Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lolz, Hash, can I come over and help you "sort out" your dvds? And if poker is also a part of the night's agenda, then it'll be even better!

Other news,

Road trip this Saturday will be a drive down to Canberra. What can we do down there?! Questacon sounds like a good idea, Parliament House for photo opportunities, and if weather permits, we can go to the observatory? at night for stargazing. Please reply ASAP, so I can plan the times. Any good spots for breaks on the way to Canberra?

For those who are free from 7 onwards this Friday - u are cordially invited to my house for inaugaral construction of the HMZ Drive Yards Capital Class Vessel.

HMZDY is known for procuding such technical marvels as the Incom Systems' ARC-170 Space Superiority Fighter as well as the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Light Freighter model YT-1300 custom replica 'Millennium Falcon'.

Warning :: There will be some Magic drafting involved

I'm possibly free on friday night, depending on if I get teh car.

On a side note: Who is staying in Sydney on the 24th-26th Dec? If you are one of these people and you don't have other committments, I'm planning a Xmas party at my place from 24th (I get the house alone since sis == going to Japan, pez == going camping). I will try and cater for food etc. so can I get a reply ASAP.....

Btw spain your fav chilli pork will be awaiting your arrival...

Oi, what have you non-working bums been doing lately? Anyone up for anything Friday night?

There was a jeans ad that was similar to the joke, and it won an award for being a good ad.

Boy goes to pharmacist, buys condom very subtley, and puts it in designer jeans watch pocket (the small pocket just above the bigger pocket of some jeans)

He then proceeds to girlfriend's house, rings doorbell, only to be confronted by the pharmacist.


Then text '(designer jeans) with watch pocket. Used and misused for (some time)'

Lunch sounds good Charlie!

I actually have a doctor's appointment at 11:15am, so hopefully lunch should happen by 12, aim to get to airport no later than 1:15pm

We could pop over to Coogee and grab fish and chips, or anything

will you guys be having lunch around UNSW? I can meet you guys for lunch.

Hey guys,

Just a quick farewell as I fly out at 3:15pm today. Thanks all for coming over on Tuesday night for a grand final party for the year, I think it was good! Despite spilt coke and the usual kerfuffle that cannot be avoided with 14 odd people. Gosh the pizza was awesome though. Hungry now.

And a big thanks to John who will be ferrying me around today to run some errands near uni before taking me to the airport. Lunch is the least I can shout.

Will post updates when possible and interesting. See you all in late March and have a wonderful Christmas and summer!

Hash, so i guess I won't need the Corsairs...saves a lot of cash there! Probably go with the SATA drives though.

And there's another version of that joke.

A young man enters a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist for a condom. "My girlfriend's invited me over for dinner," he explains, "and I thinks she's expecting something from me, if you know what I mean!"

As the pharmacist hands over the rubber, the lad requests a second. "My girlfriend's sister is also super hot," he winks. " I think she might be after a piece of me as well!"

The pharmacist gives it to him, which only leads the man to ask for a third condom. " my girlfriend's mum is also pretty cute," he gurns. "Since she invited me, I think she might be after a shot of lovin' too!"

During dinner, the young man is sitting with his girlfirend on his left, her hot sister on his ight and the mum facing him. When the dad arrives, the man lowers his head and immediately starts praying.

Ten minutes later, the boy is still praying. The others look at each other surprised, and his bewildered girlfriend finally leans over to him and whispers, "I didn't know you were so religious!"

He whispers back, "I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

James - Marc's already left Australia

I dunno why they call it a family pack, but if I had to guess, refer to the Family Guy ep where Quagmire's parents come to stay with him.

Why did you call the large pack of condoms a 'family' pack? An implication of the users or the result of continuous usage?

And... back to work

This has prolly been around the Block, but it's still gold ::

A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time.

Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. The pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex.

At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all.

That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!"

The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly offers to say grace and bows his head.

A minute passes, and the boy is still deep in prayer, with his head down.

10 minutes pass, and still no movement from the boy.

Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, the girlfriend leans over and whispers to the boyfriend, "I had no idea you were this religious."

The boy turns, and whispers back, "I had no idea your father was a pharmacist."

Eric - the corsair's are completely unnecessary unless ur sister plans on OC'ing (doubtful).

PATA IDE and SATA have different connectors and work on different methods of data transfer. current PATA IDE models get to speeds of about 133 Mbps max, SATA2 can get to a theoretical 300 Mbps. SATA2 drives will prolly cost u about 5% more than a PATA IDE drive and are worth it IF ur comp supports that format.

Could you give Food of China to Jono so he can pass it to me?


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey guys,

Sorry for late post. Still good to go ahead for a get together at my place tomorrow if people are keen? Get here 4:30 for soccer until dinner at about 6:30pm, then we can hire a DVD, grab some gelato etc.

Times are flexible, and I know some are working (e.g. Kwong, Linda) the next day thus an early ish dinner.

Seeya then!

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am reminded of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, and of FLCL (you know, that crazy anime)

Eric: We need pictures of them winning tile sets. :D

Marc: You won't be carrying that big pack every single second.. only when you change sleeping locations. Otherwise you leave it at the hostel. So it shouldn't be too bad.

Kwong: Palm beach sounds good! Beach is good!... though I'll be in Shanghai already. ><


Hey guys,

Cleaning out my stash of equipment. Selling all this on and closing either tonight or tomorrow morning.
If you want anything, you get mates rates. Though please tell me ASAP if you want something.

1. CPU: Athlon 500 (+Gold Finger Device), IBM PR166+
2. Coolers: Slot A * 2, Slot A bare heatsink, Socket A, Socket 7
3. Graphics: 32MB TNT M64, 32MB Geforce2 MX
4. Soundcard: SB Live!, Creative PCI128
5. NIC: 100Mb NIC * 2, 10Mb NIC, 10Mb hub
6. ATX case, 300W PSU
7. Ricoh CDRW MP7060A 6x6x4, Floppy
8. 80mm fans * 5
9. HD: 80GB Seagate PATA, 17GB Seagate PATA, 4 SATA cables, molex to 2 way SATA power cable
10. Keyboard, USB to PS/2 mouse adaptor
11. Optical mice * 2, ball mice * 2
12. RAM: 128MB SDRAM * 2
13. CF/MS/SM/SD card reader
14. Temperature probe
15. 15" CRT
16. Samsung A300 case, charger, battery, handsfree
17. Netgear Storage Centre SC101
18. D-Link DI-704P 4-port router

Naaa, my mum didn't really care.

Anyway, is there a huge difference between the IDE and SATA hdd drives? I am thinking of getting a 160gb for my comp, and upgrade my sister's RAM. I'll thinking of getting my sister's 512 and get her something good. She has a 3.2gb HT with a 925mobo. Corsairs XM2s any good?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

If there is no thunderstorm on Saturday, would anyone be interested in going to Palm Beach?

Advanced apologies to Yi and Charlie. I just tried my pack on with close to full weight. While it is extremely comfortable standing, I don't think I have the endurance to keep on going ^^

Thanks Eric for hosting. I hope we didn't make too much noise to incur the wrath of ur mum.

Lolz, it was a great night. But just a lil small for 10+ people. Don't believe I managed to fit 12? people into my room. My room's always that neat...:p, even when I was living in Hurstville. Just not as decorated back then.

Darren, the subway's gone already. But we still have the cream buns. Might chuck those out too if you guys don't wanna claim them.

Jono, Tuesday's should be ok. I am still trying to fix up my sleeping patterns after 3 weeks of "exam" hell.

The flyers, have fun and have a safe trip guys. Kwong and Jono, bring us back some cheese!! Marc/Charlie/Yi, don't eat anything strange! j/k XD

Farewell won't be necessary. I'll be back in 6 weeks and we can go beach and stuff.

Thanks for poker night Eric, it was good. Enjoy my money you winners.. Also Eric, you can throw that bit of Subway food i left in your fridge out.. unless you REALLY want chicken parmiagana.

Biking.. I just got home.. chances of chores tomorrow are high.. riding a bike sounds good, but at RNP seems too far away, lets ride from Kwong's place to my place (so i can do chores) then back to Kwong's place.

Alexis: Your notice is very late.. Soccer amongst ourselves also sounds doable.. but when? I can play monday..

Marc: when is your flight on tuesday? would you like a little farewell there? same question to all other leavers..

I'm keen for soccer, or riding, anything.

I'll also be up at 5:45am to take my bro to the airport. Sweet.

By the way, if you're free Tuesday afternoon/evening/night, we can do something at my place if people are keen. My bro's in Adelaide for a week.

Maybe casual soccer at St Leonards Park, then dinner, hire a DVD, ice cream/gelato, and have plenty of alcohol here too for those inclined.

Think John and Linda are in so far. Kwong if you're keen, bring your fancy new f'shizzlin camera.

Sorry Marc you'll miss this. Reason for Tues afternoon/night is Yi and I fly out Thursday, and others leaving Sydney soon after too. Should be a fun night if people are free :)

Sorry for the late notice, but tomorrow there won't be soccer due to the inability of the European team to make it during the day. So Jono you could resume your plans you had with Darren and Kwong, unless we have a game just among us which wouldn't be a bad idea. The game against the Europeans will be on Monday, and due to our depleted South American team, David has asked me that anyone who is keen can join us on Monday. We will be known as the Australian contingency.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Isn't Alexis organising soccer? He told me 1pm.

Kwong, Darren - maybe cycling won't happen? Dunno, let me know if you guys are still keen

My name is Hash. I like you. I like Poker + Mahjong night. Is nice! Was Great Success!

Who is organising soccer tomorrow?

Thanks heaps Kwong and Eric, for organising Friday night, and to Eric for being a most excellent host.

Anyone keen for a ride this Sunday? Probably go to Royal National Park. Blue mountains has a lot of smoke atm so not the best place to go.

So far I think Kwong, Darren and I are keen. Darren might need to borrow Kwong's bike. I don't have a spare bike sorry, but let us know if anyone's keen. We'd probably take the two cars down so can fit 4-5, even 6 bikes easily.

Be back in Sydney by about 6pm


Friday, November 24, 2006

haha Congrats Charlie! 5 years.

Oh man the Rhodes movie was 7pm. Gosh. I just woke up. Will have some dinner and see you boys at eric's


Go Charlie. w00t!!!!!!!!!!

Now hopefully, I can get a H1 XD.

Though its soooo unlikely with my track record.

This has made my day:

Dear Charlie,

I am writing to advise you that your overall Psychology Honours result
was an H2 1. Furthermore, you achieved an SNG (Standard Numerical
Grade) of 81. Congratulations.

Grades for the second semester units will be sent asap, and you should
contact your supervisor in the next few days to arrange a time to
receive feedback on your thesis.

My sincere best wishes,
Janna Enger

Such a smart, handsome man. Oh butters.

wow, such a bad deal - I get my packs for $3.40 each.

The packs are on separate receipts. I am not that stupid :)

Also it is pretty much impossible for any of us to purchase all 3 on EFTPOS given our current financial situation. You would need credit.

Your receipt is already in the bag and is all yours.

Marc - About the packs we bought yesterday, can you please photocopy the receipt ASAP and bring it to Eric's tonight?

Wait, dude, edit: Is each of our packs on separate receipts? If not, we can't claim GST back through the Tourist Refund Scheme. And you can't claim for me, because you won't have my pack on you at the airport. If you paid for both our packs on one receipt, we need to go back to Paddy Pallin to get individual receipts printed (which is not hard).

---- Old post continued ----

Just that that receipt is worth a lot of money, not just because two $450 packs are on it, but because if any damage, loss or theft happens to our packs on any of our trips around the world or through China (which is somewhat probable), then you'll need the receipt for insurance claims, warranties etc.

The original receipt is the most important though. If you don't particularly want it, I can keep it since I file all my receipts away, and you could access it if you ever needed it. Let me know what you prefer, thanks

PS Charlie - you may also want to make a photocopy of it, since receipts can tend to fade over 5-10 years etc.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I can't do Borat coz my mum is leaving overseas around then, but I'll try to make post-movie.

Been too busy and being squished from all sides moreso than during exams.

Very dog Kwong and go to Flinky's place.

Try and make it tonight at Eric's because it may be the last venue you will see some of us for a few months

Friday night plans:

- FFA dinner.
- Borat @ Rhodes Readings cinema 7:00pm session.
- Post-movie poker, etc, at Eric's place.

For those who will be relying on public transport, there will be persons driving and can pick you up from Rhodes station.

Please contact:
- Eric, John, or I

Spread the word and peanut butter!

Hahahah, glad you like the thing. The program is called AndreaMosaic. I can send you the setup file if you want through gmail. A very easy program to use, just get the prog to find the photos within a folder, and the pic you want and the program will form the mosaic out of the photos. However, compiling the damn thing took forever...even on a 3.2 HT comp. The end result was around 48mbs I think...and unfortunately, i've lost the file to your Jennifer cos my USB thumb drive died all of a sudden...

I didn't get to thank you guys for the Jennifer Connelly poster. Thank you. It was most thoughtful of you and artfully delivered. I went through much contemplation doing the framing/matting--simple the final framing my appear. The cream and purple matts took ages to figure out. Great result though, totally worth it!

My co-workers are even asking about the picture, specifically the software that was used to make it. What was it?

Gmail works in China. Unless you bleak it. XD

Firefighters vs Police in Paris.

Bit of a rarity. Generally they work in complement.

Is gmail blocked in China? I put all my info there.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

hey guys whats happening on friday? if thursday is poker night at kwong's (which i can't make unfortunately)

Preliminary get together:

7pm Thursday night my place for poker or whatever.

Ethics class...ethics suck...I've been doing ethics in every single accounting class, and funny enough, I always end up doing ethics for my presentations.

Welcome to law: that which john and I endured for 5 years

Well they are called "clutz" within the law community.

"A contract of insurance insures the interest of the insured in the subject matter of the insurance. The subject matter of the insurance is the thing insured under the contract of insurance."

I don't know if that was even meant to be funny. Courtesy of Clayton Utz lawyers notes for my Ethics class.

House save's Borat.. (yeah, it happened a while ago, but its still funny)

I'm down for your place kwong, even though i have an exam the next day.. its just so.. convenient

Which misdemeanour(s)?

Also I'd love to ride, but no bike to ride on..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eric, I'm supposed to be organising something?

Who is free Thursday night for poker/drinks? Who's place is free to host such a night? Do you guys want to come up to my place?

With regards to Friday night, Eric, is your place confirmed? I've got a recommendation for those with photos of our misdemeanor to bring them for all to view. Sharing is caring. :P

Bike ride sounds good, provided it's not like 40ºC.

Thursday sounds good.

Charlie, Marc, and anyone else interested:

I'll be popping by the gear stores on Thursday daytime to look at packs and other gear and will probably buy a bunch of stuff then too

Let me know if you want to come with. If we need to buy a bunch of stuff then will make it easier to bargain down.

Saturday soccer?

There's a bushfire in the blue mountains

If you guys are planning a roadtrip, I still have all the materials including the map. Get them before I leave.

James: PS3 mod you might like

Kwong - would you be keen for a ride this Sunday?

Maybe we could go out to the blue mountains.

Anyone else keen?

btw have editted wiki to include when people might be flying overseas, and changed format to conserve space

John :: You are incorrect, I am not aggressive, I am buddhist and everyone knows that buddhists are not aggressive at all XD

Alexis :: What you fail to understand (AGAIN) is that the PS3 packs enuf hardware to have on-die modelling of a cray super-computer. Also, Wii may also introduce a hand-motion similar to the incessent clicking of D2 style games, and equally familiar ...

Eric :: I dunno eric, sounds fishy. A 'chef' coming out of 'retirement' to do one last 'favour' for an old 'friend' sounds too much like "Peter Steiner-Davion coming out of a self-imposed exile to eliminate Katrina Steiner-Davion at the behest of his brother Victor" ...

Spain :: 1 acronym - DOTA

John :: I reiterate, non-aggression ... now stop spreading these lies or I will forced to hire Eric's 'chef' to 'bake you a cake'.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lolz James, I see you have finally set up a shrine for your Jennifer.


i agree with alexis, if i was into consoles heavily i'd be getting a 360, its got some sweet titles. As a more casual console player (last console was a 64) im getting a wii, so i can wave my stick around with my brother!

hurry the fuck up people! soccer and goodtimes await!

by the way, a very big WTF DOGS! to those people going overseas without saying anything. im all cut now, we aint got numbers for soccer anymore...

It's GT5 and Tekken 6 that is a necessity for me. And a PS3 is necessary for those. So by default, PS3 is a necessity.

Fair enough. I am having dinner with a group of international students on Friday so I can't make that either. Though if guys are willing to play tennis, soccer on Saturday I am more than keen to attend.

Why is a PS3 a necessity for your Eric? Is it for its Blue Ray capabilities? Launch games haven't been stellar. After initial reactions, and people's response to the Wii, I am inclined to believe that this generation the PS3 may loose to the console race to Nintendo and Microsoft (it won't be a major ass whooping like the DS has done with the PSP). They have an overpriced machine and no quality games for the first year or so. not to mention Sony insists on promoting connectivity features with an already dead system (the PSP).

I don't see the point in getting a PS3. Games sush as MGS4 and FXIII won't come out till late 2007. Don't expect Devil May Cry 5 and GT5 till 2008, if even that.

Sorry...slight correction to the pricing...the dishes that we share is priced at around 12.80 on average...unles you have seafood. But that's the general case for most resturants.

Darren: Dunno if people are keen on going to Randwick for food then have to drive back to Lidcombe at my place.

Alexis: Since you've never posted on the wiki, nor the actual blog of your last exam date, I can't really organise something that can suit your needs. However, I did mention that "most of us" are finished on the 24th so we can do something then. I must say, I was apologizing to KJ and to those who are yet to finish on the 24th. I did try accomodate and are in the process of organising one on 23rd and one on 24th. (though I am trying to get Kwong to organise it...)

Hash: No, I meant Asians as in..ASIANS...not triads!

Nop, not getting the Wii unless they are willing to sell it for 150 plus extra conroller and games. But am tempted to get the 360 on top of my PS3 (PS3 comes first, 360 will be something more of an additional luxury, as oppose to PS3 being a necessity for me)...lolz

Hash :: the black man wins. the brown man loses.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eric: if we are going to have dinner at your uncle's restaurant on thursday, we should meet up at the thesis labs. Its where us thesis doers have been spending most of our time, and we own this lab now.

Parking at UNSW is alot easier after 4pm, as 2 hour parking spots last until 6pm, then are unlimited afterwards. Trust me, i've been at uni longer after session was over than i was during the session.

Poker on Thursday is no go for the guys who still have exams after the 23rd..

Alexis: You havent told anyone when you finish.. How were they to know?

john: I think its Dota withdrawal symptoms..

just out of curiousity, besides Alexis, who is going to get a WII?

What is wrong with you Eric? Haven't you considered that some of us still have exams on Friday?

is anyone else finding hash's posts are becoming more and more aggressive lately?

By 'Asian' you mean Triad rite? U sure they won't demand $100 protection money per person?

Yes. It's actually a really small resturant. It's priced under 10 per dish or something. The chef is a friend my aunt's dad (what's he called? An uncle?) He's actually retired, but doing a favour for him cos he's bored or something. It's all the Asian connections hash..."ma connections yo"...

Too much finance does weird things to ur mind yo...lolz...

And if we are having dinner there, we might as well meet up at Maccas next to UNSW and we'll drive the most efficient number of cars down. It's pretty hard to find parking there...then we can head over to my place for poker. Remember two seats are taken in my car since I might have to take my sister home with me.

Darren :: I just saw that Yellow fever ep! Black wins!

Eric :: Can we afford the food?

Hahahah, paper Gundam...lolz. I am interested in building that paper timber wolf though. Yes, it's a Timber Wolf, NOT a mad cat! And that paper pulse rifle, I might build that as well. Just don't know where I'll put it.

Hash, you know you wanna make a stupid decision and lose half your chips to us. Lolz. So at the moment, who's coming? I need to know. Also, you guys wanna go to my family's new resturant at Randwick for dinner this Thursday? I have yet to visit myself but the chef is from one of the major resturants in HK...

If by Poker, you mean Magic I am down

Eric, the solution is Paper Gundam models. They are so light, it doesnt matter if the fall. But sorry to hear about that mishap of yours..

Friday poker suits me more, its after exams. I'll see you there then.

Guys, Kwong and I have both discussed a double poker night starting on Thursday, then we'll have another one on Friday. Please reply and tell me if you are coming or not. My place is open till around 1am...

And my god I've just witnessed the most horrifying thing in my room...while I was getting a folder out of my shelves, I accidentally bumped into my display shelf. Then my $400 dollars worth of Gundams came crashing down, onto the floor, and splattered right in front of my eyes. It took me 2 hours to find all the parts and another 30 minutes glueing broken parts together. That just made me realise, my gundams and models will NOT survive an Earthquake. Lucky my lego collection is in the other one, with a protective cover over them...think I'll do the same to this one too...

this might seem like a stupid question, but where did 'nice shoes' come from?

i was watching i, robot today.. it magically appeared on my hdd so i watched it. in it, will gets that compliment after his police chief guy runs out of other nice things to say. so, is it from there or some earlier movie/show/game that i have been unaware of?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

As a real engineer, I am completely unaware of the Friedman character.

Nice shoes?

Friday, November 17, 2006

This only illustrates how great Milton Friedman was;

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement: "Milton was one of the great thinkers and economists of the 20th century, and when I was first exposed to his powerful writings about money, free markets and individual freedom, it was like getting hit by a thunderbolt."

Friday is good

My god Milton Friedman died?! I was just studying about him on Wednesday. For those who don't know who he is, he's a big supporter of free markets...(except for Free Banking)

r.i.p. dr friedman =(

Just procrastinating as usual

This one distinctly reminds me of when I was a kid when I used to watch canto movies at granny's. The HK love this song, like The Final Countdown by Europe.

An interpretation of those lyrics just for FF fans like KJ

The 'N' in INTP stands for iNtuitive.

Zune is a dud indeed. But forget the 'file tree' Eric, it's like wanting to use the command line to go through folders when there's Windows Explorer. ie. Backward. Database based management is the way of the future.

Kwong: in regards to your suggestions for activites on Friday, they sound great. lets play Texas Bowl'em with Borat..

In regards to a movie, i still have some movie monies from my birthday which i keep forgetting to use. its $10 each so you can save.. $1.50 off the concession fare..

I had more, but one went through the washing machine in my pocket, and some were taken by Han and probably suffered the same fate in his washing machine...

Hmmm, from that review, the Zune looks like a lemon...just like my MZ-N1. I'll wait until the thing comes out and read up on the previews. But I still want my "browse by filetree" function...

Kwong, I am down for all those activities. Actually, anyone down for some poker on Thursday night too??

Lol James,

You too missed the point. I was making what Australians (and other non-Americans) call a "joke".

edit: I thought u have enough "N" in INTP to make the intuitive leap XD.

Seef India is mainland Sri Lanka - we were never under Indian jurisdiction and we were completely conquered by the English XD.

Zune looks kinda ... crappy atm. They should have outsourced it!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

lol, it seems someone on this blog is permanently fascinated, or rather obsessed, with the asian-caucasian coupling paradox.

That is a nice amateur project though.

Zune Reviewed

yellow fever

LOL Hash,
You missed the point--the reason why it's so flexible is because the lack of caste distinctions, unlike say, mainland sri lanka India.

Following this chain of command, I assume the janitor is Mr.President?

Very cool.

I love silicon valley work culture:

My boss calls me sir and my co-workers call me boss. How cool is that? =D

A link I found going through some old thesis stuff.

Virtual Reality meets reality

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ten pin bowling, poker, Borat on Friday 24th Nov in no particular order?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I can hardly imagine Mr Bowie playing the elusive Nikola Tesla..


And damn you all for finishing so damn early..... grrrrrrr

On second thought, I prefer Charlene

James you can call me that after I get a sex change.

In my country there is problem



So that's the score try that after exams...

On another note, who's interested in poker, drunkedness on the 24th? Well, not drunk to throwing up, but a bit of alcohol to celebrate the end of uni (well for some of us).

Oh and I've just realised Edison Chen is in The Grudge 2. I will probably be laughing in the movie now...lolz And Catherine...a hawt name indeed. It's one of those names that sounds sexy and is usually paired with sexy bodies too...

In other news, the PS3 is doing great in Japan...Should've bought Sony shares!

Well, you know where I'll be this tight-ass Tuesday, James.

Does he molest a cute little Irish girl with, THOSE eyes, and flowing black hair? I guess that would be too much to ask for.

I'm going to call Charlie Chartherine from now on.

Tell me about it! ZOMG!!!

Some names achieve immense ZOMG when coupled with a great last name, like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy or Jennifer Connelly.

But Catherine. Self-contained and complete. ZOMG!

I watched The Prestige on Sunday. Guess who's in it? David Bowie!! I almost fell off my seat. He plays the mad scientist Nikola Tesla (think Tesla coil).

I agree, James. Catherine has some mysterious regal connotation that no other name has.

He also expressed the desire to win an Oscar for the Borat movie, preferably "for best anti-Jewish film, although there is of course very fierce competition from your Melvin Gibson''.

I want a daughter named Catherine, dammit!

My boss reminds me of Jono. I think they may be the same type actualy... ESTJ-esque.

Alexis, take the test..

Jono: It means you are good at reading people's eyes, probably because you've seen more pairs of eyes with different expressions and paid more attention to them than those who scored lower than you, but who knows.

John: Scoring low doesnt mean you're autistic, it means you are more likely to be than someone who scored higher.

Just so you know.. Aspergers is a milder form of Autism. Those with Aspergers possess awesome rote learning skills.. and are lacking in the area of picking up on social cues, like recognising emotion in eyes and social interaction in general..

In other words, the ideal personality type for a programmer.

And what does any of this have to do with my thesis? Bah, back to it..

Man, I hit question 10 and I was so bored of that test.

Oddly enough i pushed on. I beat you all, I got 32. Does that mean I am super-ordinary? Possess low-functioning autism? Much utility that score provides. It means I read 32 of 36 eyes correctly. Awesome. I am showering and sleeping.

Edit: I just clicked Next after the score. Question 10 was one I got wrong! haha.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Go be an ass to everyone now, john. You only have so precious little time on this Earth.

Hash, that score is not compatible with you.

Damn Darren, that sucks. I hope it's only a radiator hose for you...cos radiators can be quite costly...

And what's this score thing??

hmmm, i got 31 , but i was confused for most of them.

i only got 24. hooray, i'm not normal.

See this is what happens when you Tokyo Drift too much Eric.

I got 29. As House says, having Autism (Asperger's is considered a form of Autism) has its perks. You can be an asshole/total prick and it would still not be your fault.

I looked at that mind reading site a few days ago, one of the guys from Crypto posted it in the forums earlier. I got 31/36.. also meaning it is unlikely that I have Aspergers Syndrome..

Woah, fire.. is it out yet?

Hash: speed up your iLectures.. you'll learn from them faster!

All this driving to and from uni, and me forgetting to check coolant levels regularly have caused the pipe from the radiator to the engine to burst, and thus the engine to overheat. At epping, I was at a light waiting to turn right, when I heard a loud bang, then saw lots of steam coming from my bonnet. I then pulled over to a side street, waited for an hour or so and slowly made my way home..

Its possible that the radiator grill may also have cracked, but I have not got an expert opinion on that matter.

Ah well, back to public transport to and from uni.

Yeh, the fire was pretty big, but we didn't need evacuation. It used to be a Ralliart Factory there I think...remember seeing Ed Ordinsky's rally evo drive was loud, and i wanted to drive it too... The building is actually near Parra's end, so I was fine, but the fumes pissed me off since I had my windows opened...

Read Your Mind, yo!

fire on eric's street. wonder if he had to be evacuated...

25 lectures, 3 days

Can I do it!

Apparently not ...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

On tomorrow for Jono and others...

Auditions for Australia TV, I'd apply but HK TV is so much more glamourous

i just spent the last 20 minutes zooming around places here. lots of fun.

Hilarious (talking about BF2):

[Pinchie_au] some guy teamkilled me when i was camping on top of a building with him
[Pinchie_au] he said i was emitting muzzle flare, didn't want to get detected -.-

i know this may sound a bit early but anyone interested in a NYE party? Open for suggestions.....

Have fun for end of session party guys...

Classification only goes so far James, all systems fail given the correct example. A non-intuitive individual can be creative

Only an N type can conjure up amazing images from mere characters.

Whats the point of a water powered battery? In a few years time if its released here we won't even have any water left.

James, every female name sounds sexy to you.

Lol, trust the Japs to do it!
well I guess its not that big a step moving from a blood powered battery to a water powered battery ... DracoCell(TM) all the way!

Who's connie? Sounds sexy.

haha Darren.

Yeah we've done that a couple of times now though, from memory. Thinking of trying a different route?

water powered batteries. Look pretty cool

Friday, November 10, 2006


Ride from Pennant Hills park to Epping station again, past your old primary school.


Yeah beach party with fellow Honours classmate to celebrate end of exams/uni, possibly forever. Also a friend Connie is having her 22nd.She organised the function. There will be bbq, maybe beach soccer, and fire spinning at night =). I'm not at liberty to invite you guys to come to the function per se, but you're welcome to come along and enjoy the beach. Up to you guys

hey fellas,

Kwong and I going mountain biking tomorrow, for a ride somewhere.

Anyone interested?

No details yet. I'm looking into it. Thinking maybe RNP down south, or blue mountains. Or even up north. If you have suggestions, feel free to throw em forward.

North could be good, apparently charlie has some beach function at dee why? so we could tee it up with that, or whatever (if people are invited to this beach thing that is).

Just throwing it out there

John knows his cars...even Ferraris (I mean, Kimi is going over to Ferrari after all =þ). The design is actually based on a Ferrari called the 330 P3/4 of the 60s. Apparently, it has a lower drag coefficient and is 200kg lighter than the normal stock Enzo. It is also one of the few re-modelled Ferraris out there that is endorsed by Ferrari, hence it has the official Ferrari badging as well as an official name called the Ferrari p4/5. If only the Sydney Motor Show will ever feature that..and the FXX.

Does anyone remember who took that photo?

Darren, I think I still have those sticker photos. I also have a year10 group photo too, although I'm not sure if you're in it.

Jono, I also have our year11 semi-formal and year11 HGHS formal photos too!

the p4/5 is simply a one off creation from pininfarina, commissioned by some rich guy. the styling is based on ferrari prototypes from the 1960s. it kinda reminds me of the ford gt90 concept car from nfs2.

For the Car enthusiasts, try google a Ferrari called the p4/5 by Pininfarina. It's ferrai re-modelled...from an Enzo! I thought it was a cross between a lotus exige and an enzo!

Why does that photo look like its from the 1970s? Oh yeah, analogue camera.. A real nostalgic feel about it..

Seeing a photo like that has made me regret not taking any photos during my time to, from or at high school. All I have to remember my high school days is the year photo in the school's magazine, and uh... memories.

I lost the 'what are we doim' photos.. argh Kwong, care to scan and post?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

awesome photo!

I look pretty stupid and nerdy, but hey, it's James! And Allan! John's head has grown since then. Yi hasn't changed a bit.

Lolz, where's me?! The guy on the left doesn't look like me...I don't remember ever having short hair in NSB...

Man, the good ole'days...John and Jono with the long hair, Hash with the hat, Scott with the mushroom, and everyone else stayed the same...

Anyway, I propose a party/drinking/poker session on the 24th. Then head straight into soccer the next day.

Theres something very wrong about that photo. Neither Benny nor I are in it

another era passed.

Lolz Darren, indeed a hard gundam...or an 8800...

I can build my gundam, then it stand there, while the 8800 just stands there cos my comp can't use it, however, the 8800 has re-sellable value....

Thesis going underrrrrr.... argh

Is it nVidia's policy to not disclose the publishers of these sorts of technical papers? I'm guessing you didnt write the DX10 paper..

send Eric an 8800 instead of his gundam..

Yes James, losing a few of those 8800s by accident and accidentally sending them over to our addresses won't be a problem right? Lolz...


Yes sir. No 'et al' attached. I'll leave to you to guess which of them are mine. ;)

James, those articles look awesome. Very James-esque!

Incredible. Very well done.

You'll need to excuse the somewhat stupid sounding question - but did you write 2 of the 3 articles *all* by yourself? That is my quota of silly questions used up for today.

Would it be possible that you "lose" some of the demonstrator models given to you and they will be accidentally shipped to Sydney, Australia?

Today NVIDIA launched the world's most powerful graphics card, the Geforce 8800. If the reviews are of any indication, it is by far the most successful GPU launch in recent history. I'm glad to say I made a tiny contribution, writing two of the three technical briefs that's published on NVIDIA's website.

Take a look if you got the time. =D

naw i dont, just think if james found the girl who did the cockpit voices for mech, we'd both be in wavpoint orgasm in no time flat.

Lolz Spain, you reach Wavpoint Orgasm instantly?! And by looking at the Wiki, most of us finish on the 24th, so let's do something on the 24th. (Sorry KJ).

Rocket spray technology ineffective. Arrival earlier than scheduled. Welcome to Spainland.

Beef brisket? Ho-ry smoke! How many cram u get? ("How unhealthy MSG is now": lol)

I always thought your POV was: what other justification would your wife need if she looked like Jennifer Connelly?

I know one girl who could date a guy with a mech fetish.

"ambient temperature, 100.3 degrees. Time is 10 26 am" - she's gotta be pretty GILLEH~!!

"proceeding to waypoint Orgasm, estimated time to arrival, now."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For James

My parents don't use beef bones anymore
They use to but they didn't really like how some bones had fat instead of tendon/cartilage.

They cook beef brisket for an hour. 2 onions, 1 decently sized ginger, Salt and Sugar to taste. The main thing is some packet named Fried Spicy? Its essentially vegetables fried and made into stock powder? They use this instead of msg because my dad dislikes how unhealthy msg is now.

Even when they used bones to make the soup no more than 1 hour.

Hope that helps.

Add Chives, coriander, bean sprouts, pepper, oyster sauce, chilli sauce, Basil, Enjoy

You're married Jam?
Where's my god damn invitation! =)
Or are you referring to that girl you're trying to date online?
Although I don't know women, my guess is there's not many women out there who would date a guy who gets instantaneous orgasm from watching Mech clips =)

My wife needs to justify her existence too.

Hey James,

You cook all these meals but you have yet to conquer dessert. Lets see you dish up some dessert.

Always bet on Duke.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lolz. Outsourcing to India? I seriously find it hard to understand some Indian accents.

I've never bought a lotto ticket or bet on horses. I've only gambled once at the casino (because I got a free $10 voucher when I joined on my 18th), and never went to the races. The closest to betting was me about to bet on Aus vs Brazil, in which I figured there was no point since I had to spend ~50 dollars to gain 60 if I was to hedge both positions (not including draw). But I have played numerous games involving Poker...*hint hint*...POKER...

His statement was misleading because it was never his 1.5k He spent $100 for the chance at 1.5k

KJ, you spent 1.5k on a horse?

My calculator tells me that's 75 games of poker with your dear friends.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY 1.5K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did Pop-rock have to come SECOND!!!!!!!!

on a side note

Grats to le Jap horseeys

Lolz Eric - haven't u heard of outsourcing?

James, couldn't agree with you more on the IT systems. How can one department say they have no record of the documentation while the others have it all on screen?! All within the same company.

I also think they need a wide-angle lens coupled with probably a telescopic cannon for photos from the mountains overseeing the town (and Wu Dung Mountain if you guys are going...), along with the various filters for the different enviroments. XD

The camera equipment will probably cost more than the trip itself with those...lolz

Both of you want a new camera before going to those places. 28mm wide.

And do visist Chengdu, birthplace of black liquid.

Australian IT systems are created by tools. Just ask Busu.

lol Eric, tell them to start a Blog XD.

Seef not love the transport of the public

Monday, November 06, 2006

they're insurance companies. they will try to be as difficult as possible.

but then, they have an interest in being careful, because they don't want to act without proper authorisation.

i've only dealt with a few power of attorneys, but maybe for future reference, you can put it as "authorisation on all policy matters, including blah blah and blah blah" - blah blah being what you want to do.

Charlie, those photos are indeed nice. In the 3rd photo, the "cafe" sign kinda ruined the mood. Other places that you might like to visit might include

-ruins of China's ancient Shang Dynasty capital in Anyang city, Henan Province
-capital of Tong Dynasty, Cheung Hong
-Lok Yeung
-Hong Chou (excuse the English"isation") if you know a famous chinese poem kinda thing, there's one that goes like where you should, live, die etc. Those places are actually VERY cool.

But then again, I love Chinese history and i spend hours and hours just reading on signs in famous landmarks trying to learn it. My sister had to literally kick me to get me moving. I was deprived on Chinese history when I was in high school...

Hmmm...don't get lalaland. Bus and train timetables? I must use public transports?! Just before my exams...?? Nooooo...damn you....damn you all to hell...Noooooooooooo

On other notes, NRMA people are a bunch of tools. They've messed up my first Power of Attorney by only inputting only a part of it (ie, giving me authorisation on only ONE policy instead of 3, and only giving me the authorisation to make claims but not enquire or cancel claims). But i thought a power of attorney which stated with "FULL AUTHORISATION on all policy matters" means the power to do ALL things. Apparently, I was not explicit enough in stating what i can do with full authorisation, and NRMA has failed to find the problem until today after 6 freaking calls(the problem was a simple one, they have only autho'd me to my mum's car's insurance policy when I have explicitly stated autho on both cars and health insurance policy).

Another thought, they decided to lecture me on Privacy Acts and the purpose and liability of a Power of Attorney when I was fully aware of what it can do. They said it I didn't state clearly enough on what I wanted them to do and because I've sent it to the wrong department. FFS, Marc and John, please explain whether "I, blah blah, give ERIC full authorisation, to act on my behalf, on all policy matters in regards to the following policies" is clear enough.

Another thing is (for those who are doing comp system engineering) is that they have different systems between departments. A very decentralised approach I must say, and the funny thing is, they can't compare or retrieve data between the claims department and policy department.

Result -> me calling around NRMA all day trying to get my car assessed for damages to no avail, with a promise that they will have my car towed from my house TODAY.

lalaland looks like a good thesis..

Apparently all ISPs using the Optusnet-based Internet backbone from Oz to US are gonna get screwd for up to another 2 months. They have been 'upgrading' the connection for a month now any all my dl's have been nerfed from 250 kbps to 15 kbps.

Eric ... start reading CityRail and Bus timetables, just in case.

you're gunna maul the possums??

Bloody possums. I tolerated them pushing over containers, eating the rabbit food outside spilling it everywhere thereby wasting it and creating more cleanup work.

But we suspect that its responsible for eating the basil plant outside. My beautiful, delicate, petit plant that took so long to grow just got mauled and I will now return the favour.


And up on the snowy mountains, it is even more beautiful. :)

Though I remember I got high altitude sickness for a bit. Think I slept it off overnight.

It is usually customary to visit 2 other places when you are in Yunnan, Da Li and Xi Shuang Ban Na.

I've told this to someone already.. but Da Li is like a remote city alongside a large lake, Er Hai. Xi Shuang Ban Na is famous for its tropical forests and hanging bridges.

Hi Marc:

I've just spoken to a friend who knows of a friend who recently went on a tour to the city of Li Jiang in north west Yunnan province. The place is apparently gorgeous. I checked out some pics and it is indeed fucking gorgeous.

The city consists of ancient structures mostly, and people move around on foot, so there won't be much air pollution. We should definitely spend some time there. Here's some pics:


Can I ask when everyone is finished for the year? I've tried to keep myself busy but i'm really wondering whats going on. Unless im missing the action we haven't been out for weeks?!? Tell me Dillan

Oh man, I ran out of vespene gas. Luckily I taxed a religious overture into supplying me with an extra two days supply. Better put it to good use.

Generalisations can be represented in Visio.

I still need more minerals to finish my late game cannon rush. Can ne1 spare some?

I remember that list.. I looked at that list and downloaded the top few songs to hear what they were, and also tried to find if songs I had were in there..

The recent Triple M essential 2006 countdown might also be worth a look.. No torrent for this I'm afraid.. simply resort to your favourite p2p software, itunes or try and grab it from the radio

For those who are fans of classics, this list might be of interest:

The Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

and the corresponding torrent


Hmmm, interesting comp Charlie. I might enter. I've always wanted a DSLR. Might as well give it a shot, but the damned purple fringing...grrr.....

this may be of interest to some of you with digital cameras:
Canon's Find Your Shot Competition

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hmmm, Echoes as Police cars...that's interesting. I mean, how can they do police chases with echoes?! Even if you max out its horsepowers with turbos (they have to be pretty small because there's just not enough room for big ones), you'd only get an extra 20kw max out of the 1.5l, and with the high compression ratio of the engine (think 10:8:1), it's just no good with turbo applications. Also, the little bugger's structure was not designed to handle so much power anyway. It's just gonna get outrunned by the done up performance cars. Then again, I doubt there's a huge scene of done up cars up in Vanuatu. They are mostly people who walks on foot right? Lolz.

Remember, remember, the Vth of November..

And unrelated, The Graphing Calculator Story. You shoud enjoy this one , James.

They use echos because theres not very far you can drive in a hurry.

Theres only one thing left you can do. Use it to play soccer.

*sigh*. I m gonna get my ride pimped with feng shui soon. I am gonna develope a phobia soon...a phobia of people driving too close around me...I think i already have that.

Thanks James. Can you check if the packaging in the box is unopened? Or just check if the parts are fine in there...thanks.

In Vanuatu, they use Echos as police cars..

Seef you would choose that ovr Xzibit

or just get a 1964 mercedes benz 230 sl convertible.

You should get a fung sui master to pimp your ride Eric.


be more specific..

Sorry to hear about that accident Eric, maybe you need to rearrange things in your car to give it better feng shui, like put the steering wheel on the left side of the car.. or maybe paint it bright green, with fluro pink racing stripes!

The likeliness of accidents happening in the rain is proportional to the amount of time it hasn't been raining beforehand. That means, that there are more accidents likely to happen if it has rained after not raining for a month than if it rained after not raining for a week. The buildup of oil on the road makes it more slippery when it is wet.

Solution: Don't drive in the rain.


General Isation

BTW, my post was more for humour than seriousness

but then again... :D oh boy, this is what i do without thesis. i've lost my mind!

Funny thing is, it didn't happen in Lidcombe. It happened near Parramatta, well in the mid between Parra and Auburn. I am seriously planning to sell my car. It could be the house's feng shui, but the bad luck seems to be coming from the car. *touch wood*. And all those "toolish things" actually happened in the east and north too. Not in this area. Funny thing is, almost all of the accidents happened in the rain...

Oh everything is a generalisation!

Global warming is a generalisation...asian men are diminuitive is a generalisation...girls are nicer than guys is a generalisation.

Why don't we rename Der Wasserfall to General Isation

Sorry to hear about the car incident. If it is of any relief, your package has arrived and is safely sitting on my desk.

Yep you are right, on Vaughan and specifically on the intersection of Vaughan and Olympic drive. In fact there were few more accidents on Olympic drive recently. But to generalise accidents at a hot spot to an entire suburb's driving culture is a long shot.

If I recall correctly Charlie, you said yourself that there is a hotspot of crash activity right outside your house. To be precise, I remember you telling us that crashes have occured 3x at the same spot one of which either you or a family member was a direct victim.

You guys are making irrational attributions again.

Eric may I ask, how many times did your accidents occur in Lidcombe?

What Marc's saying, Eric, is that you need to sell your house, not your car.

PS For the record, that was exactly my thought - the Lidcombe price.

PPS Not that I'm saying it's your fault. But it does suck, all these accidents.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quite simply the price you pay for living in Lidcombe

No need to fight. The guy rear-ended me, just his fault. No arguments. Just ain't happy at the amount of tools that are on the roads these days. Tools that try to change lanes without checking blindspots, taking a bend without going over lanes, can't read a fucking "no right turn" sign, queueing up in intersections and P platers who think they are cool and start you because I had the window winded down a bit, and they can hear a bit of doof doof from your radio (funny things is, they drive a shit box and probably can get outdragged by my mum).

Eric, if they are fighting you on this one then its time to grow some balls and show them the ironfist. No joking, don't let them steamroll you. Its just plain badluck, yo.

James, the new episode of South Park happens to be on the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It seems you two have so much in common.

Just watched Boytown. More blissful pain. I have not heard the phrase "tough titties" in such a longtime since my school playground days. On the Ricky Gervais scale of pain (10 being Ricky Gervais at his best) I rate it at 6. I'm beginning to understand why people watch horror even though its not my thing.

Gold, Gold! Always believe in your soooouuuuul. You got the power to know, you're indestructible. Always believing...

FFS, I just got into another accident today! Got rear-ended, even though I have stopped at the lights. Turned out, some tool was turning right at a no-right turn intersection, and the guy behind me was probably talking on the phone. I saw him coming towards me in the rear-view mirror, so I try to make as much room as possible by moving forward, but still, he hit me. He denied talking on the phone while driving, but nonetheless, he was holding a phone while i walked up to him...I am definitely selling my car afta my exams!!! FUCKING DICKHEADS FOR TURNING RIGHT AT NO RIGHT TURNS! AND I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE DICKHEAD'S NUMBER PLATE!

GZ!!! go james, its ur birthday!

I'll be damned

I saw something very novel today at the nth street cafe (nvidia's canteen).

A Chinese guy with a Latino/Hispanic girl. They had a kid too.

Unfortunately, neither party was ZOMG and sadly enough the kid looked like their harmonic mean.

An era passed indeed. We spent the earlier part of tonight recounting ye old times: Medina (lasagne, bacardi and jimmy), La Perouse (sandcovered pit steak), numerous random excursions to the South including Eric's blakehurst home (watching infomercials til sunrise). Chez Benny (doing much of the same).

The brief time at uni when we were actually in the same classes in the first 2 years as well, though I seem to remember very little about that :)

All of the above was just first year.

Black liquid, late night data org in second year. More Chez Benny. Feel free to add on what you can recall :)

We should def do a photo night when we are free. Bring your CD/DVDs full of photos

Lolz. Yeh, I spend my time studying, eating and sleeping. What else can I do?! I need some tennis and/or soccer! I demand for tennis and soccer!

Friday, November 03, 2006

An era passed

Energy-efficient way of the future..

What a rant that was Eric. You are off the hook!

getting tired of your job already? or do you just want to move to india?

Outsource my job to India already!

Outsourcing is a good idea. It will minimise the upward pressure on inflation since people will start to have a lower expectation of salaries as outsourcing threatens their employement opportunities. However, outsourcing will force our umemployment rate up and possibly growth. Also, your thesis's results might go down as it would be harder to control their quality. You might need to watch out for the stability of currency as you have to convert their wages to the African currency, though I suspect they have dollarised using the US dollar. Having said that, with a possible interest rate rise, our dollar might also rise with it, hence it might be a good idea to pay them as soon as the RBA announces the next interest rate rise (and the Forward premium puzzle does not apply here)
*end rant*

Back to international finance now. Nevermind the econ analysis. Lolz, just too much International Finance today.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meh, that would look so much more impressive if that was a BattleMech or at the very least an Ocelot.

Thesis students - do not despair, outsource your thesis project to Africa!

James: 7 hours after reading your post, I finally get what you meant..

The driver of that GTI doesnt look too happy.. but then sexy doesn't imply happy.. Nor am I implying that the driver is sexy.

what's a solaris?

Sorry Kwong, I've upgraded my wallpaper from the GTI to a Casino Royale Aston Martin DBS

Whoa.... seems that my posting does have a corrupting influence. Going to be careful from now on ,)

This is solaris btw!

Fucken olives.

Is this sexy or what?!

Leave the Greeks out of this.

More homosexual development..

Just put mirrors on the facades of all buildings, and we'll have all the sunlight we need, and more.

homosexual development

Comparing it to the shadow cast by world tower is just stupid - who walks George Street/Pitt St for the marvelous sunlight? Most of the buildings there already block pedestrian access to light and the people affected are those small proportion working/living in the shadowed buildings (that sux for them). The creation of this new building will block sunlight to coastline where the public actually go to enjoy scenery.

Marc could have been referring to the starcraft origami pics.. Even though you might have posted them before doesnt detract from their coolness.

I find that when a computer is not in your room, it is very easy to leave it on and sleep.

The fan on my laptop is so quiet, I once put it in my bag without even realising it was still on.. Only after feeling that my bag was really hot on one side did I notice.

Now back to my selfish doings.. partially indicated by my MSN status.

Marc, you mean the answer to the 25 dollar question? Lolz, I only realised jono answered it in the wiki when i actually scrolled back up. I have a habit of scrowling down to where I left off, and slowly scrolled back up...

Anyway, Kwong, that was quite unexpected, though it is true everyone's selfish to a certain extent.

James, Mechwarrior...hurry up and set up a bloody dedicated server so we can play! I'll show benny that my Custom Timber Wolf will own his whatever lil mech before he can even see me. On the topic of MSN thing, did you try talk to them without thinking about the time difference? I have to say, how can people leave their freaking comps on while going to sleep?! Doesn't that constant whirring fan piss you off?!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The most beautiful thing in the world.

Marc :: Lol, thanx for posting up my presentation location, I actually didn't know where to go XD.

Query :: I don't post for 2 days and suddenly a 2B enchantment soothsayering person joins. What's up with that.

Kwong ::

Stupid fkn Roses.

The "ABC is away" mode should be change into "ABC's computer is currently on. But he or she isn't actually there. Isn't that fascinating? I thought you might have liked to know."

Nice post Kwong!

And thanks for that, Darren.

Nice post Kwong!

And thanks for that, Darren.

this site just went from g to ma15+.

Maybe because everybody in this fucked up world is fucken selfish by nature. Nobody gives a fuck about anyone else unless they want something in return. And I know I'm no exception, but I don't care. Go fuck yourselves.

haha james you know what the best solution to that is...

use the appear offline mode...

I'm constantly online however im always appeared as offline unless i really need to talk to someone....

good way to not tick people off...
(of course it does give problems when you need to relay important information... but i use email a crapload more lately so.... an me address is written on my contact so)

Eric posted what now?

In regards to MSN and being there yet not, I believe that Microsoft intended MSN to be used in a particular way, but none of us actually subscribe to this paradigm of usage.

So, when you go away from your comp, you are meant to have set your online 'status' to away. When you are busy, you are preoccupied with something else that will prevent you from answering promptly. I have noticed that MSN switches you to busy status when you run a fullscreen application, or an installation program.

It would be nice if people use things how they were meant to be used, or even better, not be able to use things improperly.

Also, not following the usage paradigm of MSN may mean you are not enslaved by that technology. But the fact that James finds it so irritating that people are away even though they appear to not be might be an indication that we are relying on statuses too much.

You could just remember how responsive people are and work your means of communicating with them around that.

As for me.. when i'm online.. I'm online..

What I'm saying is that it may not be a deliberate act of leaving it on away. I know I leave my status as Online all the time even though I am away. This is just as bad (if not worse) than leaving it Away all night.

For example, most of these chat programs have automatic functions which put MSN on away after a time of being idle. It may be their fault for forgetting to turn it off, but do not necessarily conclude that its from some sickening desire to be "acknowledged".

No Benny, I rant at randoms, not at friends -- except for dota.

Your post doesn't explain anything. So what, you forget? Well that's fine. You don't even do the away thing anyway. Some people though, just leave it on anyway. It irks the living shit out of me.

BTW, Benny said my post sounds like you. XD

If the desire to be acknowledged is a perversion, then perversion is the rule, not the exception.

Eric, the serial secret post editor, has already beat you to it Darren. He posted it up a few weeks back :)

Is there someone avoiding you, James? XD

James, I am completely and utterly 100% against you on that. I leave it on and I have it set "online" but many instances I'm not even there. I have the same problem with MSN as I do with my mobile: I am not attentive to it and just leave it running in the background. In fact, every bone in my intensely introverted body hates the mobile because it has become so invasive in our lives, yet I need one in case I have an emergency or need to contact someone. Just yesterday my sister called me right in the middle of my presentation. I know I could turn it off, but I always forget and I'm not 100% attentive to it, just like MSN. The same thing happens with gmail. The chat client embedded into the email browser turns on automatically and my mum uses it to contact me but I forget to close the window so she ends up getting pissed off because I'm not replying. If my computer or mobile could be hooked telekinetically to my brain so everytime I walk away from the computer or think "I've got a lecture now" it will react appropriately, then I would do that. Unfortunately nothing of the sort is within the consumer reach. Do not always associate it with a sickening and perverted desire to be acknowledged.

Jam you are being not nice again.

Because people want to chat to certain someone while avoiding others.

Can someone explain this to me--why do people always stay on MSN even though they are not there? I mean, WTF is the point of having an 'away' sign there. Right now I got a list of 7 people on away. What the fuck are they doing? Downloading p0rn overnight? Then why not quit MSN? It just frustrates the living shit out of people who might actually be interested in talking to them.

I think it's a sick, perverted way of satisfying some inner ego of saying to the world: 'I exist'. I know you exist. You don't have to be be on MSN to show you exist.

The hydra looks mad.

When two passions combine.. the result is amazing.. (warning, lots of pictures, so dont open this link at uni if you want your quota.. heres a local pic for you Benny)

Now back to work..