Friday, October 31, 2008

10 years in the making and the post-apocolypse has arrived once again. ie Fallout 3 has been released.

Max AWESOME. You know Australians can't get enough of poo-jokes. 24-kurik comedy.


haha Marc. I agree, it was up there every day of the week.

20 great spots by 20 great Aussies


Best images from SMH departing photographers.

and man the chaser guys are hilarious.
Chaser decides on a beautiful mind
an excerpt:
"Taylor is just as willing to criticise Democratic nominee Barack Obama. "Obama is so confident about his position in the polls that he's decided to take a few days off and visit Hawaii," he scoffs. "He says he wants to visit his sick grandmother - although you and I both know he just wants to go surfing. But what I find interesting is that Obama is concerned that his grandmother won't be alive on November 4, whereas McCain is worried that he himself won't be alive on November 4. In fact, I think McCain is actually older than Obama's grandmother. I like to think that in another life, they could have dated..."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Would you like a beer or mountain dew with that Chocolate Gelato?

Even though theres nothing substantially new to report, everyday of this week there was a headliner on SMH website about the Coogee. Next to GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN you'll see FAMILY STILL SHOCKED, OMG IT WAS FAECES!

And thats what makes this country so awesome: we are all fags.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If you ever want to download a video from youtube or any site, go to You don't need to install a program, just punch in the link. You can even attach it to your browser's toolbar for quick clicking.

LOL Marc

Awesome John, thanks for the link! Pretty nifty stuff. Our two passions/interests finally intersect!

Hey, this weekend guys, I was thinking maybe we could all go out and have dinner around uni.

Then later on...head down to the coogee bay hotel, each walk up to the counter and ask "can I have a chocolate gelato please? with extra chocolate. And nuts."

Then we play chicken. That shit would be hilarious!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

for the only person looking at this blog:
if you haven't seen it already...

Particularly hilarious if you've previously seen the original budweiser ads and are following the US election campaign and world events (war in Afghanistan, economic crisis, mortgage issues, global warming etc)

Turns out, apparently, the sickie faker email below was a hoax! As debunked by South China Morning Post (for me)...

All these posts by me suggest I may be the only one looking at this blog!

Monday, October 27, 2008

for Darren

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miniature Sydney in the making

you know, I did not think about that.

Sickie faker busted by Facebook

""My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager's discretion, with no proof, please process leave as requested," Doyle responded.

The manager then sent Doyle a screen grab of Doyle's Facebook profile, highlighting a status update written on the leave day in question.

"Kyle Doyle is not going to work, f--- it i'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO!," it read.

Sprung and with no room left to move, Doyle replied to the boss: "HAHAHA LMAO [laughing my ass off] epic fail. No worries man.""

Given that James Wang who didn't even go to class ended up at NVIDIA, I don't think that counts for much.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oh hey, i just discovered on facebook that David Blaikie (NSBHS 01) is working for Microsoft in Redmond Washington! What a brain

Monday, October 20, 2008

On a friday night in the suburbs no less.

That sux Marc. Good luck with the appeal.

I have to admit, those parking rangers are a bunch of dickheads who stands around and fine someone just because they can.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Theres a difference between slowing down to see they need help and slowing down to obs.

Bunch of morbid fucks make me sick.

You can just tell it's one of marc's complaining posts from reading the first line.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't you just love it when there is a car pileup and you get to the end of it and you realise something that should have really taken 10 minutes to get thru actually took 30 because people were stopping to have a look. From the top of a dip, I literally watched cars with open road ahead creep at 10km/h because they hadn't seen enough. Take a picture, it'll last longer.

Not to mention the time inconvenience, there is something fundamentally wrong with those drivers who treat a non-obstructing accident scene as a museum exhibit. They really have nothing better to do with their time than to gawk at someone else's misfortune. Sad.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do it Marc.

In high school or first year uni, I was fined $100 odd by Cityrail for travelling one station beyond the travelpass' limits that I had (I went to Burwood) without knowing it. Call it ignorance or whatever, I had no idea. I wrote an honest, polite and assertive yet non-aggressive letter and 3 months later one of the ministers (I think) gave me a call and said not to worry about the fine.

Busting the myths of group travel for anyone interested

Monday, October 13, 2008

Move to HK?

Jono loves it here!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

lol john, expected your response as much.

Shall I bend over and pay them $81 for the favour? I do find it mildly offensive that you reduce my argument to "oh come on!"

When is "enough" enough, really? You already see the point of my recognising the rangers. On the face of any offence, the purpose of a fine is, presumably, preventative. The rangers showed no interest in preventing offences, merely punishing them - is that seriously what laws are about? The heart of the argument is that there is clearly something wrong here.

Challenging the validity of a fucking retarded rear to kerb rule would take more time than is worth. I'm merely going to argue the above point though I'm fully aware of the "revenue raising exercise lolz meh" factor.

We're all aware the state employs grotesque measures as revenue raising exercises. Eg the spit bridge - installing 3 cameras in one location and sending 3 separate bills. Brilliant. Another case - the infamous Lane Cove tunnel where they offered "FREE" passage to motorists in the expectation that they would trial how it would reduce their travel time when in fact the tunnel was still in works and motorists were limited to 40km/h. Knowing full well motorists wouldn't abide by the ludicrous speed limit they snapped them up and sent fines. They were overturned though because the simple truth is, enough people complained about the Lane Cove incident and they buckled.

James is right though, I should probably reduce the length and get straight to the point.

Besides, the last offence left a bitter taste in my mouth. I am 100% accusing them of whiting out my application (which had scratches around the empty boxes) and sending a photocopy as proof just to delay the court listing. I've been writing my home address for 25 years. I don't think I would easily leave out my suburb. Don't trust the Bureau. Photocopy/scan anything you send to them as a second record.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

what is the point of stating that your saw rangers in the vicinity and the fact that they did not approach you in relation to the way in which your car was parked? if it is to show implied consent, then it will fail. if it is to submit that parking infringements are merely 'a revenue raising exercise', then the infringement bureau would simply respond with a "meh".

what you've just written can be summarised by "oh come on!"; and i anticipate the infringement bureau would simply forward an election notice, they will be sure to highlight the possibility of substantially larger penalties should the matter go to court.

Amended version of request for review:

I'm awesome.

Sounds a lot like your attempt to lift the ban on your BA account

Too many words.

Get to the bloody point!

On 10 October 2008 I was fined $81 for parking my car with the front facing the footpath at 7:22pm.

I am writing this document 6 hours after the recorded time to detail my account of the events while it is still fresh in my memory so I won’t forget the details should this appear before a court some months later whereupon I won’t recall anything.

I parked in the space where I was subsequently fined at approximately 7:15pm. After parking, I walked up Middle Street to meet friends who had parked nearby. I clearly remember seeing parking rangers (in hazard vests) on the corner of Middle Street and Harbourne Lane as I walked towards the intersection. It is likely that the rangers would have seen me park in the space from where they were situated (approx. 20m away). It was already beyond dusk and I had my headlights on which would have made my car even more noticeable.

I took particular note of the rangers because I found it peculiar that they were fining drivers at 7:15pm when the parking sign specified 2P / 8am – 6pm / Mon – Fri. I didn’t understand why they were fining people (obviously if I did, I would have re-parked even if I did think it was silly). I simply dismissed it, thinking that they had caught someone who had remained in the same spot before 4pm and hence were outside the 2P limit.

Firstly, as said above, I believe the parking rangers saw me park my car and consequently they would have likely noticed the recorded infringement as it happened. Even though they were a few metres away, they chose not to say anything to me. On that basis (and for whatever reason the council may have for requiring cars to park rear to kerb), the conduct of the parking rangers, by not informing me of the infringement and giving me fair opportunity to correct it, showed that the rangers, in the capacity of the council, were not interested in preventing infringements, but rather punishing them.

I understand timed parking fines exist for a reason, that is, to give every vehicle owner a fair-go when it comes to parking. In regards to “rear to kerb” offences, I would argue the pointlessness of punishing this minor infraction especially outside of peak hour traffic times. I would go so far as to say that, from the above, my punishment for an already dubious “offence” is merely a revenue raising exercise. However, I realise that it is not appropriate for me to do so at length here.

Further, I acknowledge I have no documentary evidence to support the above claim (eg photos) but I’m sure you can appreciate that in my particular circumstance, it is not possible to provide evidence apart from my word.

Having said that, I would prefer the matter to be dealt with and finalised within the Infringement Bureau rather than referring the matter to our already congested court system though should you find it necessary, I will duly complete an election notice in preparation to have the matter heard before a court.

Wish me luck :D

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Extreme lengths of photographers

10 is pretty sweet

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Buffett buys GE , with transcript

I like the way he speaks

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

apparently vw had quality issues with the mark v golf. sounds like they just want to create a news story to make the mark vi seem better.

For when you go travelling, need a place to stay, all else is too expensive and you want to meet locals:
The SMH article