Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yeah as with Kwong I have issues posting 50% of the time
it just doesn't sits there..1%...2%...3%....(my browser status bar, not the "Publishing" page)

Also James, Darren, Kim and all others interested - Free climbing is on at the ledge @USYD tomorrow night.
It's confirmed by Jette (your artful club president)
Be there or be square

That serves to encourage people to use detours if there are any. Seriously, besides buses and taxis, why would you want to go that way? To park at Mac Centre right? You can access the big slob of a parking slot via Waterloo street.

No i refuse to use the horn. I hate it. It distracts people around you, pisses other people off and throws other drivers off balance.

I've only ever used it twice since i started driving. One time it was on the Pedestrian crossing on Eddy Avenue at night. Some guy was walking after the light had turned green for 5 seconds and he was right in front of me and he just continued walking so I beeped him. He stopped right in front and gave me a greasy and continued to stroll.

The other time was when there was a super-noob in the city driving a Citroen. S/he was on Goulburn and stopped at a green light several and did not go after turning green. This happened several times so I beeped him/her in the end.

Problem fixed kwong?

Kwong cannot post any messages!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

your car has a horn, use it.

that's what i'd do =)

Its so much worse than that, the people liberally cross it in droves when the traffic light is green. If you slow down while you're heading to the light, they take it as a sign that you're giving way to them rather than a sign of "I have no interest in killing this moment". So they just continue to walk just like they do on Little Hay Street.

The best bit is when they look you square in the eye while they walk. Icing on the cake

they put that in to curb people from crossing the road illegally between macquarie centre and the business park, and to manage the likely increase in human traffic once the train station is done.

all it has done is delay the traffic even more, because the people press the button at the lights, but cross when they see a gap in the traffic. so the cars have to stop at the red light even when there aren't any people crossing the road.

quitcher bitchin'

I found no problem with those lights on Herring Road. As a matter of truth, I also don't know where Herring Road is.

j/k Marc

Ahh thanks Charlie. The Unis should collaborate their breaks! Silly people

What is the deal with the new pedestrian lights on Herring Road leading to Oportos/Subway/Inferno area?

Ironically, thanks to those lights, the road just got a lot more dangerous. It has become exactly like Little Hay Street on a Saturday afternoon every uni day.

This is week 5 for us, our mid session break starts after week 7 and goes for two weeks.

But Macca guys don't have uni on fridays anyway. Not sure about Sydney.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Charlie - this week is our mid-session break.
Isn't it all your guys' breaks too?
(Maybe that was a bad assumption)

Thanks to South Park, I have been introduced to the fine voice of Wing

Preview some of her music here.

Her clips were actually put into the episode. Presumably they paid for the full track.

I'm fine with Friday, but don't you have class till 4 on Fridays Jono?

Polymorphous Perversity:

Pleasure derived from erotic play in any part of the body.



Rick James
1. A super freak
2. The most overused punchline in American high schools

Usage: I'll kill the next person I hear say "I'm Rick James, Bitch".

Monday, March 28, 2005

Wow this certainly seems to have sparked interest.
Yeah it's been a while since we've seen you hash. :)
And by we, I mean at least me.

How does Friday sound? It's looking the warmest (yahoo weather)
[Edit: Just read Charlie's post, how does saturday sound to everyone?
Climbing might be a bit more busy but there's only a few of us interested in climbing anyway so we can do that thurs/fri anyway]
let me know asap as I have an outdoor club function on saturday waiting for me near wollongong]

Where: James' house, with his approval. Otherwise, mine.
When: Friday lunch/dinner
Plan: Soccer beforehand sounds good, how about soccer 11-2pm, BBQ from 3-5pm, some indoor climbing for those interested from 5pm?
Sound like a plan?

Marc: you're welcome. Glad I could help you reminisce.

Let's make it bbq/soccer.

Can we also make it Saturday, I'm all cool with Friday, just that Saturday will benefit the likes of Yi, who obviously works harder than some of us.

ne info on BBQ location / time ?

"Good effort" reminds me of primary school and the stickers the teachers gave me with the bees and flowers.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

quaint article

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hmm, i need a haircut..

And do i really run like that?

thanks Marc
yeah essentially, but try to keep the subjects in focus
haha Chris's face is nicely focused.

good effort :)

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out these:

A guy in the camera club at Purdue. He has other nice shots worth checking out, but that lets you know what i'm thinking.
You're on the right track Marc, but it is harder to get those shots unless your camera has great autofocusing and/or you're doing motorsport, where you know where the car will be so you can switch to manual. Soccer players are a bit more erratic

Were you thinking of something like this, jono?


Good game fellas
yummy thai
hugged a homeless man on the way home
marc post up the pics somewhere for download when you're ready

My apologies for not contacting you earlier Charlie... I was buried with work (well not really work, I was playing Resident Evil 4). By far the best game in the past six years, and I have played quite a few games...

Anyway, Jono suggested that maybe we should see a film afterwards... I was thinking about Robots (from the creators of Ice Age)... what are people's opinions?

Friday, March 25, 2005

could someone please contact alexis, i dont' have his number. He should be coming if he didn't need to go to Church everyday over the weekend =)

pump is sorted, just bring you uninflated ball.

Yeah ball's about 85% inflated, so air would be good. Jon

I don't think driving this weekend is such a hot idea either. Not unless you really had to.

haha Charlie I'm sorry I didn't clarify my point, but 1pm is possibly a very bad choice
The most obvious thing to me is to have it *before* lunch (thus 11am), but not too early so people can sleep (thus 11am).
So we'd kick around until 1 or 2pm then eat
For a 1pm kick off you can't eat, like, at all?
Also, the sun is pretty much the strongest at 1pm.
But yeah that may be too late to change now hey, so don't worry about it. a 3pm lunch is fine too. :)

Just another point to care for; the park doesn't look so big so it could be busy with people especially at peak time on Saturday of Easter. If we all take public transport (since it's central), a change of location may be difficult. But we'll see how it goes, no worries! :)

Sorry for my lack of response charlie, I just realised, and I've been pretty busy and not on the computer much.
But I'm in.
Will bring my ball but will need a bit of inflation

This is the latest email.

Dear Alll:

As a follow up with the last email, the details for this Saturday's soccer
has been confirmed.


Prince Alfred Park, Chalmers Street, Surry Hills (Right outside Central
Station). Refer to below for map and parking options.


Kickoff at 1pm, you can leave whenever you want, presumably will go for
around two hours, depending on fitness level.

If you're worried about the weather, it seems to have cleared up today,
looks positive for saturday.
Bring your friends and partners along =)
And if you haven't already, let me know if you're coming or not.

For Sid and Kunal, have a happy Easter up in the gold coast.



Ok guys I haven't got many actual replies, looks like everyone wants to keep their options open. But the game will go ahead nevertheless.

Jono, I'm thinking of pushing the time to 1pm, mainly because we probably won't last the whole day given our fitness level and also leaving people a bit of time to sleep in on a saturday and travel to the location. Could you bring your ball along? A friend of mine is bringing some witches hat i presume for the goal post.

Hash St Leonards would be perfect for jono, but unfortunately we need to cater for the westies and southerners too. However, since not many actually replied saying they will come on Saturday, How about we go for Palm Beach!?

Anyway, final details, 1pm kickoff at Prince Alfred Park, near Central Station. Can someone help me contact others who are not on this blog but may be interested to come along, like Marco. I'll fire another email with the details.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

if you were wondering, that was meant to be sarcastic and I was referring about alexis' comment before -.-

lol Marc,

"real men play in the rain with gale force winds."
- this from the man who collapsed without them

As for soccer, if we r looking for a central location
what better place than "St Leonard's Park"

btw guys - I Think it may have been Busu's
B'Day on Monday (at least according to ICQ)

Does ne1 want to organiz a Prez? *cough*James*cough*

nah my uncle, aunt and aunt's sister went to Hong Kong. Aunt's sister is there for a month so she lent my bro her car for the month, which we just got. So yeah I have unlimited access to my car for this period

My uncle works for Telstra ^^

I agree with yi, why the hell do you have so many bank accounts?

New car, jono?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hey Charlie let's set a time for Saturday say 11am?
I'm easy location-wise as for the next month we have 2 cars.

down with telstra!

don't become a part owner of that evil company.

you started your money laundering business already john???

thanks for all the helpful suggestions guys!
though parents are more leaning towards the... telstra shares investment type.
and i must admit, it's a good investment. the dividends are closer to 10% then 5% and .. if they get to sell off telstra, that's more money. :D

charlie, i'll be there for soccer.
though i'll need to be back by 4-5pm.
and weather should be good from early forecasts.

oh and i am taking an early Easter! working from home tomorrow. >:)

i'm not aware of any bank fees from the hsbc account. i have one myself...

Weather's looking good enough this saturday, 21 partly clouds.


So if I had 2k and put it in HSBC, would the account be self-sustaining? ie the interest pays off the account keeping fee.

Awesome, 5 free from any ATM. I don't even withdraw that much in a month.

i have an ing account and its quite good. you keep a little money in your current bank account for urgent or emergency needs, and keep the rest in your ing. if you need more money to spend and transfer from ing to your bank account, it takes around 2-3 days for the transaction to go through, so if you do go with ing, make sure you anticipate for that whenever you have needs for big funds.

hsbc's online savings account has no minimum balance, and earns a 4.75% interest (for balances above $2,000). that's 0.5% less than ing's. or if you have more than $500,000, its 5.50%. you are allowed unlimited deposits and withdrawals from hsbc atms, and 5 free withdrawals from other atms.
it takes $2,000 to open one, but once you have opened it, you don't have to keep the $2,000 in there.

both of the above accounts have their interested calculated daily and paid monthly; as is the norm with such bank accounts.

term deposits are crap currently. you can get a higher interest from the ing account than if you had $5,000 and put in a 6 month term deposit.

Thanks for the reply Kwong. What's your operational email addy?
Not meaning to sound like a bossy housewife, but could others please let me know of their intention to come along, and suggestion for location?
at the moment I have two positives and two negatives(two guys off to gold coast for the weekend, but will be interested in future games).

The weather's pretty crap all week, and by the theory of opponent processes, it should clear up by Saturday. And if not, it's only rain. Bennie you can handle scars and bruises, you ain't afraid of pissy water droplets are ya?

ING advertise theirs to have 5.25% interest p.a, paid monthly (i.e compounded), and no bank fees ever. The best of all, no atm withdrawal at your disposal, perfect for savers without self-control. With interest rate gone up and likely to rise again, saving may be a good option.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

good call benny.

alexis, real men play in the rain with gale force winds.

I think min deposit (from word of mouth) is 2k, but I'm not talking about a Term Deposit - its like a normal savings account with high interest (5%?), low bank fees and several free ATM withdrawals each month. If yi hasn't blown it all on friday night beers, he should be able to meet it :)

definitely on in the rain my arse

I should be available, Charlie, unless I have /kill by then.

Term deposit with HSBC! Except you need a minimum 5K I think. :(

"King of Fighters: Maximum Impact"

KJ, lets get it on PSII

Yi: I have heard good things about starting an HSBC bank account. Maybe you should look into it

This is for Bennie and Alexis, whose emails I don't have and other lurkers whose interests have not been expressed (Kwong, Kj, James!)

Hail to you all:

How are we all? You are getting this email because in one way or another,
you've expressed interest to participate in a casual game of soccer.

Well, although the weather hasn't fared well lately, Easter's in the air and
i'm sure we all want to cash in on the holiday festivity!

I hereby announce that this Saturday 26th March, there will be a game of
soccer on! Being Easter long weekend, I hope you all have some time off for
a relaxing game of soccer.

Since we are in a democracy, the choice of location will incorporate your
inputs. This is because I feel any arbitrary suggestion may appear biased as
your places of residence range from Lidcombe to Marsfield, to North Sydney,
to Beverly Hills.

I personally suggest somewhere central, i.e Prince Alfred Park near Central
Station, which is close to public transport and food bites after the game.
Though I'm not entirely sure if the place is crowded on weekends and allows
for ballsports.

My second suggestion is Bicentennial Park. But with the Easter Show on at
the moment, it will likely be difficult to find parking.

Any other suggestions is welcome. I will send out another email with the
final details shortly, after I received some suggestions of time and
location. So voice your opinions or forever hold your peace.

The ball will be provided, and bring your friends and partners along! Please
let me know if you are coming or not.

Awaiting your replies.


Monday, March 21, 2005


Oops sorry about the privacy inconsideration.

Yi invest it on me, i can turn it into double or nothing overnight at Star City. Only 50% risk

well at the moment, it's just sitting in my almost-no-interest-student-bank-account.
Parents want me to invest. o.O

They're working you like a slave. What you gonna spend your pay cheque on? ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2005

cheers Marc!

actually jono, it's 8:30am - 5:30pm.. but I can't be bothered to edit those on. :P

Ahahah I love yi's timetable
That's a lot of hours

Sorry to hear about the state of your notes Darren. Water bottles are probably a good goal post for future ref.

Made the requested changes to the timetable and email addy's, yi :)

It would be prudent of the administrators of this blog to edit Charlie's posts according to Marc's advice.

And yes, I am also reachable from that email.

An added note about playing soccer in the rain; make sure you dont have ALL your printed out notes from the beginning of session in your bag (about 250 pages), and if so, do NOT volunteer them as goal posts. They are all water damaged now.. and I was going to bind them..

and good admins should at least edit Charlie's post to protect the privacy of it's members! :P

and Charlie, you can reach me there. :)

I see jono's no fool.

Its best not to post email addresses on websites. Spambots scan through webpages, particularly for the [at] sign to find their victims.

G'day Charlie
Sounds good.
My email is jlee[at]

For future reference, if it's raining, soccer is *definitely* on.
Friday had to be some of the best/funnest soccer I've played in a long time.
I know you guys don't have boots but it's fun nevertheless, but bring a towel and spare shirts/shorts/shoes/socks. Boardies are good as they dry quick, and no cotton.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Soccer wasn't on this week for saturday due to
1. raining conditions, and
2. Some of the guys interested have gone to an Aiesec function today at UTS.
It will be on next week. Easter weekend, we should all be free.

Could the following people please provide me with an operational email address so i can contact you regarding arrangements and suggestions for location for next saturday's soccer.

Darren: icekachang[at]gmail[dot]com?
Yi: tucoti[at]hotmail[dot]com?

These are those who expressed interest in Saturday soccer. If anyone else, please let me know. That brings me to next point. As administrators, you guys should ensure the prosperity of this blog by inviting more people to join!

Saturday soccer?

Friday, March 18, 2005

haha good to hear you're alive benny.
Confirmed so far are me darren joel charlie but most likely everyone will be rocking up
namely james, alexis, busu perhaps, martin, pete, and lots of other randoms/people i'm forgetting

kwong, john you wanna come?

4-6pm we play at the lawns behind the Physics building, call me if you can't find us 0402 876 434

Both James and I will be driving tomorrow so transport is easy from UNSW back to the city for climbing and whatnot.

Hope you can join us.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Who's going to soccer tomorrow and where are we meeting?

On a side note does anyone know what dance song this is...
It starts off with
You shine a light on my life
Shine on me (echo/background)

Recommendation: BBC Series - Top Gear

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You're so demanding Jono.

Marc, this isn't good enough. Fix this, fix that

You're not even my girlfriend.... :p

Edit: Haven't fixed it yet

Edit: haha thanks marc, it's looking good.
Plus, I need to share some of Renee's duties every now and then...
just kidding. -jono

Oh yeah boys and girls, my employers (bartender dudes at MD Productions) are holding a party/social this Friday after 9pm at the V Bar, 111 Liverpool St, back entrance.
We'll check it out after some indoor climbing at Sydney Uni, should be good times.
Not sure if there are costs associated with entry, but they said to bring friends so let's check it out.

For extra impetus, there should be more girls there since most of the people I work with are girls from our various unis.

/me bags to be david beckham.

Cool... soccer twice in two days... I may be up for it depending on how my meeting with the Editor of GamePro goes tomorrow at 11.00... hopefully I get the position as a freelance writer...

Whoever wants to know, there are three Italian teams in the the Champions League Finals. That just goes to show skeptics how skillfull Italian teams are. We can finally lay claim to having the best league in the world. May the Italian Football Renaissance live on...


Juventus (Italian)
AC Milan (Italian) favourite
Inter Mian (Italian)
Chelsea (English) favourite
Liverpool FC (English)
Bayern Munich (German)
Lyon (French)
PS Eidehoven (Dutch)

No Barcelona or Real Madrid, no Spanish team for the first time in 15 years...

haha yeah Friday climbing is also on.

Also, I am probably going to play soccer on Tuesdays at 6:30pm with a friend from Aero@unsw and his bunch. he's a cool dude, i don't think it'll be too competitive and it should be fun. So if you guys are free on Tuesdays at 6:30 come join us at the big oval at unsw.

Marc - is there anyway we can get rid of the scrollbar in the Bulletin?
It takes space and we don't need it, even if text overflows you can highlight and drag to scroll down. With no scrollbar, you can fit more text per line.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

yeah, i'm down for soccer (on saturday as well most likely), but more importantly, i'm down for rock climbing on friday.

lets see who can make the most number of laps on a course in 5 minutes!

Hey fellas, funny that
Sat. is good but it means a separate trip out.
On my side I can't play this sat; working at the scientia UNSW 7:30am - 5pm.


On a separate note, how's soccer this Friday?
I've got (at least) a couple of friends interested in playing from UNSW (Joel for one) this friday for fun
we often play randomly with no organisation (today for example, between classes for an hour) but we can hack one together for this friday
it'd be at UNSW again I'd say, unless there are major objections.

I know Yi can't make it

4-6pm Friday, UNSW

Let me know

me me me!
Down for Saturday soccer.

Benny, you never cease to amaze me...

I am hideously out of shape. I'm in for saturday

hell yes...
I wanna play more soccer...
but friday's ok as long as it's before 6pm
Saturday is fine too...
Damn I want a laptop...
As I sit here in the library with an IBM in my lap, I can only dream of how it'd feel if I could do this at any point of time...

Just a quick poll. Who would be interested to participate in a regular game of soccer (maybe once a week)? Due to people's commitment on Fridays, uni, work or otherwise, I was thinking of making it on Saturday. I know this probably wouldn't elicit much response, but it's not like a relationship where an expression of interest signifies commitment. All I need is numbers to possibly get a game running. Of course this is no pro game, although some of us are obviously better than others in terms of fitness(jono), skill(alexis) and aggression (bennie =)). I've got about 4 people expressing interest already. So what say you?

a script to track where your cse internet quota went -.-

Monday, March 14, 2005

no that's not adsl2, it's just iinet allowing adsl to run the maximum possible speed on my line, which is about 7mb/s considering that i'm about 1 km from the exchange.

adsl2+ has a maximum speed of 24mb/s.

i've talked too much about my internet connection.

Those are some awesome photos.
I didn't even go to twin peaks. B|00ch!

Glad to see you and your Oly settling so well. :D

I think ADSL2 has a theoretical limit of 12Mb which is higher than cable's 10Mb.

Currently I am getting like...400KB/s which is around 3Mb. My speeds have been like that since they look me off netstats.

Its pointless keeping this slowass cable especially when if it costs more than ADSL and is slower. Would I be on the same 7Mb exchange?

Of what proportion of total bandwidth in p2p is not illegal? If the proportion were even between the two examples then I think it would be a bloody good idea to ban cars! If you want to use that car analogy then there would be a high probability that I'm a drug dealer :)

Regulating content in p2p is difficult in itself let alone having new p2p progs introduced all the time. The easiest way is to just ban them. Not that I would like to see my beloved DC++ go.

man, thats faster than my cable.. which is about 5mb/s.. with a measly 14kb/s upload bandwidth

to use up bandwidth, you could make bad cgi scripts that never end, so the browser is constantly downloading something

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Is that Adsl2?

they can't outlaw all p2p programs. it's not because people are using p2p that they're getting sued, it's for the reason that illegal activities are carried out using these p2p programs. there are legitimate uses for p2p, and the courts nor politicians can't, or shouldn't have the power for people to write, distribute and use these programs.
it's a bit like banning the use of private motor vehicles because drug smugglers chose to use a car as their means of transportation.

a warrant is issued to collect evidence for a criminal trial. an anton piller is an injunction ordered by the court to allow for the plaintiff in a civil case to enter the defendant's premises to look for, inspect and take away infringing items or evidence that may otherwise be disposed of by the defendant.

oh and speaking of useless high bandwidths, i'm set to get around 7mb/s at the end of the year, when iinet upgrades my exchange.

Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything:-

The confusion over the aluminum/aluminium spelling arose because of some uncharacteristic indecisiveness on Davy's part. When he fist isolated the element in 1808, he called it alumium. For some reason he thought better of that and changed it to aluminum four years later. Americans dutifully adopted the new term, but many British users disliked aluminum, pointing out that it disrupted the -ium pattern established by sodium, calcium and strontium, so they added a vowel and syllable.

What the hell else will people do with their high speed/high bandwidth connections?

Only people like Alexi use that much bandwidth from http

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sooner or later, all p2p programs would be illegalised. So abuse your high speed connections while you can.

In what ways is that different to a warrant?

Bit Torrent smackdown

omg, I learnt about Anton Piller orders in Litigation today even though I've never seen the term before! o.0

Friday, March 11, 2005

you know this one's coming alexis... so you are a "snobby elitist film critic".

you have taken a comedy as a serious thought provoking film. If you want a serious thought provoking film exploring the ideas of culture clash, then you may have better luck with Lost In Translation. I don't think they are taking themselves seriously or trying to be anything more than comedy. (Of course, everything these days need a moral to tie things up in the end). It's like trying to critic Apocalypse Now as a comedy on the Vietnam War, it doesn't work!

of course, take my opinions with a grain of salt as I haven't even seen the movie yet. :D

Hoyts Eastgardens has Tight-arse tuesday $5 movies all the time :)

While Alexis' opening sentence was a bit harsh, I have to agree that any movie with Adam Sandler in it isn't really worth forking the money out for the cinema.

All his movies follow the same damn formula. This also goes for Rob Schneider and Ben Stiller - although Zoolander was awesome. They would be more suited as video rental at home. (Then again if its $5...thats cheaper than an overnight rental)

Why is everyone double/triple posting?

I am referring to Spanglish of course

A film featuring Adam Sandler will never be nothing more than shite! He was pretty much unbelievable as a husband, and his mediocrity exponentially compounded by a painfully predictable and poorly developed plot- with tons of bad acting thrown in for good measure. I went to this movie knowing full well it would be Hollywood cheese attempting to glorify the lives of Mexican-Americans. What I didn't expect was a thoroughly painful experience that banks on all of the stereotypes of Latinos in the US - it casts a unfair demonizing stereotype on rich white Americans living in southern California while it glorifies the poor working class Mexican community with no practical merit.

Then, of course, there's the matter of the on-the-spot translation. I happen to be fluent in both Spanish and English, and I found the translating scenes to be ridiculous, confusing, and deeply annoying. What purpose did they serve? Yes, we know that the "gringos" didn't understand a word of Spanish. Yes, we know that Flor doesn't know English. Why throw it in our faces? It hurt my ears and my soul.

This could have been an interesting movie, exploring the problems that arise from cultural contact, but that are relevant to any human relationship. Unfortunately, it failed and probably because it did not dare to go where it wanted to go. It had truly interesting moments that promised to explore the difficulty of connecting across language, cultures ... but more importantly "all too human" barriers. Instead it wrapped up it's story line exploiting every single cliché in the book: the ones about so-called "Latin" women, about "Anglo" males and "Anglo" females. That these stereotypical views persist is a tribute to the thickness of the human brain to even recognize a problem.

Call me a snobby elitist film critic but this movie stinks and that is fact...

Yeah James and I exploit the $5 Tuesday deal every other week.
It's at every Hoyts and GU for a limited time.

I never left! :P

Yeah go UMichigan! Didn't stop much in Pennsylvania tho.

Heh I too am using 1280x1024 so no probs. :)

To clarify on Charlie's post, all Greater Union cinemas is offering $5 Tuesdays until the 22nd of March. Already took advantage of that once :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I guess that deserves a visit to the cinema

By the way Eric and John, if you're reading this, Greater Union at Mac Centre is offering $5 per movie on Tuesdays valid until the end of March.

FYI Spanglish is the most brilliant ever movie you will ever see. James and I both know (and agree, naturally) for certain.

But really, it's incredible stuff.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

my poor man's version of hi res is to reduce the size of my font in firefox so i can fit more of the page in my viewing area

and on a side note, i bought 2 tickets to go see the one and only Mark Knopfler (one night only!) in concert next week, and due to my lateness of getting the tickets, the seats i got were quite distant from the stage. to add to my frustration, the day after i bought the tickets, i heard on the radio that he is now playing another show, and i am unable to exchange or refund the tickets...

ah well, i'll be taking a pair of binoculars along to the concert in the hope that i can at least discern which one is Knopfler on the stage..

I'm on a luxurious 1280*1024, so I can see the bulletin fine.

Go right ahead and adjust it as you see fit.

w33t! Rar's back!
Hello Rar.

Kwong - love your Superbowl picture, absolutely awesome
nice tram picture in SFO too :)

U Michigan!? Pfffft, PURDUEEEEEEEE
We're at odds with them, but they're pretty good :)
oooh you went to Jersey, that is so cool. Oh wow you went to pennsylvania, awesomeeeeeeeee. James and I met an awesome PennState girl on exchange here at UNSW. Thought you might like to know.
Get better from your cold. :)


Marc - can i recommend moving the "bulletin" further up? i didn't even notice its existence until just now by accident, scrolling down kwong's post
just a thought

ahhh excitement.

Alrighty, finally a few photos here

Sorry for there not being any descriptions. Photo of Neil Armstrong giving a speech in a presentation of a 1905 Wright Flyers replica. Photo of asian tourists was funny, I thought James would get a kick outta that - misuse of the DSC F717.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Photos? Visuals are easier to digest :p

Special request - Kwong’s US Trip Summary! Not that anyone would be interesting in what I got up to anyway, right? :)

26th of November
26hrs after away from Sydney, and 4 flights later, I was in Dayton – without my luggage. Treated to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s museum, which I believe is the largest there is since it is in Dayton, Ohio afterall. (Dayton = birthplace of aviation, Wright Brothers’ basecamp). The museum was basically three giant hangars, plus a range of external displays. For those aero-knowledgeable fellows, the museum had no less than an F-117, B-1, B-2, few B-52s and C-130s, and the main stage of the Titan rocket.

Anyway, for the next 2 months it would be work experience only. Throw in the occasional snow storms and frequent dining at Chinese buffets (man did I get chubby!). New Year’s celebrations was at a ‘friend’s’ place (the family friend’s son’s friend’s party…), nothing spectacular – I think in total there were 200 cans of beer, plus a keg. Have you guys heard of a game called beer pong, or strip ping pong? Well American parties don’t seem to be complete without these (I’m sure Jono knows!).

Week before my term was up, my employer drove me north to the University of Michigan for a quick visit, especially the aero postgraduate school. Very subtle message there.

25th of Jan: Off to San Jose, 40mins from San Francisco.

27th of Jan: Visited Stanford University in Palo Alto, a small suburb in between SFO and San Jose. Yes, visiting other universities seem to be popular on my itinerary, but this is just the beginning.

28th of Jan: Day tour of the San Francisco and the Bay. No visit to The Rock tho. But otherwise, as Jono had pointed out, SFO was a lovely place. Key places obviously included Lombard St (that windy road that would so fun to drive on), Golden Gate Bridge, their city hall, the Twin Peaks observation point and some gay and lesbian street (sifn’t Oxford St).

2nd of Feb: Jetted to New York in the late afternoon, staying in a hotel in the neighbouring state of New Jersey.

3rd of Feb: Day tour of New York City (mainly Manhattan). Typical tourist spots: Hudson/East River cruise, Statue of Liberty, Wall St, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Times Square, and the USS Intrepid (World War 2 aircraft carrier turned museum).

4th of Feb: Off to the gambling city of the east coast – Atlantic City – although less elegant than Vegas. Since legal age in the US is 21, I did squat all here, except for running around purchasing ex-casino cards so I could pretend I did. Next was Philadelphia for some history about their first Congress Hall, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I can’t believe they have the full security procedure (x-ray and metal detector) just for this old damaged replica of a bell. Final destination was the city of Baltimore (haha think Sum of all Fears). First impression was that Baltimore was similar to Darling Harbour, had the same harbourside environment, expensive stores and fine dining.

5th of Feb: On to Washington D.C, visiting the main Presidents’ memorials (Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln), plus the war memorials. Nice and chilly there, the Reflection Pool (Run Forrest!) was frozen over. Of course there was the visit to the White House and US Capitol. Couldn’t see much at the White House for obvious reasons, although Bush’s two black scottish terriers were lurking around in the backyard, accompanied by caretaker and police.

6th of Feb: Long drive through the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York to Niagara Falls. Man driving for like 8hrs with honky tour guides is scary (95mph in either 55 or 65 zones!). Niagara Falls was one of the nicer places to be. I mean you can see the Canadians eh.

7th of Feb: Continued at Niagara Falls, then another long drive to Boston for supposedly famous red lobster (while I may not be one to appreciate seafood, I could certainly tell it wasn’t cooked well). I don’t know if any of you guys follow the American Superbowl, but the New England Patriots won. And we happened to be in Boston for their coming home ticker tape parade. But not that I really cared. Boston is obviously famous for one thing: Harvard University and MIT. Well yeah, we stopped there briefly.

8th of Feb: Further south, through the small state of Rhode Island, basically a resort state with seaside mansions, and back down to New York City. Departing JFK International, the end of my East Coast tour.

Skip a week of (window) shopping to….

15th of Feb: Off to Yosemite National Park in California. Rained so much that we couldn’t even see the Half Dome, Yosemite’s famous landmark.

16th of Feb: Las Vegas! Yes much for me to do. Nevertheless, the night scenery and the various short casino shows were fun. We stayed in a hotel/casino in close proximity to a place called Fremont St. Basically a street lined with various casinos and stores, but the entire ‘ceiling’ was a tv display. Every hour or so there would be a 5min show, each with an individual theme.

17th of Feb: Long haul to the Grand Canyon, stopping by at the Hoover Dam. Once again security was tight. Was told that if terrorists destroyed the dam, the built up water from the Colorado River would be able to flood most of Los Angeles (anyone want to confirm that?!). Anyway, after 5hrs on the road, we watched the IMAX show on Grand Canyon. That burned off an hour or so, including lunch. Approx. 2hrs viewing time on the rim of the canyon. Probably the same spot as James and Jono right? :)

18th of Feb: Back to San Jose.

The rest of my time in the US consisted of me joyriding on the San Francisco cable cars and Caltrain with no real destination in mind. Also ran across the Golden Gate Bridge.

27th of Feb: Home to Sydney and this horrible weather. Now I have a bad cold because of it. :(

So sorry I couldn’t make this more fascinating, and without photos I can hardly depict aspects of my trip in a more helpful manner. No webspace for me to upload them.

Monday, March 07, 2005

A know at least a couple of us (James, me) have gotten this, and probably managed to catch it just in time.
Anyway it spreads through MSN

This new worm is very similar to WORM_KELVIR.A, in that it also
propagates via MSN messenger. It attempts to send the following instant
message to all online MSN messenger contacts of an affected user:

" lol! see it! u'll
like it"

When the user clicks the given URL, this worm downloads a copy of
itself, named OMG.PIF, from the given URL. When this downloaded copy is
executesd, it downloads another malware file from the Internet, which Trend
Micro detects as WORM_SDBOT.AUI.

more info can be found from trendmicro's website:

I think more than once a year is abuse -.-

noooo, all my html tags!!!

i hardly consider my use of the tags as being 'abusive'.. moreso as a demonstration of how annoying they can be

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Move and adjust the size of the bulletin as fitting.

Just finished the alllookthesame test. First time in year 12 I got 4/12. I have matured since and got 9/18. I passed man!

All look the same?

I edited the tags so they would show in the page rather than be loaded. Darren abuses those tags all too often

ooh i didn't think about trying the bold, and i don't know what the emphasis tags are doing for your post
i guess any of the admins can make announcements, ie marc james me
it's mainly for long-running conversations where people might forget what we started talking about in the first place
just some quick reminders up the top can help this

Saturday, March 05, 2005

scrolling tags are annoying, and it would be funny if you did make use of them. dont forget the <blink>blink</blink> tag.. its terrible too.

the word 'announcements' should be in bold or just <em>emphasised</em> somehow.

btw who is making the announcements besides jono?

yeah marc I couldn't make them a different colour. I tried :)
I can use the break tags, so it's on a new line.
but not font color = "white" tags
try if you can

oh and darren, sorry but i think scrolling banners are pretty tacky and old? though it may get people's attention more

Friday, March 04, 2005

i suggest <blink>this tag</blink>
or even
<marquee>this tag</marquee>
as a way to remind people about thing

Thats quite a way to post reminders Jono. Maybe you might want to make them a different colour?

Man the weather looks deceivingly good this morning

haha don't worry darren
i won't hit your shins. my shoes aren't tough or metal capped either.

Everyone bring a spare change of shirt/shorts if you like, just in case.
perhaps a scrap cloth to wipe your shoes down
i've got the ball
Charlie's pulling into central at 2:30, meet him there if you're non-UNSW.
I've got his number so call me if you need it

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Alexis playing soccer in the rain? Then again..
Alexis playing SOCCER?? or maybe just..

you think you're soccer boots will make you any better? i say bring it on! just dont kick me in the shins..

I agree with marc, the flooble should be lower, but maybe between Command Options and Available Units, and perhaps given a better formatted heading to match the other two.

That flooble looks bad. You should stick it under available units where its kinda out of sight

Europe in a nutshell

The pix look crap coz of the browser or some crap tags. My camera ain't that bad. okay fixed now

What happened to the quickedits? No longer want them?

Marc - they're still there, but sometimes i think you need to refresh the page.

I agree, I'm down for soccer in the rain if you guys are.
Which I assume Charlie will definitely be. Right? :)

then again i have the unfair advantage of soccer boots, but i can leave them out
soccer in the rain is good fun

Also currently we have 5 - charlie kwong darren alexis and moi

Wimps! Play in the rain, like normal football players do.

yeah so this weather isn't looking too good

we could try indoor, but then you have to book something there, which sucks and indoor is not so great
or we could do monday, any time of the day, if that fits anyone's schedule at all?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

sweet as! thanks darren!
make that 4 confirmed.

ooh this new post window this is schnazzy..

well, count me in for friday soccer, and for some strange reason, i will be driving to uni too.. for a 10:30 class.. and will then proceed to hang around uni until soccer time..

Just so you know, Kwong should be driving into town for soccer@UNSW on Friday
(don't i say that like you live out of state, Kwong? :D)

So if you'd like to organise a lift with him from say Central, go ahead and bug him.

Plus, you haven't seen this boy in months and years!


The pencil stick after your name is for quick edits. It's convenient. :)
Thanks Marc!

Okay well I don't know how many people are interested in soccer on friday, I know Charlie Kwong and I are definitely confirmed
so in that case we'll settle it as UNSW since I know it'll be free and know the area, and there's no other suggestions.
If we can get another minimum 3 people we'll be good for a couple of hours

4pm sounds good, but come at 3pm or 3:30pm if you like. For me, it's also likely my class will finish early because it's week 1.


Marc - how do we get our timetables to you? do you store them on your cse account?
or is there an ftp that we can all log in to and dump our .png's?

For the blog, perhaps turn on the quick edit function - one button editting of posts.

fubar: I wake up for a 9am (8 hour lecture) and realised that, while the course is on Wednesdays, I am not enrolled for this Wednesday.

Hello. I refuse to go home at 10am after arriving at 9am.

Use *.png as it looks the best for bytes

I'm cool with time and location. Don't have uni so it makes no difference with travelling.

So 4pm is confirmed? I'll ask the macca guys

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 without benny? nooo
what will i do without ferociousness on my heels

Marc - do you want screenies in *.jpg format, or as a proper html?
For blog changes, check out some templates available from the Template tab.
They might help provide ideas for "Psuedo-intellectual nonsense" as James terms it.

As for soccer this friday, it's looking like it'll either be at UNSW or at USYD.
USYD is a bit more central to everybody perhaps, but it means catching a train and walking from Redfern, so maybe stick in a group if we're doing that.
And it looks like it would be in the late afternoon, around maybe 4ish unless other suggestions are posted

Give us screenshots of your timetable.

I want to make some changes to the Blog. This design has been on for too long. Any ideas?