Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If you haven't had your interview yet, good luck James!

They look like Tarzan and Jane.

James, sign the yellow form for the CSE account or get someone to do it for you or your account will expire.

My schedule.

Those shots look like attempts at the next issue of FHM. Kid inside hey? PG rated indeed.

Wondering when you'll die? Check it out here

It seems my time ends at:

Thursday, October 25, 2035

Also Marc, I'm happy to send you my timetable if you like. Just lemme know. :)

I can't help it

This is firgg'n quality


One of the canyoning trips recently run.
Check out all photos if you can, but highlights are below.

Coincidentally, Hugh is the president of the photoclub, and Tania is the president of the wakeboard and waterski club. Both, of course, are active in the Outdoors Club. :D

In this order:


Firstly, a yellow umbrella on a canyoning trip?
And a red bikini, and red shorts?
Frigg'n hilarious is all I can say.
Maybe because I know their characters, but this is a post I absolutely had to make.

Hugh is also a PhD student in Industrial Chemistry. Goes to show you can/should never let go of that kid inside you. :D

Monday, February 27, 2006

Lolz, there was a photo of me "crying"?? I have videos of people trying to catch eggs/rice. I'll try upload those. Can I upload vids on flickr?

Soz, forgot to upload that particular video. Should be done by the time you read this. I don't think my cousin will appreciate me hosting 60mb worth of video on the site and having dozens of people download it so I had to put it on my CSE. Will be taking them down shortly. Anyone else got anything to share? ^^

Cheers Eric. It was great to see you get owned by the chef. The place looked really clean considering they do this stuff every night. Did we get a picture of him looking like he was crying?

Kwong - ne hou choon! XD

Does anyone still want to do timetables?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hahahah, Marc (not James...sorry), thanks for the videos. Seriously, I've never thought I'd get egged in the head. However, I was suprised at how i was actually full by the end of it.

To all, thanks, for the presents and thanks for coming to dinner. Hope you guys enjoyed the food (or whatever food you managed to catch). And Scrubs is good. Lolz, I've been trying to fight for the TV all day to just watch ONE ep. Guess I'll just have to watch it on comp.

John, glad u had fun. And thanx for the poker set. I'll try find a place to display the box. Lolz

thank you eric for organising and having your birthday celebrations last night. it was a night enjoyed immensely (especially as it was my first teppanyaki experience), and we have the videos, pictures and stained clothing to show for it.

on the same note, i am not able to download the video of linda throwing the rice to me. perhaps there's something wrong with the link?

Just got Virgin on DVD and saw the bonus features on him getting waxed...

nice movies marc, kudos for the late post

War of the Worlds is the world's worst waste of time.

Click on images for the video. I am 18mb over my account limit so they won't be up for long. MP4 format so use VLC or Quicktime.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm watching "Extras" and its told me that 2 grown men of the same age/generation cannot have a sit down dinner at a restaurant without being suspiciously gay.

Exceptions include: business dinner where both are in suits, parent/child dinner...hmm what else?

Another one of those series which employ tortuous humour (involving embarrasing situations that make you want to bang your head against the table and wall so it will go away - if there was a masochistic branch of humour, it would be this really. Ricky Gervais at his finest since The Office). The "Extras" is about a pair of extras trying to make their way through the film industry and the thing about it is they actually get different hollywood actors to play a very small part in each episode (eg Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, Samuel L Jackson). So in that sense its kind of ironic because the series focuses on the extras and you have this role reversal where the hollywood giants become the "extras" in the show. Anyways, another recommendation of mine.

They gave Patrick Stewart awesome line:
PS: You've seen Star Trek: Next Generation, yeah?
RG: I haven't, no.
PS: Why? Your wife won't let you have it on, is it?
RG: I'm not married. (He's 43)
PS: No? Your girlfriend then?
RG: I haven't got a girlfriend. I live alone.
PS: You're not married, you don't have a girlfriend. And you don't watch Star Trek.
RG: No.
PS: Good lord!


I've managed to book the Ichiban-Teppanyaki place for Saturday, 6pm. However, it's around $30 pp, for a whole banquet. Stupid eatibility site didn't tell me that! Please dress in smart casual, since we might go drinking after. See you guys there.

I'll be down for that, have to think about Karaoke though. :D

Might not make 6pm since am driving down from newcastle, so will meet you at din din.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ok, I was supposed to post this earlier today, but the internet connection to my comp at work was not working, and now I am finally on the comp at home.

Plans for a Friday Night Dinner and K:

Before: meet around 6pm at Town Hall.

Dinner: Superbowel on Goulburn St at 6:30.
K: K-World from 8:30ish for 2 hours.

After: Depends on what you want to do.

Nice and simple.. =)

Call either me or Kwong if you have any questions, they don't even have to be about Friday..

Very nice post to read about Darren :)
Congrats on that too

Rode in this morning again, was much better than my first time, quite a cruisy ride but still clocked a good time.

Bad news though, heard on the news first thing this morning that two riders were hit by a car on their ride in from Nelson Bay to work (opposite direction to my ride into work). One of our girls Bron (and riding partner Jonathan Webb, both DMOs) rides into work from Nelson Bay most mornings and is here well before 7am normally. So after half an hour with a bit of flurry we did find out it was her, she's in a bit of a bad shape in hospital. Think it's just broken bones atm.

Sounds familiar?

...and that's precisely why Fight Club is an awesome movie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've just been to and from Newcastle today, and the time it took to travel the 140 odd kms each way was around an hour and a half.. it wasn't that long a trip.

We weren't exactly in Newcastle, more on the outskirts of it, but close enough. The closest station was Cockle Creek, wherever that is. We went out to lunch at a nearby supermall place; an American style shopping centre, with one level sprawled out across the landscape. All 4 of us employees are asian, and everyone at this mall was caucasian. We were pretty much the only asians there. Its just interesting to notice the different demographics of a mining town compared to elsewhere..

It now looks like I'll be making that trip a bit more often, now that we have seen the massive screens that we will be projecting our work upon.

Also, it looks like I'll be keeping this job for a good while longer, working part time casually on the days and times I dont have classes. Hooray for income..

I'll see if I can post a pic or 2 that I took while i was there..

CFN tonight? Finishing my Summer School today!

FYI I've enrolled in
GENS8002 - Sports Perf.& Injury Prevent'n
description located here

If anyone wants to join, or anything. :)
It's not my final selection but will work as best for now.

The other option I am considering is

GENM0804 - Lifestyle, Health and Disease
located here

Yeah my weekend was exciting...I lost a flipper at the beach, under a wave that really wasn't that strong...silliness

What on earth do you do with one flipper? Most creative entry wins. I have dibs on swim in circles and throw it away

Also had the chest/muscle workout of my life on Saturday when my uni classmate (who's now defence) came up to visit and took me to the gym on base.

Thanks for letting me know darren - was at westfield up here the other day and both Big W and Target are out of stock on S1&2.

Mohammad Jihad

Mohammad Jihad
Originally uploaded by rubberbanhpho.

Perhaps this may enlighten us on the whereabouts of Scott this summer.

Well done SMH online, peddling the tragic news among other things...

Just checked the other articles. They have Lexus IS250 on those.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lol, seef darren, you always pose for every photo taken!

john: top gear have made a winter olympics special. zomg he uses an MP5 vs rifle

Jarhead: the end surprise that wasn't.. war can really teh suck..

Jono: Scrubs Season 3 DVD is out now! Saw it at JB for $32 something, but it should be cheaper at Big W..

haha Kwong, you can go and get into a perfect snipe position, then KJ will call in the artillery and blow them up.

I just had an interesting afternoon, doing something that was totally out of character for me. My brother got a prize in the second chance draw for a photo critiquing competition, and the prize he won was a photo shoot at VAIG. This was the second time he has won such a prize, so this time I thought it might be interesting to go along as well.

So after getting stylist advice and makeup applied, (yes, I had makeup on my face) we spent the afternoon inside and outside the studio getting photographed in various cool/casual poses.. It turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Unfortunately the prize that my brother won was a free photo shoot only; we have to pay to buy one of the shots.

However, we will get an ($x - $100) * 30% discount if we decide to buy any photos thanks to a voucher. We'll be doing this on the morning of the Johnnie Walker outing, so I might have it on me when I get there..

Exactly my thoughts Yi.
Almost word for word...

haha down Kwong...always. :D

John, is it absolutely necessary to make a booking? Otherwise can other people just turn up and enjoy the atmosphere? I have sort of told Kai and Kim about this and they sounded interested, but not confirmed.

Down for 24hr Battlefield2, Jono? :) We can also just wander around in the desert and not fire a single bullet.

Eric, maybe you want to do like a DVD night along with your birthday? Considering now we apparently have a good source of DVDs.

Expected Black Hawk Down. Disappointed in that regard.

Nice, accurate depiction of people during times of idleness though. ;)

Saw Jarhead over the weekend

anyone else seen it?

final attendance list for johnnie walker evening:
1. john
2. linda
3. jono
4. kwong
5. joyce
6. marc
7. benny
8. yi
9. scott
10. darren

you are on the list because you have rsvp'ed. there may be a call from johnnie walker confirming your booking.

note that there are 10 people on the list. that means that it is imperative that every one of you come on the night, otherwise we forfeit our free 700ml bottle of red label.

i can only book for a maximum of 10. if you are not on the list but wish to come, i encourage you to go to http://www.johnniewalker.com.au, register and make a booking.

Busy blog over the weekend

James - welcome back and very exciting is your US job prospects :)

Eric - I am down for your 22nd but preferably Saturday, for obvious reasons (I am back in Syd Friday).

Well observed about the Blog Yi

Well observed about the cost Joyce: that may be how they recoup the costs of giving away alcohol. My friend was telling me about how RSL clubs do free events all the time but require participants to come in early to sign up first then they blow all their cash on pokies etc.

We don't hear Scotts ugly mug for the whole holidays, but when Johnnie Walker's name is dropped its like he was here the whole time XD

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey ppls,


I think I am just gonna organise a dinner, probably on Thursday or Saturday, to celebrate my 22nd. If you can make it, please RSVP as I need to book by...Tuesday. Sorry for the late invites. But I originally planned it for Saturday. Please state your preference as well. Guess I'll just book the date that suits the majority.

World Press Photo Winners of 2006

First place for Sports Action... ouch.

I hope this didnt overwrite anything..

Just get a plate of wedges. :D

Did you guys just deleted your posts about the arse licking?
And I thought it was James's problem...

hey tucoti/linda/john hows it goin

How much is the food there? coz I googled the place & it loks pretty expensive, would a free bottle make up much of the other cost?

Thanks (sorry I'd hav to ask coz I'm always tight)

look at the wiki for Jonnie night details.

invite to all who wishes to join me, Anna, Robin, Simon (German dude I met in Laos) and Simon's friend tonight in the city for dinner and drinks.
8pm infront of the cinemas George St.
I might get there a bit earlier..

James, your CSE account is over disc quota and the blog is stuffing up.
New entries are overwriting the last entry.

Yes... yes indeed.
RSVP for the free drinks.

So as a public service, I'll document the msgs that I remember were overwritten.

(Joyce RSVPed for drink night)
(benny made a joke about Fight Club, punching charlie in the ear)
(charlie said marc can punch him next time they meet)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It takes place 2nd March and is a Thursday? If thats the case, you can count me in john.

Thats cool Charlie, I realise that your familial commitments are not under your temporal control. My parents don't mind that much because we already have another car to use and its not much of an inconvenience for them, but they're like wtf at us.

I am lazy and laidback in planning but that said, I think this has gone far enough. I've already spent my anger/frustration etc on the roadtrip so now all I've got left is the Jono face - the unimpressed one.

I'm not your parents so I'm not gonna give you a lecture but I will say one thing. I have ready access to my parents car and if plans fail then there is no real harm to them but just because I won't suffer bad consequences from my parents from plans going awry does not make me a safety net that can be jerked around.

My parents are inconvenienced slightly and, yes, it may be no biggie to them but they are still doing me/us a favour and its not right that you are so offhanded about that.

I'm not angry, I just had to get that off my chest. I apologise, to those not involved, for my online rant. Also if I didn't consider you close I would have buggered off long ago rather bother trying to explain anything.

I'm not down for a daytrip though - no point travelling 2 hours each way.

Jono: you're not dumb, you're simply inattentive to details, and as long as you're not building our planes, we can deal with it =). On that note, rsvp to john by email or sms.

Marc: sorry for pulling out, my plans got screwed by a single phone call. It seems that one's family are the only ones who can ask you for anything without an appointment. On a good note, Irene is still down for going up on Sunday. Any chance for a day trip leaving tomorrow evening?

P.S, 3dfx-ceo working for NVIDIA, bread and....bread crumbs.

James working for nVIDIA, bread and butter.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Can I do graduate law with a computer BE?

from marc: Theres a woman in my class whos doing graduate law with a B comp sci. In fact theres heaps of people who do graduate law. oops i accidentally edited ur post

from james: cool. Look we're merging. Let's call this new legal entity Pang & Wang Associates. Or just "Skynet" for short.

Personality-wise, most lawyers are Js, but it doesn't mean you won't be a good P lawyer :)

Remember, theres always graduate law if you don't want to do arts :p

I'm back folks.

Don't have much free time though -- got to prepare for interviews with NVIDIA. Last time I got grilled with "how many texture reads are required for each sub-pixel in multi-sample anti-aliasing?" God knows what's coming this time. Probably fly out at the end of the month and come back five days later. If this works out, I'll work in the US. If it doesn't, I'll do my masters of arts at USYD.

Should I be a laywer? INTPs *thrive* on perceiving differences in wording and what not. Or rather, would I make a good laywer?

Bad news jono, ur on ur own this weekend. I fulfilled my end of the bargain...

yeah should be fine, there are plenty of cars around here.

And we'll probably be out most of the time anyhow. The beaches and elsewhere are safe. Convincing enough? :)

Right....and like Punchbowl, do you think I should feel secure leaving the car around?

Holy moly, 4 people so far?
And Alexis is back???

What time/day would you be coming up?

Well this has been an exciting week.
Wednesday driving from work to glass repair shop (O Brien, near home) and Dan was behind the wheel. Along the 100 km/h highway section it was pretty gusty and the window blew out, didn't hit any of the other traffic (kinda lucky) and landed right in the middle of our lane (one lane road) behind us. Fair bit of traffic but obviously pulled over and picked up the big pieces.

Aerodynamically it makes sense now, that it sucked back behind the car, was good though, we were watching it and it just popped out like in a cartoon.

Then this morning, we were up at 5:15am since we were starting work at 6am; dan gets in shower and leaves his phone on his floor in his room (5 m from shower) and there's weird guys hanging around the place (my neighbour turns out to be a part time hooker.) So for the 15 mins he's in the shower his phone *and* charger gets stolen, and some cash missing from his wallet (not much).

So we had the cops over, got to work late (6:30), sensational.

PS It's really not that bad, only if you leave your door unlocked and there are druggos around is there a chance of stuff getting stolen. Lock your door and close your windows and you're fine, they're not looking to break in.

Still wanna come up? What time? :D

So far its Alexis, Charlie, Darren and Me. We have room for one more.

I am getting permanently dumber by the day

Count me in for Johnnie Walker evening John/Linda!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Do I have a solid showing for people going to Newcastle?

Charlie: For 20 people we won't get 2 bottles. It's a bottle per person per day. If you think you can get 20 people, I'd suggest break them into two different groups under different names =)

Marc: It's a free event. So, big drinker or not, if you're avialble just come along!

"Johnnie Walker evening? Mon Feb 20? So not fair!!!
Hmm maybe I'll take the day off work."
- jono

the event's on the 2nd of march.
rsvp by feb 20th.

Well, with my officially accepting work, my highest priority is to look for a car. And it just happens that this Saturday I have to make an inspection.

Thats nothing Hash, I submitted my Soft Cons assignment a week early with conviction that it stood up to auto-testing. Little did I know what John Plaice had in store...wanker.

I've secured the car. Who is coming? I would like to leave as early as possible tomorrow like if Jono gets off work at 3-4pm then we leave Sydney at 1-2pm (assuming 2 hour drive). I definately don't want to drive at night or dusk coz that sucks. We should be leaving on Sunday afternoon too.

Lo and Behold,

my First EVER one of these ::
-bash-3.1$ give cs4001 ass2 Matrix.h
Period: 06x1
Submission: ass2
Files found: Matrix.h

Submission datestamp: Thu Feb 16 09:47:43 2006
Assignment deadline: Mon Feb 20 23:58:00 2006
This submission is 4 days early
Submission accepted

Hopefully a sign of things to come!

Who knows, maybe my study time might actually reach 10% of my bludging time this session!

haha thanks Hash, and enjoy your few days in Sri Lanka.

Johnnie Walker evening? Mon Feb 20? So not fair!!!
Hmm maybe I'll take the day off work.
...yeah, that'll happen
Marc you have to go.

Both to Johnnie walker night and newcastle, I mean. :D

Linda: What if we brought along 20 people? Does that mean 2 bottles of Johnnies?

Marc: According to George Orwell, the ultimate madness is a minority of one. Thanks for your conviction, but I think you're mad =). Oh and can you drive up to Newcastle this weekend?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Marc :: That mantis ir orsome, such skill and dexterity in catching a humming bird. Now James and Jono, use this concept to make a 'Mech that can take down a 'copter.

Glad everyone is enjoying scrubs so much, for those that are unaware, the new season (5) is being aired in America, 2 eps at a time. So far its up to ep10. However the next 2 eps are at the end of the month. For those of you who are less inclined to abiding by content piracy laws, u can download the the first 10 from BT or Mirc.

Side Note :: Alexis is back from his trip and I will be goin to Lanka for a few days, back when uni starts, so have fun for the rest of the holidays!

Awesome Linda, but I'm only a partial drinker so people like Charlie and Benny take precendence over me :)

Poor Charlie, don't give up, you'll convince the world your a safe and law abiding driver one day. I believe in you.

James, we spent the whole of this afternoon class talking about NLP and Jung/Myers-Briggs/Keirsey personality tests. Apparently, its used to analyse and assess courses of actions we take during negotiations tailored to the party's personality (so we get maximum benefit or minimum hostility).

Also when I took the test again my results varied slightly and I am now an IXTJ or INTJ by default whereas ISTJ before. The lecturer then went into some detail about attributes of lawyers and that 2/3 were STJ and 1/3 were NTJ which means I'm right at home. But I think doing law has moulded my personality somewhat into that shape since high-school...maybe.

There was also an INTP in my class who dissented a lot and he reminded me of you XD

To all those alcoholics and binge drinkers:

Johnnie Walker will be holding free tasting evenings in Sydney and you're welcome to come join us! Details are as below:

DATE: 2nd March

TIME: 6:30pm

PLACE: The Argyle Function Centre

RSVP: Monday 20th February to John via sms or email

1. All bookings need to be made via John.
2. If we get 10 people present on the night, we'll receive a free 700ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label - which will make a lovely appearance and be shared at the next drinking night =)


Sensational Darren.

You're doing a great job upholding the Scrubs legacy and its significance and relevance in our daily lives. :D

Haha, one of the guys here is working on implementing 3d positional sound in one of the scenarios, and I managed to convince him to use 'boing fwip' as a test sound byte. So its now constantly looping and losing its meaning.

Jono: At the moment, those are the only seasons available. I dont know when the others are coming out, but season 3 should be out some time this year.

Thursday.. I'm not free in the day, but after 5 lets do whatever..

Oh yeah, thanks for letting me know about the Scrubs DVD's darren. At first I thought it was $17 for both Seasons 1 and 2. Are they the only seasons available?

I think I may just have to buy both of them anyway.

Was bored and browsed through recent photos and forgot to post this one: Charlie's great parking

Also, for those who are free during the day for Thursday, feel like doing something? Movie?

Regarding weekend at Newcastle, really need to know status because I have a friend who's having a farewell gathering (he's moving to Adelaide) in the vicinity of this weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Theres so many praying mantes in my area. I was changing the wiper blades on my car and bent down to get the wash bucket and when I looked up there was a mantis on the roof of the car

Its glare was enough to make me feel insecure. I dare not approach any closer after seeing what a mantis did to a hummingbird so no macro for me.

Back in Australia yet, James?

code stolen from flickr

To call someone an *aetheist* is so rude. Please, sir, address them by their proper name: INFIDEL!

I suppose as the other token Christian you expect me to make a response...

The fact of the matter is that there is an enormous amount of data (Historian, Scientific etc) for and against Jesus' existence and I won't even begin to argue - mostly because I don't understand and wouldn't know where to begin.

In most cases the argument against his existence stems from the lack of compelling evidence that he did. From this point of view its just about individual standards of proof - some people have higher, others have lower. Then again you have a whole other class of people who are just bitter and malicious.

However, this is not one of the cases as the guy alleges Jesus to have been someone else altogether. I'd be interested in the ramifications if the Law does find in favour of Mr Cascioli. Most likely there will be appeal on appeal, but in the end if he does prevail, then what will that mean for Christianity in Italy, especially given the Vatican is geographically situated there and is (of course) the centre of Roman Catholicism.

Good to see you guys are organising a movie and the blog is being used. :)

Darren - Friday night/Sat morning a small projectile was fired at my driver side window (don't know who/why/how/what) in Newcastle, while I was here in Sydney. I came down with a friend who drove (only reason I came back to Sydney, since I didn't want to drive)
So the window was shattered and looks like a grid (safety glass) as it is still attached in one piece, but quite weak.

I suspect I may know who it was but still need to solicit information...not that it changes any outcome.

Kwong - called Windscreens O Briens and they're coming to work (on base) at lunchtime to fix it. $273.

Their phone service was nothing but brilliant.

Despite yesterday being possibly one of the worst days of my interning experience here, I did find out, to my surprise, that most likely neither of the two other interns plan to work here after graduation, and at this rate it isn't looking crash hot from my side either. But who knows, things may change. :)
Just some one-sided gossip. :D

PS interesting article yi, I'm quite sure there have been similar cases before.
Anyway as annoying as the article may make that atheist sound, well right now I couldn't care less for Mr 72-yr-old Cascioli. I suppose the last two paragraphs annoy me the most, not answering the question. But yeah, I feel sorry for those who need to gather all the evidence to prove the case. Again. Back to work

Monday, February 13, 2006

Jesus Christ....

Anyone else interested???
3 so far.

I'll tell you why it has to be 6:30 Marc, because I'm not off work until 5pm. Also, could you bring that book that you wanted to return to James tomorrow so I can pass it on to him the next day?

Seems like I'm still working at uni until the end of the holidays. What fun.

Nothing says 'be my valentine' more than 'welcome to teh suck'. I dont mind any movie really, just wanted to say that.

What happened to your car Jono? Anything stolen? Some consoling news for what its worth; Scrubs seasons 1 and 2 dvd sets are $17 at Big W and probably cheaper at JB. Thats about 80 cents an episode for DVD quality versions of your favourite show, not including extras.

It's because people who work complain that they can't attend. In anycase, I now apparently may have family plans so you guys organise whatever you want.

I am down for anything except Geisha, King Kong and Brokeback Mountain. :)

Tomorrow I'll be at uni from 13:30 till .. not sure. Though I think an hour max. Can get to city at around 15:00? So butters, I'll be awake before 3pm. ;)

Why does it have to be 6:30pm? No one believes in waking up before 3pm anymore?

Why is Irene always on/off the blog?

Oh ok, so you're down Yi?

It was a suggestion only, and depends on who's interested/free.

I am keen on watching Jarhead and was considering that session if nobody wanted to watch Geisha. Walk the Line is also another choice.

Saw it in Bangkok.

What about Jarhead? 18:30 session.

6:40pm session of Memoirs of A Geisha at George St. tomorrow.

Jono, what are you going to do about your car?



"Ok, you earned it. 5"

Ahhh that post is about the only thing that's made my day today; at least the only thing that's made me laugh all day. A solid minute of nonstop, silent laughing.

Thankyou, and I'm glad you're enjoying Scrubs as much as I am. Not was, am.

Down for Brokeback Mountain on Valentines again. ;)

OK, fine, any movie will do you bunch of homophobes!

Hey there all..

Sorry I couldnt be at the little gathering at your place yesterday Jono, had I known that I would be spending my Sunday afternoon standing in on the field of a baseball diamond not at all interacting with the ball for the whole game, nor getting on base at all, then I would have not going to my game.

And sometimes, you wonder how good things could have been...

After almost 3 seasons of Scrubs, I think its starting to get to me. In a good way, especially the tempo, rhythm and contents of the rants. Or as someone else would say, the tempo, rhythm and contents of her PANTS!! Har har har, cmon, who's with me? (Holds palm in air looking at Jono)

Cyber five!

Anyway.... cfn today, I can be there. And movie tomorrow with those who dont have anyone special (and those who do have someone special; the more the merrier) to be with on Valentine's day, I can do that too..

Thanks to Kwong, Kim, Charlie and Marc yesterday for making the trouble to come over yesterday :D
I forgot to thankyou when I left

Marc, are you talking about the patents examiner job? non-UNSW people can't see that ad

And my driver side window is indeed very nice and smashed.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

*sob sob* I haven't graduated yet...


In response to those "what u gonna do after uni?" questions then this is probably the thing I want to get into first and foremost but theres no guarantee that it will be a satisfying job.

Tenders for CFN tomorrow night (Monday night)...

For the loveless out there:

The lead character from Layer Cake was good. He reminds me a lot of Steve McQueen and I like his English accent - soft and non-abrasive (like Hugh Laurie, Benny).

Will be looking forward to seeing him as Bond.

Jam: Unfortunately I didn't, can't afford one. All the shots are taken with my uncle's Casio EXZ50, and Casio don't even make cameras, they make calculators!

Which camera did you get? Welcome to the digital world!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

For those who don't know (e.g. benny), we're having another congregation at my place 10am (on the dot) where we'll probably play soccer, grab lunch and go a scrubs mini marathon. And if scrubs doesn't interest you I still have Layer Cake which we rented today (Charlie, Kim, Eric, Yi, Marc) which you can also watch.

Also bring swim gear if you like, we can always go for another swim. I have to leave Sydney around 4pm ish (getting a lift from house mate in Newcastle) but you guys are more than welcome to continue activities into the night, e.g. CFN

omg joyce, you need to download the windows image resizer utility

See I was right: bollocks :p

(share a thing or 2 abt fotografy)

Might sound lame, but I'm down for a Sydney photographic cruise like just driving around Sydney at dawn on a weekend.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Originally uploaded by bon080.

What up Yo!

Yeah, am back in Sydney for the weekend. Any plans from anyone?

Excel is up in Newcastle, got a lift back with someone, so will need to use mx5 for transport around sydney. Bro comes back to sydney sunday night.

Hmm, I have that problem again with people who love clicking buttons. As with the advert for Pintara, all these people seem to love emailing me about interest in purchasing law books but when I email them back confirming price (listed on website already) and time availability the thread drops dead.

So a helpful hint if you're buying something off an individual: its polite to let the other person know you're not interested anymore so you don't leave them hanging.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Interesting article Yi, tho to prove the supposition, those men who answered the questionairre would have to have known the following ::

1) How many times did each of the said relatives copulate during their fertile periods
2) How many times did each of the said relatives copulate during their fertile periods with the intention to induce a conception
3) Are there any antrhopological theories that postulate that those said relatives have some perogative to "breed more" to make up for the potential loss in total offspring for that said "tribal" group
4) Are there any psychological parameters that postulate that may have caused those said relative to think that they had to "breed more" to make up for the potential loss in total offspring for that said "tribal" group
5) It is not "true" genetics unless their is some level of genotype analysis supporting the phenotype analysis.

As to the James' problem of gayness causing exinction, I propose the Randeni Solution ::

All citizens must present a sample of their genetic material (preferably both gamete samples, blood samples and stem cell samples from time of birth and present) to be added to the Human Gene Pool. Quasi-random combinations of such genetic material can be provided to couples if they can not reproduce on their own and still wish to have children . However, if they do not wish to have children, their genetic material will not be lost and can be passed on to future civilisations as a means of preserving the genetic diversity of the human gene pool.

There will however, be NO CULLING OF THE BLOODLINES, like the misguided clans. Those to whom you have ascribed the status of "honourless freebirths" can still have worthy genetic potential (c.f Phelan Kell).


It is also a very dualistic argument, and yet not everything are black or white. What about the cohort of people who are bisexual, simultaneously procreating and passing on homosexual genes? According to the Kinsey Report, this cohort constitutes 80% of the human male population, and that was back in the 50s.

That is a very Christian argument James.

Thats good if theres no discomfort and you couldn't feel it coming. That means you won't have to remove it.


Just discovered some very surprising news, while we were having our weekly cake day at work.

My bottom left wisdom tooth has emerged, and quite significantly. You can solidly see a significant portion of the tooth coming out, roughly straight. I noticed nothing there yesterday night.

There was no itching, no pain, I just felt it with my tongue after cake, and thought it was a bit of cake. FREAKY!!!!!

Big news on my front.

Homosexuality is indefensible by the catagorical imperative -- it can not be at once a universal law without causing human extinction.

Dear Eric,
I'm glad you've expressed interest in Photoshop. It may interest you that if you shoot RAW, Photoshop can do purple fringing removal among other great things. You can start with a good tutorial here:
That site also lists other tutorials of excellent quality.

Let us know how you go.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've been instructed to ask for expression of interest for dinner + karaoke in the city this Friday night.

Also, need to find out who is willing to head up to Newcastle, possibly around 5-6pm Saturday night and bum with Jono for the rest of the weekend.

Theres nothing wrong with being gay, except if the person you are going for is not.. then it gets awkward. Also, if a gay guy goes for you, you should feel flattered that you are that attractive; not that I have any first hand experience of such a thing.. just a hypothetical.

I would have thought that people would want to watch that movie because they are interested in the story that it tells, or to scare their friends by putting your hand on their knee when the making out scene(s?) start..

So did you end up seeing it in the end Yi? Or have you postponed it for another day? If its the latter, I'll go watch it, only if its at the Ritz though.. its cheaper there. Otherwise, it'll be on cable tv soon enough..

PC one of these nights would be great, just let me know before 5 on a working day and I'll be there.

Down for some Phat Thai..

I'm still down for some flaming heterosexual Battlefield tonight.

Yi: I think it was a kind gesture to ask your friends to see the movie with you. It doesn't say that you're gay if you go watch Brokeback Mountain with your friends - it just says that you're comfortable enough with your sexuality. Oh and I wouldn't mind going to watch it if you're interested!

for those that were thinking of going, you are now no longer invited. :P
(actually i might not end up going myself..)

Yeah thats what I was thinking sexy Alexi: that is so gay Yi. Whats even more awesome, though, is another person seeing a group of male PC nerds come out of the theatre.

Yi I hope you are bringing girls along. Watching Brokeback with mates only will be just about the most ackward experience you are ever likely to have.

Mark your calendars for the 30th March. The day Natalie Porman goes bold. V for Vendetta Australian premiere. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

My dear James,
My GT4's photo travel does not have purple fringing, and DEFINITELY has NO NOISE at any ISO. The 828, though have more functions, and can operate outside of the house, has the damned flaw of the above, making it hard for photographers to demonstrate their full potential. And I definitely need to use the 828 more often. On that note, James teach me how to use Photoshop! (lolz =þ)

And Marc,
My 828 is still useful, so NO!!!! Hahahahah...=D

Anyone wanna play tennis this weekend? I've asked before, but don't think I got any replies.

lol I just invited my hotmail account to gmail and in my hotmail, the invite shows up in spam. They are just so insecure :p

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brokeback Mountain.
7 February 2006 (tomorrow)
George St.

Be there!

My dear Eric,
It is clear that you need no new camera -- your photographic skill in GT4 far surpass that which you've demonstrated in real life.

You got the PS2, GT4 and a memory card which means you don't need the 828 anymore. So how about parting with it to me?


Originally uploaded by azn_hoey.
THe PS2 should have 2 USB ports and in GT4 Photo Mode, once you've created your photo, you have the option to save it onto your mem card, or the usb storage thingies. Also, you can save your pic onto your mem card first, and then transfer it to your USB drives later in some other mode. Here's another one. (Just if you are wondering, the featured car is the '92 Lancer Evolution I GSR. It's my first car in GT4 and has 327KW at the wheels.)

How did you get the photo from the PS2/TV onto your computer? Did you photograph it again?

I was laughing hard at this restaurant. We are going next time we are at Jono's place. I get the mental image of the HK-style movie gangsters with the Blue's Brothers sunnies - or in short I visualize the baddie from Sik Sun

At parents office right now so I don't have much else to do. They bought some of the most awesomest dumplings ever in Pyrmont. The skin is firm and elastic which means you won't have any trouble whatsoever picking it up and the filling is great. Its not overpowering and fatty like other dumplings can be. And the clencher? They were frozen so next time if we go on BBQ/Picnic I can get some the night before or something. $25 for 30pcs is also good value.


Originally uploaded by azn_hoey.
OMG. I am starting to like GT4 even more now!! Their photo mode is seriously insane!

And Marc the pies at Robertson's was suppose to be very good. Personally, I think it's average. Jester's Pies in Sydney is probably the same.

Eric, I'm looking at how good Oatley Pies are and apparently this website says Robertson's Pies are highly esteemed. But they were merely mediocre when we went down to Kiama. And the service was...poor.

Also consider signing up for Eatability to have your say about the restaurants you eat at.

Congratulations Darren. :)

And then some days, it seems everyone, and everything, is against you.

Home time

Hooray, I have been accepted into the Game Programming Workshop! Thanks for moral support Yi! Now all I have to do is choose a thesis and my academic career for this year will be good to go..

No scrubs at work today, more important things to do..

Rode into work today

Up at 5:15am
6am took off with two bosses (Doug & Matt)
22 km, 45 minutes.

I've never appreciated every running step of fitness that I've made til now, more than I have now.

Pretty bloody hard slog, at the speeds they were cruising at.

Lunchtime have touch footy.

Home time have beach, then a social soccer game with some random people out in the oval behind our house at 6pm. Lazy days. Wheee

Monday, February 06, 2006

While I was looking to purchase the DVD

Where and when is it going? 4 day sounds good, but I got to get back to Sydney on Monday unfortunately.

Yay for scrubs...on a 12ft screen, during the work day...
You bum.

Convince them to go on the Friday then.
Could also make things easier on them too, not having to work the next day after a 4 hour return trip commute. :)

Hm, another lazy day at the office.. just finished watching an episode of scrubs on a 12 foot screen. One down, 3 seasons and 23 eps to go.

Our trip to a mine has been delayed, and we dont know when we will be going up there. If we end up going on a Friday, it will make things regarding a weekend trip to Newcastle alot easier.

Allo allo

Show of hands for all you fun lovers interested in coming up to Newcastle this weekend? Benny? Irene? Kwong? :D

Sunday, February 05, 2006

well I didnt watch out for the stairs while runnin out Hungry Jacks to catch a bus *ouch*

cant believe ya did the same thing/not to yourself 2 tucoti? thought i'm the only one with the bad luck these days. *hope you enjoy the show today like everyone else except me*

finally sat/lied down & did some study *yay* but ended up eat/chat/pc/tv & only to find out tat i purchased the wrong text bk for one subj *broke*

Pray for some G'Luck & gotta c doc tomr

For those who beleive in the powr of prayer ::

I beseech you, please pray for the Sri Lankan cricket team to get into the finals.

That is all

James: Obviously, you have NOT heard the story how I made soup that was out of this worllld. I nearly burnt the kitchen down last time I tried cooking. (2 minute noodles is probably the only thing I can make and is edible).

Marc: Welcome to the world of GT4. Get the wheel as well. If they still make them. I've found a few, but they are the "last ones". Then you can feel the realism of driving a Le Mans car at 320km/h on the 24 Le Mans Straight.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Alexis - just a piece of *friendly* advice.

In the future you will have to abide by a contract once u have made it.
Otherwise, someone may take out a contract on you.

Well done on "being against all forms of piracy" but u r contradicting yourself earlier in that same msg.

Interested in Burnout 3.

BTW - Is this really you Alexis? U positive you haven't been brainwashed? or that there is a G'ould symbiote lurking within you cranial structure - letting its tendrils cloud your trueborn beliefs and subverting you into a life of mediocrity?

Alexis: It doesnt seem like you are through with gaming if you want to finish off the extra content in Veronica.. but I do understand why you would want to keep Halo, even though you will no longer have an XBox to play it on. Also, I would be happy to have long and interesting discussions with you regarding Munich. (and Batman Begins as soon as i see it)

Regarding a short 3D animation, I've stumbled across this site called the 10 second club. For their monthly competition, you have to produce a 3d animation that matches a sound byte from a movie. I am considering entering this month, once I have decided on what the scene is going to contain

Marc: Black Magpies are called currawongs. Australian Magpies are actually a type of currawong, named magpies because of their resemblance to the English Magpie. In primary school our sport group or 'house' as it was called were the currawongs, so I like making a fuss about incorrect references to these birds.

I just thought of a great idea, when Alexis comes back, we should have a poker night with his games and consoles on the line..

How did you guys injure yourselves?

I am so down for swimming pool (bit cold today for the beach..), soccer, dinner, drinks, poker.

My foot is down for dinner, drinks, poker.

Work committment (need to chauffeur mum tonight) means that I can't be involved in anything. :(

Joycey, sorry to hear about the sprained ankle. Though I am hoping my own sprained foot heals enough for me to hobble around tomorrow. :D

*sorry seems I had a login prob wif the blog, now its sweet*

tucoti : as you probly haven't heard, I'm now on crutches (sprained my ankle). so yea you'r very welcome to the cultural night, charlie's got enough tickets. *a bit strange tat i invited u guys but cant make it myself haha*

Cook a lamb roast with Jono's webber. I'm down.

My rabbits seem to be attracting a lot of local fauna. Aside from the foreign bunny, crested pidgeons and pure black magpies, there seems to be a permanent Kookaburra that follows my rabbits.

Jono: Hmmm...poker night ey? Tempting.

Alexis: $55 for the console...you including controllers with that? (Emphasis on the "s") Lolz. As for Hash...DON"T BE SO GREEDY!!! YOU HAVE AN XBOX ALEADY!! =þ.

Oh, anyone wanna play tennis next weekend? And any suggestions? After watching the Aus Opens, I really wanna play!!

All good Yi. :)

If you're free tomorrow (Sat)-

We're thinking poker/card night after dinner time. At the moment it'll be at my house for the usual reasons (centrality, no parents, my distinct disdain for driving anywhere atm) as well as the fact my brother won't be back for another week, so we can make as much noice as we want (neighbouring insulation is even better).

Precourses to poker/card/drinks night include dinner, soccer/footy/beach/swimming pool downstairs.

Dinner may range from a BBQ at my house to take-away/pizza/woolies stuff to stuff we may cook.

That's the agenda, sporting activities to start around 3pm. If we go beach it's most likely balmoral (just down the road) or coogee/maroubra.

Lads and lasses both more than welcome, for any part of the evening.

Let me know if you can make it or not.
If you can't, have a very pleasant weekend otherwise. :)

My apologies for any late notice.

PS other recommendations for location/activities will be noted.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Sorry Jono, my left foot is nowhere near healthy enough for rock climbing. ><
Plus I have got business committments for mum both tonight and tomorrow night. o.O

If you're selling your PS2 then I may be interested in that and GT4 as I'm one of the few people in our group who don't own a PS2. But at the same time, I'm not desperate for one.

No Hash, my parents are demanding I sell everything on Ebay to make a profit or else sell each console at $55 and each game at $25 to respective individuals. Maybe you and Eric will love to have a bidding war :) for the X Box. I am through with gaming. This is what I am currently selling so far....


Grand Theft Auto St Andreas
Grand Theft Auto 3
Metal Gear Solid 3
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X 2
Tekken 4 (yeah I know it is shit)
Resident Evil Code Veronica, 4 (it has extra content, I will play it when I get back and then be rid of it)
Ratchet and Clank 2

X Box

Metal Gear Solid 2
Halo (can not sell it)
Halo 2
Burnout 3
Ninja Gaiden
Knights of the Old Republic
Project Gotham Racing
Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Doom 3
Half Life 2

Sorry Eric do not have the games you are interested in.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
Pikmin 2
Super Mario Sunshine
Metroid Prime 1, 2
Resident Evil 0, 1, 4
Eternal Darkness
Super Smash Brothers
Paper Mario 2
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Mario Kart Double Dash
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes

Luigi is Mansion
Mario Part 3, 4, 5
Crash Bandicoot

Plus a whole bunch of 64 and PlayStation Games.

I had Batman Begins for 6 hours Benny but then gave it to James as a present. I am planning on buying it down the road again, along with the promised re release of the Kingdom of Heaven, but this time with an hour of extra footage, the original cut before Fox is so called creative executives butchered it and conceived the mess people saw at theatres. I have Syrianna, Brokeback Mountain, Munich, Capote and Memoirs of a Geisha preview screenings in case you want any. They are all of high quality. But if you want a copy, you must promise me you will buy the original once it is released. I am against piracy of all forms from now on.

I would love to have a Batman Begins or Munich discussion with someone. I love both films!

At this rate, I'm coming back to Sydney tonight for this weekend.

Party on!!

Who wants to do something tonight? If nothing, how does rock climbing sound Yi? You haven't climbed in almost a year. :)

Marc - I do believe Advantan FO is prescription only. A quick google confirms this
Go see your doctor. :)
Who knows, he/she may have something better or more suitable for you, so it is best to ask them.

Jono, is Advantan Fatty Ointment prescription only? If it is and you have an endless prescription then can you get me a tube? I'm running out and I don't particularly want to go to my GP and say "Hi, I want a prescription. Thanks. Bye" If you actually need to go out of your way to get it then don't bother.

Heres the view from here

Dunno why SP didn't update IE, meh.

Is this the correct behaviour?
I've got javascript enabled...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I just put some garbage inside and the view in IE is fine from here.

Think again Marc...
Tried it in IE before but just incase, opened it up in IE6 again and it's not resizing the damn bulletin.

Negative. Deal with it.

If you open it up on IE, then the javascript from the template actually dynamically resizes the height but it won't work for Firefox for some reason. Also each browser interprets CSS margins units differently.

Hi Joyce,
<insert formal introduction>
I will appreciate it greatly if you can bring an extra ticket for me. I am hoping that my left foot will have recovered enough by Sunday for me to go..

[edit]Uhmm the wiki is a little hard to read without a scrollbar.. anyone?[/edit]

Post your interests and potential interests on Wiki so Joyce knows how many tickets to bring.

Irene suggest to meet at 4pm

Shall we say, Town Hall Steps? We can go for a drink if we're too early.

Thanks for volunteering Benny. Always the generous host.

Just a bit...

SO just curious who is going to the cultural festival and where are we meeting?

We bumming at anyone's place afterwards?

I thought it was hot up here:

"Sunny. Very Hot. Breezy. 50% humidity. 35 deg C"

Then I saw Sydney.

"Sprinkles. Afternoon Clouds. Very Hot. Humid. 85% humidity. 38 deg C".

By the way, it's hot where you are.

I've only seen the end of Cube, but am interested to see the other movies. The entire set for the movie was only 14' by 14', and was made to look different by using different colour panels. Also, the budget was a mere US$400, 000, with the special effects in it done for free. Thanks imdb!

Too bad Jono...
The Cube was a Road Trip Special shown to the exclusive company of Charlie, Benny and myself at James's luxurious Five Dock residence.

Firstly, who on earth is Cube, and what does he want with me?

Also, how's the rest of China Amesy? I can't believe your 3 weeks in Europe ended already.

Watched "Cube Zero". Pretty cool. Explains a lot more about the cube. And you get to see trees!!! We should do a cube marithon: Cube, Cube 0, Hypercube.

U guys r nuts...pc'ing 24 hrs during the 1st week of uni. How can u guys last that long without going blind?! I'll prolly come for a few hours though, if my timetable permits. On second note, I might be doing piano again!!! A Mus...hmmm, the next best substitute to pc.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hash: dont worry about it.. the way things are going I might be 'working' at uni for the rest of this month.. so I'll be around. Sorry that I didnt see Munich today.. was on my way home at the time you posted that. Now I'm not sure when a good day to see it is..

Very down for a lan in the first week of uni as well, should have a laptop of my own by then. As long as its not on Tues Wed or Thursday.

100% down for LAN at his place during first week of uni. Especially when I have only 8 contact hours a week (possibly 12 if I can fit in another subject).

James, dispute resolution deals with very little, in fact no law. Its actually more of a social science course dealing with methods of negotiation to avoid future litigation and its taught in a modern way through an "interactive" environment eg by means of role-play.

Why don't you host a Lan Party/Movie Marathon/Gaming Day/Series Spamup Hash... XD

Just a thought

Jono :: The answer is simple. This is one week that I will be home alone, i.e. no one telling me "no you crasy crasy man, you can not go to a 24hr PC session"

Darren :: Soz about lunch, but OO is a very very exhaustive course - esp. when you add a massive major controller class to your design. Though now we do have our required 4 design patterns - Mediator, Controller, Observer, Singleton.

still down for Munich today . . .

Hash - why do you want to do a 24 hr PC in week 1 of uni? I'd be down for some PC but week 1 may be busy ish...actually, I have very very few classes this semester. On the order of 8 contact hours.

Sleepless in seattle like you've never seen it before..

Hm, meet at 1 around Coffee on Campus? Marc, will you be there too?

I am down for a 24hr PC session sometime between Feb 28th and March 5th

Darren :: Where to meet up for Lunch?

Pizza at Da Michele

Pizza at Da Michele
Originally uploaded by Der Wasserfall.

Awesome photo of Kwong being the bus driver. And *aww..* , Irene is still so sexy.

Anyway, I'm eating some gorgeous food in China. And some gourmet liqour too.

Please elaborae. You're not trying to convinct someone based on their MBTI typology are you?!

Would love to do a "CFN grave-yard shift". Would need to cut nails first though.

BTW, I watched "Cube ^ 2: Hypercube". It's awesome! Some may not like it but I think it's cooler than the first.

Tomorrow I'll be watching Cube 0, the prequal to the cube (made after cube 2). =D