Thursday, October 31, 2002

you're under investigation.
keep refreshing it.

erm...I think Lewis Carroll had an agenda when he was writing Alice in Wonderland...but maybe he was acid tripping.

wooo!! go capitalism!!

i wonder what other cartoons or stuff like that have hidden agendas?

OMG. this is really kewl.

The wizard of oz actually is a story about monetary policy of the early 1900s, and about the debate of whether the US should go off the gold standard. Dorothy's ruby slippers were silver in the book [William Jennings Bryan wanted free silver, etc--and Oz--gold--didn't work, only the silver worked to take her home...ahhh yes]

Dorothy- Traditional American values
Toto- Prohibitionist Party
Scarecrow- Farmers
Tinman- Industrial workers
Cowardly Lion- William Jennings Bryan
Munchkins- Citizens of the East
Witch of the East- Grover Cleveland
Witch of the West- William McKinley
Wizard- Marcus Hanna
Oz- Abbreviation for an ounce of gold
Yellow Brick Road- Gold standard

How amazing is that?! better than that communist smurf thing~!!

whaaaat? you know tooo??
i'm not being paranoid. i swear.
how did YOU find out?!

don't worry your secret's safe with us.

oh...silly me. date SCORN...meh.

hey...did I tell you about date scones???
i thought that was just a girly
Lumoi hasn't had a 'date scone' in *gasp* TWO days. shame on me.

Sounds good, I'm going to get a "date scorn" tomorrow morning. =)

if only i could get rid of that stupid recycle bin.

yep... the cayenne is very nice indeed... although anyone who would take a $200,000 car offload is crazy.

lol nah i haven't seen deuce... fat people shouldn't be allowed on planes at all. well unless they're buying a one way ticket out of australia.

John!! nyce nyce nyyyce!!
hey...I had the conmversation about the new Cayenne with you right? argh, fuckin memory lapses...erm...big feet? have you seen Deuce Bigalow? ewwww big feet...lucky lumoi has small feet :) Big butts take up too much room on buses. Big butts require two plane tickets.

Wang, i *would* have no icons on my desktop, but then the rest of my family will flame my ass grr... aesthetics i say!! >:(

Biologay exam over. think i'm gonna pass out. need to study for 3u english tho. soooooo annoying. i'm tired. gonna buy myself a date scone from bakers delight as a treat tho >:) yum...muhahaha

That Xbox article is cool

and...that's it from me.

crap my algebra test...


Nice to see an iconless desktop John. =)
At least *someone* understands.

omg i love my new desktop so much i have to show everyone.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

i never had a fetish with big feet!!
surely you must have learned by now that i cannot be held accountable for everything i mutter.

john, when did your fetish with big feet changed to buttocks?

something makes me think that jono's going to post here soon.

i'll run for president in this banana republic... you can be my right hand man.

in todays Herald:
"Australia is at risk of becoming a 'banana republic' within 20 years if the burgoening gap between the rich and poor regions is not addressed."

heheh, bananas... although its probably in a different sense to what I/you're thinking of...

beautiful buttock!

During an hour's swimming at a municipal pool, you will ingest 1/12 liter of urine.
In an average day, your hands will come into indirect contact with 15 penises (touching door handles, etc.).
An average person's yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs.
In a year, you will have swallowed 14 insects-while you slept.
Annually, you will shake hands with 11 women who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands.
Annually, you will shake hands with 6 men who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands.
In a lifetime, 22 workmen will have examined the contents of your dirty linen basket.
At an average wedding reception, you have a 1/100 chance of getting a cold sore from one of the guests.
Daily, you will breathe in 1 liter of other people's anal gases.

and This Huang is also doing ... a subject in Philosophy.

Another interesting tid bit, Mr. Huang is completeing his docatorate in Philosophy.
And you'll love this, his thesis is on "ADAM", which is his name for
"A Decentralized Parrallel Computer Architecture Featuring Fast Threads and Data Migration and a Uniform Hardware Abstraction"

Who's down for a philosophy degree?

Mmm Bacardi and Lift is nice ;)

Cheers all!

Huang, (LOL), Would you be able to bring Partition Magic tomorrow? I am .. going to... INSTALL LINUX.
Mandrake 9.

Syllabus? Heres one for those who did physics: Analyse the impact of the Manhatten Project on the world

And when I said the XBox sucked no one listened to me. Fuck you, fuck yous all, except Lumoi. Good luck, chill out, its gona bee cool. Smoke a bong b4 hand (dont).

Um.. didn't I get a point for correcting the 0.13-micron claim for the MCPX? =D

And this guy likes MAC! What's with Huangs and Macs(OS X)!!

i read his pdf on cracking the XBox and was impressed...
but no, i didn't read the interview until you sent it.
so now, it's Huang 2 vs Wang 0.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

hum... i don't recall reading throught the syllabus for my hsc

please pray for this poor soul.
She knows not what the biology syllubus says.
give us this day, our daily sanity.
fuck fuckity fuck.

To Yi:
If you haven't read this already, I think you'll thoroughly enjoy this: Interview with Mr. Huang, the X-Box hacker from MIT.

All my jealously has evaporated and has been replaced with respect.

land rights for gay whales!!!

hey bush is my hero!

"I'm not going to say it again. Not in English, Chinese, French or Mexican."

Bush is an idiot. I rest my case.

Perhaps an AK-47 to the foot maybe.
Alex will not be shot. I cannot be bring damage to the abus unit even if it meant dying.

did you throw pie at him?

hey just yesterday we had the former CEO of Microsoft Australia Daniel Petre giving a talk on success and leadership


Busu and I should be shot.

why shit?
good shit or bad shit or...
"this is some gourmet shit man!!" shit?

Thats pretty good. But you notice some inconsistencies when you actually read it. When you look at it at the beginning, though, I can imagine James going "shit."

make your own bush speech

whether or not i had a topic is irrelevant. you hijacked my post and that's all that matters. its fact, undeniable, unquestionable fact.
sif post an april fools joke on 29th of october. =P

did you even have a topic going on?
sif you won't want to look at my l337 April Fools joke.

anyway, i am going off to bed.

my post got hijacked and you tell me to piss off? =P

piss off john.

makes you remember something doesn't it?

(previous two posts got screwed up... don't know why)

don't hijack my post.

This is directed at James.
makes you remember

This is directed at James.
makes you remember

the raven poem is only scary if you have a guilty conscience.

Raeven does not mean anything. Just like the sound of it. don't you?
the raven poem is scary :) i like it.

what does raeven mean?
i like that raven poem by poe.

Monday, October 28, 2002 so.

I am going to name my first child (boy) Raeven.

you mean fopoon?

I know who Dr. Spock is, but I don't know WHAT they are. Please enlighten me, John. I'm guessing it's YOU who is fucking up the weather. Are you bribing the weather man to deliver cold weather? just to please yourself and spite ME. grr...not happy

Mr Kimsey, do you want something w/ words or some funky instrumental shizzat? I don't listen to pop so I wouldn't have much in that dept. I do have some REALLY nice r&b. good BGM...uh, sms me or something...I'll mail it to ya w/ your shirts as a "pick me up" during your stupid study period. Would you like fries with that? oh, you do? sorry, Lumoi doesn't do fries... (re: Sony NetMD ad) EAT APPLES.

Man...I think I'm dying. oh, and I hate biologay.

as if you don't know what spocks are, they're the best!

and no they're not sporks... which are also quite good.

can somebody please explain to me why it is so cold all of a sudden? it is supposed to be spring. not winter. It's so cold. I look like a fucking zombie and I feel like one too :(

are they like sporks? (spoon + forks)

aren't spocks just the best?

i didn't give you that lemon ruski
john ordered it and didn't want it

This whole incident has been spelling out conspiracy. And that ONE woman was a retard to try and run away from 50 armed terrorists.

Good morning all:

Officals in Moscow says all but ONE of the 118 hostages killed died from the mysterious gas.

Can we say: "VX NERVE AGENT"?

gnite blog.
gnite all
say safe
sleep well
sweet dreams
take care
talk to you soon.

ruski is too sugary!! it's like 1% stolichnya vodka and 4.5% cask wine. the rest if lemon squash. home made ruski's are make it all slushy with ice and put sprigs of mint in it before you blend.

I still have to drink that lemon ruski Charlie gave me :)

I want vodka.

of course, one australian is more important than all the russians put together.

Hmm, Australian reports of the Moscow hostage situation briefly mention 67 hostages and 10 rebels dead, but the main point of their bulletin is that 2 Australian Scientist/Professor-type people who were hostages are 'safe and well'...

weeee~ i'm coool~
if my bunny fur doesn't shed in time for me to buy my new swim suit, i'm waxing. RRRRRIP! >,<

an extra fluffy bunny that sheds fur for summer? that's definitely coool.

yes!!! i'm nyce and cushy too
ask alex :) my bunny fur is gonna fall out for summer tho. (i hope)

only if you're extra fluffy. are you extra fluffy?

Lumoi is a little fluffy animal.
is she coool??

little fluffy animals are coool.

my way = our way = not your way. i'm sorry. it's out of this world.unfathomable.

*ah memories of drunken dancing on pool tables to rollin'*
Who's in, now who's out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what you gonna do now
Breathe in, now breathe out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what you gonna do now
Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (what?) x4

If only I knew what your way 'is'.

another jam from the miracle maker wizard of the world mc undertaker

and that's a quote from limp bizkit.

and that was a quote from some other movie by some other character.
i'm not referring to Trillian.

*sigh* will the United Nations come to united notions?

it's gotta be my way, it's my way or the highway.

lol no i didn't see the general's daughter... or weiming's daughter if that's what you were getting at.
its a quote from AA.

beep beep LOL hahhahahahahahhahaha

LOL John, the army way. I see someone also saw the General's daughter.

that may be your way but that's not the army way.

That sucks

You'd still be hungry after my brains.

and I typed in "asasfasdg" and it told me that that user already existed.

That was a quote from Armageddon from General Kimsey.

Am I still much of a &55}{0|_3 recently?

Removing ICQ/MSN/Trilian is a non-reversible UN resolution in the long term interests of all parties.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

"do you really?"

"Yes sir, I understand."

fun. my brain was apparently *not that filling*. My friend's one was spicy.

if you eat my brain i'm sure you'll have diarrhoea

yes you may have your TWO shirts that have been washed and pressed. come and get them I aint goin to no Five Dock to home deliver your stuff. I have your TWO ES MD's too. One w/ our (incriminating) conversations recorded, one of mechwarriortwo (one word).
You may bother me for another MD, provided you stop being such an &55}{0|_3. be the James that i came to love dammit. I don't think I have any more purple ones. Perhaps a red or yellow?

Lumoi :

Can I bother you for another MD? =D

As much as these two have kept me alive, I could really use another relaxing, easy listening, even pop hinting album.
oh, may I have my shirt back now?

i like my sugar with coffee and cream.

i thought that was zombies?

muhahaha Lumoi is a vampyre. i vana eeat yurr brrains...

HAHA stupid americans and their satellites

Hahah not daylight saving time.

Your going to pay for that.

ahhh nooo my brain!! very eat my brain.

omgomgomgomgomg BRAINS ARE YUMMY~!!

mer. i didn't surf to them I recieved a link to those sites in a fwd'd email so nmmmmm >:p

Jono, alternatively to screaming to seem insane, i can just be myself :) hm I could puke on their FUBU clothes and their Tommy shoes. muhahaha >:D

I can imagine screaming if I'm about to get mugged.

scream as though you're about to die and you're so scared and just cuddle down into the ground, pretend you're insane basically.
And they should run.
You're not screaming for help.
You're screaming to make them feel uncomfortable yet not threatened.

As for John, that's a very nice car.



67 Hostages dead?
Oh Brillian stuff from the Moscow s.f.

very creative, but nice ceiling.
and what beeeyoudiful words.
They actually look like buildings too.

As I always say, you have too much time on your hands. If you read this, that is.

Morning after pic was so funny! Its such a classic. You can immediately tell Yi had the least alcohol.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Oh yeah. If it still has streaks, refresh duh!

We cant see that solar eclipse.
but stupid adelaidians and other SA ppl can.

hey i was actually in that morning after pic, except yi was covering me. you can see my thighs and hands...

But that looks cool though, I have to admit.

I updated the picks on the site. Now I don't have any of the crappy streaks. So here it is once again:

no actually the next solar eclipse is at 4th dec.

are you having fun taking pix of your ceiling?
many auf wiedersehens you will be saying byatch.

screw you wang. we never really liked you anyway. so nmmm! >:p


Announcement: I am quitting, from ICQ. Until 26th of November 2002.
I am sick of all of you, without exception. Maybe Lucy.

Good day to all of you.

Santa Claus?

smurf communism!


sounds like waco.

67 Hostages dead. Some apparently from the gas the special forces chucked in there. Apparently the terrorists began executing hostages. sif thats not a conspiracy and the special forces just didnt give a shit.

Why does your car look so ugly?

my car.

something you have to see to believe. O.M.G.

There are some $ick fuck$ in this world. Mostly in America.

nooo death sentences for the snipers!! nooooooooo

maybe its time to get myself a sidearm.

I'd bite them if they came near me. GRRRRRR or I'll take out my butterfly knife and start playing with it.

Hey, if you are listening to music, start singing "Adunia...". They won't want any piece of you then! Whereabouts were u rolled?

Blogger Hacked
Posted by michael on Friday October 25, @01:01PM
from the it-must-be-friday dept.
WCityMike writes "Blogger has been severely hacked into, with users' passwords and e-mail addresses being replaced with 'hacx0redbyme' or 'hax0redbyme.' Apparently, attempts to change your password or other information do not succeed due to a major database problem. Blogger currently has no official news: its main page simply apologizes for being down for repairs and its status blog has no information, probably suffering from the same accessing problem as other blogs. In the meantime, discussion, information, and advice is appearing on the weblogs of Anil Dash and Tom Coates, as well as this QuickTopic thread. Glad I use another journaling service." We usually try to avoid "Site X Hacked!" stories, but since this affects so many people - and, heh-heh, they don't have anywhere else to talk about it - here you go.


btw james, ur big n look scary... use ur falungong tactics and u can prob scare him away. as for me im small and lanky...hrmmm

everything you guys have said, besides the chastity belt is so obvious... but it depends on the situation...
i was rolled in frikkin daylight, on a train, same carriage as the guards and there were ppl on the carriage... just none were too close (and most were just old ppl, no help really).
and wtf i dont flash my fone around... charlie, if u shout and only old ppl hear u, what do u think would happen?
old ppl look away, i get stabbed. sif im not suspicious of every1

four: wear a chastity belt
five: don't go around flashing your cell, totin your bling bling for everyone to see.
six: if you're wearing headphones (no flashy expensive ones), try not to have them at full volume, you won't heear them coming from behind
seven: your life is irreplaceble. your cell can be. sometimes it's wise to just give in.

the trick to avoid it is to one: don't walk alone
two: already be aware of suspicious people 10 metres within your vicinity at night
three: scream

that third point is very valid, especially when there's others around

Um... Gary, how did it *happen*?
I need to know because I want to carry my stuff around without loosing it, I need some situational data.

just thought people might be interested

here's a shot of me, eric, and derek in the background on orientation week earlier this year

If you need to talk to him, shouldn't you call him?

yeah, well they get money to buy that stuff from rolling people and selling those fones and watched etc...

not the ones in lidcombe
they all drive good cars, though i'm not sure whether they brought it or stole it
the other night, while walking home, i saw a bunch of lebs doing advanced driving stunts with smoke coming out of tyres
oh, and the unmistakable "yo what's up, bro?"

they were lebs and they probably have really shit cars w/ good sound systems and they wear clothes that are too shiny for their own good. they wear crucifixes as accessories cuz they think theyre hard kuntz.

Yes u are entitled 2 do so. =)
stereotypical is most of the time true.
like the cops asked immediately "were they mediterranean?"

Friday, October 25, 2002

fight fire with fire
no point arguing with those uneducated, good for nothing, society's piece of crap
(yes i'm being stereotypical, but i'm entitled to)

booze :)

That would make us just as bad charlie =)


One of these days, we asian should get together and plan to roll someone to get back what we've lost


i would be. I was on the net when I had a shiner :)

Sorry to sound rude, but if I was hurt do you think I'd be here on the net?

omg. you serious? are you hurt????

Yes I did.

Don't tell me you got rolled.

Following in Charlie's footsteps I no longer own a mobile phone.

Lumoi listens to all sorts of moosic. jazz moosac bein one of them. Nworleans cafe is so kewl.*sigh* my knees are really weak and jelloish...

lumoi listens to jazz?

By refusing to conform, you in the essence of humanity are following in the footsteps of so many. By going against the grain, you are fulfilling the need to be individual and have a purpose; a unique trait of humans. It is what separates us as a species from any other organism. We seek, we crave, we are greedy. The want that we feel, fuels us to have excess and this is why industry and infrastructure is created. It defines our humanity and dictates our existence. It is your instinct to.
[musings of a 4th kind by Lumoi]

Lumoi, once again, my deepest thanks for your Jazz collection. I owe a great debt to the artist.

I refuse.
I refuse to join the ranks of the many.
I refuse to become a sheep.

The world does not need another.

I hope he gets caught and gets shot in the foot with an AK-47 before he is summarily lined up against the wall and executed.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

i hope he never gets and the americans think theyre gonna get Laden...yeah, my ass they will.

and sif arrest the snipers. that just ruins everything.

so is this thermonuclear tax centre hiring anyone?

no, it's tax centre. trust me
ya zuuuuuuuuchimA

wtf why is it taking so long to post.
This is a test post

Dont ask why Im posting this

Its ready people! The pix from the apartment :D

Scott and Marc's 19th

Some of the later ones started showing streaks :( Might take a bit. All images total upto ~ 400KB to load. Enjoy!

Oh btw, that long German name I proposed means: "Thermonculear Command Centre" =D center..

Natalie Portman is Jewish. I don't think my "assosicate"will appreciate that.

wet dreams are like the brain's diarrhoea

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

"dreams are like farts of the brain..." -natalie portman

dude. that is one fucked up dream. i never dream. but i do not sleep to dream.
i only have nightmares. the ones where you wake up and feel like throwing up.
the nightmares that are the same thing over and an acid flashback

The dream:

When I came home today, I slept. I had the best damn nightmare.

Characters: Horror dude, assistent, Busu, Lumoi, Adrian Fried Spaniad, others etc.
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith

They say smart people dream in colour while dumber ones dream in black and white.
I have no idea if it's true but this dream not only was in TECHNICOLOR goodness and
had doubly surround, it HAD MUSIC. Not in-cinema music, a SCORE, written by Jerry
Goldsmith, who scored for ALIENS, the James Cameron Production.

It starts off in a PC bar with Abus and Fried Spain playing something. Lumoi is somewhere
intersected, not sure where, but abus has done some advertising concepts or alike and
there's this really modern chair which has like 10 polygons but is uterlly simple and beautiful.
Alex said something ike: "ohh butt yourrr're soooo prettty".
Lumoi gave her usual adorable smile with the *face* and the two continued.

I somehow end up all of a sudden in the second apartment of my Grandfather's house
in ShiJIaZhong China. It was dark at night, maybe raining outside. I was locked in a house
with either the male physical incarnation of SHODAN or some other horrible man eating
beast. This thing was playing with something or watching TV in ROOM1. There's an assistent,
the visual analysis indicated to be one of my auntys, but she was deformed, almost to the
extent of a mid-wife. She wore square glasses. (I think this part came because of my meeting
with Chris Chan today, who also wears square, black glasses).

I knew my fate was sealed so long as I remained in that house. I distinctively remember having had
such a dream before. Whether it was part of the dream that I've have had such a dream before
for I've physically had one before is not too clear. I probed around the apartment looking for a way
out. The door was locked and the atmosphere carried fear and utter desparation. THe otherwhelming
theme was futiliy as I somehow *knew* I would not be able to excape without the male SHODAN man
eater confronting me.

I opened the doors and made fake clues of my hiding in ROOM2, 3 and 4. I decided to go and try the
window in ROOM 4. It had communist bars on but I was skinny enough to fit through. The next window
was 2m away and seemed rather impossible since I was on the 3rd floor. The lightening struke again,
I had shivers down my spine. I must have been pretty cold in bed. There was an old monitor that displayed
random info and *coudln't* be turned off as I somehow knew before hand. The monitor displayed funny
shapes and grahs, much like consoles in sytemshock2. I tried climing on the window but my reflection
was seen by him. The music started.

Jerry Goldsmith's music for the most intense part of alien had heavy beating metal instruments that sounded
like the colision of two steel parts. The strings were swiriling and twisting and the shadowny figures of this
thing with his growling anger came closer and closer. In no time I had direct LOS. He charged.
I had two options,
- Hide under the bed in the hopes that he won't find me (which I knew he will)
- Look at his face and see my enemy which I couldn't in the last dream supposely

I took option 2 knowing the futility of the first. As we confonted each other on the bed, the scene with lumoi,
alex and adrian come to my mind again, the assistent was right behind with her evil smile and square, black
glasses. She also had rabbit like teeth and a cartoony animiation. The thoughts flashed away and in less than
a second I ATE him. I ATE him whole through my mouth, almost like a comedy. I can't remember the epilogue
but I returned to the PC and Adrian and Busu were disucssing this mad game they just had. Lumoi was being
represented again by the chair and I woke up. Later I fell into microsleep and the thing ATE me again. Soon it
all sense and logic broke down and I got up for GOOD.

I have to say, the best part is the music; for those few seconds, it was Hans Zimmer on steroids.

Signing off,
General Kimsey,
Commander and Chief of Ground Forces,
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

dammit, i want to run over children.

Well GTA puts every type of person on the streets except for children. Theres old, poor, gay, indian, even the thieves.

Would you like to do some fishing today?

-very heavy fish

it's 6 for guys because they have to get rid of the 'stuff' after they masterbate

EWWWWW....this is one of the reasons why Lumoi doesn't eat prepared food. too many horror stories. lmao *cream of mushroom soup...fight club* ew. Hey Charlie, how is it 6 for guys? i dun get it because you kinda have to wash your hands anyway? i dun get it...hehe women don't HAVE wash their hands cuz they don't necessarily NEED to use their hands *look mommy! no hands!* lol failed on a technicality. stupid statistics.

Well, Lumoi just finished her English Modules exam. and in all honesty, it wasn't as hard as she imagined, just took a lot of planning and a race against the clock. hand is gonna drop off. I'm gonna go to a cafe and perve on cute waiters, go have my treat (yoghurt) and go rape alex.

no, you come into contact with 13 of them annually

and you don't have to shake their hands
come into contact can mean indirectly, like if they touch your apple after masterbating

not surprisingly the figure for men is only 6 annually

It doesn't say anything about shaking their hands though, does it? ;)

Hehe I got a credit for accounting last semester...AND I'M STILL DOING MATHS! :(

Weird. Me and Yi were talking about GTA just yesterday and about how it was the best stereotyping game ever! I was lmao [in your terms Lumoi] when I saw the Triad/Mafia/Columbians/Yakuza/Jamacains and how they made the white man the norm lol! Makes me wanna play it again.

fuck i just realised if i don't get a credit for accounting, i may have to do maths next year... n0000oooooo0000000ooooooo0000...

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

they don't wash their hands annually?
Lumoi doesn't know what kind of average people you surveyed, but me thinks they work in a brothel or something...

Did you know that mouth-watering waterplus isn't actually as mouth-watering as normal water?

Did you know that an average person comes into contact with 13 females who just masterbated and didn't wash their hands annually?

response to john's "82.456% of all statistics are made up on the spot.":
That statement is also made up on the spot

we should let them read during reading time.

and what about letting people write during reading time?

and have pages with the words "blank page" on them, which makes them no longer blank...

Ok then, you've succeeded. You will become the chairman of the Board of Studies, and make the question "complete all unseen GTA missions in given time, write all comments on a SEPARATE answer sheet" first priority.

i wanna sound techy and smartass with these acronononmyums.

Stop pulling out all these acronyms.
And I bet you pick on the indians and steal their taxis?

do you think that the HSC will EVER have a "complete all unseen GTA missions in given time, write all comments on a SEPARATE answer sheet" exam?

GTA is fun :) Lumoi likes changing her paint color.

don't forget the USSS and ATF are also involved.
next the supadupa SFOD-D will be called into action.

I have succeeded in making Hash an enemy of this blog.

when is the damn blog title change to >> HASH SUCKS <

Hey john, this sniper ordeal has kinda turned into GTA style. First the cops, then the FBI, and then military forces included in the hunt.

That would explain everything then.

82.456% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Haha, you've done well. Stupid Telstra. I thought it was 9 spiders. And I've always wondered how they got those statistics. Please don't be an American and use SI units.

did you know that the average person eats 8 spiders in their lifetime during their sleep?

During your lifetime you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food. That's the weight of about 6 elephants!

Americans eat 20.7 pounds of candy per person annually. The Dutch eat three times as much.

Each American eats an average of 51 pounds of chocolate per year.

In 1995 KFC sold 11 pieces of chicken for every man, woman and child in the US.

Large doses of Coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours can kill the average human.

McDonalds and Burger King sugarcoat their fries so they will turn golden-brown.

Did you know that the average American eats about 147 pounds of sugars a year? That's a big pile of sugar! No wonder the average 17-year-old in this country has more than three decayed teeth!

that an hour of exercise keeps your metabolic (fat burning) rate elevated for 12 to 16 hours! With this in mind, it makes sense to exercise first thing in the morning for an increased metabolism throughout the day!

that eating an excess amount of fat is not all you should worry about in weight control? An excess of sugar in your diet turns into dangerous fat. Cutting down on your sugar intake will help keep the fat off your body, as well as help control your energy levels.

that the body can only metabolize about 30- 35 grams of protein at one time? Consuming more than this means the excess will only be stored as fat in your body. FYI - an 8 ounce steak contains about 30 grams of protein. So the common 12 and even 16 oz portions served in most restaurants is just too much for your body to handle, especially when taking into consideration everything else that you eat with that steak.

Each day, Americans eat 7.5 acres of pizza

Did you know?...The average chocolate bar has 8 insects' legs in it.

Did you know?...An average western shit contains more vitamins and goodness than what an average third-world child eats in a week from food

Did you know?...Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs a year!

Food takes twenty-four hours to complete its 30-foot path through your body.

Coca-cola was originally green.

World wide consumption of Pork exceeds that of any other type of meat.

Americans consumed 76 billion pounds of red meat and poultry in the year 2000, up 21% from a decade earlier.

A pound of termites has more nutrients than a pound of beef or pork.

ok i've just disagreed with everything too.

When I went to the "new" bigpond site it just popped up.

where's this telstra survey you speak of kwong?

Oh no my true identity has been reveiled.

kwong, cause you're such a stud muffin pr0n star.

Yes you are mistaken.'s because you said something like "oh it sounds like a scene from a porno"...or perhaps John said that? my bad.

Hahah, very have a Telstra survey. I filled it out and disagreed and disliked everything.

And I'm not sure why this message was directed towards me...
"omg Kwong, i took a "which porn movie will you star in?" quiz and i got "gang bang" hahahahahaha. but it's not quite my *niche* unfortunately. other options include: disney porn, bondage, the art of self pleasure, lesbian, and Lumoi can't remember the rest :p"

Mom? Is that you?

steue mitte=tax center...ich weiß nicht. James ist einen sonderbar Halteseil...

the waterfall
thermo nuclear center?
aber...warum ist die Deustche topic?

how bout HASH SUCKS for a topic name?

Hmm... what do you think sounds better or is a more accurate representation of this place/blog:
"Der Wasserfall"
"Thermonukleare Waffesteuermitte"

Don't worry about what it means, which one seems better?

New Blog Title. Anyone care to guess?

hash sucks.

Can hash see this?

Oh wait, course he can ;)

muhahaha Lumoi is on a SKOOL COMPUTER and my account is still on it~ woohoo~

um, yeah i have a stoopid Jap exam from 1400 hours. gay. lumoi is gonna go treat herself to a nyyyce bottle of liquid ecstasy (ie: DIEt coke.)

On the news that is! Not in person o_O

Monday, October 21, 2002

I vaguely remember that shooting in Strathfield.

omg Kwong, i took a "which porn movie will you star in?" quiz and i got "gang bang" hahahahahaha. but it's not quite my *niche* unfortunately. other options include: disney porn, bondage, the art of self pleasure, lesbian, and Lumoi can't remember the rest :p

thats cuz it's sydney and we aren't cool like melbourne. ahh i miss the shopping/entertainment district of melbourne. SO much better than itty bitty boring sydney.

What's wrong with Ally McBeal?

Hum.. a fourth year Econometrics students shot dead 2 people and injured 5 others at Monash University
Damn, why can't that happen at Macquarie?

schuey =)
"Another boring race, another boring Ferrari 1-2."

Boeing's Bird of Prey

schumacher sux0rz.

pool scenes are nice.

i dont think porn would bother 2 have a pool scene

or some porn video.

haha lumoi sif that isnt a scene from sum hollywood flick?
Will we be expecting somebody we know to appear on this list?

oooh i love pool...not that i'm good at it. but it's fun when hot guys try to *teach* you and make you lean down very close to the table LOL except pool tables= at parties= lumoi@ 15 standard drinks drunkeness = crap at pool due to weird vision.

we went and played pool till 8, had dinner, then came home.

you watch Ally Mcbeal? Shame on you...tsk tsk

nah the uni wants hard evidence.

John where did you guys go after i left yesterday?

argh, i'm still at uni!!!!
can't wait till i get home and watch Ally confront her daughter

oooh *very* close Charlie! you couldn't submit it online or fax it? lol

that's good charlie, at least you finished on time... otherwise i would have felt bad for making you fail.

john as a matter of fact, i did the opposite
i fell asleep and woke up at 9 this morning to do my report
finished at 3.35pm
had i caught a bus to uni i would have missed the 5pm deadline
luckily i still had my dad's car key

i love you alex
is that soulful enough?
one exam done, five to go. *pukes*
all of this is making me SICK.

Members of this blog are dishonorably discharged. Diiis-missed!

LOOK AT YOU PPL. ARE YOU REALLY CONTENT WITH THE LIVES U LIVE. Always cramed in a 3 by 2 room posting messages on a useless forum. Be ashamed, be very ashamed for the ones who claim to have any substance in what every they may call conversation, lose all sense of substance meaning that, THEY LOSE THEIR SOUL in the blog. HEED MY WORDS CAREFULLY SINNERS, THE DAY OF RECKONING COMES NEAR, AND I SHALL STRIKE DOWN WITH GREAT SMITE AND FURIOUS ANGER THOSE WHO TRY TO POISON MY BROTHERS. (what im trying to say is for fucks sakes come up with something that has more substance on the blog)

charlie, you should do that for your report.

Abus/Villalumos, that is sooo sweeeet

Dammit. I am still not hungry. I want to cook my pizza dammit.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

During a game of star, i simply forget what sleep means
only when a game's over did i realise that i was tired

oh can i join in ur funny game

...alex was sleeping next to me. he stirred and muttered "hey lumoi, did your yellow army still attack mine?" apparently he thought my body was a map from Heroes 3 and there was a little soldier on horseback w/ a yellow flag running over my back. lol

kwong, that is waaay scary. my av body temp is like 36*C...

39.8ºC is normal for me.

Man, that is so not funny cause I know what its like. Last semester, late nights of Star. During the microsleeps I thought I was a marine in the frontlines against the Zerg. I was seriously fucked in the head cause I only got an avg of 3 hours of sleep/night during the week. It took me a while to realise it was just a dream and to calm myself down. After more. It was scary!

the HSC can take THAT
and THIS

thats sort of funny. but still INCREDIBLY sad.
um...sounds like something i'd do. only my hallucinations start just before the 50 hr mark. and i see pictures infront of a TV projection....last time i saw a guy playing soccer...only it was upside down and had static. hallucinations are fun, especially when youre in bed with a fever of 39.8*C

"Depressed and alone on Christmas break during college, I went on a Counter-Strike spree some day in the age of Beta5 that lasted 97 hours straight, only taking breaks to quit drinking coffee and urinate.

Tiredness did not matter -- everything was a copy of a copy, and I was some sort of killing machine, though I went from top of the list to somewhere in the middle after the first day. After two days, I was screwed up beyond recognition and was hallucinating, thinking that flowers were growing in de_nuke and that Beavis and Butthead were saying "Go Go Go!."

Jono will love this: "I know this is unforgivably offtopic, but when I read this I couldn't help but think of Ender Wiggins, exhausted, after coming from a few days of having colapsed, sitting hopelessly at his terminal and launching a suicide attack on a game simulation of the buggers planet, breaking through their lines of defense and launching the Dr. Device, destroying the planet and his fleet with it...Only to realize it wasn't really a game, but that he was actually controlling earth's armada through the clasified Ansible connection."

From the same article: "The core of the system is an internet refrigerator, which combines a fridge with a touch-screen LCD with a PC running Microsoft Windows 98." Can we say - ROTTEN FOOD?!!

From the Guadian:"Last week, a 24-year-old South Korean collapsed and died after spending 86 hours playing games in a PC bang without eating or sleeping properly."

We are proud of you lumoi.

*cries* Lumoi is being mean. i am tired and she is making us do all this cramming and yeah. no fair.

Some hope of becoming an astronaut?

Thank you grateful master of all falongong

*Throws over some grandma's tofu*

So alone, so hungry, so weary.

still i wouldnt mind owning that even tho it may not be entirely real.
*sigh* wogs/lebs..disappointment

real F1 tyres are like that too, they're basically slicks with the 4 grooves.
they're unlike road cars which need to deal with water on the roads, therefore needing the grooves you see to channel water.

they were big, fat and didn't have any grip/grooves so that's good enough for me~

well, lumoi is off to have sweeet sweeet dreams of lazy days knockin back some cocksucking cowboys in the sun, getting a tan, falling asleep under the stars and waking up to a sunrise over the ocean (yes, this actually happened the other day w/ friends). *sigh*
mmm perhaps a dream w/ a sexy car, a bottle of wine, me and alex and some jazz. *microsleeps*
ok, gonna go~ goodnight everyone, goodnite blog. luff u all. stay safe.

lol i don't think the tyres or wings are real... sif they'd let the public know its compound and aero's.

lol.. yeah, imma git ma cuzzin's bruvva mayte. fulli sik.
dang. where is ma alex when i need him >:|

hmmmm the f1 was pretty funky~ i just love the huge rubbery tyres~
maaan i need to show you my video...i fully had all this commentary w/ my brother...on how holden and ford and hyundai sucked etc...
eg: "hey, so can you tell me the name of this convertible car by Holden?"
"really? wouldn't have guessed!?"

Now, to digress a little...

Engraved on a wog's (or is it leb's) tombstone:

"I told you I was really sick"

To understand the origins of evil, you must go back to the beginning.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

hahah yeah that corolla went fully doof doof doof!!
except i didn't get to stare down anyone's top.

oooh did u see the Toyota car w/ the eclipse woofers in the back? LOL...alll the wogs were crowded around...and i started filming w/ the miniDV...they started staring down my top...hahaha funny. i could see them out of the corner of my eye. it was so funny. they were no longer hardcore sikkuntz, but vulnerable horny boys. i love being a gurl~ :p

and a GTR to crash around...and the cayenne for *recreational* purposes. LOL

hm. my papa was gonna be a racing car driver if he didn't come to australia...

oh and a maybach for my luxury needs... but that car wasn't in the motor show.

hey i was in the motorshow too.

which car? that's easy. the merc SL55 and the porsche turbo.

Lumoi just came home from the Motor Show. *droooool*
[lumoi is horny ^n-th degree @ the sight of the STI engine...lmao...and having a beast of an Aprilia between her legs..grrr...j/k]
cars are sexxxy! personally, the yellow lamborghini was schweet. the honda concept car was swoon worthy and my dad wants to get a Maserati. (yeah, maybe not in HIS lifetime) If it were up to me, we wouldn't have a mortgage on the house, but on a sexy mutha of a car. Leather lounges (reclining into beds~), glass holders, cold storage compartment (fridge), LCD screen (tv), DVD playa, MD/CD/tuner system, surround sound, soopa woofaz, a picnic basket w/ rug in the trunk, we're set! hell yeah! Now, the question is, WHICH car to choose!?

hey you get special treatment.

lol~ true true...i should just have a rubber stamp :)
lmao~ gets ex-nsg science teacher who is a real sweetie to supervise moi. I don't sit the exams w/ everyone else which kinda sucks, but I do get time to rest/walk about that's timed-out.

you'll be getting sick of writing your student and school id number pretty soon...

Good luck to all Yr12 students in advance. HAha, ie, lumoi =)
Just a hint, those examination supervisors are real tightass. They are old and grumpy.
So make sure u write ur name and number on the paper before time is up.

*Post withdrawn*

My son may be a communist, a slob and a communist, but he is NOT a porn star!

FUN = Fucking Unbelievably Nauseating.

Awesome. When the waterboard came to fix up the pipes, it screwed up the pressure of the taps. Now I have to squeeze it really tight. Even then it still leaks ><

HAhahHA, dont worry, HSC is FUN!

Yes I do remember it very well. I remember it like it was last year. Good or bad, you'll get through it alive. Thats the only thing that counts ;)

Sunday night, before you turn on your computer, spare a moment to think about those year 12 students furiously cramming before their first test the following Monday morning. One of those poor kids was You, this time last year. Do not pity them, pray for them.

Lumoi does not have to be a bonobo to derive pleasure :)

well if you're a bonobo, you wouldn't mind having the urge to do it
and you derive pleasure from it too

Friday, October 18, 2002

yay the day has finally gone
a new day, a new beginning, a new hope

life's a bitch, but it goes on

ah...i'd have to be lobotomized then. I don't wanna go round having the urge to screw my cousin everytime my keeper comes to feed me.

don't be a human then
you can be the king of bonobos


"human race"?

i came last in the human race. consollation prize for participation was not awarded. they ran out.

wang. use quotations. tis benny's line (ben au)...

korean cars suck dog dick.

just a thought: in a Jewish household, does the man of the house still "bring home the bacon"?

boy nsa and echelon will have a mad time here 2dai



LOL! He wasn't Korean. It was a white person RENTING a Korean owned residence :P

Hmm...Jihad against white Australia? not a good idea ;)

WTF? Charlie got robbed by me?! LOL [sorry only Scott would get that...and Eric]

"Marc's front yard was demolished by drunken Korean drivers."?

This day, October 18th, 2002 is a dark day in history.

JONO failed his first session.

Charlie got robbed *AGAIN*, this time by lebs.

Marc's front yard was demolished by drunken Korean drivers.

As supreme and spiritual leader of the Talian, Mullah Mohammed Omar,
I am declaring a JIHAD on all parties involved.

We are declaring a JIHAD against the following countries:

North Korea
South Korea
- Sudan
- Jordan
- Syria
- Iran
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- The unestablished and hopefully NEVER created state of Palestine
- Egypt
- Yemen



50% of a 40% module....but that's still fkn rorted.
but I got 20/45, so that makes it....quite much better.


ARRRRRRGH we keep on getting 0.26 could be better...this is frustrating. as if i need more people telling me i could be better. i HATE this. *cries* i need more caffeine..then i'd be faster~
oooh got 0.22 but i can STILL be better..i'll never be good enough
"we'd like to thank Yi and his stupid time waster for lowering our selve's esteem another rung"

Yi, we will hate** you for this! that reaction time thing...the yr12 Lumoi has study to do, yet Little Lumoi tells me, "no, we're gonna plai this. I don't wanna do skool werk! this is much more fun!" DAMN YOU!

**the term hate used loosely, in a proverbial manner. poetic liscences observed.

Time Wasters.
(note some of these have been posted before.)

Alien Fighting
Space Penguin
Go Kart fun
Some puzzle bubble kinda game
Fly the Copter
Fish Fish
Orbital fun
Quake wannabe
Mouse Maze
Kill the workers
puzzle games
Zork ripoff
Reflex tester

sssshhhh don't wake her up. she is in denial! in chemical bliss.

hAha u tell that blogger!!
Dont worry, if u dont know it now, u probably dont know it on monday =)

fark...i sound like some idiot :p help. i can't believe it's only 2 days away. nooo the more i study, the more i don't know. i need somebody to blame it on! "lumoi! it's all your fault and you're gonna pay!" feel much better now. thank you blogger for random venting space.

"When we experience order, structure and routine, we long for conflict, spontaneity and CHANGE. What we must strive for is a healthy balance between the two. Albert Einstein postulated in his Special Theory of Relativity, that since nothing can reach the speed of light, it is thereofre impossible to reverse the effects of TIME. What he meant by this was that as time progresses, we are changing and this change is permanent.; we cannot reverse its effects. From this we can conclude, that CHANGE is a constant force; as is TIME. we cannot escape it, but we can learn to manage it. "
~ from Lumoi's thoughts/ramblings on Changing Self/ Area of Study bullshit.

Am I in the right blog?
Is that Lumoi? Can't be.
Someone mentioned Hash tho. Haha I laugh at j00.
Hacking is a federal offence.

Hash, give me my Alex back or else someone will be injured severely. grrrrrr

dang. my CPU (brain) is malfuntioning. I see weird messages infront of my eyes telling me "i've performed an illegal operation and will be terminated" I then pass out, and don't remember the rest. dang.

Lumoi I feel for you. I almost finished my assigment thanks to Hash. How you feeling, want me to drop you a line. Doing anything special today. Hey when we meet next i have to give you something ive been working out for the past 4 days. Just kidding working on for the past 4 days. Anywayz ill talk to you soon. Sleep , chill just take it easy. One love.

Due to certain Inconveniences Hash has taken over the Rest of this Post


If u do not let me back in i will have to resort to more direct methods

musings of a 4th kind:
Lumoi's mind is being fucked over by this whole changing self BS. but then again, she needs all the fucking she can get~ argh. this little girl h8s the []-[]$( grrrrr >:p
*cries* i think i've OD on coke and percolated coffee. I feel really sick and can't keep still and i feel like i'm speeding~ ugh help! i've printed out 26 pages of BS for no reason and i'm gonna blame it on the Bored of Studies. argh my dad is gonna kill me! i've answered the fone and taken messages and i'm so scared that i sounded like a moron. fark~ i need sedatives~ tranquilizers~ i'm so buzzy and cold and shaky~ helpehjelphelp!!! theres a giant roll (5ft high, 2ft diameter) of bubb;le wrap...gonnago play w/ that,. sorry for taking up space. ICQ Go isn't working on this puter~!!!! *dies* bye.

Nth Koreans are eeeevil. They stole Japanese pplz, brainwashed them and now theyre forced to return them...but the jap pplz dun remember jack all about their past cuz they were tortured and traumatized and turned into spies. they also eat dogs...but that's just a matter of culture so i don't hold that against them...

(((HUGS))) James...candyis dandy, but liquor is quicker...
Lumoi is studying...and blogging in betweeen i have a headache and this stupid codine/ibuprofen/opiate shit is doing jack my head is throbbing and neurofen PLUS does jackshit.

john, well the stereotypical view of rich ppl is that they are snobbish and self centred. or mayb thats just my view.
ok i shouldnt have said 'give me more useful facts'
james, whats wrong? do u need a hug? just ignore them north koreans. they wont hurt u

Fuckers. Screwheads. Motherfuck'in Castro Cubans.

why is everyone so mean to rich people?

they have feelings too you know.

Serves those lottery winners right. If they get to win that much money, they deserve to be struck by lightning :P

so instead of buying a lottery ticket i'll just bet on someone getting hit by lightning?

Hey, I've got a 'useful' (read 'useless') fact...

You are more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery (6 from 44)

Actually, that could be useful...

Thursday, October 17, 2002

did you know that psychopathology is the study of psychopaths?

"I really need you tonight
forever's gonna start tonight
forever's gonna start tonighttttttt

Once upon a time i was falling in love
now i'm only falling apart
there's nothing i could do
total eclipse of the heart"

I wanna have sex, on the beach
come on, move your body
sex on the beach

i wanna have sex, on the beach
come on, there's a party
sex on the beach
come on, there's a party tonight

did you know that an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?
or a regulation golf ball has 336 dimples?

im a virus?

sif i didn't know that already.

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

Yes please give me more 'useful' facts.
Lumoi is suffering from John-virus. shoo stop infecting others!
btw, north korea is buildin nukes
and i didnt know hash had been banned?

Dumb Tid Bits for 17/10/02
-The Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, has twice as many bathrooms as is necessary. When it was built in the 1940s, the state of Virginia still had segregation laws requiring separate toilet facilities for blacks and whites.
-If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.
-If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
-If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
-The shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and England in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

Guido Hatzis is sooo funny~ but so is Ali G. lmao~ her got married to Aussie chick Isla Fischer~'s realky weird...on my way to Grace Bros i was thinking of the Vengaboys and that "the vengabus is coming and everybody's jumpin' New york to San Francisco an intercity disco" out of the blue..not like a turned on the radio or anythin~ weird.

oh, btw, Lumoi is now an official employee of GB's Chatswood~ I work in footwear (but only get 70% of the adult wage meh)...plz don't make bomb threats because we have to go thru a specific procedure
**is reading employee's handbook...published July 2002**

no hash will never be banned long enough.

Oh man, we have another Guido Hatzis admirer! Join the club John!

Poll: Has Hash been banned long enough?

boom boom boom lets go back to my room...

Won't you take me too...funkytown!

w00t my blog is working again!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I'm cured.


fuck! you're absofuckinglutely right!

There is simply no other words in English that expresses the meaning of the word 'fuck', along with its connotations, as well as the word 'fuck'.

*crawls out of her cave* think it's suffering from an acute bout of blog tourette's.
I had a friend go thru it once. every word she uttered began with "FFFUCKHEAD"
Hopefully it will be a temporary condition. Take some chill pills and see me in the morning.


Faster than you, shitheel.

kwong, he lives in a downtown sewer...he works as a gimp there

"You fuckers, you screwheads. I'm sick of the cunts, the filth, the dogs. the shit. "??

*looks round* nope.
< fem voice> vulgarity will not be tolerated, maintenace thanks you for your cooperation< /fem voice >

mister (n)admin is quoting random movies...

Yes, ur sporadic bursts of obscene language is makin me wonder what did i do to anger u

Fuck'in sick.

You talking to ME?

You talk'in to me?

May I help you?

Fuck'in sick.


Oh yeah?


You fuckers, you screwheads. I'm sick of the cunts, the filth, the dogs. the shit.

u not a dumbass, u do 4u english! that already proves it

Lumoi is such a dumb ass. I just made the connection that diazepam is the generic name for the medication they give people with epilepsy so they don't have sheeeshaaaaas~ seriously. OMG! i'm SO slooow!

vanilla coke has 260 calories per 600mL bottle...shite~

Australia and USA are close allies. The CIA warned of the bombings 2 weeks ago, yet john howard insists that this came to light only yesterday.

i'll come back when my blog starts working right again.

i believe the correct terminology is "Raaaaaaaaaaaa"

i believe the correct terminology is "john and i".

Editing john's saying gives "great minds click alike"

u and ur 'x-ray vision'?
*psst john, sif lumoi isnt a drug addict*

WOAH~ me and john click3d @ tha smae time~ we is speshul :)

i forgot to type in the word "see" cause this strange music is on.
stupid not wokring for me, so i can't edit.

WHAT? that'd just counter act any effect the diet pills are having on you! what a waste of money!
OD on diet pills ---> ephedra, dexadrine + diazepam = stable, get yourself to triage pronto.

'i always stuff like that. they're all around me.' *boozled*

sif you need telescopes for that stuff, i always stuff like that. they're all around me.

lumoi, u forgot ur diazepam on that pyramid

Orion Nebula

Jono: sif hubble can see orion nebula like this while we cant

food for thought~

stupid Ford and Holden V8/V6 competitions outlawed GTR's and STI's from competing a while back cuz they always won...

why were you thinking about breakfast?

bah, i mean ice

therefore alfa makes lumps of lard!
i eat breakfast 3 meals a day for summer.

yes i like frozen cokes, or 'slurpies' to uncle sam
yes stupid yobbos is the correct answer

hey alfa romeo has a spyder... does that mean its fat too?

ice is one of my favorite foods :)

fat coke is for fat has lumps of lard floating in it...also known as a spyder...

frozen coke is for cold people...

damn yobbos.

hey u summer-liker, dont pretend to be one of us

it's getting hot in here~

so i'm gonna go get some ICE!

vanilla coke is for vanilla people.

it works for me~?
go to and sign in~
the server was down in the afternoon, but not anymore

yes a sheeeeeeeeeeshaaaa
we better be quiet now. we mite awaken the angry hash and he will 'insult' us with his communist regime

i hate this way of posting.
someone fix it please.

lumoi = abnormal. paranormal. hypernormal. subnormal. deminormal. antinormal

testing one two

if we spiked his pepsi w/ coke, will he have a sheeeshaa?
or have an allergic reaction and asphyxiate?
hmmm >:) oh the possiblities~

normal coke for normal people

hash is fat.

lumoi's mirror says: lumoi = fat = needs diet = drinks diet coke = prefer diet coke > normal coke

nonetheless we know his weak point. some day, we will swap a pepsi with a coke.

hit and run eh?
im sorry but the word diet is kinda demoralising. and if u didnt imply that u drank diet coke then no1 would have known =)

perhaps he's allergic to the snorting, powdery type?

i'm sorry but diet coke is for ppl on a diet. and unless i'm very much mistaken, only fat people need diets.

yes as i said the lemon diet coke tastes like detergent or something
bubble gum coke i dont mind, grape coke maybe.
i want gummi bear coke.
btw the main reason why i mention coke so many times is because hash is supposedly 'allergic' to coke, but not pepsi or any other form of soft drink

*pops head out of cave*
oi. i resent that comment about diet coke being for F-T people!
my BMI isn't in the FAT range~! so nnn >:p *sticks tongue out @ kwong*
*goes back to her reading*

woohooo~ hope no1 clicked on the link and read our TOP SECRET posts...hash hate, blog hate, hacker hate..mer

work sucks...bored of studies~

vanilla coke's been out for ages hasn't it? and cinnamon coke...and lemon coke...
maybe it was just in the US? it tastes exactly like vanilla essence + coke...
lemon diet coke tastes like those disposable towelettes you get @ yum cha~
how bout peanut butter coke? american's like peanut butter...
or bubble gum coke...or grape coke...or pepsi flavored coke?
ok, i'm gonna go study now
*retreats back to her cave w/ plain ol diet coke -0.4cal/100mL (nooo i left a 4/5 full bottle in the office fridge~!! noooo) i'm out!*

i just like normal coke thank you.

When u post a msg, get rid of the link tags
well the usual coke got boring and this one doesnt taste that bad.. the worst is that lemon diet coke, not only is it for fat ppl but it tastes like detergent or toilet fresheners

i had a vanilla coke today. hated it.

Yes, crazy admin, crazy hash, broken blogs. its all making sense now.
not that this fact is of any significance but this blog was the highest ranking for "most recently published blogs" for a few minutes.

No comment.
Ive had a vanilla coke a day since friday.

blame it on the Hash...

Thanks Alex. It has been an eye opener.

my thingy is fuked. so now i have to post using this unco method.

er...seems like mister (m)administrator here is a little deranged perhaps? time for your shot.

*musings for today:
-DSL is good~
-staring at a computer monitor two feet above your head is a pain in the neck,
-the high frequency buzzing of 14 tv/puter monitors give you a headache after a while...
-if people can eat a 50gram slimfast museli bar for breakfast, drink a 375mL can of drink for lunch ~and NOT snack in between~ they can get skinny without buying stupid overpriced slimfast products...hello? common sense? ugh...not only are they FAT, they're DUMB too!
-Liquid fasts are good, but going to the bathroom every 10 minutes is NOT cool.

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads.

Here's a man who would not take it anymore. Who would not let-

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads. Here's a man who would not take it anymore. Here's a man who
stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit.
Here is someone who stood up.

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads.

Here's a man who would not take it anymore. Who would not let-

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads. Here's a man who would not take it anymore. Here's a man who
stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit.
Here is someone who stood up.

Random excerpt from "Terran Strategic Reference":
The biggest problem in Starcraft is that all players fail to form derivatives out of their elementary resources. In the most laymen terms, they always have left over gas and minerals. This is the biggest problem because underived resources can not be used to gain more resources; They earn no interest, only units can be used to occupy and gain more resources. It is like going to the bank to collect money only to find out that in order to gain your interest, you must spend all your money. Without expending all your resources, you can not effectively gain more resources.

I refuse. I simply refuse..

The world does not need another.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

And finally, my beloved Vanilla Coke has arrived in Australia!

How about this:

A gay guy wanna to please his partner more so he went and had a sex change
then he realised that he's not gay
what he really wanted was to have sex with a woman as a woman

"things that make you go: ARGH!"

"I just wanna be fit to be a good dad, now all i need is wife and kids"
(slim fast ad) coke tactic

"slimming fast doesn't last"
(ultra slim ad) pepsi tactic

John, that 'simply no better protection' is Carefree, not Stayfree
You're supposed to be targeted dude

and unfortunately i didn't take the shot of the six-some actions in the bed last friday

she was bi.

but why would a les marry a man in the first place>

no nononoo

married lesbian,
went and had a one night stand w/ a tranny,
wants to keep the baby and have her husband bring the child up w/ her,
because tranny is gonna be a woman soon.

lol i had to think about what that was about... so complex... how can a transvestite lesbian carry a child?

oh no. he beat my record! better start practicing.

episode of jerry springer:
"i cheated on you with another guy"
"he is a transvestite"
"i am a lesbian"
"i'm carrying his child"
"but he needs a real father, cuz my lover is gonna be a *woman* soon"



there are very few reasons i am ashamed of my Japanese heritage. But this is one of them: disgusting

you never know what ppl get turned on from...

ohh do u know they actually have things of what NOT to do?
one of them being: please do not return used product to manufacturer...does that mean people were actually sending them back???? ew!

u go girrrl!

yeah yeah yeah~!!!!
schweeet~ how do you prove your case tho?

where where?!

no they have a disclaimer on the packaging.

so u get pregnant and u can sue them?

toyota- oh what a feeling
ford? - the ride of your life
yoplait - you lick it because you like it
KFC - finger lickin good
m&m- melt in your mouth and not in your hand
coke - the real thing
nike - just do it
microsoft -where do you wanna go today?

potential corporate birth control endorsements

hey no photos please. my reputation is already tarnished.

Requesting incriminating photos of john and other members of NSB from Bonobo.

the more i see you, the more i want you.

for women who know how to protect themselves.
simply no better protection.

i eat moderation too.

at first i didnt understand what the hey a sheeeeeeeeshaaa is
i like that other slimfast ad
"now my surfboard floats"

LOL that ad is so kyoooot!

alex and i hate the slimfast ad: "it's got heaps of good stuff...ribo..ribo..oh heaps of good stuff"

my teddy has epilepsy
when it has a sheeeeshaa i know what to do


>.< OUCH!!!!!!!! (((gives Kwong a big hug)))

I'm selling these titanium drill sets, can i also interest you in a screw?

sif j00 playin soccer

why john, is that a sign?
i tripped over one while playin soccer. a nail came off my little toe
i also tripped over some potholes 2

have you ever tripped over a tree stump?

how about a root?

Life is full of ups and downs, hopefully most of yours will be in bed ;)

[edited to say: erm...i'm not some sex crazed's just i have weird quotes and the ones that'd recalling are all know...dang..maybe i am some sex crazed person and i just don't know it...dang..]
*lumoi is digging deeper and deeper...hopefully out of sight*
{edited to say: Lumoi SHUT UP.}

no one can explain a bald woman. you have to see for yourself

I only have eyes for you. therefore, everything else is ugly?

please explain 2 me a "bald woman"?

jesus is dead.
fake jesus you're looking at.

I found Jesus!
he was stuck behind the couch all along~

Jesus is coming...
Quick, look busy!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

well, Lumoi is neither....therefore,
Lumoi is not a woman?

there are two types of women;
the bald and the beautiful.

there are two types of pedestrians;
the quick and the dead.

i think lumoi is in shock

um. please do not use m-ther and s-x in the same sentence PLEASE. *curls up into a tiny ball and rocks herself back and forth in the corner, humming lullabys*

wow all these sayings ive heard b4, i feel proud now

from now on you can quote me saying "my mother is like sex".
have fun!

in that case my mother is like sex. you only notice its value when you no longer have it.

sex is like air, it only matters when you're not getting any.

why i typed that? i dunno, we seem to be on the whole proverb thing so :p

keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

i have no idea why i just typed that but there you go.

muhahahaha yes. we hurt the ones we love the most...NOT

thats cruel, u hurt that little bugga

yeah i see it... i was blind the first time.

do you see the GIF on the top of the list? that is what i want to do.

lol at first i thought why does she want to "do" her scale?

auld lang syne?
otherwise known to me as the "more booze" song

erm, that list was in reference to the GIF above it...

now everybody sing that song with the foreign name with me... la la la la la la la

gong hei fat choi

happy new year!!

new years resolution already?
you forgot "take over the world"

this is what i want to do to:
- the HSC
- my fat...HSC study (read: procrastination) has made me into an untoned wobbly lump of lard
- Abu Bakar Bashir
- misleading corporate Marketing
- my scale (very make me gain 2 pounds in the morning in underwear...grrr)
- the non-raining streak...making me feel guilty about even considering having a bath~
- my looks like shite.
- my crappy CPU

John, i didn't say that, but if you feel that way, by all means.

hahahah darren! (= Ice Kachang)

Very have a scrolling name!


hey if i don't honk at girls, shave regularly, don't look prettier than anything, have crappy legs and am not obsessed with breasts does that mean i'm not a guy?

female ponderings for the day:
- why do guys in cars feel the need to honk and holler at a girl walking along the footpath? what is the point?
- why do guys fall in love with girls in games?
- why do gamer mags have posters of female characters in underwear/swimsuit when they are in hit em up games?
- why do guys never shave unless it's absolutely CRUCIAL they do?
- why do some honkey guys look prettier than their girlfriends?
- why do guys have nicer legs than most females? why do they still check females out?
- why are guys obsessed w/ breasts? Is it freudian?

that'd be it...for now.

ive tried to make it rain but its just not gonna happen... its a conspiracy

Ferrari loserz
btw darren please be more annoyin with ur name by usin blink tags why dont u =)

good one hash~

please somebody tell the sky to rain.

Nah Hash just has too much time on his hands now.

Monday, October 14, 2002

I'am not a Mofo
By all means call me a Bonobo

or has excessive time on his hands, yet isn't good enough to hack into ASIO...*sigh*
get back to your unix and better polish up on your technique honey.

hash is so 1337 he can h4x0rz into blogs.

hash is an evil muthafucker. just like us >:)

That wasn't me talking. Hash hacked into my old account changed the password and posted.

don't worry marc, i figured out what a CKer was after your post, so charlie didn't give it away.

double posting is a sin. delete.

Yay, my first post.
I would like to take this opportunity to impart some pearls of wisdom upon you all:

1. Do not try and sleep in a closet. Its detrimental for your health.

2. Do not slide down wooden stairs on your stomach, for the same reason as point 1, and

3. always stretch your (back) muscles before a baseball game (this might actually have something to do with point 1)

Now lets see if my html tags worked...

FFS go and spam ur propaganda elsewhere.

Well put it this way. I couldn't get a better birthday present than being able to bar Hash for being a fag.

Oh VERY! He changed the password on my old account! Should this be a suspension or permanent?

Thats it. I've had enough of this Hash. Fucking up the board was one thing, but hacking other accounts is another. Bye.

right ....

sure, OK
i do understand
check it out

Anti-post Do Ryu Sen

Seems like the prank did not work

a pity really

I am James,

I love Sony

I am Marc,

I had a birthday today

I am tucoti,

I post one every fortnight to remind people im still here

I am john,

I hate fat people

I am Jono

I am feeling estatic
I am not sick at all

I am Charlie,

Here me roar


check the source everyone, then u'll see what i mean

Charlie u stupid Mofo

Very give it away

Hah !

good call Charlie
unfornately u gave away what a CK is