Sunday, February 29, 2004

unless you go to usyd..

or returning to an extremely easy degree after working every day in the holidays for half pay..

holiday's over, hell begins

This is what C|net had to say about the Vaio X505:
It's the first notebook in the world made from a carbon hybrid material, and it's so thin that Sony didn't even include a Memory Stick slot. That slot can be found on the mouse, which comes bundled in the hefty $3,499 price tag.

Oh, and this is the link, cover your keyboard while watching, drool can cause short cirucit.
Vaio X505

I can't help but edit my messege again, look at this stupid machine, it's as thick as a USB slot:

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Theres an awful lot of visceral action in the Passion, I found it hard to watch, yet even harder to look away..

anyway.. I finally have cable now.. so 'yay' for me.....

Yi, congraduations on choosing operating systems.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Upon viewing of the Passion of the Christ, one concludes that Mel Gibson has portrayed Jesus as a soaked sponge that no matter how much you try to dry it, it simply won't budge. It keeps on dripping relentlessly....

Its a timewarp. You left Sydney with 2 months of UNSW holidays left so your perspective freezes :P

Yeah my.UNSW is trying to incorporate every faculty so it will be easier. Do we still have to use solaris?

Ahahahahahahah! 3 days that's pretty awesomity

I keep getting the impression that you guys don't start uni for at least another 2 months for some odd reason

*Feel loved*?! You make it sound as if I've never given you loving all your life.

HAhah, exam finally finishd. Feeling uber giddy over my massive three day
summer holidays.

OS here I come!~~~

my.UNSW definitely looks better than NSS Online.
hahah I see you've linked mine too, Why thankyou
I feel loved

Member timetables up if you didn't know before. Feel free to post it up on the web and I'll link it, or you can give it to me. Whatever is easiest. Non-UNSWers welcome :)

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hah. Yeah pretty expensive to ship boxes internationally.
It's expensive simply because it's international and it's a box, not an envelope.

So what would you like me to do dude?

I can ship it in a smaller package thingy but then the cases could crack etc.

Alternatively I could upload the music if that's what you want and you can download it.

I was literally shipping it yesterday, and they guy asked me what address I was shipping to.
And I forgot. That's why it wasn't shipped yet

Worst case scenario I keep it till I come back or something but man that's a fair wait

15Bucks?! Forget it. I might as well as go over to collect.
See you outside the ion canon.

hmm, what happened to the 'ATTN: Marc,' in Yi's post?

in other news, i think i'm slipping back into my 'usual' sleeping pattern, or rather the one that is typical of engineering students.. or maybe its all the hot chocolate i've been drinking.. not to mention the 2 dozen or so cookies ive just eaten..

i wonder how long we can last before falling back to our usual 'bad habits'.. months, weeks... or days?

pointless marquee because i have run out of things to post on this blog during this posting session

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

'The 10 Worst Dictators' of the Current Era

1) Kim Jong II, North Korea
2) Than Shwe, Burma
3) Hu Jintao, China
4) Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe
5) Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
6) Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea
7) Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan
8) Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan
9) Fidel Castro, Cuba
10) King Mswati III, Swaziland


No BYO Benny, but there was a BG lan

ATTN: Marc,


make that


G'day everyone
This is the first time in Sri Lanka that i was able to access the net
Technology ONLY exists in the capital

Looks like everyone is still having the same issues as b4

cyaz at Uni or at some daily communal get-together
btw, was there a BYO Benny?

contracts are worth less than the paper they're printed on.

Could be difficult James hahah. Last year I signed a contract explicitly stating that I would not defect to my Study Abroad University to finish my degree.

Talk to UNSW Exchange. Talk until they overlook your fails from one single semester, just keep frigg'n talking. :)
You probably already know this but I've only discovered it here - you can talk your way into virtually anything.

E.g. Female Purdue Graduate (age 23 i.e. recently out) who now works for Northrop Grumman in California on the JSF (F-35) Project.
She had a sub-3.0 GPA (this is not flashy - like a 65 WAM or so at UNSW, not much higher). But she went through 30 interviews before she got the job.
Boy could she could talk.

Funny, as I type this post I get a call from University of California, Irvine. (One of the UC Branches along with UCLA, UC Berkeley etc). My room mate's just been accepted to the PhD program there in Cognitive Psychology (he's currently undergrad 4th yr about to graduate) and they called to arrange and pay for his airfare and hotel so they could fly him down there for a week for an on-campus presentation day. (Naturally, my room mate's in class atm, thus I answered the phone.) But that's pretty something.
He's also skipping the Masters' program I'm assuming.

Okay I lost track of what I was talking about.

Oh yeah, was shipping your package today James, but forgot your address.
Confirming that it's 16 Boulton St?
It's going to cost a hefty $15USD to ship apparently
It's got lots of insulation in the big ish box
Is that satisfactory?

James: what genre do you have in mind for the short film? And time is not the only resource in short supply.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I read somewhere that Mardis Gras is actually a celebration of life, and that this carnivale actually stems from Christianity.

Therefore, the Sydney Mardis Gras is a celebration of being or knowing someone who is gay and/or lesbian.

Ooh.. ImaginCup.. dx9 rendering cuold be interesting.. if only i knew dx9..

General Jack D. Ripper: Clemenceau once said war is too important to be left to the generals. When he said that, 50 years ago, he might have been right. But today, war is too important to be left to politicians. They have neither the time, the training, nor the inclination for strategic thought. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

President Merkin Muffley: Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

James: the Passion of Chritst received thumbs up from Roger Ebert...

Monday, February 23, 2004

Don't come back Jono, find a way to finish your degree over there. Don't come back...

I am getting the hell out of here.

James: Hahah that sounds wonderful to me. Now that, that would really be something.
Also reminds me of the fact I haven't looked at the news or newspapers (except the campus paper) in a long time.
Feels great to check out or CNN to see what's going on around the place, back home or around the world.

Short film sounds like a fantastic idea. You've got the equipment, a big talent pool to work from, and right now, hopefully you have the time.
Maybe, or maybe not. But as per usual, it's now or never.

Charlie: I'm not sure if I've helped the download/broadband issue much on my site atm.
I've reduced the number of visible posts on the main page but the more recent posts have had many pictures on them. A few more posts and those picture posts will be archived.

Yeah updating the journal's great because (a) it allows me to collect my thoughts, (b) it allows me to share any (hopefully) interesting, and culturally different, experiences, and (c) it's good to keep a record for the future.
I just need to find the time sometimes to do it, and the more you "fall behind" the more time it takes to update the next post because more stuff has happened! hah yeah.
Yeah that's what I noticed about the sunset shot before I went for the camera. The clouds.

Hmm boy just got home again after a heavy night. Good fun again though. (By the way it's 1pm the next day [Sunday] )
Whoops. Another exam tomorrow. Some prep, *maybe*.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

down for the short film.

Got this in my CSE email:
Yi, interested? Third year now, we really ought to be doing
something 'more' than just uni. I'm interested in the short
film and dx9 rendering.

Very nice sunset shot, I especially liked those backlit clouds and half-concealed sunset sun.
Keep those cameras rolling.


Stephen Covey: "Humility is the mother of all virtues".

Thanks, and don't make updating your journal a burden, make it something you look forward to.

Mardi Gras implies gay and gay = happiness, same difference.

Theoretically, this should be our festive season too, before uni starts you know. What does everyone have up their sleeves?

Quote from Paul Mooney:

Woman: Negrodamus, why is President Bush so sure Iraq has weapons of mass destruction?
Negrodamus: Because he has the receipt.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I image my self sitting near the ion canon. I am reading The New York Times and wearing my sunglasses.
You walk pass, not noticing.
"G'day John."

James: Good to hear Purdue's Physics Dept is in good google shape.

Charlie: I've tried to rectify the dial-up issue with my blog.
I think the simplest method is just to limit the number of posts on the main page.
Originally I had it at 40 posts on the front page.
Since I've set up that site, I've been on awesome broadband (HK then here) so I've never had a problem.
But yeah now I've limited it to 10 posts, less if you want. But we'll give that a shot.
It's still a lot of pics I know, because in each post I can post 12 or 13 pics easily, as I have in my latest update.

I've been MIA for the past 1.5 or 2 weeks due to unbelieveable workloads and/or dieing sickness flu this week which I'm just recovering from now.

And it's 6am Saturday morning now for crying out loud so I'm going to get some sleep before another hectic weekend of work and getting out.

Oh yeah it's the Mardi Gras season here.
And here in the U.S., Mardi Gras *isn't* for gay and lesbians.
It's a huuuuge festival celebration thing so yeah.
Just thought you might like to know that.

Anyway, sleep time, and I've finally updated my journal fyi.

i hate hypocrits.

less is more

a long time ago
we used to be friends
but i haven't thought of you lately at all
if ever again
a greeting i send to you
short and sweet to the soul i intend

come on now honey
bring it on bring it on yeah
just remember me when
you're good to go.

The universe records everything in its 4D matrix; nothing goes unoticed.

Friday, February 20, 2004

You can do better than that lazy quote Darren...

Thats what the quote implies. If you are punctual, then nobody else will be. So all your efforts go unnoticed.

This reminds me of someone..

The problem with being the only one punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

Yet another quote:

Another Quote:

"The problem with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it."


Russian President Vladimir Putin in reference to Chechen separatists and the recent blast in Moscow's underground train:

"Russia does not negotiate with terrorists. It annihilates them."

Come on, we all do it.

The only possibility is if Eric's phone had electronics made by Matsushita.
Yes, that must be it.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

what are the chances of the calculator function of eric's phone malfunctioning compared to his incompetence in performing the required input functions?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I was manipulated by the wills of drivers =)

Just to clarify, the figures were right that night, just that Eric miscalculated using his trusted phone. We were off apparently by 10 bucks which was just corkage fees.

I googled "fluid dynamics Pscal" for my physics tut questions
and the first website that came up (ie. If I hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button)
was physics.purdue. =)

Hrmm, I dunno about that. I gave notes only and didn't bother retrieving change...but then again Benny did wrestle the notes off of me. It was upto him to give the money to Eric XD. I don't think anyone in our group would try to get away with free food. I trust our group completely when it comes to money.

The problem probably lies in getting change back or missing the target by a bit. The missing amount probably didn't benefit a a large sum over few select people, but rather a larger group over smaller amounts, those who either missed a bit off the mark or collected a bit more off the mark in change which is why I never bother retrieving change if its less than $5. I think its probably a larger collection of people who didn't have spare gold coins to pay the remaining balance. Although it couldn't have been last night seeing as Eric paid for drinks, maybe at other times it could have been people forgetting to include their drinks and only counting the meal.

We should devise a foolproof method of accounting and call it the Iron Fist (full of dollars). Its really bad if it gets to the point where we have to tick off names and the amounts given by each when its among trusted friends...

Just a point about last night, how come every time we seem to go out for dinner organised by eric, we always seem to not have enough money pooled to pay for the bill? Is it because we cant count? or is someone trying to get away with free food?
I am not suggesting anyone in particular by the way, it just surprises me that a group of asians majoring in such things as actuarial studies, economics, aerospace and engineering can count.

And another thing; iced chocolate with no whipped cream is a crime against nature..

No comment about driving test today.. although my result doesnt start with 'P'..

Where did you go anyway Charlie? You disappeared after the dinner

Lets go shopping!

Life's a bitch Marc, but it goes on.

Eric insisted on going through amber lights even though he was the leader of a 5 car convoy.

Due to popular demand, though I don't know why, I'll post up my shitty day details.

09:00am Woken up early by TV extras interviewer
11:00am Driving sister to work.
11:30am Bringing clothes back in only moments after hanging them out. Time consuming

Now the stuff that pissed me off...

12:30pm Driving around St Leo/Crows Nest/North Sydney/Jono's place parking several times over several areas for 1/2 hr. Realising its gonna be one of those days
13:00pm Realising there is no spot where I can park for 4-5hrs
13:15pm Paying bridge toll to get to uni when I could have gone for free from home and not wasted time and petrol pissfarting around north sydney
13:45pm Get to uni. Park at Doncaster. Catch the 399 to the city to meet up with the Fab 5
13:50pm Looked at bus ticket. Realised I got on the wrong bus. It was the CFN express that went to central.
14:05pm Walking from Central upto Midcity to meet Fab 5.
14:20pm Many calls to get exact location. Found them eventually. Siesta from shitty stuff.
16:50pm Lost contact with group while getting drink. Coles Express has 2 people serving about 15 people at a snails pace. I just wanted to buy one drink for $1.71 - Efficiency. After getting out, was told to go to starbucks.
17:00pm Starbucks. No one there. Call Benny. They at QVB, backtrack half the distance walking there in first place
18:00pm Stuck in peakhour traffic. Fun. Another siesta during dinner.
22:30pm Exit restaurant. At Petrol Station. Going on convoy. Plan was Eric to meet up at Bay St
22:35pm Lost the convoy at the very start, it was the second red light of the trip. At least Han had enough decency to wait, the rest just carried on.
22:50pm Can't make out directions. Had to do a cut across the 3 lanes. Han was following and got beeped.
23:00pm At Bay St. Waiting for Eric. Call. Eric says he took a wrong turn. Will be there at Bay St soon to meet us.
23:10pm At Bay St. Waiting for Eric. Wondering where the hell Eric is. Call again. He's at the ice creamery already with everyone else and does not bother to call the other half of people.
23:15pm At Bay St. Waiting for Eric to pick us up. Wondering if the place is closed making our trip to double bay obsolete. If that being case, then kick Eric's arse on his birthday. 20 kicks divided by 6 people. No wait, 20 kicks multiplied by 6 people.
23:20pm Finally at ice creamery. Extremely pissed off at everything that has happened today.

There, you two wanted it on the blog. It wasn't that bad, I've had worse not that I can remember. Just one of those fucking days that make you want to scream out in pure rage at the situation. Not at any person in particular...except maybe Eric seeing as he was leading the convoy and decides to forsake or forget half the group.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Don't worry about it, I will check your post more often when I'm at uni

John, where hath you been these last few decades? Camp??!

Darren, it's up to you. The book itself does say 'sequel to a brief history of time' and one would hope it's not similar to the first book. I think it does have some new stuff like M-theory and P-brane.

damn, should have got her this for Valentines Day..

Yay, its "blog at work" time.. why? because i can..

Charlie: Sorry, wasnt able to see the blog until today.. but I guess its my bad for not calling.. ah well, theres no hurry, and if what James says its right, then there is not that much incentive in wanting to read it.
Also, you could view Jono's blog with image loading turned off, and view images at your discretion.. thats if your browser supports it, like Opera. Mozilla seems to randomly decide images to load.. none of the blog images are loaded when i view with mozilla.. peculiar.

Kwong: yay, my car is finally roadworthy (according to RTA Driving Test standards) so no more deferring of the test. I will either pass or fail.

James: I have seen the Nutshell book before. $60 seems to be the market price, and the content in it was very similar to the first book, just that there was another 'dimension' to it:colour. Theres even an ad for it inside the back cover of my Brief History Of Time book.

Monday, February 16, 2004

what a crappy present!

instead of image sourcing, u can hyperlink the images

he's a walkie talkie!

how about if you copy and paste the content of your new posts to this blog, so charlie can view only the newest one?
that would defeat the purpose of your blog though.

Charlie: haha sorry about that. The new posts should load before the pictures from old posts load shouldn't they?
i.e. you should be able to read the new posts while old ones take their time?

I'm not quite sure how to do what you're requesting though. I could upload smaller pictures but that takes more time to create thumbnails etc, and right now I'm findinng it a bit difficult time-wise to even just update my blog
but i'll see what i can do, maybe put fewer pictures up in the future

Also just if you're bored you might have seen this site before but it's brilliant

because we don't always get what we want.

Telstra cable is now $59.95 for 10GB O_o;;

I like complaining about cheaper plans I want

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Johno, is there a way you could perhaps enable your every new post be displayed on a new webpage so for us poor dialupers we don't have to load every pic you posted every time we check your blog. It takes aeons and more often than not it discourages me from checking.

Darren: I will be at the city, UTS to be exactly for an Aiesec meeting on Monday at 5.30pm. Perhaps we could met up earlier and I deliver the book?

James: Could it be that because it was hard to understand that you don't remember anything?

Friday, February 13, 2004

Darren, I'm still down... yeah I guess we can pool it as well

Hey marc just go to =)
Whole website dedicated to that strange little asian guy.

Nutshell is not a sequal as much a re-write for the younger audience; Hawking said he wanted to make it more accessible to teens and the like. With all those pretty pictures and all, it sounds like a marketing scam to me!

I don't remember anything from A Breif History of Time. There's a similar book, called "The Elegent Universe" which is written much clearer and structured better. And most importantly, I can remember something from it! It's by Brian Greene if any of you are interested.

But I give up following popular physics. One day it's 10 dimentions, then it's 21. One day it's superstring, then it's dark boson yungu mass. I''ll read it once they come to some damn consensus.

For the american idol fans out there, here's a little treat. A remix of your favourite contestant

She Bangs is no longer a song by Ricky Martin. For those who still don't have a clue what I'm on about, look at this first

Charlie: I shall take you up on that offer of reading "The Universe In a Nutshell", although I dont know how you will be getting it to me anytime soon.. unless you'd like to rendezvous in the city around lunchtime, while i have my lunchbreak. I read "to Kill a Mockingbird" for english.. and watched the film as well.. it was a good read (the book) although the work we had to do on it wasnt all that exciting..

Kwong: cool, lets go there after i get my license. you still able to take me, right? Also, what trains have you been catching? it takes me about the same time (40-50 mins) as it used to to get home.. although i have been getting expresses just before peak time.

John: hey John! what's occupying your time nowadays?

and now to nobody in particular: Hey, is Benny on strike? package workers were on strike at Australia Post for a while.. did he also take industrial action or just time off?

Oh and Yi: Thanks for the VI Cheat sheet

Oh no!!!

BTW, I'm curious as to how the crappy train services have affected the people who rely on it for work? It has taken me from 1.5hr - 2hr to get from the city to home in the past few days... plus I have not travelled on an airconditioned train for some time, even in peak hour.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Rockets at Woomera.

Rockets and refugees...they got everything! It'll be the next tourist attraction

Jono pay more attention in class instead of taking fotos of your lecturer!
I think your dynamics knowledge is currently in a better state than mine.
LoL James... grilled?! Even for me, both those Hawkings books are hard to comprehend!

Hey James I still have your copy of the "Brief History in Time". I shall deliver it the next time we meet, if I remember. Meanwhile there's a copy of the sequel "Universe in a Nutshell" I have yet laid eyes on. Darren would you like to have a read first? Lately I've also tried desperately to finish my first ever English book "To Kill a Mocking Bird" from page 1 through to the last page. A practice of self-control and persistence that one tends to lack.

James: Grilled? Uni wise? Fark yeah man I don't recall UNSW even has this much work...Or perhaps I wasn't Salsa dancing and bumming out so much taking pictures back at UNSW. Yeah that might be it.

This workload seriously doesn't get better each week. Can't believe it's Wed night already and I've got not only all my usual all-nighter-style homework due, I've got a Fortran project too. BIATCHHCHCHCHCHCH

Even though, as hard and voluminous (if that's a word) as it is, it gets more interesting by the day:
Sorry they're a bit blurred, lecture hall was dark ish. No time to photoshop or anything either (not that that would help so much blurriness). Anyway

Will be updating my blog sometime near the weekend when I can breathe a bit easier

You've been GRILLED as of late. That's the word.


Cue Time Billiard Centre
7 Carrington Street, Castle Hill

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

well, i'm back in sydney now, and have been since monday arvo.

since my previous postings, i have learnt a few things.. and want to clarify a few things too (thanks kwong...)

-I bought 'A brief History Of Time' by Mr Hawking.. and finished reading it today; Quite a pleasant read. Wish i knew what he was on about..

- ""things are generally slower here" Even the people? :)" well, that depends what you mean by 'slow'. the mean age in adelaide is higher than other major cities, so they would not have as fast reactions as us young people.. so in terms of physical movement, then yes, people are slower in adelaide.

- I took my driving test at castle hill, 2 days before i left for adelaide..

- sydney can get more exotic, just got to know where to look.. (i dont though)

- more clarification, charlie; i am working in sydney, not in adelaide. the work can be described as.. miscellaneous. i've been a cleaner, switch operator, caretaker (read: cleaner) and filer.

- bike tracks in adelaide are very scenic. there are seperate roads for bikes, and trails lead in and out of suburbs, with plenty of cafes/wineries/cheeseries to stop at. also the views are quite lovely. but there doesnt seem to be time for that sort of thing.

- yeah, pennant hills <-> epping bike ride.. it'll be fun. just not in the next week, as the temp is lik 34+ degrees..

- cfn, whats that?

- hi JONO!!!! you'll never guess what i found... yr 10 formal pics of you!! back when you had less bump mapping and were not as tall.. anyway.. yeah things are good atm.. i'll let you (and most likely everyone else on this blog) know of any fluctuations to my life vector..

- oh yeah, pool in adelaide was cheap.. $1 a game on a 1/2 size table at this pool parlour, and $8 an hour for the full size tables. played against my dad. best of 5 games. i just managed to win 3-2.. w00t. and apparantly one of the operators of that pool place says theres a new pool place in castle hill, 'cue time' or something. in the new industrial area. gotta check it out someday.. anyone down? (as soon as i find out where it is)

God bless you.

We've come to it at last, the most contraversial movie of our time...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Ripped this off whirlpool.

Yeah my cousin has been using vi over putty and proudly boasts about never having to install a compiler at home

Edit: What a fag, he offers the uncapper online and is also offering ISPs software to detect people breaching their capped speed. He's playing both sides

vi cheat sheet

oh and we may not be going rowing after all...

Darren: Yes that's a girl. Glad to hear Adelaide and job is going well, haven't heard from you in quite some time.

Yi: How dare you you SOB. You never go rowing with me but now, now you do it behind my back, behind the Earth! Sleezy rower. Anywho, have fun!

James: hah good to hear you're checking up on my journal every now and then. Funny you say that, I think that about the moon, and how when I look up at see the moon, you guy's can't. W00t /me steals j00r moon. And also the way the Orion constellation is upside down, I think.
And there's no southern cross. I wanna see the Northern Lights!
Yes, from this latitude.

I trust you are also enjoying summer school, and that everyone seems quite busy lately.
(KWONG! Wait are you bored? can you do my dynamics for me?)

Also was thinking to put some sort of comment page or something so you don't have to post comments about my journal on a separate blog (i.e. here).
Just thought it may be more convenient.
Simplest method may be just for you guys to post comments straight onto my blog. (Okay I'll admit it my blog gets boring when it's just me posting)
What do you guys think? Of course, I would hate to divert attention away from this blog.

I'm also learning all the quirks of the VI editor in's g-...r.-e-a...t....stuff...for Fortran....and editing documents....
Anyway project's due soon needa get back to it.

'cos jamaican me crazy

yep, just back from work.

Down plan James plan.

are you from jamaica?

I got 7. Not as high as you guys. haha pun

My pot knowledge is a fail, second attempt: 7/10, half of which were from identifying patterns with previous shots.

Sunset has the exuberance and vibrancy unsurpassed by any other times of the day. Pity we live in the east coast, not being able to see sun set in the sea horizon.

Monday, February 09, 2004

hehe 9/10 as well.
obviously i enjoy too much pot...

Well Jono, missed your blog for a while and *boom* all those posts.
Cool night shots! Sunset is very nostalgic, I see yours and think, that's
the same sun I took from my window twelve hours ago..

i got 9/10.

Pot or Not?

I'd love to go freshwater fishing actually but I'm not sure if Colo River is good for fishing

Did u really leave the restaurant without paying? First year was fun but it doesn't seem like it'll happen again :(

Char: I don't have work, just uni.

As for exotic, how about we do something at night instead. Day is so unromantic.
We can do a sunrise ops. I hear Double Bay is a good place to view sunrise.
We can fish between the sun rises, assuming the tide is right.
Oh, CFN for old time sakes before that?
Sounds better and better. What else, CFN noodles!!!
Superbowel at 3am and then run out without paying the bill!
Now we're talking!

Two dropships, meet at early evening in the city, maybe a movie and dinner.
CFN, fishing, robbing Superbowel then sunrise photography at Double Bay.
Good Good. I like.


lets go fishing.

oh and james, Adrian and Robin are down for rowing. so there's our 4 man crew. :)

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I do the topless dancing.

Nah fraid no job. Been sifting through online adverts and throwing some suitable over to James once in a while

Come up to Pennant Hills for bike ride.
Darren, you should clarify what you do in Sydney and what in Adelaide. =)

We should very much keep our communications flowing, so even if we're not meeting in person, we're meeting in spirits.

Darren are you working down in Adelaide? bikeriding? my bike tyre's flat and have been dormant since high school. Could we attempt something else? Like flying a kite, never tried that.

James how do you balance 5 day summer session and work simultaneously?

Butters do you have a job yourself?

As for myself, family issues are taking up much of my time. Two of the latest obligations include:

A family friend who, to much of our surprise, happened to be an illegal immigrant. He was recently caught by DIMA and
sent to Villawood detention centre. For the few times our whole family got together, we spent our sunday visiting him.

My older cousin's son recently arrived in Australia to study, beginning at ESL school tomorrow. Though 3 years younger than me, there's a generation's gap. Since I'm the most idle member of the family, naturally I was assigned the responsibility to take him around and teach him how to use our transport system.

What is everyone else up to?

I meant just how exotic do you want it to be. Sorry, not thinking straight

your the question you posted in the last sentence of your post is answered in the one above it.

"things are generally slower here" Even the people? :)

They're that tight on driving tests even in Adelaide?

It was reported in the newspaper that that KFC had roach problem a couple of years ago.

I found another job for you James

This is Sydney, just how exotic can it get?

If you guys are down for a small outting just outside of Sydney then I can say that Colo River is a really nice place. Its several kms east of lithgow which is 150km NW of Sydney CBD. Supposedly NSW's biggest or cleanest freshwater river, can't remember which but probably cleanest. In some parts the water is crystal clear if you can find a nice shallow sandy part of the river which reaches upto your waist. Theres also no problem drinking the water either, just make sure u don't urinate upstream.

Hi Darren,

I think everyone, or most people at least are pretty busy with their own agendas these days.
We do meet up every now and then, but it seems people are all occupied in some forms:
- I'm doing 5 day / week summer session
- Benny's got work
- Charlie's got family activities
- Yi's got kids (there you go Jono!)
- Jono's in USA with his Al-Qaeda friends
- Marc's looking for work for me
- Spain's getting bitten
- Lynn's biting
, just but a few examples of the wierd and wonderful.

I'm on Optus now, I paid for installation. I am still happy Jan.
I think that's a girl at BYO
I was stuck at Town Hall due to gas leak too
The KCF at Town Hall is on my "To be demolised list"

Regarding bike riding, perhaps we can find a more exotic location.

greetings from adelaide..

where the roads are straight,
the parking's cheap,
and the alcohol is oh so plentiful.. i've bought 3 bottles of wine already

finally managed to use a comp for a while, so i might use this opportunity to vent a few things.. (verbally)

1. what is everyone doing these days? hardly ever see anyone anymore.. maybe its because i'm working.. (until the 20th of feb) anyway, i've got an idea, who wants to go bike riding at centennial park one weekend? an expression of interest will be appreciated.

2. Q. whats the difference between me and my Provisional license?
A. the middle brake light.

Because the middle brake light on my car did not work when i was supposed to take my driving test (again), i was unable to take it again.. the reason being that if your car has 3 brake lights installed, then they must all be working at the time that i take the test. so i'm, hoping for third time lucky.

3. was anybody (that i know) caught up in the crowds at the city train stations on wed? i was able to avoid them thanks to harris park (for a change), although it did take about 15 mins longer than the usual bus ride. but i'm not complaining.

4. Yi, Telstra have extended their $0 installation offer until the end of this month, whereas Optus have yet to start to offer theirs. Plus I will not get a 10% discount if i 'opt for optus'.. so i shall be putting all my eggs in the telstra basket for now..
also, for session 1, i'm doing AI, Soft Eng and Soft Cons. and for S2, i'm doing Comps, brains and minds, graphics and uh.. HCI.

5. what sound does an axolotl make? they also make good pets, and can regenerate lost limbs.. i'd like to see a cat or a dog do that..

6. is that a GIRL in that BYO at Perdue photo (left of the blurry faced guy)? your BYO's are weird...

7. adelaide KFC sux.. dont give in to the temptation.. and speaking of adelaide, things are generally slower here; its a good place to retire.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

BYO at Purdue:

In one of the residence halls tonight.

Some things will never change, whereever you find yourself.


Haha. Care for some justification?

I've said it here before and I'll say it again, now with greater certainty:
"Yi's going to make a great father."

Friday, February 06, 2004

lets have a traffic light party!!

dodo dodo internet that flies

No more table, pal! Where are you going?!

go asdf!

Considering widening to Broadband. Any recommendations for services around $35-$50.
Download limit is not a big issue, don't need 1gb a day, maybe 1gb + a month.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Telstra cable is still better value I reckon. I wouldn't want to pay another $10 for 2gb extra if it weren't so much of a hassle to change. Telstra also has free content. In fact almost all the ISPs you guys use have some sort of free content, eg free iinet user to user transfer. Optus? Jack shit.

I was so disappointed when I found out the new plans were nothing like the drafts. If they really had free unmetered access to aarnet I would have made them pay for cancelling netstat. Guess it was too good to be true

haha James I believe they call it a Mosaic
i.e. a collage of shots the rover has taken
So not all photoshop, only partly so.

I find one of the most amazing things is the lack of depth perception there. That's phenominal.

George Bush nominated for nobel peace prize...

just realised you need to "Proceed to Enrol" after you have added courses.

arh well.
so what are people doing for S1 and S2?
i will be frantically checking available courses come Feb 28.

Darren, Optus will be having a $0 installation offer soon.
... sorry James. :P

Record time for enrolment at a uni course? half an hour
Record time for awakeness? 49 hours, 30 minute micro sleep
Hours spent on Star? timeless
Hours will spend on Star? timeless multiplied by zero

Wow, Mars. Vast plains of nothingness.


If only cameras have the focal range of the world's top telescopes.

What a bullshit resolution camera. It's all photoshop.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

9MB of MechWarrier2 terrain.

love the little dune and tracks where the ball bounced.


I wonder where everybody is these days....

HiRes of Meridiani Planum, Mars (9MB) ... Opportunityyyyyyy

Monday, February 02, 2004

ironic how you study law..........

I agree. But they have those penalties to stop people from evading fares. Fare evaders do deserve that large of a penalty because they are trying to cheat the system. Just unlucky you got caught without a pass even though you aren't an evader.

Guess that makes you and I in the same boat - just unlucky people, wrong place at wrong time.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

$293 for parking somewhere where you shouldnt have and having to pay to get your car back isnt so bad..

$200 for losing a piece of plastic (concession card) is bad..

hmm.. i'm peeling too john, and pleeing as well. to get my fine revoked..

anyway, time for some good news..

I'm getting cable!!!! on the 23rd.. the lanes of the information superhighway shall be increased significantly for me... w00t

Who wants to go fishin?!!!

i am peeling.

FYI I have a redirection at my site now

just easier to remember.

Thats true. In terms of administration costs a towing fine would cost more. In fact thats what half the fine was, an RTA reimbursement to the car towers while the other half was paid to the IPB fags who go around marking cars.

But in terms of public policy of using money as a punishment, its ridiculous

I can see again! I can see! My vision was capped at 28.8k...seriously, I couldn't see the images