Tuesday, September 30, 2003

That tells you just how reliable our perception is.

11 only? Well, blemished artefact is still worth visiting.

It would make for great wallpaper

hmm, it doesnt move if you see it through a partially transparent window.

Arent there only 11 apostles now? I heard that one broke..

Man thats freaky. I pasted a screenie onto paint just to make sure it wasn't rigged...

Monday, September 29, 2003

charlie'd be interested in this.

You often find what you're looking for on the internet John XD

don't ask how i got this.

Casino? Thats somewhere you want to go?

I heard the penguins stank like crap on Philip Island.

12 Apostles sounds good.

Melbourne because of:

Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles
Crown Casino
Penguins at Philips Island

i'm down, like i always am for anything.
but why melbourne?

Sunday, September 28, 2003

No wonder I have to do biological psychology.

If there is a road trip down to melbourne in the week immediately after the final exams, who will be interested?

correction: this is kimi's second pole, the first being in nürburbring.

I see you baby, shakin dat plastic ass.

Looks like my enlist feature brought the blog back to life!! >:D

I...wanna fall from the stars

doo doo dodo doo

Just for James
<+MrBob> I hate Uni. At least in film studies we get to talk about Fight Club.
<@X-Factor> Wouldnt you be breaking the first 2 rules?

<Chanserv> GDP was banned for inappropriate behaviour

1. RAIKKONEN McLaren Mercedes M 1'11"670 210.565 Km/h
7. M.SCHUMACHER Ferrari B 1'12"194 + 0'00"524

first pole for kimi! weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Quote of the day - Anthony "Tony" Robbins:
"Psychology comes from physiology."

haha purposely getting lost. Wouldn't that be wondering around aimlessly?

Random quote from memory:

Eric: I want to change my wheels to alloy.
Charlie: I want to change my arse to plastic.

i find it funny how people have 'quote of the day' when they don't actually post a quote everyday.
perhaps it should be 'quote of the random moment when i feel like posting a quote on the blog so others can be enlightened of my ingenuity and wittiness or perhaps the weirdness of me or my subject'.

the word 'perhaps' appeared twice in the last sentence.
no, being cynical doesn't make me a pessimist.
it does, however, impede on my ability to walk home at 2:30am without purposely getting lost.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Quote of the day - Yi's profile:
Arrogant egotistic weird long-necked unfriendly pessimistic bastard
I love myself
you should too
be optimistic and be grateful of what you have
i am prejudiced against prejudiced people
i am NOT a smart guy!!!

Indeed, but the surveys will only be representative of a country as a whole if administered to all sex capable individuals. Strictly speaking, it applies only to those who use condoms, and have access to the Internet.

Yi has turned moral? How uncanny?

Wouldn't be a concern to Macca people, our break/holiday/stuvac is two weeks.


Can anyone tell me why it's critical to set DC conditions on an integrator [op] amplifier?

Awesome. Lets make apartment over two nights then

Can anyone confirm a 11 day midsem break, due to a lecturers' strike on Tuesday 7th of Oct?

Friday, September 26, 2003

Quote of the day, courtesy of James:

Earlier this evening: "TUCOTI: i don't take comfort in other people's demise... any more."

all very valid points, but the survey was taken in the same way for each country, and hence does not skew the findings.
yes they are averages, and doesn't say anything about individual persons, but it tells a story of the nation as a whole.

either that, or 12 year old hungarians are bigger liars.
but whether that has any correlation with their sex life is uncertain.

Men's vice: sex, power, and money.

The statistics violate the assumption of the independence of errors. As butters mentioned, the sample is only representative of the population of condom buyers, not 'Australians' or 'Hungarians'.
Also, giving an average score tells you nothing of the frequency of individual sex. For example, an average of 152 times a year could be contributed by half of the population surveyed having sex once a day, and the other half having sex once a year. One needs to know the standard deviation of the scores in order to interpret the results and also the presence of any outliers (eg, there might be an abnormal person with testoterone inbalance having sex 4 times a day).
Finally, the validity of the survey methodology is questionable. One may be impotent yet still claim they have sex 10 times a week. Furthermore, this fallacy is exacerbated by being an online survey, where a 12 year old kid could simply log on and do the survey.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

disturbing isn't it?
its either this or religion.

Consider the sample space, jono. The people interviewed were probably the ones buying condoms (durex ones at that). What would they be using it for? Party balloons?

If you double the frequency then wouldn't you naturally double the fakers too?

Well now we know what arouses the blog from its death.

Hungarians? What horny people. They do it, on average, once every second day. *On average*?
So a couple who does it "only" once a week will have to be countered by another couple who do it...three times in two days?

/me thinks the stats are flawed....what say your confidence interval? Time for a hypothesis test.

there will be no posting of pictures until there is a good one of me.


woohoo, that enlist thing is useful.. but it makes me feel like i'm signing up for something.. which its not

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

haha Charlie, I still remember reading that section in the book itself.
My stagnated progress in the book is a sure sign that....well something is not good.

No marc...^^

John? Shaved his head? Hello, a picture describes a thousand words.

Post Post Baby.

bye bye MSN..

what is love? baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more.

Lets just cut right to the chase and talk about religion like we always do when the blog is about to carc it

As an effort to revitalise this blog, here's Random Thought Entry Number 28 in the Book of Bonobo:

Monday 11th of August 2003, 12.44am


Stephen Covey defines habit as the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire. A composite behaviour that renders itself through the integration of knowing what and why to do, how to do, and the desire to do so.

A habit is by nature automatic and inflexible, despite conspicuous benefits such as cognitive resource conservation. Breaking the flow of deeply embedded, negative habitual tendencies such as procrastination and impatience require tremendous effort, will, and determination. The energy required to change a habit is far more superior to that of which created them. yet this applies only to the initial launch phase. After one escapes the restrictions of negative habitual gravity pull, one begins to capitalise on that same gravity pull, but within the context of a positive habit.

It is evident that I lack not the knowledge, but more so the skills and the will to change. This is partly due to the ambiguous elucidation of the consequences. Seldom did I see the true immediacy of the consequences to which I perceive the need to drive myself beyond the action threshold.

I merely stood still. I refuse to advance forward. I feared risk and unpredictability. Pollutants of sloth and distractions contaminates my vision. The habits of which I seek to change is preventing me from changing.

Well I'm just trying to help charlie. He needs that bikini line trimmed for summer.

you need better glasses marc.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Yes I will be on display at Bonobo Press Museum Next week.

On its face that looked like public hair

Yes john, its public property. we all own it

charlie has to ask marc for consent to shave?
so marc owns the pubic hair on charlie's body eh?

On its face it almost looked like u called me immortal.

But yes, agreed. I'll grow my hair long now.

That's immoral butters. I can't believe you gave consent for me to go ahead and do it!!
I can't believe it's no butter.

hair today, gone tomorrow.

Well that would be a good start charlie

This weather is wonderful, windy and humid.

does shaving my armpit, mustache, body and pubic hair counts?

Monday, September 22, 2003

Really? put pic up on blog

i used to have no hair

edit: LOL nm, i saw it. fantastic john! good 4 u! its about time you joined the club. hmm, im toying with the idea of growing my hair long. ive never had it longer than a mushroom. i dont really like having a stagnant hairstyle. tell ya what, if one of u guys shaves (not including john), i'll grow my hair long, but not to scott's extent...

i have no hair.

Kwong's Occupied Message today:
IONize (7:09 PM) :
how awesome is this weather

Sunday, September 21, 2003

solitaire is the bestest, meh.

The 25 most overrated games of all time.


What is the function of the female organism?

you're going to spend too much time defining sixth sense in the speech.

I've got a Question.
As a requirement for Biological Psychology, I need to do a speech on a topic of choice, that is either related to biology or psychology. Preliminary scan yielded the following prospects:

1. Is there biological evidence for the sixth sense?
2. What is the function of female orgasm?

Which one shall I do?

a logical progression on the time line;
the seperation narrowed down to a fine line.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

bad boys bad boys
whatcha gonna do?
whatcha gonna do when dey come 4 u

its our contributions of food for thought which are ceasing, starving this blog to death.

Blog has no life. If it is dying, then it is the inhabitants, which are us, that are dying.

Friday, September 19, 2003

this blog is once again dying.

Man I'm bored XD
Still tired and not home yet.

i know, i'm so ashamed :(

so you call yourself butters but you actually like margarine?

i am sarcasm

Thursday, September 18, 2003

that was a sarcasm.

you're just not thinking hard enough.

What you just said makes no sense either.

everything makes perfect sense from a certain perspective.
i don't mean to be cryptic. it just sometimes end up that way.

but then again, since when did my posts ever make any sense to you?

That's like the shit not make me want us to meet each other.

Ok John you now have 2 posts against your record regarding messages that don't make any sense.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

kwong's curious today.

whats this shit about us meant to be together?

ps. we should be together too.

haha I see you actually went to the sites, inquisitive Charlie.

the site says 2499 but I spoke in person to the person working there (THX and cworld are right next to each other marc, and they're both right next to qvb basically yeah) said it was $2299 with all these bonus offers, but "for this week only".
. . .
I do believe her.
But yeah if I get the sony then i'd get it soon, take advantage of the deal.

I've seen 'This week only' ad so many times, especially with computer sales. Just another marketing hype.
Kind of like closing down sales:
Closing down soon
Week later: Closing down soon, everything have to go
Month later: Closing down, urgent sales, 80% off!
and as James said, due to overwhelming sales, we have been rejuvenated!
2 months later
Opening sales, 10% off!

5 ways to get yourself to the top if you decide not to become self employed:

1. Expose yourself. Skills are punitive in comparison to how you present yourself. You don't have to be a professional, just pretend to be one. That's why actors are paid so high. If they weren't, then they'll permeate the managerial positions of multinationals, pretending to know a lot, but actually know's nothing about not screwing up the economy.

2. Ingratiation and flattery. Sorry but the most important viewpoints are not yours, but your superior's, even if they're wrong. Of course, there a limit there, to when you should maybe just give up and fire your company.

3. Networking, which boils down to simply being buddys with people at all times, hoping they'll pull you up in times of despair.

4. Learn to play golf. It is estimated that 70% of all major business decisions are concluded on the golf course in Asia. Thank god there's still a way to keep women barred from senior management positions.

5. Appearance. Looking good is ridiculously vital to career success and compensation. Unfortunately, besides make-up and plastic surgery, there is little for one to boost his/her appearance.

Amazing how little an university degree can help one survive in this wretched, materialistic world.
Oh and the above are pulled out of a textbook, not my arse.

By the way, don't bother doing a google search on that, most of it was pulled out of my arse.

The inevitableness of life - reality bites:

A graduate with a science degree asks: why does it work?
A graduate with an engineering degree asks: how does it work?
A graduate with a law degree asks: how can I prove that it works?
A graduate with a statistics degree asks: what significance interval should I use to make it work?
A graduate with a philosophy degree asks: why do you think it works at all?
A graduate with a accounting degree asks: how much does it cost?
A graduate with a business administration degree asks: how can I get another person to work it?
A graduate with an education degree asks: eat in or take away?

i usually fall asleep in the fetal position. but don't know what position i'm in when i wake up, because by the time i recognize that i'm awake, i'd have changed positions already.

so they say 51% of women are shy and sensitive?

THX is a bit closer to QVB than cworld.

I used to sleep log style but I froze my ass off during winter coz my thick blanket kept falling. So a coupla years ago my body conditioned to sleep in soldier formation. Now I never wake up freezing...in fact its the opposite now.

Madonna is becoming an author? Career mobility can't get any better than this.

Isn't it $2499? Still a bargain.

haha I'm a log!
lol starfish.



It's got amazing qualia, and for $2299 with an extra 256MB ram (512 in total, from this shop in the city) and a free D-link Wireless Cardbus Adaptor, it's a pretty darn hot bargain. Screen size is mad. Girl at the shop said it's meant to be a good student notebook. "A lot of students are getting this" she said.

However, of course, it has 3 hour battery life, weighs 3.5kg, has only a Athlon 2200+ 1.67GHz processor.

But man it's good, for that price.

And man the brochure sold me.

Compaq's still good though.
It does have a Geforce 4 420 Go 16MB video card, very mediocre.

It's a Sony!

(And yes Marc, it has TV out)
This is an amazingly sexy beast when you hold it in person. It changes its blue-pearl colour slightly when viewed from different angles. Stop suckinnnnn me innnnnnn.

It's a massive tank, but it feels good to hold and to work with.

Watch how you sleep

Butters, if you have savings, go for it. It's probably worth it, since you're doing law. Just imagine spending minutes finishing your week's law readings, rather than hours.

I finish on the 21st. 8 weeks Christmas break, here I come.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003



Speed reading? That sounds familiar Charlie ;) Almost like the Evelyn Wood speed reading course...

bloody hell.
2x3hr exams on the same day for me; and its a saturday.
i don't finish till the 19th.

Depends what subject Charlie

for maths, my tutor counts 60% I think. Awesome! :)

where as for thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and electrical engineering, the lecturer IS the tutor. Then you have dependent probabilities, so we'll need to construct a joint probability confidence interval.

sw00t! I don't know anything about stats. Only a 25% mid-session coming up. Luckily it's small, otherwise I'd have to start worrying.

hahaha john you dirty man....and I"m not referring to the picture link.
"depends where you look" LOL

Yes we do read the word as a whole, that's why the average adult is limited to a reading rate of 200-400 wpm (words per minute). That sucks, especially for law students. Hence certain advanced reading courses claim it can boost your reading rate to over 2000 wpms. How do they do that? Teach you to go beyond reading a word at a time, but a sentence, or even a paragraph at a time.

1+1 = 1
1 man plus 1 woman = 1 baby.
That's maths for you

Lecturers (hence lectures) constitute only 20% to one's success in a course. Tutor = 5%. Fellow lecture mates = 3%, intelligence = 30%, cram = 41%.

I thought her name's Samantha Sin? How did I remember? Well Memory correlates (r = 0.78) highly with semantic coding. In this case, the semantic coding is extremely repulsive.

just what every iraqi and afghan needs.

depends where you look.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Does she have a combover?

i wouldn't be surprised.

Related to gavin? =)

don't get me started on my samantha chin, who thinks she's 18 and wears short skirts, and drives a motor ve-heee-cle.
oh wait, i have started. mybad.

variabubble is a word, an excellent word!

where did u get those quotes from marc?
I wanna try em!

haha Anne Guo...is she the psycho tutor in info sys? or something?

fat combovers are g00t

U wanna friggin bet? 2 words. Anne Guo


Unfortunately I didn't stay long enough to remember any other word she said.

hey at least you don't have asian (not subcontinental) lecturers.

Ooo, nothing hotter than a chick with a combover

I'd like to get her vital statistics.

Check out the odds on her.

She gets my cardiod going.

Those are some good suggestions for pickup lines in her book

Dang, all my lecturers are old, fat, have massive combovers or are curry.

Don't listen to john. Only real studly men study maths.

“I was told I couldn’t study physics because I wouldn’t understand the questions,” she said.

I thought she was referring to the fact that she was female, not because she was french.

have her?
despite what your lecturers have told you, doing maths does not make you more attractive.

After how many maths subjects I've taken, how come I still don't have her?
*EDIT: How come I still don't have her as a lecturer?* - Directed at John.

Brown is awesome though, that will do.

alonso came first in the hungarian gp, which was 3 weeks ago. but he spun in qualifying, and started from the back, and subsequently ran into quite a few things.
stop living in the past!

yes i did notice it, but didn't comment on it because i couldn't think of anything clever to say other than correct you.
but thanks for the vote of confidence for my attention to detail and vocabulary.

and my comment on that elinsgh thingy.
i first read this some time last week, and the first thing i thought was "this is heaps easier to read than 1337 5p34|<".

Guys interested in coming to the CSE Revue on Saturday 27th September? That's the first saturday of the mid-session break.

Went last year, was pretty darn good.

Interest? The timing is good!

Comments on this, John, Charlie?

>"Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in
>waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht
>frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae.
>The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
>Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe."

haha I was so waiting for someone to pick up that "disclude" is not a word.

I'm guessing Kwong ignored it, Marc didn't notice it, Benny and James haven't seen it yet, and John would pick it up.

But Charlie! You and your sneak attacks. Always with your lurker drops.

haha you watched it too Charlie? I thought Alonso came first! in something...that was quite surprising.

Anywho, for those among us who are bored,

>Hussein Family Tree
>Now that Uday & Qusay have been eliminated, a lot of
>the lesser-known family members are coming to the attention of
>Among the brothers:
>Sooflay ..................the pastry chef
>Guday................... the half-Australian brother
>Huray.................... the sports fanatic
>Bejay......................the gay brother
>Deejay.................. the nightclub owner
>Ojay........................the wife murderer
>Gulay......................the singer / entertainer
>Ebay.......................the internet czar
>Biliray......................the country music star
>Ecksray...................the radiologist
>Puray.......................the owner of factory making kitchen
>Regay......................the half-Jamaican brother
>Tupay......................the one with bad hair:
>Among the sisters:
>Lattay........................the coffee shop owner
>Bufay.........................the 300 pound sister
>Dustay......................the clean sister
>Sapheway..................the grocery store owner:
>Ollay..........................the half-mexican sister (also sells
>Gudlay........................the prostitute:

No bonus points for guessing that this was from an email forward.

the experiment did have an aim. i just didn't state it.
me? ethics? nahh.
plus, had i alerted the specimens to the existence of this experiment, their responses would be somewhat different, thus affecting the results.

lol charlie, you watched the monza gp??
too bad it wasn't that good a race, quite boring actually. not indicative of the attractions of grands prix.

and its raikkonen, kimi raikkonen.

Not meaning to be pedantic, but 'disclude' is not a word, 'exclude' is. Looks like too much of your brain cell's gone into engineering maths.

An experiement without an aim?
These people did not give informed consent in participating in that experiment. That would not have passed the Ethics Committee.

For no particular reason at all, I stayed up and watched F1 Italian Grand Prix.
M. Schumacher: 1st
Raikkonan: 4th

Whoops, wrong response. My response was supposed to be:

Yes please. Spicy.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

the results of the experiment were... inconclusive.

i only conducted the experiment on alive (read: alive) specimens. so it was unfortunate but necessary to leave you out.

And if anyone wishes to take the first sentence of my last post and quote a part of it out of context....feel free

haha they could be starburst that John's licking Kwong...

Or cola bottles

So John, what are your conclusions and inferences from that "social experiment"?
Some replies unexpected, others exactly as predicted?

I'm in utter disbelief that John decided to disclude me from his "social experiment".
I refuse not to be treated like a Guinea Pig.
This is Australia, we have an equal rights policy.

Fine John. Next time when you do ask, (*WHEN*) I'm going to say, "No Thanks, I'll have a midori instead".

But Red Bull gives you wings...maybe that's a better option.....for Kwong

Awesome, there's a panda inside amanda, both of whom are in Uganda. I know where I'll be going for my next holiday. Chile!

Stop frikkin licking the red toads!

the agenda is gender so everyone put your tender in the blender and bend the fender, otherwise the pretender will return to sender back in uganda next to the panda inside amanda.

refusing something that's in the past?
that's like saying no thanks, i'll have a midori instead.

I refuse to be your guinea pig.

another social experiment.

message: ooogaboogaboogah

irene: chachacha?
kwong: boogie monster!
lucy gao: ahhh!!! >.< *hides*
renee: ??? er.. hi to you too
marc: not now john, ive got a 40% due tomorrow.
scott: who r u, where's john?

Marc, the old link took you to the login page, basically. I think.
This is good.

haha John, F1 aero. I see
Is that Eric talking to you John?

a roof without a clock radio is like a goldfish without a bike.

Where does it actually say Britney Spears 'likes' George Bush?

"September 06, 2003
Britney Spears Likes George Bush
Many actors and entertainers have been outspoken critics of President George Bush, but especially of his policies in the Middle East. Quite a few have openly condemned his invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation. That is not, however, true of all entertainers; Britney Spears, for example, has "faith" in him.

The Drudge Report recently carried a short exchange between Britney Spears and Tucker Carlson on CNN from Wednesday, September 3, 2003:

CARLSON: A lot of entertainers have come out against the war in Iraq. Have you?

SPEARS: Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.

CARLSON: Do you trust this president?

SPEARS: Yes, I do.

CARLSON: Excellent."

Saturday, September 13, 2003

can't touch this.

The evidentiary burden shifts from the wife to the husband.

A woman worries about the future, until she gets a husband.

A man never worries about the future, until he gets a wife.

its not the east or the west side (no its not)
its not the north or the south side (no its not)
its the dark side (you are correct)...

huh? meh. the new link doesn't do anything jono.

bin jor lo jai ar? =)

aiiiiiya, ar j0hn lei jo mud yer ah?

hihi ^^
dum dee da...
la dee da~ ^__^

nothing to do with the boundary layer?

reynold is a good mate of mine, we go back many years.

actually, i just read stuff about f1 aero in my spare time and learnt a little.

Hey John, how did you learn about Reynolds numbers in applied finance and law?

Case study? ^^

Hey thanks for that Marc

Because now that I actually know something about Reynolds numbers, I can say that a dimpled golf ball is always more aerodynamic than a smooth one. We also have diagram that shows that a dimpled golf ball with spin travels the farthest, while a dimpled golf ball without spin travels less far, and a smooth ball travels the least distance. This is due to the wake created behind the golf ball as it travels through the air, and with turbulent flow the separation point gets pushed behind the ball, thus making it more aerodynamic

ok enough of this

is a revolving door technically one door, or a room that sits between the building and the street?

I love having conversations with John! They're so constructive and you learn so much!

John: if the earth rotates around the sun, and the sun rotates around something, what does that something rotate about?

Me: everything else

Me: just create a loop equation for the universe and figure out the dimensional tolerances on all possible variables in the part

Me: resolve all forces using a normal and tangential co-ordinate system, then figure out the equations of dynamics and apply them to the solar system

Me: finally, figure out the limit as the sun approaches infinity relative to the number of moving particles in the universe, and find the cross product of this (as it's in a 3 dimensional vector space), row reduce to Row-echelon form, find leading columns, and the kernel of this is the answer to your problem.

John: but in the case of button v stone and also in [forgot] v sutherland shire council the chances of an object thrown in the air and hitting another person in the eye is significantly larger than it not hitting an eye

John: therefore we can conclude that it is technically inefficient using isocost and isoquant analysis

Me: yeah but you've forgotten one thing:

im(T) = dim (ker(T)) IAOI nullity(T) + rank(T) = col(A) by the rank-nullity theorem.

As such, the linear combination on these linearly independent and differentiable matrices will form the first part of the solution to the Sun moving relative to the thing.
Moreover, if we take nullity (LCTIGVX) + cross (LCTIGVX + rank (A) ) = Ax = 0, then we have fully defined all dimensions in the subspace, and we get a successful regeneration in ProEngineer

John: but because the velocity is so high, the reynold number is so high that a dimpled surface is more aerodynamic than a smooth one.

Me: John, you have no idea who reynold is and what you're talking about.

Similarly, by mathematical induction, I can deduct that from the fat bullcrap I pulled from my arse, I have about zero knowledge of all my subjects, plus or minus 0.

It's now 2am Saturday morning and I'm quite the tired one.

posted by IONize at 1:53 AM 14/09/02

you seem to have an awful lot of free time nowadays marc.
either that or you're giving this blog more attention.

He should have said "ocuh!"

survival is a cause for celebration. horray to you all.

lol that's why I wrote that the dylexic walked into the 'bar' and said 'ouch'

congrats to you all, for surviving sep 11

Just something to entertain Yi, I guess.

The Bear and the Atheist

An atheist was walking through the woods one day in Alaska, admiring all that evolution had created.

"What majestic trees! What a powerful river! What beautiful animals!" he said to himself.

As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Turning to look, he saw a 13-foot Kodiak brown bear beginning to charge towards him.

He ran as fast as he could down the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was rapidly closing on him. Somehow, he ran even faster,so scared that tears came to his eyes. He looked again and the bear was even closer. His heart pounding in his chest, he tried to run faster yet.

But alas, he tripped and fell to the ground.

As he rolled over to pick himself up, the bear was right over him, reaching for him with its left paw and raising its right paw to strike him.


Time stopped.......

The bear froze.......

The forest was silent............

Even the river stopped moving.



Difficult as it was, the atheist looked directly into the light and said, "It would be hypocritical to ask to be a Christian after all these years, but perhaps you could make the bear a Christian?"

"VERY WELL," said God.

The light went out.

The river ran.

The sounds of the forest resumed...

... and the bear dropped down on his knees, brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke:

"Lord, thank you for this food which I am about to receive."

- some humour site

Hahaha butters. That barely sounds like me anymore. W00t!
Linear Transformation.


Friday, September 12, 2003

I'm looking at archives of the blog from a year ago. Its mainly spam. I'm excited. Like Big Kev

did you know that john is very bored?
its true!!

A post from 12/09/02:

fuck I don't have my star cd anymore either, and I just uninstalled.

I'll just have to imagine me doing a reaver pop drop - IONize

Think know? Don't.

don't think, know!
don't know? think!

Time to fatten up Eric...again

Thursday, September 11, 2003

happy moon cake everyone.

Hey they added too many new and useless features...

... john =)

huh? wait...oh i get it. i know now

he said "i'll have two melon midori's thanks"

Death Penalty Discourages Terrorists: Downer

Does that include suicide bombers?

Damn smh.com.au won't load on mozilla on cse comp

you guys don't understand do you?
dyslexic? bra? bar??

There's 3 types of people in the world, those who can count, and those who can't.

He said 'ouch'!

Man Firebird is fast. It feels like cable over here.
And it's the first browser with the tabbed feature that doesn't clog up
the whole atomsphere. Still a few pixels wasted over my optimal IE
setup, but this will be as good as it gets.

Download it!

Its so James...Mr Anderson...

Oh man, I was gonna post this one from PINE:

I remember someone telling me the camping one. I told him "If it ever happened you'll be the first to know..." and he replied "Uh...thats not what your supposed to say"

No, please tell me john. What happened to the dyslexic guy who walked into a bra?

did you hear about the dyslexic guy who walked into a bra?

of course it is kwong.

Oi thats taken outta context!

I can't stop laughing.

Courtesy of John -> Kwong

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

let me say that Rhonda is one of the VERY few girls I've met where we have virtually no sensitivities.

As James would agree, a rarity.

"a portal to ur mom?"
1) Kwong you American
2) a major case of w-t-f

the power of quoting online conversations.

john says:
reminds me of the movie
john says:
being john malkavich
Rar! says:
which i havent seen...
john says:
its a totally weird movie
john says:
its like... totally out there
Rar! says:
and theres a portal to ur mom?

i was thinking that when i first read what james wrote.
i only didn't post that because of sensitivities.

You all wished to say rhino?

i believe when kwong speaks, he speaks for all of us.




Input arguement excludes Rhono.


Who's house?

Your hungryness is making me converse

I also concur with John's statement, "girls are evil.", but constrained to specific instances of the input argument.

in da house!!

On the house?

on the shelf in my mouth.

In your mouth or on your shelf?

This conversation is making my hungry

hey i still have all of my baby teeth.

When was the first time you said it?

Thats why jono kept his baby tooth for such a long time

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

especially the tooth fairy.

Does that include the tooth fairy?

i say this again: girls are evil.

Monk proof buwet

I'm getting sick of seeing all this spam mail in my hotmail about increasing my penis size and reducing my debt. My penis size can only get so large and my debt can only reduce as far to 0...

sense making overwhelming!!

OH Mickey you're so fine,
you're so fine
you blow my mind
hey mickey! hey mickey!

Monday, September 08, 2003

mah fellas!

You Gangstah, j00.

Should use 'j00'.

you book reminder you.

That reminds me of a book:

The next planet was inhabited by a tippler. This was a very short visit, but it plunged the little prince into deep dejection.

"What are you doing there?" he said to the tippler, whom he found settled down in silence before a collection of empty bottles and also a collection of full bottles.

"I am drinking," replied the tippler, with a lugubrious air.

"Why are you drinking?" demanded the little prince.

"So that I may forget," replied the tippler.

"Forget what?" inquired the little prince, who already was sorry for him.

"Forget that I am ashamed," the tippler confessed, hanging his head.

"Ashamed of what?" insisted the little prince, who wanted to help him.

"Ashamed of drinking!" The tipler brought his speech to an end, and shut himself up in an impregnable silence.

And the little prince went away, puzzled.

"The grown-ups are certainly very, very odd," he said to himself, as he continued on his journey.

Extract from Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Things are the way they are right now because if it weren't, then things wouldn't be the way they are.

its Spain, how ya'll doin, and why the fuck was spain and spaniard taken up on the blogger... sux0rs...

I cant stop midis (easily) in Opera! AAAHHH!

Hey marc, add a little music bar or something to the blog so you can choose the bg music! or at least randomize the midis on every page-load

hmm, I wonder.. if you change your nick to a cgi script, every time you post, would the script run? (given proper parameters and all)

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Oh crap. I think all this midi business and changing the title is making the blog unstable...

badger badger badger badger... mushroom mushroom....

Its just that like friggin mov u posted up with the mememememe >_>

LOL... hamsters!

No, I didn't need that bandwidth at all john. It got annoying after 10 seconds

anyone remember the insanity test?

I remember that like it was only yesterday

hey this blog is returning to its past of pointless and nothingness posts.

Hey the time on this site is wrong

... even tho midis work on every other site?
Just this blog that it doesnt seem to work
Dont worry im making up my own tunes in my head instead

Theres nothing more to discuss. Get a new soundcard.

Flipping people off is now the standard way of indicating/thanking people. Someone lets you into the lane, you flip them off.

the other driver (wilson) gave kimi the finger first, supposedly for kimi going slow and blocking him on his practice run.

i can play midi's perfectly, its just that after playing them all other sounds become muffled.

Kwong, its time to throw away your old sound card and get a new one.

Make sure your midi isn't muted in your Volume Control. Even if its not, try muting it and unmuting it. Worked for me last time.

You too john, throw away your sound card and get a new one if you can't listen to midi's properly

enlighten me as to why he gave that driver the finger?

And I got special ways to thank yaaaaaaaaaa

This one isn't bad. One of the better ones but this one drones on

No double posting. Its a crime

kimi has joined the club!

ok nvm

go britney!!!

Hey how did that happen? U cant post empty msgs.
I own this blog!!!

Lor mai gai

electrical bubblefish?

Sorry just talking to myself... nothing much to do.

erm... okay then.

Post removed by StarSnuffer due to inappropriate content

Please read GameArena's Terms and Conditions for more information

LOL I wasn't complaining about your mods =) Go admin!!
I couldn't hear the midi.

Yet I wasn't invited to the wedding? :'C

Ah yes, Jono fitting in nicely as the housewife I trust?

I'm not sure if you were complaining about my mods on this blog, Kwong, but now you have no right to:

:: Friday, February 21, 2003 ::

Kwong: And catchy background music.

Butters: And what are you gonna do about it? Maybe if I change it to more funkier colours, they will come back.

Kwong: Blog is once again on the brink of death.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

hey jono and i are married. yay!

Here's an interesting pic I came across when my parents were dealing with admin stuff for their new office. I took this photo back in July, but couldn't get it off my phone until now. Apparently this guy is their agent:

You got a friend in me, you got a friend in me.
When the road is rough ahead,
And your miles and miles away
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
"You got a friend in me"

when i'm walking down the street i call your name
inside my head i go insane
don't you know that it's really making me crazy
there were days when i went completely blind
no time to think and i lost time
won't believe what's happened to me lately

causes everyday it's the same day
different faces with no names
places i've never been before
and everyday it's the same thing
different faces with no names
places i've never been before

and i begin to wonder
and i begin to wonder...

Friday, September 05, 2003

haha no marc, I think I'll be getting a dorm which actually has a single room to itelf with a lock and door etc

and yes americans should be trustworthy.....

it's too cold to steal notebooks overthere anywho

i walk in.
i walk out.

LOL Assignment 2 outsourced! What about test 3 of DSS? Outsourced too?

Fantacising about one extra day which will inevitably be used for Star or similar. When you get desperate you act irrationally (or rationally the way you want to think about it)

4:30am and i'm awake.
haven't woken up this early since... umm... the us grand prix last year.

lol interesting life cycle

End semester exam day cycle

Wake up involuntarily, sun gets in my eyes, shit it's setting, oops, hallucinating
Unload 2 hours of compilation of bladderal fluids, while brushing teeth
Skip breakfast, screw the hair once again, out the door in less than 10 minutes after setting foot off the bed
Niece cries goodbye, attachments can sometimes render one fixated
Drives while cramming for the day's exam, about time someone appreciates peak hour traffic
Tempted by unauthorised parking on campus, discouraged on the sighting of a parking fine of an unfortunate soul
Detour to Macqaurie centre. Where there's will, there's a way, though not always the best way
5 minutes left to exam, running's opp cost is 2 pages of extra study, 2 pages extra study's opp cost is lateness to exam
Settled for powerwalking
Late to exam due to caffeine temptation
Exam over, walking zombie, lets watch a movie
Home at night, another painful decision between bed, playstation 2, niece, or starcraft.

The life cycle of 14 weeks
1 - No Tuts so why bother comming?
2 - Familiarise with your lab partner, use money if nesseary.
3 - Behind already, this is it, if you don't catch up now, it'd down hill all the way.
4 - Okay, it's down hill all the way.
5 - Help Yi, the assignment is due in 12 hours! How long does it take to get 1+1 to compile?
6 - Assignments all done, relax baby.
7 - Um, Shit.
Break - BBQ!!!
8 - Nice break, now I'll be a new man!
9 - Maybe not.
10 - Is it me or are lectures not making much sense anymore...
11 - Assignment 2 outsourced.
12 - I think I'll buy the textbook now.
13 - Starts fantacising about the possibilities of "if given an extra day.."
14 - It's finally week 14 - STARRRRRRRR!!!!

Repeat until degree obtained. WAM = 50 + Epsilon, where Epsilon is arbitarily small.

It's America, who knows?

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Just make sure you can trust your dorm buddies

haha well John, I will be bringing it to uni because I"ll probably be living on campus at Purdue. So I need a computer that's essentially a desktop replacement system. So no I won't really be carrying it around uni, just leaving it in my college room.
This is one of the best I've seen so far, online.
Very cheap too, relatively. For my budget.

yay, now you can play the music on piano (or a midi keyboard) marc

aaah, i cant stop it in opera! aaahhh!!

random quote: (thats right, its back)

Education is the progressive realisation of our ignorance

My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all.
The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad...

(Press ESC if u dont want to hear it)

come to Macquarie just to play pool


we have like 3.
and i wouldn't know about their prices, but good luck trying to play without challenging someone.
especially if eric's there.

what the.. theres no encryption in the transaction of account name and password to the blog server..

oh well.. if someone gets my password, they will also be able to get.. my star account

usyd pool tables suck.. except for the price.. and only in comparison to unsw pool tables

does macquarie have pool tables?

are you going to be carrying it around? eg. at uni?

My sister had a compaq (the one I'm now using). She bought it in 2000 I think and for the next three years basically treated it like a desktop ie leaving it on for very long hours for no particular reason...and its still alive and in very much good condition so I'm using as a linux box now. The only complaint I have is that the CPU is too slow.

She just got a Toshiba as a replacement for the compaq. Yet to see how it turns out but so far so good.

I need to buy a notebook in Sydney in the next few weeks.

Priority One is price - Budgeting range is $3000 - $3500 AU.
Priority Two is screen size - bigger is definitely better for me. Min size should be 15" or so.

Non priority is weight.

Any recommendations?

I'm fairly clueless atm.
Constraints: My brother doesn't like Dell, thinks IBM and Sony are too expensive, so my options are essentially Compaq and Toshiba. Or Acer.

Thats why you two study Aerospace engineering. So we can go to other planets and ruin them too sequentially.

At 80 we'll be thinking starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...That or gg no re

Life always treat its subservient constituents unrewardingly (charlie zhang, 2003)

How does one advance forward in their intellectual pursuit if they seldom persevere but often gives in to a mere "This sort of discussion never ends"?

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

wait, so am i the cavity or the tooth?

alcohol, nature's cleanser.. makes memories just, disappear!

now what was i doing..

oh yeah.. blog..

'the meek shall inherit the earth'.. after we've destroyed ourselves.. so maybe that is our 'purpose' of existence, to further the development of 'the meek'..

muons.. how very.. bovine..

so is that your purpose in life yi? to understand girls? or is it a secondary objective?

john, you are giving the impression that you are analogous to a cavity destroying a tooth that was hardened after constant exposure to fluoride.

hmm.. whats in this wine?

shallow philosophical.

hahahah Our purpose is to destroy ourselves?
Hmm ok, in that case we seem to be failing quite miserably
Either that, or we are subsconciously conspiring against ourselves, without knowing it, and failing, without seeing it.

I feel muons hitting me

Yi, when we're 80+ years old we won't be saying that, we will be thinking about our next game of lawn bowls.

I feel photons hitting me all the time!
Human beings won't survive anywhere near that long. We are too selfish and corrupted. Our purpose is to destroy ourselves as well as our environment.

so at the end of it, we can say:"damn... i still don't understand girls."

striving for happiness.

LOL John and Charlie

haha Kwong, go Spring, w00t!
I was still cold today. Looks like I still need my jumper for a bit.

haha Darren, interesting insight

lol Kwong, but you really must wonder that if we are indeed born from evolution etc, then what are real life issues for and what's the point of it all? I mean even if we go out exploring and inhabiting the universe at light speed in 1 x 1020 years' time and exhaust all of the resources of the universe (or multiverses or whatnot), is there any point to humanity? Sometime in the unimaginably distant future (i.e. where billions of years are miniscule) when all the resources of the universe have died out and we've met all the alien races there are to meet, was there any point to it all? And would we just die out?
That could well be the reality of it, but if there really is "electromagnetic radiation" then I would like to feel it, especially if it's right.

It's quite an amazing thing when you look at life from a different viewpoint; you see everything and ask what the point of it all is, whether it be in science, law, medicine, engineering, business etc. Sometimes, it seems as though absolutely everything we do is just to keep us busy and "doing stuff" from when we're born to when we die. Building skyscrapers and jet aircraft, earning wages, racing cars, studying, exploring and learning more about the world and the universe, playing games et cetera. We might be contributing to the human race in some way shape or form (e.g. space exploration) that will hold its legacy far beyond what we can imagine, but then it always comes back to the question, "What's the meaning of life?"

And while I concur with the number 42, I also don't know why I concur with that.

We, or at least I, am not searching for a purpose in life (I was pretty sure I had one), but rather the truth about it, whatever that may be.

And yes Yi's right (as usual?), "discussions" about religion never end, so absolute truth then evolves into individual faith in whatever each of us choose to believe.

So yep, whatever it may be, life is definitely GG, no re.

Its the second day of spring and I already hate it.

and the lamestest counter-response would be:
yes. smith, john smith.

the lamest response would be:
is your last name smith?

i believe the lamest pickup line is:
hi, my name is john.

the lamest pick up line:
fuck me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you like to have sex with me?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

the bible put me on a need to know basis? how cool. does that mean i need a higher clearance to get more sensitive information?

According to a secondary source, (ie not me) the bible claims to have 'sufficient' information for us to lead 'wholesome christian lives', so it doesnt explain everything thats happened, but rather informs u on a 'need to know' basis. and it seems that we dont 'need to know' how 'this' all began..

lol, kwong.. I propose that God is a being who exists in a way that is beyond our comprehension, for now..

Feb 27th was a Thursday..

And now for something completely (or at least very) different..

Lame pickup lines.. (for emergency use only)

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

I dont have a library card but could i still check you out?

I wish i was cross-eyed, then I could see you twice

You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy

aaandd so on..

The vague explanation that God created everything does not exactly convince me. Then again I haven't read what the bible says so I can't really argue. It doesn't really matter anywayz. I guess if whatever solution that people choose to accept is good enough for themselves then thats ok. Arguing or 'discussing' this simply causes conflict and doesn't actually solve real life issues. I propose that God is a form of electromagnetic radiation.
In any case Kwong is too stupid to make any decent contribution. Mybad, so GG no re.

Haha I expect to see Charlie on the news sometime today then =)

0735 hours, still cramming for today's exam
just wondering, has anyone else got as desperate as cramming while driving to uni?

0604 hours. still cramming for today's exam
what a wonderful life.

Omg Yi, saying that's not an argument, rather a discussion is like saying no offense, but fuck you.
Just Kidding =)

Lol john, you're not too far off from a Christian response. From my knowledge, the bible says that god has his own way (reference unsure, quoting wei ming who quoted the bible). Also the impression I got is that there's all these bad things because we opposed him.
Oh and the message that was clearly conveyed was that regardless of what Christians have said, everything should go back to the bible, ie God's words.

I've heard this somewhere, but apparently someone proposed that Science itself is a religion. This has some validity, especially in the western culture.
For example, in Milgram's Obedience study back in the 50s or something, he asked his subjects to deliver electric shocks to pseudo-subjects in a experiment on learning and memory (the experiment was actually on obedience of those real subjects). Somewhere like 60% of the subjects delieverd shocks to the highest voltage, following the 'orders' of Milgram, dressed in a lab coat depicting the typical Scientist.

I would think that if you're a true Christian, then you will believe that Christianity explains all things because God is the creator and regulator of all things.

Haha, interesting poem. One thing I would hate to believe is that if Adam and Eve were the first humans, then that means their childrens must be incestuous, and their offsprings would typically be deformed -> we're deformed.

Does the mathematician decription refer to their futility in search of absolute truth?

haha Yi, you are such a pedantique wretch (John Donne, A Sunne Rising)

lol Kwong, Christianity does explain everything (I think that's the gyst of it), it's just whether we want to believe in it or not.
Science can, as yet, not explain everything, but Christianity / God is said to have created Science (obviously).

John is [almost] always right (except when he's, well, wrong)

Speaking of pedantic wretches, Yi must be a lawyer

And I am a psychologist according to the following comic:

Professionals... Defined

A statistician is someone who is good with numbers, but lacks the personality to be an accountant.

A consultant is someone who takes the watch off your wrist and tells you the time.

A mathematician is a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat which isn't there. (Charles R. Darwin)

A professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep.

A programmer is someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand.

A psychologist is a man who watches everyone else when a beautiful girl enters the room.

A schoolteacher is a disillusioned woman who used to think she liked children.

A topologist is a man who doesn't know the difference between a coffee cup and a doughnut.

An actuary is someone who brings a fake bomb on a plane because that decreases the chances that there will be another bomb on the plane.
(Laurence J. Peter)

A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000 word document and calls it a "brief." (Franz Kafka)

Good night.

Monday, September 01, 2003

How Sex Began

In the Garden of Eden,
As everyone knows,
Lives Adam and Eve,
Without any clothes.

In this garden,
Were two little leaves,
One covered Adam's,
One covered Eve's.

As the story goes on,
Nevertheless to say,
The wind came along,
And blew the leaves away.

At the sight,
Adam did stare,
there was Eve's treasure
All covered with hair.

And wonder came,
Under Eve's eyes,
As Adam's thing,
Started to rise.

They found a spot,
That suited them best,
A nice big tree,
Where they began to rest.

Her legs spread wider,
And wider apart,
While thrill after thrill,
Came into her heart.

The head of Adam's thing,
Peeked into the hole,
And filled her with passion,
Beyond her control.

His thing did slide,
And Eve's treasure,
Was all wet inside
The joy was good,
She wouldn't let loose,
Until Adam's thing,
Was all out of juice.

If Christianity can't explain everything then it is no better than science.

"if he did create everything to be good, then why does the world contain evil... lets say bad things? natural disasters, accidents, sadness. why did God create grief and sadness? "

not being a christian or anything, but a common response would be that god has his own reasons. its hard for us to understand them, but we just have to accept them for there is a reason behind this; god is not only just but also kind.

Lets go find some other religions to 'discuss'!

always so damn right.

anyway, since it's a slow posting day, i thought i might post my reply.

[my reply follows]

>Heya Yi =)

>nice to hear from you =)

>no offence taken =) just watnned to clarify a few things =)

how you doing!!! haven't seen you in ages.
nice to hear from you again too.

>God is not King. God is Just

uhmm... i never said God is King. i tried to search through my reply and didn't find a single instance of the work King. well, i did find "lacking", "asking", "thinking", "debunking", "making", "taking" and "looking". However, i never said God was King anywhere.

>um... Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are not the same thing, but from the same source =)

uhmm... source? so... someone/something/some-event lead to the creation of God? or am i missing something here? i am sure there's a better explanation of this source. just curious.

>and evolution =) God doesn't say how he created man .. only that he created man last. Maybe that >creation was from evolution. nobody knows =)

oh ok. so some Christians actually believe in evolution. uhmm, unfortunately (for this discussion that is) i have not studied myself in the Bible. so i cannot discuss evolution any further in relation to evolution and it's relationship with Christians.
however, in saying he created man last, he implied that he created other things. of course, he doesn't state what other things are so i can't really say he created the world. and my point goes back to the part about me not studied in the Bible. so i can't really point out a specific book and chapter and verse that says God created all things. but anyway... let's leave that.

>and of course natural selection is true =)

natural selection is part of evolution. infact, an integral part of it.
the evolution process (as learnt in Algorithms by me and James, taught by Richard Buckland)
goes something like this:
General population
Selection (the natural selection you are talking about is here)
Possibly mutation
back to Selection.
i am not going to discuss the origin of the General population. it's of course going to lead to the topics of whether God created all things. etc etc.

>God created everything to be good =)

if he did create everything to be good, then why does the world contain evil... lets say bad things? natural disasters, accidents, sadness. why did God create grief and sadness?

>but we as humans dont believe in utopia, therefore we've taintedd it =)
we have tainted what?
the utopia that was the creation of God?
you aren't really putting an effort in explaining such things.
and i am quite lost.
>not arguing =) just clarifying =) Believe what you must, but yes =) just wanted to answer this =)
we are not arguing.
we are having a discussion.
is it possible for anyone to believe that i am only having a discussion with a Christian? it's like everyone thinks i am some islamic fundamentalist (using James' language) and i want to kill all Christians or at least make their lives miserable. that's not true! ... well, not anymore!!!

that's the first time i've heard a satisfactory answer from a christian about the issue of evolution.

i think he is having PMS.

and here's Renee's reply to my boredom.
people remember that one right? ... the one that went for 2 pages.

[Renee's reply follows]

Heya Yi =)

nice to hear from you =)

no offence taken =) just watnned to clarify a few things =)

God is not King. God is Just

um... Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are not the same thing, but from the same source =)

and evolution =) God doesn't say how he created man .. only that he created man last. Maybe that creation was from evolution. nobody knows =)

and of course natural selection is true =)

God created everything to be good =)

but we as humans dont believe in utopia, therefore we've taintedd it =)
not arguing =) just clarifying =) Believe what you must, but yes =) just wanted to answer this =)

What is WRONG Butters?!

So if I pick 50:50 and round up, then my choice now exists between family and other

Awesome FLs here I come...again