Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I just love Irene's facebook profile:

Political Views:
Religious Views:

So, fucking, attractive.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hong Kong is a great city. - James Wang

Straight from Benny's FB page

Is that Cottee's or IXL?

My super packages life insurance. Thanks, john!

Remind me to get full life insurance.

Might update later

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am going to jump in here before Alexis to Williams' defense. (*gasp*)

He is not a one trick pony, certainly no more so than Zimmer. Both of them have their respective core style. Zimmer's style is to express emotion directly through through sweeping, and relatively simple themes. He has a grand way of building up to a climax through multiple instrument layers and strong, linear progression. The Rock, Crimson Tide, and The Peacemaker are the best examples of this style.

John "Hocus Pocus" Williams is a more classical composer. Zimmer's music is synthesised, inspired much by rock. Williams' scores are orchestral. As Alexis often points out, Williams creates very memorable theme, such as for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Jaws. However, these themes, though well constructed, do not carry the same emotional quality as Zimmer's direct testosterone injections.

But Neither composer can be said to be a one trick pony. William can produce some fantastic music when he is not working with an insipid director. His score for JFK is electrifying, and certainly not of his typical style. Zimmer's The Thin Red Line contains no action music. The score is filled with with delicate, contemplative cues. Even in the mildness, you can still hear his superior progression and masterful layering. Also of note is his experimental score for Black Hawk Down; Williams can compose a thousands scores like Schinder's List, but you will never hear <<Aduniya Kagei Livelimah>>.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

oh lol, MSY appraisals

Monday, July 21, 2008

Agreed. I was just comparing John Williams to Hans Zimmer and it Williams seems a one-trick pony comparatively. All his music sounds the same.

Ledger and Eckhart shine while the others fade but thats more to do with scripting than their acting abilities.

Ledger played a haunting Joker that lived upto the hype. The scars, makeup and the snake-like tongue flicking all leave a lasting impression. Unlike Nicholson who was 1/2 crazy and 1/2 faggotry, Ledger played full strength insanity. By raising the bar so high, its easy to see why they are considering not casting the Joker in future movies.

I didn't pickup a few things in the movies that I only found out in discussions after and is well worth watching again. Packs a heavier (and longer) punch than the previous film.

You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you??

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Btw Dark Knight score was composed by the Great Zimmer as well.

It accentuates and complements the film perfectly.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Classic examples of genericized trademarks (wikipedia):

* Allen Wrench (Hex key – USA, France)
* AstroTurf (artificial grass)
* Aspirin (A.S.A. tablets, a type of pain relief medication)
* Band-Aid (adhesive bandages – USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, India)
* Bubbler (Drinking Fountain) USA (regional)
* Bupa (Private Healthcare - UK)
* ChapStick (lip balm - Panama)
* Clorox (bleach)
* Coke (carbonated soft drink - areas of the US, primarily the South[1], also cola)
* Colgate (toothpaste - The Philippines)
* Dremel (high-speed rotary tool)
* Dumpster (large trash receptacle)
* Durex (contraceptive) - UK
* Esky (cooler) - Australia
* Ex-Lax (laxative)
* Febreze (fabric refresher spray)
* Flip phone (Clamshell)
* Flit (insecticide)
* Freon (refrigerant)
* Frigidaire (refrigerator, now rarely used due to the company no longer existing)
* Frisbee (flying disc - USA, Panama, Serbia)
* Gillette (razor - Panama)
* Google (search engine)
* Heroin (diacetylmorphine - Branded "Heroin" by the Bayer pharmaceutical company in 1898)
* Hoover (vacuum cleaner – UK & Ireland)
* Jandel (Flip-flop) (New Zealand)
* Jello (gelatin - USA, Canada)
* Jet Ski (PWC, Japan)
* K-Y Jelly, Liquid, etc. (sexual lubricant)
* Kerosene[2] (First used around 1852, USA, Panama)
* Kitty Litter (absorbent material for disposal of cat waste)
* Kleenex (facial tissues – USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium (Dutch), Panama)
* Molex connector (connects power to internal computer parts)
* Pampers (diapers - Panama)
* Photoshop (photo manipulation, as a verb: "to photoshop an image")
* Ping Pong (table tennis)
* Perspex (acrylic glass - UK)
* Plexiglas (acrylic plastic sheet - North America, Panama)
* Popsicle (ice pops – USA, Canada)
* Pop Tarts (toaster pastries)
* Post-it (self-adhesive note paper)
* Q-tips (cotton swabs – USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Panama)
* Rolodex (index file) (North America)
* Rollerblade (inline skates)
* Scotch Tape (clear self-adhesive tape)
* Sea-Doo (personal water craft - especially in Canada)
* Sellotape (clear self adhesive tape) (UK, Ireland, Japan, Serbia)
* Seeing Eye Dog (guide dog for the blind)
* Sharpie (permanent marker)
* Sheetrock (gypsum wallboard)
* Ski-Doo (snowmobile)
* Slurpee (slush drink – USA, Canada, Australia)
* Sunkist (orange juice - Philippines)
* Speedo (men's swimsuit)
* Sterno (cooking fuel)
* Tannoy (public address system – UK, Ireland)
* Taser (electroshock weapon)
* Teflon (non-stick cookware)
* Tipp-ex (correction fluid) (UK, Ireland)
* TiVo (digital video recorder) (USA)
* Thermos (vacuum flask – USA, Scandinavia, Russia, Serbia, Panama)
* Tide (detergent - Iran)
* Tupperware (plastic food storage container)
* Tylenol (pain relief medication)
* Velcro (hook and loop fastener)
* Waverunner (PWC, Japan)
* Windex (glass cleaner)
* Wite-Out (correction fluid)
* X-Acto (utility knife in scalpel form - spelled Exacto in Panama)
* Xerox (photocopying – USA, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Romania, ex-USSR countries)
* Zamboni (ice resurfacing machine)
* Ziploc (self-locking/sealing plastic bag)
* Zipper (slide fastener - also used in Panamanian Spanish)
* Zippo (lighter fuel, naphtha)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spoiler: Dark Knight is the best movie of the year.

The Joker gets caught.

Yes I've seen it already.

Monday, July 14, 2008

noob ramsay

time to take him to school, benny.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

L.O.L ...

Just in! - Alexis gains first name to fame in Marc's defamation on BA.

Onebutters v R

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A dark day for gaming