Friday, January 31, 2003

an economy's healthyness is measured by its gross domestic product, hence the grossness of this blog.

excrept from a certain manual ::


'innocent' - An American citizen with no ill intent towards the government of the USA or to peopl associated, thereof.

'just cause' - American C.I.C policy

'just means' - efficient killing, i.e lowest friendly casualities to enemy casualites - i.e weapons of mass destruction

Because bonobos are 'gross' in nature

Thursday, January 30, 2003

how come every time i read the blog, the only thing that comes to mind is.. " Gross.. how totally gross"

Butters said it all
I have yet to come across anyone who does not find pleasure in excretion, especially when you 'really need to go'.
Of course that excludes those who's constipated or having a diarrhoea.
They are mutually exclusive right?

John you're citing without giving a reference. That's about two marks off your law essay.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

"A future lived at the mercy of terrible threats is no peace at all. If war is forced upon us, we will fight in a just cause and by just means sparing, in every way we can, the innocent. And if war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force and might of the United States military and we will prevail."

Fluid exchange? That just involves making cocktails and sharing right?

Hey, excretion can be extreme soothing at times ^~

i find your posts deeply disturbing charlie.
'fluid exchange' when we're talking about bonding, and now 'excrete' is a pleasure.

good to see that this blog is alive and kicking again.

well it's kinda late now, not that we have many people who are definitely coming.

bennie just how did you survive those early morning trips across bankstown home?

i find some of the fundamental needs in life can become pleasures - ie eat, sleep, excrete, even breathing
how often does one breath deeply?

has anyone been inside that little room next to the fan opposite the counter at CFN? they might have free massaging service.

according to the macquarie dictionary, plump = chubby = fat
but my head's not big, just festively large

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

of course you haven't got it. you can't download it off the net for free.

No Kwong it isn't
coz I haven't got it,

but my fingers aren't fat, just festively plump

Is it a mouse for fat people and their fat hands?

U guys actually used the CFN shower before?!

Aw well, I guess you guys deserve it, seeing as you alone pay the rent for them.

How was Tasmania btw?

lol its the logitech dual optical thingy.

hahaha john. What mouse is it?


John, indeed, life's small pleasures are wonderful however i do not think that a computer mouse qualifies as one of them.

god i love my new mouse.
i'm finding excuses to move it around just because it feels so nice.

That's great to hear Benny. =]

I'm happy that you finally have a non-CFN shower. :)

Before the photo exhibition?

I don't mind, what does Charlie say?

woohoo Kwong's back. What about my mum?

obviously he can't be out that late, and he wants to watch the movie.

Monday, January 27, 2003

what seems to be the problem hash?

Lei lo mo.



PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I'm Home.]

via Comsat

Benny you've been MIA for days.
You feed yourself nothing but beer and PC.
Where do you get access to a PC to post on the blog?

You haven't been home and you are out of contact.
Your cell is depleted of electrons so we cannot call you.




This is Jono at James' house, requesting search party 101 at STC East of North 270 degrees at Bankstown.
I need a perimeter search of radii 30 - 50 kilometres. Give me roadblocks at all major arteries and check all drug parks.

Roger roger, over and out.
Hope to hear from you Benny, contact us via Transmat

Sunday, January 26, 2003

good work bennie, just grab a beer

Alright this is the official notice:

Thursday we are going to see a photography exhibition at the Customs House
Showing ACMP collection 8
31 Alfred Street Circular Quay
It finishes at 5pm so i'm thinking we'll probably need about an hour
We are meeting at 3.30pm on Thursday at Circular Quay station
After that, we will go see analyse that
see you there
late comers will be DESERTED!!!!!!!!!

Eep, what happened to you?

You didn't even come on Friday!

I'm still not home yet...
And I still haven't had any sleep yet...
But I did grab a beer...
Cascade Light and Hahn Light (Both "Premium") suck.
Tooheys Red Bitter is good.
And no sleep is bad...
Tennis is good.
And Analyze that will probably "okay" when one has not watched analyse this.

LOL Unregistered
Analyze that sounds good, this thursday.

Charlie how long would the photographic expedition take? Approximately?


hash that's merely superficial bonding that could be achieved through icq or even this blog

the bonding i meant refer to physical contact, intertwining psychologically, and if possible, fluid exchange =)

I am up for Analyse Those on Thursday night

when you're faced with difficulty, aggression, problem..bla..bla..bla
just grab a beer

the f word.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

I am down for Analyse That on Thursday afternoon/night.

the point of people getting together is to watch the movie ...
and bonding and chatting comes from talking about how good/crap the movie was

I am down for Analyze that
anyone else care to turn up?

Butters truth is always harsh.

My bro's mirage? Nothing much, it's just unregistered

When you 'organise', make sure you do more than just coming up with a place and time to meet for the movie.
100% of the time, people wonder off to do different things
And considering that the amount of bonding/chatting is limited to almost absolute zero during a movie,
What's the point of getting people together?

Friday, January 24, 2003

Yeah I"m sure we can organise something for the end of next week.
Kwong will be back too, which is good.

I'm sure a lot of people are down for either analyze that, or catch me if you can :)

I'm in Dick Smith right now, they have FREE broadband

ok can we get anither movie or something organised, coz I'm totally bored of being at home now.

make it like Wed,Thurs or Fri next week

anyone down for anything then???

Thursday, January 23, 2003

What happened to Charlie's mirage?

Butters don't sob, all decisions are made by you and all consequences are derived from those decisions.

And by consequences I mean a substitution for POOL, LOITERING and TIREDNESS for BATTLEFIELD and STAR!

We had some mad games of battlefield.
Flying those corsairs and Japanese Zeroes are absolute bliss.
It's an art.

An art worth your learning.

BBQ tomorrow w00t!

I'm so down for tennis benny.
do you play?

oh of course you do. I never need doubt Benny's ability in any field of any subject or any topic matter.
Pretenderness is the ultimate in flexibility.

Aw man, I'd battlefield it if I wasn't so damn tired ;_;


Hmm, perhaps you should turn your attention to Charlie's Mirage before John's car...


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

fine fine, go watch 'BiCraprio' as Lumoi put it

neway doesn't look like I'll be there, coz I got work at 5 and it'll be at least 2 b4 people will be ready to watch any movie
and John, FIX UR CAR PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

CTO requires fresh blood, or renewal of old blood.
Send out a message to everyone :: "CTO needs you, with Kerrigan in a top hat pointing at everyone"

it's funny cause it's true right? ^^

LOL all too true


what's the use, if CTO is dieing?

don't worry, knowing us it'll pick up heaps in uni time; during exam time it will peak.

Is it me, or is CTO getting vacant now.

Very be that harsh Charlie.

YEEEEESS.We finally have a medic to heal us.

So minority report

Irene's starring? haha. Join the crowd.

Bennie how could your life be destroyed when you don't have one to start with?

lol@ john who still remembers starcraft cheat codes

dude, Catch me if you can is a really good movie
I just saw it with my bro knowing nothing about it and the characters suited their parts pretty well I think.
it's a different type of movie.

It's good! =]

meanwhile, I'm down for Die Another Day this thursday while those guys watch 8 mile

I am watching Leonardo BiCraprio's movie with my Alex today. Should be good :)

oh yea. for anybody who cares:

Lumoi will be a UNSW-ette come March. be nice to me, and don't make fun of me as I stumble around in the gutter infront of the Round House *L*.
Will be going there on Thursday night for concert. :)

black sheep wall?

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Man, Black Feet Man.

Gauss Martini, Stimmed, not Stired.

stupid hash

Anyway, when is Gavin's 8 - mile / Benny's Leo Gay Caprio happening?

or maybe is was the Test of the Emerald Champion and he failed to measure up?

who knows??

for all I know, it could be Suspicions of his Pretendership

Then he entered the same Batlle as Moto Kadu-kai and got popped

I Think Doji Nagori had enough of him and increased his honour loss by a Kaboolian, that's how Benny got destroyed

why destroyed benny?

point of n0 return.

I play games sometimes. but not religiously. just enough to keep up with my alex's frame of mind from time to time.

My life is destroyed.

too late.

she's a man.


*runs through the parched wheat fields...jumping occasionally to avoid rocks*
u will NOT be one of THEM!

I declare that the following transcript is accurate and correct as stated by the times displayed as of January 21st, 2003, Earth:

chillih (6:14 PM) :
so how come ur not playing star?
chillih (6:14 PM) :
IONize (6:14 PM) :
i'm chatting atm
don't feel like it atm
IONize (6:14 PM) :
and also there's no one one
IONize (6:14 PM) :
IONize (6:14 PM) :
no starrers on
chillih (6:15 PM) :
i wanna play =)
IONize (6:15 PM) :
IONize (6:16 PM) :
I'm posting that
chillih (6:16 PM) :
=p waht?
IONize (6:19 PM) :
u want to play star?
chillih (6:19 PM) :
yeah i do wanna play star
chillih (6:19 PM) :
lets go some time

News headlines
A Female Starrer

james is calling now

Little guy?

I'm bigger than you think!

... yeah...


If only the generosity would extend to parking/speeding/no registration/ no plates/ no seat belts/ drinking/red light fines

Monday, January 20, 2003

you rock Jono...
Another victory for the little guy... ^^
Burwood, Ashfield they're all the same ^^

why thankyou benny

ooh remember when I was fined $100 by Cityrail for "travel beyond distance paid for" ?
Charlie and Yi should remember from first hand experience ^^

well, after several months through parliament the "infringement was withdrawn"


Welcome Back Jono.
I await you in CTO.

Home Sweet Home

The pool sucks
Beach > pool.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

i like to assume the foetal position.

why do people automatically assume there's going to be a bbq?
i've been asked that twice now.
assumptions are bad.
i'm not organizing.

Lumoi the party was nice but we didn't exactly become 'friends'

Hash this might be too late but i still need to clarify things
it's not a BBQ thing. It's lunch at lidcombe (no decent food sold in the vicinity of the olympic park) and soccer at the park then movie

johno i will keep that in mind
prostitute or not, they are destined to be my photographic subject. Though i'm still pondering on the angle of the shot.......

well there was a spy 'game' happening there, when some US spy plane crashed into some Chinese jet about a year ago

My UMS marine micro training map scenario:

Saturday, January 18, 2003

i love that song,
but i swear the Carpenters have done it, John Denver, Nsynch, Jewel, Fiona Apple, Lisa Loeb, Cat Stevens....they've all done a cover :p

it isn't Hainan Island! it's PENGU ISLANDS!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here, outside your door..........
......'cause I'm leavin on a jet plane...

And Benny is going for OSDO: Operation Sabotage Dinner Out

Jono: I'm up for webcam. Is your name Vanessa and are you in college too?

*Slaps Jono*

LOL you idiot! I'm wearing a WWF [WWE its now called] Smackdown cap. Call me now...

its not "the full moon", jono it's "in the light of the full moon"

looks like the CEO didn't say it was a mistake, Kwong ur no longer 'with it'

Jono isn't going to Hainan island for holiday, he's going for ODO. Operation Dinner Out.

hainan island? isn't that the one in spy game?

ahahaha butters, yes hash can carpool with me
I'm up for webcam. Is your name Vanessa and are you in college too?

Lumoi, who's Jack All? Does he live here too?

Charlie! Hainan island!
Go to Moonbay Golf Club Driving range.
No one plays there, but for some reason they have like 12 cute girls lined up just watching you play....hmm strange...
no they're not prostitutes, because the golf club is in the middle of nowhere.

lol@Hash, the transition is seamless
is it always a full moon then?
well the moon never's always full.

n0000 kwong got Barred, just like me from USyd
The damn system never works, does it Kwong?

Friday, January 17, 2003

I am disappointed that my CEO decided to exclude me from his list. Gary Tarolli is not wanted eh? =)

Lumoi :: I am a new breed of Vampire shapeshifter known as a were-hash

in the light of the fullmoon I transform into hash, the transistion is seemless

Darren said he wsa in SA - South Autralia or South Africa - very ambiguous

ok something happened to my post's
Marc, what did u do?

Jono :: I deposited 705 dollars into the account as u requested, if its a different J.C Lee then i'm in a dropship full of of trouble

Charlie, if the bbq is at Olympic park then why can't we just meet up there ???
Benny, if u come this sunday, I'll give u the Gempukku program + ur Hellsing

Marc :: If u want cheap 650MB CD's i got them at GB. They are around $22 for 50, 16x max burn. EMtec brand - generally 2 - 3 in 50 die


darren got barred at the airport, so instead of south africa's he's gone to adelaide.

marc, @ my place?? yea yea??

Charlie!! come to my place!! plz plz plz? then i can actually MEET you and be FRIENDS with you (under your definition) yea?

why the heck is darren in adelaide. Did someone not mention that he's going to south africa? I was looking for him at the international departures on tuesday morning!

i'm up for the movie on wednesday, that's wed 22nd right?

i'm sure lumoi wouldn't mind uninvited intruders turning up at her house at midnight

hainan? i might be going there too when i go back to china

YAY! I got the webcam feature on my DigiCam working! Lets all meet up at someone's house then we can webcam it to Jono in HK. That'll be fun! Whos up for it?

Thursday, January 16, 2003

yes the joni mitchell version is a lot better.
lol carlton does the 'ba ba ba ba...' bits.

John, i like the original version better...
and what's with featuribng vanessa carlton? she does JACK ALL.
i don't like her.

Hash said he couldn't go and Darren is in Adelaide atm, so it maybe a little difficult for him to get there. He can carpool it with Jono.

don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you've got till its gone
they paved paradise put up a parking lot
choo ba ba ba ba

ahhhhhhhhh kewl.
I can make it to the party ^^
late... but stil lthere ^^
no car though..
so I should be there at...
say midnight....

aw how homosexual.

anyway, should be a good night. will crank out the miniDV and get incriminating footage *evil grin*

no that's a negative.
I don't know if I'll be able to make it.

So far we have affirmative from
- Me
- John
- Marc
- Benny

Char, Hash, Yi and Darren

Just perfect.
It looks like I'm in even more strife..
I might not be able to make it at all...


yeah, 7:30 onwards
BYO, crash @ my place welcome.
10~20min walkm (depending on pace) from chatswood station
invite only
come. you know you want to.

5 west pde chatswood.

now i can my bad

why can't i see any of the posts?

they didn't make a movie for him. he made a movie for himself.
of course you're invited.

Whats so fascinating about Eminem that they had to make a movie for him?

I'm down if others are down...thats if I'm invited ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

gavin is having a movie thingy this wednesday. he wants to watch 8 mile.
time and place are undecided. he wants a lot of people to come. that's why i'm posting it here.

hey jono, can you bring me back some african masks, fruit flies in matchboxes and other animal products?

So just curious.. who is down for Lumoi's place this friday?

activity on this blog seems to be booming again, after the dip in the last couple of months.

lol yeap John, we've just barred 1.1 billion people from bloggering.
and yes I like the yellow truck for Jordan too.

Hash: yeah that'd be cool, tell me after you've transferred so I know you've transferred.
I can't test your super advanced hi tech nano-like Grandmars ATi Radeon 9700 128MB super beefy graphics card ON MY 266!!!
But it should be fine. it comes in a fancy box n everything. ^^

Butters: LOL, cse aphrodisiac. YES MANY GET TIC TACS IN HONG KONG. What's with this "I'll ask Jono to buy all this shit that I can get in australia" trend? DAMN IT! ok I'll look around.

Oh, I'm down for an $8 haircut on george street! I'll need one sometime after I come back.

lol@charlie. that's ok, get some fat rice grains and eat them.

My final words before I go on a 2 day cruise to Hainan Island:
I'll be going on a 2 day cruise to Hainan Island.

Have fun at the party on Friday!

Just give them a phone number, it doesn't have to be yours...

Sure, its 1900 ..

I'm down for a George St $8 haircut right now.

There is no better aphrodisiac than the savour from mating bonobos

A simple way to dismiss unwanting conversation:

you: can i help you?
they: yes in fact you can....blablabla...
you:no i can't do that/be there/ give you.../help you....
anything else?
they: actually.....can i.....
you (before they finish getting their point across): i have to go, good bye.

TIC TAC!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS IT! (panting while rummaging through the rubbish bin looking for tictac-like figure to devour)

what? you get turned on by your lecturers?

there's no aphrodisiac like abstinence...

Hey thats awesome! A national firewall to block sites. That'll be rather convenient.

Theres no aphrodisiac like lecturing...

Right Jono? ;)

Oh yeah, while you are at HK, I do have something I want you to get. I want you to get a whole STACK of mixed fruit Tic Tacs!!

are you a sang or a psi vamp? i think i've twoofed.

Lumoi : yes, I am Wampyri, a greater vampire, if u wanna read about it, there exists some particularly twisted books by Brian Lumley.
Read and enjoy at ur own risk, if u have any brothers/sisters under the age of 16 then keep well away unless they u really want to ruin there life

Jono. is there any way u can test the radeon to see if it works, in he mean time i'll transfer the money to ur account sometime today

i hate to say it, but jordan's EJ13 looks absolutely beautiful.
and no its not just the colour affecting my judgement.

look what you guys did. now 1.1 billion people can't enjoy


well well well

its not paranoia. there is no spoon.

Oh I'm sorry, does Busu's gun scare you?

for some reason that reminds me of phil collins.
There's noooooooooo aphrodesiac, like loneliness.....

btw: has anybody been a blood donor before?

he said his name was john...started to worry if alex sent you on a mission to see if i would cheat on him or something.
meh, my heart was racing and i was scared and i dunno...yeah panicky thoughts...

very give me a card that doesn't exist. bloody hell.
and shrinks in the North Shore suck. I need to go to Chicago and have Dr Phil counsel me with his sleepy southern accent mmkay?

anyway, i'd stop being paranoid when everyone stops trying to kill me dammit!!

sif you wouldn't use the website, I always use the website, and therefore, like john, everyone else should use the website.

It's in the american consititution somewhere.

aha kwong, it's a good phone, just enjoy it (now that I've paid for it) and don't flash it around Redfern ^^.

HAhahAhA you want to be a phone lumoi?

Here's a shrink I know.....
actually, no I don't.

and what do u know, paranoia is a form of schizophrenia, so I really recommend that you see this shrink that I don't know. Here, take this business card that I don't have.

"This is a drill this is a drill"


Kandihar Bazaar. Aduniya.
Kandahar doesn't have skinnies

and very assume just any 'azn' guy will be me.

lol no lumoi, that wasn't me. as if i would tail someone and intimidate him/her like that.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

duh my bad. i only use the board from as a direct post/edit format, hence i wouldn't know if there was something wrong with the actual site. :p

what page?

Arg! What happened to the page?!

yeh if ya want :)

oh and no, it's the first time it's happened to me and it was really scary cuz he kept on askig if he could have my celly# or email addy at least i'm like desperately trying to be polite while get rid of him :( it was quite unnerving.. made me all paranoid

Seems like Lumoi's quite the popular girl... ^^
Oh... so does that mean I can pop in at like 1 am?
ehheh ^^;;;

erm...this may seem strange...did you approach me today? around artarmon? cuz i was followed by an azn guy called John. hm

just crash.
like most people who dont have transport will be doing so. oh, and there is plenty (i repeat plenty) of places to park around my house so ya. drink and don't drive. sober up and get out of my f*n house :)

lol Lumoi..
Just a question...
Are people going to end up up staying over at your place?
Or will they be leaving at the wee hours of the morning?

ermm why is the EAM coming from a radar?

A conversation I had with Yi:
go get Kazaa Lite and download it yourself since now, you have MORE than me in download capacity!!!
ames: I am not touching Kazzaa with a 89 foot missle tower. It sounds like "Kandihar Bazzar"
search for
Kazaa Lite
it's safe.
ames: I don't care, I don't even know about the security issues. It just sounds like a frigg'in middle easturn gathering in the middle of the Tora Bora caves. I am going to do maths.

Con Sonar! We have topedo in the water bearing zero two five, closing in nINER! Recommend alert one, recommend alert one.

- Alert one Alert one.

Con Radar, we have incoming Emergency action messege, repeat we have incoming EAM. *ZIMMER*

general quarters general quarters all hands man your battle stations all hands man your battle stations this is a drill this is a drill.

options are always good
but when it comes to choices....

lol well it is hard to see how my posts contribute anything to this 'Der Wasserfall'.

omg the sony ericsson is sooooo sexified. it is so beautiful.
*lumoi wants to be a fone...and be streamlined, classy, illuminated, intelligent and beautiful (not to mention expensive) lol*

John, yes you are indeed an indispensible part of this blog. damn, i thought 'post+publish = contributor..'

there will be food there, people (including yours truly), non-alcoholic beverages, music (please bring CDs/MDs if you would like your stuff heard) and for the socially challenged...a cable modem (attached to shit piece of crap computer), Starcraft, PS2, erm...oh and sony products for wang to admire.

...(basically what she's trying to say is come please come~!)

Yes and I hafta pay 440 bucks for it.
Well Jono, u have until the 27th to admire/use it.

KWONG you are going to LOVE your phone.

Well I do. ^^

Sony Ericsson is brilliant.

The physical shape is absolutely chic, full sexy colour with MMS and GPRS (I think) and a mad lil joystick!
Keypad lights up in sleepy night-blue when in use. But man the white background just looks too sexy.
It's streamlined "Arctic Blue" and the screensaver mode shows the time in big fat numbers. ^^
And at literally the touch of a button, it shows that, with me playing on it as of January 6, 2000, you currently have 106 hours of standby time remaining, or 3hr 47 mins of talk time.

And Hash, I bought your stuff, $1100 for the P4 1.8A GHz and $2000 for a Grandmars ATi Radeon 9700 128MB DDR w/ Tv-out and some other shit in a huge box that's purely for space wastage and marketing purposes.

So all up those 3 things costed *exactly* $HK 5000.00 altogether.
at 4.4, that means:
Kwong owes me about $440
Hash owes me about $705


well you'ree lucky Hash....
me... I have to decide whether to be a good little exec or go to Lumoi's.....
you get no choice at all ^^
so that means it a little more easier for you to chose ^^
and yes, yes you are John...

am i a 'contributor' to the blog?

Hash, are you a vampyre?

Monday, January 13, 2003

Man this really suz,

Lumoi, I'm sorry to say that even after all ur suport my stoopid parents hace said I can't come.

and Benny as much as i would like to go, I can't.

I think I may retire to a monestary soon, they can give me food/shelter/medicine and seema hell of a lot less restrictive than my curent Household

great way to be remembered.

Here's something interesting I found. It'll preserve Scott's good name forever in all our memories, or at least whenever nature calls...


you gotta fight for your right to party.

it looks like I might not be able to make it Lumoi...
And for the roadtrip I'm a maybe as well...
And I have a massive headache...
and Hash there's a marathon of Witch Hunter Robin on the Saturday after Lumoi's party.

How sweet of Lumoi to make Hash feel loved. =)
kekeke ^^

so? i do it all the time :)

you do technically know me under my definitions (friend of a friend.)
so you have the responsibility of being a good friend and gracing us with your presence (with a 6 pack)

Hash you know just how much i love you.. You can come, I really want you to.

but lumoi, i haven't met you and i don't define myself as knowing you because knowing someone at least requrires knowledge of their name and appearance
so this is like turning up to a stranger's house with 6 pack VB stubbies.

people die everyday
it could be me or you tomorrow
so say good bye while you have the chance
by all means seek what you want
but don't take for granted what you already have

Well I guess it's one of the best ways to pass, dieing without knowing it.

Butters look what u did.


very 17th, 3 days before I come back. b000.
gogogo Hash

Sunday, January 12, 2003

hmmmm...butters has jinxed the bee gees!!
oh well, just keep "staying alive" on Repeat/

Quite scary that he fell ill right after I bought Saturday Night Fever OST :(

of course. :)

Does that include me?

as of recent times 'Everybody' seems to have me excluded, eg ::

"That's it, everyone against hash"

"Shut up Hash, everyone agrees"

Lumoi is having a party on the 17th (friday)
those who are contributors to the blog are invited.
BYO alcohol as there will only be BEER served lol j/k

turn up at any time after 7:30pm

5 West Parade (cnr Hillside st, cnr Dulwich road)

I'm a crap starrer and I make no bones about it. I'm too lazy to improve.

It is a black day for the world. Retro has been rocked to the foundations


I am going mid-march/early march.
i may not be able to carry all the fruits of my expedition back home in hand luggage so i may have to spend a couple of hundred shipping it back dammit. yes for clothes, non-perishables, non urgently required things have to come to AU by cheap(er) sea mail or something.

damn i'm gonna get FAT in japan. relos gonna fatten me up. good food in japan * drool*

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Feel proud.

The only reason you didn't get all those wards Kwong is because u can't even be counted as a star player

I've managed to win at least half my games now, even though i do suck and all
last game, i built the least, spent the least,killed the most and missed the highest score by 400

this was against Marc and Jono though, so i don't know if that counts

Then in that case better put me on undecided list.

When are you going to Japan. Alex and I and you should meet some time soon..


Kwong! very say yes you'll come then say "wait, gotta check with parents first".
It will probably be from around 26th Feb - 2nd March.

"Most pathetic starrer"... I like the sound of that.
Road trip depending on the dates allocated. Also need parents' ok first.
Ooh I need blank MDs, but right now I've got a problem to ask the computer nerds here:
When I record from my computer, using that gh3y analog cable, to MD it record it as MONO. ie, even tho its selected as STEREO on my MD it plays from one earphone only. But when I select MONO on my MD it records it as stereo.
I figured it must be due to my soundcard being wrongly configured?

the most mono-strategic player has started to produce lurkers -> possibility of becoming the second generation zerg commander

hash you were 'nominated' for 4 Academy awards:

Most non-improving starrer
Most regressive starrer
Least supportive starrer
Most pathetic starrer

you won all
and non-improving simply means you're not improving. It does not negate the possibility of de-provement

john go see 'The Man Who Sued God'

ATTN: Mr Wang
RE: Christmas Presents

So you're not festive eh? well i have your present. and you better claim it. before i give it to charity or something >:(
erm, regarding my trip to japan, is there anything you'd like me to buy over there? i can get NTSC/PAL whatever and voltage to suit f*n bogan country here. you want MDs?? i dunno, i already have about 50 blank ones that i'm not needing at the moment, but i need to make a shopping list :p

ciao for now.

Friday, January 10, 2003

so we have James Charlie Kwong Yi Benny Me Irene as definites, I think?
so far.
with lucy, lynn, marc as maybes

i am down for road trip =)

haha Hash, very meticulous

sif gravity has speed.
what two circles around jupiter.
insubstantiated evidence
do your stuff john

ahaha John's going to be an adult adult soon!
as james says, where did my child hood days go

lost another 1v1.

this will be the last teenage year for me.
i don't feel any different.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

"Most stagnant and non-improving player: Harshana Randeni" - with spelling corrections

You've got it all wrong,

to be "stagnant" you must remain at ur current skill level, show little to no improvement and in all essence do not change!

What I have done is far more glorious than that,
I have de-proved my star skillz at the smae rate that everyone has improved them,
I have built less units than ever before
I have perfected the art of being a liability
I have decreased the number of workers built
I have even increased the time it takes for me to tech

That is not stagnation, that is a clear case of "loss of any ability" (however little it was)

Yes LOL John! The end of Earth and you think of sueing. =)

LOL James, good to see you keeping up with latest theories and such.
Speed of Gravity Measured for First Time

"Though fast, light takes time to travel. If the Sun suddenly disappeared, it would take about 8.3 minutes before daylight on Earth would evaporate. With the Sun gone, gravity would cease to keep Earth in a circular orbit, and it would fly away.

If gravity works instantly, Earth would fly away the moment the Sun disappeared. If gravity works at light speed, Earth's course would not change until 8.3 minutes later."


lol john
trully lateral, or lawyeral, thinking

Your warranty BS - yes and no
There is a warranty for the phone, it's all boxed and new and comes with manuals and rechargers etc, but the warranty is not from ericsson, it's from the shop, and it's a small shop in Tsuen Wan shopping centre.
so u wouldn't take it to ericsson to fix if it breaks down, u would take it to the shop.

who do i sue first?
nasa for failing to warn us, or god for making the sun disappear and us dependant on it?

It would fly off at a tangent before orbiting Jupiter and everyone would be screaming, "Who turned the lights off?"

And then Yi would jump in and answer the questions for everyone by googling it.

Self Score: 0.5/10 for no mention of time frames

Oh I more Emmy from me:

Most mono-strategic starrer: Gavin

Okay Smarties who thinks they know their theoretical physics, here's a question for ya:

Describe in detail what would happen to the earth if the sun were to suddenly disappear.
Make special note of the time between 1->8Minutes, at around 8 minutes, and after 8 minutes.

Arnt Hash, Adrian or Darren nominated? You should make everybody feel special.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Most Overrated Starrer: Pretender

lol hash is stagnant? He beat spain in a 1v1 with zealots and reavers.

Best supporting starrer: ionize

Most offensive starrer: pretender

Most persistent starrer: 3dfx-ceo

Most versatile starrer: tucoti

Most inconsistent starrer: mobilenet

Future of
Zerg command: (This spot is up for grabs)

LOL Starcraft emmys

Kwong, there's no swearing there......
where is it?

"Most stagnent and non-improving player: Hashana Rendini "... LMFAO
But I believe that I should have that honor.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

While they have their Emmy's and Oscars, we have our
annual Starcraft Awards! I don't claim to be the executive council,
but here's what I think in my opinion:

Future of
Protoss command : Jonathan "IONize" Lee
Terran command: Benny "Pretender"

Most successful come back from the dead retiree: Andrew "NORTH" Han

Most improved player for second Generation commanders: Jonathan "IONize Lee"

Most improved third Generation commander: Benny

Most stagnent and non-improving player: Hashana Rendini

And of course, Starcraft wins best free movie, first rate live sport show award with UDON noodles and VB.

Optical Camoflage
Just like in Die Another Day

LOL jonos gettin this mando really goin eh?
thats the first time ive 'heard' u swear in canto!


very water products
very my book doesn't have "product" in it.

Ni de dianhua bu shi pianyi !

he bu shi "shui guo" !

But is it a good idea to buy products like that?

rorted ones.
water products.

yeah the first ever successful flight

To me it looks like they're just ones that were never sold

I don't think it's 2nd hand

A bonobo is one of the closest relatives to homo sapiens (us)
It's not surprising that they can do 'some' of the things we can
Too bad our sex drives don't last as long as bonobos'

haha, the only factor that'll motivate me to walk out in the middle of the night is 'dancing in the moonlight'

Monday, January 06, 2003

That scramjet made it into some record thing. First of its kind or some BS like that.
I'll take the gold T68. But I'm worried that since they don't sell it anymore, then those ones youve seen are like rorted ones.

Scramjets from

COMP1711 in action

lol some shops have them, not many, but some.
I'll get it asap then?
Gold or Silver?
they both look good

Habitable planets may be common

Jono, you said they sold it in HK tho? If so then I'll still get that one.
Haha, smart bonobo!

Reading the second word of this was enough to classify this worthy of posting, particularly for Charlie the bonobo wannabe :D

no yi is a wife beater

perhaps only star players will get that one.

ceased production of T68? why? not selling?
argh damn it.
I would like one too, when that tragic, forsaken day comes that my phone decides to pass on to a better place.......Phone Heaven. (PH)

either that, or the scrap heap.

ahaha go the mouse one. and the fridge one. w00t

a great father?
i am wondering if i can be a good boyfriend and then a good husband.
you are WAY ahead of me!!!

ooh i like 1 (goals), 7 (humour), 11 (BEER!!!! haha), 13 (confidence), 15 (relax) and 17 (courage)...
haha. all quite funny. :)

Following up on T68 request: I asked around today and they don't sell it here because apparently it's production has ceased.

At 4am on a Monday morning, I for no particular reason walk out of my house and marched down the street welding nothing but my Absolut (original) and an MD. And there, in the sweet summer breeze flowed music whose highs were crisp as ice, mids sweet as peach water and lows rich as chocalate. As the melody maxed, I stood at the
T-junction, looking down the three branches of life, an old analogy perpetually effective. The warm air that flowed through my air was saturaed with the scent of perential blooms.
I muttered to myself as I walked, one hand in my pocket and the other, holding the icy crystal. As I eventually paced back to my doorstep the conclusion hit me: Yi "Tucoti" Huang is going to be a great father.

Slashdot is such a GAY website. ARGH.

hahah a mouse taking on mouse trap

don't worry it'll most definitely be after 8th feb

ahaha funny lil animals.

Animal cruelty!

Your secret is safe with me Yi, your not here now. I'm not talkin to you either.

Jan 22nd till say... 8th of Feb, i am also busy...

this is one of the rare things i take out of my e-mail box and share it with everyone.

and sheee!!! be quiet... i am supposed to be asleep right now!

Why are you rewarding him with Starcraft when you're trying to restrict him from starring?

20-27th Jan was about the only other alternative.
what're u doing then anyway?

I would like James to come, and he also has a portable BBQ and zimmer music damn it.
I would also like Charlie to come, in his lil round fishing hat.

so then that definitely rules out any January trip.

It looks like the only possible alternative is late feb, before uni starts.
So far John can't make it then.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I cant make it 20-27th of Jan.

Yeah Benny, that's a consideration I also have to take into account, O-week.
I don't want that either.
but fuk.

I can't believe we have 2 months and not even 5 or 6 days to spare out of it.

i don't think i want to go if the road trip is so late.


btw I went to Melbourne and came back,

Jono ::
Thanks for the other prices, don't worry about the Mobo, too much hassle
Radeon 9700 128MB - cheapest one (preferably Sapphire model)
or Radeon 9700 128MB All - in - Wonder (if its out and not over HK $2000)

based on ur 4.4 conversion, I'll probably need to transfer around AU $730 or so

James ::
Even if the NSBHS / UNSW Council of starrer impose sanctions on your star time
and you uphold to them, don't spend too much time on your PS2.

I can't make the roadtrip if it conflicts with O-week too much.
And what about the BYO lan hm?
Does that count?

i think you shouldn't limit the number of star games.
i think allocate a time frame for playing star.
eg, 10:30 till 12. then sleep.
before that, work.
1.5 hours will give you enough time to satisfy your star addiction.
otherwise, i think we'll soon be persuaded by james for more games of 8 FFA BGH..

hmmm... that's my suggestion.

and will i join it? of course.
i can go without reward. i have my sights on good marks.

btw, i think CFN et al should be used in moderation... say 2 hours each stint.
or something like that.

and also, as Marc suggested, in times of exams, star should be curbed.
it can be added together and stimmed at the end of the exams.
as an example, small class exams should take 2 nights off. so that's 4.5 hours
of star at the end. :D
big exams... well, i am sure we can all die at CFN together just like that Korean.

OOOH.. last thing.
James, if i were you, i'd want to be in the situation where i stick the cleaver to my
face again. b3d and icq/msn should be curbed as well. it's no good moving from
star to 24/7 b3d lurking. ;)

Oh wait, Post a message works again

Old, but good.

"In a lengthy joint statement signed by Putin and President Jiang Zemin on 2 Dec, China and Russia stressed their commitment to a "multipolar" world code for a world less dominated by the United States..."
"...Meanwhile, the Chinese media widely reported that the Harbin Institute of Technology will send about one kg of rice seeds to the Russian module on the ISS next year for a 6-month astroculture experiment."

And a note about the Road Trip,
James has exams/tests every week until he finishes summer session, which is February 25th.
Charlie *may* be going to China from early Feb till Feb 27th.

If Charlie does not go to China, then we get 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 1st, 2nd for road trip. (Uni starts 3rd March). That's 5.5 days, we'll pick up James from uni right after he finishes lol.

If Charlie does go to China, we leave on 27th Feb, 28th Feb, 1st, 2nd.
which is 4 days. We can still do it if you guys don't mind it being so close to uni commencing, but it'll probably be somewhere closer, maybe Port Macquarie or Port Stephens.

Bah! I don't know how to. I'll look around and see.

Yeah, post a message link doesn't work.
in the words of Yi: "FIX IT!"

Yes many holes in the contract.

I just began to realise how many space resources there are on the net. Some of these are fairly typical ones you may have already seen (kwong),
3. LOL

Space daily has a load of links down the bottom

and pffffft, commercialism.
4. Starchaser

I was wondering where that went.

Does that "Post a message" link work for everyone? It hasn't for me for some time now :(

Kwong, why is there a bottle of vanilla coke in my car?

LOL John, are you sure that THAT'S all you need for completion? =)

We need to see the formal documents with signatures from both parties. Isn't it easy to obtain a new account without revealing their true identity? And once he does break the pact then what actions need to be taken to prevent him from just crashing at CFN?

Hey, don't use that date format in a post. I thought the blog had another bug. And yes I have my free elective in semester 2.

Amendments that will be helpful to this pact...

  • James has to keep a clean record of how long he has had the account so we can total up the stats on the account and divide by number of days.
  • If it is greater than 3, then we know he is lying.
  • 3 games a day is way over during term time.
  • If you really want to restrict yourself, then it should be more like 3 games a week.
  • If you still want to make it 3 games a day then CFN and Istar games SHOULD be included in the daily cap.
  • No star from Stuvac to the end of exams :O
  • It should be starcraft battlechest as the reward.
  • Other than that, only problem is monitoring with precision
  • New accounts created must only be done so only with the SC donor's consent.
  • If James is found with another account without permission, he immediately forfeits this pact
  • What is to be done about Observing games?

Today is a day which will live in infamy.

:: Sunday, January 05, 2003 ::

This is an offical document pertaining to a bet between Jono 'IONize' Lee and James Wang regarding the use of Starcraft software.

Case 1:
Shall James Wang, under the sole account of 'StarControl' play no more than 3 games of Starcraft a day until the April holidays, he shall
be bought a original boxed, English version of Starcraft by Jono Lee. In return, James shall keep this 3 game a day or less habbit until the
beginning of the Christmas holidays.

Case 2:
Shall James Wang fail what is outlined in Case 1, he shall uninstall Starcraft from all his home computers until 2004.

- James shall use only the acount 'StarControl' and ONLY play in Aus-1 server.
- James shall not play on Tucoti or any other servers even if Aus-1 is down.
- The 3 games max a day is none transfereable; 3 games max every 24 hours from midnight.
- Games at CFN or iStar are not convered under this resolution
- People shall check 'StarControl' to make sure James is holding to his end. If he fails, no star until 2004.
- If James fails Case 2: He is to be BANNED out of all Starcraft games until 2004. This includes ALL venues.

This is version 1.0a of this document.

James is looking for a 2nd person who thinks it is totally impossible and lay an additional bet item for stimulus, namely, Starcraft: Brood War
Expansion pack for the April deadline. James thinks Yi will join without a thought.

-End Document.

ahaha john, don't be so materialistic.

of course u need dreams, such as the one James is about to post.....

hey it would only take a little more than 45 years for the average australian worker to earn enough to buy both of these...

keep dreaming john

a maybach (with a chauffeur of course) and a mercedes SL55 AMG and my life would be complete.

w00t that's the way john!
enthusiasm is what this world needs! people like you, who are always right!

ok so we have Charlie, Kwong, John, James, Benny and Me so far.
w00t doin well!

i'm down for road trip.
i'm down for anything.

ahahah Benny, so true ^^

yeah charlie, the blog is in verbal drought.
Especially after I posted the ROAD TRIP news!
/whereis everyone.

Marc: did you reply to my mandarin post? about you doing chinese in uni?

Hash: checked P4 1.8A GHz at $HK1090.00 the lowest.
as for the Epox 4g4a+ mobo that doesn't even exist here, however there are a number of funny named brands like Magic-Board 4g4m which was $HK770.00
note, 4g4m, not 4g4a
and finally, there are so many versions of you ATI Radeon 9700, you need to give me more specifics.
Do you care which manufacturer it's from? 64MB or 128? etc.
the prices range from aprox 1250 to 2900

ahaha kwong, make your own hubble

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Wow, I must admit that the last 2 messages have been the only star-related posts for a while considerin that the original purpose of this Blog was for such.
Make your own Hubble weeheeheeeee!

that's because you used 5 pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL ^^

Yi and I won about 5 games of 2v2 on LT straight. And those games weren't even close. We demolished our opponents. No game lasted longer than 10min. Go figure.

people were recovering from the trip from Bankstown I guess...

Physics heads look here!

goodness gracious me
2 days and only two posts?

what the heck is everyone up to these days!?

Maybe because you've drunk it and its actually a smirk of satisfaction? =)
Anywayz, thats a look of confusion, maybe frustration.

You player/pimp Darren! Both you and Charlie are Starrers.

Why does it look like I'm smiling. Loss of Bacardi is not funny.

Post the other pic for alcohol loss.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Hmm... its that time again.. time for Ice to post!

some of the better googlisms for me...

darren is great on the fridge
darren is the pimp
darren is ready to stay at
darren is such a big boy
darren is owner/rider
darren is the nicest guy you'll ever meet
darren is a beautiful purebred 3
darren is recording solo now
darren is a star
darren is a junior majoring in theatre arts
darren is rarin' to run iowa state's darren davis has his sights set on breaking his brother troy's career rushing record this season
darren is able to generally respond well
darren is not strong
darren is highly skilled in the project management of medium to large
darren is based in london and enjoys working in venues all over europe delivering his universal brand of underground house & techno music to well
darren is becoming increasingly drunk
darren is special guest on tonights monday dump with roy and hg
darren is generally pretty quiet unless you start talking about guitars
darren is their best friend
darren is wearing the same thing that he wore in the international "truly madly deeply" video
darren is not wearing his microphone'
darren is currently working on broadway
darren is still saving up for the specially equipped car which will allow him to get around
darren is detained by police
darren is currently working on a new cd with mariachi which should be out in the fall of 2000
darren is gearing up for tonemah's cd release party
darren is the man that makes it all happen [i like this]
darren is fab
darren is currently in the studio working on new material and he has also started up his own record label "definitive" records [i like this too]
darren is backed by a strong tenor saxophone solo by pete christlieb [i never knew...]
darren is 16 games short of 200 league appearances
darren is a 1984 cum laude graduate of yale university [i graduated the year i was born... awesome]
darren is quite capable of entertaining adults with his comedy [LOL]
darren is the wild one in the band and they are totally different from each other
darren is the most effective "team builder" i've ever observed
darren is currently working towards mcse certification in windows 2000 administration
darren is listed under 'd' [REALLY...]
darren is a writer at heart [you don't say...]
darren is off the market
darren is not feeling well
darren is listening [always.... listening..]
darren is one of the construction industries success stories
darren is equipped with the latest and most effective computer and software systems needed to stay on top [AHAHAHA]
darren is unbelievably the youngest in the group and he has 3 kids [alright...]
darren is all mine _________________ im gonna crash into ur world thats no lie
darren is a knowledgeable [you'd better believe it]
darren is one of the leading internists in this country and
darren is so cool [take that john and marc...]
darren is living proof that humor is a skill that can be learned and will let you in on secrets he learned from his comedy mentors [sums me up pretty good..]
darren is 25 and lives in a ymca hostel in london [AHAHAHA]
darren is in top of the pops [lol]
darren is sick with the tonsillitis [LOL, may have something to do with one above?]
darren is a wonderful young man [i know...]
darren is checking into a suite overlooking the pool
darren is no stranger to politics
darren is a licensed cosmetologist [or am i... no i'm not..]
darren is the hero and he is a very realistically portrayed person [LOL]

Its so true its scary...

charlie is my darlin
charlie is my darling
charlie is my darling'
charlie is my darlin?
charlie is our darling
charlie is the king of all mankind… and u
charlie is afraid of his own shadow
charlie is an adorable and powerful stimulator
charlie is the real star
charlie is a bad boy
charlie is the king of all mankind… and um is the only school in the country that is hardcore enough to contain him
charlie is insane
charlie is the sweetest
charlie is $24
charlie is lost
charlie is an old friend
charlie is an invasive perennial weed that vines throughout lawns and chokes out grass
charlie is cute fd
charlie is something different
charlie is the ultimate dysfunctional man within a profoundly dysfunctional family
charlie is still going strong
charlie is a struggling to survive
charlie is the apple of his father's eye

ok that's four, I was hoping benny would also come ^^

so someone can drink all the leftover alcohol for us

Now that's a compromisin position.
I'm down for the roadtrip

NO. They were altered, they were photoshopped! it can't be... NOOOOOOOO

*Lumoi shuts her eyes tight and rocks in the corner, curled up in a little ball*

Haha Alcohol loss report 2003! lol

Negative on those images.

My executive report for the year beginning 2003:

Unedited documents available by request.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Construction on Airbus A380 begins.
Damn I just realised that was old news.


ok cool I currently have....3 people down for roadtrip.

BUTTTTERS! U gotta come. I won't take no for an answer


"I wake up around noon, light a cigarette, get a cup of coffee, sit in the bathtub for an hour and daydream, and I usually come up with some ideas... It's a very irresponsible life. The only decisions I make are about the notes I'm writing."

-- Hans Zimmer, 1995, on The Lion King

As our dear friend Choogz is coming back from HK on Friday nite,
I am booking some places at Pancakes on the Rocks for Saturday morning :)
for those who would like to come..(and I hope alot of u will) please gimme a
buzz either here , icq or on my mob 0414 905 278
thank u for ur time :)

butters is king [omg, type in "shrine to butters" or "butters is king" in google and look at the website address ;) ]
butters is surrounded by a hazy glow
butters is very confused
butters is a partner with arnstein & lehr and has practiced law for more than 20 years [LOL!!!!!]
butters is still trying to destroy south park
butters is to save time in the kitchen
butters is starting to suck
butters is that they keep so well and have so many uses
butters is passionate about creating markets for organic growers and buying from and supporting local organic farmers
butters is hella cool ;
butters is great
butters is seeking homosexual affection [you wish!]
butters is gay [same comment as above]
butters is secretly married to murtaugh's daughter and the father of her soon
butters is sure to beat out all the other freaks and win a prize
butters is a gentle quiet girl [uh, i can be if you want ;) ]
butters is jay's son
butters is a welcome addition
butters is perfectly right [in your face John!]
butters is a direct kenny replacement
butters is that they are recommended for people with dry to very dry skin
butters is on the case
butters is just a weird little boy
butters is in business for himself
butters is a founder and ceo of discscribe ltd
butters is a moscow organic farmer who loves garlic
butters is a board certified urologist specializing in adult and pediatric urology [hell yeah!]
butters is kinda a new addition to south park
butters is the chief executive [chief operating officer]
butters is fuckin' hilarious
butters is pursuing university studies in psychology
butters is back with his very own episode
butters is well known for her empirical contributions in the field of neuropsychology
butters is shot
butters is being kind
butters is a handsome and young
butters is doing his this is my badge bitch routine
butters is a beautiful cat
butters is the perfect good guy
butters is a product of the bang

Don't think I can do road trip. Parents probably won't let me and I got summer school then.

kwong is the cross
kwong is a two
kwong is the 11
kwong is the teacher of harry porter?
kwong is a vancouver

Do any of these make sense to you?

They don't have my name there.
Road trip sounds good.
Btw, there's no mando course for summer school at USYD.

john is dead
john is hot
john is almost certain he's not a woman
john is town centre ambassador
john is re­invending the idea of art auctions
john is arrogant
john is the bomb
john is president of john rude & associates
john is officially the most boring man on earth

and finally
john is right.

I like what googlism says about me, among other ridiculous things such as:

jonathan is the boss
jonathan is an athletic 6
jonathan is the sweetest and sexiest boy in the whole world
jonathan is an investment that pays for itself
jonathan is a working journalist and doesn't have time to read long articles on the site
and finally, as usual:
jonathan is such a handfull

of course, I don't agree with this one.
jonathan is an unrepentant homosexural

my new year resolutions:

get a job
get a life

Ok people listen up.

Charlie and I are considering/planning a road trip somewhere, probably up the coast to Coffs Harbour in early to mid February.
Operation Roadtrip will last from between a few days to a week or so.
Nothing is confirmed at this point in time. We think there will be about 10 people requiring 2-3 cars.

We're trying to keep the costs down to keep everyone's options open. And so we're driving.
It'll be fun. Anyone watched that movie road trip? ^^
But no.

Anyway, if you're interested then post any opinions/suggestions on the blog.
And try to give us a confirmation as to whether or not you can come.
Also if you want to help organise that'd be great.

For those of you who were also interested in going skydiving, perhaps we can combine the two trips into one.
Skydiving takes approximately half a day.
Those who don't want to go skydiving can do something else for half a day.
So far I have Yi, John, and Me down for skydiving. It's around $275.

Butters, unfortunately I don't think so.

Engineering, in particular Aerospace engineering, has *SQUAT ALL* electives. We get 9 units or so of gen ed courses, but I think half of it has been taken up already by accounting 1A.

However, I should have some free Gen Ed spots, in which case I was also considering doing Mando.
But those Gen Eds may be in Semester 2 of 2nd year, not in semester 1

Is yours in semester 1?
n00000000 don't do it without me!

I'm a lonely lil bastard in aero @ unsw

Mando is pretty cool. Should be useful, especially when I go to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the Gansu Province in northern freeze-my-arse-off China to apply to the Chinese Space Agency.

Hey Jono, do you have free electives? I'm thinking about it, but it I may do Mando instead of accounting 1B :x

I can only do the free elective in semester 2 though.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

search result for lumoi:
lumoi is wide awake like a good insomniac will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.

I think you do too

i thought for a sec you guys smoked a quail. like rolled it up in a tally ho and yeah...

i think i need to sleep.

and to aid as a pawn in free publicity, you may wish to check out and find out what it's about. Pretty cool.

And why quit Jono? ^^
no James decided to have smoked Quail.
On a beach...
And smoked fish...

Lumoi, long time no hear. $1300?? for 9 hours? holey smokes.
indeed you could buy a lot of smokes for that.
not that I'm implying you should

Man I want to hear all about it.

My Resolutions so far:
1) Quit or significantly reduce contact hours with Star
2) Bring Mando up to fluid conversation level (yeah that'll happen, I just need charlie, james, yi, etc to talk some more in front of me :) )

hmm that's it for the moment

Latest time around mid january, I msgd you on icq already.

Butters, oh yeah it should be fairly easy. My parents will pay in HK dollars from their accounts, and since they need to give me pocket money for the new year etc then I will take your money as the pocket money that they gave me.

These lists only apply to New Years Day only. Afterwards all promises become void and you return to your normal self.

Crayons? eh?

1) i will work this year, period. it's not about working hard or anything, just that i will.
2) i will lose double the weight i gained in the week and a half i "let myself go".
3) i will save money....even if it means i eat toast for dinner every night for the next year.
4) I will not buy more than one bottle of nail polish/nail care products a fortnight (re: #3)
5) i will spend more quality time (read: not #3) with Alex and my close friends
6) i will stop making stupid lists and wasting bandwidth.
7) i will try to remember the point of a New Years Resolution. It's not just a game to list the most impossible things to do.

No really Jono, I'm not thinking about an mp3 player anymore. Money transfers should be easy, just deposit in the local Aus account. Can you access those funds from HK?


does at least one of those three points sound familiar to anyone?

HAPPY New Year everyone

What new and exciting things await us this year?
How about this ::

1) I shall work hard this year
2) I will moderate my fun time
3) I will bring everyone some nice crayons

when's the LATEST time u can buy stuff ?

LOL, you want your fish and your spices. Isn't it cooked already?
Well I could drop it off someday soon, along with Darren's esky.

G. Tarolli,
I would like my rainbow trout (freeze it). I would like my remaining spices. How is it going to get to me though?

Yes Happy New Year indeed.
Btw, I'm in possession of an esky, a fish, some other raw meat, bread, a VB, empty wine bottle and spices for cooking. Does whoever owns them want them back? Also, thanks to those who dropped the coal in my car and trampled it into the carpet.

Thanks Jono, don't know bout color yet. Hey that interview is so detailed. Haha it mustn't be fake!
Lumoi is rich! =)

Happy Noo Ear all!

Lumoi is proud to announce:
the Boxing Day 9 hour shift from hell paid off!
1/1/03 Streamline Account credited $1297.85~ hell yea! only $1200 more to save up.
with the festive season over, and the sales dying down, i should find another job. meh~

In the meantime, Lumoi is now going shopping :) so much for saving up.

First post for 2003! w00t! That means I will be bloggerfied until the end of the year.


Kwong I found another two T68's in Tsuen Wan for $HK1430.00
One is gold coloured, the other silver, from memory. Pick one and I'll get it when you say so.