Monday, April 30, 2007

Soccer Saturday 1pm or Sunday 11am
Weather forecast is fine

Sorry Hash am no go for movie this week; Dad leaves on Friday so will be home each night

Due to the lack of interest for an IMAX session of Spiderman 3, it has been moved to a normal sesison at Town Hall Greater Union.

The current appropriate screening time looks to be 6:25. An 7:30 or 8:00 screening may be available as well.

Post interest in the Wiki

Gah, even I have to admit it - The Australian team is crazy good. No other team is as good as them.
Hell, the Australian State teams are *almost* at the national level of any other national team.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

He's a pro that's right.

Carries only when he needs to overwise he just eases back and uses the minimal amount of energy to get through.

He's a role model to all Australian kids.

Congratulations on coming 2nd though Lanka XD

Freakin' Gilchrist - He can just go die in a fire!

What kind of retard fails to hit anything significant for 12 matches and then goes and hits 149 off 104 balls. Just retarded ...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

On the topic of what jobs are in, investment banking

For the computing people, Thoughtworks is looking for graduates with a pretty cool text advertisement

Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't all speak up at once now...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annie's organising dinner this Saturday night boys, but shouldn't conflict with PC. Could complement it quite well actually.

Rhinedorf German Restaurant
485 King Georges Road
Beverly Hills, NSW

6pm Saturday night
Prob $20-30 each, usual funky dinner price.

RSVP by Friday (which means now) because annie's booking then


We always knew you could do it James. Or should I say Jim-Bob

Seeing as everyone is asking whats happening on Saturday night I'll tell you:

City Hunter Burwood BF2 extravaganza! Any objections? None? Good, see you there!

If no one has a place available (I don't want to put anyone out) for perhaps a poker night then gg @ burwood.

"I think there's a little redneck in James--he listens to American country music and likes Texas BBQ." -Colleague

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just installed the new drivers to enable the remote for Windows. Its pretty cool, but still plenty of room for improvement eg it won't browse in windows whereas it will in mac. It can adjust the master sound volume (up and down) and switch tracks back and forth (left and right) play/pause and alt-tab to itunes (menu button), quite primitive but still better than nothing.

It will be formidable once it can switch through powerpoints!

Spiderman 3 AT IMAX!

Thinking of going to the 8PM screening. If we book now we can go watch this multi-gazillion dollar blockbuster at a reasonable time for all.

Who is in?

eh?! Frances Street...??!?!?!? "I say...nooooooo"

Orson in Desperate Housewives is Paul atriedes in David Lynch's Dune ...

Saturday night BF2 lan and poker.


Francis Street, Lidcombe

Ahhh...Marc, you are going to hold a lan party at your place? Can you post details?

And sorry to burst your bubbles boys but F1's taking a 4 week there won't be any f1 action for another 3 weeks...freaking Bernie...I want a race every weekend! XD

Ad hominem arguements are by definition, non constructive.

Yi will elaborate.

John : It is very difficult to say something useful. Only 1 in 100 or so posts have usefulness (apart from event related matters). However, I like to call it constructive criticism.

Marc: Down for some non-F1 action. Is DJ Chewbacca playing?

Calling for tenders on Saturday night. Poker? BF2? F1? XD

Millenium juggernaut omnislash healing ward?

hash, do you ever aim to do anything with your posts other than to insult?

Wales was the creator of wikipedia

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hey Marc what's going on at yours this Saturday night?

And what time's it start?

Oh so every idiot that buys a Mac book Pro, ey?

Who is this Wales character?
Does he play dota?

Motion sensors come installed on MBPs to detect if the notebook is being dropped so the HDD can lockdown and secure data...even if the rest of the computer is done for.

"Mr Wales, in Adelaide yesterday at the start of a week-long Australian lecture tour, said Facebook was "actually useful" while MySpace was "horrible"." - Jimmy Wales. What a legend, it basically summarises my opinion. He basically says everything I said just a few days ago.

Orsome Marc! Now if only we could find some1 dumb enuf to buy a Mac with a motion sensor ...

What is happening tonite Kwong?
Can you make it tomorrow? Then poker lasts longer rite?

So bored and uninspired at work that I started reading about clocking speeds on my laptop when I found this. If you dare, go to youtube and search it up.

SWEET! The remote now works in Windows. All they need now is to enable the backlight and it will be equally pimpin' in windows!

Alexis, I might not be a hardcore gamer like you, nor will I ever be but all I can say is, I will remain a Sony fan, as long as Sony PS3 remains as the sole platform that plays GT5, and Tekken 6. However, Xbox360 does look enticing...with Gears of War, Forza 2 (pre-ordered already...even though I don't own a 360 yet...December plan), PGR3 (damn you for being the only bastards with the Enzo). Wii is a good "party" platform and will always, to me, remain as a kiddies/party/good for drunks platform. Nintendos are great for a laugh...especially when you see a bunch of drunks trying to play

James, is the bet still on?

PS: Then again, when you are drunk, everything is funny.

Quick James, save your precious Sony! Get them to release Star on the PS3 - it will save it XD

+1 token for Bluray victory

Bluray takes 70%, HD DVD 30%

While I think it's too early to say that the PS3 is 'dead', I do agree that Nindendo has completely out done the brain dead, zero imagination executives of Sony and Microsoft.

PS. HD DVD is going to die. Prepare for Gibbon. :D

Monday, April 23, 2007

James, in its entertainment division, as far as I know, hasn't Spiderman been Sony's primary asset for quite some time now. That and pirates 3 are going to be fighting it out for box office supremacy this year.

Marc a PS3 for GTA? You should be getting a 360 for it. The PS3 and 360 versions both come out at the same time in Australia. The 360 version however is getting exclusive content and later down the road side episodes are going to be available through X Box live (Sony's online service is shit).

The PS3 is dead. With its weak game library and an overblown price, the competition has obliterated it. And they can't afford to lower the price. Also the next installement of quality series whose predecessors were only for the PS2 or had limited exclusivity at one point are now being ported to the 360 from the PS3 or are going multiplatform (Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter to name a few). And what is worse, despite whatever multimedia features the PS3 has that makes it more than just a typical console, Sony forgets at the end of the day it's still a console. Blu Ray or no Blu Ray, its main function is for people to play games on it. There are even rumours that there is a 360 MGS4 version in the pipeline (quite likely) and SquareEnix will scrap FXIII and redesign it for a Wii release (the way the market is in Japan, could be possible).
Should give you an idea of how bad the PS3 is performing (and rightfully so)...

Not that anyone would care, but the DS is a phenomenon. It is selling faster than I Pod. It is probably the fastest selling piece of hardware ever.

Hey guys, 7pm for dinner at Burwood tomorrow night (24th) followed by dota/BF2 at CityHunter3. :)

The trailer didn't look that good at all?

MGS4 looked way better.

Is it me or is Sony banking everything on its friggin Spiderman franchise? The design of the PS3, the font, the music in the trailer of GTA4. Has Sony nothing else worth a damn?

GTA4 trailer has been out for some time. I just saw it and...zomg, I'm tempted to buy a PS3...

Watch it on the official site. The Youtube one sux.

Fool -- I never played aeon.

And if I didn't play star UMS, I sure as hell aint going to play war UMS.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just to reiterate :: LEaRN tO pLaY s0m3 DOTA!

'tis just like aeon strike - u will get used to it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I kindly request for some STAR action tonight for multi-play.

I will be on.

Thank you.

New photos are up on my web album - Purdue, Chicago, England (with weiming's birthday party photos) and Switzerland (actually those are 95% kwong's photos). Oh and some humorous engineering ones - '4 years at university'

Friday, April 20, 2007

Btw -
Graduation from 10:30 - 12:00 tomorrow.
Photo's from 12-2 tomorrow.
iStar from 5 - * tomrrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I wanted scorpion to win.

(coming from one who never watches this stuff)

As a fellow Korean I can only say one thing: boy that guy is fucked...... People like him ruin my kinsmen's reputation.

I'm talking about whites as opposed to eggs.


Hey, some asians do like their white chiks. Actually, Russian-chinese = white?? If they do, then I like my white chicks too. If not, well I don't like them then XP.

James, I think I should clarify my earlier comment. "Shit" referred to the graphics, NOT the gameplay. Eg, I am still playing TA and my first comment after changing the resolution to 1280 to Kwong was "Ah shit...I can't see anything! Where's my commander?!" I still like TA. Hence, I can safely say that I will still enjoy Sup Com AND C&C3 in 5 years time when some other RTS come out.

Actually James, you might wanna try C&C3. My cousin said it's VERY similar to Star with the build orders and whatnot. And yes, you have your aliens (Scrins i think). They even have a structure call "Photon Cannon" AND it shoots out lil blue spheres. When I saw that, I simply said "bunch of leeches...such blizzards-wannabes"

You can view the early versions of Starcraft, the ones that looked like Warcraft in space as the 7th century chess. And Brood Wars certainly is a legitimate finale.

The game is now perfectly self contained.

I was referring about next Saturday. And if you magicify that then I will magicify your face, like, uniteeeeeee.

According to wikipedia, western Chess has had versions since 7th century with its current form played as early as the renaissance. Perhaps its not Chess 2, but its certainly Chess 1.73.6001

I don't know what this Korean's life was like and I don't know what he was trying to achieve but in the end he is just another ho in the palm of the great pimp-daddy that we call media. It doesn't matter what his last words were or what his story was because the media will invariably add their own shades and paint their own picture. gg no re for him.

And what is this term "rails"??? I can take an educated guess at what it is, but I have never heard of it used before in the media. Why can't they just use a proper word like "deride", "denounce" or similar. I bet one media network decided to use [what I think is] a colloquial term and the rest of them just ran with it.

And the early reports that the white female that was killed was his girlfriend? Any young Asian male would immediately dismiss this or be extremely suspect at this reporting. Its already hard enough for a yellow guy to hook up with a white girl with James' so-called diminuitive complex. Given the guy's description by his classmates it would have been as likely as Chess 2 coming out.

There can be no Starcraft 2.

Do you see "Chess 2" coming out after a few hundred years?

Negative James!

Project Revolution will be complete and Starcraft 2 will be out by then (hopefully)

Marc: Sorry to say that this Sat arvo/nite has been Magicified XD

Exactly Eric.

But you missed the most important thing -- in five years, when games have a gazillion polygons and a million textures, STAR will be as loved, and revered, as ever.

Lol @ the Sparta cards. I've seen magic cards with anime characters there a prog for that?

Oh, I've been playing Emperor: Battle for Dune 2day, and I've come to realise how far technology, and games, have gone over the past few years. Back then, I had my trusty old Pentium II 266mhz with MMX and I thought, damn, the graphics in Emperor are insane. Units in 3d! Now, I look at 2 different games and think, shit, my Centrino Duo 1.66 lagged like shit with Sup Com and C&C3.

I wonder what will happen in 5 years time. I'll prolly think Sup Com and C&C3 are both shit, and some insane RTS will come out which requires 2gb of Vid RAM as min req...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Next week we will do something on Saturday night. You guys have to throw me a life ring and provide me an escape route/alibi.

Now make cards representing each person on the blog.

Queen of Sparta? I'd tap that! XD

edit : After some consulation with James, he wanted this

"I just witnessed an execution!" - My squad leader observing from below as he saw me knife an unsuspecting hostile sniper who had sighted him.

Make a card for me: Queen of Sparta


Some more retardation, since I was bored.

Hash Launches Sparta, bringing a distinct lack of madness to everyone :

NVIDIA Launches Geforce 8600 GTS and GT, bringing DX10 to the masses. Available now at $149-$229 USD.


I just joined facebook after a massive worldwide plug arising from yesterday's tragic circumstances.

I must admit, it is an awesome tool! Probably not for you NSBs but for the rest of us on this blog it is.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random news: Astronaut Neil Armstrong went through customs on his return from the moon, according to this badly scanend document..


Grace Hotel? It seems I've underestimated just how popular and profitable magic is...

As Benny mentioned, there is Magic to be had this week-end. I can sponsor 5 other ppl. If interested post up on the Blog or in the wikiBulletin.

When : 3.30 pm, Saturday 21st April (finishes around 8-9ish)
Where : The Grace Hotel, 77 York St, City

Events : Future Sight Sealed + Future Sight Two-Headed Giant Sealed.

LOL! Get internet explorer 7 from here:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Soccer's going to be at 11am on Saturday at Centennial Park so Hash, KJ, and I can go to magic.

Turn up late and play by yourself or at PC

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Read or Die, Porco Rosso are what I'd show to introduce newcomers to Anime.

Cowboy Bebop and Macross Zero are pretty damn good as well, FLCL is awesome but would confuse most people.

Feel free to join in for soccer next week.

Akira was great! Probably one of the first animes to ever air in the US. Saint Seiya is also good! I grew up with that, Dragonball and various other anime. Also grew up with the Japanese sentai stuff too (stuff like power rangers).

Thank you for coming to my graduation dinner. It was great seeing everyone there (almost...) Apologies for not being able to "tailor" the activities to everyone. Lan was good, but girls will not like it. Karaoke... not many in our group will EVER go...

However, next week, I want to plan a Soccer/LAN outing. Yes, soccer than PC. I won't be calling anyone individually since booking's not required. So spread the word, and just come along. I am assuming it's 1pm on Saturday till whenever.

EDIT: There are a few "godly" ones and have quite a fanbase in Japan. There are a few good gundam series. But Hash, how can u leave out Initial D?!?!?!?! DURIFTO and Gutter turns man!

One Piece (not the English dub. Actually, stay away from all English dubs...Eva is the only exception)
Fullmetal Panic
Akagi (learn mahjong! hash did it!)
Death Note (debatable I guess)
Naruto (before the fillers)
Devil May Cry (when it comes out at the end of this month or May...should be good)
Claymore (airing now)
Ghost in the Shell

The funky/funny but popular ones:

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Freaky ones:

Ghost Hunt

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My new coolest line of the day:

"A marriage based on mutual tolerance can not be tolerated."

I like the goodness and simplicity of Totoro.

Oh Alexis, you forgot Michael Bay in your list. XD

You saw Saint Seiya James? That is so awesome. I saw all one hundred and something episodes back in the early 90s. It was the most popular animated show in Peru and Spain during those days. It was one of the defining moments of my childhood. Sadly, it wasn't as popular in English speaking nations. In fact, I think only recently have they began to release English dubbed versions. However all the gory and gruesome fights and deaths have been omitted, which is where a big portion of its appeal came from.

Thanks for the list Hash. I have seen Full Metal Alchemist and Ah! My Goddess. While the former is gripping, has an intense plot and character growth and a story I can appreciate, the latter is just crap. That being said I regard Princess Mononoke as one of the best films ever. It combines love and hate, war and romance, nobility and deception in ways rarely seen in movies today. So for me to consider an anime just as good as Princess Mononoke it would also have to be one of the best films ever. I really doubt any of those from the list could be as good as Princess Mononoke. Along with Porco Rosso and Castle in the Sky, the three are a testament to Miyazaki's creativity and immense sense of artistic vision. He is a man to worship alongside Spielberg, Kurosawa and Scorsese.

Friday, April 13, 2007

How about Saint Seiya? I watched that when I was young. XD

Congrats on getting your academic degree Eric.

Now get a real degree by reading some Buffet!

Have fun at dinner guys
Congrats on graduation Eric

Down for soccer tomorrow.

Kenshin is godly (only up until end of Kyoto arc). That is all.

Watch more Anime before making such grand opinions!

Alexis, I now know how u feel each time I try and push XXX2 as something more than a prolonged fist-fight. I apologise. Here is a list of 'great' anime to help you catch up.

Full Metal Alchemist
Cowboy Bebop
Read or Die

Feel good
Full Metal Panic
Slam Dunk
One Piece
Ah! My Goddess
Hajime no Ippo
Hikaru no Go

Samurai Champloo
Excel Saga

Watch these, shouldn't take you too long if you are dedicated.
Eric can probably provide you with many more feel 'very' good titles.

American cartoons deal with Heroes. Heroes from strange backgrounds and weird causes.
It's either Heroes or absolute non-sensical retardation (read Nickolodean)

Too late. Read post too late and left the house in t-shirt, hoodie and Cons. That by all rights will grant me access to CFN.

I disagree James. South Park tackles many contemporaneous issues with depth and dignity. I mean, everyone finds naggers annoying...

Regarding Akira,

Yes, after watching it, along with Evangelion, it seems the Japanese are obsessed with death-rebirth-godcomplex themes. Contrast this with American cartoons, whose sophistication rarely rises above road runner. :D

I like my Eva. I like my LCL. I like my Sohyru Asuka Langley.

Microsoft posts insturctions on opening the Vista box after some users find it more difficult than installing Vista itsself.

Soccer Saturday 1pm Central Park

Spain kirill alex sean are already in

Porco Rosso is beautiful

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lolz, I honestly didn't know it's next to Greenbox. There are a few guys there, and all of them are interested in PC....problem is...the girls might give us the look and kick our nuts into the ground...that's not very Spartan...

I'll be at uni till at least around 12:30...the photos with family...and possibly buy my Macquarie prolly end up like 1:30 or something. Depending on how many ppl there are, we might just go to the ct and bum around for a while...until people get off work.

If you guys want, we can go for a few drinks after, so wear stuff that will get you inside pubs/clubs. Just in case.

Alexis, I think James was referring more to the plot-line.

Mononoke is definately my fav from Ghibli or whatever its called.

Hash speaks some truth. Compared to the recent crop of anime, the animation in Akira seems a bit dated and rough. But Akira was a landmark anime. It left a huge impression with Western audiences forever shifting the perception of what one could achieve in terms of storytelling and narrative. It blew me away when I first saw it around 10 years ago. It was brutal, it was hard, it was edgy.

That said, the greatest anime ever is Princess Mononke. Possibly among the greatest films of all time. That and Amadeus are the only films I wish I would have made.

OMG, u hadn't watched Akira yet James?

wow, that is suprising. Go watch more anime, then you will see it is fairly standard ... ish

Dear Eric,

I just watched a certain movie called Akira.

Now when I watched Evangelion I didn't say this, but -- WTF??!!!.

Interesting choice. I note that its right next to Greenbox so no prizes on what he plans to do afterwards...which is not very Spartan.

Ok boys, I have finally made a booking. It's a resturant called Diethnes. For all you Spartans, you'll feel right at home!

It's a resturant called Diethnes on Pitt Street. I have booked for 6:30pm for around 15-20 people.

here's the site

Have a browse through if you want.

LOL. No gunfire??
We need colour bunnies!

LOL BF2 and Top Gear merge

ROFL this one's for you James XD

More fun

Eric - what time's graduation dinner again (7? I could be making that up), and what are you doing between grad ceremony and dinner?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dragged through the mud and facing time for wanting to avoid a string of traffic offences??? lol pwnt.

I don't blame him for trying to cheat Infringement Bureau though, bunch of assholes.

No, F1 is NOT on on Fridays (well, it's on, but not televised plus it's Friday practice...we all know Ferrari will dominate...ok, Mclaren will do well also[3rd and 4th] =รพ)

Sorry, can't make it to your graduation in the morning Eric but I can come for celebrations later at night.

Eric: I hope that your dinner thing is somewhere in the city, cos I'll be driving going up to Newcastle on Friday, and should be back at uni by 5ish. If it is not, there is a chance that I will be late..

Jono: There exists a guy possibly as athletic as you.. on an awesome obstacle course..

Crap! Wait....10:30am means it finishes at...around 11:30 or 12 right?

Oh Sucks, I have a lunch thing at 1 at Newtown. Do you know what time the ceremony finishes? Actually Hash, if you'd like to take photos and things all suited up and gowned up, I can drop by like 9:30am before the ceremony? How's that sound? Can get some cool photos early morning too, somewhat fresh and crisp

Then I'll hang around afterwards until I need to go for lunch, then can join back with you guys in the afternoon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hash, i think i can make it to your grad. conincidentally, my friend's grad is at the same day (not sure about time).

Also, if you can't make it to dinner, please cross your name out (it's in the Wiki). On the contrary, please add your name to the list if you can make it. I'll post details 2morrow night. most prolly spanish food. Jap/Korean food is getting boring...we are always having those...

PM sends 300 troops to war


To interested parties

Hash's Graduation
When :: 10:30 am, 20th April 2007
Where :: Sir John Clancy Auditorium

Plans afterwards ... none so far

Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm not convinced it will have a good "feel".

Like a lot of laptop mouses out there, I have a feeling it will annoy the hell out of me. Those "cute" mini-mice have buttons that a stupidly difficult to press. Theres no confidence in grip.

Hash - check out your graduation status on myUNSW, it should have it.

MoGo Mouse

Now that is cool.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jono - I have no idea. I guess I should find out.

I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again: partitions are the most stupid, braindead idea ever.

Hash - what time is your graduation?

Needa know because may have a lunch thing on

I've already mentioned this before but I see it time and time again.

Partitions are theoretically a good idea. But in the hands of laymen, a really really bad idea. A computer at work is pretty screwed right now because the system drive was partitioned to a small space and everyone installed their shit on it instead of the designated program drive which is significantly larger and empty. My parents are having the same problems.

If you are a nub and really insist on creating partitions then do this first:

Regedit -> LOCAL_MACHINE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> ProgramDir (or something) and then change the preset install drive from C:\Program Files to your program partition. It causes a lot less headaches for you nubs.


linda and i are free and wouldn't mind doing something today.

give me a call if something develops.

I'll be on for star Sydney afternoon time.

Does ne1 want to do nething on Sunday (today i suppose) ?

I meant late night soccer at Central Park after dinner on Friday. Ahahahaha. Guess not. I haven't planned afters so that's still up in the air...please let me know by Sunday night guys.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

where at?
what time?
I might finish work late

I'm probably down for dinner Eric. What do you mean farewell?

Hey guys, it's looking a bit too wet for soccer, what do you say?

Don't think I can make it 2day to soccer. But I might be in the cti, so we'll see. I'll give you guys a call.

Meanwhile, can I please know who can make it to dinner on Friday (13th of April) for a lil dinner? I am organising, but not shouting. I'll shout when I get my first paycheck :p. It'll be in the ct, 7ish. We can do another James' farewell type thing, and go play soccer at night. Or we can go karaoke. I am thinking Jap food...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Confirmed - Saturday soccer 1pm at CENTRAL PARK (not centennial!)

See you all then!


down for soccer, central park's good - if it rains, we deflect to cfn.

I'm in. CFN contingency

Soccer tomorrow fellas?

say 1pm at Central park (not centennial)?

Hai guyth!

So, i'm flying to Syd on tue/wed next week; is there any foosball being organised for that weekend?

- Kirill

The important points that I gleaned from article were that you wished to give researchers 1% of the GDP.

I'm down for that - can I start collecting rite now?

"There is new work emerging even in the last few weeks that shows we can have a very close correlation between the temperatures of the Earth and supernova and solar radiation. What if global warming has nothing to do with human activity?

What happens if the astronomers are right, and the world is actually entering a cooling period?"

It was a question Stern was quite happy to answer during his visit to Sydney. "What if I'm wrong?" he posited in an interview with the Herald. "Well, suppose this science is a big hoax, and we believe it and we invest 1 per cent of GDP per annum. What are we going to get?

"We'll get a bunch of new technologies, some of which will turn out to be really super - say the price of solar energy really drops - this is the kind of thing we might get out of it.

"We'd get much less air pollution. You'll get cleaner fuels for developing countries, which will make cooking much safer. Air pollution in huts is the second most important cause of death in developing countries, after water shortages from lack of infrastructure.

"So you get a lot of collateral benefit. And you've spent 1 per cent of GDP for a while till you find out."

Then he turned the proposition around: "What if you take the much, much more likely hypothesis that the vast majority of the world's scientists are right. And you bet the other way. You say: 'I don't believe all this stuff, I'm going to wait and see.'

"What if that bet's wrong? You end up in a position that's extremely hard to extricate yourself. The flow of carbon emissions building up into the stock is like a ratcheting effect. You can't turn the clock back. The basic economics of risk point very strongly to action."


What the crap, so is soccer cancelled? I called Charlie just as I was about to leave the house and he said it was off, but there's no blog message or SMS or anything

So...what now?

Back to hermitage?

I just checked the blog now, 300 Tickets for the 10:30pm session yesterday were sold out after 4pm or so on Wednesday. I tried booking more around 9:30 Wednesday night, but they were sold out then.

Man, it was a good movie.. Made 4x as good on an 8 storey screen.. And Xerxes' voice was hilarious.. Where did Hash and Alexis see it at?

Soccer is doubtful today for me.. but I'll see..

Eric: Man, I've always wanted to go to Antartica...
Are we doing something this weekend?

Yes, we are going to Antarctica. You're driving.

I think usual place is centenial park

[EDIT :: Looks like its gonna rain, is soccer @ 1pm @ Centennial Park still on?]

I wonder if they have scampi in antarcica... :D

mmmMM... scampiiii

mmMMM wagyu....

mMMMM... tetsuya...

Thanks marc.

I'm assuming usual place is West Ryde mosquito central.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

tomorrow 1pm

usual place

I should break out of my hermitage and come this week :)

Is soccer happening on saturday or friday?
Who's going?

I know hey James, neither did I.

Have uploaded more photos of Africa volunteering and some of Zanzibar

Man, I've always wanted to go to Antartica...

Are we doing something this weekend?

I never knew antarctic sunsets are so etheral. Quite an amazing quality of light.

If I'm still up I'll join you guys if you do something afterwards

Wanna see some frigg'n amazing photos?

Lisa was our alpine officer when I was on the executive of the outdoors club. She's now doing PhD stuff in Antarctica.

Some favourites:

Yeah we booked, thanks for checking Hash. Not sure if Darren managed to secure a ticket for Benny yet. haha PG version of 300.

Question :: Did you guys book for the 10:30 screening, coz when I went to pick up tickets, the 10:30 screening was also sold out.

PG version of 300

For the interview question: did you once have instant noodles at my house at 2AM and dropped the egg shell outside the bin, the answer is, "NO".


Thanks Hash. Also my brother mentioned he'd probably also like to have a quick chat with you guys, to help prep for the chat/casual interview with Steve. I'm guessing it doesn't necessarily need to be in person, maybe on the phone or something, but we'll figure that out

Jono :: is the email address I check the most.

Hey Hash, Benny and friend: My brother just spoke with the fella, Stephen Dawson, who like runs the company (or similar). He wants to have a chat with you guys next week, * I think * individually. Can you guys give me your email address that you use frequently? My brother will email you a job description and to ask you for a time next week that you can meet up with Steve.

"The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster," Professor Sweller said. "It should be ditched."

Yeah Benny is interested in the 10:30pm session. If you can Darren - do you think you could please buy a ticket for him? Thanks!

Hash, Benny and friend: As for the Java jobs, my brother said he'll call his recruitment contact/friend tomorrow as he knows each of your situations now. Hash - just so you know, if selected, you'll need to go on a 1-month training course in the US, which is fully paid for and I think you might also get income as well. But my bro will ask about part time opportunties (he knows you're PhD at USYD). I'll get back to you guys when he finds out.

just got home from work
what session is 300?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sizes don't's how you use it!

If thats the case then you're in trouble XD

Why claymore when I can C4

Time for claymore!

You know what Student Central just told me?

After calling them up a million times over the past month to chase up the application with successive repeated but hollow guarantees that it would be done the woman on the other line bit the bullet and told me in a very round-about and contrived fashion that they lost my application and the photocopy of the passport and that I need to submit it again.

Eric - I think the best way to celebrate your graduation is by going to a Friday Night Magic tournament!

Lolz James, I like Apple ipods. Honest! It's just iTunes that pisses me off. Since I spend most of my time travelling in a car (with a cd player), there's no point for me to get one. I did say scampi buffet for you when you come back. You can count on that.

My graduation starts at 9 i think...but most of my uni friends are coming at 11:30 for photos. What we gonna do between 12:30 and dinner is ??? Probably all get change and go ice skating. Lol. Haven't done that for a while.

Who can make it to dinner in the ct? I am thinking...Jap food.

Marc, those telelens don't intimidate's too bulky and there's no need for that. Sizes don't's how you use it! XD

haha, indeed it is Marc!

Student Central are super lazy when it comes to emails and phone calls. If you really want them to deal with something, you will have to go there in person or send them a fax with a covering letter (to make it seem important).

Hash, when it comes to car insurance 26 is the magic number.

I hate student central with every fibre in my body. I ask them to do something a million times and they say they will get it done. When I call back a week later each time, there has been no progress. Something as simple as deleting my middle name. Its been about a month already. I hope I never have to deal with them again.

Eric - what time is ur graduation.

Marc - yeah, insurance covered everything, but it still cost $1100 ... and my premium goes up to a possible $2000 next year from $1200 this year =(

BTW my graduation will be on 20th. If ne1 can be bothered to trek to UNSW, it will be fun (no guarantees tho).

Your music collection it sto |33t for iTunes.

Come on, I delivered your mech! Be kind to AAPL for one day. :D

Eric, did the tele-lens and all that equipment intimidate you? Nah can't go to your graduation Eric. Its too far from where I live.

They are only scratch magnets if you don't look after them. Apple provides you with a pouch which is a lifesaver. Its just that no one chooses to use it.

Lucky insurance covered it coz isn't the aircon rather expensive?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh yeh. Forgot to mention this before, but I am graduating on the 13th of April. If you are free and live around Macquarie or are willing to come for photos, please come! If not, I am planning to have dinner in the ct that evening. Please tell me if you can come to one of those. I need to book for dinner...

Actually Picasa is beginning to annoy me. As Marc said it's a bit minimalist. I can't change the default viewing size of the photographs, nor middle-click to open in a new tab, nor view full size photos in the web album itself. bah. google really didn't devote much man/brain power to this one...

Grad photos are up now though

Kwong :: 10:30 pm is way way wayyyyyy too late.

Eric :: they said 17th April coz of the holidays and new parts etc.

James, thanks. My aunt said if you want and are free, you are invited to their thanksgiving dinner. (My aunt makes great gravy, and chicken that is "out of this world".) You can talk to her about recipes, and swap. She'd love that :).

Apple! Pffft, yes they make great mp3 players (they look good, they work well, lots of functions) HOWEVER, itunes SUCK!!! They are also scratch magnets, and screens die easily (which can be solved by treating them nicely).

Hash, the crash isn't that bad. I always say, as long as the chassis is fine, panels and whatnot can be replaced. 1 week tops will do it Hash.

Oh yeh Kwong, I was at the Canon Service center today. Saw some dude carry a huge shoulder bag and when he opened it, I saw two EOS 1D Mark II. AND, a super tele lens (along with filters and various other lenses. ) Think there's a 75-300, and probably some wideangles.

So what's happening with movie? And where?

Nice photos Jono! I can see Opportunity there in one of your photos! :P

Erm, what the crap, Hash? 5:30 session? I was told maybe the 10pm session at IMAX.

Yeah, *everything* is a PR stunt for Apple. Never mind that the consumer is getting 256kbps music without DRM. Never mind that album prices stay fixed at $9.95.

The SMH article is typical of the insipid, narrow minded, winge-at-everything because I can, "press".

The repair guy said the radiator grill and the air-con unit are being replaced. Apart from that, the rest of the damage is cosmetic (hood, headlights, headlight protectors, front).

Jono :: Well done! Break your camera and get a new one for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Long weekend will also be pretty bad.

If the radiator grill is okay then most of it is just cosmetic damage. At least it doesn't need major work right?

yeah marc, they're just kili and whitewater photos. it's taking a long time to filter through photos (we had 3 digital cameras in africa, bit of a nightmare, though 'fortunately' mine broke down halfway through Africa) especially while job searching at night and working 9-5 during the day. But more will go on soon enough

I've just noticed an annoying thing with picasa web - can't middle-mouse click each picture to open them in a new tab, which is what I always do when viewing heaps of pics e.g. your guys' flickrs etc. Suxuxuxux

But got camera back yesterday, fully free repair because of Minolta's recall (faulty CCD). Gosh they repaired everything!! My case has like no scratches on it, the LCD is more or less new compared to my old one, and the hand grip is fixed! I thought it was the wrong camera at first. Serial numbers, polarizer and lens cap are the same as my original camera though, so they must have replaced the whole body casing etc. awesomeness. And only took like 2 days to get it back to me (excluding weekend). Like a new camera!

Photos of car after crash

Well, since Darren is missing out on a lec to make it, Kwong has to drive from Richmond, John can't make it - the time is rescheduled to 5:30. I suggest you guys go on Friday like you originally planned.

In response to the DRM free music. I agree with the article.

It is a step in the right direction though. Most of us, except Hash, want to be good people and support industries and artists we like by purchasing their products. Removing DRM would appeal to this audience, which I believe comprises the majority of pirates, and move them away from piracy.

Lets just go to the 10:30 one.. And as long as Alexis and Kwong drive, we'll be fine to get home.

It seems several people had the same orsome idea we did and hence the 8pm screening of 300 is sold out =(

This is it folks.

DRM-free Music on iTunes

After this, there's no going back. Every studio will have no choice but to switch.

DIE DRM. DIE!!!!!!!!!!

I think this is a suitable time to just take a step back and look at how much Apple has done for music. Surely no computer company in the history of man has ever done so much.

First, the iPod -- the first digital music player that doesn't suck.

The 20GB iPod -- the first music player that carries your entire music collection; every CD you've ever owned, in your pocket.

The iTunes music store -- the first online music store to offer a full catalogue of music that isn't crippled beyond use.

And now, the DRM Free iTunes music store -- the first music store to offer a major label (and soon, all of them) without any digital rights management restrictions.

The collective might of Sony, Microsoft and every other Taiwanese MP3 OEM and record label did not even achieve a fraction of the above. It is time to give credit to Mr. Jobs and Apple. You guys rock! And since john and I are both actutely aware that they did not do this out of charity, but out of their own interest, we should also give a huge kudos to Mr. Smith's invisible hand. Go Adam!

Nice article James, good read.

"With the arrival of Windows Vista, you now see Dell recommending GPUs for all the new applications that are coming along. They never used to do this before."

Everyone disses Vista, including you, but you have to be thankful that they are bringing your company, and therefore you, so much more business XD

Surely you took more photos than that Jono...nice ones. Get the rest up.

On a side note I don't like picasaweb much. It's very rare for me to say something like this, but it's too...minimalist.

haha James.

Some Africa photos are up on my picasa site I set up Sunday night. Kilimanjaro and whitewater rafting. Will add more soon enough, including graduation etc.

I saw the comments you left at my Flickr page and I have one response for you. Do you know what you are "otherwise known as"? LUMPS OF ATOM!!! "Jonothan Lee" is just a fancy euphemism for "some carbon and water here and there" XD

Oh BTW, I've migrated to Smugmug due to Flickr's limits. All new photos will be going here in the future:

The package has been delivered.

An article that looks are the future and survivability of Nvidia

Fun zooming around..

If you want something with puerile jokes that even children wont laugh at, lame battle sequences, a story that goes nowhere inspired by stupid Saturday morning cartoons, then by all means watch TMNT. Hash I give you permission to download it.

All of yous should be trying to make it this Thursday.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh God that was horrible John. But true, this one is probably the most "intact" smashed up Ferrari. The guy definitely went too deep into the turn without braking. Ferrari should give each ferrari owner/driver driving lessons before they are allowed to get the car. Apparently Hong Kong has that...simply because people can't drive the car! (Mostly rich women who can't drive...)

I wanna watch TMNT too. I propose watching Transformers and The Simpsons when they come out too.

I will be at home this weekend. A roadtrip sounds nice but I prefer somewhere OTHER THAN the Entrance ('ve been to that place too many times). Otherwise, a repeat of last Saturday coupled with Poker will be great.

300 ON IMAX!!!!



Post days ppl are free, at this stage with no discussion it'l be soccer then poker somewhere

a video of the eddie griffin enzo crash. at least this one didn't split in half like all the other enzo wrecks.

let's see teenage mutant ninja turtles too!

Pfft, just the kind of compromises you would expect from non-Spartans!

Here is a Spartan solution to ur problems - we can watch the 12am Release on Wednesday ntie!

I've got a lecture on Thursday evening, and I also have to drive a car back from Newcastle to Uni. So, I propose watching 300 on Friday, and making an event of it. I'll look at times after this lecture is over.. Possible places for this are: Macquarie, Paramatta, or the City.

I know a few of you guys are planning to watch 300 this Thursday in the city, but how do you guys feel about watching the 9:30pm session at Parramatta?

Hash did mention him a while ago. Do a search for Lando or Bille Dee.

They all lookalike?! How dare you Eric! I'll give you free broadband. I will put it in a brown paper bag on your porch and set it alight.

I must have said this about 3 times in the past month or so already with no response. I will say again and one final time before I scrap it: Can I get a headcount for anyone who is interested in going away somewhere within the state over Easter weekend? Byron Bay and the Entrance have been proposed.

Why did nobody mention that Lando Calrissian is in C&C3? Or is this something that we should all have known..

Alright, I have narrowed down the source of the problems that I've been having with connecting to netgames.. Its my laptop. My router is actually fine, its my computer that is not working on certain port connections. Time for ethereal.. or possibly a format.

Sorry ppls, my mistake. The jack nicolson dude i was talking about is the starship troopers guy. Michael something...damn they look alike!

Lol at TiSP. "If you're still experiencing problems, drop eight mints into the bowl and add a two-liter bottle of diet soda" from the FAQ part. I am really interested! Alright! Free stuff!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hey I'm checking out the cast for C&C3. Pretty decent for a game but I wouldn't really buy a game for the famous actors attached...

I think you and Hash left out the most important person: Former Miss USA 2002

To kick start the month, Google have released free broadband!