Saturday, April 30, 2005

yeah hey marc good job
but is the bulletin meant to display on the actual front page of the blog site? i see bulletin with a big grey area and as you mention you have to click on the actual bulletin link.
just wondering if that's intentional?

I have just implemented a new feature. May not look that different, but changing the bulletin is a lot easier and accessible to everyone now. Just click Bulletin :)

Its all handwritten so don't complain if it breaks. And more importantly, don't to break it intentionally, it already has a lot of flaws, but I'm leaving them be.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Hey ppl ...
final update: for those who are not coming to my place by car...



then when u get to manly vale shops CALL ME!!!!!!! and ill send convoys down.


(and for those who can't make it.... bleh)

Marc, if you bundle cable, phone and tv, you'll get 4 months free per year. If you bundle cable and phone, you'll get 3 months free per year. Of course, you can switch the tv with mobile.. you just need 3 services for 4 months and 2 services for 3 months.

Sun's routing helpdesk is in India. Everything goes to India, then they re-route it to say, local Australia ITOps if it's an Australian issue. They also do basic troubleshooting for example, resetting passwords..

Hmmm, I think I might look into TPG and see what kind of contracts they offer. How far are you from the exchange and does it affect your speed significantly? Or maybe I should wait until everyone leaves cable then I can have the phat cable all to myself

For those who have Optus cable: is the rewards package ($65/month) available only to people who subscribe to both phone and cable TV?

Prediction: India is gonna be friggin huge for IT this first half of the century because of development of VOIP. Their labour pool is smart, cheap and plenty. Now that companies are moving to VOIP and paying pittance for phone call costs, they are going to shift all their semi-skilled labour there eg 24hr helpdesks.

You all probably know it already. I know Three mobile does it and the people calling them are getting the shits because they know nothing about Australia and the context of their problem.

Does anyone have a version of Bruce Springsteen's 'Devils and Dust' that does not have the aol voiceover?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Don't go too hard out tomorrow at climbing ppl..
i dun wanna hear excuses like... ahhh crap i dislocated my shoulder through climbin etc ^^

(I can't make it tomorrow.. too busy preparing... Have fun all)

too lazy to post this as an announcement on the bulletin
climbing tomorrow @ledge
call me if you are interested

oi eric..i didnt know ur on TPG..cause im on TPG as well n have the same plan as u =P pity abt the 20gb limit..its so not enuf..i use it all up in less than a week >.<

telstra is the only isp i know of where your value for money actually goes down over time, rather than up.

9 months and you get an upgrade?
geez I wish Optus values my custom..

I'm using onlineconnect. 256k dl/ 56k ul for 55 bucks a month. I've also negotiated with them, being a loyal customer for 9 months and now they give me unlimited upload and download. If I leave my comp on 24/7, may be able to churn out 30gb a month. Sadly my lousy laptop have only 5 gb operational space.

Butters you mean everyone have 'access' to cars? We're still students ! Driving is a privilege, not a right.

Darren that Instant essay doesn't make sense. I typed in 'Dualism and Dialectics' and it generated some economics essay that makes no sense at all. Then I tried 'charisma and power abuse', an actual essay due in two weeks and it generated practically the same essay with the words replaced.....

Eric that is so easy, took me 5 seconds. I think someone posted it before.

Wow...haven't blogged for so long.

Anyways, I am currently on TPG ADSL with 20gb limit. It's 49.95 and it's 1.5m/256k I think. Only one downtime since Feb. But that was because Macquarie area had a blackout. So can't blame them for that...but there are a few newer plans now so give them a try. Oh, and try this site out.

It took me 5 mins. So it can't be hard. 2 hints, think outside the square and think about the title and try relate it back to the question.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One click thesis
And to think i was going to enrol in an honours year..

Heres one for those non-computing peoples:
Instant Essay: Just add topic

I thought everyone had cars by now?

Hey Yi... Despite the long directions its actually easier than going to chatswood an doing that

SInce essentially its the same format..

Train to Wynyard....
Bus (L85, L80, 185, 180) from Wynyard to Manly Vale...
(gimme a call when u get to Manly Vale)

If you haven't checked already:

Surprisingly, I have heard good things about TPG's ADSL connections. 2 households from Sun have them and have told me execellent speed and uptime. Surprising because TPG in the old dialup days were horrible..

So.. uh... anyone driving to KJ's thing? The southy method of getting there seems awfully complicated.. I might just ride to Chatswood and take the northy route..

Darren - another reason they might be washing those cars
to get rid of evidence

and Marc - is OptusNet so bad?
the prices aer cheaper than ADSL2 and ADSL2+

i am thinking of changing from telstra
they recently clamped down
10 Gb hard limit including u/l's
not suitable to be shared between 3 ppl

optus have 12(+24) Gb limit -
I am looking at Usage based solutions
minimum monthly usage is set at aroumd 30Gb

ne1 have ne adsl plans for that range which are at least 512k
and at most $60?

current ones i am looking at are
1. Netspace 512k Unlimited (capped after 60 Gig or so)
2. Exetel 512k 24(+30) Gb

Hey PPLS, for those able to come on Sat I'll give you directions

ADDRESS: 93 Allambie Rd ALLambie Hts


Go to Wynyard Station.... Carrington St... Go to Stand C
Catch any bus at that stand for MANLY VALE SHOPS (ask the driver when to get off)
Catch a 142 to ALLAMBIE HTS (AND GET OFF At the LIL Tongan CHURCH) BEFORE THE VET.. if u pass it just get off immediately after it

IF you make it to MANLY VALE SHOPS and like the 142 doesnt come for at least 30 min .. then gimme a call.. ill pick ya up


Catch a 280 from the CHATSWOOD INTERCHANGE to ALLAMBIE HTS (find the interchange its changed a bit so)

then get off at the VET


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Check out whirlpool. Seriously considering ADSL.

The cable node I'm on is probably too packed. Back in 2002 I used to get 600-700KB/s off Aarnet, after netstats finished, I get around 300-400KB/s which is...~3Mbit. If ADSL1 exchanges can handle that and offer more upload speed and are cheaper...erm.

Off-peak (1-8am) data means crap to me seeing as I either am not online at that time, or if I am, I cbf downloading stuff then.

How many demerits do you have, you shameful drivers!

We don't want to tell the police because:

Darren don't wanna piss off al-qaeda
John don't wanna piss off hk gansta
I don't wanna piss off mafia

Think your'e good with numbers?

Monday, April 25, 2005

I am a firm believer in street justice.

there is an iranian family living across from our house who live across from us and they own 4 cars, and besides loving to park in front of their house and ours, creating a narrow section of road, they also love to wash their cars on a more-than weekly basis.

This would be alright, if they werent using a hose to wash the car, as well as washing it on their tiled driveway.. I'd dob them in to the water patrol, but they know where I live..

my neighbours have left notes on their cars saying how they shouldn't park so close to the corner.
although admittedly we don't know whether it was actually their cars or their visitors.

if you don't know australia's road rules, then you shouldn't be driving.

dunno, ever thought about, speaking to them, maybe?
and then, maybe, calling the police?
especially with the whole "illegally" word
since they're honkie internationals, maybe they don't realise what they're doing is wrong
sounds stupid, but it's just like spitting on the street or constantly sniffing.
A difference of cultures and they don't know what's acceptable here

they park one in their driveway, and the others are illegally parked on the both sides of the street at the corner.

Do they use their driveway/garage?

that's just like my street. a bunch of stupid honkie international students have 5 cars living in one house at the entrance to my street; effectively making it a one-way entrance/exit. quite dangerous considering that you can't see cars coming as you're turning into the street.

on weekends they have friends and even more cars over, take the wheels off their cars and sit on their front porch.

The family across the street own 5 cars. They live on the corner of the street. They refuse to park in their driveway/garage on the other street. Instead they would like to block our whole street with those 5 cars.

Every weekend they have 2 visitors who, because they have no place to park on their side, park right outside our house. On such a tight street they sure are considerate.

It makes our lives so much easier when (we actually use our own driveway instead of blocking the road) we do awesome 3+ point turns to get out of the driveway

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Just as a reminder
Paul, Have all confirmed..

Jono == First Aid camp therefore cannot come until nighttime... (which i don't mind)


Need Responses asap

Friday, April 22, 2005

i can be there from around 5:45pm onwards

Just a reminder everyone...

I need confirmations on whether ppl can make it or not for the 30th at my place..

Possibly by tonight if possible
atm we only have 10 ppl and i need to match the quota of at least 15 or I'm doomed


So pleeeeease Can i get replies ASAP ....


Thursday, April 21, 2005

for those interested in climbing the "getting their arms pumped"; i.e. lactic acid build up

A brief starter summary:

"Lactic acid is often thought of as a “waste product”. In the presence of oxygen, however, it is easily converted to ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) and becomes a fuel.
Jac’s summary:
The notes above suggest that in order to delay the onset of lactic acid buildup (aka getting pumped), then we need more oxygen."

No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made.
Destiny is made known silently.

Agnes de Mille

Just realised...The drive-by took place on the same road as Pancakes

Unless its Friday night....Break yoself fool!

John: Depends on what kind of phone. if its one of those new-fangled phone/camera/radio/tv/email/internet ones, then yes. a landline doesnt count.

Marc: Behind my back, I am called 'they dont call me at all' =(
stupid string hash function to a database..

Murder at the rocks, when I saw those words, I thought it was some sort of party thing at the rocks.. until I read the contents of the link. I dont think we have anything to worry about though..

Darren I think the question can be rephrased:

'when was the last time the computer used you?'

Jono are you sure?
Murder at the Rocks

If anyone has spare time read this:

The little prince

Its my favourite childrens story which I first read, ironically, way past my childhood (when I was doing French).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just a reminder about Pancakes on the rocks today (Thursday) at 7pm.
Call me or someone else who is going if you have questions.

(Don't give me no, "I'm busy" crap because I've died this week and I'm still dieing! and I'm still going!
How do you like them apples)

See you there

is my phone a computer?

What is your workplace nickname?

Heres an interesting question.. when was the last day that you didn't use a computer?

I cant remember the last day where I didnt use a computer..


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And we have rotation!
Various rumours indicate a first flight targetted between 22nd to 25th of April. Who's down for a trip to Toulouse sometime this week? :)

That article is just scare-mongering. Chances of getting sick in the next 70 years: Very High... -.-

I downloaded a BBC miniseries called Super-Volcano. Its a fictional story (in the apocalyptic style of Day after Tomorrow) about Yellowstone blowing up. I thought it was pretty good. Msg me if you want to watch it.

(I love BBC programming :)

So many ways to be doomed

Having Ps for a total of 3 years? Priceless

Do you still have a concession card and are you doing anything for your birthday?

Firefox has an auto search on Type "slang " in the address bar and see what you get.

Then if you type "dict " it looks at I'm on cse linux machines though, so try it at home :)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Train to Wynyard = $2.40
Hazard Perception Test = $32
Car - P2 Licence = $63
Able to drive at 100Km/h in a 100Km/h zone = $97.40

I love it how they have ads for SAAB etc right in the middle of an article about a woman fighting for her life.


Darren, that's awesome, the reading scale.
Definitely something to keep in mind when writing articles and reports

Also, I'll be going to the Pancakes dinner
C'mon guys!
See if you can make it too Yi, you workaholic you.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

And now, a paraphrased message from Annie:

Occasion: Catching up with Buddies night
Date: Thurs 21st April
Time: 7pm
Venue: Pancakes @ the Rocks
RSVP: Tuesday 19th

Why? because its been a while since we've all been able to 'catch up'.
And why dinner? Because you get to eat. =)

Hope to see you there!

According to the Flesch scale of reading ease, that piece of writing scored a 41.4. 'Standard' writings usually result in a score of 60-70. The higher the score, the easier it is to understand.

(from the good ol' wikipedia:)

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease

As a rule of thumb, scores of 90-100 are considered easily understandable by an average 5th grader. 8th and 9th grade students could easily understand passages with a score of 60-70, and passage with results of 0-30 are best understood by college graduates. Reader's Digest magazine has a readability index of about 65, Time magazine scores about 52, and the Harvard Law Review has a general readability score in the low 30s.

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of that piece was 12.0, which means that a second year American college student should be able to understand it.

So, yeah.. Its hard to understand.

Yep, Charlie, that sounds very technical, with the word Vicissitudes being used 5 times including the question.
But sorry, I don't have the energy at this hour to read that much, though I did try

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mr Wiswantanu could ask for Corby to be executed or sentenced to life imprisonment and Mr Rasiah said it was a bad time for Mr Bakir to have made his claims. [about the prosecutor soliciting bribes from the defence]

He agreed that bribes had not been sought, even though they are a normal part of the sentence negotiation process in Indonesia.

Their whole govt and judiciary is overtly dirty. The claims are most likely true or else why would the defence have to fear. The sentencing is determined by factors personal to the prosecutor, and not public interest [not that it doesn't happen here] but its two way: give something good and you get something good. Give something bad...

Mmm justice in pure form

Fark, is anyone else as pissed off as I am about the Schappelle Corby case?

am I reading this wrong?

I'm about to explode in anger against the bloomin indonesian government
man this is infuriating

Friday, April 15, 2005

Omg, I wrote this and after having done so, while reading over, i'm confused as to what I wrote?

Does this make any sense?

On: Instincts and Their Vicissitudes (Freud, 1915)

What are the possible vicissitudes of an instinct?
Freud describes four possible vicissitudes or alterations of instinct, namely reversal into opposites; turning round upon the subject’s own self; repression; and sublimation. The latter two is not discussed in the present paper (Freud, 1915a), with sublimation broadly speaking an act that displaces the original aim with another yet preserving the intensity (Freud, 1908). Repression is discussed elsewhere in a paper on its own and can broadly be referred to as ‘…turning something away and keeping it, at a distance, from the conscious’ (Freud, 1915b).

In reference to the first vicissitude, Freud (1915a) proposes two possibilities, a reversal from activity to passivity whereby the aim of instinct is altered, as manifested in sadism/masochism and scopophilia/exhibitionism transformations; and a reversal of content as manifested in transformation of love into hatred. The reversal forms when one who originally exists as a subject to inflict torture or look upon others (active sadism/scopophilia) moves to a position when one adopts being the object of torture and be looked upon(passive masochism/exhibitionism) and takes pleasure in this position. The idea of taking pleasure in pain leads us to believe that the act must somewhat be satisfying sexually, and thus this vicissitude may be the modified form of sexual instinct. The reversal of content is shown in instances of a change from love into hatred. This ambivalence is however directed at the same object, and thus the aim of instinct has not been altered, but rather it is the content that has been altered. Freud (1915a) proposes not one but 3 antithesis between this ambivalence, that of love and hatred, that of loving and being loved, and that of loving and hating as opposed to indifference. The second of the above illustrates similarly the shift from being the active subject to love to a passive object of love.

Note how the above links in with the second vicissitude, whereby masochism is really the turning round upon on the subject’s own self of sadism. Scopophilia also begins with oneself looking at oneself, thereby possessing the position of both subject and object. It is through this deflection upon an extraneous subject that one then becomes a subject to look at other objects, and ultimately into an object to be looked at.

That's quite unfortunate Mr. Jono...

Oh well... I guess I'll have to blow the candles with one important person missing... =(

Of course, you are welcome to come afterwards ^^ (at my place)

KJ: A BBQ like that sounds absolutely grand.
Only problem is I have a 2-day remote area first aid course running from 8am - 5:30pm both saturday and sunday
I'd only be able to make it after that time.
But that's just me.

Marc: A netherlands breed rabbit? I'd buy a dog. Will that help?

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Good Day Fellow Citizens....

I wish to make a proposal that will lead to a sabotage of soccer day on the 30th April.

Would anyone be interested in a lil BBQ at my place on the 30th... (in commemoration of someone's special day)
(unfortunately my grounds aint large enough for soccer day)

Details :

Time: 1:00pm or later (tho not TOO much later)
Date: 30th April 2005
What to Bring: Just yourselves will be fine... (plus a soccer ball : mine is gone) (ehehh Possibly some alcohol for tha junkies)

RSVP: 23th April 2005 (i need numbers ppl...)

Hope to see ya there...

I'm sure some people are willing to sacrifice ONE soccer game to come to my place.... (i hope)

End Transmission ^^

The rabbit has gone through enough stress lately. I am going to give it a break for a while. Besides, I think its distracting some ppl from playing soccer :p

It escaped again twice last week which makes the current tally: Marc 3 - Rabbit 0

Does anyone have any interest in buying a male companion netherlands breed rabbit? I think she's on heat which is why she has been escaping lately.

haha very well worded Charlie

I see what you mean, and quite well actually
Think my main question is why does it *need* to appeal? I don't mean this in a rude manner to the girls
But it could just be a way for the guys to get together once every week or two and do their own thing
(I make it sound like we're all married hey)

Or is it then the fact that maybe the guys don't come because the girls don't come?

I suggest bring a rabbit or equally cute and transportable animal to each outing.

Marc your parents had their anniversary last week didn't they? Your mum must be overloaded with gifts.


Hey Edman, glad to have you on board.


Guys, it appears to me that soccer by itself is not inherently attractive to some members of our group(s), namely your female counterparts.

A solution is perhaps to package the deal to be more attractive to those deviants =)? BBQ has traditionally served us well, but immense resources is required for execution, and often outsiders don't appreciate the efforts expended. On a side note, a big delayed thank you to Jono, Yi, Bennie, Darren and whoever else I missed out for organising last week's BBQ. The real issue is that people refuse to RSVP for the option of pursuing other options, leading to unexpected demand (i.e. food) when they suddenly decided to show up.

So my question is how else can we package this to make it more appealing to the deviants, but at the same, preserve its flavour? (i.e. have a decent game of soccer with enough people who don't all turn up late and cost $10 phone credit to contact when emails are obviously a viable alternative). Guys your inputs would be much appreciated.

Alexis, those who you can't win over with logic is by definition illogical. How can you bullshit someone who just don't get it? Oops, bull&*$%.

Best quote ever: "If you can't win them with logic, dazzle them with bullsh*t."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Don't think I can play Charlie; an one-month old ankle injury reinstated itself at Sunday's game.
I'll be keeping off it for probably a couple of months otherwise i'll keep screwing it

hmm I would come to cheer you guys on...but i'd just end up hopping on the field

Also that's Ed with the blank name
and Marco, Rosalie and Alan haven't accepted the email invitation yet ("pending")

i suggest the same place as last time, the park next to central.. and at around the same time as well, 1 til we cant play any more.

i gotta move my kitchen back into my kitchen on saturday, so i wont be able to make it until the arvo.

yeah, Saturday sounds good. Where and what time??

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mums birthday, can't make it gents

so yeah who's interested in soccer for this saturday 16th?
voice your opinion or forever hold your peace

Monday, April 11, 2005

Alan, theres someone I havent seen in a while

Invite for:

alhuynh(at)hotmail(dot)com (alan)

oops, oh dear. thanks for edit.

sorry didn't go to soccer, this week's hell for me, got an midterm exam tomorrow and 4 psycho mini essays on psychoanalysis to write. this saturday however i'm up for anything, as it is the beginning of our well -deserved 2 week break.

John another assumption is the free information I think. Which is not a realistic assumption as markets are never perfect. So it's not that people are stupid, it's that we have limited resources and we cannot access every information, even if they are available.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

the efficient markets hypothesis implies that all information about assets are already represented in the price of the said asset. hence it is useless to collect and analyse data, and it makes even less sense to systematically invest in any securities with hope of abnormal profits. all this is based on the assumption that people are rational, logical and risk averse.

this means anyone who participates in the financial market thinks everyone else is stupid. it also means anyone who studies finance also thinks everyone but himself are idiots.

you're an idiot.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Invites have been sent
Soccer Saturday? Charlie?

you're forgetting to be cautious when posting up email addresses again charile.

Could one of the admins send these Invites please, for:

first_enigma(at]hotmail{dot]com (marco)

rosalie_ip{at)hotmail[dot}com (rosalie)

They may be interested in soccer

Thursday, April 07, 2005

i'm interested in that soccer team thing, but which day would it usually be? monday tuesday and friday are good for me, and depending how long it is, the other days are also good

i'm down for soccer on friday, but may give climbing a miss this week, as assignments are due and all..

Hey is anyone interested in soccer (indoor or outdoor) as a lunchtime sport once a week?
it's with the sports association at unsw
we don't have to have a full team, even just 2 or 3 and we can tack on with some other individuals (5 on field, 8 including reserves i think)

It's not very expensive, $100 for the semester for the team, so like $12 pp for the session.

If you are interested let me know

Any one want soccer tomorrow arvo?

If not we'll just head straight to sydney uni at 5pm (a real 5pm, not last week's psuedo-5pm actual-6pm)

let me know

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh yeah soccer tomorrow at UNSW (if you're in the neighborhood) after 12 noon at the physics lawns
we'll just cook up a game, I'll be in the physics lounge (first floor, above ground level) from 12 then we'll head outside
yeah so if you're around (Benny, Darren etc?) drop on by

Would love to come along to soccer, but I have the an essay and an exam next week. Tis the consequence for overloading oneself.

Have a good week

Monday, April 04, 2005

Trip down memory lane:

The year 2000 problem is not just a hardware and software problem. It is a serious social problem which, in this information hungry society could easily grow to the same scale as savings & loans, evnironmental and asbestos crises. To avoid the potentially expensive and crippling Year 2000 problems, companies must ensure not only their own ship is in order, but that every company on which they rely solves its own Year 2000 problems as well. - Ansett Australia (haha)

Yeah guys there's a soccer game this Sunday at 3pm at West Lindfield if you'd like to join.
It's my uncle and his work mates (he's 30 yrs, not 60+) so I'm joining them; you're absolutely more than (I strongly recommend :)) welcome to come along.
(eg Darren, Charlie, Kwong etc who are in the area, and whoever else who is motivated)
They play twice a month on sundays for a coupla hours just for fun.
yeah it should be fun not too competitive
let me know as I need to rsvp soon

3 kinds of sausages, 2 kinds of steak and 1 live terrified rabbit added to the festivities

Actually, 1 kind of steak, but there were also delicious lamb chops, 3 kinds of kebab skewers, fresh salads, drinks, Home icecream (!), soccer game, photos and The Ring - original Japanese version.

well, John doesnt have to be your real name.. either that or they dont have to know anything else more specific about you in relation to identification.

BBQ was good..

3 kinds of sausages, 2 kinds of steak and 1 live terrified rabbit added to the festivities

Sunday, April 03, 2005

why do they call it alcoholics anonymous when the first thing you say is "hi my name is john and i'm an alcoholic"?

Ahhhh I feel like I'm missing out too much on these happy events..

Why do I have to work on Saturdays...

So how was BBQ and all???

I remember someone brought up the subject of reminiscent music. When I went to Barcelona's beaches I kept on thinking about the song "Barcelona" by D kay and Epsilon.

Download it if you can but the video clip was probably the jolt :)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Just curious as to who will be going to the BBQ, and if I'm invited. :)
If so, then requesting directions to James' place.

Bah, I can't seem to post more than 50% of the time. Spits out all sortsa errors everytime I try. Like just now..

awesome dude, so yeah bring those if you can, and benny bring yours too if you can.
So yeah Yi, Benny, Darren and I will go shopping at Top Ryde (?) for meat and drinks
Steaks, sausages, bread, chicken thighs, lamb, salad, fruit etc
probably pre-marinated
Charlie can/do you want to help with drinks?
both alcoholic and non.

any issues call me

I have some cutlery/plates, but I will buy some more coz I like to keep spares in my car.

Friday, April 01, 2005

BBQ is *on*
Yi and I will get more or less everything, for about 10 people
I don't know how many are coming so that is my guess
Bring your friends, partners, cats and dogs

Where: Congregate at James' house; BBQ + soccer at a nearby Park
When: 12 noon, Saturday


If anyone has cutlery/forks all that disposable stuff bring it along and let me know other things you might think are useful.

I'll bring the soccer ball and bring frisbees etc if you think that's something you'd like to do

See you tomorrow!

PS Edman is now a member.


I've been trying to get in contact with James today but he's not responding, cell or internet
anyway i was hoping to do the shopping and confirmation tomorrow in the afternoon
but's 1am now...
so "we'll see how it goes" basically
if it happens it will be late ish notice
or if james reads this he can post a reply if it's okay for his house on saturday
then we'll buy food tomorrow (friday)

I have invited Ed, his status is pending.

I've spoken to Yi as well; he's also good for a BBQ
we'll try to get it happening

Is Saturday BBQ confirmed?

I spoke to Edman today and he may be interested in joining us.
Could one of the administrators please invite him to this blog?
His email is edmanso(at)hotmail(dot)com