Tuesday, December 31, 2002

An interview between an author of science fiction Stephen Baxter (maths degree from Cambridge and doctorate in Aerospace Engineering) and an Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke.

If the moon landing was a conspiracy, I can't see any holes in this story. ^^

Shenzhou 4 launched.

Can you believe they launch from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China?
Mongolia. *wow*
Refer to old story

ahaha. well my parents can pay by credit card.
Yeah Kwong, Listen to Hash, local transfers aren't that bad.
Besides, it's not like I'll take your money and move to Argentina or Mexico, will I? ^^

My ticket is reserved atm, no confirmation, but I should be back to sydney by 20th Jan.

Monday, December 30, 2002

Sweet ! thanks Jono !!

as long as its just transferring to a local account, that is all good

Just tell me what prices and all

btw when r u getting back and when is the latest u can go shopping - some things may be cheaper here, but not by much (SHOCK !! HORROR !!)


Excellent choice.


If those two Sony choices were meant to symolise prestige, you've made a rubbish choice.

What you need is the Sony MZN-10 10th anniversary model and the Sony F717 Cyber-Ion-Cannon-Shot.

Pay CASH? That's a lot of cash to be carrying.
Cool you can make it Jono, its not far! Hey you get the nice Victoria harbor views and I'm sure they have mad fireworks there.

ahahah Kwong.

Hmm, well I can probably pay in cash for you, but everyone else would probably have to transfer moneyT68 is around $HK1500.00.

I don't think transferring money from one local bank account to another is *that* hard.

I'm down for NYE Celebrations.
Where's La Perouse again.
Is it near Wan Chai?

Jono, I have only seen the T68i in shops around here. So i dont know. But yeah ive decided on the T68 IF i get u 2 buy it 4 me. Still need to confirm (i should do so soon). As for money, erm i highly doubt my parents will let me transfer money out of my account. altho it is my account and i can do so if i wanted 2.
hahah benny.

lol so what's happeneing for New Years?
And you forgot S2 Jono ^^
Oh and can you get me an Sony MZ-N1 and a DSC-P9?

Yeah sure Yi, I'll take your holiday for you.
Where does your cousin live again?

Aha well if you guys can get some money transfer into my parents' accounts then that would be a good way of doing it.

Actually no wait.
My parents, and I, both have Australian bank accounts. If you transfer into my account, say (they said that's ok because they have to pay me pocket money etc anyway), then that is really easy for you.
Then we'll pay over here in HK dollars.

You definitely don't have to consider international money transfer. But just see what your parents say.

I don't mind buying the stuff, it's not a problem really. If it's only a few hundred aussie dollars even then it should be ok for my parents to pay in cash and then u guys to pay me back in cash or whatever.

But all of you guys in total, that would be over $1000 aussie in total, so yeah.

Butters: Nah it's ok, I'll keep looking for you and find you a price.

But for all of you guys, ie Kwong, Hash, Marc, ask your parents if they would be willing (or you yourself) to transfer money into the account, then I"ll get it over here and it'll be a breeze.

Kwong: They don't sell the T68 there? Bunch of z00ch0es
So you've decided on the T68? Okie dokie!

well then that leaves room on jono's timetable for something i'd like to get in HK...
erh... OOOH that's right... can you take a holiday for me? though... i might not
have the cash when you get back to repay you....

You don't have to go looking for the mp3 player anymore Jono. I know you're a busy man :) I'm already looking at alternatives

i don't care what state my body's in, as long as the death is quick.

James you should keep a file of all those shots and rock up to some marketing manager of some transnational companies and shove it up their face
they might employ you

john that's only if they find your body in one piece and verify that it is in fact, yours.

Johno's thoughts seconds before he drifts into sleep on nye 2002:

Damn! I hate HK
I hate Shopping!
Worst of all, I hate waking up at 9 in the morning when I can spend the morning STARRING with comrades.
But I gotta wake up at 9 TOMORROW, to SHOP for mobile for kwong plus sony streetstyle headphones for marco plus james' memory card plus .......
Life's a bitch, but it goes on

Sunday, December 29, 2002

OK Jono,

I am trying to scry out a metaphysical pathway by which I can transfer the Money to you.

If that doesn't work then I hope u have a Visa Account or something that I can credit money to
otherwise I need to find out more about international funds transfer

Hmm I guess you could put my mobile on low priority if in the end you can't get the money.
And btw, I don't think they sell the T68 here in Aust.

Hash, the problem is, they are still a few hundred australian dollars all together.
I don't know if I can pull that kind of money together
plus mobile for kwong plus sony streetstyle headphones for marco plus james' memory card plus .......

I'd have to ask my parents for the money, and it's a fair bit.
unless u have some alternative form of transferring money over here.....*wink wink*

I'll check those other two prices for you

ahaha Beagle.

and Hash my number is 0402 876 434 just for reference since I may forget when I come back.
I take it you are an Optusian?

Part of history eh? Hey, I'll meet you there John. You can wave your "Hi Mom" poster in front of the emergency telecasts.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Its like that Stalin quote

Don't be scared, johnnie howard has hes 1337 counterterrorist unit now.
Charlie u got a job?

i want to go to city because of the bomb scares. i get to be part of history.

The only thing I can think of for New Years is that we all crash someone's place. I don't think anyone wants to go to the city coz of the crowds and *coughbombscarescough*

Come to think of it you've done quite a lot of marketing already

Weird subject james
I thought you would've used your beloved Absolut Vodka

When I start working, I will definitely reward myself with a manual camera

For Char:

Taken on 10 year old SLR.

Who thinks I should transfer to marketing? Yi and I saw the female population there.
Let's just say: "mmmmMMMM".

Or as Busu says:
"Hot as the sun, but not quite as bright."

See Jono, you make profit now.

James ::

I suggest that unless u realy love memorising, don't do Bio, even for fun

I think u can do first session Bio (BIOS1201) as a 6 credit Gen Ed or Science course but u should go up to the first year Biology office and ask
I know you can definitely do it if ur doing a Science degree but I'm not sure about an Engineering degree, may require some extra paperwork etc.
They are located in the Biological and Earth Sciences Building.
This is up past Mathews and perpendicular to the Medicine Building

Jono ::

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
even if its HK$4 to AUS$1 its still a mad price

probably getting a 9700 and p41.8a now

but can u also get the prices for the p4 1.8A
as well as the EpOx 4g4a+ motherboard

Guess who finally got a mobile after begging ,pleading , screaming and sacrificing various animals to multi-handed gods ...

Me !

Please call/prank/SMS or whateva so i can figure out ur numbers, or just send an ICQ message

thank you all

Number :: 0422 498 654

The little sniffer dog they have that supposedly finds drugs.


Welcome home. Did you meet the cute beagle at the airport?

There is no time lag. And I'm back. =)

Any plans for new years anyone?!

New scooter?

Stupid americans. What time is it over there James?

Can I study a biology subject just for fun? Not Gen ed, but 'real' bio. How would I apply, what would I receive (proof) that I did do this subject?

Friday, December 27, 2002

john (11:13PM):
kwong (11:13PM):

open wide, come inside

More like as if you'd use F-14s for bombing rows - what a disgrace! Intercept baby! Go Phonix~

LOL there's nothing wrong with F-16s =). Just disregard the fact that they had like the worst safety record for any aircraft during Gulf War.
w00t Tomcats! sif they being replaced by SuperHornets... pffttt.

Gary Tarolli:
Poland's new order of F-16s. I'd rather have Iran's spare, worn out Tomcats any day of the week.


When Yi posts a msg its a joyous occasion.

Pending legal action.

kwong (11:13PM):

open wide, come inside


mysteries of space

suckers deserve to have their money taken from them.

no it's 1 = 4.40
j00 sux0rz

No, conversion is $AU1.00=$HK4.00.

That's your most treasured memory of New Caledonia? Star?


Kwong needs star

Somebody deliver it to him with an Express Post asap

******************** HASH **********************
P4 1.7GHz - $HK950.00
P4 2.8GHz - $HK2900.00

Radeon 9500 64MB - $HK990.00
Radeon 9500 128MB - $HK1500.00
Radeon 9700 - $HK2000.00

All from memory damn it
$AU1.00 = $HK4.40
do the conversions yourself

LOL AA 1.50. They now replace 'camp' with 'use tactics', 'camper' with 'tactician'!

Congratulation Charlie, that's a small leap towards a star-free lifestyle. Now the next step is to hand your computer over to me. =)

0656 hours
i survived 24 hours without star

Thursday, December 26, 2002

and just how many people are actually still going to Movie Marathon

Or it could be Benny pretending to a pretender who is pretending to be Benny ...

Ahh !!!!!!
Too much circular reasoning when you enter the Deviant Factor

I dun think its Benny
must be someone pretending to be a pretender ...

And Jono, don't be so presumptuous.
I was replying to john not j00

4n|> w3 5h4|| 533 w|-|0 i5 7w1573|>

Benny? I replied? Benny? Hello? Benny?! Is that you?!

Yes Hash, Mr I-love-my-Fantasy-Novels-and-anime-and-games-and-all-other-fantasy-crap

I never believed in santa either

so what the hell u goin on about?

j00 4re tw1st3d

no one's replied...

I don't and didn't believe in Santa
I just didn't find it plausible that a guy who went down a chimney could still do business.
I mean come on, he is obviously a burgler who fell down a chimney once and forgot pick up the stuff he left

how could you have believed in santa if you don't celebrate christmas?

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Who said I cerebrated Christmas anyway Jono ???

hmm? who I ask? who ?

I wished you all a merry christmas, I was merely repsecting your customs and beliefs

I may not think they have a chance in Hell of being right, but that just means your deluded (or pretending to be deluded for all those who simply go to church for ... fun).
It doesn't mean that there is a reason not to feel sorry for you.
It's like parents and Santa.
You know he exist till the day u find ur prezzies hidden at the top of ur parents closet.
Every one eventually finds out Santa doesn't exist and is just a myth eventually.
Don't worry guys, It just takes u a bit longer to grow up, thats all

I am down.
Would you like to come to HK and watch it with me Benny?

AHa Charlie you woke up at 6pm?!
even after going to sleep so early?

don't tell me you didn't end up going to sleep...

who's down for tomorrow's movie marathon btw?

I've just slept through 75% of Christmas Day

life's a bitch but it goes on

yes john, you're right about being wrong

well I'm off to a Vietnamese Christmas Lunch...
See ya...

" ur one in a million,
once in a lifetime.
u made me discover ..one of the stars above us.."

such an addictive song..so repetative...yet so suited to the backdrop
of the miss universe contest in "Miss Congeniality"

bake a fake cake for my sake to take while i shake to wake jake and blake to make flake from a brake with my rake in the lake with the snake chasing a drake while playing quake?

I suppose..like any other birthday...Jesus deserves to be surrounded by presents.
*props chin in hands*

all this giving, sharing, caring etc etc as Jono puts it..is suppose to let us show our appreciation
for one another as children of God and his creations...
Although this sacred time of year has been commercialised to the extent where farting gnomes with
"made in Indonesia" santa caps are placed beneath the evergreen ( dont ask)..
we should all be grateful for our health, families and talents..for we have enuff common sense to
NEVER waste our grieviences over such trivial and distasteful matters.

Merry Christmas to all those who care to bestow their eyes on my words of everlasting support
and care! :)

Rejoice..my dear John Jons..for it's Jesus' birthday, born as our saviour, hope and the door to the Almighty
Lord, our heavenly father.

*sets about to bake a cake*

Aha yes, it's a time of giving, sharing, caring, buying, spending, loving, receiving, bankrupting, frauding, gluttoning, etc etc

christmas may be based on jesus, but it doesn't have to be all about that.

and of course what i say makes sense, 'cause i'm always right.

Aha Marc. Well, at least you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. etc.

Hash, please make yourself more obvious...
You agree only with john because you don't believe in Jesus, and it's surprising because Christmas is based on Jesus' Birth, what else?

At least that bit of Christianity makes sense to me.

And the fact that we base our dates, or at least our years on it too.

And of course what John said makes sense. John's statements always make sense, whether they are economic rationalism or just plain stupidity ^^

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Movie Marathon on This Thursday night (Boxing Day) at 11pm
if you are interested, call me or john regarding the details
if you don't have our numbers by now, then you're not invited unless you can contact someone who does.

Merry Christmas

you watched my Hellsing?!
you watched everything?!
no one's here to star...
I wonder why.... ^~
On a side note...
What's happening new years?
and when do you guys want the lan?
[No I haven't had it yet]
And why is Irene black foot man/woman etc...

Many LAN. I'm at my parent's office right now about to login into icq2go and listening to Best of U2 1980-1990

guess I'll just have to fill in the Gap

Anime - Duration to watch ll anime = 3 months

Time Passed = 1 month

Anime watched - 96%

Anime left - 8 eps of Slayers Next

rationing - 1 ep per week....

I plead with thee,


[/me shouts into the ever present abyss that is my social life]

Solitude is overwhlemingly not nice

mega spam,
I bet all u guyz are at a chrsitmas eve party that i wasn't invited to,
just like the Lan,

Woah, intersting for once I understand and agree with what john says

I wishe Ye all a verie merrie Christ's mass !!!

GB was so nice they gave us all a box o chocolates.

They are really good at decieving people, coz this is our "Christmas Bonus'

christmas isn't just about jesus
christmas is a time for sharing, caring, and loving... and all that bs.

not to mention the increased consumption, generating more economic activity, further boosted by the multiplier effect; bringing wealth to the whole economy, from the rich to the not so fortunate, from richer nations to the growing nations, as the product of the trickle down effect.

How can Christmas be merry if you don't celebrate the birth of Jesus?
Anyone wanna come to Milsons Pt Church with me Today?

Monday, December 23, 2002

Some people take offence to 'equals p'!

hahahah noooo not the '=p'.

LOL! Its Jono's fault =)

some friends i made!! i wish u all a merry christmas and u all call me names!
well =p take that! and jono....Ms Coffee?

Black Foot Man? well ok Black Foot Man, just repeating I can't make arrangements on 26th.
I have gotten all packages before, but the current saved game I have only has 94 I think. And Ive only done 100 taxi missions.
But I d/led a saved game with supposedly everything. So am wondering about this rumor.

You've gotten all the packages?
*and* completed *all* the missions?

yoow cwazy bastad!!

Why is your name NSPlayer

Chillih is Black Foot Man, otherwise known as Ms Coffee.

Is that Santa?
Well I've heard that if you complete all missions (including the vigilante, ambulance, taxi mission, etc), get all packages, basically get everything done, then the tunnel does become accesible and leads to the secret (but small) fourth island.

Double posting. Bad girl.

There is no fourth island. That tunnel around the Shoreside Vale dam is not accessible.

hope uve all been good boys and girls =D

hope uve all been good boys and girls =D

Onward christian souls. Don't fight. It is festive season. Lol, yes why listen to Hash for eh? mybad.
Btw, am looking for 4th island for GTA3.

We are not Christians. At least CCC don't think so.
I doubt I would ever become one unless God 'speaks' to me

John, read less, star more.

If an alarm wakes you up in the morning, then the sound of birds singing/squeaking is a signal for me to go to sleep
Good morning all

and Merry Christmas

Hash, Kwong, Yi, ordinarily I wouldn't have said anything about your comments, until all of you are stubborn enough to believe that me *and* Charlie are both Christians. Not that there is a single thing wrong with being a Christian. Or a Buddhist.

That is as stupid as me saying Kwong is a Buddhist or Yi is not an Atheist.

For the rest of you mindless chooks, have the decency to find a centre to ground yourself on like Hash, rather than just following the Crowd.

I have no problems with Marc's comments.

ïªm üßè® £33†.


Fine. I will edit my post as well.

click me!! cause i'm a hippy.

Du bist ein verdammter Schweinehund!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

New Caledonia ...

intersting destination

I think Butters is hinting at something Jono, Charlie ...

LOL river_basin. Yes grey mist, luscious greens, erm 'cottage'. What about ponds, training areas and the Humvees?

life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big heart
some of us gotta run a little faster cause we gotta later start
but i'd be a fool to surrender when i know i can be a contender
and if everybody's a sinner then everybody could ba a winner
i'm gonna scuffle and struggle until i'm breathless and weak
i just strived my whole life to make it to the mountain peak

just like river_basin...

kwong would know what i'm talking about.

How would the English country side be this time of the year? :)
im picturing a grey mist...luscious greens...and a cottage
powered by 60 watt bulbs :D !

New Caledonia...
a super "blend of french and melanesian cultures"
someone correct my spelling

I see this blog has been given the once over...
well its more broswer friendly and easier to skim through
with bloodshot peepers 2 in the morning.


Saturday, December 21, 2002

I'm a mineral patch.

Very turret defence Benny...

Han and I are currently waiting for you in cto.


So lonely.

Wtf is with that link? I take it all is resolved between you and Alexis?

Kindom Hearts OST is very nice. Where did you source it Lumoi?

New link added.
Go figure.

One should behave according to what they belief

Yes. I'm glad we think alike.

I'm not of any religion. I have my own set of values I live my life by, and that is enough for me. That is not to say that I make them myself. They're shaped by the people around me - mostly family and a bit of friends :) [FYI my mum's a buddhist and the rest are like me]

I have absolutely no problem with people who join a religion because they truly believe in it. In fact that is encouraging. I have a big issue with people who join religions for fleeting reasons, and not because they truly believe. That is just wrong to take faith that lightly. What becomes of them later on - I do not know.

You don't need Christianity in that case Charlie. Just take those beliefs without the church part.
Btw, Lumoi how did j00 go?

Despite my resistence to the idea of God in Christianity, I revel in the values that they preach. It inspires me to think that having something in the head is not
enough. One should behave according to what they belief.

As with faith in something with no evidence, it's blind faith, and according to a Christian pastor at CCC, there is no such thing as blind faith.

What's everyone else doing during Christmas

Cool, sounds like a lot of fun :)

HAHA, Starcraft still when on vacation. =)

Friday, December 20, 2002

Fellow Comrades

I'll be leaving on a trip to New Caledonia, a French Pacific island 2 hours flight from Sydney on Sunday morning.
I will return on Friday, hopefully in one peice. I hope to take lots of photos and will post them here asap.
I do not expect net access over there so I shall be imprisoned from Starcraft for 5 days. To keep me alive, I
will bring, together with my non-essential luggage (clothing, bathroom accessories) 50 new gosu Starcraft
replays. This boils down to 10 replays a day, probably enough to sustain vital bodily functions until the return trip.

Good luck, Merry Christmas and throw another Zergling on the barbie!

tell us something new Hash.

I don't have meaningful conversations. Everybody knows that.

Well for a change Hash can proclaim it himself.

I've eaten too many jelly belly jelly beans and i'm going to be sick.
oh, i'm also going to get a fugly jelly belly :(

I put it in a bit harser terms down at the end
as I said most religions

even some aspects of Buddhism require Faith rather than logic,
otherwise it would be a science, not a religion

can't have a serious conversation with u at all Kwong

"the hidden message was that Hash is ghey."
... i already knew that as well.

Human kind have something called a psyche. and faith.
it is what separate us from other organisms. and if faith can carry someone through hardship so be it. the whole point of fayth is that there is no evidence...

The hidden message was that Hash is ghey.

ok then

link is fixed to a new site

we already knew that hash.
what's your point?

Btw the link doesn't work for me.

For once I agree with j00.

btw this is just my opinion,
It may be wrong and useless just like most other things I post,

but in every great big pile of bullshit there is a sliver of truth

I just remembered the annex to ur post about knocking my Thoery jono

U can Knock me all u want but u tread on very dangerous groumd when u knock Buddhism.

and when u critisize it, ur just asking for trouble.

This may offend a whole heap of u, but as always no apologies ::

Ur religion is built on very shaky gournd, so shaky that it could be called mud
Let's start at the beginning shall we?

1) God created the Earth some 6000 years ago

hmm.... no he didn't

2) God created all animals to serve men

nope, thats a bg lie, they all evolved without his help

3) God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient

sorry, but anyone who is all of that and does nothing to help out is no higher entity at all

4) Jesus Chirst died to carry the burden of man's sin

This is the most plausible statement in there, however - If there was a higher power I doubt that he/she/it would accept so little punishment for so much pain

* EDIT - New link *
Here are a few more -
Inconsistancies in the Bible ... and then some
* Edit * end

Christianity is like most religions, a concoction of a large amount of lies, half-truths mixed with a few really truthful and good things.
An idea that is made to subjugate the masses and drive them to maintain their will to survive without resorting to primal instincts to ensure that they may be controlled by those in power.


Cointreau is dirty as a shot.
mix or use in cooking only.

lawyers everywhere. =)

Whoa! We get 400MB quota over the summer! I'm coming out to uni everyday just to use it now.

Thats very helpful. All I can enrol in is in the Data Org and DSS lectures. I can't enrol in any law subjects coz I need school consent and I still need to fill in labs

I can't believe it. It is summer holidays and I am on Clavier17...

Very go to anime. What was I smoking? [as benny would say]

There was a LAN?

I think we have to do some kind of an appointment before we enrol. You can try to enrol now, but I doubt you can. I'm sure the uni will send us details soon.

Very not tell me about the LAN

and I'm pretty sure we can register our new subjects online
coz every time I log into the NewSouth Student Online thing,
I has a funny enrolment thing at the top

Cool, our family got a bottle of Cointreau as a Xmas gift >:)

I dont think we can start enrolling just yet. I think we need to consult the uni - formalities and such - before we start enrolling on NSS, just to make sure the students know what they are doing and don't fuck up. I think thats around January, the same time most new students will be enrolling.

You'd better not say he's not a good actor in front of him, lest ye foight him, ya tisticle!

Erm, there was a thing at Benny's place already. What was it? Something along the lines of 2 PS2s, 4 Comps i think... ermm yeah.

Hmm watched Gladiator and Hannibal yesterday

Gladiator was good but I still don't see how Mr Crowe is a good actor

Is there a definite date for a BYO at Benny's or James' House?

all UNSW people, start ur Timetables for session 1 2003

try to get similar times for subjects everyone

I don't think I can afford to miss anymore biology labs ...
and maths tuts ...
and Binf labs ...
and Computing lectures.

Why depress everyone so badly Kwong?

We know u will do well !

But I have to admit that Credit is pretty disappointing

did u already have the LAN at ur house Benny?

and I think I may be able to fit soccer in somewhere between my 9 - 7 shift on Saturday

ELEC 1102 Foundations of Electronic Circuits 97.0 High Distinction
MATH 1903 Integral Calculus and Modelling Advanced 74.0 Credit
MATH 1904 Discrete Mathematics (Advanced) 78.0 Distinction
MECH 1530 Engineering Mechanics 85.0 High Distinction
PHYS 1500 Astronomy 78.0 Distinction

Change of font of main title would be nice. But thats just fancy stuff. Besides that the color scheme is better than the old. Just ignore what Hash says.

woot links are back up and colours look good

Ah I finally finished updating this thing. All thats left is probably to change the colours of the top banner and the colour of the writing. Any suggestions, please list them.

yes nikki webster is a problem.

wassup kwong?

Lumoi will ~sleeeeeep in heaaavenly peeeaaaaace~
sleeeeep in che~mical blisssss
*dah very have stupid carols over the PA system the whole day*
*stupid fucking nikki fucking webster's annoying voice*


fades are ownage.
and 2 hives = win.

Argh, u scared the bejesus out of me.

* has no life.*

hmmmm Charlie:
but we do have to survive on limited funds!! Post-xmas sales will be restricted access for Lumoi, going to be sooo hard to abstain...nooo
We are saving up majorly for Lumoi's vacation to Japan. Yes we will have a job, but that WILL BE MY LIFE.
if not...errr..well, i'm going to have to find *other* ways to make money. Any suggestions? I do not want to get too dirty though...

like gardening.

At least you don't need to survive the holiday on limited funds, no job, and no life.

The words of that reindeer sounds awefully similar to what john would and has said

Death of der Wasserfall brings life to the Starcraft Forum

Merry Christmas you all you crazy space m0nkeys!!

Blogger is undergoing some routine maintenance. Please stand by.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

my social life is dying.
i'm working everyfuckingday for 9~12 hours except on Jesus' Birthday.
boxing day shift in the city store should be good though. Double-time and a half per hour. w000t.

Der Wasserfall is dying.

haha butters

lol kwong, no I am not knocking your vision as well as HK.

But now that you bring it up...


Let's work for China.
We can go and help them launch Shenzhou's like fireworks

and if we're lucky, they may reach just as high, too.

Sorry about the crap food and messy house by the way...

We don't believe the media is always right. It is always right.

John, you lawyers are all the same
You believe the media is always right

and particularly when it's MICRO$OFT NETWORK BROADCA$TING CORP


Is anyone is down for soccer this Saturday?

Thank you. =)

We don't really have a reason. Lumoi simply feels that it is more appropriate to speak of herself as a separate entity, I, being the narrator or "observer" just put into words what she feels at the time. At times We have been questioned as to whether or not we are merely offspring of a Dissociative Identity Disorder, but clearly this is not the case with Us. We would know. We cannot speak for James though. We have been doing this for a while now, often in diary and weblog entries over the years. She hopes it makes sense to you all.

Why do people say their names as if they are talking to yourself?

I demolished Gavin. Hope you're happy now James! Jeez!

from here:
instant messaging = a network that allows multiple users to see when other users are present and then to communicate with them.

doesn't say anything about response times.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Howz this now?

what's wrong with being john? i like being nondescript, so i blend in with the crowd.

hey i know that song. will download it now.

kekekeke ^^

it's all just a little bit of history re-peatingggg

Too many Johns here. Invading.
Yes don't go blaming me for having no name.

Just another John Doe

i'm still john.

yeah....your username/login on blogger appears as the username on the board.

i use the blogger interface and my nick is . : r a e v e n : . as Kwong stated correctly.

so ya. mister admins....you better get yo act together or me and kwong will kick yo madmin ass

You see theres something wrong with your blogg.
Lumoi's name is ^malice^ on the actual site, but . : r a e v e n : . the blogger.com version.
Just like I still have no name there.

a co-worker @ GB's called Stephen is moving to Newcastle in February for a job @ Fairfax

Busu works at GB as well?
No comment Jono. Not only knockin HK but my eyesight as well eh? =)

no no no....my most favorite person @ GB's.

Busu is moving to Newcastle?

that was sudden
well, good for him.

Bleh, but we didn't have to login before....
I never had to go to blogger.com
I'm so fussy
it's not f unny

Lumoi was paid for the last fortnight of work, however, due to Christmas present shopping is muchos povos.
Post Christmas sales will ensure this poverty will last well into the new year.
Her trip to Japan is an incentive to save money however, this will ultimately be spent on goods outside the country.
Perhaps she should invest in the stockmarket...but shares in Australia/$AUD are crappy...
She just found out her mostest favoritest person @ work is moving to Newcastle :(
can this girl ever win?

Damn, they're dead? Or is it just not chmoded?

So which template do you guys prefer? Chroma [this one] or the old Sandbox at Night [the old one]?

Hey, Jono, try logging into www.blogger.com before you go to the post login, then try to post...

haha interesting insight hash

the "others" fail to agree because they haven't seen the modus operandi of UNSW.
Especially those USYD people who for some reason all did so well....

But, like Buddhism, it has a few faults and doesn't explain some things.

Benny didn't actually do better, in case you didn't notice...
and that doesn't explain why Yi maintained decent marks...

and *lawyer tone* isn't is possible, Mr Hash, that items 2, 3, 4 of the evidence were in fact the result of Mr Wang's failures in Session 1 earlier in the year, not to mention that Mr Wang was also sued by Noyce Lawyers on April 1st, 2002 for a breach of Microsoft Law? Is it not possible that we chose our own path in relation to item 8 of the evidence and decided to, as you so call it, "STAR IT" of our own free will?

blah blah blah Hong Kong sucks (I'm hoping kwong can't read this part) blah blah blah

Marc, all the archives have disappeared! and where are all the links that were on the old blog? n000000

very Hammer my Theory

It took a whole 5 seconds of delusional paranoia to think it up

and Raaa I speak coz I must

Why does Hash speak?

mer...i second that john.

your theory sucks.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Stupid Andrew bloody Taylor,
very give NO scaling for Higher Comp.

I think I have it all figured out ...

Hash's Conclusions - A Story of Ultimate paranoia

1) James starts up a blog during Holidays b4 Session 2
2) James starts off with many posts then gradually slows down, Thus inducing the rest of the blog to fill in the vacuum and equalize conversation concentration
3) James plays a ridiuculous amount of star during Session 1 to lure everyone in
4) James quits playing star to utilize same tactic as 2.
5) Busu goes into hibernation except for rapid saturation burst of BF1942
6) Busu moves to Chatswood to minimize distance to his significant other, thus allowing more effiicient use of his time
7) James and Busu get plenty of rest and shout threats at each other to make themselves do work
8) Thus they get better results while leaving the rest of us groping for straws in the wind, i.e FUBAR'd

Conclusion ::
Results in Session1 were an elaborate scam to bring the rest of us down, really really bad

MIssion Success ::
Everyone but Yi + Benny had marks pulled down
Newest members of the group were most heavily hit, tolerance levels were too low (Darren)

Charlie pulled a shifty as always

ahaha oh how star has changed....

the science vessel walked
and the drones *flew*, not floated

Wow yi, hahahah

man those dropships were *bigger* than carriers in the beta versions and they held 8 units no matter what size they were! OMG!

Imagine one dropship holding 8 tanks, or 8 gollies...
and if protoss and zerg were the same....wow...8 dragoons or 8 reavers....or 8 ultras....8 lurks....

but u still have to build them, the units....

Frig I do have to re-login everytime

Marc could you explain why, and possible solve the problem of, I have to log in everytime I post a msg?
well, almost...

quibble quibble quibble yes i know

raa? u do not have a name
and I second that notion

Ouch John

surprising how easy it is to fail something, isn't it?


time for you to go to church join


Darren, aww shucks, gee thanks, I get all your attention and love (lack thereof) for dropping down from D to PS.

mando is funny

look what i found...
i'd put this in Starcraft but since Marc screwed the frames up...
Starcraft goodness...

Poor John. Less womanising, more studying. =)

jwan584 and abus485's marks were raised due to the presence of a mortal deity blessing them along the way...

or maybe it was just that wang actually slept prior to his exam? (yeah very fall asleep DURING the exam cuz you pulled a thirty NINER ...mer)
or that he was looking forward to the PS2...incentives are great...
or maybe my subtle encouragement to alex:
"go study you z00ch. NOW!!!!!!!! i mean it!!!! i'll break up w/ you if you don't study!!!!! thaaaats it, no more kisses for you mista!!!!!! graaaaahrrr!!"


Oh my fucking god!
john failed accounting!
i can't believe i got a credit for accounting
on the verge of failing it and ended up with a credit
just like statistics
yay got a distinction for psychology!

Unit Result Mark
ACCG105 Introductory Financial Acc Second Half Year CR 66
BBA 101 Fundamentals of Marketing First Half Year D 77
BBA 102 Business Organisatn Principles Second Half Year CR 68
BBA 103 Business Economics First Half Year CR 72
BBA 111 Organisational Behaviour Second Half Year IS
PSY 104 Introduction to Psychology I First Half Year CR 74
PSY 105 Introduction to Psychology II Second Half Year D 75
STAT171 Statistical Data Analysis First Half Year CR 67


I don't visit the blog for 2 weeks and this is what happens...

and VEEEEEEEERRRRRYYYYY my uni marks went from a D avg -> P avg...

If theres anyone to blame for this its......




or rather, if theres anyTHING to blame for this, its an acronym between AAA and ZZZ or AA to ZZ...


and why is it that all our marks went down while James' and Busu's marks went up?

fuck you accounting. fuck you.

ACCG105 Introductory Financial Acc Second Half Year F 40
ACST101 Technqs & Elements of Finance First Half Year D 76
ECON110 Macroeconomic Principles First Half Year D 83
ECON111 Microeconomic Principles Second Half Year CR 69
ECON141 Introductory Econometrics Second Half Year CR 70
LAW 103 Torts/Legal History Second Half Year CR 65
LAW 113 Jurisprudence First Half Year P 64
STAT171 Statistical Data Analysis First Half Year P 56

Monday, December 16, 2002

Key witness.

i will testify that kwong does indeed have a name, its "Raaaaaa".

go to an archive and it's the same one as well

If you guys can't remember what the old one looked like, then go to the Starcraft Replays page. It looked something like that.

Ok I managed to recreate a similar replica of the old template. Its upto you guys which one we should keep. This one or the old one?

OMG I do have a name, why doesn't anyone believe me!?
Don't go the the webpage, rather go to the blogger.com version of the site and u'll see that my name is Raaaaaa.

Get a freakin name, Kwong!

You can get a job at Timezone or something so you can DDR all day long =)

I couldn't post in the morning either...
Anyway what job Hash?
lol, Good point Jono...
But it's not always instant...
Sometimes... but anyway.
Just a little late..
oh and what type of jobs Charlie?









all these caps are driving me insane!!!

Hey Hash is online.
I just posted a message and it never got to its destination. I think it got intercepted.




What have u done !!!!!



To Recap on the very first archive which I happened to be browsing...

When I was arguing against Renee about that BS

and then benny argued back (for her ^^) with:

"3: It's an instant messenger because the message is sent damn "quick"... That doesn't mean people can reply "instantly" "

You're wrong benny.
Emails send instantly too.

And instant messenger is not called so because it sends messages instantly, but because it is designed to be used instantly.

Feels good to argue about centuries old information. Doesn't it Benny? ^^

Or should I smile..^~
Lol. The hell is that anyway...


don't question authority.

Why is this place called the waterfall in dutch? (or whatever)

Is it because it's like the watercooler at the office where everyone can talk about squat and lose productivity and efficiency for the company?

noooo i'm never sarcastic.

Marc, put "Post a message" up TOP of the page firstly. :)

Kwong, you always think I am at PC you nameless blogger! Get a name! and No I am not at PC lol
All the people here in HK smoke, especially those who hang around PC's.

But John is never sarcastic

Kwong, why is ur name missing?

fire in da hole!

I smell a fire, brb.

Your mum.

spending is consuming.

Thats just an excuse to spend.

christmas is a time for sharing and caring.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Yes, don't trust me. =)
I would have expected companies to hire during Christmas. Isn't more hectic and more customers during this time?


Yeah Kwong, I just realised today. Rang up two companies and they both tell me to call back in January.
Sorry Bennie, looks like we'll have to postpone job hunt until january.
Meanwhile I'll try to figure out how to survive Christmas with the limited funds I've got

Two admins? Thats not possible. I don't believe in your intentions.

get rid of the grey background thingy...

Hmm, I cant get rid of the excess purple part

the corporate look is cool, i like it.

This looks to corporate actually...hmm

No body got kicked out.

James and Marc are the two Admins for the Blogger.

We are colabrating on a new Starcraft specific Blog. Comming Soon.

Ah the colours look much nicer now ;)

Hey I didnt know Marc was in charge now. James got kicked out?


I hope you people like the new design. It looks totally gaybo compared to the previous design, but thats too bad

no sleep since friday night...

what's wrong?
and is there going to be a job hunt tomorrow?


maybe i should put up a sign before making sarcastic remarks.

Yes I aways like swatch watches... I take their catalogues everynow and then. All these pretty watches.
Haha no Jono, I am worthless to these big businesses. You at PC again?! =)

what? Kwong has been rejected several times for jobs?

just show them your marks next to your name and say you are too valuable to them to be lost in job hunts. You are an ASSET TO GRACE BROS! Or Kmart. or david jones. or......

well in that case, I strongly recommend, from careful market analysis, that......you reapply for jobs.....approximately....right after christmas.....

ten lords a leaping...

bought a swatch watch :)

Churchboi eh?
Don't worry about jobs, they all tell you to try after christmas.

sure what kind of job hunt?

haha john you believe in christianity now do you?

come to church with me

speaking of money, i need a job
anyone up for job hunt with me on monday?

i am so very proud of my alex. he did very very well. *kiskis*
except how can you just pass the computing unit you already sat for last semester? anyway, well done my love.

ugh can't sleep. have to go shopping for aforementioned watch in the morning, then start work :p need to be payed sooooo badly.

btw: lumoi hates tax. fark. they took $290 in taxes from my last paycheck >:( need money! now!!!!!!!!!

wow hash even u screwed this session up badly.
but u got cred avg right? which is ok, that's all the matters

unlike the rest of us totally rorted on a pass avg.

those watches look mad
they are probably the photo works of james.

Makes everything look good.

All made in Taiwan so done worry.

Saturday, December 14, 2002

or this one??

The Picture of the Estee Lauder chick, i snatched from a Estee lauder counter posing as a customer. They didn't let Wang take a picture of the poster when he was is the store...something about privacy policy, private property blahblaahblaaaah


I'm probably going to be buying my bro a Guess watch. It looks similar to this one...but on the site it said $85 US dollars. i saw it for $355. i don't think it's the same watch...

it said so in the bible, so it must be true.

Thanks for the Christmas present, i speak on behalf of the zerg race.
Grace Bros needs Marketing people like you guys

How would you know hell can't be over? you're not dead yet john.
the emphasis is on the contrast between heaven and hell
which is non-existent in my life at the moment

daaaah i was about to impulse buy an ice cream maker because i'm sik of making ice cream and sorbet the manual way...cept i thought it'd be irresponsible of me to do so....
so i'm going to let my mommy and daddy buy it for me :)

hopefully. dah. work AGAIN. this is getting too f*n repetitive.

For once, BENNY IS WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately thats bad for me,

I screwd up Maths (70) and Comp(72)
the other two are bound to be worst

I'm just keeping on sacrificing Goats in the hope that i don't fail a subject

HK is my home country. I must remain loyal.

if it was a metaphor, it didn't fit very well; since exams can be over, but hell cannot.

haha charlie, ice cream + watermelon

man ice cream r0x.

ahaha charlie (-> John)

nice pic

Lol @ Benny

Hong Kong sucks

Kwong please explain to me how u can possibly like this forsaken land because I cannot see any benefits that it herald.
Maybe you can convince me to like it.

But that'll be like convincing John that Money isn't everything in the world.


or money and sex...

or money and sex and AA....

Friday, December 13, 2002

*lumoi is laughing her ass off*

Merry Christmas to everyone from James, Lumoi and Grace Bros!

john i used 'hell' as a metaphor to descibe my supplementary exam
you obviously have forgotten all your yeah 12 English lessons
or maybe you didn't learn any in the first place

I've tried mixing ice cream with watermelon. It tastes bloody nice even though i hate fruits in general

Club Macquarie? We will do better. So join us.

Sometimes silence is better than a thousand words
black is a mixture of blue green and red using the additive method

how much does it cost to send a bom...i mean greeting card 2 the US of A?

the sound of silence....
what would anti noise sound like?

if black is the absence of color....is it a color?

if an omission is an act,
is silence a sound?

I still call Australia home.

get a banana republic watch.


46 pass conceded for going to all pc sessions. ^^

46 PC Marc? What does that mean?
Midas Remote-control Watch

I can say Hash and Yi for sure ^^
That's for the unsw people though ^^
The usyd and Club Maq should have all done heaps better ^^

Hello everyone. I'd just like to ask: how many people did NOT do worse in their session 2 results comparitively to session 1?

Here are my own:

Session Course Title Result
S2 COMP1721 Higher Computing 1B..............46 PC
S2 LAWS1061 Torts............................58 PS
S2 MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics.............62 PS
S2 MATH1231 Mathematics 1B...................60 PS

I'm thinking something classier tha a g shock. theyre kinda chunky.
hmmm maybe i can get him a fossil watch....i have one that i've had for about 4 years. it's excellent~ except it's too big for me and i can't be arsed to get the links taken out. meh

gotta have faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith

somebody must have said to telstra
"you're going down!"
after getting killed due to lag.

Telstra is down. I repeat Telstra is down.


kick a hole in the speaker pull the plug and inject.

Ask Jono to buy to a "G-shock" that only costs you A$2.

or never take heroin with coke

oh yeah...can any of you recommend a good watch to get my 13 (going on 14) year old bro? it's for his birthday present.
i wana get a mid range one...not like a seiko kinetic one of a tag heuer or anything~

Its just like never eat seaweed with coke.

sucking coffee thru tim tams is foul. i've done it once. it makes the coffee taste like shit, the biscuit crumbles entirely, the chocolate melts on your fingers and you get a huge chunk of tim tam in your mug >:(

It's been about a year since i've had tim tams i think...hm

Since when did Tim Tams come in fingers?

just had 3 tim tam's, didn't do the coffee sucking thing though, didn't drink coffee.

Hey Kwong, how are you?

Ah everybody out to get me!
It does sound like fun. I like omelettes. I like stories.

it's my van kwong.
*white van drives away hurriedly*
*soon replaced by a pizza van w/ a satellite dish on the roof disguised as a pizza*

shit, gonna be late AGAIN. hmmm putting away bras and size 16(!) g's all day is tres fun (not). hmmm i ate an omelette. :( damn.

There is a white van suspiciously parked across the street.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

how can hell be over?
i thought once you enter hell, you're there for an eternity.

Lol hash, take it easy at work.
Work like it was at Oktoberfest :)
Just one big party...

I'll look for those cards, see what I can dig up

lol @ Kwong


hell's over, but heaven's no where in sight


You tell 'em Jono! =)
*whispers* I think Yi was responsible for the crash of that Ariane rocket. International sabotage shouldn't be taken lightly.

How'd I get a frigging 54 in Engineering mechanics while I get a 66 in fukn Manufacturing? WTF?

and Yi it doesn't matter, all that matters is that it was an Arianne 5, like I said. :)

Fucks sakes

Session Course Title Result
S2 MANF1130 Introduction to Manufacturing....66 CR
S2 MATH1231 Mathematics 1B...................72 CR
S2 MATS9520 Engineering Materials............63 PS
S2 MECH1300 Engineering Mechanics 1..........54 PS

"for your viewing pleasure. :)"
- yi


der wasserfall, duhhh!

Yi, no further details on the stealth plane? I don't want articles just saying that they are building one.
Wow, so many failures lately. Only the Shuttle is reliable.

Some day your words will come back to haunt you.

Ariane 5-ESCA (10 ton)'s maiden launch ended in explosion.
now now jono... don't cry.

btw, on the right hand side of that page are more space related links for your viewing pleasure. :)

Very Chinese stealth plane, they probably did a crappy rort of an american product, just like everything else they make

What the Hell does me wanting to buy stuff from a place where it may be cheaper have anything to do with my attitude towards inferior races such as your Kwong?

I praise the merchants in HK for keeping prices lower, but i can still knock them for being asians.
Just not to there face when I want to acquire a product.

Chinese stealth plane in the works.. though it might be a dodgy one

i'm azn, but i'm multicultural.

my memory is fuct. it's selective, and my training was 4 days before my last exam, which allowed for more than enough space for that lil tidbit. memories are drowned out by alcomohol all the time :) right now i'm into melon vodka cruisers, which now come in 600mL longneck bottles~ wheeeeeeee
i've spent approx $126 on alcohol this week. but some of that was for presents so yeah. i'm no alcomoholic.
i'm doing a liquid fast at the moment, but no alchy during that...bleeeh
gonna be late for work. every 5min you're late, they dock 15min off your pay faaaarrrrk

ok ciao for now! take care everyone

Yes knock Asians, yet want to buy goods from HK.

What the Hell Lumoi?

You remember figuresf from Training,
I thought everything b4 HSC was one discomforting little memory that resided in the deepest depths of your Memory as a weird fuzzy blur that was drowned out by copious amounts alcohol after it was finished ...

and why the Hell should i stop knocking Asians Kwong?

Ur very existance calls for the Knoicking of all Asians
Think of it like this, by knocking your I also knock some of ur wonderful friends like John and Donny.
It's not just you I knock its ur whole phenotype, OK?

"It is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money."
- Murphy =)

Oh oh I have a story to tell as well.
I was paid $5 for my char siu farn once. It cost $5 and I gave her a 10. In return I get $15.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

uh huh.
and people buy stuff (say, a $100 book), get it on 25% (one night only) discount and return it without a reciept and claim it was bought at RRP. The merchandise gets refunded and the store loses $25. Classic example of shrinkage. lol shrinkage...what a funny term.

in my GB's training, the guy asked me "so, does anybody know what shrinkage is?" and all the guys laffed. the guy blushed and said "naw not THAT kind of shrinkage silly" i think he was gay :)

If you want a perfect example of where that $100 million goes then you see what happened to my cousin. We bought LOTR extended version. It cost $75 and the person charged $60 for it, plus a 5% discount from connexions :P Imagine if that happened to several stores, multiple times, in each department each day every year

i'm doing my bit by trying very carefully not to make any transaction errors and ensuring customers are served before they can steal shoes off the floor. i cannot speak for other departments though...

Hugs are unlimited, time constraints may apply, subject to availability.
No further discounts apply. See Lumoi for details.

by owning shares in a company, you're a part owner. do something about it.

Limit: one hug per customer

I guess putting Hash on probabation wasn't enough to stop him from stealing $40 million in inventory.

Hey Hash stop knocking asians then.

Jono, i agree w/ hash (is that hash down there? i dunno)
Coles Myer Shares are goin down at the moment...we own shares in Coles Myer, except the 10% Shareholder discount is now 7.5% (excluding electrical goods which is 5%), which is going down to 5% in the next financial f*n year >:(

that is extreeeeeeeemely annoying. i keep GB's alive with my shopping sprees!
Grace Bros divison of Coles Myer Ltd had $100 million in shrinkage (money lost that is not accounted for, like theft)...40% was internal theft, 20% was transaction errors and 40% was external theft.
and we wonder why they have the lowest growth and profit margin >:(

my love is free :)
*hugs* are free too! but you can only give one or recieve one. never both.

john the act of pretending to be happy is what you pay for your ultimate happiness
so nothing is free

Jono, can u seriously try to find prices for Radeon 9700/9500 and p4 1.8A - 2.0A in HK, if u have spare time

I would advise against buying stocks in Grace Bros now.
It has the lowest growth and profit margin in the Coles Myers Group.

Very, very sad.
Escpecially when u consider competitors include Target and K-Mart,
there shops look terrible half the time and resemble a cesspit for the other half

There were way too many people to day at GB,
I was actually thinking of buying some books, instead of waiting for them to come out on E-book so they could be wroughted.
Absolutely no rest today,
Did a ha-dou-ken on my finger by closing a drawer onto it whilke rushing to get DVD's
Had almost as many voided transactions as real ones, since we had about 25 different discounts on

i pretend i'm happy, so she's happy.
she's happy, so i'm happy.
who said nothing is free?

no one talks to me.

Munch munch munch goes an alien.
oh nice weather Jono. I'm still not talking to you John, you're mean! =Þ

i'm so glad i have arms.

Cool, Lumoi, you can keep us up to date on the latest discounts and price rises in GB.
So we can go shopping with insider information!
Let me buy some shares first...You just need to be my insider...Is there going to be a merger? Or is it going to buy out another company? what's happening?! MY STOCKS ARE GOING DOWNNNNNNNN

It's cold. Everywhere.

Hey we were on ICQ already. Blog is merely a place to divert meaningless conversation. Or maybe it was the other way around.
I want a white christmas! Snow please!

you people are sad beyond recognition.
but then again, it's something Lumoi would do so we won't complain.
it's sooooo friggin cold and i want to take my hot water bottle teddy to work. the air-con is too cold there. i'm practically shivering :( brr
i'm working in the stationery dept till 21:00 today. come say hi if you're in the vicinity. there's gonna be a one night sale on 18:00 till 21:00 in all depts. it's because the xmas catalogue sale ended on sunday, and noone is buying stuff at regular price :p oh, i think theyre gonna be giving out chocolate and cotton candy again hehehe none for Lumoi tho!

you mean this isn't a messaging tool?
what is this then?

what does that mean john?
Does it mean that you're gay 36 per cent of the time or you want a person who's 36 per cent male, 63 per cent female and 1 per cent shemale?

Hey hash uses the Macquarie Dictionary. Maye you should join us Hash?

100% of the last 100 posts could be avoided if john and kwong use the ICQ or other messaging tools

Today is by far the worst day of my holidays.
Pending the arrival of the deadly supplementary exam on the 18th, I got another letter from Uni, this time the Psychology department.
The supplementary was in fact hold on the 12th of December at 1350 hours EST in E6A 131
Further consultation with the psy department revealed that there was no coordination between them and the Division of Economic and Financial Studies.
The Division of Linguistics and Psychology won the privellege to examine me.
Consequently I'm sitting for my exam on Thursday.
According to reliable sources, the supplementary has been modified to account for the 'extra time' we get to "study".
I'm screwed beyond healing.
Life's a bitch but it goes on.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

i'm 36% gay according to the internet.
i rule.

C4|\| 3c#310|\| u|\|d3|2$74|\|d 1337?

Nazi Germany should have won.

if i were adolf hitler i would have killed all hashes instead of jews.

If I were admin I would delete the past hour of spamming.

Thats possible now that my spine is slightly fractured.

i think you should bend over backwards.

I think I should change my name back.

i need a combat dress to combat combat stress to ease my distress.

I believe you are suffering from combat stress, soldier. Refer to FM 6-22.5.

loooooooooovin you is easy cause you're beautiful.

i'm not sick but i'm not well.
i feel soo well.
cause i'm in hell.

You will do as I say private.

i'm not changing my name.
the moths can't find the light.

How do I act like ****? **** change your name as well.

where's the fun in that?

I want to kick that midget. But wait, I am one.

bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay.

Bow before me, servant.

so he says.

I am the mighty one.

hash speaks.

Shh, I am ****.

what other faggy things won't hash say?

What other faggy things would **** say?

Blah blah blah...

i've gone back in time.
and its still raining.

deja vu.


the key is not 'I will NOT play Star and donate to CFN'

The Key is to force yourslef to moderate, trying not to play is BAD
Too many mind games start popping up and pitting against each other in your head,
Then you crack just before the most vital time - right at the end
Then you get the mentality, I screwd it now, there's no going back.

You must say, I will play some Star after I do my work, and
I will only bring a few dollars to donate and
I will do every excersize for maths and
I will attend all my lectures and
I will do my Labs and Tuts and
I will start assignments on the DAY YOU OFFICIALLY RECEIVE THEM and
I will do assignments bit by bit, not a look at the sart and a panic festa day b4 its due and
I will review past material if I am have no work
I will get help from the tutors

Preliminary testing (theoretical stages) shows that these above guidlines will lead to higher than HD results

Practical application is still beyond scope of the Human mind and strength of will.

seed = fruit?
only time will tell.

Become one with the book.

i'm not reading the book, the book is reading me.

You have been permanently banned from this server.

i'm jumping ship.

No humanitarian work for me.

the tide is coming
can you erect the sandbags fast enough?

My grandma's slow, but she was old.

a man without a television is like a fish without a bike.


Enemy down. Good job soldier!

frag out!

Looking NE. Enemy spotted.

simple yet effective.


can i be recharged?

You are dishonorably discharged from military service.

i'm ending this on a high note.

Declaring that John is on a high and should be temporarily banned from typing.

worst still they'll think i'm a hippo.

No, they'll just stare at you and think you are some hippy against something.
And that would be un-John-like.

if i wear a cape to uni, ppl will be like "whoah superman!".

I'm munching on a mango now, you should try that.
Alternatively there are marines to munch.

Gum trees aren't very nice to chew.

can i chew gum trees?

damn hippies.

The sky is red where I come from.

i'm always talking about 3 different topics.
the sky is blue.

John please don't type/sing. =)

Hey if we get an MSN conversation going John we'll be talking about three different topics.

what is love
baby don't hurt me

I love rain.

who does the hurting is insignificant.

Or someone else might hurt me?

Ohoh, hush-hush. Speak of what?

don't always do what you feel like.
you may hurt yourself.

I like to constantly remind people.

never speak of that again.

no need to say the obvious.

... what if there was another invite to K?
Hash is gay.

never too late to sing my friend.
you can sing me my PIN.

I dont think anything that fits in a cardboard box is able to jam anything useful, let alone AWACS.
Hey John you singing now? Isn't it a bit late? =)
I'll tell you your PIN.

crap just realized i have forgotten my PIN.

why would an ASIO officier have jamming equipment?
one would think he would be better off with eavesdropping equipment.
either that or a pen and a notepad.

I meant lax as in ::

1. lacking in strictness or severity; careless or negligent.
2. loose or slack; not tense,rigid or firm


the NSA is watching you john
Trust no one,

including the Homeless guy who lives in a Cardboard box near your door,
He has a ASIO wire on him and enough jamming equipment to make an AWACS blind

i can be your hero baby
i can kiss away the pain
blah blah blah blah blah-blah
... etc.

Now who's paranoid. =)
It's all good John, your our idol, our hero, our leader.
Hey I just went for a drive and the rear wheels slip so easily when you handbrake under these conditions.

everyone tries to be like me.

Enjoy it while you can. Tomorrow will be like this as well.
Hey Tim Bailey said "rain!! glorious rain!!!" on tv at about 5:30. wtf?

why can't all summer days be like this?

Yes, it was a nice day for the beach.

rain!! glorious rain!!!
one of the best sounds to wake up to.

[12/9/2002 9:33:51 PM | Tai'shar Sri Lanka ]
Jono, if ur being so lax in HK
can u check out the prices of P4 chips

At least you get a second chance.
Haha where did that come from Lumoi?!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Jono uses laxatives?!

I'm up for ANAL at james' place, the rest are added bonus

kwong combined law is always 5 years

today is by far the best day of my holidays. The Macquarie University has declared that I received a grade IS for Organisational Behaviour
a failure grade will be automatically granted if i miss the supplementary exam on the 18th, week before Christmas

No Kwong,

Med is 6 years just by itself,
Unless u do some wierd major in surgery or something,
then its 7 years

Jono, if ur being so lax in HK
can u check out the prices of P4 chips (1.8A, 1.9A & 2.0A versions) and Radeon 9700 + Radeon 9500 cards ?

How come your course is 5years? Yes I know its combined but i thought only something like combined Med needed that many years.

wow everyone's at uni for 5 years too, same as me.
that's if i don't fail anything.

MGS2!!! FALCON4!!!! You forgot to list hardcore Hans Zimmer-ing.
Lumoi, Uni is a sham. The have the open days to make uni look like a frikkin fair just to suck you in. Then a few month later...
Yes Jono what are you doin postin here when you can be shoppin or ridin the mtr?

You people make me happy.

I'm at uni now and it's by far the worst day in the holidays so far.

Yes Jono - that means 5 years without commerce.
What about you? How long is it going to take you?

People - you are welcome to my house for a big MGSII + FALCON4 (EERERRERERERRER) + BYO + COOKING + ANAL this Holidays.

Please suggest time so we can commit dynamic we were soldiers drop. =)

Your lovely ames.

fleeeeting memories riiiiise
in the shaadows of my miiiind

i say we all crash at wang's place and I'll bring his MD's, his clothes, and ICO
then we can sit back and admire the polygon abuse.

I'll make magma salsa and chocolate christmas truffles.
we'll drink Absolt Vodka and play MGS2!!

blah blah blah...
university life in australia sounds kinda shitty :p thank you so much for ruining my little picturesque image of college life. maybe i should enter a sorority and go to frat parties and be all prissy and play on all the guys in Alpha Theta Omega....hm

mosquitoes ruined my day yesterday.

i will go shopping to relieve the itch. i want a new pair of shoes to make it up to my poor feet. and i will give myself a(nother) manicure :)

wow jono posting 3 times within 4 minutes, talking to himself.
hk isn't that boring is it?

I have to do 3 maths subjects over the year

Marc you have to do 2 comp subjects in S1 2003?

Haha hash, that's an amazingly accurate rendition of uni life.
albeit it will never be executed. By anyone. Ever.

Very PS2....it's (Pizza + Dessert time)^max at James' place now.
you'll be spending 6 years in uni then, combined with commerce. At least?

AHAhaHAH Kwong it sure looks like Monopoly. Very have a meticulous attention to detail. AHahaha. perhaps you want to rob James.

Benny you *actually* failed 9 units? are you shitt'n me?

Sunday, December 08, 2002

btw is that monopoly under your cabinet, James?

Haha Germany had a wholesale price index of 726,000,000,000 in november 1923

That would be ... devastating. It would create the same inflationary mass as what happened in 'THE FIFTH ELEMENT'.

n00oo, that would be catastrophic.

more like a balloon
pops if you poke it with a needle

Does that mean that you'll pick up those subjects with next years?
Haha Charlie, but Alexis is fun to poke tho. Like jelly.

I am toying with the idea of not doing Summer sessoin at all.

Will decide by tomorrow.

Alexis is still alive?
john, your Afag's not doing your job

Notice the conspicuous IMPORTED sign at the bottom of the Absolut Vodka

No not from Alexis.

I am not done with him yet.

Hey if thats Alexis' PS2 then I'm sorry it belongs to me. He lost it in a bet to me.
Mosquitoes are friendly tho.

Fail sucks.

but i had a good nite w/ alex none the less.
work was good too.
eh, wang came to visit me, it was hella busy, got to work in two depts,
crazy day!!

Mosquitoes suck.


the key is not 'I will NOT play Star and donate to CFN'

The Key is to force yourslef to moderate, trying not to play is BAD
Too many mind games start popping up and pitting against each other in your head,
Then you crack just before the most vital time - right at the end
Then you get the mentality, I screwd it now, there's no going back.

You must say, I will play some Star after I do my work, and
I will only bring a few dollars to donate and
I will do every excersize for maths and
I will attend all my lectures and
I will do my Labs and Tuts and
I will start assignments on the DAY YOU OFFICIALLY RECEIVE THEM and
I will do assignments bit by bit, not a look at the sart and a panic festa day b4 its due and
I will review past material if I am have no work
I will get help from the tutors

Preliminary testing (theoretical stages) shows that these above guidlines will lead to higher than HD results

Practical application is still beyond scope of the Human mind and strength of will.

I can't believe it,
You actually bought it ...

From Alexis?

OMFG *droolzz*!
All made in Taiwan.

Merry Christmas James.

American components, Russian Compenents, Japanese compoents..


You learn from your mistakes.

I'm at a friends house, and billy bob hasn't replied.
And I've failed 9 units.


No more Starry late nights and Charity during stuvac and especially exams! I have to stop being such a lazy fuck when term starts again. This near fail experience [I'm not out of the black yet, the results are still provisional] has shown me how bloody fucking easy it is to fail. I just better hope that that CP stays next to my name! *shiver*

Its not made any easier by the fact that I now have 2 comp subjects to do rather than 1!

careful, or i'll bite you.

Saturday, December 07, 2002


very char siu bao

Then I'm sorry you cant be a computer game. You have to try Final Fantasy or something, or you could be an anime character. That should interest some.

i don't.
i'm speshul.

don't we all have eyes in our mouths?

Do you have eyes in ur mouth?
Don't hurt the stress ball, it has feelings as well!

i like to bite things too.
but only if they don't yell "ow!" when you do.

when i was little i bit a stress ball into shreds. it did relieve some stress.

You want to be a computer game?

I just like biting things. Which is actually quite strange since ur eyes are in ur mouth

this is sad....does the world we live in now force you to seek solace in a world that you can switch on and off? you all spend so so so much time and money and effort on this...
i do not understand. i wish i did, and that i could be part of this sanctuary that cradles you.

lol are you talking about aliens?
im n00b at aliens, no idea what the upgrades and stuff do.

LOL, so far Ive only figured out how to morph into other strange stuff but I dont know what the buildings and stuff do.

you get ammo from the armory... its that green circular thing with 4 display panels on its sides. just walk up to it and press the "use" key. this won't work if its being upgraded btw...
the comm has to drop weapons for you to pick them up.
to build stuff, the comm drops a building there, you aim at the base of the building and press the "use" key until that circular meter thingy turns green.

Still I need to save up a bit.
I just started today and I have no idea whats going on.
Like how do you get more ammo, how to get other guns, how do you build stuff?

its only 65mb on kazaa...

you play NS now?

I would d/l that but I've already used up too much for now. I've resorted to NS on GA servers since nothing else seems to have GA up