Saturday, December 31, 2005

Marc: Thanks for organising the runabouts; perhaps I can contribute to solving the problem as it's my parent's wedding anniversary. Hence, I (and perhaps John...) won't need to be counted in the list but most likely do let us know what you're doing in the evening as we would like to join you :)

Now, to either reduce the numbers by another two, or increase the amount of people in each runabout...

Someone chain SMSed me saying I should stay off the streets tonight. Thanks, thats about as useful as saying I shouldn't skydive because theres a risk I might die.

However I do appreciate your concern. Thanks.

Thats $65 each runabout. Assuming 5 people in each, thats $13 each. I was thinking last night and we may have a problem.

Possible people attending:


Yeah, if your maths is as good as mine, that may add up to more than 10. We may be able to stretch it to 6 per runabout but I'm not sure of the possibilities and I'm not sure if I should call back to confirm in risk of exposing ourselves should we not be allowed. I've booked them nevertheless because that was the plan. Also we need to organise food today. Jono, I'm going back to sleep and waking in 2 hours time. Don't forget NYE stuff may close earlier (before 12pm)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Correct Kwong, 2 runabouts after 2:30pm, only 1 in the morning.

Preferrably avoid exiting at 12-3pm especially in a runabout because I'm not sure how much shade there is in a runabout at the hottest part of the day.

We can't all fit into a single runabout as this is not Medina. They can see us from the shed and stop us. I'd imagine that there is a good reason for not letting overcrowding of a boat ie if we sink with 10 people and have only 5 lifejackets.

I don't have a lot of phone credit so can you all have your home phone numbers handy and get to sleep a little earlier tonight to get ready in case we can go. Check here early tomorrow to see if its a go (~8-9am). If it is, most probably meet at Jono's place except for KJ, Darren and Kwong who can probably go directly there as it would be quicker for them.

Alrighty folks, this is whats going to happen in a matter of hours..

Der Wasserfall Crew and Friends Annual New Years Eve Day Activities and Soiré

9am11am: get to Jono's place
1:30pm: lunch at crows nest
2:30pm: get to boating place that is at the Basin, somewhere near Palm Beach
6:30pm: leave for Jono's place for soiré
Disclaimer: Intinerary subject to change without notice. Ice Kachang bears no liability, expressed or implied as to the content of the above itinerary or to the quality or availability of the above mentioned events.

What to bring: bring some alcohol, some alcohol-compatible food, something entertaining (animate or inanimate)

Hopefully we can engage in some theatresports at Jono's. For those of you not familiar with the term 'theatresports', please consult an episode of 'Who's Line is it Anyway', one of the funniest shows to ever grace our TV and Computer screens. Also, this itinerary is relying on the fact that we have a booked boat at our 2:30pm destination.

Plans for Der Wasserfall Crew New Years Day Celebrations will most likely fall into the CFN or 'do whatever it takes to stay out of the sun' category.

Oh yes, Jono's address is (read backwards) yendyS htroN ,tS tseW 82/3. See you there.

Allo all,
New home phone number: 9029 1926

Old number 89201805 will be getting cut

Call me on it sometime, give it a try. Apparently we're using VoIP

By the way if people are having trouble posting go to and post to Der Wasserfall from there (you'll need to log in)

yeah I'm down for the boat thing, sorry late notice, only just got home from blue mountains

Half day is fine for me as well.. just one of the boats is fine by me, but if there is enough interest to get both of the boats, that would be great, as 2 boats are better than one.

FYI, tomorrow's temperature is expected to be around 36 degrees.. so an arvo boat trip sounds good.. (no sarcasm expressed or implied in this sentence)

Marc, so there's 2 runabouts available from 2:30pm onwards?

How about we go for half day?

Too late, the big boat is gone and only 1 runabout in the morning and 2 from 2:30pm. Looks like we need another plan.

I'll follow up tomorrow morning to see if there have been any cancellations, but I doubt it. So, what will it be now?

I'm down for boating day time activities

Highlight of CFN

GTA manoeurves to dodge the cops with Charlie

nooo, blog this thing is all different.. again

4 hours is fine for me, and the big boat is fine for me too. Count me in for the big boat thing.

We saw the heart on as we were crossing the bridge last night. Apparantly its supposed to be throbbing.

What about food and drink peoples? Somebody going to take care of it, or should I?

Marc when do you have to book the boat by? I am down. Hopefully more people reply soon.

The basin:

Barrenjoey Marine Services has 1 Big Boat (10ppl) for hire from 10-6pm for $240.

Alternatively they have 2 Runabouts (5ppl each) for hire for 4 hours for $65 each so the big one is slightly cheaper if we go for that long.

Is 4 hours visit to the basin enough? If it is, I'll book the big one for half-day.

Please reply ASAP because the big one won't last long. Its the only one they have left.

What the hell did they do to BlogThis? It won't post anymore.

So the camera is actually good for something.

When did they turn that on? They've gone a bit simplistic this year.

-one love

Edit: pwned. Turns out JB HiFi is still the cheapest for DVDs probably. House was $6 cheaper than the cheapest place on DVDplaza


Originally uploaded by Der Wasserfall.
Lots of lurve for the coming year!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sure, no worries Marc

ah - when is this LAN happening????


Ok guys, plan for NYE? It's two days away.


Three men go into a motel. The man behind the desk says the room is $30, so each man pays $10 and they go to their room. Later, the man at the desk realises the room was only $25 and sends the bellboy with $5 change. The bellboy can't work out how to split $5 between three so gives each man $1 and keeps $2. This means each man has paid $9 (total $27), add the bellboy’s $2 = $29. Where is the missing dollar?

A: The man at the desk kept it

B: The guests never paid it

C: It's the wrong question, there is no missing dollar

okay marky marky
2 flights of stairs boosts your fitness and heart rate and good ventilation is no problem at night

furthermore, where are you

PS deh attitude comes from watching too much scrubs while waiting for j00r presence

Hash can I have the network and the soundcard back later?

I have returned!

Wow - Adelaide was nice, weather was good (cept for a few hours when it rained while in the city).

Interesting things about Adelaide

  • 27th is ALWAYS a public holiday - no shopping centres are open

  • People there are nice - we asked one guy where the busstop was and he pretty much gave an outline on the most efficient forms of travel to and from the city

  • Subway Chicken Parmesan is nice - now my most fav choice at Subway

  • No internet sucks real bad, esp. if u downloaded 2 movies in rar format which require passwords to decompress properly

  • Art Gallery in Adelaide was orsome - it had real art, not some retards rendition of a black line in a blue sqaure (done by painting a black line thru a blue square)

I was thinking that but the Attic isn't a great choice having to lift all that stuff through 2 flights of stairs furthermore not having really good ventilation, especially in summer.

yeah that'd be fine

have heaps of space in the attic

just needa make sure we have all the equipment
routers, cables etc

So not down for CFN. I've definately had enough of going home at 5am.

CFN has again lived up to its name as the Charity Fund Network.

If you really want to BF2 then I propose we go to your place Jono and bring our comps with us. I'm down for LAN coz we haven't done it in ages. You don't have much space at ur place, but its the most available at least.

Just a thought.

my msn is "moc.oohay (appropriate symbol) natubmar_rm" backwards. Tricky..

wanna come?

char john kwong meeting at my place at midday :)

PS what a coincidence i checked the blog now

PPS dude what's your MSN?

PPPS don't know if kwong's driving, bro may have car, so you should drive if you can, and be a doll :)

Can your notice get any later....

I should be able to go, but I'm not sure about a follow up cfn afterwards.. Kwong if you read this, and you are driving... well, you know..

lol many read the blog as i'm typing..

James, are you still alive? Off the face of the earth, you have dropped.

Well for everyone else, beach tomorrow, maroubra or coogee not sure

leaving my place around midday
going for fish n chips lunch probably maroubra or coogee too

and dinner at night

so far john linda kwong and i

EDIT: talk about late notice

It was hilarious how she was given the bow for the entire duration of the movie and she never used it until after the battle climax when she pops one single guy.

Almost every frame of Aslan looked like what a real lion would look like, his coat glistened in the sun as would a real coat, he walked like a lion walks, but of course he doesnt talk like one.. he talked like Liam Neeson talks..

I saw a test rendering of the Aslan lion walking with 2 girls, and from that you really cant tell the difference. It was that good. That test was actually better than most of the movie renderings in my opinion, now if only I can find a link to it..

The battle simulations used the same software as used in LOTR, but I forget its name.. Each entity in the battle behaves according to some set of rules, and unique emergent behaviour of the units is a a result. Its really neat.

So, Narnia.. a visually spectacular film, but in the end, still a kid's story. Susan shoots a dwarf/gnome with an arrow and gets crowned Queen Susan the Gentle.. Peter draws his sword 5 times in the same way for vastly different occasions, lets a wolf fall on it, and trys to hack at the queen, but to no avail, then he becomes the Magnificent King.. and other silly points like that..

Noooo, partitioning of friends on NYE is happening again.. Jono, lets use your house.. we can watch the fireworks with your telescope from your single window on your 3rd floor..

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

btw someone with a dark blue/pink beach towel left it with me

who's towel is it?

Benny, do your relatives like BF2?

My house is out for NYE, parents are getting relatives over for my sister's caneage of my UAI.

I'll be at a friend's house at night too...

So yeah I'm out for night time NYE activities.

But when the weather is fine I'll be with you XD

Hilight of Narnia - Harry Greg
Lowlight of Narnia - Poor acting by children. I probably couldn't have done better ("DON'T MOVE! SHUT UP!") but for a "box office" performance it should have been better.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

JAMES come down to CFN tonite ^^

Good article. Marriage is not doomed -- one just needs a man who changes from a provider of 'youthful sex', to 'parental protection' to 'old companion'. So A (and) B (and) C; but any less -> Divorce.

For those who want to watch Narnia, and go to the beach, here is the plan:

Meet at Jono's place at 11am.
12:50pm session at the Randwick Ritz.
4:00pm beach.

mmm also, not trying to sell camping too much, but if you can/want to come but are not sure, then there may not be many more times when so many people will be free all at the same time; next year most will have graduated and will be travelling or working (perhaps even through the Christmas/NYE gap week, and working mostly sucks a bit, as both Yi and I have discovered in varying amounts :)

But yeah, just a thought.
So come if you can! It'll be super relaxed.

haha interesting article darren, I think paragraph 1 on page 5 summarises the whole article well.

Monday, December 26, 2005

SMH perusing led me to this article.. not entirely relevant to us at this stage in life, but still an interesting read due in part to the fact that the author has also written an autobiography on Carl Jung..

Movie watching is entirely up to those who want to watch it.. I just made a suggestion, and if you dont want to watch, then its all good..

And in other news, it turns out I HAVE been paid for my job (awesome cool) but the details of my payment from the uni are not available.. Just can win them all..

Allo allo!

Fairly obviously, we're not going camping from tomorrow since we're not at all organised.
We might leave it to wednesday; I think a few of us want to go to the beach tomorrow in the arvo though, who wants to join?

If you'd like to come camping for a few days (say Wed - Fri) join us for the beach thing too, since the other 2 guys coming will be there too, so we can chat :)
If you want to come camping you pretty much don't need any special gear, not even a sleeping bag, just bring a blanket. We can provide other stuff like sleeping mats and tents.

PS except arvo beach might conflict with 4pm narnia

Oh and yeah boating sounds good

Its quite funny how software used to circumvent copy protections require people to pay a price to use their software.

Anyone wanting to watch Narnia tomorrow at George St? its screening every 50 minutes or so from 9:30am.

I was thinking of catching the 4pm screening.. Its a 140 min movie, so it'll be done by 6:30, a good time to go eat or play soccer at the central park or go to cfn..

If not tomorrow, then they are showing it just as often every day for the next week, so any day this week is good.

I was at EB the other day and a mother with her 2 children, no older than 8, came in. Her children handed her a PSP game each and she went to the register to pay for it. The cashier says:

"Ma'am, you do know that Team America and Liberty City Stories are quite violent? I've seen Team America and there's some pretty nasty stuff in it."

Mum has an irritated look on her face.

"Its because we are required by law to tell you that these are for 15+"

Mum: "Yeah yeah just give me the discs so I can get out of here."

What is the availability of everybody over the next few days (27-30th)? I know Jono is going camping, but how about others? Or maybe we can all go camping too. :)

Benny: your place open for us on the 31st?

I can plan for the itinery but can someone call up the boat place please? I am busy with family stuff for the next 2 days and I don't think it's a good idea to leave booking till last minute. I mean, booking on the 27th is pretty last minute to me but it's better than the 28th, 29th. A trip to the Hawksbury will take around 1 1/2 hours? So I suggest a 9am start at Jono's? We will NOT be going into Jono's place, but rather, meet and organise maps and navigators. However, Jono, is it possible to use your toilets for those who might need to empty before a long trip? I think an 11am arrival at the river sounds nice, and getting onto the boat by 12pm sounds nice. I'd say a boating trip for 6 hours, might even include canoeing. I don't know. Then we head back for Sydney by 7:30. How does that sound?

At last, I have found it.. a program that can read picture files in an archive without decompressing them that is NOT ACDSee.. Although ACDSee still has many cool other things you can do.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

You can dance, you can dance, just so you can get in her pants...

Boating day, then back to Benny's or Jonos... sounds good to me

No more christmas stuff happening any more for me today.. anyone want to do something? CFN? soccer? anything?

I vote for the one day boating op. Leave the night to itself.

Told ya all along...start dancing fellas

Actually the article just relates dancing to body symmetry again. My left eye is smaller than my right eye, so i'm screwed. Destined never to reproduce

also an interesting read

Saturday, December 24, 2005

hahahah, sorry boys about the 9am deadline. I've called a few places today, and all of them are booked. Which means I'll have to book online. There were 3 places left, and guess what, max ppls allowed = 4! I know we can sneak people up, but this is a hotel/apartment so turning up with two cars is a lil suss. They said 5...6 is ok, but (without telling them my name) I asked what about 10. Their reply was get two rooms. What to do boys? Can we camp at benny's? Otherwise, we can still go up north for a one-dayer, come back to Sydney and crash at someone's place. IF that is the case, north will mean we go up to the Hawkesbury, rent a boat, fish/bum/beach the boat, and get back down to Sydney.

PS: We will NOT be able to take the bridge on the way back because the bridge will be closed.

I would, if CFN was as close to me as it is to you, or I lived as close or closer to CFN as you did.. or if I didnt have anything on tomorrow.. but I do..

Anyone wanna go CFN now?

Manyyyyy forget about me Benny (and possibly Eric, depends if you read it or not).. I also said yes i'll go.

Its just one more sleep until christmas! That is, if you sleep tonight..

I hope everyone has a festive Christmas Day tomorrow

Definitions of paramour on the Web:
A married man's mistress or a married woman's lover.

Wasn't Charlie, John etc interested? I must be imagining things

By the way James, today is the birthday of not only Howard Hughes, but also of Eva Gardner, once dubbed the world's most beautiful actress.

I'm going to my Grandma's tomorrow Hash. You gonna be home?

So that puts Jono, Kwong, James, Marc, Me and Eric

I called Eric and he says with 6 it's not worth

so any more takers?

What about all your paramours Jono and Kwong?

Eric I know doesn't want to share his... XD

What about you Charlie?

Maaaan that 9am deadline is st00p33d!!! Lucky we replied before theennnnnnn

documentary on japanese sushi

Okay, I'll bring them over next time I go to my Grandma's.

Eric get your ass to CFN right now, we are still waiting.

Eric get your ass to CFN right now, our patience has limits!

Hey Eric, get your ass to CFN right now! We are here waiting for you!

And by the way Eric, Jono and I are coming to the NYE thingy.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I am interested in seeeing what can be done with ur spare comp parts Marc.

heh, such short notice kwong..

if i had read the blog last night or some time earlier this morning, i would have been in attendance.. but i havent been able to get on the comp until now, with all the domestic chores and sleep catching up to do..

bleh forget that, i'm on my way, ahhhhhhhhhhhh......

also Eric, put me down for a 'yeh/me going' to port stephens.. Now to find suitable music to put on my ipod...

marc, i'll buy your old graphics card thing.. hooray, shading technology!

I just fried my old 2400+ while testing it for ebay. If anyone wants to try if it still works then they're most welcome to. I think I may have killed my motherboard while doing it too. I think they're angry at me for ditching them to the curb and would rather suicide than be sold again.

Lessons learnt: AMD is cheaper than Intel for a reason. Do not for a second think that you can afford to be lazy in testing the CPU without proper silver gel on the heatsink. Even if all you want to see is the BIOS screen then turn off.

For free: possibly defective Asus A7v266-E, Fried AMD 2400+ (2000MHz), Possibly Fried Duron (?), The case it came in. I have no need for it.

Good going eric. Stick it to the man. I'm in.

lol. Yi went with Irene? Thats news to me.

OK, guys, I need confirmation for the Port Stephens NYE arrangements. I ain't going to book only to realise no one but me and James are the definites. I'd like a simple SMS or "yeh/me going" on the blog and I will make it happen. Deadline is Saturday 9am. If i don't receive any more "I am going", then I m not going to bother. I think around 10 yes's should be good for the trip. You may answer on your other half's behalf if that applies. Other than that, I can't really plan more. However, we should leave our meeting point (where ever that is atm) by 8:00am.

Remember, 9am Saturday is the deadline. RSVP list is final, and NO ONE can ring any of us up and say, "Last minute decision, I am coming now." SO, with all that aside, please reply and tell whoever you want to invite and get their replies by the deadline, or you/them will miss out.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

With all the short notices popping up these few days, I thought I might add to the list:

Aiming for 3pm session of Walking on the Moon at IMAX tomorrow (Friday). I have some things to attend to before then and if we can't make the 3pm session, the next is at 8pm. If that is the case, then there's plenty of time for CFN and dinner :P

Meeting at George St. cinemas at approximately 2:40pm in any case. For those who work during the day and still want to come (if we go to the later session), then you'll have to give either me or jono a call to see what's going on.

Heh yeah Yi! James beat me to it... :P

Yi -- you're having a ball with Irene aren't you?

hello guys!

seems like you are all having a ball without me..
not to worry, because i am having a ball without you too! :P

thought i might drop you guys a message from Chiang Mai (Thailand).

might upload some pictures later but they are a pain in the arse.. Flickr only allows 20MB a month..

see you guys later!

Yes, thats why me and Darren won.

Billy Colloney's ship is moored right outside my parents office. Is anyone a fan or does anyone bank with ING?


Upgraded yesterday to AMD 64 3500+ (Venice), 1GB RAM, 6800 (normal). Should not have delayed upgrading coz the GT version cost only $320 ($30 more) (none were left) which would have been offset by a special offer that has since expired haha. Such are computers.

Tested it out, but BF2 still lagged (on high settings w/o AA) during intense combat with shells flying all around. Other than that, the same as CFN.

Roadtrip: Its about a month away now. So far 4 people have committed. Scott said he was down but that was a month ago and who knows if he has blown all his money in HK. Anyways, I'm feeling lazy so if no one is committing to the roadtrip then there is no real point in committing to planning it. Its time to pull your fingers out of your arses and make a decision in the next 2 weeks. Optimally we need 2 weeks to plan this thing before we head out the door.

Major things that need resolving:
  • TAS or QLD. I'll put an extra column in the table in the coming week.
  • If we need a second car then who's car?
  • The obvious: planning a more detailed itinerary
Right now, the QLD option will not go to the Rock anymore. Instead we will probably head no further than Noosa (maybe visit the National Park and beaches of course. Farcry if time permits). Coming back from inland will include Tamworth.

As we now have lots of freed up time we also have time to go to a theme park. The 3-day pass is enticing. It allows visitation to all the major theme parks in the area for $164 ($159 online). No student discounts. But if we do this, then the trip summary will be: Gold coast 3 day park, Tamworth. Wet and Wild is $40 for one day or $60 for 2 days. Haven't checked other park admission fees. Will do it later if we vote for another park.

With TAS we have about 6-7 days. Our time is limited by the schedule of Spirit of Tasmania cruiser. We leave on a Sunday, arrive on Monday. Depart on Sat, arrive back in Sydney on Sun. But 6-7 days is quite enough time to do coastal TAS. Visit some devils etc.

Price quotes have been done for both options. TAS appears on the xls and QLD on the blog somewhere.

I bet some OO techniques would have helped in monopoly

Range sounds fine. Some difficulties are expected, but they aren't insumountable. Trying to close some deals now with your newly earned negotiation skills; things will only get harder as we creep toward new years.

Good luck -- we're all behind you.

Thanks James for hosting. Our M&A strategy in Monopoly proved to be quite successful when a very liquid "couple" merges with a SINGLE who owns the very expensive Parklane/Mayfair and other various properties.

Anyway, for NYE, Port Stephens or Nelson Bay, is approximately 3 to 4 hours drive from my place, or 250Kms. You guys still willing to drive 250kms up north? If yes, I will proceed to planning and booking.

EDIT: Hey ppls, I've chek'd the accomodation on the Port Stephens Site . 31st Accomodation doesn't look too good atm. Hire our own boat looks difficult too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ughhhhhhh.... Mission "Get To Work On Time After All Night Monopoly" has failed.

I slept in today, (possibly as a result of the night before) and thus was late for work.. I got to work at the very early time of 2pm, and luckily the boss wasnt in today, or at least he wasnt there when i got there.

Lessons learned:
  • 11:30pm actually means 5:30am
  • I cant seem to keep awake as long as I used to, but then again I havent been sleeping as much as I used to.
  • Monopolistic hubris will lose you the game (of Monopoly)
In other news, I am no longer a graduate; I have been 'ungraduated' and am now an honours comp sci student. Hooray!

They should have thrown boiling hot water on him.

Thanks for hosting James. Monopoly was insane. Lets not do that for a very long time again.

Thanks in advance to Benny for hosting BF2 LAN night. We have (yet again) unanimously decided that this will proceed...without consulting him first. You wanna go where everybody knows your name

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kong was good
Kong was long (Peter Jackson - go figure)
Kong made me feel like a bad bad person.

The movie (if taken seriously) can be a pretty moving picture. It portrays the (or a majority at least) human race as a craven, selfish and ruinous. Even as they proclaim Kong as the 8th wonder of the world, they capture and bind him in chains.

And they don't even have the sense to keep him permanently in a stupor.

LOL -- you're friggen hilarious John.

Bring back some fibre glass for us.

haha exciting...

mmmm I wanna BF2....I actually like spending a lot of time outside of planes now (in the game I mean, not at work)

Good that means I won't have to deal with you and your stupid M16, jono. If only Kwong was sick now...>:) is starting to suck a bit

I just wanna BF2!! wheee

woahh, Hash is up so early..

even though by the time of that post Jono has been at work for almost an hour..

CFN would be cool after work, as long as there are around 6 of us to make it worthwhile

Hash, do you want some OO notes/past assignment(s)?

Well u guys can CFN if u want.

I have an OO lecture at 6, so I have to leave fairly early

I wanna go out tooo!!!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Kwong, you put the Charity in CFN

So what's the plan for tomorrow? Anyone want to go to CFN as well? :)

Yeah Supercheap is on.

However, City "Super cheap" is still $7.50, unlike $5.50 at ritz or something less at Eastgardens

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Are you sure supercheap is on? School Holidays have started. (Also means that there is less space now)

If anyone is interested in seeing King Kong, I am trying to organise a group for this super cheap tuesday

What : King Kong
Where : Greater Union George St, Town Hall
Date : Tues 20th Dec, 2005
Time : 2:10 screening

seems like tables are not liked here

Yeah man, I can't remember the last time I stayed up so late as to see the sun rise heh.

Hearing's all fine John. I slept like a log until 4PM. The drive back was awesome; the sky had this awesome azure blue about it and the moon was just between the street lights.

I also came home to see my yeast fully active. (left it from yesterday) So going to bake some fresh pizza and bread.

Thanks for coming everyone; should do it again, with superbowel before school starts.

What an interesting night yesterday night was

Thanks John and Linda for inviting us to Carols

BF2 was awesome

and a very big thanks to Kwong, James and Darren for staying around to help when my car alarm wouldn't switch off at 5am. I hope your hearing is all okay?

Anyone want my old P (green and red) plates? They haven't been used much and don't have those stupid speed limit numbers on it.

Immunology, Hash is gonna replace Dr Cameron.


well for me its


[6] Object Oriented Programming


[3] some Gen Ed
[3] Thesis A
[6] Commercial Biotechnology
[6] Immunology 1


[3] some Gen Ed <-- may be s1 as well


[6] Immunology 2
[12] Thesis B

After some interesting calculations, I need to get an avgerage of 89 over my Gen Eds, Thesis and Comm.Biotech to get a D average.
How doable

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thats the weirdest weather I've seen. Its like dark and ominous outside my computer room, but when I walk to my front yard its all sunshine.

I thought the rumblings were from an aeroplane.

I still have 7 x 8 unit subjects.

This Summer:

Dispute Resolution


Employment Law
Income Tax Law




Intellectual Property
Communications Law
Public Policy Intern: Cyberspace Law

Will probably shuffle it around so I can do IP in S1 later and so the workload is better apportioned.

so how many ppl r finished by the end of this year???

and what have u got next year if u haven't finished
eg. finishing final course subjects, or gen-eds or thesis/honours ???

ACCG352 Applied Portfolio Management 75 D Distinction 3
LAW 406 Business Organisations 59 P Pass 4
LAW 423 Intellectual Property Law 71 CR Credit 4

Think I'm now on ADSL2 with iinet according to my brother

and it's...awesomely fast....browsing whereis is super quick now
zoom zoom

FYI I'm in Sydney for the weekend


Friday, December 16, 2005

Thanks guys. After two bad semesters, I am finally getting better results. You guys are doing great too!! With some of you going into honours, so best of luck.

Anyway, I will be dropping by for some 1st year madness after my friend's birthday party. But didn't we go to starzone during first year?

EDIT: OH...if Tassie's the place for your roadtrip, take the time of driving around the whole island. Apparently, it takes no longer than 2 days of driving! And the roads are full of bends. Great for the driving enthusiasts.

Congratulations Eric on a great session. How frustrating to be one point off from distinction in all 3 subjects, but a fine effort nonetheless.

I have an idea for Christmas.. a Kris Kringle where we all buy each other Star and Broodwar! We will all feel great about having star and brood on our comps and being able to connect to battlenet without any hassles. And at the price that it is now, it would be easy on the pockets.

LOL James, Superbowel.. is that what you are required to have when eating there or did you simply misspell Superbowl? I would be delighted to attend that, regardless of spelling. I will also be at Lucy's party, albeit late because of baseball commitments.

Marc: well done on an informative spreadsheet, except for the petrol costs to melbourne from sydney when split amongst 6 people should be 65 based on your calculations, as opposed to 66 which you had in the spreadsheet.

PROS for Queensland trip
  • we can go via Newcastle, where we can say hello to Jono and play soccer and go rock climbing!
  • the 3 park superpass is available to the theme parks on the gold coast, which gives unlimited access to the parks for up to 14 days

PROS for Tasmania trip
  • Since Tasmania and Hobart are so small, walking to a beach from anywhere should be no problem
  • Apples should be cheaper
  • Mountain biking would be awesome, and there are plenty of mountains in Tasmania

And in closing, the extended lunch that we took on thursday ended at around 4pm, when the other staff returned from wherever they were and let us back in.

If anyone wants to waste some time, you can waste time looking at my profile thing.. to the right and up of this post.

Eric, are you coming out tomorrow?
There's Lucy's birthday party, carols in the domain and last and the best, CFN/Superbowel/Late-night first-year-esque fun madness.

Join us.

Hahahah James, that might be the case. Well if someone's willing to burn me Brood Wars and lend me a copy of SC, then I'll play. I don't mind playing. Even though i'll just be a lamb in a slaughter house.

If you played star with us last night, you would have got 75 for all.

Congrats Eric, fine results indeed. Your efforts have finally paid off.

BBA 311 Strategic Management II Second Half Year P 63
BBA 316 Business Communication Skills Second Half Year CR 70
BBA 320 Asian Business Environments Second Half Year D 75

2005 Second Half Year ACCG310 Corporate Acc & Reporting 74 CR Credit 4
2005 Second Half Year ACCG323 Financial Acc Theory & Prac 74 CR Credit 4
2005 Second Half Year ACCG353 Corporate Financial Design 74 CR Credit 3

MY FIRST GOOD SEMESTER SINCE END OF SECOND YEAR! And can someone please tell me why they have to give me 74, not for one subject, but all three?!?!?!?

Anyway, anyone interested in going to the Grand Prix next year down at Melbourne during the first weekend of April (31st Mar ~ 2nd April)? If some of your other friends would like to go too, then please pass it on. And if they are ferrari fans, then even better. Muahahah, hey john, Ferrari's pretty fast so's prolly just a taste of their pace for the real F2006. MUAHAHAHAH!!!

The details are as follow:

3-day pass to Jones Stand

Fri Mar-31-2006
Travelers $544.57 each

3-day pass to Fangio Stand

Fri Mar-31-2006
Travelers $380.41 each

3-day pass to Clark Stand

Fri Mar-31-2006
Travelers $330.01 each

Sunday pass to the general admission area

Sun Apr-2-2006
Adults (18 & older) $100.23 each

Children (17 & younger) $73.95 each

3-day pass to the general admision area

Fri Mar-31-2006
Adults (18 & older) $161.51 each
Children (17 & younger) $99.15 each

Personally, I'd like to sit in either the Jones and Fanigo. Jones being the stand located at the first corner and Fanigo located opposite to pit lane. First corner means chaos after start, but it's pretty boring after. BUT you get to see the cars when they slow down. Pitlane is usually a long straight so you get to hear the engine and a line of red(in ferrari's case) speeding to the first corner. Not too sure about the visibility of cars in pit lane.

Its an industrial city so I can imagine peak hour at 6:30am

Here is the amended spreadsheet. Have a look at it, see if it makes sense, do a bit of scrutinising yourself and then make your choice. IMO both are great choices considering they are around the same cost (TAS may be slightly more expensive because I took more time doing QLD).

haha, thanks Butters...

I'm actually handling the 7am starts better than I thought. I aim to get to bed around 9:30pm every night, usually asleep by 10:15pm, get up around 6 pm. Still a bit tired but doable.
I quite enjoy 7am starts more than 9am ones, especially when you avoid peak hour. Early mornings are great. For the summer, at least.
Even then, it's funny, we have our own peak hour at 6:30am as well.

They're not driving me to the ground, but I certainly do want to do my best. It's actually fairly nice, but I must admit that quite often, the qualities of some of the other interns leave much to be desired...

Boeing works you like a dog but what large company doesn't drive their interns to the ground?

Don't worry Jono, it will be worth it in the end. Even if they don't offer you a graduate position (do you think you could handle 7am starts for the rest of your working life?) you get the glitz and glam of Boeing on your CV. As most graduate employers would imagine Boeing has strict requirements for letting you in internship they would be less inclined to scrutinise your application coz Boeing have already done that for them. Thats how its supposed to work anyway.

And I say this from the comfort of my computer chair at home waking at 11:30am...

On other news, Tasmania is a really great place for roadtripping but it would cost quite a lot more to hire cars etc. Its really great cause the islands quite small (as you would know by now) and you can travel all around it leisurely in a few days. I went after my HSC with my uncle and a few cousins and it was great. Its cooler there in Summer too so we won't need to sweat like pigs. I'll add more info to the spreadsheet soon to compare, but I think Tasmania may be more expensive. Less distance on the island but more to travel there (Spirit of Tasmania if we are driving there). Its about 250kms on each side so thats 750kms in total to travel the island...roughly.

Congratulations Darren! wheeeeee

also, yes I was at work at 6:50am
Everyday starts at 7 sharp

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hash: the music from sleeper cell sounds a lot like the work of Harry Gregson

Are you still getting paid to sit in an outside lab surfing the blog and ebaying?

Yay, I have just been confirmed for honours next year! So that means another year of computer scienceness, and also a relinquishment of my current comp sci degree award.

I hope i can still get a decent thesis topic when i can finally enrol on monday or so. Otherwise I may end up continuing this work thing as a thesis, or the less likely case that I think up of a decent topic to undertake.

And in other news, I and the rest of the team at work are still locked out of our room.

Great, I have been locked out of my office at uni (as we dont get the keys) and people who usually let us in are not at uni for now (and may not be until late afternoon.

Furthermore, all my stuff is in there. Good thing that I have my car keys in my pocket, as I drove today, and now I will be able to drive home.

Hmm, now what to do in the meantime..

Window of opportunity: Most likely it will not last 10 days. Most likely it will last around 6-7 days.

20th to 30th sounds good, uses up 4 days of weekend and the rest are weekdays.. I think I can take a week off from work without too much hassle.. I'm supposed to take a week off either next week or 3 weeks from now, but hopefully I can defer that break til then.

Anyone interested in post christmas pre new year activities? That's my compulsory week off work, so I'll be free during that time.. Another candlelight lamb roast soire sounds good James.. and I still owe you $10 from the last one.

6:50 and you are at work Jono? Thats either very early (I usually get up at that time) or you are messing around with the post time/date. But its probably the former. Are you allowed to eat brekky at work?

Ok, enough pre-work ramblings, back to Unreal Tourney..

Amendment to possible dates of Roadtrip. I start class on the 31st so I have to be back in Sydney by 30th ie window of opportunity is 20th-30th

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

it's early...and i'm already at work...breakfast time, it is...
*whinge whinge*

Now that you mention PS3, in the future we won't even have any of these ugly tower cases with separate monitors.

They'll all be slim design all packed to fit into a small space and portable in the same manner as a gaming console (like the shuttle xpc is now). The only thing you need to add is the keyboard, mouse, power and standard video/audio cable connectors. It connects online thru wireless. No more having to change rooms. Its all in one place and put on a gloriously huge LCD (or plasma) rather than being confined to the eye-hurting 17" LCD (or even CRT if you're still one of the unlucky). Go Integration!

Of course this is far from a dream, I'm sure a few people have a similar setup, but its just not commonplace - yet.

Most likely scenario (after James' one about computation on the fly) is gonna be a reversion back to the good old 386 days where you had your CPU and a Maths Co-Processor. Only this time its gonna be vamped up to a god-like FPU with shared EDRAM/cache with the CPU and its gonna paint all those pretty pictures.

There will prolly also be a PPU (Physics Processing Unit) as Darren mentioned, so as to minimize the burdens to each processor.

Alternatively the above 3 cores could all be implemented on a PS3 type Cell system - which would be orsome.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dear Marcus,
I'm glad to see your 'passion' for grammatic padenticism is not directed solely toward me. But I do urge you to edit the StarCraft wiki page. A deviation from clarity is in my mind as grotesque as a factual error.

Lol, my old (redundant) graphics card is better than your current one Darren.

Damn, I'm sorry James. I said I wouldn't do it, but I can't stand it. That writing style hurts my eyes. In the asymmetry paragraph alone (and that was the only paragraph I was willing to read): "The unit types available define each race's racial identity". While he was at it, he could have just said "Of each race, the racial unit types available to each race define each race's racial identity racism."

And to a lesser extent: "the game's two races were exactly the same mechanically, with only graphical differences". I should seriously consider becoming a part-time grammar editor, not because I'm particularly good at it, but I have a passion for it XD

Note: I am not going to correct the grammar because correcting it could jeopardise the author's original intention so it should be left to him alone. I would only edit an entry if it had a factual error - not that I would know a lot more about the topics I read.

w00t, Ultimo branch of MSY opens tomorrow which means we don't need to travel all the way to Auburn for cheap cheap prices.

Checkout wikipedia's awesome StarCraft Entry

"Guillaume (Grrr) said as he explained South Korean gaming culture. "In high schools, everyone knows who's best in math and StarCraft." The rankings for StarCraft are posted right next to the academic results in South Korean schools, he said."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Stone age parts you say? sounds like it is suitable for my comp..

My Geforce2 could do with a replacement (Marc, read this as 'I am interested in buying said card), but it has served me well thus far.

Graphics cards and the likes will be around for a few years more, possibly with the introduction of other specialised computation cards, such as the Physics Processing Unit, Intelligence Processing Unit (that would be awesome.. upgradeable, independent comp AI) and.. uhhh, the Olfactory Processing Unit, for use with Smell Cards. Guess which one I made up..

I like your vision of the future of computonium James, decentralised p2p number crunching.. groovy

I think our nye celebrations should include a soccer ball, and a place to kick it around without much risk of ball meeting ocean/river/canal..

At a park sounds great, and I dont mind whatever park we go to as long as its not too filled with fireworks sightseers.

In regards to the road trip, will our Entertainment Books be of any use if we decide to book a hotel/motel/caravan park/camping ground, or go to any places?

Don't worry marc, by then there won't be 'components' to upgrade. You'll just buy a HDR-flat panel display device from Sony, which will have a high speed fiber connection to the web and all computation will be done on the network using Operton 4s. You'll just pay for a flat monthly fee for all the computing access you need. Or you could pay for the amount of computation you use -- namely dollar / computonium. That's before our blog's self-aware AI Skynet takes over the world.

Perhaps one day just before we reach the asymptote of the logarithmic curve of our ability to discern (and appreciate) graphics of the latest software then integration would be best. Maybe. Geez, $10. I wonder how psyco it would be. 10 years ago, the most sophisticated card was...maybe your beloved 3DFX? 4-8MB?

What do people upgrade more often: A CPU using the same socket technology or their GFX? Or would they simultaneously remove everything?

Upgrading is such a waste. Much better off buying a whole new system than upgrading little bits here and there then finding you have terrible bottlenecks all over the place even if the system looks good on paper. Thats the mistake I made.

Yep -- video faces integration like everything else. That's why NVIDIA and ATI both make integrated video. And that's also why neither of them have the majority of the graphics chip market -- Intel is number one in terms of volume, all integrated of course.

But luckily games can push graphics much more effectively than sound. But ten-twenty years from now, when a $10 GPU can render photorealistic graphics, what will be the end of graphics 'cards'.

There are already mobos which comes with integrated everything now. My sister's tower is half the size of mine, yet it's more powerful than mine. If you open it up, her mobo is practically empty. Only things attached to it, are the cpu and it HS and HSF, hdd and the disc drives.

The scary thing is, the onboard vid card surpasses my Radeon at the very least. Yet to try other games, but it can run Doom 3 without lag when you have 4 imps and 2 of those flying eye things attacking you. It is during those times that reminded me of CS'ing online with dialup and a 4mb RivaTNT2 Viper. The times when you press the shoot button, only to realise you've died and the shoot function responds in the next round.

Nah people love graphics too much.

If people listen to this modern music (songs like "Voodoo Child" for example) you know they don't need anything more than what integrated sound can offer. Hardly anyone can tell squat difference between the sound coming from a 13 year old sound card as opposed to today's integrated audio. You think people will be able to tell the difference between a 13 year old graphics card and a 7800 when playing Doom 3 for example?

These monsters need two power plugs from the PSU stuck in them to run properly! The chances of integration now a far from imaginable.

Damn Marc...I would buy your vid card if you had posted your lil sale 2 days earlier. I finally fixed my ATI Radeon 9600xt after two years. My comp would freeze after a while IF i play 3d games. But then, some forums dudes told me to try flash my MOBO, and voila, everything works automagically! And because of that, I also realised Doom 3 is the SuXoRs....*sigh*

A Leadtek 6600gt sounds tempting though...

Indeed marc,
What a pathetic thing sound cards have become. One must question if the same will happen to video. If so, then NVIDIA and ATI will stop making GPUs, and I'll have nothing to write about and go bankrupt too.

BTW, I think Woolwich will be great. It'll still be pretty packed I think. But doing a BBQ at night would be a bit painful. I say we eat at Superbowel or something afterwards. :D

I'm glad you and Linda had fun. It's great to have you two over -- it wouldn't be the same otherwise. I won't be able to attend the 17th event, however. I have a 9AM appointment the next day. Will probably see you on New Years instead.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I suggested Woolich Park (Yi's 21st) for obsing fireworks on the bridge, but you don't have a view of the Opera house. From there we can maybe use their BBQ or maybe James can bring his own webber coz i remember the BBQ facilities there weren't that much more sophisticated above caveman style.

What happens afterwards is anyone's guess.

Or a pool party would be nice if its hot on that particular day but I don't think anyone has a pool and is free. Any chance Benny is going to install a pool sometime between now and NYE? Alternatively we can use Benny's neighbour's pool then retire to Benny's at night. I think thats an awesome idea.

Thinking of upgrading comp to AMD 64. Was very tempted to get those Shuttle XPC's (the mini PCs in square prism box) but went to cousin's place and saw the casing taken off of theirs which couldn't have been good news. Before I upgrade, I would like to be able to get rid of my stuff, so if anyone wants stoneage parts:
  • Asus A7V266 mobo (FSB 266MHz). I might be able to include PCI Ethernet adapter and PCI USB 2.0 card
  • AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2000MHz = Core 266MHz x 7.5) never o/c coz I'm too pussy to do it
  • Creative SB Live 5.1
  • Regrettably my quite new Leadtek 128MB 6600GT AGP seeing as the new mobo would be only PCI-E
The motherboard is quite old but has been flashed to the latest update. The side of the floppy drive connector on the mobo broke but shouldn't be an operational issue. The LPT doesn't work for some reason, so if you have an LPT printer then you won't be able to attach it to the comp. Would work fine if you had a router with printer sharing or a USB pritner. I don't want the case as I'm getting a new one so you can just take it if you want the mobo.

Otherwise I'm gonna try my hand at ebay :D I still remember the day when sound cards were like the hottest things you could buy for your PC (randomly selecting settings for the Ports and IRQ in hopes that it would work) and SVGA video cards to play Sim City 2000 on. That was like 13 years ago. Now look at it. No one gives a crap about sound cards anymore, its all integrated as opposed to having their own PCI card.

thank you to james for a lovely dinner and good time last night. linda and i certainly had fun and interesting to see charlie's uranium and james's rendition of "virgin", amongst other things.

an acquaintance of mine is organising to go to carols in the domain on the 17th. extracted details below:

what - carols in the domain
when - 6:30pm, saturday 17 december 2005 (carols start at 8pm but we may need to get there early to get a good spot)
where - meet outside st mary's cathedral at the main steps, college st
how to get there - if your coming by train, take the train to st james. look for signs to college st.
if coming by bus, catch bus to david jones then walk across hyde park to st mary's.
what to bring - picnic rug if you have one, snacks, water, jacket (in case it gets cold), insect repellent. i was thinking about having a picnic dinner so bring some picnic food like salads, sandwiches, etc.
rsvp - let me know and i will pass it onto the relevant authorities

xenophobics need not apply. let me know if you're interested.

also, we mentioned nye celebrations before. i think it's high time we discussed this in detail and hopefully avoid last minute planning on the morning of the 31st wondering what to do.

Hmm interesting article darren.

Shows a disturbing inverse relation between brain size and testes size

It's like nature is working against them - the more intelligent u are, the less chances you have to successfully reproduce.

OMG @ the world cup draw -

How exactly do we stand a chance at getting to second round????

BRAZIL is in the same draw as Australia . . .

to get runner-up we need to beat japan and croatia,

then beat italy to get into quaters, sure no worries, its in the bag

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Flashy jazzy world cup draw

haha awesome james

and thanks for that Darren

I'm sorry guys for not responding earlier, I don't always get the chance to read the blogggiieeee every day at work, but I'll do my best :)

btw everyday last week on base was around 35-40 deg, smokin hot

gotta runnnn
may be back in Syd next weekend, will let you know when I know

What are people up to? How's work Dazza?

I just watched the aviator again -- twice. Once with and once without director commentary. I love it. I truely do.

Thank you for dragging me to see it on that fine Tuesday many months ago. Although I could only watch the first third or so, I was very much drawn to it.

Furthermore, I'm glad you like it. It doesn't seem your kind of movie, *oh I'm so proud of you*.

But you go away now -- just for now. I'll go see you sometime.

I'm not mobile until after 4pm. So I'll be there (wherever 'there' is) later than that time

You cant have the best of both worlds.. and I wonder if the same can be said for humans..

Negative, dinner at Tetsuya's. One of our family friends is shouting and had planned this in advance in well over several months :p

Might be free later on in the night like around 11pm maybe

Give Jono a call tomorrow to see what's happening. I was thinking maybe meet up at his house, if that's not too stressful.

I'm down for something Saturday night... can we get confirmation?

Friday, December 09, 2005

A gathering sounds good, I'm down for that. My bro is having his bday party at home tomorrow (he is 19 now) and I'd rather not be home at that time..

My tax return tells the story of a man who was overtaxed at work..

mmm, that WAM is real good looking.. congrats to you Jono. And congrats to you Hash for your poignant mark remarks.

Hey Jono,
Very nice. Reading your day makes me want to get back into gear. This holiday mode is really not healthy. I got to get a schedule going or else these days are just going to fly by. Doesn't matter what I do really, just got to get the density of things done / day right up there to infinity.

Do come back for the weekend. I'm free Saturday night. We should all get together and do something. What do you say folks?

Sorry didn't see your post before james

work I'm doing, pretty hardcore engineering stuff
bit of paperwork
lots of seeing how the organisation work, incredible numbers of acronyms, Boeing's bloody huge in terms of the complexity of the organisation

In the engineering team here I am essentially working with NCRD (non-conformance report and dispositions) which are, basically, non-conventional repairs to the F/A18's

Hung around the hangar a lot today, one of the techies (technicians, guys who actually do the repairs) took me around for 2 hours showing me bits and pieces of stuff all around the aircraft, pretty amazing stuff

What was best today was one of the jets flew right over our hangar today about 3-4 laps, and in the final lap it flew right in low over the trees, snuck up on us and pulled to 90 degrees above our hangar. It's amazing how dead quiet it is when it's approaching and even when it flies right over your head, it's dead quite, exactly like watching a movie with mute. About a second later it's roaring loud.

Strong U.S. influence here at Boeing; everything is in Inches and PSI. Lots of americans working here too. Pretty awesome people though, really feel like I might as well be working at NASA

But yeah, lots of stuff. Really good work, more to tell later. Also not sure what's classified and what's not but yeah...should be all good

I have no mobile reception on base but have a work phone, with brand new fancy computer etc. Work is a 25 minute drive or 26 km one way, through gorgeous scenery.

Also nice photo dude, on the farcry thing

When I was talking to Tim about my enrolment issues and about the possibility of having to do another Level 3/4 COMP subject he told me, "Well you can still do OO in the Summer to catch up" Response: "I've already done it..."

Amazing how much you can learn about a person just from their tax return. Not just how much money they earn and what they do for a living. Each piece of information is a piece of a puzzle of their lives and while I'm punching in figures, a portrait of their life slowly materialises even if it doesn't give a complete picture.

Umm, 97/100? Thats just not good enough is it? You toO Kwong - back to uni for you.

UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 2 2005
Issued at Thu Dec 8 16:53:04 2005
Session Course Title Result
S2 AERO4102 Aerospace Design 2B..................75 DN
S2 AERO4402 Aerospace Structures 2B.............75 DN
S2 AERO4620 Aerospace Vehicle Dynam & Avi....97 HD
S2 GENM0703 Concept of Phys Fitness&Health...81 DN
S2 MECH3330 Vibration Analysis......................84 DN

Term WAM: 84.833 Overall WAM: 75.841 Undergraduate

Getting pretty used to 7am starts

Had an awesome day at the beach yesterday, and an awesomely bad day at work, for a whole bunch of silly reasons beyond my control.

I really love how things really happen around here though; when computer systems go down for servicing occassionally, they are back up in like, half an hour, and an email sent out saying all is good.

We had a really small fridge until today, when they decided to buy a new one. I have had steel capped boots provided for me :)

mmm exciting. Funny how by midday I have worked a solid 5 hours.

Brief update from me anyway. Might be back in Sydney on Friday evening, maybe for the weekend, not sure yet

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Results came,

as usual did well for comp (HD), bad for Bio (3xC).

Doing OO this summer - anyone at UNSW want to join in?

For those of you who are thinking of going on roadtrip, Kmart is selling single bed size air mattresses for $15. So if we end up crashing in a small room then we at least have mattresses so we can get decent sleep

Just read the CSE media alerts mailing list, this guy's thesis (i think its his thesis..) made the news.. There is similarity in his name and the starting point of his thesis..

UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 2 2005
Issued at Thu Dec 8 16:53:04 2005
Session Course Title Result
S2 COMP3131 Programming Languages & Compil...71 CR
S2 COMP9018 Advanced Graphics................88 HD
S2 GENT0604 Critical Thinking................69 CR
S2 GENT0911 Murderers & Medical Detectives...58 PS

Term WAM: 74.167 Overall WAM: 62.311 Undergraduate

I was surprised with compilers.. according to the harmonic mean formula, i got 86.11 for the final exam.. wow

Argh, if only i had attended/taken notes in those Murderers lectures.. the final exam was based solely on the lectures..

2.689 points away from a credit WAM.. ie from an honours year. I dont know my CSE WAM though.. how do you find out again? Hopefully (very hopefully) I can persuade Tim into letting me do honours..

Hmm, flickr.. My current yahoo mail is way too full of spam, i'm gonna get a new one instead if i intend to use it. (which i think i should)

And lastly, Congrats to all for making it through 4 years of uni, except Yi, who has only done 3.. Don't worry, your time will come.. )

Farcry is one word. Just when you thought the boundaries of fagginess was defined...

Get outta here man, I'm not photographing a rat I killed. Though the thought did enter my mind: "Hey then I can show everyone on the blog what it looked like." I know my limits and photographing kills lies outside.

Far Cry in action

Far Cry in action
Originally uploaded by Der Wasserfall.
Testing Flickr Blog.

Cool. It worked. I uploaded some photos of my Queensland trip on Flickr. I went with my cousin Nancy. She works for BHP up there. Check it out here.

BTW, all of you thinking about sharing photos online, take a good look at Flickr. It's free, fully functional, and is part of Yahoo. So if you have a Yahoo email, you can pretty much use it flawlessly. Very good for sharing party photos, rabbit photos or even Star screenshots! But best of all, Flickr has perfect Blogger integration. So if you ever wanted to upload photos to the blog but found it a pain, use Flickr. So Darren, get those HK photos up. Jono, show us the secret planes in the hanger. And marc, show us the dead rat.

Well done!

By the way, is anyone interested in a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit? I am anticipating breeding them soon and would prefer not to let my babies be put in the hands of a petstore.

UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 2 2005
Issued at Thu Dec 8 16:53:04 2005
Session Course Title Result
S2 COMP4911 Thesis Part B....................74 CR
S2 COMP9018 Advanced Graphics................93 HD
S2 GENT0405 An Introduction to "...Isms".....80 DN

Term WAM: 79.500 Overall WAM: 64.162 Undergraduate

I'm happy. I am pretty surprised at my thesis mark, given how annoyed by assessor looked. Alexis reminded me that I handed it in 7 days late, had it been on time, I would have got 83. Bugger!

I didn't fail anything or get any PCs (not that I have any more available to me)! w00t! Guilt-free Summer here I come...

I was so borderline this session. In consumer protection, I failed the 50% midsession even though it was like the first subject I had made a consistent effort with. As per usual, my great efforts in particular subjects were unrewarded against being rewarded for my lack of effort in the others.

I scored better in my final sit-down exam than in my midsession takehome for Company Law. That is a first for all my law subjects.

Oh, by the way, the results are in your mail :)

What are those bourgeoisie dictators getting you to do? If they mess with you give me a call, I'll send my battlecruisers.

You're missed; physically, spiritually, and starically.

Hooray, a post from work!

James, IVT states that:

If a function f is continuous on a closed interval [a,b], and c is any number between f(a) and f(b) inclusive, then there is at least one number x in the closed interval such that f(x) = c.

As for how to apply it, I only did math 1A and 1B, so I wouldnt know, and would rather not try to figure out how right now..

Jono is interning at a random bar tender's house with mate/colleague Dan?

Lol, you leecher Jono. Maybe you should have looked for accomodation a bit earlier? ;)

Front page of wiki today. Looks like a good roadtrip idea if we weren't going North. Speaking of which, its gonna be sooooo good when we drive around in 40 degree heat all day.

Don't have much time

1. Work is hard
2. Working on a raaf base is pretty awesome, lots of jet flybys and walking over the jets
3. Still have no place to live; met and stayed at a random bar tender's house yesterday night with mate/colleague Dan, also interning here
4. Boeing's pretty good.

Correct Darren,

I shall rescind my former statement - "IE is that it can not really be fixed".

This was based on the 'possibly' incorrect assumption that it was a CSS problem. MS IE does not correctly implement CSS 2.0 - so I stand by my justification.

And the most efficient shoelace pattern is - Bo Tai

Who would have thought the IVT can be used to solve table problems?

And speakin gof IVT -- does anyone still actually remember what the intermediate value theorem is? Or how to apply it?

Who would have thought the IVT can be used to solve table problems?

And speakin gof IVT -- does anyone still actually remember what the intermediate value theorem is? Or how to apply it?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

news that will turn a table or two..

and in a related article, optimized interlacing

The BBC is awesome, I developed quite a taste for it when I went to the UK.

Even better, Optus has done something to the carlingford exchange. My speed is 800KB/s compared to half that a year ago. Much of the increase may be attributed to it being a low network congestion time so I'll try again tonight around 8-10pm. Also our uploads are now around 30KB/s as opposed to 15-6KB/s previously. The news just keeps getting better.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I highly recommend a documentary on Wednesday and Thursday on SBS. It's a Cutting Edge special on the history of government policy and terrorism. I'm normally quite jaded over documentaries but this one is exceptional. It's made by the BBC, of course.

PS. I didn't fix the blog. It seem to have fixed itself?

Finally some net quota with which to make a post.. (cant at work, 10mb quota goes so quickly)

Firstly, when I saw that the blog was different when it was changed, I thought I had typed in the wrong address, but then i recognised the posts..

The old layout was better in that it matched the colour scheme for making new posts.. But this new layout looks spiffy.. a nice non-threatening green.. Only other qualm i have with it are the spaces on either side of the text.. thats 25% of screen that could be used to make the page shorter.. If the padding were half as padded, it would be great, and all would be well with the blog.

More Stallownage for all.. I am reminded of the Theme from Rocky XIII and am guessing that the theme song might be something along the lines of 'Cataract of the Tiger'.. haw haw

The blog does work in IE now, well done to the fixerer of that problem.. Hash must now eat his post at 9:38am today..

Speaking of eating, time to enjoy my ice cream with brandy... yum

Neat little Australian webcrawler that tracks down cheapest dvd for you (ie staticice for DVDs).

So far seems to be the cheapest. Heh, I wish I came here to buy LOTR box sets earlier - now only fools buy at ezydvd

gay microsoft. congrats to the person who fixed the blog though, it looks all proper now [assume it to be James - no offence to Jono, the remaining admin]

the wikibulletin is still stuffed because the bullet points use CSS margin thingy. 3 years of computer science will result in such technical knowledge.

CSS is awesome. You know a fair bit about CSS don't you Hash? Maybe someone should promote you to an Admin position ;)

Also Hash, that Russel Crowe episode is still funny as shit. I watched it again last night. Its been almost 4 years since they made that and it still sends me into stitches. Maybe it wouldn't have been so funny if a) they didn't make Master and Commander thus severing the Tugga connection b) they didn't make Cinderella Man thus severing the foightin connection c) he didn't throw that phone into the concierge's face thus severing the truth of his behaviour. But all those things did happen and it makes it even funnier.

Edit: just realised the roadtrip page doesn't work with IE. It can't even interpret perl CGI correctly...IE sucks so much donkey balls its not funny.

Aiiiiiiiiieeeeee, results come out end of this week. Actually most of you CSE would have already gotten your provisional marks heh

Problem with IE is that it can not really be fixed.

MS Proprietry-ness decided that they would deviate from the CSS standards - that is y it is messed up.

BTW - new show for fans of things like 24 ::

Sleeper Cell

its about an FBI under-cover operation into an islamic extremist-based terrorist sleeper Cell.

Monday, December 05, 2005

can someone be kind enough to fix this for people who use ie?

Just read the Rocky 6 post

The guy is pretty old (59) to be dishing out the stallownage.

soon we will see

" ... Eye of the Tiger makes a reappearnance at the top of the charts"

I'm itching for some star. What's happening with the servers? Ayone want to join me on a field day in the city tomorrow (tue) or even tonight somewhere?

Come on dude, don't diss Aeon Flux so.

And who says XXX2 was bad?

IceCube invested a new martial art in that movie - Elbow-Jutsu

A real man doesn't use his fists - he uses his elbows!

but is just another matrix-y sort of film.
Better off watching the cartoon - produced by MTV in 1995

Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 in the works

That line was hillarious. The best part of the film however is the number of exchanges between Spacey and Pitt that took place in the car as they were driving to the location of the last two remaining victims:

David Mills: Wait, I thought all you did was kill innocent people.
John Doe: Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny? An obese man... a disgusting man who could barely stand up; a man who if you saw him on the street, you'd point him out to your friends so that they could join you in mocking him; a man, who if you saw him while you were eating, you wouldn't be able to finish your meal. After him, I picked the lawyer and I know you both must have been secretly thanking me for that one. This is a man who dedicated his life to making money by lying with every breath that he could muster to keeping murderers and rapists on the streets!
David Mills: Murderers?
John Doe: A woman...
David Mills: Murderers, John, like yourself?
John Doe: [interrupts] A woman... so ugly on the inside she couldn't bear to go on living if she couldn't be beautiful on the outside. A drug dealer, a drug dealing pederast, actually! And let's not forget the disease-spreading whore! Only in a world this shitty could you even try to say these were innocent people and keep a straight face. But that's the point. We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it's common, it's trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore. I'm setting the example. What I've done is going to be puzzled over and studied and followed... forever.

David Mills: I've been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!"? Yeah. Do you guys do that?

To anwer Charlie's question, definately sloth. The pain (both physcial and mental) the victim went through has to be downright unimaginable. Could you imagine being starved to a level that you had no choice but to swallow your own tongue?

As a sidenote, to anyone thinking of seeing Aeon Flux. Don't. It is shite rendered in the most meticulous detail. It is on the same crapness level as Van Helsing and XXX 2. My mormon cousin has no taste whatsoever.

Which of the 'Seven' died the most gruesome death?

Watched the movie "Seven" today. Favourite line: "[Dante, you] poetry writing faggot!"

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Taking a short trip down memory lane.

The technology we were so enthusiastic about back then...

The MD. The what?

This layout uses CSS extensively.
I haven't looked into the possibility but can't you move the right side panel to the left and have the post panel auto-stretch to the whole window? That way it'll regain some screen real-estate.

Who cares what's in our profile? It's not like this is a Hi5 wannabe. :P

LOL @ Butters's pic. RRRIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! (the whole world can see you know ;)

Goddam! It looks fully sick now! Lolz. It is real good-looking now! Oh yeh, what are the max dimensions for the pics? Normal avatar size?

Heh, James and I also noticed the "individual" effect of the layout. Dunno what can be done about it...

If its just my IE thats stuffed then thats okay. I don't even use it.

Also, can the whole web see our profiles or is it just members? Edit: okay i think i'll choose a more obscured photo

Also agreed :)

Am I the only one who misses the old style, more chat friendly interface? This new look is just like a ... personal blog where it's a one man (person?) army posting shop. Basically my gripe is that the posts are now "longer" because of the page layout and formatting and you can't read as much in one window. Widen the whole window, shrink the right hand bar a little and it'll look good again. But hey, I am picky. :P

You've also killed the CSS in IE. I know the default displays fine in IE so you must have done something!

Kudos to James for the food and Benny for hosting last weekend.


Dude, the blog is lookin slick

Good job on the cosmetics of the wiki integration too, you can see a lot more of it now .

Reckon perhaps the contributors section should move down, shift the wiki and links up higher perhaps

I have updated my user name profile though :)
not terrribly exciting but it's 4:30am and i'm packing and looking up for a place to live in newcastle

Great job James. Looks: suave, sophisticated, modern, calm and [soothingly] cool. Definately a reflection on the contributors. You have really fallen into the Apple frame of marketing, with the colours and the iPod feel.

Its 4:30am. Church w00t. But...Ph34r the bulletin!!

James: as I suspected, it looks completely stuffed in internet explorer. We may need to cater for the minority.

Good job Jam, the new blog looks funky.

Alright, listen up honeys -- you are all now listed as great contributors of the blog. But if you go and click on your name, you'll find that you're shutting yourself out. Go ahead and enable your profile so we can all view each other's info. You don't have to expose your email so don't worry about spam. To get a profile picture, hosted it on your ISP webspace or send the pic to me and I'll host it.

Enjoy the new blog folks!

Testing effect of antiquity emoticons on "pseudo-post-pseudo-modernistic moo moo moo" [Jono] blog:

Saturday, December 03, 2005

And cheers to Benny, the only commander who truely understands the terran race and who can unleash it in all its three-dimensional, asymetric, non-linear and multi-tiered power projection capabilities.

I realised a few days ago that Australia Day lies in the window of opportunity. Luckily (for us at least) there is no long weekend during this period so hopefully we won't have to dodge major traffic.

I don't think we should plan our cruise on Australia Day. But then again, we don't want to be travelling on that day either so we can avoid mass motorists. Either way it may possibly be packed. What do you guys think? Edit: seeing as we may not even be going to GBR then I think the only issue is driving. If this is the case that means we can go to a theme park. But again, not on Australia Day

Hmm, Darren, Scott and Benny in one car. Sounds like a great recipe for driving :D

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello again everyone, I am back from HK, and what a short and sweet trip it was. I'll put up some highlight pics from the trip soon, when i eventually resize/crop them as necessary.

Things that I noticed in HK:

- Maxim's Cakes (cake chain, also here on Goulburn St) are DELICIOUS, the kind that you will want to eat every day.

- HK's trains are 500x more efficient than Sydneys trains. All trains in HK are air conditioned compared to none of the trains that I took home in Sydney when I got back today.

- Buses have advertisments on the roof of the bus

- During my 3 day stay, I did not encounter ANY mosquitoes/flies at all.. HK seems to be devoid of them

Although I was gone only for a short time, it seems that a lot has been happening in my absence.

Regarding the road trip, If it is possible to have part of it over a weekend, that would be great, as it will mean less time away from work for me.

Since I havent experienced the joys of a road trip, I would opt for the car travel itinerary as opposed to flying there (wherever 'there' is) and back.

For food, we could take along a few cooking things (if the places we stay at have a kitchen-like room) and make spaghetti with some locally bought mince. Its cheap and filling. That would cut food costs, at the expense of someone having to cook/clean.

I've been to Wet and Wild before, but that was 7 years ago.. wow years, i'm so old. It was good when I went then, hopefully its still good now. Dreamworld has many many thrilling rides, but its not a water park. But its got roller coasters, and that superman ride where you are weightless for a few seconds.

Theres this place in Surfer's Paradise called infinity which my brother went to when he was at schoolies last year. Might be worth going to, if we will be heading in that direction.

So, yeah.. road trip me like good, and I hope it doesnt eat too muc h out of work time..

Oh yeah, one more thing, how many days is this going to be altogether?

Hash: intro perspective = introspective?

Benny: since when are mice measured relative to phones? If anything, compare it to a certain kind of computer pointing device. Rats are bigger than mice, and rats have a longer face and smaller ears than mice. (I think, refer to wikipedia if you REALLY want to know) And thanks for the opening of your house to us and the cooking of James' food on Sunday.

And of course, a big thank you to James for the Saturday arvo feast. It took 2 days to eat all that food, but we managed in the end..

And now, to do the dishes..

wtf so all those times i said movies like the hulk and bhd were comedies, u no idea what i was talking about...

No sleepovers, or somebody gonna get-a-hurt real bad.

Poor curries and hispanics :(

Into perspective Marc -

Hash = 21 yrs old, parents barring sleepovers + car access
Hash = 14 yrs old, parents barring nething remotely offensive on TV

get with the curry program dude!

so I had no idea Mr. Bana was in Full Frontal.

Only that he was "The Nugget" and Hulk

lol, alexis conversely i meant that as a compliment as opposed to the comic genious, for example, of Paul Walker in Fast and Furious and Vin Diesel.

you probably weren't in australia when he was in his Full Frontal days. you got to see a slice of it in The Castle, but it wasn't as good as back in the day. all i'm saying is that, to Australians, those Full Frontal days are gonna stick on him forever.

dammit hash, you ruined the comic effect of my previous post by having me explain it. the whole point of the joke was: a) eric bana in full frontal b) the events of munich were far from a comedy. i thought you of all people would know hash!

OMG...."who do we have he'are"? Lolz.

And benny, you told me to indicate left and go straight! Not to mention the "take on grannies/L-platers and cut them off" approach!

Unless he gets mad,
then he will "Bana bash, Bana destroy" everything in his path.

Remember guys - Munich is about Jewish retribution, they can not be too funny with that else they'll lose all funding for any future movies

Marc before your start slagging Eric Bana off for his apparent lack of credibility in a serious drama like this, why don't you wait, watch and see what an amazingly talented man he is and just what he is capable of producing. Obviously you haven't seen him in Black Hawk Down. Given the right material, this guy can excel, and it can't get any better than a film already considered to be the frontrunner for this year's Oscar for Best Film. Besides Steven Spielberg may have seen Eric Bana in other films and felt his performances there were solid. He could have tested the actor for the lead and been impressed with him.

thankies Benny for letting me be the intruder for the night :) i owned mahjong..but then i got owned in about karma...tsk tsk tsk..

Munich: Eric Bana is in it - its got to be a comedy. I'm down for that.

Cheers Benny:

Sometimes you wanna go
where everybody knows your naaame.
And they're always glad you caaame.
You wanna be where you can see,
your troubles are all the same.
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

many thanks to Benny and James for their hospitality.

Harry Potter was pretty good
really weird beginning, started off exactly like batman.

The movies cuts out about 1/2 of the book. If something is not about Harry in the book - it will not appear in the movie.

Heads up to anyone who wants to attend these other movie events ::
1) King Kong - 14th Dec
2) Chronicles of Narnia :: Book 1 - 26th Dec
3) Munich - 9th Feb (16th Dec US)
4) Aeon Flux - 12th Jan (2nd Dec US)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

You forgot to thank yourself Bennie. Thanks for your fine hospitality.

I released a small rodent the size of an Nokia 8210. I'd call it a mouse but some would argue and call it a rat.

It fell into a basin of water in the sink in the laundry. So small and cute and full of disease.

Seriously though Marc you can't compare the killing of PLAGUE Beariers to killing 1 single rodent in your household.

One: These is a possible epidemic
Two: If they could they would kill them en masse with a different method. But on such a scale fire is the only efficient.
Finally, I believe for Mad Cow disease and Foot and mouth, farmers SHOT their sheep and cows first before burning them.
Bird flu and poultry I dunno. That is all.

But yeah it's ok to kill pests anyway you want. Just burning is painful man. Keep that in mind. Burns mannn.

On a different note, I know almost a week late and I'm sure James is tired of hearing the church bells ring in his honour. But thanks to James once again for cooking an extragant banquet once again.

This time in order to make up for his self acknowledged shame, he cooked perharps too much food, but that just meant we had enough for food for almost the whole time at my place.

But yeah Thanks to James for hosting another wonderful luncheon and so much food we had 3 sittings and did NOT require an MKO.

Thanks to Kwong for introducing us to his female acquaintaince and giving Jono, James and Yi something to talk about. Thanks to Jono for driving us all and showing tht he's still the same dynamo he was back in 2001. Alexis for bringing his game cube and providing great group entertainment with Resident Evil 4 at the cost of his punctuality as well as a solid Italian performance. Hash and Kj for showing that the smaller soccer nations have hope of have strong soccer teams. Hash especially for coming to my place after his dad called the cops on me for kidnapping. Spain for his part in a beautiful 1-2 and great goalkeeping. He clearly demonstrates why Spain (the nation) are the perennial underperformers. Charlie and Eric for their great part in the winning side as well as a beautiful reason why miscommunication is bad. Eric exemplified a professional striker. Darren is the only player I can't say anything bad about... But Darren did overtake Eric's car which split up James' and Alexis' car on the way to my house... James and Yi were struck done by injury, and the great MVP sweeper of 2001 indoor soccer tournament, Marc Pang was busy with sponsors so he was unable to make an impact on the match. Dorrigo was busy getting contacts so he was unable to make this match too...

And of course Finally Thanks to everyone I didn't mention who came whether to only to James' Luncheon like Kwong, or only crashed my house like Dorrigo.
Just your presence made a difference it making it a great day/night/alcoholic gaming haze.

Hopefully Scott, Renee, John, Linda can make it next time though...
Was a seriously good time had by all I hope...

Lessons Learnt
1. So Pho so good
2. Rosalie owns at Mahjong
3. Contrary to common belief shoot zombies in the legs first not the head
4. Eric should follow my instructions when leading or ppl get split up
5. Bundaberg Rum is surprisingly good.

By release do you mean boil to death?

Speaking of wild animals, the possums are getting more and more daring around my home. They want to get to the rabbit feed.

A few years ago catching sight of a possum around my home was really hard. Now they're a dime a dozen. Same with those crested pigeons (native). They are usually the biggest pussies and fly away on sight of a human. Now the allure of rabbit feed grows too strong.

Anyways, I got no beef with possums because they don't carry any [known] diseases that can be transferred to us.

Hmm, that raises an interesting point. What about madcow/foot-and-mouth/bird flu illnesses? They just toss carriers into fire. What a way to die. They should just release infected birds and stop being such meanie-poos.

Sorry for those I haven't called yet, only decided now

2 DVD's my place 8pm tonight
Be Cool
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

So far there's Marc Kwong and myself I think
I called james, yi, scott and KJ but they are no goes more or less
Oh renee I also tried you

I just released a rat at my place.

Will explain in detail later

w00t! I consulted Tim Lambert and explained my situation and he let me through which means thats it once and for all - not more Comp Sci! Not that I thought differently 2 days ago.

Thanks to my parents who always tell me that if you know you are right or that they are wrong, then don't give up. I was ready to walk in there with my negotiation face and calmly explain myself. Then when they were supposed to say no, I was supposed to come out guns-ablazing. But it never went passed the negotiation stage because Tim Lambert totally took all the wind from me by agreeing lol.

Remember, if the UNSW handbook says its okay while the others don't, then fight the man to the death.

Strong thunderstorms and/or localised hail tonight, apparently most hail out west picton/camden area

Respect to you Charlie - you power the economy and keep us from Economic Depression.

Keep on spending.

Nikon D50 at staticice and at bluetin

Bluetin is still about $100 cheaper than what staticice can find, but its been a while since I've shopped there. There maybe a fiercer competitor.

Edit: and I've just found it. MSY doesn't do much of a range of cameras, but they are cheaper than bluetin and they are in Auburn which means no shipping from Singapore (and very close to Charlie and Eric). (Check the bottom of the last page) Its quite possible that if you are required to order it first then they might be able to order other cameras in too.

Also staticice now includes MSY in its price listings.

Anyone up for splitting the cost of a projector unit?

Its Summerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! (School)

I'd love a future wife

In the highly likely chance I will fail my appeal, what subjects have you all still to do?

This feels like one of those "return to high school" flicks. You thought those days were done and gone, but noooooo...they are a comin' again.

Is HCI really really easy? At this point in time, I'm not really too concerned about what I can learn from Comp Sci. I stopped caring right after I finished my last "supposed" subject. What courses you guys gonna take?

Jono your mentality is what I adopt 365 days of the year, which now becomes the economic constraint for further spending =(

And on that note, anyone care to lend me $700 for a new camera? I'll pay you back in two months time with 6% interest compounded monthly. If I default, you know where I live.

Jam: Both destination and journey matters. You wouldn't want to drive 6 days and end up in a sh*thole. Neither would you want to bypass the joy of excretion. On a different note, what do you think of Nikon D50?

Marc, for Comp Sci/Law to be a homosexual course, shouldn't they be very much alike?

Hash/Alexis: Enjoy your movie, and when you're done, maybe you want to join in on the protest at Martin Place against hanging of Van Tuong Nguyen.

While I absolutely adore Jono's mentality (I did just that on my Townsville trip), I do wonder how well it will go down with the crew, or Jono's future wife for that matter. *runssss*

Also don't let expenditure deter you too much; it's a one off thing that happens once a year at most, so unless you're really reading negative on money, eat out, have good steak, drinks, and ice cream.

The best thing while on a holiday is not worrying about how much money you're spending, it's an awesome feeling, especially so if you're not loaded. So spare $700 and spend away with no worries for once, since most of us worry about money the other 359 days of the year.

Optus just keeps on surprising.

With the addition of "better" value plans which have 256kbit uploads, Optus now extended the time for yes data from 2am-9am by 5 hours so it now covers 12am-12pm.

Computer Science/Law, the most homosexual course offered by UNSW. Slap anyone who has it on their UAC preference.