Friday, July 29, 2005

What's your name soldier? I order you to attend Starcraft bootcamp at the Hoyts branch of the Istarzone assault training centre in preparation for the imminent infiltration of WCG Sydney in September!!


This bootcamp will take place on Monday 1st August and will start at 1100hours, I expect you to navigate your way there and meet Corporal Kouzmin there to sign in. Field Commander Spuniasaur will be instructing you and the day WILL be run in accordance with the dignity and precision that I have come to expect from my troopers. There will be a series of smaller networked matches, testing your reflexes, decision-making and strategy, and some simulated online matches, against some of the best strategic minds in the world. You WILL NOT disappoint me.

At ease, maggots.

This is the report i received from spain

I'll give you my printed lecture and tutorial notes in exchange for the $ u owe Renee ^^

I am in current possession of Benny's 2001 edition of Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach so you will need to ask Benny if he needs it or not.

An interesting fact: it has come to my attention SBS seems to have bought the rights to The Nanny

Also down for picnic.

Query to comp students ::
Who has done networks b4 - and can i rort ur networks folder (i.e tut/labs, assignments + lecture slides)
Who is doing networks this session?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

an update on the saturday picnic:

time: is everyone okay with changing the time a little earlier to 1:00pm? that's the earliest time i am available, and i'm thinking the earlier the less crowded it will be.

getting there: the meeting point's at where hungry jacks used to be at chatswod. if you cannot drive, then catch a train there and one of the drivers can give you a lift; organise between yourselves.

activities: apologies and my mistake, there are no boat hire or bike tracks around there (think something similar to davidson park). but there are bush walking tracks for those who are keen, otherwise i'm sure we'll all be amused by a soccer ball.

food: linda and i will be bringing a pasta salad. everyone is encouraged to bring a dish (non junk food). sandwiches would be great, as is the bbq chicken, cake, bread rolls with salami or crackers and cheese. we can all get our hands dirty.

after: lets do something afterwards. lets all crash at benny's place =P

Near-Disaster No. 3

Well I hope it doesn't hurt much afta. Got uni soon dammit! I dun wanna walk around uni with a swollen face...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Up Up and Away....

go Discovery... (finally i might add)

hopefully disaster no.3 don't happen this time

(eheh I'm quite sure Jono and Kwong woulda watched that live last night ^^)

for Picnic we can bring like sandwiches etc (tho i have no idea where im gunna get it ^^)

oh well ill keep thinking

Yeah and that frog sucks balls (Australians in general have shitty music taste)

Saturday food is an interesting thing...

need ideasssss people

think we should team up in pairs or triplets and grab a bunch of stuff together too


BBQ chicken? w00t! fresh from woolies/coles/whatnot
(so my idea!)
but it is oily and is hard to dissect

if you get molars/wisdom teeth out at denstists these days, they'll usually gas you with nitrous oxide aka laughing gas, which they have used for decades..

if its a smaller job, then its just local anasthetic. a smaller job, for example is a root canal, which actually happens over a few weeks.. a smaller one is a filling, which sometimes does not require anasthetic, if you're tough enough

of my many electives, i used 4 for non-comp subjects. disregarding ethics, that makes 15 COMP subjects i've done.. i have done at least half of the COMP3xxx year subjects this uni has to offer..

that frog has somehow managed to get to number 1 on the music charts..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Need a bit of motivation for the snow?

Our club's beginner's cross-country skiing trip 3 weeks ago:
Rest of the album is here

Lol, general anesthetic vs at the dentist differs quite a lot! (I have heard anyway)

what food is everyone bringing to the picnic on saturday?
just want to get a feel for what kinda food will be there, so not everyone brings doritos with dips or pork rolls etc.

don't worry eric, we'll bring some soup for you if you want.

how many wisedom teeth are you pulling out? my experience was quite pleasant to be honest. had all four of mine taken out, no pain at all, and i was eating solids by the third day (you were there). that's probably because i had it done at a hospital with general anesthetic, rather than at a dentist. the doctor gave me some painkillers but i didn't use any.
you'll be all drowsy and spaced out the first day you come home, but that's all part of the experience.

Goddamn I hate that Jamster frog with every bone in my body.

Ethics doesn't count as a subject contributing to computing knowledge. How many of your many electives have been COMP?

Edit: I will probably lose my cse account rights soon so I'm porting over most of my stuff over to a new domain my cousin setup, so I'm mooching off him. Link is on the side.

woah James, I know who you are talking about.. and whenever I saw him he wears all white/beige kind of colour..

what a scary thought.. talking about someone who will probably never know that they were discussed, and have that discussion be forever accessible, but with no relevant terms to link him and this discussion, except maybe for 'all white'..

monday soccer sounds awesome jono.. i'll get my steel caps ready..

Comp Sci as a primary major could be better.. I have done 16 COMPXXXX subjects (9 of those being COMP3xxx) and am attempting number 17 this session (COMP9018).. Heh, i could major and minor in Comp Sci..

Ahahaha...well I guess I just dun fit into the whole Evolution theory. Stupid evolution...sif ppls dun need those teeth. The more teeth the better...stupid ppls for not using those back teeth!!

Stupid Charlie :þ! Ahahahah...

Marc -- kick him for me.

That guy is feaky; normally he wears all white. Once I saw him wear all black. My friend joked: he's not even monochrome, he can only be one colour at any given time!

Don't you just hate it when you walk into a lab and you see James, and you approach him only to find out he's the fake.

Damn, I'm just archiving my cse account and I realise just how little I've done in my computing degree. 7 COMPXXXX subjects most of which are compulsory and introductory. Comp sci as a second major really sux

Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh yeah, sorry Darren.
Tuesday's not good for me either

Joel's also down for soccer
So Monday 12pm looks good for us?
(I have a tutorial from 12-1pm)

I dont have, nor did I ever have wisdom teeth (I'm 'evolution', according to my dentist) and I turned out fine.. just not so wise

No worries john, thanks for replying

Wisdom Eric? Didn't know you had any to begin with =)

Down for picnic

I'm down for the every part of the picnic ...
(except the meeting spot.. seeing as there is no Hungry Jack's there no more.. but I assume we all still meet there??)

marc: after discussions, i think i'm not ready for a merc yet. despite the already very generous sale price, the running costs (insurance, incidental repairs, etc) are beyond my capacity. maybe next time =)

i can make monday and wednesdays, tuesdays i have off and would also like to keep it that way..

are we going to bring any pic-a-nic baskets on saturday? btw, i can make it then..

argh, myunsw isnt working, and i dont know where my lecture which is on right now is and i cant find out either.. argh

good thing i have yi's notes though.. thanks yi!

Uh, I don't know how clean the Lane Cove River is, but I do remember that at the time of Primary School it was pretty damn dirty so canoeing might not be so hot.

Timetables everyone?

Google maps even has the tube stations marked in London!!

The picnic sounds fun. But I am getting my wisdoms taking out. Doubt I can chew. Hey John, was it painful when u had urs out? I remember u told me u can eat pizzas 3 days afta ur that true?!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sweet, Darren.
For soccer, I prefer outdoor soccer but that's only on thursdays 12-1pm
Currently i have thursdays off and would like to keep it that way, surprise surprise

So indoor is fine too, here is the timetable guys.

Let me know which one you can make.
I think Tuesday is preferable for me, and it'd be nice to have a mixed team but we'll see how that works out

Me too
mmm yum picnic

Thanks for the notes Yi, subject does look interesting, from what I've seen

You've won me over.
But I am an easy target. :)

Greetings earthlings,
I have taken over the keyboard. Take me to your leader...

- Linda
Is anyone up for a day out before I go back to uni? I haven't got anything planned but how about say...

DATE: Saturday 30th July
TIME: 1:30pm approx
PLACE: Lane Cove National Park
MEETING: Chatswood Hungry Jacks (on Victoria Ave) downstairs from the train station
WHAT: Picnic and possibly canoeing, and longing bike rides next to each other while the sun sets.
BRING: Food (not just junk please), drinks, bikes and money (for the canoes)
RSVP: Wednesday 24th July, via email or sms

Critical Thinking was pretty cool.
I've put up the lecture notes from 2003 when I took it here for your consideration.

Oh yeah, how about a meet up next week with Weiming???

I'm doing 2 Geneds this session, so far one is GENT0604 - Critical Thinking, and I was thinking of doing the GENS9007 one.. I'll do that subject with you Jono..

Also doing GENS8003 Work and Safety, until i can find a better gened

Soccccer teammmmmmmm, I'm down

So, who's up for setting up a lunchtime indoor or outdoor soccer team this semester?

Benny? ^^

Just wondering what Gen Eds people are doing this coming session?

On my list of preferences so far:

GENM 0703 Concept of Phys Fitness&Health

GENM 0123 Children-Growing Up in Society

GENS 9007 Psychobiol of Sex,Love,Attract

GENS 7201 Australian Wildlife Biology

are you getting up to anything?
Will you be in sydney?

Yeah Jono

my B'day is on Wednesday the 27th July.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

The best maths related joke i've seen

Why do so many math majors confuse Halloween and Christmas?

Because Oct 31 is Dec 25

Oh yeah, Weiming flew in yesterday

Sweet, thanks Eddie
He flew in on the 20th wasn't it? I had a conversation with him a while ago about him coming over for a bit.

That's okay Ed. Too bad you missed out.
Isn't your birthday coming soon too?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hi Guys,

Not sure if any of you guys know this but Wei Ming is back in town for 4 weeks b4 he heads back to the UK. Anyone who has a chance should catch up with him.

Sorry Hash that I couldn't make it to your B'day (and Kwong and Jono and Darryn). Hope you guys had a wonderful day.




I still haven't seen star wars, or many other movies for that matter

For Charlie and whoever else may be interested, our 2-day bushwalking photos down south.

Climbing photos are there too, just go to the main photo page and go to Climbing -> first folder there


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

google earth was mentioned on A Current Affair (my grandmother was watching it, I didnt choose to) as a good tool to use when buying houses, so you can see what the house looks like and how close transport, shops, busy roads etc are to it.. its becoming too well known

I wonder if in one of the photos of the ocean, they managed to capture a ship of some sort..

Holidays = nothing doing..

I have no clue Marc, it's one big irony that defies logic. Luck has no logic.

I am imagining Sim City 2000 music as I flick through google maps

How does the essay fit into the equation of your results, Char?

Status of holidays everyone?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

2005 First Half Year ACCG329 Security Pricing and Hedging 57 P Pass 3
2005 First Half Year FIN 310 Issues in Applied Finance 71 CR Credit 3
2005 First Half Year LAW 405 Remedies 69 CR Credit 4

And thus luck (or god for some) favours those who don't give a damn:

Year Study Period Unit Title Mark Grade Description Credits

2005 First Half Year BBA 301 Strategic Management I 79 D Distinction 4
2005 First Half Year BBA 315 Business Forecasting 79 D Distinction 3
2005 First Half Year PSY 331 Design and Statistics III 73 CR Credit 4
2005 First Half Year PSY 361 Philosophy of Psychoanalysis 78 D Distinction 4

Vietnam-era commander Westmoreland dead

Monday, July 18, 2005

Soz James, I didn't hand your jacket back to you, but I hooked it on Hash's bed right in front of you. Thought would have noticed.

Parents want to sell the merc as well, john. They are willing to sell it for $9,900 otherwise it goes online for $12,000.

Like I said before:

  • Make: Benz
  • Model: 190E 2.3L
  • Year: 1991
  • Trans: Auto
  • 4 Wheels, Steering Wheel
  • Power windows, Power steering
  • Sportline interior (4 bucket seats)
  • For anything else, check it out on carsales

The link above goes to 1990, I couldn't find 1991 one.

Bottom line:

  • The Benz was imported and not bought from Australia. I think it came from Japan.
  • The Benz is a lot better kept than the Pintara coz my parents work most of the time in a 24 hour day and they have had a garage to put the car or at least a shaded area
  • The gearbox was reconditioned not long ago
  • The air con is temperamental my parents say. Its winter so I haven't tried it yet.
  • The radio sux depending how you like AM radio. The highest FM band it can reach is 90.0MHz which means you can't even listen to ABC classical. You can carve that out and replace it with a better one from supercheapauto or something.
  • The steering can sometimes be difficult as if it did not have power steering, eg when you park, but its manageable.
  • Sportline trim makes it uncomfortable for the 5th passenger who gets stuck in the middle. Otherwise the other 4 have it sweet.
  • The indicator lights have been known to be a bit finicky. Just open up the light board and jiggle the light bulb to fix it. Happened to me a few months ago and I just jiggled it a bit and it hasn't happened since.
  • Takes PULP obviously. The fuel guage is busted. It is very important that you fuel up when it gets to around 400kms. You have to use the odometer to measure how much fuel you have left and remember to reset it once you've fueled. 400kms in peak hour then refuel. I have used it out of peak hour for 400kms and when I fuel, I typically use about a bit less than 40L.
  • If I can remember anything else I'll post it up.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Well I told u guys I was slow...

Judging from the massive picture that i saw and commented on,
its your jacket James.

When do want it back?

I will be at uni b4 8:30am tomorrow if u r there
else u can pick it up from my house


Some one has left their jacket at my house

It is light brown Giodarno size M

Thanks guys !!!

Thank you for coming
Thanks for orsome gift !

nice work there kwong ...

man we had so much food left over tho (cept for butter chicken)
ne1 want free food? or chilli james?

A Few Good G-Men

From Kwong:

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oh James - just noticed
Your lowest grade is like my highest grade! hahah awesomeeeeeeeeeee

I need sleep.
Hash is turning 21!!!!!!!! wooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

Oh sweet, I can apply for CSE tutoring jobs too! woot

hooray, a possible chance to use my ipod for transfer..

Congrats on your marks, James and Jono.. and thank you for those motivating words.. I want to see the letters H, D only in the result column next session..

feeling crazy? apply for cse casual tutoring
you have nothing to lose..

hurry, applications close 18th july (monday midnight)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Sweet as James! Congrats dude!


Sweet, thanks Eric.
Will have my iPod there. 1GB.


Hey Darren/Kwong/Jono,

I have finally uploaded your b'day stuff ('specially the vids) onto comp and they are way too big to upload online, even for ADSL. So if you guys can bring some sort of mass storage device to hash's b'day and we can do a transfer via comp or sumthing. I 've ran out of CDs and it's a waste if i burn that onto a DVD.

And, Hash,
"Dinner ::
5am @ 16 Grand Ave, West Ryde"

...dinner at 5am ey? I've had dinner at 2am...but never at 5am. Ahahahah

- WHere to buy good meat @ reasonable prices (preferably marinated already)
* Your local butcher. The Asian butchers sell for cheap. Think Eastwood.
- when to buy? today or tomorrow
* Anything you marinate, today. Non-marinate foods (steaks), tomorrow.
- What utensils do I need
* 2 pair of tongs, forks, plates, cups etc.
- what seasonings to get
* Sauce if you're cooking sausages. Garlic steak for others.
- what dishes would like to be contributed
* Without coersion, probably nothing. Ask for salad at gun point.


Hey guys,

update on bday

Date :: Sat - 16th July
Time :: 11am
Where ::
Lunch ::
11am @ Meadowbank park
Dinner ::
5am @ 16 Grand Ave, West Ryde

xtra info -
Lunch - I still need the following knowledge - if someone could provide, I would be grateful
- WHere to buy good meat @ reasonable prices (preferably marinated already)
- when to buy? today or tomorrow
- What utensils do I need
- what seasonings to get
- what dishes would like to be contributed


Marc, can I buy the line in *only*?

UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 1 2005
Issued at Thu Jul 14 17:42:02 2005
Session Course Title Result
S1 COMP3311 Database Systems.................78 DN
S1 COMP4211 Adv Architectures & Algorithms...85 HD
S1 COMP4511 User Interface Design & Constr......WD
S1 COMP4910 Thesis Part A.......................SY
S1 COMP4920 Professional Issues and Ethics...93 HD

Hi Darren, just saw your marks. I know how it feels
to see your wam get sucked away.

I can't offer any ground breaking advice except to say
that choosing subjects that I like have helped this session
a lot.

We often speak about 'motivation' as that mystical force
which determines how hard we will work. Motivation, however,
is not something we can manipulate or create; it is inherent.
So the only way to really tap into motivation is do what
you like. And for uni, that directly translates into pick the
subjects you like or those that interest you. Forget about
"employability" for now; there's no point doing a "IT" comp
subject only to get a low mark. Might as well as do something
you enjoy and earn something better.

I see you're going to go with advanced graphics. That's a great
choice. I am still doing a toss up between that and electronics B.

Let's do some prank callin'

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Darren, sorry to hear about your results.
Hope you're motivated for next session.

PS for those who were aware otherwise, I will actually be coming to Hash's birthday.

Seeya guys then.

Kwong - Bring my soccer ball will you? sweet as

Sigh, results are indeed out

Mood: disappointment/annoyance/expectance

Session Course Title Result
S1 COMP3141 Software Sys Des&Implementat'n...44 FL
S1 COMP3231 Operating Systems................48 PC
S1 COMP3311 Database Systems.................67 CR
S1 COMP3331 Computer Networks&Applications...59 PS

Term WAM: 54.500 Overall WAM: 61.018 Undergraduate

Strange how past mistakes come back and haunt me in the form of a bias to my WAM..

stupid ssdi.. next session is advanced graphics time..

I hope you're not referring to me...
"Mood: angry/irritated"

What a time for my email inbox to be open
thought results were coming out on sunday, well into my hike

I envy any person who looks forward to their results

Hmm...must be the earlier you get your results, the better they are

Just to make your day, results are out (UNSW).

. . .

Mood: angry/irritated

Again proving I have no ability to predict results, with bad exams providing surprising results (Solids) and strong subjects...well...silly 4401 structures

Session Course Title Result
S1 AERO3620 Flight Dynamics and Systems.........WD
S1 AERO4101 Aerospace Design 2A.................SY
S1 AERO4401 Aerospace Structures 2A..........75 DN
S1 AERO4610 Advanced Aerodynamics & Prop.....79 DN
S1 MECH3203 Engineering Experimentation A....69 CR
S1 MECH3400 Mechanics of Solids 3............73 CR

Term WAM: 75.000 Overall WAM: 74.351

What annoys me the most is that silly WAM. darghhhhhhh

So here goes yet another semester on the shooting line

PS oh and the bloody nutbucket experimentation
wat teh crap

don't care, going hiking, moo.

hahaha you deviant mong!!

Besides, once he has the car, is it me or is it likely that hash will never get to use it...

Quick! We still have Hash's birthday!

Damn that's cheap!!!

I'm almost tempted to buy it!

Except I wanted the 1960's minicooper that I saw for sale on george st instead.
Well not fussed, but I need a manual vehicle.

C'mon car-less people! go go go super great deal

Esp for 118000 km, and exciting fog lights.
More importantly, we'll all be confused since when the red car turns up, it won't be Marc. *confused*

haha john

We will be in the future, but when exactly who knows? If I sell the Pintara then obviously I will be driving the merc

The 190E actually had an engine overhaul for some reason and its got a 2.3L inside as it is also a "sport" model of that particular model. Same year 1991 approx 150kkms.

are you selling the 190e?

Ok my parents have been thinking about selling the Pintara for a while since they got a new (2nd-hand) E230 which means we have had a surplus of the Pintara and 190E since the start of the year. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, they are more than welcome.

My parents thought I should ask you guys first before I post it up on carsales. It would be good specifically for those of you without a car Yi, Hash, Darren?

Only me and sis (who went to London last May) drive it. Since the radiator died, I've been driving this thing granny style so, no, I have not been ripping it and it is a rare occasion where I manage to accelerate past 2.5k rev/min. I have always driven Pintara with a view to making it last as long as possible. I have still driven both Pintara and the 190E consistently.

If you want some price comparisons, check it out on carsales, or trading post. Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Nissan
  • Model: Pintara TRX (sport model of Pintara series)
  • Engine: 2.4L 4-cylinder
  • Year: 1991
  • Use: 118kkms
  • Auto Transmission
  • Power steering
  • Fog lights, very useful at night if you are blind. Fog lights are awesome for peripheral vision.
  • Spoiler OMG!
  • The tyres are relatively new. I got them changed last September for the pinkslip
  • If you're lucky and I can't manage to get the stereo out then you will be driving with a stereo with line in which means you don't need some lame-arse iTrip with your ipod. Don't use the tape player though..ahem. If I do get the radio out, and I can use it in the benz, then you will have the delightful company of AM radio...or FM upto the 90.0Mhz band (its japanese). I normally listen to Newsradio AM 630 when I'm in the benz.
  • Fuel consumption depends. I drive to Renee's place outside of peak our mostly and I manage to get around 370km on a full tank before I refuel again (~45L). If I push it to the limit and ignore the light for longer, I think I could go for 400km ^^
  • Rego expires end of September.

Ok so here's the bottom line:

  • Bought in 1999-2000(?) at 40kkm
  • The radiator developed a crack last year. We replaced it and it works fine now $275
  • The battery died last year. We replaced it with a brand new one, the better choice of 2 batteries. $140
  • The car has stalled once or twice in the last 2 years. This typically happens when its really wet, as in it rains for days. The water does something to the transmission. You can feel the car rumbling as if it were a manual. I don't find its a real biggie, as you can just restart the car. The problem didn't surface during the last wet period a few weeks ago. Lucky we're in a drought.
  • Because we left it out in the sun (we have no garage) the exterior has been exposed to the elements and during the summer, the heat must have killed the glue that binds the cloth with the ceiling. I call this the chandelier effect.
  • As above, the shininess looks like its been sanded down because we left it in the sun over the few years we have had it. The paintjob (clearly visible) has a few scratches. I guarantee that they were there before we bought it o.0
  • The suspension is not that great. It could do with replacing but is still doable in the current condition, just don't go offroad or anywhere likely to hurt the car.
  • The car is 3rd hand on us. So if you buy it, you will be the 4th owner (which drags the price of the car down like crazy).
  • I find that on cold days the car does better with a warm-up. ie the engine does not need to work as hard to accelerate.
  • The seatbelt on one side in the back is busted and does not retract back.
  • Central locking got downed, so you need to lock the car manually ie double check all doors are locked. The driver's side back door is busted as well. It can be opened but it takes a lot of force to pull the lock. You can just get in on the other side.
  • No airbag coz its ancient.

Despite those flaws, the Pintara is still doing solidly for its age. Best features are the fog lights and the line-in :) It probably has half if not less than half of the kms that most Pintaras have that are listed on the net.

My Dad wants to give Mates Rates (if any of you are interested) at $1,000, otherwise we sell it online at trading post etc for around $1,250. Msg me over any IM or reply to blog if interested and I will get a pink slip done.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thanks Marc, it works! I see it. I see the light. The tunnel is open.

Yes, James left hospital on Friday or Saturday I think.

He is well ish.

Here is the tag now:

<iframe vspace="100%" hspace="100%" style="width:100%; height:100%; background:
#CCCCCC; overflow:hidden;" src=""
marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" border="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

You can experiment with changing it so it works on both IE and Firefox here:


Is James still in the hospital? Would anyone else like to go pay him a courtesy visit?

I haven't researched thoroughly whether the problem [wiki] can be fixed. I am using a tag called iframe. Ironically the place where I discovered it said that it was a tag specifically designed for IE only. I have tried looking into it a bit. If I have time, I'll try and see if I can experiment a little and see if I can fix it

hmmm how does a window fall out of the space shuttle...

go go gooooo

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

To: IXUS 430 with a 128MB card inside.

Please return to me on Hash's birthday.


almost as good as extreme ironing.

benny are you free to meet with me and charlie on thursday?
I need to fit you guys the right size packs and give you your gear
preferably thursday morning ish

Monday, July 11, 2005

EDIT From Renee

Meeting at the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (MCA) 1:30pm.

3:00pm+ MOVIE
Afterwards you decide.

I will be there from 10:00am

Everyone is welcome


regarding the wikiBulletin, for people who cant see it, just click on the wikiBulletin word to see what is currently posted. Marc, is this problem fixable?

was your voiceover guy all blurred?

the voiceover guy for iPod flea was quite convincing

From Renee

Meeting in the ct 1:30pm outside Woolies street level.

1:30 - 3:00pm. K
3:00pm Hyde Park lunch.
4:00pm Pool. Afterwards you decide.

I will be there from 10:00am

Everyone is welcome

In reference to Steve Job's comment for joining the dots: a failure in one regard opens up a world of opportunities

A reminder to John, Bennie, and Alexis: please bring your agreed amount to Hash's b'day next week. Also, anyone know Alexis's home phone?

Hi all, thanks again for coming, I had a great time, good food, great friends and cool presents, including the wonderful CAMERA someone left behind. (the ixus430) if nobody claims ownership of it, you leave me no choice but to.... ask nicely again..

I thought the iFlea was real until magnifying glass thing appeared..

Tai Mai Shu.. i havent heard that since year 10! Back when i remembered all the lyrics to it..

Great poe-curr game we had last night (not just because I won.. I had home ground advantage anyway..) lets do it more often.. with real monies, for those of us working.. which means i should get a job asap

I wish today was Sunday, so I could get a Cheeseburger for 39c, at MacDawwnaalldddss.... this would sound better in my new boombox.

Yeah thanks everybody for showing up, and especially thanks to Darren and his family for hosting the wonderful (and for me, much needed) get together! Hadn't seen John since last Nov. :P

Great party everyone!!!

Steve Jobs's commencement address to Stanford's 2005 graduating class.

Yeah, a very big thankyou to everyone, for coming, and to Darren and his parents for all the lovely cooking and food yesterday

(As I already made it clear in my wonderful..."thankyou"...speech yesterday)
I was half asleep after waking up; little bit shocked; I guess Yi thought this would be a good time to start presenting such gifts.
Yet before I got sidetracked, I neglected to mention something along the lines of I hope we'll always be friends, always staying in contact, no matter where on earth we are.

Yeah, that's it.
Really appreciate it all.

OMG... we bought Jono the iPod Shuffle and the iPod flea comes out. o.O

Orsome Party yesterday!

Thanks Darren + Parents for hosting!

Hope ypu haven't impaled yourself on ne gifts yet.

Have FUN !

PS: Kwong - it is expected that you carry around your new prez runnin Tai Mai Shu as loud as you can

Sunday, July 10, 2005

P.S. I won't be going hiking to the blue mountains this week as planned; I've decided to hang out with my dad instead.

Oh yeah Benny - would you mind signing up as a member of the outdoor club ($10)?
(No, it's not that we're *that* desperate for funding)

Main reason is it simplifies borrowing of club gear when you're a member, and more importantly, you're insured on all club trips as a member.

(Not a whole lot I can do about Charlie but we'll let that slide.
It would just look funny if I signed out 2 hiking packs under my name instead of one)

Just sign up through me, but me let me know if you can. Sweet

Also, Charlie and Benny - We'll probably need to meet up on Thursday so I can give you the right size (for your body) hiking packs and the sleeping mats.
And also to make sure we've got all the food/drink we need for the hike etc.
But more details later.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

A reminder for go-karting tomorrow:

Address: 40 Arncliffe St, Arncliffe.

find out how to get there at

Try to get there at 10:15am.
Seeya there!
0402 876 434

they asian guy is so good dude
rock onnnnnnn


Friday, July 08, 2005

Whatever, not fussed.

Sweet as charlie

Funny thing is, I'm also going on a four day walk from Mon-Thu next week, on the six foot track from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. The hike is 3 days then we'll spend a day checking out Jenolan Caves and be back Thu evening. So this Sunday I'll probably need to leave Darren's place around no later than 8pm to get packing.

Anyway, so I'll be back, but just thought I'd let you know.

how many days can you spare in that final week?

Jono I'am down for hiking.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well I guess it ain't all bad news... apparently this feature turns itself off after awhile.

========== Customer's original message ==========

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the quick response.

Onto the next question then, is this "SelfTest" feature implemented in
other drives? Later models? SATA? I assume it came in after the 80GB Barracuda
IV as I have one of those as well and it doesn't have this.. feature.

This feature is quite annoying given that I have build a very quiet PC only to be
disturbed by my new 200GB drive. The irony is that
I bought this drive from Seagate because my 80GB was so quiet.

Anyway thanks for the quick response again.




The latest generation of our high-capacity hard drives has been programmed
to perform regular offline scans
to test the drive’s reliability and detect any possible malfunctions that
may have been caused during transit.

The offline scanning takes place when the drive is idle. This feature
cannot be disabled and does not affect
the performance of the hard drive. The feature should disappear after a
few hours of drive operation.

Offline scanning helps to maintain the reliability of the drive by moving
the heads within the "high-flight zone"
in a pre-programmed pattern. The "high-flight zone" is located toward the
outside of the platters where the
most air flows under the heads during times of inactivity.

If you feel that your noise is excessive or does not reduce after a few
hours of operation, you can run
Seagate's SeaTools diagnostic software to check the physical integrity of
the drive.

SeaTools can be obtained from Seagate's website at:


Alan M.
Seagate Technical Support

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Before I forget - Benny (or anyone else who is interested and may have time)

are you interested in going hiking for a few days beginning probably Monday 18 July? (Last week of holidays

Minimum 3 days, I'd like it to be more but am flexible.

Probably down south near Nowra, in the Budawangs (Morton N.P. etc)

Frustration - waiting excitedly for a pair of Teva Millenium sandals bought from for $36 + 10 shipping, only to find out when they finally arrive that I am actually a size 10 US, not 9.

so think I'll sell this now. Yup. Great.

So before that, does anyone want a pair of teva sandals? US size 9.
(Typically roundabout $80 new)

Lol, thats an awesome way to say "we don't want to fix it" and "don't contact us anymore"

A slighty humurous exchange of e-mails between myself and Seagate about my 200GB ST320082A. Mind you the reply was swift and came in one day which surprised me.

Hi there,
My hard drive is making ... systematic noises. Without any IO activity,
the drive will produce this rhythmic sound.
Something like "ki,ke,ki,ke,ki,ki,ki" and it repeats. This sound is softer
than the drive's seeking sound. When the drive is making this sound, I can
stop it by generating some system IO like opening a file.

What is the drive doing during these sounds? Is there a way to make it
stop? More importantly, is my data at any risk?



And their response



This is a Self Test feature built into the newer drives. This feature
scans the drive for inconsistencies and is designed to prolong the life of
the drive. This feature can not be turned off.

Best Regards,

Stefan M.
Seagate Technical Support


get the latest top gear episode (aired on 3/7/05). best show ever.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Something to do this sunday?

Sure thing

but Renee called me and said...well pretty much she can't make it unless

a) someone who lives down south can give her a lift home on Sunday night, and
b) it ends late, at least after 8pm

The important thing is she needs to get home.

Is anyone from down south coming up? Scott? Annie?


Also, will we then have 2 BBQ's at your place Darren? One for lunch and another for Dinner?
Presumably some soccer or something in between hey?

Do you need help buying meat/drinks/supplies?

How does go-karting at 10:30am sound?
Either get there yourself or arrange to get a lift with someone, maybe on the blog.

the address is here
(40 - 50 Arncliffe St, Arncliffe)
right near where Yi lives

As far as I'm aware, we'll be skid-karting for 20 mins, $33 in total

Jono/Kwong/Darren's combined Birthday Event, 10/7/05! GoKarting@Arncliffe then BBQ@Darren's from 12pm (BYO Drinks)

this is what is in the wikiBulletin for those who cant see it (hi jono)

well, i've started to organise stuff for my place; its really not hard to get to.. and it should still be going after 5pm..

Hey with this sunday are we confirmed to go to Darren's place for the BBQ?

While I like the idea of Darren's place for a BBQ, transport for some is a bit inaccessible, such as for Renee, who will be working in the city until 5pm.
are there maybe any other suggestions?

I beleive everyone has finished there exams by now.. Good job team

Now, take a breather and prepare for round stage 4, round 2, which should be the final round for some..

So says Treacherous D. Valentine, aka Crazy Eyes D. Beautiful, aka Suede D. Love

On Ice-climbing:

"it just looks like climbing up a wall of jugs. whack kick pull up whack etc etc.

Whack kick ice shatters blade pops out rewhack pull up kick hold position put in icescrew clip phew crampons ripping out whack hard ice colapse die."


On the same page, I absolutely could not stop cracking up at this one:

From: Pedro Espina

To find out if ice climbing is for you,

5. In front of an open refrigerator, strip to your underwear, place 10 or 12 ice cubes around your testicles, poor a gallon of cold water over your head, and repeat "Man... This is f*cking great!".

7. Ask your neighbor to tie his Rottweiler with a shoelace at the other side of a 4 foot fence. Smack the dog a couple of times and repeat "If the string breaks, the fence will hold him back... the fence will hold... the fence will hold..."

haha how good are they

Vin Diesel is cleaner burning and ten times more efficient than regular diesel.
Vin Diesel : Stevan Seagal :: Anakin Skywalker : Obi-wan Kenobi
Noble gases become highly reactive in the presence of Vin Diesel.
The integral of ln x is Vin Diesel.

And I am of course
Snake Eyes Jonathan Shmoove
President Lee Rockefeller and
Fine Ass Lee Slick

Exams finally done, after eternity + n

Monday, July 04, 2005

Represent dog.

Something useful while procastinating .

maybe they should just call that landmark 'The Apostles'..

yeah real bummer hey

Sunday, July 03, 2005



argh, will i never get a day when everyone can make it..

and i dont believe it, but win98 crashed during setup... but it recovered. stupid comp that doesnt read the boot sector unless you tell it to..

lol trying to install DOS on NTFS

oh.... it's on a sunday now? I wont be able to make it on a sunday.... =(
Maybe at night time? But how would I get to darrens' place and home at night time? (From the ct- I have work on sundays)

I'd really like to come though =) Please tell me what time it will end, if it will stay at Dax's place, or if the partae will move to a different location.

oh you can't do that on say, Saturday? or Friday...etc

But sure, that's fine
I think it'll be fun though, it's actually called "Skid karting", a mix of dodgem cars and go karting.
so yeah you bump people, less so about winning a race

hmm, i dont think i can make it to go karting.. i have to get the house ready for you peoples..

argh, the trials and tribulations of installing an operating system on an old comp..

i spent 2 hours trying to put a temporary os onto a blank hdd from a bootable freeDos cd after finding out that my win98 cd isnt bootable, my xp cd is too good for the comp, my winMe cd is Thinkpad-only. My NT cd also didnt boot, or so it seemed.

installed freeDos, but still wouldnt boot. decided to try make the win98 cd bootable.. tried attatching win98 files to the freedos bootable cd, but it wasnt accessible. so i erased the cdrw, and combined the boot image. it then didnt boot because of bad checksum. erasing the cd again, i found an old boot disk somehow, copied the boot part of it onto a cd, added the win98 files.

After managing to make a win98 bootcd, just for fun i decided to try the NT cd again, thinking 'this had better not work'.. and of course it did..

further more, when choosing the drive to install to, i decided to remove the currently allocated fat32 partition, to make a new ntfs one, only to find out that it didnt like the 6gb hdd, as it was 'too big' for its liking.. so i had to reboot from the freeDos cd, then repartition a fat32 partition, and finally try and install NT again.
Maybe i shouldnt have taken out the fdd from that comp..

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Everyone must see War of the Worlds

It is absolutely orsome . . . the WoW trailer advertisement that is . .

Btw - if ne1 wants to get WoW for <$50, it will be availlable at Myers for a limited time - all major stores have alreadyn sold out, so u will need to store hunt

Poor 2nd Litter of bunnies...

Oh well, should give Missie a good rest now ^^

As far as I'm aware, no change in details
Still just go karting on Sunday July 10, with some form of BBQ after I suppose at Darren's place. Go karting is at Arncliffe, right near where Yi lives.

Haven't made the time for updates yet, still exams going.

haha bulletin
I never seen anything on it, because it doesn't view in IE/Crazy Browser.

But will post something sometime

Unless Kwong/Darren organise some stuff too
But pretty busy for the moment, sorry

What is happening with birthdays? It would be wise to use the bulletin now...

Friday, July 01, 2005

17" LG Studioworks CRT

almost 3 1/2 years old, brightness is fading, but nothing a little (actually, a lot of) gamma correction cant fix

Happy Financial New Year everyone!

My 19in CRT has about an inch over my 17in LCD.