Saturday, September 29, 2007

That is very old and way before youtube. And still painful

These guys are hilarious

What the hell is with people?

Something is organised for an entire week, people agree to rock up and then they simply think something is not on coz no1 has mentioned something in the past 2 hrs ...

SOCCER IS ON. it's slightly delayed ~ 1pm or so @ Centennial Park

Is soccer on today? I presume not given nothing is posted.

Friday, September 28, 2007

if that 33rd onwards person is gonna get cut coz some program says they ain't ur top friend ... then they don't really deserve the honour!

You're not my top friend.

WOW! how did that feel?

Now imagine someone has 60 friends. Since the top friends app limits to 32 entries, if you have 33 top friends, the other one must eat crow. Or if you just have 60 regular friends, half of them are relegated to oblivion. Wooohooo!

You only hate it coz ur no one's "top friend"...Stop being such a hater

Facebook's "top friends" app is the most bullfuck idea ever.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

There is Magic pre-release on Sunday @ Ashfield if ne1 is interested in making a day of it. e.g Magic, then retire to Spain's humble abode for some caking / poker

No...sorry KJ. Last week was a one off thing. The guys usually go basketballing on sats. Though Hai might come this Saturday. Lan

I agree with the whole soccer thing... Eric are u gunna bring ur friends again this time? Cos I missed out last week ><.

If we do start, can we make it a little earlier this time, say 11 instead of 12? (I'll try my best to make it this week)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hey ppls,

If you are going to be in the ct this Friday (28th Sept) around lunchtime (1pm) feel free to join John and I for lunch. I presume it will happen somewhere near the middle Wynyard & Town Hall.

Secondly, let's do soccer again this Saturday. Last week was a great session.

ahhhhh, the joy of psychological research.

If you have 20 mins, watch this

Scientist/Psychologist Dan Gilbert on natural and synthetic happiness

Amazon now selling unprotected 256kbps MP3s for 89c each

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rebel Sport sells them. I think K-mart and BigW *might* sell them as well
Most all-sports stores will sell them ...
don't go to ur local tennis pro-shop expecting to buy a cup tho ...

That is completely unethical. They charge extra for the provision of cups...

Where can we get a cup that isn't charged at an extraordinary price? (thanks for the heads up)

Since Paintball is coming up in 2 weeks, here is the early post for what is being provided and what u need to bring

1) Fullbody camo overalls
2) Facemask <-- wear at all times while inside a zone or near a zone in play
3) Vest/Webbing <-- if you upgrade to a higher plan, clarify plz Darren
4) PBall gun
5) 200/400 paintballs + depending on what gets shared around
6) Lunch :: 1 large pizza (from Dominos?)

What u need to provide
1) Yourself at the site BEFORE 7:45
2) A BOX TO PROTECT UR CROWN JEWELS (unless u plan on excrutiating pain and no kids)
- they sell some onsite for $10/$20 or so
3) $8 for remainder of cost
4) ~ $20 for extra paintballs
5) Appropriate footwear - Boots, climbers are best, else sneakers next. You will be running around and jumping like an artard, so something that doesnt slip off
6) A change of clothes may also be nessecary - at least bring a change of footwear.

Transport Groups - Should organise transportation in groups/possibly gather somewhere the night before.

Hash - 4 slots available for whomever can make it to my house

You're going to France? How romantic!
Which Lisa are we talking about? =)


If you're free the weekend of October 27-28, check this out:

A bunch of us are going, including much of my grads bible study group from unichurch (who are very cool people :-P ) (no, seriously) (not that it matters). Rego online and don't worry about accommodation, we're sorting that out as a group.

It looks pretty excellent, and should be fairly laid back with good live bands as well. As a side note, it's important enough to me that I could be spending that weekend in France with Lisa, but I'm flying out Sunday night instead of Friday night. :-) (and so I only get a 9 days in France/Greece!)

This is of course also more than open to anyone else. :-)

Hi Guys:

May I propose we have a game of Golf sometimes. It's a nice relaxing sport and a possible alternative if we can't gather enough people for soccer.

Since paintball's happening early October, how does mid-late October sound? Ssay 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th?

Keep those dates free if you're interested. I'll check costs. Anyone have any recommendation for venue?


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Friday, September 21, 2007


POKER seems to be out

11 am meet, nooon start @ Centennial Park this Saturday!

Be There, or the evil monkey is the closet will get you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't get too keyed up yet, it's looking like my fake degree may be keeping me busyer than previously planned. I will not be making it to Syd by this Friday, so feel free to organise stuff not on the count of me being there.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think you'll really thrive here. In Australia we all talked about how rare it was to see a Chinese guy with an Aussie girl. In America, at least California, it's abundant. I saw two such couples during the course of one lunch. You'll be ZOMGerfied here. Come come.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan has died

And so the Wheel turns..

Due to an angry russian taking a break from his fake degree, ppl are interested in Soccer + poker this Saturday (and/or Friday nite).

Benny has kindly offered his premises as a general feeding ground.
This would also be an excellent opportunity for ppl to pay their paintball deposit to Darren (instead of interpretting his 'won too free' account).

So, who is down and what days are best.

So far - Alex, Sean, Kirill, KJ, Benny?, Me

A detour into food for James May

Sunday, September 16, 2007

While MSN is vile, dysfunctional and insipid, it is not what ICQ is -- an anachronism.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Use ICQ, you bunch of gimps.

This is a pretty cool video

Finally we are waking up from slumber.

MSN Messenger has always been a vile monstrosity. It is ugly. It is dysfunctional. It is insipid.

Micrsoft is supreme at delivering raging inducing user experiences.

But they are irrelevant today. They are about as influential on technology as Sydney Water. The real movers and shakers are Apple, Google and NVIDIA (XD).

Friday, September 14, 2007

The new Windows Live Messenger which they make you download when you try to open your existing MSN 7.5 Messenger, is a piece of junk. Microsoft. What a piece of conglomerate junk. Corporate, whatever.

That is my software complaint for this year, 2007. Jonathan Lee.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A note about paintball payments..

Please put your name (or some other indicator of who you are) in the account description as well, as I have a deposit made and I don't know who it was from..

Please don't write numbers like that again Darren. It makes it so much more difficult to transfer money when I have to interpret letters rather than numbers.

And yes, it does become so much more difficult.

In future just send a giant email or MSN personally if you're afraid of exposing your details...which you already have. Cheers for organising though...

hmm funny I'm thanking you when it should be Alexis doing the thanking lol

hehe, nice attempt to confuse spider-bot software Darren. Unfortunately, it may still lose to phonetically typing (classifying) software.

I believe it's actually: won too TREE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

you sound like my singaporean colleagues.
won too free!

you'll see $50 DDed from me by Friday.
thanks for organising this.

Darren, contact Francis asap for Alexis' money XD.

He *may* be tempted by Halo3, MetroidPrime3, Mario Galaxy and/or the new Smash Bros.

Hey guys, thanks for letting me know of your attendance to paintball. we have 23 people going now, hopefully someone can pull one more..

Now comes the time where I need to collect money from you. Its $50 each as your deposit. Since I will probably not see alot of you guys until the day, it would be best if you could netbank it to me.

Account name: Darren Lee
Bsb: oh sicks too free oh fore
Account number: sicks free won nein too seff'en

Just put in the transaction description that it is for the paintball deposit. I look forward to seeing $1100 in my account by the end of the week (Friday 14th). I shall follow up those people who fail to pay by then.

Thats right Alexis, you have to follow up on all nine your mech buddies to either deposit it in my account or get the cash to me. I'm at uni thursday and friday this week.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hey I learned to do PIT turns in San Andreas

Americans really have nothing better to do than to broadcast car chases.

LOL. I didn't know the bus uncle was this big in HK! I know it's a world wide thing, but they actually wrote such a detailed wiki for it, ranging from the actual names of the people involved (and their jobs) to the type of phone used to video the whole incident?!

Lol at 你有壓力,我有壓力 (You have stress, I have stress) part.

Oh jono, I have that chase clip. I've also seen one where the guy was drifting through the streets under pursuit...

Short but cool chase

and an amazing performance from Bryan Gaynor on "So you think you can dance" on Thursday night.

Friday, September 07, 2007

today's wikipedia featured article

I think most of us have already seen Die Hard and Bourne Jono.

Hey lads, Joel and I are going to watch CSE Revue on Tuesday 18th at 7:30pm (at UNSW). We've put 4 seats on hold, with 2 days to pay for however many we actually want. So there are two seats free and you've got until Sunday to let us know if you're keen.

Should be good as usual.

Hey lads you want to do something this weekend?

Say watch bourne ultimatum? Even Die Hard 4? Sat arvo/night? Post it up here...

I finally understand the N-types -- they are after the eternal: eternal truths, eternal beauty, eternal ideas.

Ahh! Semicolons and EM dashes -- is there anything with more beauty?

I assume soccer's not happening given the weather conditions.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Soccer is happening this weekend at Bankstown/Lidcombe due to APEC

Btw for those who didn't make it to this week's game missed out on one of the best games in memory with everyone doing well and playing to their best.

My team won both games though XD. 10-2 pwnage with everyone scoring goals (Marc, Hash, Alexi scored 2 goals each at least). And a hard-fought 2-1 win.

Our thoughts go to those with battlescars that reside with them to this day (Marc, Kj, Alex, Hash, Spain's nose).

Epic fails for Spain XD

Hash wins with a "retard" goal (Alex's term)

Summary: Soccer is happening Friday/Saturday this weekend at Bankstown/Lidcombe due to APEC

Hash, Char are in.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

orsome symbols

For those of you going to paintball, i suggest familiarising yourself with this guide. XD