kiss? XD

Sorry I couldn't make it to your graduation mate, but next saturday should be good fun.

I'm not sure if soccer on sunday is still on at 1pm Charlie, Jono, are in

Marc, Hash, Yi, Darren, Kwong?

My Boss has the *exact* same temperament as Jono!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Thanks for coming out and your congratulations on graduation everyone!

The dinner has been postponed til next Saturday. Still aiming for Hurricane's. Will confirm the booking here and in wiki hopefully by tomorrow.

Lolz, I just realised...Santa has a Death Note...sif he knows how to use it...

Marc, late congrats! Remember to organise after party at Lan 2morrow...lolz, hopefully, I can come...stay till late dammit! I can't leave the house cos I have to babysit...and if Benny brings a white guy to Jap, kawaii jap chiks will be free of charge...not including air fares. XD

John, I really dunno what Bernie's thinking these days...sif axe Imola and Suzuka...I say..bring them all back and add more races. A race each week plus unlimited engines/testing and V12 with 100 laps each! muahahahaha

i don't think they are alternating races between suzuka and fuji. bernie signed the contract with fuji for 2 or 3 years; so we will either get both suzuka and fuji next year, or just fuji.

Eric will pay you back for the jap chic too, Benny

WHAT THE HELL? 216pp for Osaka?! Honestly, how do they make money from that?! I've seen ~500 for HK return with Virgin Atlantic before, but 216 for Osaka?! I love competition!!!

Go bag me a kawaii jap chik benny!! Organise a trip with a white guy. It's easier that way. And bag me a gundam too (i'll pay u back but kawaii jap chik more important).

@John PS: If this deals continues, which i doubt, I can go to Japan next year for their GP. They are alternating between Suzuka and Fuji right?

Why not Ho Chi Minh city instead? XD

He is making a list and checking it twice ...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

All goes well
I'll be Osaka in a month's time

How adorable!

Congratulations on Graduation Marc!

Law degree FTW!

Learn all you can on copyright infringement law ... I have a feeling the CTO collective will be needing your services sooner or later!

I'd be keen if Hurricane's was next Saturday (May 12)

For those of you who are going to grad dinner (no names will be disclosed). I'm gonna try and book Saturday night but Hurricane's only takes bookings from 10-6pm so I'll have to do it tomorrow. If they won't accept then how do you guys feel about postponing to next week? Because I think a lot of people are interested to see what Hurricane's is about.

Hey KJ - I didn't bring a camera to the greek rest. (i.e. eric's graduation dinner?)
Kwong did. It doesn't look like he's uploaded photos to his flickrs yet

Anything happening Friday night?

Also, Jono, do you have the pics from the Greek place up someplace?

Ooooh, 'grats on the graduation Mark.

Natasha Stardestroyer!!!!

hahahaha. That, I must say, is rather hilarious

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm not sure if you guys remember Liberal Senator Heffernan but he basically committed politic suicide when he used falsified documents to prove that a publicly gay serving High Court judge (who also happened to be appointed by a labour government) was going around in company vehicles trawling around for male hoes. John Howard was eager to join the bandwagon and call for the judge to account for this.

The allegations proved false in the end because, through some gross blunder of the person who forged the document, the judge was out of the country at the alleged time.


To this day we still do not know who falsified the documents. John Howard got all embarrassed as usually happens and Heffernan was supposedly sacrificed for the blunder just like Campbell was in the recent spate of eye-for-eye attacks against Rudd which is an entirely different matter of self-pwnage. See Brian Burke.

Not so apparently. He is back again making making inappropriate remarks against Julia Gillard. How does this happen? By all rights this guy should have been banned from the server for excessive TK but he defies all odds and sensibility? I would have thought John Howard would have set him up with a cushy ambassadorship in trade for taking one for the team.

As for Ian Campbell, that was just funny (not for Campbell though). Howard sacrifices him in hopes of taking down Rudd. It was like 400hp Centaur double-edging Roshan on full health -.-

Wow, i mean Wow - its like they thought of this product just for me
It combines Stargate, Magic and the internet. Presenting

STARTGATE ONLINE: The Trading Card Game

My ceremony starts at 2:30pm and I will be at uni around 1:30pm I anticipate. How long does the gown thing take?

Hurricane's sounds good but I'm not sure if we can fit everyone in at such late notice. If you guys want in you better RSVP now. I am going to try and book by tomorrow. If I have +10 people going then I'm making the call, if not then aborting Hurricane's.

Ooooh graduation. What time's your graduation dude? I'll be at uni on Friday, have a careers workshop from 1-3, and am dropping dad off at airport at 12:30 just before hand.

I'm no go for Sat ODO, have church dinners of 8 from 6:30 probably till 9 ish. But I'm up for PC afterwards if you hold it on Saturday.

I'd like to give The Hurricanes in Bondi a try.

Gradding on Friday but got family dinner at night and on Saturday during the day. You guys wanna Op Dinner Out on Saturday night? Will start making MSN calls tonight because I know 99% of you won't reply here. The wiki is open all the same. If you can RSVP sooner than later I would strongly encourage so, so I can book places. Also taking suggestions for places.

I just got off the phone speaking to a telemarketer working for Energy Australia offering lower prices. The guy wasn't all cheery and "How are you this afternoon?" bs. He sounded fed up actually and was frank and to the point. In other words he didn't waste time which a lot of telemarketers happen to do nowadays.

We had a brief and efficient exchange and I wrote down what he had to offer. When I got off I thought - that went really well. That should be a model for a lot of call centres.

Searching through eatability for a suitable restaurant and I see these users with a history of only 1 review (for that restaurant I'm looking at) singing praises of the restaurant. And its funny how these people seem to know the chef by first name basis! Not suspicious!

Do contribute to eatability though guys.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Seeing as BA is down, I just want to mention that Aus-1 is back up again. But there is no one in it. How sad it has fallen so far from its glory days :'C

Just browsing some of the archives of the TV show, "What's good for you"
(located here)

On left overs:
"Although most bacteria can survive in the fridge, the cool temperature slows down their growth so, as a general rule, it's okay to keep food for up to three or four days, but definitely no longer than a week."

There's other interesting stuff...but I have dinner now

Call of Duty! \nn/

The game is over, I'm gonna kill you for real!

Well, to some Europeans and South AMericans soccer would be considered a religious experience, so u could play soccer Jono XD

I feel like going fishing...FiSH ON!

Down for Sunday 1pm soccer

Sorry am no go for soccer at either of those times; am going sailing with Jim/Joel etc Sat 1pm and have service sunday morning 9:30-11:30 (one-off, usually sunday evenings). Though I could join afterwards, maybe 12:30 or 1pm on Sunday