Monday, June 30, 2003

Kimi got angry at the marshalls.
I'm surprised that Alonso is doing so well.

i don't like germans very much at the moment.

Awesome.. things are happening on/to the blog... its all... spiffy looking..

Makes me want to post more (often)...

And btw.. even though I've finished my exams, why am I at uni? (rhetorical question)

Saturday, June 28, 2003

raikkonen = pole!!!
w00t w00t!!!

Wow it has gone all funky.

Those software engineers must have worked really hard.

A touch of polymorphism makes it a truly unique confectionery.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Main Ingredients -

Chilli (from Backyard)
MSG (a special home brew)
sugar cane (non-processed)
flour (to make it have some shape)
air (to make it look bigger)


The Benny we know is not sweet and pure...

Thursday, June 26, 2003

what did they do to the blog??
its gone all funky!

oh and btw, no more exams!! w00t!!

Haha, well it was never learnt in the first place. Just copy and paste from the booklet.

charlie's there's a delete post button.
also, i'm surprised at how fast you have managed to forget html codes.

Motion Aftereffect

To be employed by Bonobo Press, one must fit the following descriptions:

Live for one reason - to serve the full interest of Bonobo Press.
Possess one of the following critical skills: 1. Make one talk at all costs. 2. Make one talk at all costs. 3. Make one talk at all costs.
Due to the second, one must not have any social ties, family, friends, or even pet.

Oh and fitting the above criteria will only allow a potential employee to advance to the second induction stage: Interview.
Journalist Lee does not fit any of the above criteria and his application letter is currently in the pit pile along with 2 million others.

haha john, refreshing your memories for tomorrow's contract exam hey?

Bonobo Press publishes all materials deemed unfit for disclosure. Our vision is "Strive for Revelation".

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Haha Contracts!

Bonobo Press. One can only wonder what kind of material they publish. And Journalist Lee wants to work for them?

hey there's no valid contract here.
you obtained this information after mary o'kinky tortured the 'insider', however, you did not return anything of value or alleviate any detriment to bonobo press. therefore it does not pass the test of consideration.
also mary o'kinky exerted undue duress on the 'insider', therefore the contract is not enforcible. however, charlie cannot sue due to the doctrine of privity to contract.
however, relational theorists argue that we don't enter into contracts expecting to sue others if there is a breach.
how does that relate to anything?
ask charles fried who developed the promise principle.

i'm having a mental diarrhea. somebody get me a section 52 of the trade practices act.

The opportunity to torture the insider was created by officals at Bonobo Press. Mary O' Kinky simply took up the opportunity.

Bonobo Press!
I have always wanted to work for them

so the mary o'kinky must have been an opportunist, creating an opportunity to torture the 'insider' for these figures.

Are you an opportunist?

80% of the world's population waits for opportunities to come, and misses them when they do come.
19% of the world's population takes up opportunites when they come.
0.99% of the world's population seek out opportunities.
0.01% of the world's population creates opportunities.

It has been extensively tested through statistical trend analyses, that success varies exponetially with the opportunist scores. Correlation r=0.98.
Officials have been reluctant in the past to release the above figures. They feared that it may induce a motivational 'kick' in 80% of the world's population, causing excess demand on the limited supply of opportunities created by 0.01% of the world's populations.

Yesterday however, Mary O' Kinky, African correspondent of Bonobo Press, was able to exert multiple attacks on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions on an insider. The insider finally gave in after hours of torture, and released the above statistical figures.

give me a reason,
to hold on to what we've got,
there must be a reason
to hold on to what we're got.

you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

we've come a long long way together;
through the hard times of the day.
i have to celebrate you baby;
i have to praise you like i shooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uu-uu-uu-uu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-uld.

10 minutes before the finance exam,

4 things on my head right now:

    never before such well prepared,
    the adage "where there's a will, there's a way".

What a wonder life.

Where's the medic?

Monday, June 23, 2003

Past 2011 Exam paper:

nooooo!! save our uber 1337 sas!!

Too frikkin late. I believe that the two landing ships left sometime today.
Charlie! You shouldn't be on the computer then!

lol john
25 minutes before the exam,
5 things are on my mind right now:
thirst, hunger, tired eyes, 3 second memory, forgot this one, and constipation.
What can possibly be worst than this?

an unspectacular phenomenon: charlie making an observation.

A spectacular phenomenon: John uttering words not on his mind.

and i actually remembered that . . .

exams, here is an example of the fun things we learn in Life (2101) -
exrcept from The cAMP cascade -

cAMP phosphorylates Protein Kinase A, which becomes activated and in turn activates Phosphorylase Kinase by hte same method, phosphorylation. The now phosphorylated Phosphoylase Kinase phosphorylyses inactive Phosphorylase b to active Phosphorylase a. Phosphorlylase a phosphorylates Glycogen to for Glucose-6-Phosphate which is then transformed into Glucose-1-phosphate by phosphoglucomutase.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

here are three things not on my mind right now:
what's on charlie's mind, what is uncertain in life, and what is certain in life.

There's 3 things on my mind right now:

Exams, cram, damn!

There's 3 things uncertain in life:
Life, the word 'certainty', and star performance.

There's only 3 things certain in life:
Death, Taxes and Star.

Ohhhhhhh, carriers! I want to lock it down.

LOL I enter animal and one of its guesses is "Is it a pool table"

OMG that pool table's coming after us!

Cool! It got it! I was guessing armadillo!

That test is so cool john!

I don't need to study for the exams anymore. I have this to do it for me.




hmm. Sanity Test failed.

But I am down for that Garden island trip, we have less than 2 days now!

[Charlie: didn't you know that like 5 carriers docked at Sydney over the weekend?]

Wai charlie uve been there? Any photos?

oooh pick me! pick me!
i wanna see big fast planes and huge guns that go boom boom!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Yi, studying ethics? Who would've thought.

Kwong, been there, done that, unless they open up more for us to see.

Who wants to go down to Garden Island with me and take photos of Harriers, Sea Stallions and Sea Knights!

Meanwhile my brother learns to beat Ghouls at 9,
General Han on the other hand has had his first two Terran vs Zerg wins...
Congratulations for Spaniasaur for having the honour of being a loser
----- bqho121

this has to be the downfall of one spainasaur


a quark??

btw charlie, that case was also studied in my philosophy class. under ethics. good samaritanism...
europe have good samaritan laws!!!

dot dot dot.

The many interpretations of a simple statement by changing emphasis on different words: "I didn't tell him you killed his wife"

I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife
I didn't tell him you killed his wife

Hence chat programs such as ICQ would always be limited in understanding a person because it renders the absence of prosodic features in verbal language

A shocking phenomenon:

A woman in New York got raped and stabbed to death inches away from her apartment.
Over 30 people witnessed the situation and none did anything to stop it, even dialling 911.
Each apparently assumed that others would have done it.
Social psychologists explained the situation as one of diffusion of responsibility, where groups divide total responsibility among their members whereas an individual alone in such situations would take up 100% of the responsiblity.

So next time one of us get caught up in situations, do something.

Took 30 questions to get at what i was thinking: emu

Almost as close as reading one's mind.

haha very interesting site John.
I'm sure all the CSE dudes will like playing with that...since they will probably need to PROGRAM something like that soon.

i'm amazed.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Life's full of vicissitudes, most of the are for the worst.

If there's a problem you can solve, there's no need to worry.
If there's a problem you can't solve, worrying is a waste of cognitive resources.
Problem or not, why worry?

Uni's a bitch, so is life, but it goes on.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

i was thinking of getting another small-pox (Epox for anyone not in the lingo) board...
but on price and functionality, i decided to go with a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro in the end.
and straight from the horse's mouth, the features of the GA-7N400Pro:
Model GA-7N400 Pro
CPU Type Socket A
CPU FSB 400/333/266/200
Chipset nForce 2 Ultra400/MCP-T
Memory type DDR400/333/266
Memory socket DDR*4(dual channel)
Max. Memory 3GB
AGP interface 8X*1
PCI slot 5
ISA slot 0
IDE Raid Yes
LAN Realtek LAN
Audio AC97(ALC650)
Codec channel 6
USB 1.1 Same as USB2.0
USB 2.0 6(2by cable)
DualBIOS Yes
PCB size 30.5*24.4cm
Form Factor ATX
IEEE 1394 3
Remark Supports Thermal Shutdown

... so i finally move into the realm of USB2, Firewire and SATA. >:)

btw, so how is everyone's study going?
any luck?

Newly discovered pleasure:
Cram like mad for stats/math2859 until totally burned out. Go out into the cool Kensington air at 9PM. Attach EGGO Pros and turn on track 7 of Ghost Bear's Legacy (aka, Hashana's Timel Tiger Jungle Track) - commence jogging around campus. What a wonderful uni.

Bitch or not, life surely goes on like heaven.

PS. Oh Yi, sorry to see that small-pox motherboard getting burned. Nice macros though. :)

stop trying to overclock your psu yi.

Mmm yum yum, dinners on kids!

burnt connector from power supply to motherboard.

and the most amazing part of these pictures???
guess who's computer they came from...

Well, maybe you aren't taking into account those who were "injured".

how the hell do you open fire on a bunch of protesters and only kill two?

Those protesters need to stop whining and get together to make a difference themselves

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

American troops have opened fire on a demonstration by former Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad, killing two protesters.

Peaceful protests might I add. WTF is this?!

perfect theory makes practice

sorry, i just had to contribute..

Theory makes perfect practice.

Inductive and deductive theorising, both valid.


"There's nothing so practical as a good theory" (Kurt Lewin, social psychologist)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

perfect practice makes theory.

Practising theory makes perfect.

the only reasons why a theory does not work in practice is because the theory is incomplete, erroneous, or unsound.

This may be obvious in theory but rarely gets implemented in practice:

Offend at all costs is the key to winning 1v1
One turret in your base is one too many.
One tank sieged in your base waiting to be dropped on is one tank wasted.
Enough said, lets do.

What do you mean what happened with the prize money?
It was split equally between 2nd and 3rd since there was not 2nd and 3rd playoff...
And yes Yi... You would have sooo beaten me if there was no windows key...

Monday, June 16, 2003

and if only there was no windows key...

(the third picture page has been removed. it was a dupe. and butters, what do you mean target it? i have already made sure it pops up in another window..)

I'm saying, Jon-dear, that if Hsin-Chu didn't leave me to get my ass totally whooped and if Charlie was there to add a little rumble to the mix, things might have turned out a lot different.

Same goes with if Darren didn't leave and if Fish turned up.

haha no Charlie, download the movie, don't just look at the pic.
The movie Charlie the movie!
(though yes the plane is nice)

and no Solaris = "Sean" = Kiril = 'ozzie' looking bloke, and the Asian one is Anthony, a cse dude.

"James won. Who knows what would have happened the players in the bracket all played their part..." ?
That doesn't make sense to me....?

you think my look is focused....check out KJ!!! hahaha he's about to have a seizure just OBserving!
gg all re.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

shot 1141: the thing that first caught my attention wasn't johno's focused look, or butters big head, or kj immersing in the live action, but those lovely archon spots on the screen.
Why do i see 5 dollar notes? You guys were gambling? damn I missed that.
shot 1168: I recognise 9 out of 11 people in the picture! That's 82% recognition rate of people from another university who's also into star! Now that's popularity! Or I would like to think so. Anyway, who's the other two fanatics? I'm guessing the asian looking one on the far left is solaris and the Ozzie looking block is Christina?

Johno, it's selective attention. Cells in your brain just so happen to be tuned to plane-like objects.

Psychologists study the minds of all, including scientists and engineers.

You guys trusted bennie with the prize money? Should've known better.

Hmm, what happened to the prize money Benny?!

You might want to link those images on ur site with the target tag, Yi. Where's the pic of the crew in front of the hand drawn map of LT?

So scientists study what engineers create? I'm *almost* an engineer ^^

What about Fake Engineers?

Edit: James won. Who knows what would have happened the players in the bracket all played their part...

Who won?

Reps of the UNSWCG competition can be found here:

Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never
has been.

-Theodore von Karman

Saturday, June 14, 2003


for those that want pictures of UNSWCG 2003, they are available here.
full sized images may be posted pending request.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Harrison Ford falls in love with Calista Flockhart

The bit I liked best about that explanation was "all your base are belong to us"

So true...

Hey you didn't write that
Not that you said you did either.

How did you come across this information?!

Just something you learn in the field, James?
(oh come on now....spy game)

A lot of that actually makes variance...I mean sense.

haha Kwong, Falcon 4.0

Hey I like his explanation of Merovingian.

Best explaination for the Matrix so far:
I am not sure if to many people truly understand what this movie is actually saying, so I will try to explain it for those that don't get what they just saw.

The first thing I recommend is that you try to remove your ego, people all have them - so they believe that the movie must be about people. But actually it is about software and mainframe code.

The main computer has been caught in a loop cycle for 5 iterations, and it is trying to find a variance that will break this cycle by utilizing a random bit anomaly piece of software (Neo), to allow it to fully complete its cycle. It has tried this before, but has always failed and in its attempts.

It is trying to factor in all variables of its program to make absolute sure of complete success before it attempts to actually implement the complete procedure, like an good piece of software (debugging iteself - "it is the why that is important").

Beta software waiting to go gold. The only factor that was not counted on was an anomaly of two programs intersecting and one becoming a self-replicating virus bent on absolute destruction (Smith), and the anomoly (Neo) complementing his program with protectorate software. This is a brilliant movie, that once you wrap your head around, is really just an ultimate version of Tron with no human watchers (Jeff Bridges), of a computer SuperNoc running through a simulation with all possible factors being worked first, before it initializes the program for real.

If Neo completes his role and meets his ultimate purpose as software, then our hero allows the computer to see all variances that it will need to contend with, so that it can fully implement the real program on our world.

Matrix - main base operating system.

Zion - secondary operating system for software that can no longer can function in main sytem - but can be utilized to build new a matrix system.

Neo - Random bit anomaly software for breaking loop cycle � utilized by the Oracle and Architect software to be a random variable to upgrade itself � upgraded with protectorate code from.... Smith (Anti-Virus).

Trinity - complement software to aid in Neo's completion of purpose.

Morpheus and crew - collector programs for mainframe to try to enable the end of the loop cycle.

Architect - Mainframe operating system.

Oracle - old Macro Software that has been part of all 5 iterations of the loop and can see all variances.

Oracle's Protector, Seraph - Mainframe hard code software.

Merovingian - old Neo that did not fully implement objective in beta 5.0.

Merovingian's wife - Old Trinity code.

Twins, and Merovingian's guards - old base black ice protector code.

Head Counselor in Zion - Advisor for Mainframe that advises Neo along his upgrade to not touch the main bios (engineering) systems.

Key Maker - come on now, too easy, a simple keygen.

Smith - self-replicating virus - now capable of moving to either system � infused with anomaly code from Neo.

I truly loved this movie and it is so amazingly deep compared to the first if you know what it really happening. I hope this helps anyone who walked out of the theater like 95% of the crowd I saw it with, scratching their heads thinking, "What the f**K, that was stupid I don�t get it."

I am stating that what I am saying is absolute, but if you watch the movie and listen to what they all truly are saying it seems pretty obvious. Be wary all, your hero is our destruction, enjoy � All your base are belong to us.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

I bought the Falcon 4 manual for 20 bucks.

butter is sticky, he can't help it

How can I not stalk you...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Don't stalk me

Yi you player! Always with the sweet talk.

Edit: Very delete ur post Jono

i find you both guilty of obstructing the course of justice.
you are therefore sentenced to make up, forgive, and forget.

Session Start (ICQ - 10180129:Lucy G): Tue Jun 10 23:42:52 2003
[11:42] Lucy G: hey yi :)
[11:47] tucoti: w00t w00t!
how can i be of service to you?
[11:51] Lucy G: w00t w00t?!
[11:52] tucoti: ...
didn't you msg me?
[11:53] Lucy G: hehe yes i did...but i didnt expect that much of a response from u.........
[11:53] tucoti: ..
you got it.
you better have an appropriate reply to it!
[11:54] Lucy G: er....err.......
*throws pom poms into the air*
[11:55] Lucy G: i require ur gracious help for my C assignment due midnite tomrrow nite
[11:55] tucoti: LOL
so what's the problem?
doesn't compile?
can't get the logic of the program?
generally being a girl and don't know where to start? (ooh shit..)
[11:56] Lucy G: yi
that wasnt necessary

[11:57] tucoti: well...
if it was the last case, then i won't be of ANY assistance no matter i am Jesus or Mohammad
[11:57] Lucy G: forget it
[11:57] tucoti: oooh crap.
don't tell me it IS the last case????
[11:58] tucoti: seriously though...
is it the last case???
[11:59] Lucy G: i am not even going to bother justifying u with a response
[12:01] tucoti: lol

/me puts lucy on the "please.. don't joke with me at all. i ain't the type to take a joke List."

now that we have got that out of the way, and if you still think you may need some help, then ask. if not, then good luck.

(and please, i don't really care about attitudes. it's your assignment. your marks.)
[12:03] Lucy G: yi..there r degrees of "joking" u can knock me..but dont knock my religion and dont knock my ends up very cheap

thanks for ur generous offer, id rather ask someone else
[12:07] tucoti: i didn't knock anyone's religion.
all i said was "[11:57] tucoti: well...
if it was the last case, then i won't be of ANY assistance no matter i am Jesus or Mohammad"
as you can see, i was being very fare. i guess i could have listed Budha and what the Hindu god's name is but i just didn't think about them.
if you didn't notice, Mohammad was also mentioned (might be wrong spelling.. ). the point OBVIOUSLY was that if it was the last case, then no one, not even a saint (god's son in this case) or a god himself (Mohammad, god in the Muslim's sense) will be able to help.

take what i wrote to any atheist or even anyone who isn't THAT bloody sensitive about their religion (i don't know why you are this way though.. maybe insecurity??) and they will tell you that it was a religious remark at all.

and btw, for your information, that WAS a religious remark.
[12:07] tucoti: it wasN'T a religious remark at all.
[12:08] Lucy G: yi
i dont care

[12:08] tucoti: LOL
if you want to take it like that, go for it.
as i said, not my assignment, not my marks, and now, not my religion.
[12:09] tucoti: btw, this is going on the blog.
check for integrity if you wish.
[12:10] Lucy G: go ahead :)
ill be glad to comment
[12:10] tucoti: great.
[12:10] tucoti: actually...

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Haha, Journal of Ludicrous Science.

Isn't it often the case that we know what the problem (eg blog is dying) is, the cause (i'm too busy to post a msg), what's the solution for it is(post more and more often), but don't implement them?

Another more down to Earth example would be:
Problem: Uni grades going down the drain
Cause: Starcraft Broodwar, Aus-1, channel CTO, a/a
Solution: Start, Programs, Starcraft-Broodwar, Uninstall Starcraft Broodwar, Throw CD away.

Life's a bitch, I can't seem to change that fact.

Monday, June 09, 2003

When one can fit almost 6 days of posts in one screenshot, you know the blog's struggling.

Meanwhile, google is planning on putting a permanent "blog" section in their pages, alongside the Web, Images, Groups, Directories, and News tabs.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

rhetorical question?

Saturday, June 07, 2003

who am i?

Friday, June 06, 2003

I have a meaning?

life has a meaning?

Thursday, June 05, 2003

It's a very hard question
But I can't answer it
and I do, I'll never live the life the way I want to

You're probably not going to get a coherent answer to that question by posting it in this blog... (unless someone wants to prove me wrong)

I think I'll prove myself right..

The meaning of life is divisible by 42.. (like 84..)

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

What is the meaning of life?

Monday, June 02, 2003

you should implement that as a Java function..

public void knickPick(Person x) {
// enter stuff here //

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Knick-pick of the day: Yi:
Sound waves aren't transverse waves, they are longitudinal or compression waves.
[end knick-pick]

Me too..

Having studied the Psychology of Perception for 6 weeks, I must say I agree with Yi.

Sound, form, shape, depth, colour, texture, contrast, olfactory stimulus etc etc are all perceptual phenomena. What happens out there in the real world don't really matter. What matters is what gets registered by the senses and tranformed into neural impulses that the brain interprets.

It all comes down to 'It's all about me. ME ME ME'.

Random Quote:
"The only means to strengthen one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing"