Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You are making a few assumptions there John.

1) Black refers distinctly to African American

2) That I identify with African Americans. Mostly it is other people that identify me in a similar context to African Americans.

Go Kevin ... 5000 friends ... every single labour party member signs up, then connects ... amazing ... ly bad

hash, you're sri lankan. why do you identify with african americans so much?

I'm not even sure how to respond to that Mark. If it was my favourite stereotype, i would have expected your assumption to have been made with at least 75% certainty.

It's kirill's favourite stereotype. I just naturally thought it would be that.

What's this bias associating black people and theft.

White people have stolen more than any black person ever could steal or would think to steal.

And I was half expecting you to provide a picture of a masked black man breaking into a house...

Hey Hash;

Spelling mistake, not grammattical. 'sides, I'm not the spin doctor.

Tho, I am fairly certain that there could be several grammatical errors in my statement as well.

Hey Hash, shouldn't that be "Better lay off the beverages James - they cause cancer ..."?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Event :: The Simpsons Movie
Date :: Tomorrow (Tuesday)
Time :: After 5 pm
Loci :: Broadway or George St Cinemas

about 4 ppl so far. MOre are welcome

In and of themselves, they can not.

James, for the love of the Singularity, please fix your grammar.

So does claymore XD

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better lay off the beverages James - they cause cancer ...

There are innumerable health claims. Given a sufficient number of studies, it seem anything and everything can cause cancer. Food science is filled with confusion--there seems to be no clear system of thought that can help us make good decisions about what to eat.

I recommend this essay to all of you. (Darren, I thought of you might enjoy it since it mocks high-frustose corn syrup on several occasions.) It is an excellent essay that cuts through all the confusion and offers advice as simple as they are compelling.

It is a long essay, but one worth bookmarking and reading.

(It goes well with a glass of Barbera d'alba)

Hey Charlie,

2 spots left - sounds perfect for John and I, we'll come join you for dinner too :)

Sounds good to me! Also part of the problem may be the wiki ad combined soccer and tennis, so we didn't know who was going to which. Apologies again Eric - I was late but on my way, but thanks for the call, appreciate it.

Tennis tomorrow, game on!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

No marc, no need for apologies. I am not blaming anyone.

I think we should just leave "Sat Soccer" and "Sun Tennis" on wiki (marc, can u make 2 more wikis or something?) and just get people to sign up/leave their names in it. NO maybes. If you are sure you can make it, put your names in there. If not, don't put your names in there and just turn up if u can. We can clear it out on Sunday and the cycle restarts. Times and locations will be a constant. This way, we'll know who will go and who won't. If there are more than say, 6 ppl for soccer, then yay soccer happens. If not, well screw it then.

This solution should solve our problem...and saves us the hassle of freaking posting everytime

Hi Guys:

Napoli in Bocca dinner on the 3rd (refer to earlier post for details) is booked for 10 at 7pm- we currently have 8:

Jono, Charlie, Benny, Darren, Marc, Hash, Yi, Edman

Any more interested parties plz let me know, we have two more spots.


Tennis from 1 to 4 @ West Ryde

Can be extended (different courts)

Currently Me, Eric, Jono, Benny

Darren will be joining us at 2

Charlie and Kwong will be joining us at some time.

Any interested parties come along

I blame Benny.

He probably organised a mass sabotage. Even if it wasn't him directly, it all originated from him at one point.

Sorry to hear that Eric.

But all I can say really is that you and any event organiser should rely more on the wiki than in what people post or say. That way the information is aggregated and you can call on people to account for their (in)actions! Also people can see attendance so they don't have to play the "I dunno, who else is going?" game.

As a member of the blog perhaps I should have RSVPed even if I wasn't coming. So in that regard I am guilty. That is something I think all of us need to work on I suppose.

Before I begin my post, I'll first apologize to those who aren't involved.

Guys, today's turn out at soccer was shit. By shit, I mean only ME turning up. If you guys aren't gonna turn up on time, or just don't wanna turn up for whatever reasons you might have, it is common courtesy to call the person who attempted to organise it. I took the iniative to organise soccer simply because I enjoy soccer and enjoy hanging out with you guys, not because I am bored and simply want to organise something and use it as an excuse to kill time.

If you had a late night out partying or clubbing or whatever, a simple sms to my phone at anytime will be fine. I know it's not professionl to message or call someone up at 5am, but since we know each other quite well, sms'ing at 5am in the morning won't mean shit to me.

Most of us have graduated now, some even started work, so I am sure punctuality and responsibility is something we should all be familiar with. I have to admit, I shouldn't be talking about punctuality here, but if I can make an attempt to improve on that, I am sure you guys can. We shouldn't be living in whatever timezones we live in. We have an AEST or 10+GMT system. So let's begin to adapt to that.

In the future, if some of you want soccer, I suggest making soccer a weekly thing on Saturday or whenever. I took the initiative to organise it and the turn out was 1. Soccer is not compulsory, but if you HAVE expressed interest, I really do think a simple sms or phone call BEFORE the event is nice. This applies to all the future events/outings too.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Seems like I'm gonna be busy this weekend so I'm only down for Tennis.

Jono - room and house are gonna be in spring cleaning mode. Tell me what stuff u want and I'll burn u a copy and give it to u at Tennis

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm in for both soccer and tennis.

Hash - would I be able to come over afterwards on Sunday for said DVDs? :)

Since people didn't see my attempt at organising soccer and tennis, I'll post AGAIN.


Activity - Soccer
Location - Centennial Park
Time - 11am


Activity - Tennis
Location - West Ryde. That's the one next to the track and death trap(NOT Meadowbank)
Time - 2pm (Darren, is 2pm the start of your free time?

Takers, please reply to post OR wiki it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eric is attempting to organise Soccer on Saturday and Tennis on Sunday.

Interested parties should contact Eric and/or post interest on the blog/wiki/chainmail.

I'm in for dinner

I bought on ebay

Hi Guys:

Edman's coming back from Perth for a week next week
We're thinking of having dinnerout to catch up

Here are the details:

Restaurant: Napoli in Bocca
Address: 73 Dalhousie St Haberfield, NSW 2045
Date: Friday August 3rd (time to confirm)

As James recommended, we can expect good food but service may be compromised

I need to confirm numbers before booking, please rsvp to me by Friday if you can or asap

Interesting.. Hans Zimmer did the music for the Simpsons Movie..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

While I was reading forums, i came across something called the nVidia 9800 series. James, any word from your boss about that?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hey Hash, sorry for not being able to make it to your saturday outing, I was more tired than I thought I would be after paintball. I have an awesome FF welt on my arm, care of some idiot from the other group we were with.

Heh, I slept through most of the Aus vs Japan game, and woke up just as Australia scored.. good thing that was when the game got interesting.

Regarding tennis on the weekend, I can't make it on Sunday unless its after 2pm. Saturday any time of day should be ok.

Thanks KJ for organising. Have to say, it was a fun game, even with 6 or 7 guys playing. We should play more often these days (if weather permits). Sorry for ditching dinner. Had a relos dinner thing.

On a side note, it's funny how Lewis Hamilton is getting so much media attention. Last night, he had a huge accident during Quali 3. He's ok. But today when I check the F1 site, they have created a detailed explanation, complete with picture explanations. But when Ralf Schumacher plowed his Bimmer AND Toyota into the walls at Indy (even faster accident) and was actually injured, there were NO pictures explaining nor showing what really happened. Instead a brief news article were released in both occasions.

I am happy he's ok, (and missed pole :P), but he's really getting a lot of media attention, compared to Heikki Kovaleinan. I mean, he's a rookie, and won a race in his first year, been on every single podium (last one was debatable), but isn't it because he is driving one of the 4 fastest cars? He's one lucky dude, with him able to drive one of the top cars in his rookie years. Feel sorry for Heikki...

One enjoyable race 2nite, probably with him chasing down the field, but it will be hard for him to keep his perfect podium record.

EDIT: I was just on the phone with Darren, and we wanna play tennis. Perhaps we can make that Saturday morning or Sunday? We can play soccer on the Saturday, and Tennis on the Sunday? Any takers?

Thanks for the Day Out and Dinner every1.

Hope every1 enjoyed our most cakiest game of Soccer to date. Dinner was great, 'cept I thought Yi went all the way to Newcastle to bring our special prime quality dog meat.

Thanks esp. to KJ for organising.

Sorry I couldn't stay to watch the Socceroos get p0wnd (not enough Black ppl imo)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Because it is raining now.

Night of the dead lan at Flinky's!

Friday, July 20, 2007

my place is open for whatever, all good

If jono has foxtel with fox sports 2 then I'm there.

Otherwise, I'm afraid its a no-go.

Besides the blik has to go home early on Saturday

We'll see tho, there could be other exciting things to do at Jono's place, given that Jono allows it ^^

Also, I will decide by Friday night (i.e. tomorrow) if soccer will remain on or not so please check the blog + mail regularly.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Suggestion for plans on Saturday night: As many of you may be aware, the Aus vs Jap game is on saturday night. Perhaps a viewing of this event (at 8pm) at someone's place (may I suggest Jono's on his behalf, as his house is near the city and he loves soccer) after we eat dinner?

Did the Bureau state how accurate this information was? (i.e how many Bothans died to bring them this information?)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ok guys... We may have a problem with the weather on Saturday

Apparently the Bureau sez itll be a downpour on Sat. I'm hoping it'll clear up by then, but if not we may have to change options.

Alternative may be a poker day at Benny on Sat (and possibly go to one of Benny's exquisite Bankstown Viet Restaurants)

I'm open to suggestions..

However nothing is final until Friday evening, so I will probably post a msg then. PLease check ur mails before then if u can.

I might not be a big soccer fan, but honestly, the Australian vs Thai match looked boring. The goals were "textbook" shots. Australia looked comfortable in those goals, and was fairly unchallenged. Alexis, I have to agree with you there. European football skills surpasses the rest of the world...I remember a guy I know once said..."you really don't need to wait 4 years for World Cup. Just watch the Euro matches. It's World Cup right there."

How very true.

Nice find Jono

However, watching Argentina-Brazil play yesterday I saw the beautiful game in motion.
Watching Australia-Thailand play yesterday I saw a bunch of guys kicking a ball.

The level in skill between South Americans/Europeans and the rest of the world is startling to say the least.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KJ's Organisation for Hash's Bday (Because he can't do it himself =P )

When : Saturday, 21st July (Harry Potter release date)

Where: Meet at Centennial Park at 10am for soccer (I mean 10am not some bullshit time like
Sunday 5pm)

Those who can't make daytime can meet us in front of George St Cinemas by 6pm

What we're doing: Soccer in the daytime (kick-off at 10:30am), followed by lunch and possible pewpewing after; Dinner at night around 6-7pm

RSVP: Use the WikiBulletin, or post on blog, or alternatively use our mailing stream.

That is all.

P.S. If you have any suggestions as to where to have dinner I'll be happy to hear it.

P.S.S Hash is uber lazy.


Video is here

OMG they did a pimp my ride where are they now: s06e01.

Everyone knew it was a bad idea to pimp that guy's 2003 corolla...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

James - It's your hero! Too bad real Trial Law is nothing like this.

He'd get dis-barred within a year of getting his license

An excerpt from my favourite Boston Legal ep. If you can, download it: Boston Legal S03E22.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jono, Kwong and Alexis: have you guys watched Billy Bob's Astranaunt Farmer?

I watched it last night. Fantastic.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At which point does the transformer come and destroy it?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nasa's new Phoenix mission (big and small animations)

Pretty neat mission, though the animation isn't entirely as cool as the MER-A/B videos, but still pretty good

Monday, July 09, 2007

hah yes darren i just drove my car tonight and it smells of kfc though the nose doth adapt quickly

LSD: The geek's wonder drug?

Interesting randomness/procrastinatory tool, thy name is reddit.

Hey Jono, does your car still smell of KFC?

In a strange act of altruism, I have been given a swiss army knife by Vodafone, as a gift for choosing them as my mobile carrier. I think it is this one.. which is equivalent to a month's worth of calls for me.

Lolz, Marc, I don't speed much these days. Petrol is expensive...so I tend to ease off the throttle to save fuel.

Kwong, sorry about missing your housewarming. I was out of town till yesterday. I was so tired I missed Ferrari's dominating race.

KJ, hope you feel better soon. The weather sucks..and it's so freaking cold in Sydney.

So this is what happened after the Rebels blew up the Death Star.

i said it was interesting, not strange or ironic; although i do appreciate the irony of it.

it's not surprising that a party official would make such a comment, being that the existing regime having arrived on the back of a peasants' revolution. but the fact that such a comment was made at all begs the questions - what road has the current incarnation of the all powerful communist party gone down, and what is the basis of this?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

yay! John is talking again!

I have missed your criticisms!

Its not all that strange or ironic that a high up figure would say something like that. The fact that they turn a blind eye to these abuses of human rights don't necessarily mean they don't care on a personal level. I'm not endorsing their negligence but I guess it goes to show its possible they can care.

One thing that does pop up in my mind, the former prime minister of Japan apologising for war time atrocities. While the main populace refuse to acknowledge the extent of past crimes, high ranking officials often express deep public regret in opposition.

Closer to home, some judges lay low, until the end of their service in which they make scathing remarks dissing the justice system during farewell speeches and the sort.

Commonality: you have less to fear when you are vacating the position.

Edit: oh I get it now john. Yes very ironic. But as Yi so thoughtfully explained to me during our trip, its commonly accepted that China is only communist by name -.-

Why is that John?

It seems to make perfect sense now that China is opening up its economy to International trade.

How was Kwong's thing btw?

I'm at work now so its Awesome.

I'm a manfeeder make you real poor
take your blink dagger
make you lose more

The problem of this new underclass was recognised in 2003, when outgoing premier Zhu Rongji warned that if migrant workers were not given a greater share of the new wealth, it could undermine social stability and economic growth.

interesting how a comment like this is made about the people's republic of china.

Jono :: Trust the Chinese to get capitalism and organised crime mixed up ... James sure picked a nice time to re-affirm his chinese heritage XD

My goodness

haha wow Marc, it's been a long time since you've ridden in my car

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Take note :: The ad says nothing about DURIFUTOH!

Ya heard, jono?! Speeding...no one thinks big of you...

Goes for you too Eric.

Slivers just won another Pro-Tour

God...dammit...Hash. Thats worthy of a Yi post

Our entire Engineering faculty is fake, These people are real engineers!

Soooo .... does that mean he now uses 50% MSG in every meal he makes instead of real spices?


James says (1:25 AM):
i even said today
James says (1:25 AM):
:fuck being italna
James says (1:25 AM):
i am shijiazhuangese!
James says (1:25 AM):
it's the best

James formally renounces his Italian blood and prodigiously resumes Chinese identity.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Yup I'm in

Dinner sounds like pizza or other take-away

Map to kwong's

Hey if you guys are interested, 3pm tomorrow (Saturday) at my place for games and other random things.. it's up at Waitara (if you are coming, let me know and I'll give you my address). Jono, I don't have my webber there yet, so not sure what to do for dinner. I have got some snacks and drinks. Also, I think around 15 people are confirmed so far.

Mr. Potter's final year of Wizarding school will be publicised in two weeks and a day. Those interested can head to their local bookstore. Those too lazy to do so can wait about 12 - 36 hrs and grab it from IRC

Jono is referring to the YouTube link.

It's a sketch on the Emporer / Luke / Vader conversation in Star Wars : Return of the Jedi.
Instead of lightsabers, they use 'Yo Mama' jokes as a medium for combat.
Like many traditional forms of combat between 'street' artists, victory is defined by audience approval.
In this instance, Luke Skywalker garners more appluase (hence more points) thereby winning said battle.

edit:: In this particular instance 'Tie-fighter' is pronounced the same as 'Thai-fighter', and Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Hence, it would be a logical place to purchase/hire a Thai-fighter.

I guess thats what happens in Hash's fever dreams. As nerdy as they are normally...

"your mamma's so stoopid, she went to bang kok to get a tie-fighter!"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am sure hash can arrange a fever dream for you very soon, john.


edit:: Like Donkey Kong!

i love fever dreams, they take me to another weird and wonderful place where anything is possible. i wonder what my mind has in store for me the next time i have a fever.

i'm up for saturday night.

Yea those stopped services hurt...had I caught trains.

Yes Hash, I hate fever dreams too.

I have most auspicious news! My fever of 40 degrees has dropped a whopping 1 degree to 39 degrees. This means I am no longer in danger of my brain proteins unfolding!

Unfortunely the past few days have left me with massive fever dreams and no sleep. Massive weirdness - dreamt up an entire multiverse that took stuff from Keikashi (anime), Dr. Who (Tv show), Malazan (books) and some weird mobius strip causality loop / continuum or something. It felt like trying to look deeper into a fractal coz I thought it would change eventually ... =(.

Two things.

1. Kwong, your apartment free to host a get together on the weekend? :D

2. Looking for roomies starting around mid August. Contact me for details if you are interested.

Nothing seems to be happening on the weekend unless Yi or Kwong posts.



Eat this northies

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am happy. There is sufficient goodwill in it that I will buy the game outright against any review.

Hey, sorry for dogging last week at the last minute. My mum was not feeling too well so I had to drive my sister to tuition. Then it was just a matter of me going into a coma and missing the movie.

Anyway, we can play tennis in the morning, or soccer like last week, and head off to some pc after. I'll be away till Friday night, so just post your ideas up. Poker on Saturday is good too :)

Been watching Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen the past few days and although he behaaves like a proper prick, you feel his pain. You immediately zone in and empathise when he has gone beyond the point of rage to despair.

I immediately identified each moment he fell to despair because it felt all too close to home but I had some trouble pinpointing where I experienced this. It only just came to me then that it was in BF2. I ragequit and uninstalled because that shit just wasn't worth expending anymore time, blood pressure and anxiety.

But no, he doesn't ragequit. He rages plenty though. God, I am in awe at how he can wake up everyday and go through that amount of rage and stress in pursuit of culinary perfection. It's no wonder he looks like he's friggin 60 when he's 40 (no joke, see for yourself on Wiki).

BF2 and the kitchen, worlds apart, but I feel an iota of your pain Gordon...