Friday, August 31, 2007

Soccer is on tomorrow:

Starts at noon sharp, come later at your own peril of it turning into NotD.

Hash, Marc, Alexis, Flinky, Spain, Joel, Me are going already so we've already got a good turnout.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sorry would love to watch bourne supremacy but busy friday night
have wedding on saturday 11am so no can do for soccer, next week


Desperate Housewives

Since the dawn of time when we were primitives, the males traditionally assumed the role of provider. They did the hunting and ensured the continued physical sustenance of the race while the women bore children and looked after the more domestic duties or so the stereotype goes. This pretty much continued on in Western civilization until the late 20th century and now the 21st century the traditional stereotype is being challenged and obliterated by the career woman: shoulder pads, power suit and the like. (The semantics of the above can be argued over but does not interest me as it is not relevant to the current discussion)

But what has intrigued me of late is the re-emergence in the idea of this prehistoric woman. Seemingly bright and exceedingly intelligent women seem to be very much attracted to this idea of being a stay-at-home partner/mother. It would seem to be a shame to lose the potential for contribution to society that women forgo to become stay-at-home partners. On a side note, we can get into messy ideas of feminism but I suppose feminists of the past fought to give women the option of pursuing a career, not to force them into one.

Then there is the issue of practicality which is where most women wake up. The increasing financial pressures of modern day society basically shred any expectation or hope of being a single income family where dad works 9-5pm comes home, has a nice family meal cooked by missus and tucks junior in goodnight after a bedtime story but still has enough vigour and passion leftover in the bedroom before the daily cycle repeats itself. I suppose I don’t really need to go into much depth here suffice to say the house prices in ratio to annual income 40 years ago was a lot smaller back then than it is now.

Is this just an Asian female thing? Do you think this philosophy is as common among the white population?

I can easily accept such viewpoints from women who grew up in single income families because that is what they are familiar with but a substantial amount of these aspiring women come from dual income families and that is what intrigues me the most. Some may say that they are just kidding but there are too many instances for me to believe that for a second.

I’m not a bigot. I have nothing against stay-at-home mothers and I am certainly not trying to say it is an easy job. I am merely curious as to why they are so attracted to the idea of being a prehistoric woman.

If money wasn’t an issue, do you think women should stay at home? Why? (responses from both men and women invited)

Maaaaaaatttttt Daaaaaaamoooooonnnnnn

He probably printed screen then saved the image as his profile picture.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Benny finally joined Facebook.

Want to how much of a pretender he is? He has NO profile ...

The profile picture is actually a question mark. Not the placeholder question mark that facebook provides 'till you get an actual picture. Oh no, that wasn't enough anonymity for Benny. He went out and FOUND a picture of a question mark and put that up as his profile picture ...

These miners didn't need our safety training help to get out..

Hey! I don't waste my time. I am just a very good procrastinator

Guys Bourne Ultimatum Friday

With so much free time now, I feel I am becoming Hash, just wasting it all away.
It feels great though, I sleep 8 hours, I now know when I am awake and when I am dreaming.

I wouldn't mind soccer/tennis, watching movies and dvd during the long weekend.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

People up to anything for the long weekend?

Any ideas?

soccer. bike ride. tennis. fly somewhere. watch dvds. watch movies. have a bbq. sleep. go for a drive.

I'm most likely game for paintball.

Remember to check out the lunar eclipse tonight. Starts at 6:50-7:50pm, emerges at 9:20-10:20pm

Gogo Team Waterbottle!

Teams will most likely be CTO vs. Mech

Monday, August 27, 2007


Ok, the place we are going is Heartbreak Ridge Paintball. The place is pretty good, the maps have old military vehicles on them, like tanks and choppers, etc. My brother went there, and he liked it. Only qualm with it is we may have to be there EARLY. (like.. 8am early) Although i may need to confirm that.

The address is: 829 Richmond Road, Marsden Park.

Its just 500m off the M7.

Orsome, I'll finally get a chance to use all that Gun Kata i learned.

Statistical return-fire distributions ftw!

The recent HD DVD announcements are akin to chemotherapy for an advanced cancer patient.

The format is dead and they know it.

Today's facebook poll HD-DVD vs Blu Ray. HD-DVD is killing it xD

How big is the place? Do we have the chance to scope it out briefly first before we start? Teams?


Hey guys, I am organising paintball for Alexis' birthday. I'm booking it at this place in Blacktown and managed to get a good deal. The price for a full day of paintball action is $58 for overalls hire, face mask, gun (with free upgrade to a better one!), 200 paintballs and a large pizza each for lunch.

Extra paintballs are $20 for 100, and buying in bulk makes the cost per 100 cheaper..

Its going to be on Saturday October 6 from 9am til 4pm or whenever we've had enough.

Please let me know by September 10 if you can make it, and I'll also put your name in the WikiBulletin.


Alexis is getting his mech buddies to come along as well, meaning there will be more people to shoot (Alexis) with.

I'll post the address later tonight.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

since Mahayana Buddhism is the main demonination of Buddhism practised in China, so I could prolly find you a few stores =P.

You need facts James. Logic is all well and good, but if your initial premise is incorrect, then your entire hypothesis can be tarnished.

My sister has been watching this series on ABC. Not for those who don't appreciate pain...


Really bad acting, excruciating, and more fuel for James' SotR furnace. Find the sequential parts if you can withstand it.

Since the cardinality of the set of Mahayana Buddhists running take away shops in Sydney is zero, I think it's time to start a new and more profound topic:

Are there more men who are religious because they want something out of God or are there more men who are religious because they want to be at one with God?

Hash, find me a Mahayana Buddhist running a Chinese take away shop in Ashfield and we'll continue this dialogue.

I find it so odd that you have such passion to defend people who take on a demented form of Buddhism. Your flavour of Buddhism is NOT popular in China because it doesn't bring in enough revenue. Shop owners are no longer scared of evil spirits or bad karma -- they buy insurance for that. But since they are destitute of imagination for growing their business, they can only pray to the heavens to bring them wealth.

omg its confirmed in chapter 367 - the fourth is Naruto's biological father

Yeah Hash, hook us up. Gimme a call tomorrow plzkthxbye

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok, Soccer at 11.

Alexis and Darren will be at my house around 10ish. I have 2 more spots left for anyone around Ryde area who needs a lift. Just gimme a buzz/MSN/TopazChat or rock up before 10:15 tomorrow

Oh yeh, any tennis on Sunday? And yes Hash, I believe soccer starts at 11.

Wow, powerful arguments boys.

I must iterate, that "fook" doesn't mean money, although arguably, many have associated fook or fortune (from here on) with money. It's just that when you have money, you have forutne.

I must say, I am no hardcore buddhist. I honestly don't even know whether I can be classified as a budhist. I love my meat, but I occasionally do eat my vege meals, because one my mum made it (I get fed XD). Two, I don't see why she should go out of her way and make another set of dinner. Three, eating vege every now and then is healthy, so might as well. Last reason, well I was raised this way and I do believe in Buddishm to a certain degree.

I personally believe there is a very fine line between the two types of people mentioned. Aren't they believers of buddhism when they indulge themselves into offering incense and whatnot to their respective budhers? Albeit to the fact that one believes in their power, and the other believing in their teachings? Humans have lived for milleniums based on beliefs? People ranging from the Romans to the Renaissance people (Renaissancians?) to Chinese, to Native Australians.

Honestly, I really think people or humans rather, need to believe in something in life. I really think that people want to believe in a "higher power" that can give them strength and "luck/fortune" so they can move forward. It's not a bad thing. However, we mustn't forget, believing and asking for something doesn't mean you'll get it. You have to put in the yards and actually work for it. It's just that Asians probably believe in that a little more than others.

Another interesting point to think about.

I was watching some Chinese shows based around the end of Ching Dynasty. At that time, the Ching government has weakened considerably and the state of the government is in chaos. Anyway, it is also the point when we see a lot of Westerners or "Farn Gwei" (meaning outsider ghosts) coming into China. According to some books (real NF books), some Chinese(mostly those who have studied abroad) accepts the Westerners and befriends them. For those traditional Chinese, they rejected their doings, and teachings. Anyway, the most interesting part is, that some Christians actually prayed to God and ask for fortune as well. I don't know if that is really a true depiction of the Asian Christians back then however, it does raise an important issue. No matter what religion you are from, everyone is greedy in some way. Some for money, some for power (and indirectly money). Everyone will want to ask for fortune or luck from their beliefs.

I MUST SAY, I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO CHRISTIANITY OR BUDHISM, but isn't it strange that it's not just Chinese Buddhists are superstitious? I just think Chinese are more superstitious than any other race with their Feng Shui. I mean, I have Feng Shui everywhere in my house!

what time for soccer - suggestions have been made for 11

i feel compelled to enter this rather lively discussion.

yes, "fook" does mean fortune in chinese. in a general context it means having good things happen to you, without bad things happening to you.

but i do understand and agree with where james is coming from. from what i've observed, there are two types of "buddhists" generally - ones that understand buddhism and try to live their lives according to its values, and those who see it as a set of superstitions and abstract idiosyncratic rules to which they abide by.

that latter group is what james is talking about. they are the ones who go to temple to pray that their son win the lottery, who eat vegetarian on certain days but crave meat anyway, and who put up bright red shrines in their restaurants and light incense all day long to ask for good business.

this isn't strictly buddhist, even if people do these things in the name of the buddha. moreover, it is a mutation of a set of believes based on the chinese preeminence of moneymoneymoney.

goong hei fat choy to you.

福 is my middle name..

福 does not mean 'good fortune', its meaning is 'fortune/luck'.

Fortune, the English word is used by most people in association with wealth and to a lesser extent, luck and chance as a whole.

So technically, Hash is correct, as wealth is one of the items in the set of 'good fortune'.

"Good fortune" does not mean "gimme money".

You are deriving certain suppositions that are far from the truth.

In the tenets of Mahayana Buddhism, "Good fortune" means "May no mistfortune come to us". It is not so much asking for a blessing as it is asking for the lack of curses. The idea is more broadly "We will make our own way if fate does not impede us".

Learn something about your 'own' (and i use that term loosely in your case, since you seem to be a crack-whore for capitalism/western philosophy) culture before you start misinterpretting it.

Character on his belly: 福.
Meaning: Good fortune.

Wow Marcus. Not a single argument. Just a bunch of adjective laden attacks.

Let me do a ad hominem count:

1. Deflected rather poorly this time James.
2. Some logician...
3. You are creating a mini-vortex of shit stirring for yourself to play in.
4. I think you are the one who needs to go ravaging, not Alexis.

Ad hominem arguments = 4
Valid arguments = 0

You win.

Deflected rather poorly this time James. So poorly it doesn't make a shred of logical sense. Some logician...

You are creating a mini-vortex of shit stirring for yourself to play in. I think you are the one who needs to go ravaging, not Alexis.

Hash, why don't you folks go to SuperbOWEL after soccer and ask the owner himself what the little Buddha is doing there. And then contemplate on why Chinese optometrists, butchers and fish shops are named with words like "88" that rhyme with "fortune and wealth" rather than "safety/no misfortune".

Religion is organic. When Buddhism migrated from India to China, it changed to adapt to the local culture. What you're describing has nothing to do with the motivation of the petty bourgeoisie proprietors in Ashfield.

Benny: I apologize for my spelling. Less NotD, more soccer! You can play soccer while drunk neways.

James: Your 'claim' is most bogus. The statuettes are "no mis fortune, prease" not "om om om om money". "Whateva" refers to all the seemingly endless supply of nitpicking irrelvant details that you want to use to attack an argument.

Part of the reason of why I am so eagerly requestion soccer tomorrow is due to my condition. I require rigorous exercise and diet. So please help me out guys.

You misspelt argument (not arguement).

I'm in for soccer if I can get up early enough after a night of NotD I mean drinking.

We need at least 8 people for soccer...


The final argument against a logician.

The only *claim* I made was that the "gimme money" Buddha statues you see in Sydney belong to SotR restaurants. And my argument establishes that fact totally and without ambiguity.

Argh, whatever James. Two points were made, mutually exclusive of the other. As expected, for all your vaunted self-education, you aren't quite (not quiet) bright enough to see which is related to the NotR/SotR/Statuettes arguement and which is not.

Wow, I never knew you could refute an argument by pointing out spelling errors.

Impressive stuff!

James :: Dude, you are operating on some most bogus information. Your most unexcellent spelling is perpetrating a heinous crime against the english language.

Alexis :: I am most certainly down for a most excellent game of soccer on this momentous Saturday.

And you are confusing circularity with sets and supersets.

Your arguments are now circulatory and self-defeating James.

You criticise SotRs for having money Buddhas then you turn around and say thats what Chinese (of which NotR is part of) Buddhism is about.

"be quite"

I love it. It's just how western cilivlization operated for a thousand years during the Middle Ages.

James be quiet.

Hey guys I know it is a tad late notice but is it possible to play soccer tomorrow morning? I need the exercise and we haven’t done much of anything in the last 3 weeks.

Thanks to all those who tried to get in touch with me during my ordeal. Unfortunately the worst isn't over. In particular thank you to Marc, James, Hash and Charlie for their candid advice.

Speak for your own primitive form of Buddhism.

Buddhism as practiced in China is much more advanced -- it is all about MEMEMMEMEMEMEMMEMEME -- MONEEYEYEYYEYEYEYEYEY.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well now you just ain't reading correctly.

Ignorant view of ppl NotR - so whether or not they have restaurants is not the issue.

The Buddha statuettes displayed for a blessing that means 'May no misfortune come to us'.

ppl NotR seem to think that means "gimme money bro".

P1: Chinese Restaurants in Sydney display "gimme money" Buddhas
P2: Chinese are either NotR or SotR
P3: There are no NotR restaurants in Sydney

Q: The ones displaying "gimme money" Buddhas in Sydney are SotR restaurants.


What does one have to do with the other?

I find that scarely possible since there are no NotR restaurants in Sydney.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well, that is the ignorant view of ppl NotR. They just don't understand true happiness

I thought the point of Buddha was to bring wealth to Chinese restaurants?

w00t for ze truth!

True happiness lies in unattachment and disallusionment - heed the four noble truths and follow the noble eightfold path - do it, dooooo itttttt!

The truth has set you free

Marucs is great. I suck. North Sux. South Rules. Senheisser Sux. Sony Rules. Benny Sux.


I guess you're not so enthusiastic about my appraisal of Sony.

Its very simple James. I bought a supposedly nice pair of earphones and they fucked up after less than a year of use. Being disheartened and not caring so much about the quality or name attached, I bought the cheapest one. There is nothing exclusively SotR about "can't be fucked"

Edit: get us some staff discounts on some balla cards!

The PC version has better graphics than the 360 version, as the textures are bigger. One of the guys here at work is leaving early on Friday to pick it up.

This chip cooling development is rather cool (and yet more publicity for Purdue w00t)

Buying it for the 360. Along with Metroid Prime 3, Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, Mario Galaxy and Smash Brawl.

Boys and Girls,
Bioshock is being released this week world wide. It is the spiritual sucessor to one fo the greatest games of all time -- System Shock 2. Bioshock was developed in Australia and it appears they have done a fantastic job. I am very proud that Australia has produced a world class, AAA title.

Bioshock is also part of NVIDIA's "The way it's meant to be played" program. So I am doubly happy today.

Will be spending the day playing this game on two 8800 GTXs.


Is it in the blood of all SotRs to buy the cheapest of whatever is available? (except for handbags which need to be expensive as to create class stratification)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sounds pretty interesting, but I don't think I can make it Jono. Tell us how it goes

James, my sennheiser earphones just gave out. The volume control dial basically introduced new joints which made the wiring more vulnerable to breakage...which is exactly what happened, so I have to play the fiddle game with the earphones to get sound out. Well its pretty much done for.

So I just went to JB HiFi today and cbf choosing so I just went for the cheapest pair of earphones which happened to be Sony MDR something something. At first when I opened the package, the earphones looked cheap. And it still does. Theres like duct tape stopping at the base of the split to prevent it from breaking up but the sound is superior to my last pair. Quite surprising for $19 retail. Didn't expect it at all.

Anyone want to come with me to this Einstein and Climate Change talk tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30pm at the Powerhouse Museum?

Einstein & Climate Change talk

I'll probably grab cabcharges from work to get there and then to get home or whereever

Irony apparent in an aerial view of tree logging

Marc: that painting is now my desktop wallpaper here at work, well suited to the dual monitor setup I have here..

That painting looks pretty good. Not as lame as it sounded.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Star Wars last supper..

Hey James,

You are a Hans Zimmers fan. So i am guessing you have purchased your copy of the Simpsons Movie Soundtrack right? If so, is the Green Day track (the main theme at the beginning of the movie) on it?

Don't discount the mum's till u've had a nice long talk with Spain, Yi

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"What makes us human may one day be defined not by the gifts we possess, but by the virtues we lack"

Final call for those interested in moving out.
This is it.
I've the keys.
Parents have listed the place in the newspaper already.
I'd rather a CTOer than a mum looking after 2 high school students from SOTR.

If you are interested in moving out, please contact me ASAP so we can arrange a time to look at the apartment maybe next weekend.

Otherwise people, when you come over to my house warming party, you might be greeted by rich "mediocre denegerates"...

So I gather then Alexis is alright?

Yi - wanna grab lunch on Tuesday? If so, could I grab the mail and letterbox key from you too? :-) I return to Sydney Monday lunchtime.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I have spoken to Alexis, and we are interested in Tennis on Sunday morning (or arvo. Which ever suits the majority of those who are interested).

OMG Hiro actually has a real job -

Masi Oka has appeared in "Heroes", "Scrubs", "Without a Trace," "Joey," "Will & Grace," "Along Came Polly," "Austin Powers in Goldmember"... He has degrees in mathematics and computer science. Oka pursued an acting career while taking his first job at George Lucas' Oscar-winning special effects house. Today, despite his successful career as an actor, he continues to provide groundbreaking effects for more than 30 films.

Be a true philosppher - create your own philosophy and damn on the evidence that may be contrary to it!

Alas, I have acquired the three books I need to fully justify my way of life: In Praise of Idleness to justify my lack of work ethic, Sceptical essays to justify my Godlessness, and Marriage and Morals to justify why it's okay to cheat on my wife.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hey Kiril - only If I was ploughing your mother

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hey Hash, you know your answer to the first question of that quiz would have been way better, had you've said "it doesn't matter, as long as i get to keep picking the cotton".

Alexis is in hopsital after he fell unconscious from exhaustion. Please give the guy a call or pay him a visit.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another interesting read, but with more pictures: Weird animals of the world..

The star-nosed mole reminds me of a certain hunter/warrior race of aliens.. and the blobfish was just.. wtf.

Entertaining read - Job interviews - keep it real

i wonder if the old man who walks around holding the different coloured wires still hangs around george street cinemas.

Shout Out Louds

Question regarding Goals in Life:

1. Do you like the field you are in?
2. Do you like the job you do?
3. Do you feel the need to contribute to human advancement or are you content to earn a living?
4a. (If yes to Q3) What aspect do you see your contributions taking
4b. (If no to Q3) What level is this contentment capped at (i.e. how far do u want to rise)?

my answers :

1.Yes - though i'd like to explore the biotech field more and also get involved in robotics
2. Yes - though i'd like more bio in my phd
3. Content to earn in the short term (5yrs), looking to make research discoveries that will help in the long term (>5yrs).
4. Completly Artificial Cells [CAC]. Binary Genetic Code [BGC](biological). Programmable cell lines [PCLs]. Artificial neural networks (not as software, but as hardware utulisizing P-CAC-Ls and carbon nanotubule networks).

[queue other people]

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good news, my work has been mentioned in the SMH! Also, an accompanying video.. Unfortunately, I'm not named or visible in either, but its still good!


Anyone interested in going to Sydney Uni's Med Revue 2007 at the Seymour Centre?

Dates are Aug Wed 22 - Sat 25
Tix $22 or $18 for students

Man, I just saw Die Hard 4.0 and it was awesome! I was grinning as I left the cinema :D

Bets are Jono would go mental over it...

Still...high...on andrenaline...

Friday, August 10, 2007

That quote is so true...hahahahah

My god, they make grown men wear those Hello Kitty bands? I'd rather die than wear one of those. For the stuffed toys in my car, I can clarify that there are NO Hello Kitty products in my car, and definitely NOT in my room. Nothing from Sanrio as a matter of Heather Lovejoy (The Simpsons) would say..."THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! SOMEBODY, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!"

EDIT: Anyone interested in Tennis on Sunday? Hash, you still going to North Rocks?

haha yea my bad, I should have cited the source. I just assumed "quote" was synonymous with

love it

Marc: that quote has been on bash for quite some time now.. is that where you saw it?

*clicks his fingers South American style*

"In China they didn't know what "opinion" meant."

A vindication of everything I've said thus far?!

(And I think they must have only done the survey in the parts south of the river.)

omg this quote is just too good to be true...perfect:

A worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was:"Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure...
In Africa they didn't know what "food" meant.
In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" meant.
In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" meant.
In China they didn't know what "opinion" meant.
In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" meant.
In South America they didn't know what "please" meant.
And in the USA they didn't know what "the rest of the world" meant

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thai cops punished by Hello Kitty..

oh the humanity..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Does it come with a PC?

edit :: More spelling mistakes James ... correct spelling :: iPOS

New iMac is out.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nice recount Darren. They were also called philosophers of course.

Jono: Yes, that's the one! It's my favourite pizza there. The salami is a zomger.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Athenians were in 300. They turned down Xerxes' request of 'earth and water' as a token of their 'submission' to the will of Xerxes. This was bought up in similar discussions between Xerxes' messenger sent to Sparta and Leonidas, which then degraded into talks of blasphemy, madness and slow-motion-foot-kicking-into-bottomless-snake-pits.

Although, in 300, they were referred to as thespians, or boy lovers. But still Athenians.

So.. nice name, but nowhere near as manly as Spartans.

I had a pizza! So did Yi! Mine had...salami....maybe ham? oh it was called "Scugnizzi"

Athenians. What a nice name. Like Spartans.

Oh saw some quality movies on the airplane ride to hong kong
- Shooter (okay just a good shoot em up)
- In The Land Of Women (I loved this one)
- Meet The Robinsons (I loved this one too!! Especially the ending)
- Watched a bit of 300 too before landing

You tell us to get the spaghetti marinara so we get it then you say no, get the pizza -.-

I'm glad you guys had a good time at Napoli in Bocca. Many ordered Spaghetti Marinara, which only Alexis said wasn't amazing. "Just like how his mother made it," he said, which in Italian culture is actually a complement!

BUT -- I am dismayed that so few of you tried the pizza. The Spaghetti Marinara is good, but it's not the best in the world.

The pizza though is truly world class -- the best I've ever tasted. This includes the much fabled Da Michele pizzeria in Naples.

So on your next visit, EVERYONE -- order pizza! (with a coke)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's volatile punks.

Bloody immigrants... XD

James : "We can observe that Athenians, though being spirited and reckless, were highly volitile"

OR - If you can refer to 'Athens' as the culture and not just the city-state

"We can observe that Athens, though being spirited and reckless, was highly volitile"

I am not entirely sure the second version is correct. It seems a bit wrong.

Thank you for correct spelling James.

LOL -- and Hash -- Spelling! It's Confucius.

I still can't find my grammar mistake. >.<

Yeh, no tennis this week...I am still sick and under anitbiotics atm...goddam weather.

Anyway, anyone interested in a 400 Disc Aluminium Case? My anime collection is outgrowing the case...(>,> I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IT OUTGREW THE THING SO QUICKLY!). I think i bought it for 36? (Hash do you remember?)....

The thing looks brand new. Only thing missing is one of the sleeves. I am gonna buy a pack of ten, so I'll just give whoever is interested a replacement.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yi: Your solution lies not at Bunnings but at your closest Korean restaurant.

Tennis: None for me, have Sunday School followed by a magic tourney.

James: Grammar! Confucious say - "You go to Jail, Bad boy!"

I'll look after it. :)

Guys, no tennis for me tomorrow. I need to go to Bunnings to buy materials so I can build a fence and a cover for the fish pond. The dog's been jumping on it and she broke the existing housing. She's also been swimming and pissing in it and my dad is very worried about his feng shui. :(

You guys have fun at tennis. Wish I was there!

Oh Yi - letterbox key is under the door mat. Thanks heaps dude!


Nice post.

I like the sentiment that was displayed by the Chinese of that era. Unfortunately, its ultimate manifestation was weakness. And this culmulated in the downfall of the China in the 19th century.

My loathing of the Chinese psyche ultimately traces back to Confucius. It cultivated obedienace, subservience and obsequiousness. It zapped the zest out of the minds of men and made them diminutive.

Socrates, who appeared 100 years later, challenged everything. He was the greatest Martyr before Jesus Christ.

Socrates cultivated a vibrant philosophy which in conjunction with the existing sentiment, help to shape the Athenians as the most spirited people in the world. Confucius achieved the opposite. Many negative aspects of Asian culture can be traced back to his philosophy, whether it was his intended effect or not.

A counter arguement could be made that the teachings of Confucius, being pacifist in nature, helped to keep China stable, and allowed the Empire to continue up until modern times. We can observe that Athens, though being spirited and reckless, were highly volitile. Their democracy was loathed by the philosophers and created debacles like the Sicilian expedition, which caused the downfall of the Athenian Empire. And looking back today, China is a greater country than Greece.

In the end, both systems were highly flawed, though in different ways. What can not be denied, however, is the influence of classic Greek thought vs. classic Chinese thought.

The finest political ideas are still to be found in ancient Greece: democracy, checks and balances, personal liberty and free discourse -- all of these things we find in ancient Greece. None of them are to be found in the Asian culture.

w00t joel's car is working, who is 1337

Friday, August 03, 2007

lol. saw that when it first aired. was one epic episode indeed.

"please don't write to us about drinking and driving, i'm sailing!"

omg john Top Gear Polar Special ROFLMAOCOPTER!!!1!!11!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I think if you asked the Christians of the time and of current day, they would say "it was God's will. The fire merely prooves it true for mortal minds."

"One of the fascinating ‘what ifs’ of history is what would have happened if lightning had not struck the Forbidden City on 9 May 1421, had fire not roared down imperial way and turned the emperors palaces and thrones to cinders. Would the emperor’s favourite concubine have survived? Would the emperor have kept his nerve? Would he have ordered Admiral Zheng He’s squadrons to continue their voyages? Would they have carried on establishing permanent colonies in Africa, the Americas and Australia? Would New York be known as New Beijing? Would Sydney have an English quarter rather than a Chinese quarter? Would Buddhism rather than Christianity have become the religion of the New World?

Instead of the cultured Chinese instructed to ‘treat distant people with kindness’, it was the cruel, almost barbaric Christians who were the colonizers. Francisco Pizarro gained Peru from the Incas by massacring five thousand Indians in cold blood. Today he would be considered a war criminal.

In effect the Portuguese used Chinese cartography to show them the way to the East. Then they stole the spice trade, which the Indians and Chinese spent centuries building. Anyone who might stop them was mown down. When da Gama reached Calicut he told his men to parade Indian prisoners, then to hack off their hands, ears and noses. All the amputated pieces were piled up in a small boat." 1421: The Year China Discovered the World

I can't help but think of at least 2 different simpson's episodes when reading that article.. Ralph after eating those poison berries in that lord of the flies episode, and of course, the crazy chilli in the chilli cookoff episode.

'It tastes like.. dying..', hilarious.

Well, after having 3 kinds of -itis in one week, namely pharyngitis, laryngitis and conjunctivitis I can safely say I won't be getting sick again til at least this time next year.

Also, because I'm still kind of recovering, I won't be at tennis this weekend. Last week was bad judgement on my part.. all that running around and yelling did me no good.

Hot Chilli

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thas rite .

Best. Friends. Ever.

We even have specialist headgear

Benny with his Williams hat,
Adrian with his headband,
Myself with my Umpires hat.

Me and Adrian are the least racist of all about this issue Hash.

We're like your best friends!

Spain will be soon anyway XD