Friday, February 28, 2003

Fortunately? China's best stunt drivers too much Charlie?

So how's it been?
Doing anything on the last days of the holidays?

Cow dung? what better use of them than sticking a firecracker with a two second fuse and light 'n run.

yes i'm back, fortunately

i'm not sure if this applies to you, but once i have added the people back on my list, all their histories are still there.
there is still hope.

Not only my list has been destroyed, priceless history has been erased. This will not be cheap on you Hash. Even though technically it isn't entirely your fault, you unfortunately happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have graduated from anger to rage. I still cannot add a single person to my contact list.

i have also lost my icq list just then.
seems to be a widespread problem.

recommend alert one recommend alert one.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Despite being practically impossible for one to lose their ICQ list on versions later than 2002a (due to uploading of ICQ lists), Hash has managed to do just that to me. Congratulations are in order.

If anyone of you lil bastards try to send me a file while I'm on FFC, I'm going to slit your throat with a rusty saw.

Edit: Hash, I'm gonna tear you a new one anyway. An hour later and I can't even add a single person to my contact list.

C&C Generals is MAD fun

Network code sucks though


but I am !!!

not that I went anywhere
Mum just decided to kill the phoneline extension cable

and KJ, this may seem wierd, but I have more Anime than I can conceivably finish watching anytime soon
But I did manage to finish 10 CD's of Buffy
I'm currently 7 weeks ahead of what they are showing here in Australia (on commercial TV)

Charlie's back now right?

see myself in the pouring home
see the light come over now
see myself in the pouring rain
i watch hope come over me
here we are now, going to the east side
i pick up my friends and we start to ride
ride all night, we ride all day
some may come and some may stay
here we are in the pouring home
i watch the light man fall the comb
i watch a light move across the screen
i watch the light come over me
here we are now going to the west side
weapons in hand as we go for a ride
some may come and some may stay
watching out for a sunny day where there's
love and darkness and my sidearm
hey, elan
here we are now going to the north side
i look at my friends as they start to ride
ride at night we ride all day
looking out for a sunny day
here we are now going to the south side
i pick up my friends and we hope we won't die
ride at night, ride through heaven and hell
come back and feel so well.

God only knows if she laughs when she's sleeping
God only knows what she says when she's dreaming
God only knows if she laughs when she's sleeping
I never know why

{american voice}
Thankya Butters I've worked hard all year for it. It's been great but this year will be even bigger, better and definitely busier with a lot of work up my alley.
We are financing heavily with a load of my all-time favourite uni fees averaging higher than in 2002 and these overloaded semesters will certainly be good fun.
I especially enjoy watching your timetable next to mine, it's a pleasure.

I'd also like ta thank Kwong over here for having the big heart to volunteer in times of need like these, the world needs more people like him.

Back to you Butters

Alright people! The UNSW member timetables have been updated courtesy of yours truly. Click on Member Timetables now.

Thats one tasty timetable Jono

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'll go to that lecture for you.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! My Timetable!

27 units, 23 Hours Per week (it would be 24 if it weren't for that clash I have meaning I jig that lecture - permanently)

Wednesday is my favourite at 1 hour for the day, followed by monday and friday with 7 hours and not many breaks.

As I said, sweet.

I suggest you complete those 5 pages of tasks Kwong, it'll be worth it! :)

US and China join fusion project

MZ-R90 Service Manual (4.3Mb)
Hey James, apparently if i want to get out of service mode, i need to complete all tasks from page 18-22 on the manual. And even then I cannot be guaranteed success.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

What has admin done this time?! =)

Monday, February 24, 2003

The names dissappeared before my eyes. I assure you this is not of my doing :x

KJ! Its not my CD.

ehehe time to spam a msg so ppl can dunk on me for...
an kwong u aint gunna see ur cd for quite a while HAHAHHAHA

an james ur BHD MD is currently in my custody and will not fall out of my custody...

and a brief msg to hash...
no more anime i give to hash until he has successfully given a good reason to watch it

and one last msg to the starrers and the faggy doods..
my campaign is currently in the middle of mission 4 part 2 ... with the introduction of Vanilla Ice (A.K.A Darren) being the superior Wraith Pilot..

that is all...

My dog eats grass sometimes... but thats for digestive reasons.. and so does my cat... But not enough for me to have to not cut the grass...

Why use kero? its bad for the environment... in more sense than one... I'd rather use it for a barbeque or something.. and then I'd use natural gas... John, you could use your cow that you'd have as a pet for the bbq after its depreciated in value...

That is a solution for that particular person, regardless of whether it is a good solution or not.

in that case kerosene and matches can solve anything.

Of course that would help. You would die and then the grass won't bug you anymore.

BTW, does anyone have a pre-recorded MD?

How would drinking kerosene and eating a match help?

you also failed to mention that its dung can be used as fertiliser, or for lobbing over at unfriendly neighbours.

just have a cow as a pet. it eats your grass and you can have milk at the same time.
a wise investment.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Having weed problems? Don't like grass althogether? Try some kerosene and a match.

Except when it rains it grows even faster...
And so that's why it you'll end up mowing more grass during the summer with the mass rain AND sunlight.
Still denying your creativity Jono?
you really should let it shine...
Thankfully I was "away" at this instance...

Grass always grows, unless it dies. With or without water.

haha John, half of those are so true.
Among that half..."lucy likes to gossip", "marco is confused", "Kwong well informed"

And now you can stop counting because it IS half. ^^

Oh what a dilemma.

Speaking of rain, its an ambivalent thing..

Its good because now I dont have to water the garden, yet bad because now the grass is growing and I have to mow it..

And now, by popular demand, the person formerly known as 'Ice Kachang' will now be known as 'Ice Kachang'...

Please, hold your applause until the end of this post..

Meanwhile, the tune of the rain beating against the pavement tempts me to go for a drive.

Noticed at

The 10 most recently published blogs:

8:04 AM
.:: The Adventures of Soopa Pig ::.

Aika (the sad song)

i like crayons :D


Der Wasserfall

Shaney's Blab

YSK - What's Interesting



I didnt realize that this blog is so... recent..

This is the second time its been listed, right? Right!?

Benny: Thank you for rectifying your actions concerning the 'wh33t' incident..

John: I'm sorry, I was preoccupied at the time you sent me your little social experiment msg... but I guess you have my reply now..

Also, I wish to learn more about your religion John... Are there any health benifits? A dental plan? Not that I need one..

Hmm, I may not be full of euphamisms at the current time... but I can tell you what I'm full of now... Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken Chips... awesome..

Hey I interpreted that as an offer. I prefer not to think of myself as demanding, but open and honest.

Your list maybe short, but very diverse.

I'm full of euphemisms today.

Well you haven't explained yourself to people who did not attend Friday's dinner.
And sif you message marco?!

i did a little social experiment by sending a message of 'chicken wings?' to people on my icq list. here are their responses:

jono: yummmm
marc: yes please. spicy
lucy: kwong asked you huh? :)
marco: chicken wings?
KJ: ..?

concluding that jono is so creative he can taste the food he is imagining, marc is demanding, lucy likes to gossip, marco is confused, kwong well informed, and kj doesn't say much.

and yes, my list is that short.

I'll be your best friend if you give me your spicy chicken wings.

"One" is copyrighted by me. I'd like you to acknowledge that too, Benny, before I sue you.

who wants to join a religion i created?
i don't promise anything, except to be your friend.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

What? I was buying tomatoes. I'm just a lonely villager in search of food to support my welsh-speaking refugee family.
How dare you watch my away message from your invisible confines on trillian.

Conversation with Benny
ames: Benny
ames: I want a recipy.
ames: For your damn Beef salid.
Catfud: yes?
ames: salad
ames: !!!
Catfud: LOL
I'll ask.
ames: Also the next time I'm comming to your house, I am taking live specimens.
ames: If you refuse to disarm your herbs I'll be forced to do so.
Catfud: I see..
The Ho estate is willing to allow UN herb inspectors to search our premises of all biological herbs endangering mankind..
it's only soy sauce and sugar..
although there was pepper and garlic marinited before...
my head of state states that the key is making sure the flam is really hot when cooking the beef... or so he says...
ames: is it deep fried or stir fried?
ames: white or black pepper
Catfud: stir fried...
Catfud: we only use blak..
how is this related to maths ? ^^;;
ames: it's a linear map!
Catfud: lol
I dunno..
I just know they don't use that much fancy stuff..
it's just a home cooked thing.
ames: They are keeping it from you
ames: Hodamm would never reveal the position of his Al Samud missles, not even to his son..
Catfud: true....

I've never seen a more touching and reflective away messege until today..


"Buying tomatos"

Mercenaries rocks...
I spent all my time at Eric's place playing itrather then sleep...
copyrighted by one Darren Lee.

hahaha john

Don't worry I'll save you the trouble.
"I think for some reason. I don't know why."

lol yes Kwong irritating midi files will really keep us all comin back. =]

i wonder if i should put jono's quote from dinner last night.

And catchy background music.

Friday, February 21, 2003

And what are you gonna do about it?

Maybe if I change it to more funkier colours, they will come back.

Blog is once again on the brink of death.

Thursday, February 20, 2003


btw, dow anyone remember my ICQ number??

the new influx of sudents is here at UNSw

they suck
I can't change my enrolment now coz of them
I have to wait till 7pm
So I need to come back to this wretched place again so that I may acquire my Student Concession

Boo to all first years
May they burn in eternal Hellfire

and where can i get this America's Army ?
[and Play C&C Generals]

admin.kickPlayer (ID)
admin.banPlayer (ID)

but I thought TK punish was an option u could choose when setting up the server

do you know the commands for tk punish?


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

haha darren yes we all want your ICQ font and BG colour on the blog. :)

For the record (just in case we forget at CFN), the commands to turn FF off are:

admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash 0
admin.vehicleFFRatioOnSplash 0

Roger Copy.

If we all followed America's Army, we would be landing in Iraq by now. Hey Darren, if you're gonna post here more often, can you get rid of the marquee tag? We all know you can do it, so you can stop showing off now ;)

Hell I can screw up the blog myself and give it a new facelift while I'm at it.

BATTLEFIELD 1942!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But AA will do nicely.

everyone should be like me and play america's army.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Save your time and don't play Neverwinter Nights. The graphics are really seductive, but the gameplay is quite subpar.

I'd tell you not to play Warcraft 3 normal either coz no one else plays it and you don't have connection. Stick to star.

Hot Pursuit is great when you're bored and feel like looking at cool cars you can never afford in 2 lifetimes.

GTA3 is a must. Thats all there is to it.

My posts are increasing in frequency because I have the time/patience to formulate relevent responses to the various topics raised in this blog..

plus its fun to bag out people..

haha Kwong...

And once again.. John has a point, maybe Hash, if you acted on impulse, you would have watched more and played more than you could have by planning and organising your time..

Hmm... what kind of work is John doing? and how would you go about increasing it?

Change the font... make it off-white on dark blue... thats cool..

by the time you finish your calculations you could have finished your anime crap.

Awesome, people arguing on my behalf

Sorry, more calculations ::
game hours must be estimated

Never Winter Nights
Hot Pursuit 2
C&C Generals - main
Warcraft 3 - main

and of course Star

now, with waking and sleeping hours set to 7am and 11pm by my mum
it seems I am well and truly unable to watch it all
by the way
more statistics - estimated l33ching ~62 GB

I think the MIT is in case alexis ever needs to look at the blog . . .

Hmm, lets change the format of the blog again :)

James, why on earth is that "How to transfer to MIT" still there?

Can I get rid of it or move it down at least?

I wanna be the one to read the disclaimer in the gay political ad voice.

Don't fire John. If we fire him we have to pay redundancy. If we want him out, then we make him quit, that way we don't have to pay him. Suggestions include increasing his workload by, say, 4x, or making him a social outcast at the water-cooler discussions. Anything to make his worklife a living nightmare. Anything goes, so be creative! Entries close 24/02/03.

I see no breach of Racial Discrimination Act in firing Mr Asia

hey darren's posting here more and more frequent now.

Benny, I will have you know that your 'wh33t' is the intellectual property of Non_Starrer, and not of One Jonathan Lee or his other aliases, and thus your statement should be adjusted accordingly.

We can fire John if we give him 2 weeks notice, so somebody change a post from 2 weeks ago..

Thank you Marc for taking away what little pride I managed to obtain from those calculations.. and speaking of things that have been taken away from their rightful owners, I have your Love Hina...

People still online..
and my sleeping patterns still not regular.
copyrighted by One Jonathan Lee

you can't fire me under the trade practices act, workers' compensation act, racial discrimination act, and anti discrimination acts.
i will refer this case to the department of fair trading.

John has been fired from the position of der wasserfall's legal advisor.

legal disclaimer: der wasserfall fully supports those who choose to have alternative lifestyles. comments made by members do not represent the views of der wasserfall's creators or associates.

Yes I know that they are gay, as many people have kindly informed me.

Can't get to sleep!!!!!!!!!!
58 minutes is almost an hour...
Very msg me about getting my sleeping patterns should go back to regular and then go to sleep!!!
Stupid Marc!

Monday, February 17, 2003

Oh my bad. You put the stuff in hh:mm O_O

The tables have turned. Its a wonder how I passed all 3 maths subjects last semester. ^^;;;;;;

Nevertheless its still all possible in a week. Like I said, you don't need sleep.

To validate myself and reclaim my injured pride I will now take it from Darren because he has Buffy episodes which aren't anime so he will be doing more than 3 hours of non-anime stuff on average throughout the week.

Kwong.. regarding your post made in reference to the 'all the things you said' song...

the name of that duo is 'T.A.T.U.'.. (I saw it on cable.. I didnt proactively search for it) and for your information... the ARE gay... (or at least thats what Entertainment Tonight said.. and I ACCIDENTALLY tuned into it..) and apparantly proud of it.. but that still doesnt mean its a good song..

Hash: it is very easy to watch all your anime in one week..

hours in a week = 24 x 7 = 168

hours of anime that you have = 147

now 168 - 147 = 21

that means that for every day in that 'anime week', you watch 21 hours of anime and get 3 hours of sleep and non-anime stuff... so its all good..

Charlie, you have to come on the road trip.
Without you there it feels like a BYO with no computers.

You must come at all costs. I'll pick you up at the airport! you can bring all your dirty clothes and luggage and Chinese souvenirs and thousands of film rolls there.

We need you there... (and no not because you have a car that you may or may not be able to bring)

Despite the incorrect maths, you can still watch it all in one week. We all went with minimal/no sleep at BYO so you can do it too.


58 x 0 = 0

42 + 270 x 0 = 42

20 + 8 x 2 = 36

Total viewing time is 78. Hash, you may have trouble with Statistics and Discrete the coming semester.

pffft. normalcy is overrated.

Thanks John...
Maybe it's time to get a proper sleeping pattern...

i'd assume ccc = chinese christians c-something.

Stupid Hash!
What's CCC?
And Charlie...
Have you played aK(Fish)B2k?
that guy's hanging around cto now..
and he's pretty good..
And byo wasn't that good..
there wasn't much star....

current estimates ::
standard Anime length - 20mins
standard Movie Length - 2 hrs
standard Buffy length - 42 mins

Buffy - 58 eps
Anime - ~ 270 eps
Movies - 8

Estimated watching time ::
58 x 0 : 42 + 270 x 0 : 20 + 8 x 2 : 00 = ~147 hrs

Available time :: 2 weeks

yep, it looks like its gonna leak into Uni

ahaha wheet charlie!
yeah you could do that if you want. After a 10 hour or so flight and hop into my car. =]
132 photos? yikes that's a fair bit. Trigger happy.

Of course I would appreciate those photos of your grandpa.
That is the whole reason you went over, right?

Well, we all await your return...

Why does the navy even bother keeping the subs? Its not as if they are 1337 subs, so they're not showing off anything.

gg no re

They had the same problem with the Collins class submarine like 5 years ago. It was all over the news. They probably applied some bandaids since then.

gg australian navy.


Sunday, February 16, 2003

I have a problem now
I realised that I unintenionally acquired more stuff that I can watch/play b4 Uni begins
this is quite the dilemma


Vice City is confirmed for PC! Check it out at

charlie, i appreciate your thoughtful and highly valuable input (you know what that means).
my posts aren't intended to be evaluated or scrutinized by you or anybody else.

Arghhhhhh I'm missing out on so much stufffffff
New starrer Hsin Chu, CCC and ROAD TRIP. Well I suppose i could still make it if I ditch my family at the airport and hop on johno's car on the 27th.

(regarding the post made by johno on the 5th feb)Johno, I've used up 4 rolls (24, 36, 36, 36) of films already. So there will be plenty of photos to see. But i'm not sure whether you'll appreciate shots of my grandpa's grave and dead body. Qiang Bi? Luckily i won't be getting that. But there are plenty of equally deadly firecrackers. Oh and i did stick them in between a pile of cow faeces, except the effects wasn't as dazzling as they appeared back in the childhood days.

(regarding the post made by john on the 9th) Bad reference again john, you need to include the date. That's another half a mark off your law essay. (regarding the post made on the 15th) That's better.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

"I looked in his eyes and I thought 'I've seen this look before. And I know where I saw that look before. And it gave me goosebumps when I remembered that look. It was Senna."
-Sergio Rinland on Räikkönen, December 2001.

UNSW to fairfield via burwood sucks balls.

LOL omg that song is so funny. But they look gay.

Friday, February 14, 2003

all the things she said all the things she said running through my head running through my head all the things she said all the things she said running through my head running through my head all the things she said all the things she said running through my head running through my head...

Thursday, February 13, 2003

I hope its lard. Yummmmm

Trying to imagine them screwing themselves sideways. Hmm, very interesting.

Yeah, I'm driving to BYO Benny.

CSE was sending mails about being assistant CSE staff. It looked alright and I was thinking of applying until they mentioned rosters for inspecting labs. As if I'm gonna be one of those dickheads who roam around looking for people who have drinks out in the open and giving them warnings. Pfft, those guys are losers and deserve to be hated by CSE students for selling out. Conveniently this website is hosted on CSE webspace.


extra virgin.

Hmm a bunch of pyros here, can I join in?

olive oil is better I think....

i hope that's vegetable oil.

the program "directors" up at cse can go screw themselves sideways!!

*sprays the floors with cooking oil*

*lights a match*

John, its not a day thanks to you. =)
It was 23hr, 58min, 29sec.

a fair genius? as opposed to an unfair genius?
a genius that cheats?

wheet BYO

haha kwong
Renting space on someone's forehead
man marketing teams are fair geniuses.

Ok, I'm in. No need to worry about me, I'm making my own way to BYO.

you just did....

wow a day without a post.
break the silence.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

okay la!

stop it ar

Cmon you're pansies...
Get up and fight...
Seriously rsvp me for byo stuff soon

You've done it now !

Ooops sorry.

Monday, February 10, 2003

aww crikey

yes as if john howard has the intellectual capacity to say stuff like 'fair dinkum'.

Your car was asking for it Jono ^~

"I have returned."
No it is not a related to Star unless you are a mad Protoss player...

What time is everyone arriving and leaving Benny's BYO

comp is up and running
and james
I may have a GeForce FX decibel contender

Can u smell what the Hash is cooking???

Many treat my car like a whore!

lol two chinas

Just like Jack Ryan calling China and Taiwan the 'two chinas'.

Speechwriters can control Presidents and Prime Ministers. As if Bush or Howard have the intellectual capacity to write half the stuff they say. Except for stuff like "my pretzel"

I'll get the UHU gluesticks to glue the rack on the roof and the industrial strength paintstripper so we can stripe Jono's car.

'the basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. if you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them.'
-philip k. dick

AHHAAHAHAH OMG JOHN man you'll make a good lawyer some day.

First you need accounting.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I will volunteer to make a nice roof rack for one Hyundai Excel.

'I call shotgun. Bags not in the boot!'

if the bags aren't going in the boot then where do they go?

Thankyou John

I appreciate your support.

I call shotgun. Bags not in the boot!

that's right. jono doesn't make suggestions, he makes decisions.

Suggestions? ahem? I am not the one who makes suggestions......

Not that I"m suggesting anyone else makes suggestions either.
What HAS your good friend "Ireny" been suggesting to you now.....

KJ, that's a good idea.
Sneaking 15 people into a 4 person cabin.

However there's a small issue of getting those 15 people close enough to the cabin to actually get them in....
ie we can't get the frig out of sydney with 11 people in 1 car!

its only kj...


forgot about my grand entrance into the world of stupidity...
and kwong/john combos..

im now a fat blogger now ..


one mobilenet suggests.......

how bout we "attempt" to find a place to stay... preferrably a hostel/motel kinda place due to the numbers
we have. Cos if we got a motel, I'm sure we could "sneak" 15 ppl into a 4 person room easy.. an they provide
all the cooking/washing etc facilities. Many we can rely on BBQ cookers for 3 nights in a row..

suggestions made by: mobilenet, Mtype8, mobileChat, Please be free to scream the hell out if u believe my ideals are
immoral.. eheh

We're gonna be CAMPING at Port Watchacallit??
whos bringing a tent?

I went to IKEA today and picked out a 3m long BONDE bookcase unit
with removable blue LEKMAN drawers, complemented with 2 birch glass doors.

Design curtesy of Tord Bjorklund.


Hey IOnize, it seems here that u aint being very NICE to my friend ireny here...
Many justified u r! I don't see HER posting ur conversation whenever U make a
...*cough* suggestion ..

*kicks u up the bum*


You wanna talk about ripoff, I bought a secondhand contracts book for $60 thinking I gotto a good deal out of it, then a week later LBC decides to publish the new edition which cost me another $150 coz stupid contracts goes for 2 semesters. Thats just friggin contracts. I have to find out about Public and Crim.

ffs my law textbooks alone will cost me $318.70 for first semester.


LOL, yes the point is to laugh at Irene. =)

Japanese optical cloak demo:


LOL confirmed KIA

Kwong do please don't poke holes in my argument....I know it's not thorough....but that's not the point....

Btw, Jono, doesn't that make this a 'car trip' then?

Confirmed KIA?

Amongst other useful roadtrip conversations....

Irene says:
Irene says:
we dun have enough cars
IONize says:
yes I figured that out using my smartness
IONize says:
lol jk
Irene says:
there is always bus
Irene says:
Irene says:
IONize says:
IONize says:
What do we call this "thing" that we are organising?
Irene says:
Irene says:
well u dun have to take it so literally
Irene says:
IONize says:
what's that? a road trip I hear? or is it a TRAIN TIRIP? MAYBE A BUS TRIP!
IONize says:

IONize says:
roared the crowd

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Irene and Lucy are confirmed

Because I was so bored, I decided to look up New Scientist. I'm filling the void Yi left :)

eDVT oooo creepy.

Irene's going and maybe Lucy

Umm.. are there any girls going?

Friday, February 07, 2003

george dubya bush.

charlie, if you haven't already, check your email.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Port Macquarie is supposed to be a great place to fish too.

Don't forget if you get tired Jono, no one can come and bail you out coz of the few who do know how to drive, NONE of us know how to drive manual lol.

Hey I couldn't sleep at 3am. I was lying in bed for the next 3 hours doing nothing. Amazing how fast the time went though. During that time I managed to think of all that crap I just mentioned above. I also thought of another invention that would be the coolest thing ever. You know how there are CD players which can playback MP3 files burnt onto CD? Imagine if there were a DVD drive which could playback video files burnt onto CD eg "*.avi" and "*.mpeg"! That would be the coolest thing ever. But there would be assorted problems with installing codecs and how to upgrade them, if possible at all ^^

Star at CFN.

Okay that sounds great guys.

If you think you can go ask your parents first to get a definite OK.
I would like confirmations asap so I can make bookings for accomodation and other arrangements.

If you can come, it'd be appreciated if I could get another car. We'll need 2 cars, and of course I"ll be driving.

Marc's idea sounds good, if u want to bring your own lunch or something for the first day (Thursday)

Current confirmations include James, Me. Probably coming includes Yi, KJ, Darren, Benny, Kwong.


Marc! You have a fever and you're up at 3:14 AM?!
Don't worry, the radiation from your monitor helps.

And Jono, the way j00 drive it won't take long to get to Port Macq. =)

Same here...
Good luck Marc...
Being Behind increases your work productivitiy doesn't it? ^^
I think I can make it since it's only two days of O-week...

We should be making our own lunch and dinner for the first night. Just bring something along to eat for the first day then we can go out later. That way we can keep costs down...sorta.

Mind you I still haven't told my parents about it, and I won't until after my Contracts exam.

This sux donkey balls. I only just found out that it was a fever causing the dizziness. I just lost 4 days which could have been spent studying. Now I have to pull the hard yards. I'm still a little dizzy, but my body temperature has returned to normal.

Where have I gone wrong?

you can't count.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I am contemplating a 3.5 day road trip at the end of February before uni starts.
27th, 28th, 1st, 2nd.
Thursday -> Sunday
We leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday arvo so you have a day and night to prep for uni.
Assuming half a day of travel each way, that leaves 2.5 days free.
At 3 nights duration costs should be much lower and we'll go somewhere closer, say Port Macquarie.

Possible activities include camping and outdoor sports such as canoeing/kayaking, rock climbing, sightseeing (photography), or just relaxing and chatting as a refresher before uni starts.

Suggested team members include but are not limited to:
Kwong, James, Darren, Yi, Marc, Benny, Irene, Lucy, Lynn, Charlie and Me.
That's 11.

Estimated budget is:

3 dinners................$40 (~$13 per dinner, most likely a BBQ too)
4 lunches................$30 (~$7.50 per lunch)
Accom.....................$25 (2 nights + camp)
Transport (fuel per person) $20
Total fixed costs........$115

so if you bring $200 that leaves $85 to do *stuff*

I hope the timing of the dates suits as many people as possible.

I am not sure about Benny's o-week but at least James has a break after exams on 25th and I can do enrolments on 26th.

I hope you can make it so keep me posted as soon as possible about whether you can come or not.



Good to hear from you.

I decided to turn up to that CCC Dinner thing that was on today (5th Feb) even though I had my own reservations.
But it was really good! The food was great, Tetsuo didn't even allow me to pay...dessert was great, the speeches were good.
And the conversation was refreshing =]
FYI, SOTE starts 21st February.

You better take plenty of photos over there Charlie, I expect to see photos of you looking down the barrel of an AK 47 as the timel tigers forcefully tell you to turn around for "qiang bi".

Out but I hope not permanently.

Hsin Chui is dangerous
especially seeing as he wooped our arses with no tech but Drags + zeals
but the are pretty good anyway.

and Benny built even les units than I would have built ...

that's good to hear Char.
And there's a new starrer on the block...
And he owns...
Ask Hash...

Don't worry about me bennie, I'm 'enjoying' myself in China

Oh and if you're wondering what the 1.3 billion population actually mean in real life
I'll give it a go.
On 5th January 2003 at 2pm I searched 5 internet cafes in the small town of Long Tian (this is 6th one) with the radius of about 100metres (each place have at least 70 computers) and I did not find any vacant spot. I have a shot to verify when I return, if i do return.

Yeah john, someone special just left you, ME!

Hey I just ate some pea 'nuts'

Options are good, but when it comes to choices.............

I like the 'ROLL TIDE" track from Crimson Tide

Oh and one more think. You think traffic conditions in Sydney is bad? Here's some of the driving conditions in Long Tian:

-No seat belts, we don't need one. Life is not worthy of being saved.
-No signalling when changing lanes, i mean why do it when every time you do, the car next to you speeds up, increasing accident probability.
-Overtaking? Oh just take the left lane (we drive on the right), who cares about oncoming cars, they can dodge you instead. This is very effective against minor road objects such as bicycle riders.
-No need to worry about being waken by squeaking birds, your mum, or the alarm clock because there's CAR HORNS. Average Horn press rate per driver? 30 times per minute.
-Too busy to do excercise? No problem. Driving on most of the roads will get your heart beating up to 180bps. Why? There's holes everywhere. A good obstacle course for advanced driving training indeed. Not good for tyres.

Oh and did I mention that I was happily anticipating on getting an aerial shot of Guang Zhou City. I couldn't. Too much dark clouds, fogs, or otherwise known as air pollution.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays guys.


As if the reasonable man would have said "nearly".

One would have said "Over 17 times the speed of light"

'nearly' is a subjective word.

Hey don't use html to outdo my caps. lock!

18 times the speed of light is possible in my world. Think of it as a thought experiment.


Many 18 times speed of light.
Even the americans don't know squat about their space shuttles

Getting into NASA?
Piece of cake.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Yi, if ur ooking at this blog, what the hell is so superior about the Samsung 172N if compared to the 171S ???

Eargasm ??/
there is a music DVD on sale at GB's by that name
get it now
while stocks last



choose life. choose a job. choose a career. choose a family. choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. choose leisure wear and matching luggage. choose a three piece suit on higher purchases on a range of outlets. choose mortgage payments. choose sitting on that couch watching mind numbing and spirit crushing game shows, stuffing junk food into your mouth. choose rotting away, pissing and shiting yourself in a home, a total fucking embarassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you've produced. choose your future. choose life.
i choose not to choose life. i chose something else.

Bullshit, how many times did you redo the test to get Kenshin ^~

I got Bishounen - da playa lol.

I'm a star playa

Hash is a hero, yay the world is saved!

Monday, February 03, 2003

w00t!, 15th may be better

my anime character is ...
You're A Hero!
You live to save the world! You are honest, true,
and always victorious! You may not always get
the girls/boys, but all you really want to do
is battle the bad guys.

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

KENSHIN !!!!!!!

Wow. Bush is adding $500 million to NASA's budget. Yay.

"Questions in Washington are now turning to NASA's funding and whether it has had an impact on safety.

NASA's budget has been cut by around 40 per cent in the past decade, as other considerations like defence have replaced space travel as a priority."

no shit Bush you ICBM plug-in
They needed a friggen "Former astronaut and Senator Bill Nelson" to "frequently warned the Congress that the budget cuts were impacting the program's viability.

"I've been trying to sound that alarm. You just cannot continue the safety upgrades if NASA is starved," he said."

15th sounds doable.

Eric has summer?

yep 15th of Feburary...
My dad actually prefers this date...

Chasiew chicken

Weekend after this one sound alright?

Oh do people mind if the byo is moved another week on?
This is because both marc and eric have stuff due/exams on the wednesday after this week?

I hate j00j00bars with a passion.
I declare war on Wendy whatsoever.

I'm nuts about nuts...

cashews... mmm...

chasew chicken is so much better than curry chicken..

I'm an intellectual...

"You can always be found reading or on the computer. People always come to you when they need information. You don't really care about love at this point, your only goal is to improve your mind. After all, knowledge is power!"


and many make a post comprising of 3 letters (well, 2 if you want to be technical)

you people are scary...
Actually, nahhhh

Nutty corn crunch

Curry chicken is so hot

I think ya'll nuts!!



"oh indian chix r so hot!" - Irene

kellogs crunchy nut?


Your nuts john you're nuts!


you're all special in my life. i love you alllllll
no i'm not a hippie.

what was that? irene and whose nuts?!

Why don't I see thet post a message link?

Post a message works once again

yayy the "post a message" link has been changed.

lol yes Kwong
We expected it to be something along the lines of
"Our hearts go out to the families of the crew lost aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. The prayers and thoughts of the nation go to these.....But we are still going to war with Iraq. Bombs away!"

Many Friday!
you know I'm down for it though.

Irene's a nut?

Aren't we all high on something today. =)
Or maybe John is singing coz of someone special in his life.

Another perfect day in the life of Mr. Asia
how DOES he do it?

In regards to the 2 photos taken by our dear Jonathan...
who I must remind every1 was on his knees trying to find the
right amalgamation of light,shade and upclose architechure
of a NUT attatched to..I think it was a pole or bridge bar on the day....

Splendid Job.
The renee/han/butters/scott foto just screams "Caption me!"
how u managed to capture Renee's finger oriented at the other two
infront of that breathtaking landscape... :)

Mebbie Irene is laughing about Jono paying attention to a nut?

just a perfect day drink sangria in the park
and then later when it gets dark, we go home
just a perfect day feed animals in the zoo
then later a movie too and then home

oh its such a perfect day
i'm glad i spent it with you
oh such a perfect day you just keep me hanging on... (you just keep me hanging on)

just a perfect day problems are left alone
weekends on our own its such fun
just a perfect day you made me forget myself i thought i was someone else someone gooooooood

ohhhhhh its such a perfect day i'm glad it spent it with j0000000
oh such a perfect day you just keep me hanging on you just keep me hanging onnnnnnnnnn... (just keep me hanging on)

Sunday, February 02, 2003

I have parental confirmation that a BYO this Saturday is good to go.
now who's interested?
And if you want a date change ask but there's not much chance...
Sorry Char... ^^

I'm assuming that Busu = Bush and John = Jono in your post James. But yes Bush's speech was not entirely BS.

Things just plain piss me off today. First the BS speach by Bush, then the cock sucking equivelent from Howard. THEN the frigg'in spiders.
Why do they even bother to mention it at all.

To be honest Kwong, I think Busu did better than Jono and I were hoping for. Right John?

Hope you all had a happy Chinese New Year!
[In others cases a Vietnamese, Japanese or Romanian]

Fuck Bush looks like such a wanker in his 'sympathy' speech.
The loss of a space shuttle and its crew, and Australia is worrying about its spiders.

Farewell Columbia (1981-2003).

Dear Lord

Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates over Texas seconds after re-entry

On the photos:
Renee/Han/Marc/Scott photo:

"nice scope, depth of field just right, good expression on renee/han
gave a good depiction of 'being there'
and you can almost hear the wind in the photo"

- James

Yes I intended for all that to happen when I took it.

I'm A Bishounen (Attractive Young Male).........................
You hunk, you. All the girls want your body! You have a cool car, and a way with words. You know exactly how to get what you want.
I sure hope Iam.

Johno I will 'scan' the photos with my eyes and shove them back in the album

That was a will beyond my control johno. Especially when there's MY dropship and MY ghost that you Mind controlled

exhibit 1: Marc's having an argument with scott and Renee's demanding Andrew to break them up with my soccer ball.
exhibit 2: Lynn reveals that she just lost her virginity to a hunky guy and Irene turns around and laugh in disbelief

Jono's great works:

Saturday, February 01, 2003

won too free

happy 01-02-03 everyone.

you have a bath tub at your house? woah!!

lol john, yes because this blog is an economy where there is trading between buyers and sellers in the market place.

Charlieeeeeeeeeee scan your photos of KJ's BBQ and send em to me.

No more nuking all my units!

Who's down for swimming at my house?

LOL, Charlie. I'm behind you all the way! When nature calls, you don't leave it hanging on the answering machine.

Gross Domestic Product.

Do you really want to know what the product is?

i'm a villian too.

i'm still alive.
You're A Villian!
You evil person, you. You have a dark side to you.
Your destiny is world destruction/domination.
Just so long as those pesky heros stay out of
your way.

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla